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For ROPEMAKING you need to be in the Ropemaker’s Workshop in Crafter’s Alley. In this very long room, some rows of hooks are already mounted on the walls to help with the procedure. You can make three types of ropes, thinrope, thickrope and longrope, and also ropeladders.  The tools you use for this are the HOOKS on the wall and a MARLIN SPIKE.

The first step in ropemaking is to SPIN combed hemp fibers into twine, using a distaff and spindle (see the post about SPINNING).

This twine is then used as strands to make the first type of rope, called THINROPE. You PUT 3 rolls of twine into the hook and fasten them there, then WIELD the marlin spike and MAKE THINROPE.

The thinropes are then used as strands for making a THICKROPE. Again you PUT 3 thinropes in the hook,  then WIELD the marlin spike and MAKE THICKROPE.

From 2 thickropes you can then make a LONGROPE, by splicing them together. You PUT the ropes in the hooks, WIELD the marlin spike and MAKE LONGROPE.

From 2 thinropes and 10 RUNGS you can also make a ROPELADDER.  You can SAW the rungs yourself from a branch of wood, by wielding a saw and holding the branch. Then you PUT the ropes into the holder, WIELD the marlin spike, HOLD the rungs and MAKE ROPELADDER.

As a ropemaker you can also FLETCH baskets from un-threshed hemp stalks, and SEW bags from hemp cloth. The ordinary bags will not be worth much on the trade market, but one of the top textile products is a bodybag, that will protect your corpse from looters when you are killed. You will however need a top skill to produce this, and even so it will not always happen.

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