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General Discussions / Mud Connector random mud pick
« on: April 20, 2015, 07:21:13 pm »
Hey!  There we are at the (almost) top of the page?  Did we hook any new fish?

(No offense meant to any fish or non-fish, old or new)

Building Board / GlobalTime triggers
« on: August 25, 2014, 09:29:59 pm »
Hi, my name is Parnassus and I'm generally over at TBAmud.  I've been invited to consult on some zones on the 4D build port.  This has been really interesting but there are some differences between TBA and 4D codes which gets a bit confusing.

This particular question has to do with Time triggers.  Over at TBA, a time trigger only hits when someone is on the mud.  This can sometimes make problems because if nobody is on the mud at the time named in the trigger and someone comes on after that time, things can be out of place.  That's where the GlobalTime kicks in.  These triggers fire regardless of occupancy.  That's my understanding, at least.  Also, on TBA, triggers affect lower Imm levels while on 4D, they don't.

Kvetch and I have been trying to troubleshoot a time trigger that was on various rooms.  Before I looked at it, she reported that it worked with some rooms but not others.  I could not find any problems with the trigger except that it stopped working on any rooms.  I ran through my gamut of tests, took it all apart, put it back together exactly the same way, and it worked on all rooms.  The next time I checked it, it was again not working on any rooms.  I found that when I logged in a test character, it started working on all rooms again.  Kvetch found that without a test character, some rooms would work and some wouldn't but apparently only when I wasn't logged in.  We've tried both Time and GlobalTime with the same outcome.  She's got the same sort of trigger working in a different zone which fires consistently.

Right now, one room is triggering while the rest aren't.  Any ideas of what might cause this sort of behavior?  The triggers are all properly attached and run if my test character is on.  Without a test character, one or no rooms trigger.

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