Elf Race

Affect Magnitude
Speed +150
Melee Damage -10 %
Magic Damage +10 %
Defence -40
Attack +15
Unique Body Positions Hips, Ankles (x2)

Natural spellcasters, elves have a deeper understanding of the balance of life (magic) and the power of death. Elves tend to be just a little shorter and more lithe than humans and thus are not as strong or have as much vitality as humans do. Because they are living relics of the lost fantasy world of Medieval times, they have learned more than any human could possibly hope to learn in their entire life. They prefer woodlands to cities, but realize that cities can beneficial in their own way - just so they do not encroach farther into the woodlands. The wood dwelling Elves are natural enemies with the cavern dwelling Dwarves, though a few, very few, have been known to travel together.