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For SAILMAKING, you need to be in a Sailmaker’s Workshop, where there is a large enough working table and a vat for impregnating the cloth.

Sailmaking is a rather complex profession, and you can make several types of both sails and tents. The choice of whether to make a sail or a tent is yours, but what actually comes out of it as an end product will depend on your skill level. (I will say no more about this now, just that some of the end products are really useful, and will probably interest both yourself and other players).

There are step-by-step instructions of what to do in the Workshop, both on signs and on the working table.

The first step is to IMPREGNATE the cloth to turn it into wind- and waterproof SAILCLOTH. You use either linen or cotton cloth, and add a lump of RESIN to the water in the vat, before putting the cloth into it. (The resin can be tapped from the trunk of a fir tree).

Next you need to CUT the sailcloth into strips of the correct length and shape, using the patterns already drawn on the floor, for either a sail or a tent. You WIELD a SCISSOR, HOLD the roll of SAILCLOTH and CUT SAIL or CUT TENT.

After this it’s time to PUT the pieces of sailcloth into the working table, where it must stay during the entire procedure. Taking it out too early might ruin all the work you already put down on it.

The TOOLS you use as a Sailmaker vary with the stage of production. Generally you WIELD the primary tool and HOLD the secondary one.

To SEW the seams, you need to WIELD an IRON NEEDLE, threaded with HEMP TWINE, and WEAR a SAILMAKER'S PALM to help pressing the needle through all the layers of cloth. Sometimes, if the needle gets stuck, you may also need a pair of TWEEZERS to PULL the needle through.
When the seams are done, you WIELD a SEAM-RUBBER to RUB them down,

For ROPELINING, which is the final step, you first need to WIELD a MARLIN SPIKE to PRICK the holes through thick seams around the edges. Then you WIELD the threaded needle again, and HOLD a THINROPE, to ropeline the sail or tent.