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To work as a Spinner or Weaver, you need to first have learnt the Textileworker skills from Cerinthe on the island Calydnos. You can also still use the helper women around Old Yorke and in Sutter's Fort for the spinning and weaving of flax/linen and cotton.

However, if you choose to do the job yourself, you'll get both exp and subskillpoints, and the skillpoints might be valuable, since the level of the Crafter's skill at all stages of production influences the quality and the price of the end products.

For SPINNING the tools are either a distaff and spinning hook or a spinning wheel. You’ll find both in the Spinner's Workshop upstairs from the Weaver in Crafter's Alley. (The advantage in using a distaff and hook versus the Spinning wheel is that you can move about while spinning).

You need to PUT 3 bunches of the same kind of textile fibers into the distaff or holder. Then you either WIELD the spinning hook and HOLD the distaff, or SIT down at the Spinning wheel to SPIN.

For WEAVING you need a loom and a shuttle. Both can easiest be found in the Weaver’s Workshop in Crafter’s Alley.

You PUT 2 rolls/balls/skeins/ hanks/reels of twine/yarn/thread into the shuttle. Then HOLD the shuttle, SIT down at the loom and WEAVE.