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Roleplay / Re: Role Play Games/Mini-Session Ideas
« on: February 26, 2014, 05:13:54 pm »
Having a standard set of tools that could be made and sat waiting to be modified to suit the occasion would be a good idea.
would put the resources in one place and allow for faster access as well, and if the RPL's knew what resources they had to work with then any planned event would simply be I need a few of these and these and these and someone would just change a description to suit.

Roleplay / Re: Role Play Games/Mini-Session Ideas
« on: February 25, 2014, 10:12:46 pm »
And just think I do not even have an RPL flag  :P
What ever gets decided I am happy to do what ever is required and to work with other or by myself, I love roleplaying and would just like to see others have the chance to experience it and interact and make their own decisions on it.

Roleplay / Re: Role Play Games/Mini-Session Ideas
« on: February 25, 2014, 07:40:46 am »
Molly sounds like an awesome idea, and until we get a theater, we perform on the streets. Much like real life there, make it a hit on the streets then we can take it to Broadway. :)

Roleplay / Re: Role Play Games/Mini-Session Ideas
« on: February 24, 2014, 09:23:28 pm »
Calypso - I love the idea of setting up a theatre sports program and would love to assist you with this if you are still interested, else will just run with it myself. I may mention you in the credits but I keep all the proceeds from the sale of tickets and refreshments.
Problem I see with the theatre location is non RP flagged characters will not be able to enjoy the fun, in saying this though we have a perfectly suitable role players office 2 east of recall that has very little traffic bouncing in and out of it and allows easy access for any and all that would like to participate.
The next problem we would face would be our differences in time zones but we could catch each other on weekends.
I see this as a positive way to  get people involved in role playing while not forcing it down the throats of those that do not wish to be involved.

Roleplay / Re: Roleplay and RPL's
« on: February 24, 2014, 08:14:56 pm »
We are playing a text based game. Our imaginations are our graphics levels - some play with everything set to minimum, where others play in full HD.
The goal of a RPL is to create these images for people to interpret in there own way.
They are there to arouse  the imaginations of the players to cause images and feelings to spring forth inside of the players around them.

What is considered as RP though?
Is just loading mobs and saying "Oh my we are being attacked - quick kill them and save me" then mindlessly slaying mobs till they are all dead, roleplay?
On a basic level yes - not well thought out really gives little scope for the individual player to advance or drive a story in a direction, but for the most part is a way to get people who would normally not get involved with roleplaying, slowly involved in it.
Where do we go from there? I talk to people - ask them questions about who their character is, tell them about myself again arouse that imagination start them thinking. Once you have the player thinking work with them, help them to develop their ideas, give their thoughts substance, take that black and white image and make it colour then help them to see it in HD. Once you have done this you get players who look further with their characters they want to tie other game elements into their history. Clan pride starts to surface again. it is all a flow on effect.
Now when you have players who can imagine their character, who know who they are and how they would react to situations you need less props to engage them. The imagination is active and requires less to stimulate, ideas flow and the players become more active in their involvement.
I used to start a story with a group then we would go for a walk - wander the realms, use what is already in place and work from there, people would react to what was around them, players would bounce ideas and story between themselves, I was only a guide, I started the ball rolling and was there to keep momentum. This is what I aim for.
Now I tell stories, I suck people into another world entice them with the wonders of old, weave a story full of truths, half truths, and grandeur.
It is amazing how simply just sitting down and telling a story brings people to listen and gets people excited and wanting to hear more or progress more with their own ideas.
It is not easy work, and it should not be, if it is easy then you as an RPL are not investing enough of yourself into it - give it your all because the more you put into the more the players get out of it and in turn the more satisfaction you will feel as you see new role players formed and develop around you.

Just my 2 cents

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: Idea: New Currency System
« on: February 26, 2009, 09:28:38 am »
I understand what you are trying to put forward here, and to some dregee agree and with other points totally agree with you, but what we have to look at before anything else is priorities.
At this point in time we have a major skill and class revamp that has been given the go ahead for discussion development and if workable and agreeable implimentation after much work and testing, minor things that are merely cosmetic essentially will just be a drain on already stretched thin resources.
Ok after that rant my thoughts

Money sort of agree yes it sits there it buys us stuff it pays for recovers and can be to a limited extent converted - implimenting a new currency is not going to reduce the amount of money players have just put more things in place for them to store the same amount of money in - essentually nothing changes there.
Using HERO's to restring would be a fantastic idea if restrings were worth squat, plain and simple, the rules about what can and can not be restrung are a joke - no one is going to pay to get rp eq only restrung - bring back the ability to restring any eq and you will get players using the system and paying for the privilage, but at the moment is a worthless change.
Using coinage to pay for tokens is also good, and yes there may be hundreds of tokens out there available for farming for anyone that has found or has been told where it is and how to do it ( yes I am cynical in these things) and they once they know can get as many as they like, but others may not like a certain area so may never in their wanderings discover these things so buying tokens could work it would reduce the amount of liquid money in the game as people will invest in tokens - essentually replacing your idea at the start of jewels as we already have the token system in place.

Some interesting ideas but as stated at the start just the wrong time in my opinion with everything else going on.

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: Skill Tree System
« on: February 22, 2009, 11:19:11 am »
Ok I am of two minds with this idea.

On the plus side

I think this will breath some new life into the game and give things an interesting twist leading to greater player diversity and combinations. If done correctly and powered right then will allow solo players greater range earlier on, as they will stronger characters.
The difference in individual characters will be much better and allow for greater play of characters.

On the minus side

The implimentation of this is going to be a huge job and take alot of time.
Is this going to get finished and implimented?
How is it going to effect current ingame eq and armour?
It is going to be the closest thing to a Pwipe that you can have without doing a Pwipe.

At the moment the skill and spells of the mud is stagnent and old - we have the same old skills and spells just renamed made stronger or weaker and passed around the classes.

Our classes were meant to be different all bringing something unique to the table but that was lost.

If done correctly then we can have some very different classes all forfilling vital roles in the game where people can play the style that they want to play not be forced to play a class because without being this class we can not survive.

The idea of requiring multiple pracs to go up a single level of a skill or spell will slow leveling down alot, which can go one of two ways either it will slow it down so much players will get bored and give up or it will inject fresh energy into players striving to reach a maxed character.

How will this work with the tier system?

At the moment we have to gain 204 levels to complete tier 4 if this is going to abolish the tier system will each class have a potential 204 levels to gain the required skill points to place into the skills at the inflated values?

What happens when you remort who much of our previous work are we going to have access to? Is there going to be a GM idea in place or is it going to be a stay in the class you have mastered type deal?

I would like to see a GM type senario in place as it allows players that have invested the time and effort to level to carry on their own solo adventures without the heavy reliance on others and simply speaking at the moment we do not have the huge amount of players to have to rely on other players being present all the time to level with.

How are players going to react to starting again - I understand there is talk of compensation and can see good and bad points to this (good) those that have invested the time and effort to gain the levels do not loose everything and have to start again and they will stay with the mud (bad) you will end up with a situation like you do at the moment after the trainer update the older players have all the skills but most have no idea where to find the trainers, yet are top level players - it is essentually making it a totally new game and as such should not all start off on an even footing, this allows for more experianced players to fully test the system as they are playing it not just have players that are currently gm get given it all back again then sit around and do nothing and have to rely on new players to try and find the flaws and gaps that are there as they will be the first ones through the new system.

Then the big question how many players will we loose to changing?

Equipment with new skills and specilizations what new eq qill we need to balance up the game at the moment if you use a sword or dagger then you are covered but staves, martial arts weaponry, maces etc have not recieved any love in the past, are we going to end up with classes devoid of eq as it is just not in the game and what is there is nowhere near as effective or even on par with current swords and daggers?

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: grouping / gm / heal spells and potions
« on: February 20, 2009, 06:05:09 am »
I play and level alot my observations from play of late.

1 Align

I understand where Toch is coming from with the fact of a fluctuating alignment, but this is not a real issue. So some spells work better with an evil align and other with a good its a simple thing make a choice and work with it, many other things that can be looked at over the small fact of I want both spells to work at maximum ability with no sacrifice on my own part.

2 Grouping

I have been doing a bit of this as have alot of others and seriously I fail to see what else needs to be changed, it is giving fairly even returns, if people want to complain about power leveling so be it they always will but at the moment with a serverly diminished player base anything that keeps people playing is a good thing. As far as I see it, prior to the last change yes grouping made it imposible to play in a group, but now it is fun and enjoyable and no one has any huge advantage or disadvantage in the group and as such is bringing back the old flavor and fun of grouping.

3 GMs

I do not have a GM character so am not able to comment.

4 Heals

As an active leveling player let me have my whine for the sake of it - I want a healing potion that weights nothing and heals all my hit points and is available at the healer west of recall - now back to the real world healing pots may not be as powerful as your spells but that is the way it is meant to be. There are ways to carry more healing pots and ways to avoid having to need as many of them but if you play smart then you can acheive a fair bit with just heals, and of course if you have your own spells and can supliment your spells with potions as well then you can go further but it is all a matter of time and effort and planning.

The old days are gone, change, adapt, and move on or pull up a beanbag in recall it matters not.

5 Vamp skills

Would be nice to see them work - but easily obtained or not - providing a challenge for players is one thing but constantly taking and making it harder and harder with a smaller and smaller player base is not the way to go.

 Is nice to have views and opinions of what you would like to see in the larger picture, but at the moment the changes and general hardening of the mud seems to be being made by either retired players or people who have no intention of going out and actually having to do anything with the new changes - some thought should go into any changes from the opinion of new character be them new to the mud or not there are not always players on to help if required - try the changes for yourself with a new character and no help or eq see if you find it enjoyable - if you do not find it enjoyable to do this or can not be bothered with it then why should new players.

Just my 5 cents

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: Grouping
« on: November 04, 2008, 05:25:26 am »
With grouping there has always been a group of players who powerlevel, these players then get to max level and suddenly realise that they nothing about the game and leave, no loss there really, but you did have one extra player for X months, or they start to realise this and they choose to explore and learn and then make a new character to start from scratch with and then move through the game learning as they go and catching up on the stuff they missed out on with their first run through. Other players weather we have fixed grouping or not will choose to do very limited grouping to no grouping as that is their choice, at the moment with grouping the way it is there is no choice you go solo or put in the time and effort if you can convince another player to group with you for no real return.
Most here played when grouping was fun and the mud was fun now - no grouping = no fun and it is showing, more and more time just spent idling at recall as well what else is there to do yes can go do a run here or a run there but its not the same as having other people with you killing enmass laying waste to the realms because of no other reason then we can.

General Discussions / Re: Grouping and Clans
« on: November 04, 2008, 05:12:04 am »
Grouping is what holds a mud together in essance, clans are only viable if you have groups, other wise you just have individals sharing the same dwelling place.
While there is no grouping going on new players are left on there own to find their own way - 4d is not a small or standard mud it gets quite complex with its questing and the like.
The fact that it is not standard is a great thing it shows we have builders and coders that are thinking outside of the box so to speak, but no matter how many quests you have or how many solo quests you make people still want to go and hunt and play in groups, it has always been the way of muds and if muds are to survive in these times of mmorpgs like WoW and the like then we need to get the fun back and while 4d might attract players who like to quest, but players still like to group and be able to run all over the realms killing with glee.
Clans like the clan idea and yes at the moment there are many many clans and very few active members, maybe a clan culling might be worth while will boost numbers in existing clans.

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