Some Zone Maps

The Maps provided on this page are pretty accurate, although not very detailed. They are meant to present a general lay-out of the 4 Realms, without revealing the deeper secrets of the zones - for those you still have to explore.

There are also some maps available on line. Those can be found in the Old Yorke Map Shop, The Library of Light in Fenizia, the island Kea in the Greek Archipelago and the Federation Hall on Pleasure Planet.

In addition to these maps we use the Wilderness Grid for large grid zones. You will mainly find these in Prehistoric (the Sea, the Greek Mainland and the desert of Wawat) and in Future (the Outer Space Grid). If you type MAP in a Wilderness area, it will display a map of 11x11 rooms, with yourself in the centre. The same MAP command in an ordinary room, will only display the exits of that room.

More maps might be added later, as the world grows.

Central Area Maps - Prehistoric Maps - Medieval Maps - Old West Maps - Future Maps

Central Area Maps

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Prehistoric Maps

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Medieval Maps

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Old West Maps

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Future Maps

Pleasure Planet:

Alpha Centauri Planets:

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