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Post by: Molly on November 15, 2015, 05:36:37 pm
You can now work as a Spinner, Weaver, Ropemaker, Sailmaker, Embroiderer and Lacemaker, after you learnt the Textile skills.

Not yet implemented is Dyer, Tailorer and Robemaker, these will be added next.
You can however already trade all the products you make to various Trader mobs.

There is a Workshop for each Profession in Crafter’s Alley northeast of Olde Yorke. Generally you’ll find the tools and utility you need in those Workshops. If they for some reason aren’t loaded there, it should be possible to BUY them from the Craft Shop at the small square in the center of the village.

More detailed info is in the following posts in this thread, and on the signs in Crafter’s Alley.

I am closing this thread, but feel free to discuss, comment, typo report etc in the TEXTILE DISCUSSION thread that I opened in this same Forum.