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The Hunt for A Ghost.
« on: June 29, 2014, 11:00:05 pm »
Here we will be keeping all forum logs to deal with the new RP event The Hunt for A Ghost.

If you are a player posting a rp event from your own scene please do your best to edit them. Remove all junk that does not concern to the story, Like Gossip chatter, chatter that is not dealin with the scene, Mobs walking in and out of rooms, Tells, Etc.

If you have any questions please ask me in game, note me, or leave it on the recall, or you can leave it on here. Do not go out of lines with disucussions in here, please keep them to topic only. Anything off topic will be deleted from this post.

There will also be no flaming in this thread.


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Looking for a cew
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2014, 11:00:45 pm »
Vurashima looks around the room before he rolls his neck around and gives it a few pops. This bar is on the other side of the galaxy and not many people venture this deep into space, at least no one that has good intentions. Vurashima picked this bar for that purpose, he didn’t want people who would not be willing to maybe twist the law to their favor. Seeking out this Ghost criminal he knew wouldn’t be an easy task and knew that if he wanted to collect that bounty he would have to break the law.

Vurashima sees an open bar stool next to the bar and makes way to it. He looks around the room looking to eye anyone who might be a good choice for the crew. He plops a seat on the stool and tells the barmen to pour him a double shot of something good.

Kam looks at the bar from across the street. It was a dump. At best, it was filled with garbage. Today, it was filled with something else. Maybe a chance, maybe a life? Who knew. Maybe death. These places were never for the rich and privileged. Many times, its occupants would slit your thought as soon a shake your hand. Exactly the sort of place he would look for a crew too. It made sense. That did nothing to ease the tension he felt.

Kam began walking, up to and through the door, letting it hang open a second. His eyes scan, he did not see the man, at first. He sees him at the bar though. Entering, hands in his pockets, he makes a nodding gesture to no one in particular, and moves to the counter. "Dirtiest you have, in the cleanest glass." He says, slapping the counter and seating himself. Two seats down from the man he was here to see.

Rosey notices the bar and decides that by the looks of it she should be able to find a crew to join. she enters and orders a drink, then looking around notices two people who look promising and goes to join them

Vurashima notices two people who seem to be a little out of place in the bar, they defiantly were not regulars as he has came here often enough. Their clothes let alone were to nice to be some alcoholic that would visit here often. He runs his hand down to his gun belt and undoes the strap and keeps a hand on it. Being a bounty hunter you make more enemies then you do friends so you always have to be cautious.

Vurashima throws the barman a few credits and takes his drink and moves down the bar and stands in between Kam and Rosey hand still sitting on his blaster. "You chaps I take it are not here just for a drink are you" He says. "You 'all looking to make a score." He eyes over Rosey, He was never a fan of having females part of his, Hes seen a lot of them freeze in the moment and die for that brief hesitation but he knew he was going to need all the help he could get hunting down this fugitive.

Kam moves his right hand slowly, looking at his chrono, then moves it back. Both of his hands are on the bar, his left nearly wrapped around his glass. "Always." He looks down the bar, not at the man who was now between him and the woman who had moved near them both. "What's the price tag?" No use getting himself killed for someones pocket change. His eyes drift up behind the bar counter, past the drinks. At each of the surfaces that reflected the scene behind him.

Rosey returns the glance at Vurashima and states. You are right I am not only here for the drink and though I may be a woman I am a brave one. She keeps a hand on her weapon as well.

Vurashima lets out a small snicker at Rosey reaction. He raises his hand up off his blaster and lays them on the bar to relieve some of the tension. "A bounty hunter can never bee to cautious. Never know whose put out a bounty for my head." He laughs, "though then again I still have my head so no ones ever been successful enough in that". Vurashima looks over Kam, a man here for the money he thought to himself. Money always fueled good crew members.

Knowing there’s a score at the end of this kept a lot of men going and alive. "The price is good, 5000 credits to the ICP, but that’s pocket change to what others are offering for this guy. For someone whom so little is known about he sure is wanted by a lot of men." "Either one of you have any idea what you are up against by taken this score on?" He asks sternly.

Kam purses his lips, drumming his thumb and middle finger on the bar. Two tables back, someone was paying more attention that a drunk should. "Nope. He wouldn't be worth that, and still on the market if he small time." He licked his lips, looking over his left shoulder to the woman. She didn't look all that fragile. His gaze continues. There was surprisingly nothing really remarkable about him. There was a dangerous air about him though. Like a man who walked back from the dead, more than once.

Rosey glances at both men and notice both look like strong men so replies, I may not realize the full score but I never refuse a challenge.

Vurashima states" this man been captured multiple times, and has always broken freed before anyone been able to interrogate a single thing out of this man. No one knows who he works for or with, They are like a ghost. You never see then and when you do they scare the shit out of you and disappear before you even realize what has happened. They want him alive for his brain, apprenlty he has something very valuable so making sure he stays alive is a major priority if you value your life.

Hell I’ve known men who the ICP have made disappear without a trace leading back to them just for speaking about trying to kill this man." Vurashima eyes Kam and notices his drink starting to get low and yells at the barmen to fill him another. "Now I know you chap are man out looking for money." He says as he lights up a cigar and plops down in the bar stool and swivels it around towards Kam. He takes a long drag of his cigar as he stares down Kam. "Now exactly how far you willing to go for money.

"5000 credits is a little cheap to a price tag of 25000 that another may be offering. He swivels his stool around towards Rosey. "Now you doll I don’t know what to think. What are you in this for? You here for the money, or the excitement.?"

Kam doesn't say anything. 25,000 was probably the highest he'd touched. Hence the crew. He drums his fingers on the bar again, his left hand moves away from the drink, which was now full. It moves up to his face, to trace a ring around his upper lip, down across his chin. If he didn’t need it, he'd walk away at that moment. "I'll go the distance." He hoped. "Do me a favor though," His left hand again grasps the glass. "...don't leer at me like that." He looks up behind the bar. Two tables back had left.

Rosey glances at both guys again then turning to Vurashima she replies, actually I am in for both of those, money and excitement.

Vurashima looks up and glances in the mirror and sees the men sitting two tables back. "I noticed I’m not the only one whoms attention they caught" He says towards Kam. "They are both armed and blasters latches are taken off. They don’t look to be ICP, Not exactly sure who they are." His hair on his neck has been standing up since these men walked in, He wasn’t quite sure who they where but he knew they was there for him. He swivels the bar stool to get a better angle in the mirror to keep an eye on the men.

Vurshima yells down at the barmen who seems to be arguing with a heated customer over a drink the drunk has spilled all over the bar. The barmen looks down and looks relieved to be able to walk away from the irritated customer. "What can I get you Vura, you are always a sight for sore eye." asks the barmen. "Two tables back, who are they?" Vurashima asks. "I’m not sure they've been in and out of the bar all day, they seem to be looking for someone. They haven’t even ordered one drink.

They just come in here and take up seats that good paying customers could have." The barmen complains. Vurashima laughs as he looks around the half empty bar. "Do me a favor then have one of your girls go take them two screaming orgasms drinks over there. Make sure its Vicky shes always got a way with the guys" The barmen walks away and Vurashima looks down at the bar.

Well I’m not sure if you have decided or not if you would be joining me, But it seems you wont have a choice in the matter now. I’m pretty sure we wont be able to leave this place with out a fight" He says in a smooth calming tone. A smile spreads across his face. "You ready to show me if your worthy enough lades and gentlemen?" His hand slides back down to his holster.

Kam grimaces. "5 minutes, and already you're leading us to trouble." He looks to both ends of the bars. Restrooms, kitchen doors, anything. The man had a point. They were all tethered now. He sits up a little straighter, leaning forward. His right hand slides into his jacket, grasping the pistol grip there. "Ready when you are." His face sets in grim determination. He had rolled the dice quite a bit, but today they wouldn’t be belly up.

Rosey glances around the room then looking at Vurashima she nods solemnly.


Vurashima Spins the bar stool around and whips out his pistol, and fires a shot at the light above the the men sitting behind them. He yells out for Kam and Rosey to shoot out the lights and run. The band music stops and screams follow, the fresh scent of a blaster fills the room. Vurashima nostrils inhales the sweet scent and his eyes shine over as the room goes dark.

Vurashima throws a few credits on the bar. "Ill be in touch." He says then you see his eyes extinguish and you can longer see anything in the room except for the blaster shots being fired over your heads. Vurashima is gone, and left you to deal with his new friends to yourselves.

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Re: The Hunt for A Ghost.
« Reply #2 on: July 02, 2014, 02:15:23 am »
Rosey leaves her room after having been unable to sleep and walks outside for some fresh air and some more exploring of the area.
Rosey is walking along a street when she suddenly hears two men exclaiming to each other, "There is one of those three we saw in the bar! Quick, let's go grab her!"
Rosey thinks fast and tries to make the men believe that there is a mistake, not having had time to make a run for it. The men do not believe her and she is blind folded and led away quite some distance. They walk through a door and she hears one saying to the other, "Let's put her into that small dungeon under the house and we can question her later."
Rosey sits in the dungeon a few hours, feeling sorry for herself and wonders what the men will do to her and what she will say when they question her. Suddenly she decides she must try to get out and begins searching around for a hidden exit.
Rosey soon finds a small crack and examines it carefully. It is so well hidden that she realizes the men possibly do not know about it or would not have put her in there. She uses a small dagger and tries to open the block which appears to be quite a job but she finally succeeds and almost falls back as the block suddenly comes loose. She finds a small tunnel and enters it, beginning to crawl around looking for a way out of the tunnel.
Rosey crawls around for awhile, After some time she notices a bit of light coming from a crack of the ceiling of the tunnel and heads for it. She is able to open it so opens it just enough to get a glimpse of the outside world. She sees that the exit is aways away from a house and the area looks quite safe so realizing that the safest place for her right now is to stay in the tunnel while she further decides what is to be done.
Rosey gets the idea that the best thing she can do is to try to find a good disguise so she can keep from being captured again. She thinks to herself, "I must look like a man so the men do not suspect me." She begins to think how she can best do this then thinks she can watch the house and maybe find some equipment inside when she is certain no one is inside.