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Roleplay / Re: The Hunt for A Ghost.
« on: July 02, 2014, 02:15:23 am »
Rosey leaves her room after having been unable to sleep and walks outside for some fresh air and some more exploring of the area.
Rosey is walking along a street when she suddenly hears two men exclaiming to each other, "There is one of those three we saw in the bar! Quick, let's go grab her!"
Rosey thinks fast and tries to make the men believe that there is a mistake, not having had time to make a run for it. The men do not believe her and she is blind folded and led away quite some distance. They walk through a door and she hears one saying to the other, "Let's put her into that small dungeon under the house and we can question her later."
Rosey sits in the dungeon a few hours, feeling sorry for herself and wonders what the men will do to her and what she will say when they question her. Suddenly she decides she must try to get out and begins searching around for a hidden exit.
Rosey soon finds a small crack and examines it carefully. It is so well hidden that she realizes the men possibly do not know about it or would not have put her in there. She uses a small dagger and tries to open the block which appears to be quite a job but she finally succeeds and almost falls back as the block suddenly comes loose. She finds a small tunnel and enters it, beginning to crawl around looking for a way out of the tunnel.
Rosey crawls around for awhile, After some time she notices a bit of light coming from a crack of the ceiling of the tunnel and heads for it. She is able to open it so opens it just enough to get a glimpse of the outside world. She sees that the exit is aways away from a house and the area looks quite safe so realizing that the safest place for her right now is to stay in the tunnel while she further decides what is to be done.
Rosey gets the idea that the best thing she can do is to try to find a good disguise so she can keep from being captured again. She thinks to herself, "I must look like a man so the men do not suspect me." She begins to think how she can best do this then thinks she can watch the house and maybe find some equipment inside when she is certain no one is inside.

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