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Once's Board / Dimensional Citizens
« on: November 15, 2015, 03:48:21 pm »

Citizenship Synopsis:  Users declare a citizenship in different dimensions and by solving quests and paying coins and tradepoints (and having sufficient amounts of solved quests in that dimension as well as having solved specific ones including citizenship tests) users can earn ranks in a particular "Citizenship Path" for the dimension.  Paths are broken down into 4 distinct categories (Selfish, Selfless, Tricky, and Remote) across 2 distinct areas (Damage and Support).

Users may only have a total of 6 ranks across all citizenships and must slowly work their way up the ranks with progressively harder quests, quest requirements, gold requirements, and more.  All abilities require users to be at 95% mana and move before using and all abilities will drain mana and move upon usage. This means that to regularly use citizenship abilities users will want to stock up on the tradepoint based restore potions and crafted regeneration gear.

Citizenship Synergies:  Due to the 6 rank limitation users can only be at most a Citizen (rank 4) in one path and an Immigrant (Rank 2) in another or a Resident (rank 3) in two paths.

This ensures that there is balance between the powerful abilities as Rank 3 and Rank 4 abilities are far more powerful than the average skill. All have cool downs and took considerable effort to attain, and just about every ability synergizes with several of the other abilities to allow for a far more dynamic group play.  This is valuable against PvE mobs, boss mobs, and in PvP Arenas.  Note: Some boss mobs will be programmatically granted certain Citizenship abilities.

Citizenship Paths:

Greek Hero:
Greek Hero - Selfish Support - While capable of acts of heroism benefiting and saving the lives of others, most Greek Heroes are loners. Many who started out with others lost them along the way whether due to fate, tragedy, or self absorbed ignorance. The Path of the Greek Hero is one of great power but the Heroism from these powers is up to the bearer.

Rank 2 - Stone of Sisyphus (Greek Hero) - User drops a stone in the room, he and his groupmates can leave and enter at will but anyone not grouped with user will be unable to leave or enter room and will lose moves and mana each time they try. Lasts 20 seconds.
Rank 3 - Mirror of Medusa (Greek Hero) - As a mirror deflected the destruction of Medusa, so shall it reflect the animus of the Hero's enemies. The mirror is targeted and casted upon an enemy for a duration of 30 seconds during which time ALL attacks by the target are reflected back at itself for DOUBLE damage. Caster and allies can still attack the target during this process or can flee at their leisure.
Rank 4 - Stomach of Kronos (Greek Hero) - The Hero summons the stomach of Kronos, the Titan who once held almost all of the gods of Greek mythology within the endless pits of his stomach. Kronos turns his efforts towards the mortal world and for 5 minutes swallows 25% of all of the exp and gold generated for other players kills. Detecting that stomach of kronos is in effect and who has casted it is only possible with activated cybernetic eyes. Cooldown time is 20 minutes.

Archaeologist - Tricky Support - While less inclined to feats of bravado, the Path of the Archaeologist is filled with amazing adventures and abilities. Archaeology is a tricky field and as such many of the Archaeologists best tools require a careful mix of timing, strategy and tactical flexibility. The Archaeologist is an extremely synergistic citizenship path melding exploration with history.

Rank 2 - Blessed Obelisk (Archaeology) - The Archaeologist plants a magic obelisk in the room, attaches various power stones and configures the obelisk as best as he can given the strange hieroglyphics. Obelisk gives a random room effect each time from mana/hp/move regen to drastically slowing all in room, to poison, to double exp to double damage (for all), etc. Archaeologist can try to adjust obelisk which is a puzzle. Obelisk lasts 5 minutes, adjustment puzzles must be completed in 10 seconds or obelisk explodes. Puzzle solving changes affect completely randomly.  Cooldown 20 mins.
Rank 3 - Salve of the Scarab (Archaeology) - The Archaeologist releases the silver scarab which encircles the group releasing a healing dust which mends wounds and channels psychic energy into the scarab. Scarab deals damage to each attacker equal to the TOTAL damage it just healed from the group.
Rank 4 - Curse of the Pharoah (Archaeology) - Ability which does hard damage over time to anyone in the room when/where it was casted.  Lasts for 5 ticks, is cast as an always succeed affect and carries across room changes. Uses the user's buffs against them so a sanct user who normally blocks 30% damage takes 30% MORE damage due to the curse and sanct.


Knight's Templar:
Knight's Templar - Selfless Support - What is Selfless Support? An undying devotion to protect and serve friends and innocents even at the cost of ones on life or health. The Path of the Knight's Templar exemplifies through the nature of their abilities and the fact that those abilities are most powerful when combined with other player's paths in group play.

Rank 2 - Martyrdom (Knight's Templar) - The Templar drops to one knee, prays to the heavens above and is struck by golden lightning. Templar is set to "dead" and -10 hp (completely incapacitated and dead if hit), all groupmates are fully restored in hp, mana, and moves and all ability cooldowns are instantly reset. Templar is unhealable for 20 seconds, ability has a 20 minute cooldown that is not affected by Martyrdom
Rank 3 - Avatar of Righteousness (Knight's Templar) - A golden hue surrounds the Knight's Templar whenever he seeks the protection of his God. The Templar receives near total invulnerability for 30 seconds in the form of a maximum damage per hit of maxhp/200. NOTE: If Templar had 5000 MaxHP then the maximum damage would be 25 per hit, however if Germ Warfare affected him (3x damage) he'd still take 75 damage per hit.
Rank 4 - Masonic Temple (Knight's Templar) - The Templar kneels to the ground tracing archaic runes with a finger. Seconds later a golden glow basks the land that suddenly quakes as a Masonic Pyramid rises from the dirt. The Eye of the Temple glows bright and blessed rune engraved mithril chains spring from the temple dragging enemies from adjacent rooms inside.  The temple holds the targets in place and bombards them with attacks from holy guardians (inflicting 20% of max hp in damage) for 20 seconds before the temple explodes sending them back to their original room.

Dragon Riders:
Dragon Riders - Selfless Damage - As the Templars are to support, the Path of the Dragon Riders is to Damage. While fearsome standing atop their scaled steeds, the Dragon Riders' best use of brimstone comes when others are around to help unlock his Dragon's power. This path is formidable but not much fun for the one man show.
Rank 2 - Dragon's Breath (Dragon Rider) - Does 2% damage per 2 second combat round. Does extra damage for each mob of the same zone number or player in the room. Caster's group take just 2% damage, ungrouped mobs and players take the cumulative damage.
Rank 3 - Scales of the Dragon (Dragon Rider) - Passive ability, randomly prevents a deathblow from killing citizen. Dragon is gravely injured (cooldown for 10 mins), user is still near death but combat is stopped (equivalent to peace command). Meant to be stackable with other abilities that rely on a user being low in hp %.
Rank 4 - Belly of the Beast ( Dragon Rider) -  Everyone in player's group is summoned inside the dragon for 10 seconds. No damage is taken due to players being transed inside the dragon, but players then have to attack the "Kajigland" organ that controls the flow of the enzyme it uses to make fire. The more damage your party does inside the belly of the beast, the more powerful the fireball he breaths down upon the room you cast in.


Quantum Weaponologist:
Quantum Weaponologist - Tricky Damage - As with the Archaeologist's Support, the Weaponologist's Damage is situational, tricky, but extremely effective in the right hands. The Path of the Quantum Weaponologist involves turning biology, nanotechnology and physics into powerful weapons.

Rank 2 - Nanovirus (Quantum Weaponology) - User casts the nanovirus on a specific target. Nanovirus "virality" is based on user's hp/maxhp %. If user is at 10% maxhp aka lost 90% of their hp the nanovirus does damage equal to 90% of the target's maxhp (spread evently across 10 rounds or 20 seconds)
Rank 3 - Temporal Rift (Quantum Weaponology) - Player creates a temporal rift using miniaturized wormhole technology and sends any non-grouped non-quest mobs into another dimension temporarily. Tearing through transdimensional otherspace does steady damage to the target while it is in the rift and rifts randomly open up in front of other player's attacks forcing the target to take hits from players across space and time. Players see when a rifted enemy takes one  of their hits instead of their desired opponent.
Rank 4 - Germ Warfare (Quantum Weaponology) - The pinnacle of the Quantum Weaponology School of Science, Germ Warfare is a hyper localized genetically engineered spell designed to create instant attack vectors when invading a foreign land. When released the Germ Cloud spreads to everyone within a 3 room radius (not including group members in the SAME ROOM as caster). The effects are a 3X increase in damage received for up to 5 minutes for any infected party.

Cyborg - Remote Damage - Hailing from the same Dimension as the Weaponologist, the Path of the Cyborg focused more solely on electronic and mechanical advances as they apply to warfare. Cyborgs don't just control the technology within their own body but utilize advanced radio frequency techniques to kill from afar making them world class assassins.

Rank 2 - Cybernetic Eyes (Cybernetics) - On look player gets the equivalent of a scan (mobs 3 rooms away in every direction),  along with their current hp, buffs, and avg damage per round. While active eyes can also see invisible, infrared, and buried objects in the room the player is currently in and can see movement from 3 rooms awayh.  Very useful when dodging a missile..
Rank 3 - Drone Strike (Cybernetics) - User gets a 20 second countdown from initiating strike, can drop 3 drone tags in rooms.  Upon countdown reaching 0 the Drone bomb each room with a tag for significant damage (including to caster and group mates). Tag in inventory is the same as tag on the ground in the room and will do damage to all in the room.
Rank 4 - Guided Missile (Cybernetics) - Player "marks" a target with their cybernetic eyes. Player can be up to 3 rooms away from a target to mark them with cybernetic eyes active. Once marked, missile is launched and will take 10 seconds to reach marked target. The missile will move through rooms towards the target and the target will be warned that a missile is after them 3 seconds before the 10 second standard impact.  Players may opt to flee from the missile but it will chase them for up to another 10 seconds (20 seconds total).


Medicine Man:

Medicine Man/Woman - Remote Support -Hailing from Old West, the Path of the Medicine Man is not the typical western depiction. In touch with Mother Earth, the Great Spirit, and shepherd to the spirits of animals across all dimensions, the Medicine Man uses his keen understanding of Nature to provide Support and Protection to those he deems worthy.

Rank 2 - Great Spirit (Medicine Man) - The Great Spirit considers all things hallowed. Medicine Men who learn the ways of the great spirit can bury the corpses of dead (skinnable) animals to show respect to the Great Spirit (1 spirit point per corpse max 30). Great Spirit also allows the Medicine Man to do the Spirit Chant which restores groupmates hp/mana/move 2% per spirit point used (maximum of 25 points or 50%) even if in separate rooms. Cooldown of 5 minutes.
Rank 3 - War Dance (Medicine Man) - Although powerful, the War Dance ritual is about more than just destroying his enemies. The Medicine Man channels the Great Spirit asking for aid in defending Mother Earth. The Medicine Man focuses and begins channeling spirit points to add a group damage bonus to every group mate. The bonus builds as the medicine man channels 1 point per second for 5% damage per point (max 150% after 30 seconds).   

Can not be used in Peaceful rooms. Medicine Man will take 20x damage if hit while war dancing. Lasts 10 mins, if medicine man is attacked during channeling the bonus stops where he was attacked. Medicine Man in war dance will make surrounding mobs track and attempt to attack him. Evil Spirits will also appear (equal to 1.5 the strength of medicine man) and will need to be fended off. Cool down 20 mins.
Rank 4 - Rain Dance (Medicine Man) - The Rain Dance ritual is the most powerful ritual the Medicine Man can learn, a true connection and understanding of the Great Spirit. As with the War Dance, during the Rain Dance the Medicine Man will be chased and attacked by local mobs and evil spirits equal to 2x his strength.
If attacked while Rain Dancing the Medicine Man will take 30x damage and all of his group mates will suffer a 10 second combat delay / skill lag. During the Rain Dance (which drains 2 points a second and lasts 15 seconds) the Medicine Man will check skill lag on all group mates and reduce it to 0 75% of the time. Cooldown 60 minutes.

Outlaw - Selfish Damage - While the Greek Heroes may at times be oblivious to the selfishness of their support the Path of the Outlaw holds no such illusions. Uniquely powerful gunslingers who's interest in the rule of law has long since waned, they make competent allies so long as you understand killing the enemy is more important than not killing you...

Rank 2 - Dynamite Throw (Outlaw) - The Outlaw throws a couple sticks of dynamite on the ground giving 2 second warning. These sticks do 25% maxhp damage to groupmates, and significantly damage mobs albeit not more than 33% of their total maxhp. Dynamite has a habit of going out if a Player Character isn't in the room with it when it's set to explode which many Outlaws get around by letting someone else tank before setting and fleeing.
Rank 3 - Bandit's Gambit (Outlaw) - No one knows quite how to escape a bad situation like an Outlaw from the Old West. When the chips are down and the Outlaw is injured he can use the strength of his injury as part of a last stand to attempt to vanquish his foes. Outlaws will deal 5 times the HP they've lost in damage in one fell swoop (with bonus modifiers if they're under 15% health).  NOTE: It's called a Gambit for a reason and these are Outlaws, any groupmates or innocent bystanders will take 25% of the damage the Outlaw deals as well.
Rank 4 - Human Shield (Outlaw) - The Outlaw grabs a human shield (either a grouped player or a mob in the room not invovled in combat) and uses them as a human shield to buy time to carefully line up his shot.  Outlaw shoots the target THROUGH the shield causing shield to take 80% of their current hp in damage and  dealing twice (mobs) or three times (players) as much damage to the target. Outlaw also has a 50% chance of this shot instant killing the target provided it is under 50% health and under a specific level.

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: The CRAFT System
« on: December 13, 2013, 01:17:27 am »
Aeon has a craft system Xerxes could probably make use of.

Building Board / BuildPort Temporarily Down
« on: December 07, 2013, 05:55:47 am »
One of you bastards must have made a script that was infinitely (or near enough) looping with some sort of error (possibly on multiple mobs, or spawning multiple multiple mobs).

The average log file on the server is maybe 2 - 10 kb. Sometimes in the 1000kb.  The buildport's error log file alone was over 600,000kb and that was causing the server to run out of hard drive space so new players couldn't be created, and (far more importantly) I couldn't log in. 

Good job champ, whoever you are.  That said, wtf is this, the 90s. I've got two $10 usb drives on my keychain that are 16 GB each.  Anyway, the port is down until someone with more time can start it up and figure out what exactly caused this. I'm sure it shouldn't be but half a day.

General Discussions / Re: Bloody Spambots!
« on: November 28, 2013, 03:27:35 am »
Added a captcha, let's see if that sorts it.

Once's Board / Re: FORTIFY SKILL
« on: November 06, 2013, 08:33:43 am »
Ain't that cute, you actually thought I'd read this and do something about it.

News & Announcements / Forum Updates
« on: November 06, 2013, 05:20:41 am »
I upgraded the forum like 7 versions to SMF 1.1.19.  

SPAM Bots Annihilated:

I also updated the member registration system to deal with the spam issue. Instead of captcha's new users just have to enter Molly's name to register. Betting every spam bot out there is too stupid to solve that one. Tried to make it O'Hara at first but the system didn't like the quote.

I also added a bunch of new features to take us into something approaching the common era. Would like some of you to think about what a new theme would look like cause personally I think this one's kind of boring.

Additional New features:

JQuery Notifications: We now have a JQuery based Notification system. When someone sends you a PM or replies to one of your posts you see a fancy little popup that sticks around for 7.5 seconds.  This may spam the fuck out of you the first time you login because you've probably got a lot of unread posts that you haven't bothered to look at you lazy bastards. I think if you click the popup it'll take you straight to the post too.

Lost Post Prevention: With this new system, if your browser crashes while you're writing a post, when you log back in the contents of your post should actually still be in the "reply" box. God damn I wish we'd had this years ago. Just tested this, it works! Just hit reply on the thread you lost the window on and your text should still be there.  

Hover Tooltips for Posts: If you hover over a topic long enough inside of a sub-forum you'll get a little tooltip that shows you a preview of the post. Ain't that nice and web 2.0 like. We can change the amount of characters it shows, the colors of it, the font size, and the amount of time you have to hover over to see the tooltip. Currently it's at .5 of a second.

Drafts: You can now create drafts of posts for more complex posts that you don't have time to finish. This should be good for those of you that like to hit the forums while at work. Please use the god damned drafts before posting your stupider ideas or flames. You can see your drafts from any reply window and edit them by clicking the little pencil.

Google+ on topics: Cause you know, viral marketing. Might just disable this later if enough of you bitch about it. Seems kind of cool and I've seen a few of you on Google+


Roleplay / Re: Role Play Games/Mini-Session Ideas
« on: November 06, 2013, 04:51:50 am »
Funny enough we coded the entire system on Aeon. I gave Xeriuth a brief rundown on it. I know he's trying to get Aeon up and running now to poach some of the code so hopefully this is something that can come in soon. Depending on how easy to port this stuff is you might even get yourselves a pretty little custom emotes system.

We had something where you could actually include variables in emotes so I could do something like:

emote grabs $cal and throws $m against the wall.

and Calypso would see: "Once grabs you and throws you against the wall."

and the room would see: "Once grabs Calypso and throws her against the wall."

There is also an applause system and a boo system or something of the sort where people on stage actually get feedback from the audience. There were a few other bells and whistles to it too as I recall. A mixture of scripts and code. Hope that helps.

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: new Ranger skill
« on: October 28, 2012, 07:03:48 pm »
Don't think this is the skill for rangers. Agree they need something more, but let's not water down gypsy eh?

Once's Board / Re: Poisons
« on: October 24, 2012, 11:06:36 am »
This is the first step towards making poison more interesting and introducing other variety to combat. Just voice your concerns and bare with us as we add new things.

Once's Board / Poisons
« on: October 23, 2012, 09:38:35 pm »
Poisons now drain mana and move a lot faster depending on the type of poison. This will make poison an interesting weapon against casters. Look forward to more!

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: Staffs...
« on: October 14, 2012, 02:47:56 pm »
The way to look at Staves is based on their elemental multi, not just the 2.15. You still won't see a lot beyond 2.15, but the elemental multis mean they can be more powerful than the elephant pike in an elemental situation. I made an update to the elemental multis to create a higher base elemental bonus too. Do a bit of woodsinging after the next copyover and let me know what you think.

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: Equipment
« on: October 02, 2012, 02:56:58 pm »
What you need is a stat system that doesn't just prize damroll as the be all end all stat. That's the fundamental problem. Everyone one ups the other's gear because the only stat that they can one up with is damroll. Tweaking VE, Punt, etc is really just like treating the symptoms and not the cause.

General Discussions / Re: Me
« on: August 10, 2012, 01:14:46 pm »
It's hard to lose cool points you never had.

General Discussions / Re: Me
« on: August 01, 2012, 09:28:58 am »
Fucking copycats.

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: lumberjacking
« on: July 14, 2012, 11:37:29 am »
The key question to answer here is how many vnums off are the logs from where they're supposed to be. Once you have that you just fix the offset.

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