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General Discussions / Heya All
« on: September 05, 2022, 02:27:56 pm »
Actually, this is 4D related.  I am just wondering who still pops there heads in now and again.  I have slowly started to pop on again after a few years of being away and noticed there is never anyone on.  I am wondering if there is enough interest for me to start building again (after I remind myself how to do it).  Mobs, objects and rooms won't be hard (never were), but those scripts.. it's always been those D**N scripts.  Even now as I look over the typo file and try to fix some of the scripts I try to remember how things went.  Yet, I have been able to fix a couple of easy ones (yay?).  I may be on and off the next couple of days, but in about a week I will be gone for 2 weeks.  So, if you do pop in, and I happen to be on, feel free to poke me and say Hello.  :)

News & Announcements / Re: How many action figures have YOU collected?
« on: January 02, 2017, 08:15:02 pm »
Those action figures were part of a Halloween thing - not the "real" action figures for whatever quest that is.

Building Board / Checking to see if a door is open or closed
« on: September 18, 2016, 07:25:12 pm »
I'd been whining about this for a while:
When you have an exit that has a door do you:
1) describe the door : like look east - you see a large oak door - since the player wouldn't know what room was beyond it unless they have already visited it, or
2) describe the room that lies beyond the door: like look east - you see the library there - since they should be able to know the neighboring room is a library if the door is open.

If the door is closed, 2 doesn't make sense.  If the door is open, 1 doesn't make sense, but there was always only one exit description.

After whining again yesterday, Roland did a look into it for me and found out this:

room trig:

if %self.east% /= closed
and in a mob trigger:

if /= closed
See in the Rooms section for the details.

So now, if you're really into doing scripts and really want a different description for your exit if there is a door - you can do it. 


Building Board / Re: Day/Night script
« on: September 09, 2016, 07:33:51 pm »
Still love you, Parn and I'm redoing the haunted house again.  Could use your amazing ideas and scripting skills on that again.

FYI: I had tried to use that on some global time loading scripts and realized it wouldn't work since there's not a command that anyone would do - so there would be no %actor% in that case.  So.. it became %self.vnum% for that.  These's could probably be changed to %self.vnum% and have it work too.

Building Board / Day/Night script
« on: September 03, 2016, 10:42:40 am »
Ever since the night description code was put into the mud, I've been interested in having other things be day/night - like smell and listen - and sometimes even touch.  A couple years ago Parnassus came up with something that didn't quite work, but it is the basis for what I've started using which is this:
if %time.hour% > 6 && %time.hour% <21
  return 0

This checks to see if the hour is between 6am and 9pm (daylight hours for the mud).  If it is, it will use whatever I have put into the listen/smell room description.  If it isn't - that's where the else comes in.

if %cmd.mudcommand%==listen
%send% %actor% - whatever it is you want them to hear at night that isn't there during the day.
elseif %cmd.mudcommand%==smell
%send% %actor% - whatever it is you want them to smell at night that isn't there during the day
return 0 - in case the player is trying to do something other than listen or smell, like move or look at things or... stuff like that.

Obviously if you do this for more than one room, you'll have to add a check in for the room vnum (which, strangely %room.vnum% doesn't seem to work, but does).

So, in the end my current script looks like this:

if %time.hour% > 6 && %time.hour% <21
  return 0
  if %cmd.mudcommand%==listen
    if == 47108
      %send% %actor% You hear some horses whiney from the barn.
    elseif 47113
      %send% %actor% You hear horses whineying a complaint from the barn.
  elseif %cmd.mudcommand%==smell
      %send% %actor% There is a strong scent of manure coming from the barn.
      %send% %actor% The smell of fresh manure assaults you from the pasture to the south.
      return 0
    return 0
  return 0

Scripting Board / The "Tor" issue fix
« on: January 13, 2016, 10:10:19 am »
There has been an issue with names like Tor or Pix working in scripts due to mobs with the same start to their names: for example: torture victim, tortoise, pixie, etc.  So, there is now a way to make scripts so Tor and Pix (and anyone else with short names like that) can be affected.

Here is Roland's statement and example:

Added playeruid to scripting to make working with a player easier.
  playeruid p <name> sets the uid of the player to p. The name has to match
  completely, or p will be empty.
  Example for a mob trigger:
  playeruid p tor
  if %p%
    dg_cast 'shield' %p%
    if ==
      %load% obj 3301
      give token tor
      %send% %p% I wanted to give you something but you're not here.
It seemed easy enough, but obviously not easy enough for me as I tried to just put in one line to have it all work right and, of course it didn't.  So, here is the update of my voodoo doll script - originally taken from The Builder's Academy, but adapted to work on 4D.  I had to change pin to stick, because the pinch social interfered with it, but otherwise it was mostly someone else's code.  I have tested this plenty of times on Tor just to make sure it works and it does.  For those that want to know: Num Arg 2 is so it can be used in inventory - you don't have to be holding it.  Arg list: stick is the command to use to work the voodoo doll.  It also needs a victim to stick, thus the %arg% in the script.  Of course, the pain of this is, you have to use someone's FULL NAME to use it.  Celestia can not be shortened to Cel or Celest, it has to be Celestia.  I know this, I just tried it - Sorry Celestia.

Name: 'voodoo script',  VNum: [ 1286], RNum: [  350]
Trigger Intended Assignment: Objects
Trigger Type: Command , Numeric Arg: 2, Arg list: stick
playeruid p %arg%
if !%p%
  %send% %actor% Who do you want to pin with the voodoo doll?
  eval dmg %p.hitp% * 100 / %p.maxhitp%
  if (%dmg% > 25)
    eval pain %random.15%
    switch %pain%
      case 1
        set hurt back
      case 2
        set hurt head
      case 3
        set hurt stomach
      case 4
        set hurt left eye
      case 5
        set hurt chest
      case 6
        set hurt right eye
      case 7
        set hurt left arm
      case 8
        set hurt right arm
      case 9
        set hurt left leg
      case 10
        set hurt right leg
      case 11
        set hurt groin
      case 12
        set hurt left foot
      case 13
        set hurt right foot
      case 14
        set hurt throat
      case 15
        set hurt heart
    %send% %actor% You slowly push a pin into the voodoo doll of's %hurt%.
    %echoaround% %actor% slowly pushes a pin into a voodoo doll.
    %send% %p% You suddenly feel a sharp stabbing pain in your %hurt%!
    %echoaround% %p% suddenly screams with pain, clenching %p.hisher% %hurt%!
    %damage% %p% 10
    wait 20 s
  elseif %dmg% < 26
    set msg %random.5%
    switch %msg%
      case 1
        %send% %actor% has suffered enough!
      case 2
        %send% %actor% can't take it anymore!
      case 3
        %send% %actor% is too weak!
      case 4
        %send% %actor% is still writhing in pain!
      case 5
        %send% %actor% won't survive another pin!

General Discussions / Re: 4D
« on: December 25, 2015, 04:48:39 pm »
Depends on what you mean by active.

Building Board / Links to help builders
« on: August 05, 2015, 11:06:55 am »
I admit that sometimes I'm trying to come up with how to describe the same forest over and over and.. the same caves over and over and... the same swamp over and over and... .. you get the idea.   Also, what little items might someone find in/around an altar/statue/doors... So, I try to find things online to help.  I'll be posting links here as I find them.  Other people can as well.

Oh, and for you roleplayers, these are good for you as well.

I like free so:

Another link I use a lot (I've even bought things from it though their free stuff can be useful as well):

News & Announcements / Re: Absense
« on: July 30, 2015, 08:29:07 pm »
Seems I have Mudlet also installed on my computer so maybe the silence won't be so bad and I won't be gone at all/so long/something.

News & Announcements / Absense
« on: July 30, 2015, 08:13:44 pm »
It seems my Ubutu/Wine/Mush client has decided to crash so, after my note to everyone that I was back, it seems I am not.  I may not be on until I can find a new laptop which may be a while.  I will continue to check to see if my mush client decides to work off and on, but I'm seeing no help for it.  Enjoy the extended silence while you can.

Building Board / Re: New stuff, please explain
« on: July 27, 2015, 08:51:53 pm »
Well, I guess unless/until I put crafting stuff in my areas I won't ask about how to actually go about doing it from a builders perspective because none of it really makes any sense to me still because I don't know how it works from a builder's perspective.  I mean, it makes sense in a way, but I'd be hard pressed still to figure out how to create a potion of health using the crating system at this point in time as a builder.

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: 100 Cha limit and backstab damage
« on: July 27, 2015, 08:47:21 pm »
I would think that'd be decent, but it was sounding like it failed more than that.  Though maybe that's because of the heat of battle.  Maybe Tor can show a log of how often it seems to fail if more than that?

Building Board / Re: New stuff, please explain
« on: July 21, 2015, 12:15:22 pm »
And another while trying to add damage dice to my weapon...

Weapon length:

Do you want meters?  Feet?  Inches?  Short/medium/long???  What are my options and can someone tell me the "length" of a dagger, short sword, long sword, bastard sword, trident, harpoon - just to give me an idea to base it off from?

Building Board / New stuff, please explain
« on: July 21, 2015, 12:12:04 pm »
While I do like new stuff going in to the building, and I admit I have been mostly afk for a bit... can someone explain to me how to use option J under oedit?  I believe this is where "material" used to be - as that question does come up, but there is much more to it than that now and I don't know how to answer any of the questions.

J) Crafting

1) white                 2) black                 3) red                 
 4) yellow                5) blue                  6) green               
 7) orange                8) violet                9) emerald             
10) firecoloured         11) purple               
Enter Colour value :

I'm assuming you want to know the color of the item?  What if it's more than one color?  For example, I am working on a harpoon - the barbs of it should be a metal color, so I would choose silver/chrome/steel - not a choice.... so.. we'll go with black - perhaps they dyed it..

 1) horrible              2) crappy                3) average             
 4) decent                5) good                  6) excellent           
 7) magnificent         
Enter Quality value :

Quality of my item?  I'll assume since it's oedit.. erm... It was previously used so it's not magnificent, but it is still quite sharp so.. it's either good or excellent...

 1) glass                 2) iron                  3) gold                 
 4) silver                5) copper                6) zinc                 
 7) chromium              8) tungsten              9) carbon               
10) coal                 11) basalt               12) silica               
13) diamond              14) plastic              15) tin                 
16) leather              17) hair                 18) wool                 
19) wood                 20) magic-wood           21) bone                 
22) ceramic              23) mithril              24) obsidian             
25) steel                26) stone                27) glass               
28) organic              29) currency             30) paper               
31) cotton               32) linen                33) silk                 
34) burlap               35) nylon                36) platinum             
37) adamantite           38) onyx                 39) ivory               
40) brass                41) marble               42) bronze               
43) pewter               44) ruby                 45) sapphire             
46) emerald              47) gemstone             48) granite             
49) energy               50) hemp                 51) crystal             
52) earth               
Enter Material value :
Again, it is multiple materials - iron/wood/metal/rope (barbs/shaft/chain/rope handle), but I wanted to say it was made of iron, so I do so.

Enter Dyecount value :

Erm.. what?  this is where I"m starting to think this is *just* for the crafting stuff that's gone in as I can't even answer this.. but it won't let me out so.. 1...

1) oak                   2) maple                 3) elder               
 4) elm                   5) beech                 6) chestnut             
 7) ash                   8) aspen                 9) alder               
10) birch                11) plane                12) pine                 
13) sycamore             14) fir                  15) cypress             
16) larch                17) cedar                18) judas               
19) cinnamon             20) shadowfell           21) ironwood             
22) ebony                23) juniper              24) ginkgo               
25) yew                  26) carob                27) almond               
28) cherry               29) apple                30) pear                 
31) plum                 32) orange               33) willow               
34) dogwood              35) spindleberry         36) paloverde           
37) cotton               38) buffalo              39) mammoth             
40) elephant             41) krelloc              42) python               
43) sea snake            44) serpent              45) rattlesnake         
46) cobra                47) snake                48) crocodile           
49) firelizard           50) reptile              51) kid                 
52) lamb                 53) calf                 54) deer                 
55) stag                 56) buck                 57) hind                 
58) antelope             59) kangaroo             60) goat                 
61) sow                  62) swine                63) pig                 
64) elk                  65) mare                 66) colt                 
67) gelding              68) bronco               69) mustang             
70) stallion             71) pony                 72) mule                 
73) donkey               74) steer                75) bull                 
76) cow                  77) heifer               78) ox                   
79) oryx                 80) ram                  81) ewe                 
82) horse                83) sheep                84) cattle               
85) bear                 86) leopard              87) mink                 
88) panther              89) beaver               90) otter               
91) giraffe              92) cheetah              93) weasel               
94) bobcat               95) tiger                96) puma                 
97) coyote               98) chipmunk             99) marmot               
100) vole                 101) prairie dog          102) muskrat             
103) polecat              104) ferret               105) woodchuck           
106) mole                 107) racoon               108) skunk               
109) badger               110) wolverine            111) silverfox           
112) rat                  113) hare                 114) rodent               
115) marten               116) ermine               117) worg                 
118) lion                 119) cougar               120) wolf                 
121) rabbit               122) bunny                123) squirrel             
124) fox                 
Enter Origin value :

Ok.. this is definately just for crafting.. let me out!!!  123

So I ended up with:
Colour: black   Quality: magnificent
Material: iron   Dyecount: 1
Origin: squirrel   Stage: 1

Yeah.. no..quit, do not save...  Though I do like how it tells you everything at the end, I don't understand what I was doing at all.  Is there a new "how to craft items" page I've not seen that explains all this?  Is there anywhere somewhere I've not seen that explains all this?

And where did my material choice go?  Or do we only care about that when crafting now?  Most items *are* of multiple material, so maybe...

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: 100 Cha limit and backstab damage
« on: July 19, 2015, 08:16:38 pm »
My question is:  Why does the heal spell have frequent failure if you have it learned at max? Maybe that needs to be looked into as well?

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