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Heya All
« on: September 05, 2022, 02:27:56 pm »
Actually, this is 4D related.  I am just wondering who still pops there heads in now and again.  I have slowly started to pop on again after a few years of being away and noticed there is never anyone on.  I am wondering if there is enough interest for me to start building again (after I remind myself how to do it).  Mobs, objects and rooms won't be hard (never were), but those scripts.. it's always been those D**N scripts.  Even now as I look over the typo file and try to fix some of the scripts I try to remember how things went.  Yet, I have been able to fix a couple of easy ones (yay?).  I may be on and off the next couple of days, but in about a week I will be gone for 2 weeks.  So, if you do pop in, and I happen to be on, feel free to poke me and say Hello.  :)