The Path Of Awakening - 13 January 2018 - Kronos

A long, long time from now, in a zone far, far away, the force lies dormant beneath the hot desert sands on the wasteland planet of Jakku. AT-ATs sit broken in the dunes as First Order stormtroopers march by searching for a missing ball-droid.

A scavenger named Rey needs your help to find her parents while Poe Dameron tries in vain to repair his broken X-Wing fighter. Want to make some imperial credits? Join the junk traders who roam the deserts in search of wreckage to trade. Or find the Graveyard of Giants, somewhere beyond Cratertown, where the behemoths lie.

But beware the silver-plated stormtrooper, her wrath is to be feared. With more planets, ships and meteors yet to come, will you awaken the force?

Shuttles leave from the Corellian Centerpoint, or the Space Port on Level Four, Bay Eleven.
Dimension: Future
Difficulty: Medium
Rooms: 100

Work In Progress: The Questjournal - 04 March 2017 - Sheltem

Last year, 4D MUD had a prototype quest journal created entirely from triggers, which worked for a few quests. This year, Roland took the idea further, and now we have code for a working quest journal. While only 20% of the questcards are in the quest journal, we aim to eventually include all of the quests in the MUD.

What does the quest journal offer? For the player, it tracks the quests done, as well as the stages the player is at in the quest. There's even the option for the player to reset questflags, if he / she gets stuck, or is unable to complete the quest due to performing a wrong step.

That's not all though. The quest journal also tracks traders in the zone (if the zone has any), and shows you what you have traded so far. Furthermore, for some zones, the quest journal tracks the achievements in the zone, which are non quest related things which players can do.

Check out the first 20 quests (and a few others) by coming onto 4D MUD, typing QLIST to see the quests in the quest journal, and QCHECK for more information!

For the imms, the quest journal also provides a way to see if a quest is truly bugged (and the player cannot proceed), or if the player has missed a key step by typing QCHECK DEBUG .

Previously, unless the imm knew the quest, it was difficult to fix quests where players said they were unable to progress further, because it could be a script mistake, or the player not completing a key step. So patching in a fix might actually break the quest for future players.

Imms can now use this command to see where the player is on the quest, and what the player needs to do in order to proceed.

So if you get stuck on a quest and unsure if it's a bug, never fret! Instead of submitting a bug report, you can get immediate action by asking an imm to help!

It's Halloween - 30 October 2016 - Kvetch

It's Halloween! You know what that means, right? It means there is a Halloween zone! Where? East, of course, through the mist beyond the park. Some of it will seem familiar, but a lot of it will be different. There are certain areas you can only access at night. And some you can access only during the day. There are things you'll only see at night. And things you will only see during the day. Many thanks to Maco who did about 90% of it. Enjoy.

Opening of Maco's New Zone - Victorian England II. - 06 September 2016 - Molly O'Hara

We have a new zone in 4D, namely Victorian England II. And it's not just any zone, it's an unusually good one, built in reverence to one of our most popular zones, Amber's Victorian London.

Maco's 300 room extension to VE adds several streets to the London map, but also landmarks like Castle Frankenstein, Scotland Yard, St Michael's Cathedral and the Highgate Cemetary and the famous London Bridge over the River Thames. It opens a totally new view of the city from the roof tops, where the chimneysweeps reside. But it also gives insight in the darker and less reputable parts of London; shady alleys, dark tunnels and catacombs under the ground surface, and the infamous London Steamworks, where many a worker toiled to their death. And let's not forget Diagon Alley; didn't you all want to visit that secret part of London?

Special thanks go to the playtesters, Tor and Ivana, and Jubei and Vryce.

This new zone has amazingly good descriptions and several intriguing quests. But be warned - this is not an easy zone, and some parts of it are really dangerous. On the other hand; there are some unusually good rewards? I hope you all will enjoy this addition to the 4D World as much as I did.

Christmas Zone is in. - 24 December 2015 - Kvetch

Feel free to visit Santa at the Holiday Cheer shop in Space port mall.

Somewhere in the zone you will also find a sign noting the players that had a hand in helping out, and what they did. This sign is also a good source of information on what to look for. Though you really shouldn't *need* it.

Hopefully you'll all enjoy it.

Alabastor and the Boba Awards. - 20 November 2015 - Molly

The 20th of November marks the 10th anniversary for the death of Alabastor.

Those of you who have been with us for a long time will remember him as one of the most popular, social and funny players in the history of 4D. Those who have joined us later have no personal memories, but you may have seen the Boba Awards, in the Hall of Fame.

These player awards, chosen by vote from all active players, were instituted as a memory and homage to Alabastor. It has been some years since the Bobas last were appointed, but because of the anniversary we are going to bring them to life again this year.

Originally there were 5 categories, as you can see in the The Boba Awards Hall, but this year we are going to restrict them to 3, because of our significantly smaller playerbase.

Special thanks go to Once, who was the one noting the anniversary and suggesting the renewal of the Awards.

More information and RULES for the VOTING can be found on the Recall Board ingame.

First parts of Textileworking are now available. - 15 November 2015 - Molly

The first parts of the Textileworker Craft are now ready for playtesting.

The raw materials, (hemp, wool, linen, cotton and silk), can be gathered all over the realms, and processed further in the Barn, at the est end of Crafter's Alley.

But to start as a Textileworker, you need to first learn the Textile craftskills. You seek out an old woman named Cerinthe, on the island Calydnos in the Aegean Sea and ask to become her apprentice.
She will in turn send you on to other teachers: her sister Aretia, Fawn the Seamstress in Dun-Shivaar, and Sister Roxene in the Nunnery east of Olde Yorke.
After learning the craftskills you can start your career as a Textileworker; the Professions; Spinner, Weaver, Ropemaker, Sailmaker, Embroiderer and Lacemaker, allow you to create products that all can be traded for TP and Tokens to buyers in several different places.

You will find more detailed information about processes and buyers in the village Crafters Alley, northeast of Olde Yorke, where there are general information signs in the first three alley rooms, and more specific info in the Workshops belonging to each profession. There will also be information posted on our Discussion Forum, just follow this link.

Del'Vante Estate now open for haunting! - 22 October 2015 - Kvetch

East of recall is a park, in which a path has appeared to open between a deep, dark and creepy forest. If you follow said path, you will find your way to the Del'Vante estate, an estate that is assured to be haunted. You see, Solorn Del'Vante was an evil and vile man - at least that is the rumors - who kidnapped the towns children and tortured them in his basement. Sanity isn't one of the things known to come with inbreeding, and the Del'Vante family is said to be the worst inbreeders out there. Or was that worst breeders and had to do with dogs? Rumors, you know how they are, you can never quite follow the truth between all the web of lies and deceit.

The level of the house is relatively low level with only extremely low level mobs being aggressive. There are plenty of quests for those that don't like to hack and slash their way through areas, the main one being to find all of the billiard balls and returning them to the billiard table.

I promised a complete overhaul of the zone for this year, but alas, real life reared its ugly head (I took notes on the ugliness for the future zone) and I was not able to do so. Though, there is a new "Halloween only" item this year which can be used in conjunction with the item found last year.

So, follow that path and head up to that light in the top of the tower where only your soul will be your cost to living - if you can truly live without your soul.

An upgrade of the skinning feature. - 25 May 2015 - Molly

You can now process your skins, by first scraping and then rubbing and tanning them. The utility and information you need for this, (a Leather Knife and a Tanning Vat), can be found in the Tanner's Workshop, in Crafter's Alley, Northeast of Olde Yorke. Looking at the knife, the vat and the developed objects that you produce, will give further info about what else you need.

There is also more detailed info about the process on our webpage: Market for Crafted Objects. The price for the processed skins and leather will generally be much better than for the raw ones, (with the exception of a few, very valuable skins).

A list of the potential buyers is below:

Cooking and Catering. - 29 April 2015 - Molly

Cooking and Catering offers a new and improved option to develop and trade the products from the Farm Fields and Garden Plots north and west of Olde Yorke. It involves a bit of legwork, since you have to grow some of the ingredients, develop some of them yourself, and collect others all over the Realms. But it is also rewarding, since the customers pay a good price in Tokens.

To get started as a cook, you need to seek out Ma Brown, who lives in a small cottage on North Trade Road, between Olde Yorke and Osten Ard. She'll take you on as an apprentice when asked, and will also give you many useful tips, each time you ask for a lesson.

Once you've graduated as a cook, and get Ma Brown's Recipe Book, you need to find a kitchen. You'll probably find the actual cooking pretty easy, since you'll get help with it, but an advice is to collect all the ingredients, before you start cooking.

Then you can trade the finished dish to one of the 12 Taverns, that are part of Ma Brown's Catering Network, for a good price. You'll find a list of these Taverns and their preferences in Ma Brown's Recipe Book, which also contains 8 recipes and some valuable tips about where to look for the ingredients.

There is more detailed info on our Forum in the CRAFTING/SOFT Skills board under Cooking and Catering.

Massive update of the Old West. - 23 February 2015 - Molly

The following Old West zones have been updated to our current Building standards:

- Westward Ho!  - Dodge City - The Circus - The Range - The Gold mine - Dry Gulch

- Legend - Hole in the Wall - The Prairie - Tombstone - California Docks

Direction and extra descs have been added, and there are also several new rooms, mobs, objects and quests in most of them.

There are also three brand new zones, so don't expect any of it to be as you are used to.

I did try not to interfere too much with the old Westward Ho trail, but there is a small change in the stretch between Pueblo and the Hole in the Wall, so the Blindmaps will need to be updated.

The three new zones are:

- The Ranch (400 rooms) South of Dodge City

- In the Wild (400 Rooms) East and South of Legend

- The Railway (100 Rooms) Runs between Dodge City and Tombstone

Descriptions of those are in the Map Room ingame.

There are also at least a dozen new quests, many of them in the older zones, others involving several zones. (See the questcards 114-117 also ingame.)

With this new update also comes 3 new features:

- Ranching (Raise, drive and sell your own herd of animals on the Cattle Market)

- Trapping (Trap and skin animals, trade skins in the Hudson's Bay Trading Posts)

- Goldpanning and Prospecting (can now be done in many places all over the west)

This, in combination with the quests, means many new ways to collect Tokens and Tradepoints. The easiest way to learn more about the new features is to buy the manuals, that are sold in the Trading Posts along the old main trail.

Special thanks goes to Diandra, who did a big update of Legend, and to Rynald, who did the code for fencing, herding and life cycle of the Ranch animals.

Both Diandra and Rynald also helped with a lot of the scripts, especially when I got stuck myself.

Welcome to the world of text based gaming. - 12 February 2015

If you remember computers in the 80's, then you possibly remember the old style text role-playing games based on 'bulletin boards' (the rudiments of the internet).
That these types of games are still around today, in various forms, are a testament to their playability.

Text based games are found in many flavours, from role-playing, to adventure, to Player Vs Player fighting, to exploration and trading. Some, like 4dimensions, take a more general approach to this and have proportions of all those above.

People fall in love with text based gaming. And it is very accessable because it is without the restrictions of a video card, high powered computer, or fast connection.
It submerses the player in world that is as rich and vibrant as the imaginations of the creative writers that design the areas.

Consider reading a book where you are the main character, your actions constantly change who you are; battle legendary beasts, fall in love, get married, have children, Quest for treasure, travel through time; from the distant future and explore planets, to ancient Mediterranean oceans here on earth.

If you're unfamiliar with muds or don't know how to access the game than this is the place to be.

The first step is to download a mudclient. There are several mudclients out there. But seeing we had a special plugin made for 4D, we're going for MUSHclient.

1) Download and install MUSHclient.

A zipfile of the MUSHclient can be downloaded here.

Once you have unzipped the file, go to the unzipped directory and click on the Mushclient.exe file to open the client.

Close the 'tip of the day window' to continue.

2) Add 4Dimensions to MUSHclient.

Select File -> New World (or Ctrl + N)

At the question to preload defaults from an existing world answer no.

At the next box fill in the next fields:

World Name: 4Dimensions
MUD address and port:
TCP/IP adress:
Port: 6000
And click the button: Save World Automatically On Close

Then click ok and you'll automatically connect to 4D.

3) Add the 4D plugin.

Together with the zip-file you've also downloaded a few files specifically made for 4D. Now it's time to load them into the MUSHclient.

Select File -> Plugins -> Add

At the given directory (normally C:/MUSHclient/worlds/plugins or the directory you've installed the client into) look for the file GUI_4D select it, by clicking on it and click open. In the screen you get to see the following line:

Added plugin C:\MUSHclient\worlds\plugins\GUI_4D.xml

Then click close.

4) Restart MUSHclient.

You will need to close the world then restart: If you're still logged on, type quit followed by zero. If you're no longer connected (At the left top you should see 4Dimensions (closed). )go to the following step.

Select File -> Close World and confirm to save everything you've just did, just click save.

Restart the client with: Select File -> Open World

Open the 4Dimensions worldfile named 4Dimension and start playing.

You'll now see the blue 4D-logo, an avatar for whichever race your character has. For certain spells that has been cast on you, you'll see buttons on the left side of the screen. In case they're timered you'll see a small countdown.

At the bottom of the screen, you'll see bars that present your health, mana and the needed experience.

5) Start a new character.

If you're completely new to 4D and start a new character you'll have to go through a few more steps before you can start playing. All you have to do is follow the steps given on the screen but here's a short summary:

- Choose a name.

- Confirm the choosen name.

- Give a password.

- Retype the password.

- Does your muclient support colour? Type Yes.

- Answer with 1 , 2 or 3 if you're 1) new to mudding 2) familiar with mudding but new to 4D 3) you already played before.

- Select the sex you want your character to be: Male or Female. Choose M or F.

- Select the class (you'll be able to change your class once you go through the mudschool): Caster, Fighter or Rogue by typing C, F or R.

- Confirm the selected class by typing yes.

- Select the race you want your character to be. There's 8 races to choose from: Faun, Centaur, Elf, Dwarf, Indian, Gringo, Martian, Space-wolf.

- Confirm the slected race by typing yes.

- Provide your emailadress. This is totally optional.

- Press enter.

- Choose 1 to enter the actual game and start playing.

Welcome to the wonderful world of 4D.

Special thanks goes to KaVir from God Wars II who made this specific plugin for 4D.

Quix II - Reopened - 09 Juli 2013 - Kvetch

Not only are we working on new areas, but also on reopening old areas. Quix II had been shut down due to the scripts not working (according to messages from players), but after being out a few years it was time to put it back in. Play testers had been running through the area making sure everything works fine and now we can say that QUIX II is back! If you happen to find something not working that our play testers missed, feel free to contact the IMM staff by sending a note to them using the note feature (or sending them a mail online as Bart's dog is one of the least used features). Enjoy your time in Quix II.

New Zone - UTOPIA - 01 July 2013 - Kvetch

Now Open! Utopia City!

The city that was supposed to be the entrance flagship of the Future Dimension for us more than 15 years ago has finally been completed. Even as the other docking bays in the space port got filled by areas going in: Pleasure Planet (Golf Course, Little Italy, Punk Concert, Jurassic Park), Star Wars (Hoth, Tattooine, Endor, Dagabah, Deathstar), Necromunda, The Queltorian Sector, Spaceship Titanic, New Goznemia, Sydney (Down Under and Outback), London (Terramort), Cosmo Canyon, Reptilia, and Whotvar; Docking bay 1 remained empty waiting for the promised land of Utopia.

That time has arrived!

The city itself, located under a dome, is safe for newbies to wander around, but Outside the dome are tougher mobs, some so tough that you need at least 3 people to take them on. This zone also introduces Irradiation which is what the dome protects the city from.

So, protect yourself, grab a couple of friends and head off to Docking Bay 1 at the space port.


(Many thanks to Snowbird for starting the zone years ago, Lionheart for his hard work on the scripts and Molly for finishing the zone.)