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Suggestions & Ideas / Perzes and Restrings and Stuff! Oh my!
« on: October 28, 2013, 11:58:14 am »
Currently there are two type of ways to have a personalized look in 4D, Perzes and Statless RP gear.

Perzes are 7 silver plus 1 silver for reloads if they are lost as well as 1 silver for scripts added to them. 

Not all items in the game can’t be perzed, these items can be found on the board east of Recall. Ideally the items on the non-perz list are items with scripts that if the item were perzed it wouldn’t work quite right. 

If one simply wants to look snazzy and not get a perz of an item and keep their stats they can get RP gear that has no stats which the price is set to 1 bronze or 1 Million coins, if memory serves?

Recently there has been a change to code that allows the ability to restring any equipment, statted or not, however there has been no price for this action officially set. This restring ability changes the appearance of an item when worn as well as the namelist of the item only.  Since this option could further help cater to RP purposes I wanted to open up a series of questions and perhaps follow-up polls to make sure everything is addressed accordingly.

Please answer each question with a Yes, no, or simply comment about it.

Are there any items currently on the non-perz list that should be perzable, why?

Are there any items not currently on the non-perz list that should be on it, why?

Is the current price of statless RP gear acceptable?

If you had the option to buy restrings of your current gear would you?

Do you feel having the option to restring your statted gear would devalue perzes? Why? (Are there enough incentives to having a perz that would outweigh getting items restringed)

What would be an acceptable price for statted RP gear (coins, tokens, tradepoints, award points, etc)?

Any other questions, comments, or concerns please address as well. If something you feel should be opened to a poll, say that as well. But if everything seems relatively one sided and change could happen much quicker than not.

Suggestions & Ideas / Please Fix/Add This!
« on: March 03, 2013, 07:21:59 pm »
Bringing back a previous thread but starting fresh.

If you find any bugs (that can be posted publicly) please do so here.

Or if you have any suggestions for changes to skills, spells, features, etc, please post.

If it requires a new thread for discussion needs to be opened to explore the matter, we can. Or the bug/suggestion will just get fixed/added if there are no objections. :)

Thank you.

Suggestions & Ideas / Blue Band of Victory (BBV)
« on: February 07, 2013, 01:15:27 pm »
I would like to propose some changes to the BBV:
1. New stats for both casters and melee.
a. There could be two items created and the item transforms, much like the Grizzled fur.
b. It has been suggested that casters receive a focus instead of an arm item, since there isn't anything other than a focus that is truly beneficial to casters in terms of gear.
c. Otherwise stats and an innate could be applied. (Which stats can be discussed)

2. BBV transfers ownership upon death.
a. Both parties must be PK and the kill can not be made in the typical arena rooms... battlefield arena/tournament yard... so kills must be done in auto-challenge arena or open world.
b. When the BBV is transferred it will auto-equip to the current owner. Since the BBV will have new stats, it should ideally be better than majority of items in the same wear location it has.
c. The BBV should always be worn by the owner to show that they have it and can appropriately be challenged through an auto-challenge system (to be mentioned)
d. Ideally the BBV will be non-removable.

3. Auto-Challenge system. You will be able to use the challenge social to challenge the BBV wearer for the BBV
a. A small arena built specifically for the BBV challenges.
b. We need to discuss the limitations of challenges:
How often? Location of challenger/challenged? Witnesses? etc.

4. The item(s) gain levels similar to the Orcrist, however it will be based on the number of PK kills (with limitations)
a. Limitations would be the level of the individual being killed, and unable to do repeat kills. Also arena kills will not count.
b. The item should gradually get more powerful but never extremely overpowering, making the current wearer a god so-to-speak.

5. To prevent inactivity and the BBV remaining out of circulation, a timer should be added.
a. This timer will reset to full upon any login though, the timer should last roughly 4 days real time.

This is not a complete list of all of the proposed changes, but just those I can remember at this time. If anyone thinks of anything they would like to see for this versatile hand changing item, please say so, and mention what you like and dislike of the proposed changes. Also please mention what you would feel is appropriate stats, milestones for the band being leveled and appropriate stat growth/innates etc. Feel free to comment as much as needed. And may we see a better BBV in the future!

Suggestions & Ideas / Challenge System
« on: September 11, 2011, 06:07:16 pm »
What does everyone think of a challenge system being built into the game? This would involve a command such as challenge actually challenging the person. When someone is challenged for instance via the challenge command, that player is then prompted as to whether they accept or decline the challenge. If accepted the two are whisked away to an arena where the two can duke it out in an arena, if declined then nothing happens. We could combine this into the new PK champion on the who list.  If that title is being carried that person shouldn't be given the option to decline, and has to accept to defend his/her title. Perhaps via the challenge system it can be possible to do group fights, such as 2v2, or other things to make it interesting. Along with the challenge system, perhaps get pk points working and beneficial in some way for PK's, maybe even giving incentive to go PK. Just some thoughts, what do you all think?

Suggestions & Ideas / An idea about the Seekers Clan
« on: June 10, 2011, 03:24:03 am »
I propose an idea and request as much input from players and immortals as possible.

Training, is something that all new players to 4d need, and something not all players get. Currently as it stands players start off in Seekers and have the opportunity to go through Mud School and the newbie areas. Once they remort, they are no longer in Seekers and are forced to fend for themselves or join a clan. This has worked, but I believe it could be better. Molly supports the fact that there needs to be a training clan, and I agree. Dragons is supposed to have been a training clan but it doesn't quite work since Seekers is where players should be trained. Not leave a clan just to join another for training. I suggest that Seekers becomes the primary training place, where new players can learn what it is like to be in a real clan, rather than something very temporary it is now.

How will this be done? Well, first, it needs a mortal leader, which should be a Helper because that will be their primary function as a leader. Will take Molly's advice and it will not be anyone who is also leading another clan. However they can still have alts in another clan, just not be the another clans leader.  This will be a dedicated position, one will have to really live up to their title of Helper to do what is required. Teach, support, encourage, etc. Since the Immortals are the current leaders they would of course be fitting to pick the predecessor, but this can only happen with player support. There can be other people or Helpers, if they choose to be, that are there to help and assist new players and show camaraderie. The point is to teach players from the start what a clan is supposed to be to them.

Also to further make this work when a player remorts, they no longer will leave Seekers, they remain in the clan until they choose to leave on their own accord. If they choose they want to walk the path of a Loner, or join another clan that suits them, it is their choice.. no longer forced. Since there is a clan leave command now, it works perfectly, as long as it doesn't give the cost of 1 Silver, leaving the clan should not have any form of punishment.This exception should be made.
With this being done it allows any player to gain the maximum amount of training they need, before they go on their way and follow the path they have chosen.

So to sum everything up:
Dragons will no longer be a training clan, Seekers will be the place to train.
Seekers will have a mortal leader. Leader must not lead another clan. Leader must be a Helper.
Remorting will no longer expel the player from Seekers. They can now leave on their own at any time with clan leave yes, and it will not cost a silver token.
Seekers will function much like a normal clan, have clan ranks, participate in deeds, etc. Have fun.

What we mostly need is people to say whether they are in favor of Seekers becoming the primary training clan and allowing new players to stay there as long as they would like? Also if a mortal leader is acceptable there, it certainly won't be stealing members, it'll be the first line of recruiting, recruiting to the mud, which in turn brings more players to all the other clans. So thoughts?

Suggestions & Ideas / Should timers on artifacts be removed?
« on: May 25, 2011, 07:30:30 am »
Simple question: Should timers on artifacts be removed?
Please reply with your justification to your answer.
Thank you!

Suggestions & Ideas / Stats
« on: November 13, 2009, 07:33:37 pm »
Does anyone think our stats should be different, and if so how should they work? Like int and wis, should they work in terms of one gives you more gains, like mana, or have a direct affect, like 1 wis =20 mana.
The good thing about direct affect stats is you can focus on health, physical damage, mana, magic damage, speed, ability to use skills more accurately, all based on how much of a stat you have. This would of course probably end up having equipment with much higher stats like 30con do give it a more sizeable health boost. I really like direct affect but it could depend. Not sure really now heh. Discuss.

Suggestions & Ideas / New Skill/Spell Ideas!
« on: January 31, 2009, 10:40:11 pm »
I figure it would be a great idea to compose a list of new skills/spells players would like to see added to the game.
Be sure to post it with all of the following:
Name of Spell/Skill
Usage: What you type to use the skill/spell
Description: What the skill/spell does. Something with flavor.
Trainers: Potential people who can train this skill/spell. If you can't think of any just ask for help, I'm sure some people will have ideas. Be sure to include the mobs, name, dimension, and zone. No quest mobs or areas!

That's all for now! Happy creating!

Suggestions & Ideas / Class System Overhaul (Aye or Nay)
« on: January 31, 2009, 10:19:07 pm »
Are you pleased with our current class system? Would you like to see something new? Do you fancy GM? Do you feel that there are enough skills/spells to justifiable differentiate between each and every class? Do you like monkeys? Feel free to release your idea's and be foot loose and fancy free in this thread. Any ideas would be much appreciated, as to how to amend the current system.

Suggestions & Ideas / Channel histories.
« on: April 15, 2008, 09:14:37 pm »
Currently  "gossip works... but when you try "ctell or "gtell it dosn't work at the moment but I believe that it is supposed to (the output currently is simple 'None.')
So I vote history work for all channels, so you can see missed says, ctells, gtells, hero, ooc, qsay, whisper, maybe even wiznet for imms, etc

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