Usually the word 'currency' in 4D is used to describe Quest tokens and its equivalents. But there are actually 4 different type of Currency in the Game:

The most important of the 4 are Quest Tokens.
Below are some explanations about how to get the different types of currency, and what you can buy for each type.


This is what you use to buy things from shops, for instance clothes, weapons, armor and magic items. It has to be said however, that the weapons and armor that you find in shops are usually a lot less effective than the ones you get from killing mobs. You can also buy spells from healers and practices from trainers for gold coins.

You get mainly coins by killing humanoid mobs, and also by advancing in levels. But you can also find some stashes in the game, for instance rob a bank or break into a safe or a treasure coffin. Sometimes the money you get in that way has to be dropped on the floor to transform into regular coins. Another way to earn money could be to sell treasure and other items that you find in the game to the shops that are interested in buying them.

Money is easy to come by in 4D, and there is a huge inflation.
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TradePoints (TP) is a special kind of currency that you get from trading with certain Trader mobs, but also from basic professions like farming, gardening, lumberjacking, mining, gold-panning and mushroom-farming.
The Trader's Office, 3s, 1 e from Recall has more info about Trading.
You can use the Tradepoints to buy several useful things, in some cases similar things that you also can buy from Tokens. The TradePoints are however not worth as much as the Tokens, since they can be acquired a lot easier and with less risk involved.

10 TradePoints approximately equal one brass token.
See the list below for things that you can buy from the TradePoints:

  • Spacebikes
  • Gem clusters (fuel for space bikes)
  • Special Potions from the Greek Islands. (These vastly excel all other potions)
  • Pushcarts, that allows you to get more heavy stuff along on your travels.
  • Restrings
  • Daycare and baby descriptions
  • Wedding rings
  • TP can also be exchanged for exp. 1 TP equals the exp you get from a level 35 mob.

Player Houses and personalized equipment, pets, mounts and vehicles can still only be bought from tokens.

More about TradePoints under the link Features/Trading in 4D.
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Roleplayers can collect AwardPoints, with which they can buy different features of special interest for Roleplayers. The points are awarded for good roleplay. The ability to use the Award command is limited to Imms, Heroes and
recognised Roleplayers, who earned this right by collecting enough points themselves.
For each RP session a total of 15 points can be divided among all the participants, in proportion to their achievement.

Each Awarder gets a total of 15 points per day, which they can use at their own discretion. Unused points do not accumulate; the total amount is reset at 15 at the beginning of each new day. To avoid abuse and favoritism, the Award command is logged. You can not award points to yourself or your mort.

The way to get the AwardPoints is to take active part in any RP session initiated by imms, heroes or roleplayleaders. You also have the option to log any RP session you may have been in with other players. Take a screen shot and send the log in for appraisal, and the points may be awarded in retrospect. There will be a RP Jury, consisting of 3 established Roleplayers, to judge those logs.

Players can collect AwardPoints even if they are not registered as RP. But to actually USE the points, they need to register first.

Below is a display of the RP rewards you can buy with AwardPoints, plus the cost in points for each reward:

RP Rewards
Reward Cost
A restrung item (no stats, addaffects or containers allowed) 100 points
A pretitle in the WHO list (example Lord Tynian) 200 points
Personalized login/logout messages (When entering or leaving 4d) 250 points
A personalized long decs (This is what shows of you in the room) 500 points
A personalised entrance/exit desc (this is like a poofin/out) 800 points
The ability to restring items yourself 1000 points
The ability to award RP points yourself 2000 points

More about Award Points under the link People/Roleplay in 4D
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This is the most valuable type of currency and can usually only be gained by solving Quests.
There are 4 different types of Quest Tokens - one for each Dimension.

Since most of our customers seem to be most familiar with the Medieval era, the Currency of that period is given as a base for the Token System:

05 Brass tokens = 1 Bronze Token
10 Bronze tokens = 1 Silver Token
10 Silver Tokens = 1 Gold Token
1 Small Cauri Shell = 1 Bronze Token
1 Standard Cauri Shell = 1 Silver Token
1 Big Cauri Shell = 1 Gold Token
100 $ = 1 Bronze Token
1000 $ = 1 Silver Token
10 000 $ = 1 Gold Token
001 4D-Credit = 1 Bronze Token
010 4D-Credits = 1 Silver Token
100 4D-Credits = 1 Gold Token

Quest Tokens from one Dimension can freely be exchanged for that of another, by Imm. But the best way to handle Quest Tokens is to deposit them at the Token Machine, north of Recall, where they will be totally safe and can be withdrawn when you want to spend them.
Quest Tokens can NOT be bought for gold from Imm, they can however be traded freely among the players. A suggested price would be 10 000 Gold for a Bronze Token, but as always the price level is set by demand and supply.
Quest Tokens can also be lost, found or stolen, so be careful how you handle them. Lost Quest Tokens will NOT be reimbursed by Imm.

There is always the chance of finding some Quest Tokens by exploring the Game Port. Quest Tokens can also be gained for instance:

  • as Quest Prizes
  • by reporting crash bugs and badly broken scripts to the Admin
  • by winning prizes at larger Tournaments and imm run events
  • for giving suggestions of improvement, good enough to get approved by the Admin and added to the Game Port

There is more about Tokens and Quests under the link Features/Quests in 4D.
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