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Cooking and Catering
« on: April 28, 2015, 02:20:12 am »
The idea behind this feature is to create a more profitable market for the products that you grow yourself in the Farming Fields and Garden Plots north and west of Olde Yorke. Cooking and Catering involves a bit of legwork, but is also very rewarding, since the customers pay a good price in TOKENS - a lot more than you can get for the undeveloped farming and gardening products.

Some of the ingredients you'll have to collect and develop yourself. For instance; milk from milking cows can be turned into cream, butter and cheese in the Dairy south of Old Yorke, eggs and chicken filets can be procured in Old Sally's Chicken Farm on North Wall Road, and fruits can be picked during autumn in the Orchard south of Olde Yorke. Other ingredients, like various spices, have to be collected all over the realms.

When you have got all the ingredients together, you need to find a KITCHEN somewhere, to COOK the dish of your choice. You'll get help there with the preparations for cooking, but only if you are a legitimate cook, possessing Ma Brown's Recipe Book.

After finished cooking, you can TRADE the dishes to 12 different Taverns, 4 in each dimension. Their prices are generally very good, but will vary up and down a bit, due to the market situation.
You will also get exp for farming, gardening, developing and trading the products.

The person to see to get started is of course Ma Brown herself, who lives at North Trade Road, between Olde Yorke and Osten Ard.
She is a famous cook, with a well established network of of customers, but since she is getting a bit on in age, she's looking for someone to assist her with the job.
When you find her, just say, "I want to become a cook", and she'll take you on as an apprentice. This means that she'll ask for your help with a delivery, but while you are working for her, she'll also teach you the basics of the professions each time you ask for a LESSON.
Once you've proved your valour to her, by delivering all the ingredients she asks for, she'll give you her famous Recipe Book as a graduation present, and you can start your own Cooking and Catering business.
Apart from 8 recipes, this book also provides info about the customers, and where to get some of the ingredients.
There are certain locations around Olde Yorke, that are important for Cooking and Catering, some of those are new, others have been in the game for a long time:
- 8 Farming fields along Norh Wall Road
- 8 Garden Plots, reached from West Trade Road, just outside West Gate.
- The Orchard, reached from South Wall Road
- The Dairy, reached from South Wall Road
- Old Sally's chicken Farm, reached from north Wall Road
- Ma Browns Cottage, reached from North Trade Road
- Cooking has to be done in a KITCHEN, but any kitchen will do.

The Inns and Restaurants listed below, 4 in each Dimension, will trade the dishes you cook for tokens.
They have different preferences, so what they are interested in will be listed on the wall of the Tavern.
The normal price offered is 1 Silver Token for each dish, but it can vary down to 5 Bronze or 20 TP, due to the market situation.

- Seamen's Tavern, Crete
- The Olive Branch Tavern, Kitimos
- The Golden Times Tavern, Thasos
- House Of The Cat And Moon, Two Sisters in Egypt
- The Flying Falcon Tavern, Osten Ard
- The Ancient Mariner, Green Fen
- The Flaming Stake Tavern, Dun-Shivaar
-  Local Pub, Durmandle
- The Diner, Dodge City
- Chop Suey's Diner, Tombstone
- A Hunters Tavern, Legend
- The Saloon, Dry Gulch
- The Food-4-All Delicate Diner, Pleasure Planet
- Mos Eisley Cantina, Tattooine
- The Spacemen's Bar, Grealer CP; Queltorian Sector
- The Local Pub, Martin's Place, Sydney
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