Welcome to the world of text based gaming.

If you remember computers in the 80's, then you possibly remember the old style text role-playing games based on 'bulletin boards' (the rudiments of the internet).
That these types of games are still around today, in various forms, are a testament to their playability.

Text based games are found in many flavours, from role-playing, to adventure, to Player Vs Player fighting, to exploration and trading. Some, like 4dimensions, take a more general approach to this and have proportions of all those above.

People fall in love with text based gaming. And it is very accessable because it is without the restrictions of a video card, high powered computer, or fast connection.
It submerses the player in world that is as rich and vibrant as the imaginations of the creative writers that design the areas.

Consider reading a book where you are the main character, your actions constantly change who you are; battle legendary beasts, fall in love, get married, have children, Quest for treasure, travel through time; from the distant future and explore planets, to ancient Mediterranean oceans here on earth.

If you're unfamiliar with muds or don't know how to access the game than this is the place to be.

The first step is to download a mudclient. There are several mudclients out there. But seeing we had a special plugin made for 4D, we're going for MUSHclient.

1) Download and install MUSHclient.

A zipfile of the MUSHclient can be downloaded here.

Once you have unzipped the file, go to the unzipped directory and click on the Mushclient.exe file to open the client.

Close the 'tip of the day window' to continue.

2) Add 4Dimensions to MUSHclient.

Select File -> New World (or Ctrl + N)

At the question to preload defaults from an existing world answer no.

At the next box fill in the next fields:

World Name: 4Dimensions
MUD address and port:
TCP/IP adress: 4dimensions.org
Port: 6000
And click the button: Save World Automatically On Close

Then click ok and you'll automatically connect to 4D.

3) Add the 4D plugin.

Together with the zip-file you've also downloaded a few files specifically made for 4D. Now it's time to load them into the MUSHclient.

Select File -> Plugins -> Add

At the given directory (normally C:/MUSHclient/worlds/plugins or the directory you've installed the client into) look for the file GUI_4D select it, by clicking on it and click open. In the screen you get to see the following line:

Added plugin C:\MUSHclient\worlds\plugins\GUI_4D.xml

Those who already use MUSHclient and only wish to download and install the plugin, the plugin can be found here.

Then click close.

4) Restart MUSHclient.

You will need to close the world then restart: If you're still logged on, type quit followed by zero. If you're no longer connected (At the left top you should see 4Dimensions (closed). )go to the following step.

Select File -> Close World and confirm to save everything you've just did, just click save.

Restart the client with: Select File -> Open World

Open the 4Dimensions worldfile named 4Dimension and start playing.

You'll now see the blue 4D-logo, an avatar for whichever race your character has. For certain spells that has been cast on you, you'll see buttons on the left side of the screen. In case they're timered you'll see a small countdown.

At the bottom of the screen, you'll see bars that present your health, mana and the needed experience.

5) Start a new character.

If you're completely new to 4D and start a new character you'll have to go through a few more steps before you can start playing. All you have to do is follow the steps given on the screen but here's a short summary:

- Choose a name.

- Confirm the choosen name.

- Give a password.

- Retype the password.

- Does your muclient support colour? Type Yes.

- Answer with 1 , 2 or 3 if you're 1) new to mudding 2) familiar with mudding but new to 4D 3) you already played before.

- Select the sex you want your character to be: Male or Female. Choose M or F.

- Select the class (you'll be able to change your class once you go through the mudschool): Caster, Fighter or Rogue by typing C, F or R.

- Confirm the selected class by typing yes.

- Select the race you want your character to be. There's 8 races to choose from: Faun, Centaur, Elf, Dwarf, Indian, Gringo, Martian, Space-wolf.

- Confirm the slected race by typing yes.

- Provide your emailadress. This is totally optional.

- Press enter.

- Choose 1 to enter the actual game and start playing.

Welcome to the wonderful world of 4D.

Special thanks goes to KaVir from God Wars II who made this specific plugin for 4D.