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Monthly RP Story/Session Contest
« on: July 07, 2015, 04:54:48 am »
All stories/Sessions turned into me I will be posting on here! If you didn't turn in a title along with it, I will try my best at giving it a title, if you are unhappy with the title, Let me know I can always change it! So lets get to the fun part and get to reading the stories below!

I know at least one person wanting to make a continuation to their story in the future. They can either request for it to be moved to its own thread, Or I will just edit their first story to include a link to their next story.


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Top of the Food Chain!
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2015, 04:56:13 am »
Written By Zuul

Episode 1

Zuul had just finished his undergraduate studies at the Galacticia -
that's how institutions of higher learning are called in Mars, as they
provide knowledge centered on this Galaxy, not the whole Universe, as
a University would imply. It was time for him to perform civil service
for the planet. His mission was simple: travel to Earth and take some
notes on the current inhabitants, specifically life that stands at the
"top of the food chain", an expression his professors taught him is used
to describe inter-species relations in that planet.

When his spaceship was approaching the planet, something strange
happened. All the blackness of space became white for a moment, then
black again, then blue. He had hit what he much later learned that
Earthlings call a "Time Warp", and somehow ended up somewhere,
sometime, in the middle of the some sea... Fortunately the ship contained
inflatable rafts for the eventuality of ending up in liquid rather than
solid portions of a planet. Thus, he boarded one, checked that the
coordinates still indicated the third planet of the Solar System, and
proceeded to look for signs of life.

Fish, water,... dolphins, more water,... seagulls,... land ho! Zuul
accosted, took some notes about coordinates, temperature, pressure and
proceeded inland... but not for long, as this was in fact just a tiny
island, inhabited only by apparently minor life forms, which he observed
from a distance. He used some of this ESP abilities from a distance but
found that none of them posed significant resistance, and thus decided
to go back to the boat - anything that can be confused using effortless
mental powers at a distance is definitely not at the "top of the food
chain" indeed.

Water, fish,... more water,... and behold! a magnificent speciment of
local life surges from the depths and proceeds to attack! After a moment
to get his bearings, Zuul tries different mental powers on the creature,
which resists and persists! Concentrating his mental powers on the
surrounding waters, he then manages to give shape to a large Elemental.
The creature from the depths is distracted by this apparition long
enough for the Martian to make his escape, not before gathering some
basic data in a rush.

Report from 1st visit (excerpt):
 top of the food chain: large swimming animals, capable of stealthy
 behavior underwater; two eyes, large mouth, powerful tail, capacity to
 eject water from the backside

It's safe to say that his peers, who had some knowledge of the planet
already, were not too happy with his "discoveries" once he managed to
make it back to Mars, and thus he was assigned for further education,
prior to being sent to Earth again, now with the specific task of
studying the behavior of... "humans"
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Re: Monthly RP Story/Session Contest
« Reply #2 on: July 07, 2015, 05:06:57 am »
Please do continue on with the episodes!, I'm quite intrigued to see the story play out, Did you get the idea from the little small role play we did the other night, or did you already have this idea before that? And we all already know that this big bad Spacewolf is the top of the food chain! :)

I liked the formatting of the story. It fit the theme very well I think, reminded me of a type of futuristic documentary you might see from a martian. Your story was simple and sweet but yet it left me wanting to see more. So job well done!

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Re: Monthly RP Story/Session Contest
« Reply #3 on: July 11, 2015, 03:56:05 am »
Creatures In The Night
Written By Rynock

Our story begins in the land of Mirkheim, in a time when death and destruction is prevalent and the land was in chaos. It was night, the dwarf follows the path to the gate, There were decapitated heads on the pikes along the city gates with a torch in between each one, the dwarf was not scared, his life was strife with violence as a youth in the caverns of the dwarven mountain decapitation was common place. He was a mercenary looking for work, word was there was a vampire problem in mirkheim, as he approaches the gates a guard yells for other guards and they frantically prepare to fight him off, a single dwarf?

    The captain of the guard shout's "Who goes there? What is your name?". The Dwarf responded from the bottom of the gates, "I am Rynock, the dwarven mercenary, I am looking for work." The guards whisper amongst themselves for a couple of minutes, they than toss down a flask and say "Drink that." Being a dwarf, and a mercenary, the thought of drinking something he hasn't prepared himself is making him wary. Luckily because of his dwarven fortitude most poisons are ineffective, so he took the flask and downed a swig, the fluid had the metallic taste of silver with hints of garlic. This is not poison, the dwarf thought to himself, this is actually pretty good! The dwarf proceeds to down the rest of the flask, "That was good! Reminded me of the old silver tea my grandmother used to make for me." shouted the dwarf, The guards were taken aback, "They said you may enter, but you must refill the flask at the holy water in front of the church."

    The gates creak open, just high enough for the dwarf to enter, the people all seem skittish to have a new face around. The streets were empty, not a soul in sight, he came around a corner and spotter the church, there were some people standing there and a kid crying at the steps. As the dwarf walks to the church, the people become silent but the kid is still sobbing on the steps, refilling the flask the dwarf puts the stopper on, he ask's the boy "What is wrong?", the kid spoke through sobs "My sister--" "was taken--" "--by someone". Being a mercenary the dwarf prefers money for jobs, but he also likes to help those in need, so he told the boy "I will find her, who took her and where?" The boy, brightened up and pointed towards the forest outside the gates. "There are creatures out there that only come in the night, they took my sister and I fear she may be dead." The dwarf looked at the forest and said "If she's alive, I will bring her back to you." The kid started crying again, this time with joy, "Thank you mister!"  The people started whispering frantically as the dwarf returned to the gate to give the flask to the guards.

The next day the dwarf prepared to go into battle strapping a shield on his back, a dagger to his belt, a short sword in his scabbard, some silver climbing spikes in his boots, his gear was all ready, as sunlight was breaking he set out into the forest to find the missing girl. The path's were silent, not even the sounds of birds or wildlife. The dwarf know's something is wrong, the forest should be teeming with wildlife. As he walks deeper into the forest he notice's the tree's and shrubs are dying off and the air was getting stale. He comes to a clearing, where a mansion gate and wall extended pretty high with iron spikes on top. The gate was slightly ajar, as the dwarf approaches he hear's a rustle in the dead brushes to the right of him, he pulls his short sword and dagger out, and mutters a few incantations to increase his strength. He grips his weapon, and prepares to fight, the rustling was getting closer, out of the bushes comes a giant boar and it was coming straight at him. He quickly side steps and hamstrings the boar with his dagger, and as it tumble's he takes his sword and decapitates it with a single fluid blow. The boar falls to the ground in two pieces, the dwarf cleans his weapons and moves on into the gates.

    As he approaches the mansion he hears a singing, and the faint crying of a girl in the garden to the left of the mansion, after he follows the path in front of the mansion the dwarf silently sneaks over a brick wall and enters into the garden. The garden was well maintained and beautiful in comparison to the surrounding forests and even the mansion. The smell of roses and tulips and apple blossoms fill the air, the trees and bushes make this place perpetually dark. Sneaking behind a bush the dwarf spots a woman dressed in a black dress with pale white skin and bright blonde hair and a small pale looking girl on the ground, hair being caressed by the lady as she sings.

    The dwarf decides this is the girl he was looking for and confronts the woman, "Hey, give me back that girl. She is not yours! Her brother needs her and you took her away." The lady stops singing, looks up slowly and smiles. She speaks with a voice that had a vibrating warmth yet chill underneath, "She is not yours either, who are you?"

    She tilts her head, and before the dwarf knows it she was right next to him. He has never seen speed like this, he goes to stab her with his dagger, she slaps it out of his hand. She tosses him into the wall and the shield on his back shattered into pieces, he regains his composure. He waves his short sword prepared to fight again, and she was right next to him again, she pulled his head back and bit him in the throat, his blood was gushing into her mouth, he lifted his leg and kneed her and simultaneously pulled his climbing spike out of his boot and stabbed her in the side of the head, the bone in her skull cracked as the spike went deep into her brain. The silver seemed to have an adverse reaction to the body of the woman, she started to burn and turn into ashe. The girl on the ground was weeping and the dwarf bandaged himself with some rags from his clothing and some mud. He asks the child "Are you ok? Do you have a little brother?" She stop crying and looks up, and say's "Yes, the lady said she was going to eat me. I'm so glad you came." she notices the bite on his neck, "Oh no! did she bite you?" the dwarf say's "Yes she did. Got me good it seems." the girl says "Thanks for saving me, I will be on my way home."  The dwarf starts to lose conciousness, the girl was already gone, was he a goner?

He woke up to feeling like his hand was on fire and the opened his eyes and saw his hand in the sun, it was burning quickly, he pulls it in and say's in his mind. "I'm a vampire..."

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Re: Monthly RP Story/Session Contest
« Reply #4 on: July 11, 2015, 04:02:21 am »
I like the way you included details on the scenery of what was around you during the story, it allowed me to visual the area of the story. It gave me a good visual of Mirkheim, and the story itself fits perfectly into 4dimenions. It could even be a quest!

I always thought though you Vampires where a new breed in 4d though that could walk in the sunlight!

Perhaps one day we can have clan buffs, Vamps get a bonus at night!  Good job!

I look forwarded to more adventures of the Dwarven Vampire.. A short hariy little thing thats fast and drinks blood.. Thats quite a sight. Spec if it can drink blood like they can drink their alcohol!

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Re: Monthly RP Story/Session Contest
« Reply #5 on: July 11, 2015, 04:04:36 am »
Venture On the High Seas
Written By Valen

            What can I say? Some trips begin from boredom. Others from sheer perversity. Mine originally started off innocently enough touring the islands of the Cyclades.
            I decided to go on a relaxing tour picking fruits, sampling the local cultures, and gazing at the ladies. Ah, judge me not harshly. A roaming eye of a healthy man toward a beautiful woman is natural. Nay, it is expected. You wouldn't have me go insulting the native beauties would you? Ah, but I stray...
            During my visit to the islands, what should I spy but one of those pesky time traps. Ah, but mine has ever been the desire to wander, and I share my mother's curse of boundless curiosity. Yes, I went through it. Perhaps one day I will quit tempting fate with such sojourns, but alas, not then.
            Now, you know, I only wanted a glimpse at what was on the other side. What should I happen to find? Before I could blink an eyelash, I found myself seated at the foot of this salty old sailor at Land's End and my ears being bombarded by an assault of words fit to win any battle if converted into ammunition. As I sat there dazed and trying to take in the barrage of words forming tale after tale of this crusty old seadog's life, I found rescue from an unexpected quarter. A chain gang wandered in and took pity upon me in my awkward social situation. They promptly cutoff  the latest verbal pelting from the man with no obstructions lying between his ears and his mouth. Have I explained my theory of constant air-flow (d)evolution? It's simple enough. I believe some people have developed the rather incredible internal physical adaptation necessary to allow a constant flow of air going in through the ears and out through the mouth with no obstructions in between. If you've ever observed someone with this (d)evolutionary adaptation, it's quite fascinating and overwhelming to behold! You'll also better understand my initial shock at finding myself seated at the sailor's feet and my even greater relief at my unexpected rescue! Yes, rescue me they did. With a laugh and a wack and a bright explosion of stars behind my eyes, I found the endless torrent fading out on a tidal wave of darkness.
            When I next awoke, there I lay in nearly complete blessed silence. Being the sanctified man of the cloth that I am, I decided to offer up a prayer of thanks for my deliverance. That being done, I promptly set forth to discover the lengths to which the helpful crew had gone to in order to implement my rescue. Quite clever they were it would seem as I found myself amongst the slaves of pirates. Not even that experienced old sailor would look for me below decks inside a pirate ship!
            Unfortunately, the slaves were a rather somber and dispirited lot. They'd gone so far in their depression as to quit eating the ship board rats and make pets of them. Although I fully approve of their conversion to rat saving, they hadn't truly gotten into the pirate mood of the situation. So, it was time for a plan...
            As I explored my new surroundings, I discovered two things. First, it appeared the ship's crew took their guardianship of myself and the slaves very seriously; I found we were locked up below decks. Second, it appeared the pirates also included a good supply of rum in their below deck cupboards. Now, how better to plan a nice Caribbean sea voyage and get the slaves into the pirate spirit of things than to pass around the rum and plan a good old fashioned mutiny!
            Nothing goes as well with mutiny on the high seas as good rum. Yes, we were well and truly lit. We were positively aglow with rum, and singing at the top of our lungs. It was a YO HO HO and a HAR HAR HAR. I bet even old friar Tuck in Sherwood was singing along with us before the party was through. HA! We were loud. We were proud! We were roaring drunk as a skunk scallywags! But this was all part of the plan as you will see.
            Now, as every good time traveler ought to know, there are two things a self-respecting pirate and college frat boy can't resist. One is a party. Second is alcohol. Yes, I know I left out women. I'm a priest, not a wizard. What do you expect, miracles? I was stuck with a bunch of male slaves. Talk to your local witch if you want a toad. As for me, I was all out of witches or I'd have asked her to have danced on the rowing bench. You're surprised? Well, yes, it is a dangerous thing to ask a witch to dance, but get her going with rum, and you never know. Just make sure to have a friend or five handy in case she gets hungry for frog's legs.
            Up flew the hatches, and down rushed our thirsty hosts. "Where's the party boys?!" And, "Where's the rum," were two things shouted around over our singing. Having little at hand, the slaves became creative with their bludgeons. Some used oars, some swung fat squealing rats by the tail, and one inventive young soul wacked the captain into unconsciousness with a stiff, salted herring. That seemed very funny and fitting at the time. WACK! WACK! WACK! Take that Cap'n! WACK! WACK! WACK! Grinning with glee, he gave the captain all that poor salted fish had in it. Falling apart, he then shoved it in the captain's mouth for a gag.
            Up from below we rushed, and quickly we took over the ship. Our goal? Total mayhem. So much rope, and all of it wasted on those sails. Sails? After the ropes were removed, the ship didn't have sails. Did it really need sails? NAW! The slaves decided they needed tents and togas. The diving board was removed from the side of the ship and converted into a surfboard. The ropes were used to rig the tents, bind the pirates below, and in a variety of other ways including skipping ropes, fishing lines, and tied to the tops of the masts for swinging like monkeys.
            Later as the sun was glaring its ruddy red eye over the horizon's edge, the enterprising young man of the salty herring fish bat had another stroke of genius. "All this wood," he declared taking in the ship, "and no bloody bonfire!"
            That, my friends, was my cue to exit stage right, or in this case, take a dive off the stern! As I made my way into shallower waters and only had wet robes and clicking, grabbing crabs to attend with, I saw the ship go up in a blaze of glory. I guess it didn't cross any of the other alcohol sodden minds that there was still quite a bit of rum rolling around below decks. It burned quickly and completely out upon the water with only one major explosion. I swear that as I spoke with another sailor on a small stretch of beach, I could still hear the slaves singing at the top of their collective lungs, and I saw more than one slave using a tied up pirate as a body board to surf into shore.

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Re: Monthly RP Story/Session Contest
« Reply #6 on: July 11, 2015, 04:14:55 am »
Ah I love all the different types of way people have done their stories, Rynock story is as if you are there watching, while Valens is as if we are listening to you tell your tale over an ale in the old pub.

It gives a good backstory to your character, and I think if you don't already have a RP flag, this is definitely worthy enough to get one. Everyone even been using all the different time eras of 4d. Its making this an interesting turnout to say the least.

I hope you continue to log your adventures for us! Good Job!

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Re: Monthly RP Story/Session Contest
« Reply #7 on: July 11, 2015, 04:22:00 am »
The Gossip
Turned in By Tor

gossip: Tor saunders in and looks around.'

gossip: Tor nearly missed seeing Candy, her being invisible and all.'

gossip: Tor smiles at the cute little dwarfen warrior.'

Hesper gossips, 'With ribbons braided into her beard...'

gossip: Tor strokes the silky beard, Wondering what the beard feel like.'

You gossip, 'It needs a flower.'

Mordecai gossips, 'bye'

Hesper gossips, 'help mord!'

You gossip, 'aww..'

Vryce gossips, 'can I find Out more info on the tasks to complete? '

Hesper gossips, 'type tasks to see all of them'

Hesper gossips, 'Here I thought you left us'

Vryce gossips, 'I could never leave that beard ! '

Candy gossips, 'Oh Hi Tor'

Vryce gossips, 'well my next task is 'help gondolf'I was just wondering if there was a way to Get more specific info on the task'

gossip: Tor smiles and waves at Candy. She sure is sweet.

Hesper gossips, 'talk to him and he will ask you to do something.'

You gossip, 'You promised you wouldn't tell on me...'

Vryce gossips, 'OK '

Candy gossips, 'i miss something?'

Hesper gossips, 'sometimes you have to look at them to see how to talk to them, offer help, ask whats worng, whatever.'

You gossip, 'I thought someone was telling on me... Open mouth insert foot.'

gossip: Tor laughs.

gossip: Candy sits at the fountain drinking often.

Hesper gossips, 'don't think I've tried that drink. Where do you get it?'

gossip: Tor gets a bottle of often out of the freezer and takes a long pull from it. He shudders a bit.

Hesper gossips, 'Glad Candy wasnt here to hear that "Mate"'

Candy gossips, 'wtf is that suppose to mean'

Reiko gossips, 'you smell lovely today, Candy'

Hesper gossips, 'figured you'd laugh at me being callede Mate twice by Killete!'

gossip: Candy sighs.

You gossip, 'Better for me that they can't tell gender properly. Tor snickers.'

Hesper gossips, 'Tor thinks he can get ALL the ladies.'

gossip: Tor is hoping one will choose him. :D

You gossip, 'if the competiton pool is reduced he has a better chance.'

You gossip, 'Kinda had my eye on a hot lil elf, but she's sorta got a racist thing against gringos.'

gossip: Reiko grabs popcorn and watches.

You gossip, 'Hey man, you didn't tell me you brought popcorn... '

Reiko gossips, 'not for you, youre performing.'

Reiko gossips, 'nom nom'

Candy gossips, 'haha'

gossip: Tor glares jealously at Reiko and his popcorn.

Reiko gossips, 'two words Tor: Red. Shiney. '

gossip: Reiko nom noms

You gossip, 'shh... don't let everyone know about my red 'n shiney. Tor glances about, hoping no one heard.'

gossip: Reiko nom noms

Candy gossips, 'you should tell me all about it'

gossip: Tor lovingly pets his red shiney.

Candy gossips, 'Oh ok maybe I don't wanna know'

gossip: Reiko shakes the bag, looking inside.

Hesper gossips, 'worse Candy, Reiko stole his red shiney before!'

Reiko gossips, 'Hot elf speaks, but in foreign tongue.'

gossip: Reiko nomnoms.

You gossip, 'slobbered all over it. :/'

Reiko gossips, 'sure did.  marked it well.'

You gossip, 'it cleaned up quite nicely though, after I got it away from him.'

You gossip, 'if anything even more shiney than before. :)'

Candy gossips, 'yup I don't wanna know the red shiney'

gossip: Tor looks around for the elf Reiko is calling hot. Is it Lazav, Thotter or Vryce that has caught his eye?

gossip: Candy snickers.

gossip: Tor admires the red shiney, it's mine, my most precious.

gossip: Tor wonders what happened to Reiko and the popcorn.

Reiko gossips, 'went to refill.'

Reiko gossips, 'tis not my eye thst has been caught, Friend Tor'

gossip: Candy yawns.

gossip: Tor wonders what one of the aforementioned  have captured of Reiko's.

Reiko gossips, 'none of the above'

You gossip, 'Candy appears to grow tired of us, we need to liven her up a bit.'

gossip: Reiko munches on popcorn.

Reiko gossips, 'well, get to it.'

You gossip, 'But she already said she wasn't interested in the red shiney. Do you think she is trying to mislead me?'

Reiko gossips, 'she is a very clever woman.  its possible. '

Reiko gossips, 'could be the pregnancy talking too, who knows.'

gossip: Reiko nom noms.

You gossip, 'maybe trying to get me to let my guard down so she can get her hands on it...'

You gossip, 'Wait pregnancy... Tor peers at Candy.'

Hesper gossips, 'On something anyway'

Reiko gossips, 'she might be luring you in for tea too.'

Reiko gossips, 'she speaks again. nows your chance tor.'

gossip: Tor looks at Hesper and then at Reiko, wondering what is this about...

gossip: Tor likes tea

Candy gossips, 'lol'

Reiko gossips, 'you seek your elf.'

You gossip, 'almost as much as coffee.'

Reiko gossips, 'mmm coffee'

Hesper gossips, 'Who's Elf?'

Candy gossips, 'Sorry, pregnancy wears one down.'

gossip: Tor carefully scans the who list... casts detect invisibility on himself, just in case and looks again.

Reiko gossips, 'tor seeks a lovely young elf. He just cant see past.'

gossip: Reiko slides Candy..candy.....

gossip: Tor peers at Reiko, and whispers to his red shiney something about elves.

Reiko gossips, 'a pickmeup?'

Hesper gossips, 'My transformation was complete. Strong magic! No costume!'

Reiko gossips, 'ah, so it is.'

gossip: Candy is no pick me up for just anyone.

Hesper gossips, 'luckily ir is not permanent.... I hope!!!'

Reiko gossips, '...I was.offering sweets!'

Candy gossips, 'i don't belong to you, to be offered.'

Hesper gossips, 'yeah, but for Reiko????'

Candy gossips, 'but tor is cute'

You gossip, 'Who is pregnant.'

gossip: Reiko takes back the sugary goods, and consumes them himself.

You gossip, 'I'm the one that let you tickle me with the beard, now what this about reiko?'

gossip: Reiko nom noms.

gossip: Tor looks confused, he looks to his red shiney for comfort.

Hesper gossips, 'I thought the two Indians might .... yeah , welll'

Reiko gossips, 'what two indians?'

Candy gossips, 'Never'

Reiko gossips, 'candy and me? gods no. thats banes faukt.'

You gossip, 'where is the elf. what is ir. I need coffee, damn it.'

Reiko gossips, 'youve been tickling beards with her.'

Candy gossips, 'lol'

Hesper gossips, 'not my fault!'

Candy gossips, 'sounds messed up'

Hesper gossips, 'he accosted me in the town square!'

Candy gossips, 'trim that thing woman or shave jeez'

You gossip, 'I accosted you!?!'

Hesper gossips, 'I braided pretty ribbons into it, isn't that good enough?'

Candy gossips, 'Not if your ever gonna get a man, looking manly'

Reiko gossips, 'ir was consensual,  no need to be prickly. ..either od you.'

Hesper gossips, 'get a man, Hesper thinks about this.... She looks pretty to Dwarf men! Hmmpph'

Hesper gossips, 'besides she can always knock one down and take him whenever she wants.'

gossip: Tor feels dizzy.

gossip: Tor staggers back and forth.

Candy gossips, 'lmao'

Candy gossips, 'i'm guessing you caught Tor'

Candy gossips, 'Good luck man'

You gossip, 'Tors legs give way underneath him and he drops to the floor.'

Candy gossips, 'oh look, he's already out :) easy pickings'

Hesper gossips, ':flexes her muscles and adjusts the chainmail halter'

Hesper gossips, 'no conquest there!'

gossip: Reiko nom noms.

gossip: Reiko eats a bread.

Hesper gossips, ' he is down to my line of site, he is kinda cute'

You gossip, 'Acting mearly on reflexes Tor makes sure his red shiney is protected from Reiko.'

Reiko gossips, 'there's no protecting anything when youre passed out.'

Reiko gossips, 'good luck, enkoy the ride.'

gossip: Hesper wants to see this Indian male. Maybe with her axe handy....hehe'

Candy gossips, 'lol'

Reiko gossips, 'Tor is a gringo. '

gossip: Candy tries to awake Tor, but flees as the axe blazes by her head.

Hesper gossips, 'so noted already. I am not blind. Just a bit short.'

Reiko gossips, 'heh'

Hesper gossips, 'YOU on the other hand,,,,,,,'

Hesper gossips, 'want to be shorter?'

Reiko gossips, ' not for sale.'

Reiko gossips, 'I enjoy my height.'

Candy gossips, 'I'm short enough thanks :)'

Hesper gossips, 'wasnt necessarily meaning your height, more your length'

Candy gossips, 'LOL'

Reiko gossips, '....'

Reiko gossips, 'im not the one accosting you with my beard. j k ow cant get any shorter, but you neednt look for victims. '

Candy gossips, 'I hope Tor awakes Soon....'

Hesper gossips, 'Making fun of Dwarves is a dangerous pasttlme'

Reiko gossips, 'whos making fun? I was encouraging. '

Hesper gossips, 'pets tor.'

Hesper gossips, 'I heard what you thought of me.'

gossip: Tor moans weakly.

Reiko gossips, '@Tor?'

Hesper gossips, 'pats Tor on the head and accidentally knocks him out again'

Reiko gossips, 'perfect time for lag'

Hesper gossips, '(and Bane says no one does any role play)'

Hesper gossips, '(just maybe not safe for posting)'

gossip: Tor tries to lift his head and fails.

gossip: Tor sits up rubbing his head.

Hesper gossips, 'pats Tor on the head and accidentally knocks him out again'

gossip: Hesper vows to get this Indian!

Hesper gossips, 'and NOT in the way he wants!'

gossip: Tor rolls over on his red shiney and tries to crawl away.

Reiko gossips, 'never is...never is...'

gossip: Reiko sniffs, remembering fondly.

gossip: Tor gets to his hands and knees.

gossip: Reiko nom noms.

Reiko gossips, 'do wit! propose!'

gossip: Tor staggers to his feet, checking the well being of his red shiney.

gossip: Tor peers at Reiko wondering what he is ranting about. All this talk of elves, proposals and pregnancies.

gossip: Tor stumbles towards the woods, looking for the safety of the leanto.

gossip: Hesper wanders bag to her cavernous dwelling and pouts.

Candy gossips, 'you let him get away!'

gossip: Tor wishes he had some aspirin, his head is killing him.

gossip: Hesper wasnt trying to catch, just play with her toys

gossip: Tor staggers and looses his footing, nearly falling on his face as he tries to make it to the forest edge.

gossip: Tor reaches for his whistle, to call the wolf to carry him to safety.

Reiko gossips, 'if only, if only.'

gossip: Hesper starts opening up a new room in the cavern, removing the stone, by hand, without tools. Place seems to get bigger every time she interacts with these odd foreigners

gossip: Tor wonders where his whistle is.

gossip: Candy watches as the two part ways.

Hesper gossips, 'Hsper whistles as she works....'

Reiko gossips, 'like ships passing in thr night..'

gossip: Tor peers at Reiko, wondering who stole his whistle.

Reiko gossips, 'guy, I have my own.'

Reiko gossips, 'look to the beard.'

Hesper gossips, 'whistle'

You gossip, 'Reiko you can't use the whistle, you have a clan.'

Reiko gossips, 'nor can you.'

Reiko gossips, 'I still have my own from prior to.'

Hesper gossips, 'Hestor puts shiny whistle with other momentoes'

gossip: Tor peers at Hesper, while rubbing his head. He whispers to the red  shiney, at least you are still with me.

Hesper newbies, 'Unbelievable, we haven't driven Vtyce of yet, and he can hear  us!'

Vryce gossips, 'I am kind of curious about this red Shiney though. . . . '

gossip: Tor growls, the red shiney is mine!

gossip: Tor stumbles through the Sherwood Forest, searching for the leanto.

Hesper gossips, 'I have to get some sleep. Good night all! hope to see you on again Vryce!'

Vryce gossips, 'Nighty night '

Reiko gossips, 'night'

Candy gossips, 'Night ms. dwarf ladyish'

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Re: Monthly RP Story/Session Contest
« Reply #8 on: July 11, 2015, 04:22:18 am »
Yet again shows another way players can have fun with RP in 4dimensions. Not at Rp has to be written in a story format. You can even take a little time on the side of your slaying and hacking away at all those ill mobs out there to have some fun in Gossip channel. This is a good example of some fun you can have over gossip when you are in the mood to RP, and a lot of the times others will join in with you.

I would prefer it to be cleaned up a bit more in the future to have all none RP stuff removed, but none the less was a good read and I like to use it as a good example for RP fun over gossip

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Re: Monthly RP Story/Session Contest
« Reply #9 on: July 11, 2015, 04:28:58 am »
A Stranger In A Strange Land
[size=12ptWritten By Valen[/size][/b]

            Many moons ago, there was an Indian maiden named Mia ShadowWalker. It is said she was as kind as any maiden in any tribe around. It is also said to see her was to lose your heart, as she was the most beautiful maiden anyone had ever seen. Yet, for all her kindness and all her incredible good looks came a curse. She was cursed with insatiable curiosity. Ever did she question, and never was she satisfied. As a byproduct of her curiosity was wanderlust. Mia was always poking into things, and ever wandering farther away from the beaten path in search of the unknown and the unexplained.
            One day while exploring out amongst the wild grasslands, Mia accidently passed through a time rift. She then found herself in a strange and wondrous new place that sparked her imagination and appealed to her curiosity. She would find out much later that she had traveled into the elven forests. It would long remain one of her favorite places, and her son would one day bare an elven name as a result. It was there, in the medieval dimension that she met a time traveler embarked on a quest as a knight in King Arthur's service.
            Once more, Mia's curious nature overtook her. In this case, she found herself intrigued by the complex and sometimes contradictory actions of her companion. The knight would use strange combinations of cunning, magic, technology, and even every-day items to accomplish his goals. Sometimes he'd be care free as a child, and other times so intensely focused on something that he'd scare her. Despite this, she found herself falling in love little by little, day by day as she followed him around, exploring the lands and trying to figure this conundrum of a knight out.
            Thus it was, Valen came to be. How now? You're surprised? Doubt not. The knight was equally taken by the fair Mia. Had I not told you of her beauty and grace? Surely you figured out by her curious disposition that she was equally intelligent. How then could he not be smitten? Ah, it was a romance for the story books. There was travel, adventure, danger, her endless curiosity, and always his quest. But as with all things, time brought change. His quest completed. Their baby arrived and Mia wished to settle down to raise him and have more. Her adventuresome time traveling knight couldn't seem to settle down for long.
            One day, Mia's husband didn't come home as expected. Nothing seemed to work to locate her husband or what had happened to him during his final mission. Methods occult, high-tech and magical alike proved equally unfruitful.
            It is from hence a young Indian brave name Valen came. Raised in the ways of his mother's heritage, playing day-to-day in his youth with the elves of the forest, and taught at King Arthur's Court the ways of chivalry, combat, and magic, he gained a background as rich as it was varied. He also grew up cursed by insatiable curiosity and wanderlust.
            As one might imagine, his mother's pursuit has become his own - to find his lost father or what became of him. If ill fortune was from malicious hand, he has sworn justice will be done. In all else, He seeks knowledge, peace, and slaking of that endless curiosity - at least for a short moment. To these ends, he follows the winds and rifts of time where so ever they may take him.
            So ends this tale, so much as any can be said to end when it is yet on-going. When you too wander all lands and seek amongst all peoples, then maybe too your path will cross thus. Yarns become very tangled indeed when you hop between dimensions and find yourself a stranger in a strange land, but every good adventure must start somewhere, and no one gets anywhere in life without venturing somewhere outside their comfort zone. So the next time you take a step, be it familiar, new, or hesitant, take a moment to take a deep breath and pray, as you never know where the next might take you.

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Re: Monthly RP Story/Session Contest
« Reply #10 on: July 11, 2015, 01:50:14 pm »
I am astonished - and delighted - that there is so much creativity and RP talent among the 4D players. And we aren't even a RP focused mud!

I really enjoyed all the stories. And although I do have a favourite, I'm not going to tell you which one, I'll leave that decision to Bane, since this is his operation. :)

I'm also not sure what the rewards are supposed to be. However, all the competitors can come and collect 2 silver tokens from me, on top of that. (Remind me if I forget, my memory is like a sieve nowadays.) .

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Re: Monthly RP Story/Session Contest
« Reply #11 on: July 12, 2015, 10:31:18 pm »
For this round I was not going to declare any story better then the other. I wanted a small event for everyone to join that wasnt pressured by out doing the others. So in this event everyone is winners.

As I said before Im quite happy with the stories, I have a 2 stragglers that are still turning theirs in. Once they are in Il restart the event, and I think this time we will have placements spots to earn! And I will require at least another judge. Everyone did a good job!

GIves me faith to start my World RP Event! Keep your eyes alert, the event will be starting soon, if you can find it :)

Everyoen gets from me a standard 1 silver token and 10 award points with the chance to win more with my newly created TearJerker. Take A bonk for a roll on winning up to 5 vouchers which gives out different rewards when you reedem them.

Rewards follow

Brass, Bronze, Silver Tokens.
A peice of a gold token. 5 Pieces will earn you a gold token!!!
Stat ReRoll voucher
Award Point Voucher for 10 award points
Up to 50 Tradepoints
UP to 5mil gold coins
One free restring
One free Rp equipment
One free DT insurance Voucher
A Golden Voucher
Another Whack for more prizes
A part of a voucher for  personalized piece of gear. Requires 7. I may make these redeemable for their cash value of 1 silver per piece

For now thats the list, Im looking for more rewards to add into the pool, if you have any suggestions let me know, if I use it you get a free whack. :)

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Re: Monthly RP Story/Session Contest
« Reply #12 on: July 13, 2015, 03:51:44 am »
I suppose I should write a story to make it fair to you all! Well heres mine. More will come to it


Missed Me
Written by Bane
“Charley squad report! “

“This is charley leader, reporting in. Sector 6 is quiet sir.” Bane reports in. Hes been flying missions over the Galderean desert for the past weeks in anticipation of the rebel force showing signs on life on the surface.

They moved into the area a few weeks before after some intelligence reported to them that the rebels have a huge operation hiding under ground in the desert. The thick rock bed was filled with various types of metal that made their radar just go on the fritz. Was the perfect hiding spot for them to hide. So they been order to do fly overs, one after another until the see rebel movement.

“Charley Squad this is base, you've been order to drop pay load on target. Proceed and move out”

“You heard em boys, lock and load. Form on my wing and punch it, full speed” Bane yells out through the mic. This was the only excitement they have had all week, Was dropping scatter bombs on an empty desert when its 140 degrees out. Even with his cockpit being cooled sweat still poured down his face, He wiped his brow to get a better look at his radar that was on the fritz.

“We'll be approacing target in 2 minutes and counting, arm weapons and break formation.” He looks up to see his comrades break away from his wing, he flips the guard on his joystick and orders his droid to unlock weapons. His droid was an old droid he bought from a pack of jawa's back in the day. It barley worked, but he spent many nights tinkering on it while he went through boot camp to join the Empire. It kept his mind off all the images of what he had seen the rebels do to his home planet. A complete massacre of his home world Elderianen. Over and over in his head he heard the news caster say 'They call the spacewolves an abomination to the world and needed to be eradicated. They where worst than a savage dog with rabies'. He had been away to join a hunt with his uncle, considering it was going to be one of his last one as he was growing old and the prey where just too fast for him to keep up anymore. When his village was attacked.

He was lost in thought when he came back to, to Randelik hollering over the com.

“Theres movement on the south side of vector 6, We found them boys they couldn’t hide forever down there!” Bane snapped his attention to his radar to see nothing but scrambled waves then peered out the left side of hull. Sure enough 3 speeders racing across the desert floor at top speed. You could barley make them out in the dust storm that they brought up behind them.

“Base this is charlie squad we have movement on the floor permission to engage” Bane called the base eager for some long over due action.

“Charlie squad this is base, that is a go, take em out.”

“Alright boys Randelik and Aldy boy on my six lets do a sweep, Johanson and Swan do a drop after the sweep.” This was a standard drill. Three of them would fly across their front end opening up with phasers, Their job wasn’t nenecessarily to destroy them on their sweep but more to slow them down to allow the next two to drop a package of scatter bombs on the floor to ensure it hit. They were pretty much dead, it was open ground and they had no where to go.

Bane looked back at his droid, and order him to give him full power to the engines, and he pressed a few buttons on the control and fired his afterburners up, and they took off. He loved the sound it made when you broke the sound barrier, he knew the rebels on the ground would hear it, and he imagined the look of horror on their face when they heard the sound. Every chance he got to kill a filthy rebel brought a smile to his face. He was going to show them how rabid his race could be.

“30 seconds out” Randelik hollered over the com.

“Lets add some stripes to the side of fighters boys”

“10 seconds to action, 5-4-3-2-1”

Bane dove towards the floor opening up all phaser cannons, it was hail of green and purple lights plummeting the ground, a direct hit to the first speeder and he pulled up just in time to miss the blast radius off it exploding speeder

“Fly to the top boys” He gave out the order to fly back up to ensure they wasn’t caught in the blast radius of the scatter bombs. He could see out the window the bombs letting lose from his comrades fighters as they now shot for the top of the sky. He watched them fall, time seemed to slow he could see the bomb spin ever so slightly round and round it went, then it hit the ground and reality came snapping back to him. The ground shook and dust filled the sky. They could barely see through the dust, but he trusted his comrades to fly straight. They knew when conditions where like this it was best to stay the course they where to make sure they didn’t run into each other.

The dust began to settle, and he ordered everyone back in formation.

“Base this is charlie leader, it was a direct hit. All mobiles are destroyed” Bane said with a smile over his face as he looked at the ground that was scattered in a hail of fire.

“Charlie leader this is base, survey the site and look for survivors, if any are present we want them brought back for integration”

Banes smile went to a vicious snarl, he rather slit the survivors throat than give them another second of life. But orders was orders, and he knew that they would extract information out of any survivors, and that could lead to finding the rebels base.

“Randelik on my wing lets do a survey” Bane ordered over the com

“There's no way anyone survived that Bane, cmon we are wasting our time lets punch out of here man,  Looks like there's a dust storm coming over that ridge” You could hear the excitement leave Randelik voice when he seen the storm. Dust storms where nasty out here, the Sand blowing in the hot weather, became almost molten out from the friction from them bouncing off each other. And the wind could exceed well over 200 mphs.

“Cmon lets do this quick and get out I dont like it anymore than you do boys” Bane said.

Randelik formed on his wing and they flew to the ground to do a fly over. He couldn’t believe it, before he even reached the ground he could see a door flip over on the ground and a rebel come climbing out of the wreckage underneath it.

“We got a survivor hollered Randlik. Son of a bitch, that lucky mother fucker. Hes going to wish he died by the time the boys back at the base get done with him.”
“Alright Johanson, Swann, Aldy punch out head back to the base. Randelik stay in the sky watch over me, Im going to land.” Bane gave out the order.

The others acknowledge and he heard their afterburners kick on and the sonic boom of them breaking the sound barrier, as he looked out the window they was already a tiny spec on the horizon. He flipped a switch and disengaged the main engine, and turned on the landing burners on the wings. The fighter slowed down until it was hovering in the air. He slowly brought it down and landed it on the desert floor. He unlocked the cock pit and the heat plummeted him in the face. He snarled angrily and leaped up and jumped off the side of the fighter not waiting for the ladder to drop down.

He went to go for his blaster, but thought twice about it and grabbed his baton, and set it non-lethal. He wanted to give the rebel a few good whacks before he brought him aboard his fighter. As he approached the rebel, he was an old man that had be near the age of 50. He heared a muffled sound coming from the old man, and closer he got he soon realized it was laughter. This old man has really lost it he thought. He knew hes a goner, and hes laughing about it.

“Ah you silly cunt, You should of stayed in the air. Where it was safe. Now your a goner like me.” The rebel bursts out in a howl of laughter, and Bane rears back and strikes him across the legs. The rebel goes stiff has a couple hundered volts of electricity shoot through him, he howls through the pain and starts laughing as soon as Bane lifts the baton off him.

“Your dead I'm dead, if your buddy up there doesn’t climb higher hes dead” he roars out again in a laughter. Bane goes to strike him again, and before he can do so he falls to the ground covering his ears , A horrible screech fills his head and makes him unable to think. He rolls on his back to look up in the sky and sees in the distance that the sand storm was no storm at all. But thousands upon thousand of some type of flying beasts flying straight at them.

Randelik starts to holler over the com “Bane get out of there” They start just dive bombing into his ship  and one hits the engine, and a puff a black smoke comes out before the engine explodes and catches fire, Randelik fighter starts spinning out of control towards the ground.

Bane turns back around to look at the old rebel man, to find a blaster in his face, and behind it a small girl with blank look on her face. “You missed me” was the last thing he heard before she took the blaster and knocked him square in the forehead knocking him out cold.