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Thou shalt covet...
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The Flower Sanctum
[ Exits: n ]
The thin, glass walls pulsate with life, a faint glow radiating within this small sanctuary.  Among the benches and tables rest potted flowers, the ceramic containers crumbling with age.  The pinks and violets of the petals are plagued with hideous black and gray splotches, the plants generating a light crimson hue. A clump of nightshade sits to the side, petals quivering threateningly. A bundle of black roses is lying here, thorns glistening crimson.

Tynian slowly walks into the sanctuary, looking over his shoulder into the darkness outside before walking further in; he straightens himself as if shaking off the eerie feeling of being in a graveyard. His dark robe almost makes his figure invisible in the dark doorway. He looks around the sanctuary before finding himself a place to sit down on one of the benches. She's is frighteningly attractive, the mistress. 'I agree.. you should make her yours..' he shakes his head at the voice in his head. It wouldn’t be possible.”

Sarias wraps her fingers around one of the aged ceramic vases. Her green eyes twinkled in a preying manner at the object as she took in the scent of the eroded flowers it contained. She was thinking of pocketing it, seeing as it was a lovely piece, and would look good on one of her shelves. Then again, wasn’t it sort of a taboo idea to be a grave robber? Cradling it in her arms, she stopped her envious stares when she noticed footsteps upon the path. “Who is there?” She called out loud without looking behind her.

Tynian's heart skipped a beat; he had not expected anyone to be in this place of solitude. The one place his mind would be free to wander. The voice sounded familiar somehow, where had he heard it before? He decided to not respond. He slowly rises up to get a better view of who the intruder would be. Could it be her? He started to move towards the voices direction as quietly as possible.

Sarias held the vase to her chest like a coveting mother and turned her head to glare at the shadows behind her. There was no way she was going to let another grave robber steal her vase. It was hers, darn it. She saw it first. Sarias curled her lip almost into a snarl and her jade eyes bored into the darkness, trying to catch a glimpse of who the unwanted guest was. “I said, who is there?! I demand an answer.” She spouted off in a more impatient and bold tone.

Tynian stopped at once as he heard the voice, it was her. It was most definitely her. His feelings all mixed up. What is she doing here? Did she know he use to come here? No, her questioning tone was revealing that much. Tynian took another step; it took him into the dim light pillar from the moon, illuminating his form. "It is I, mistress.." he almost whispered. She is such a beautiful creature.. "May I ask what you are doing here, mistress?" Tynian decided it would be a better decision to not give in to the darker side of himself, for now.

Sarias nearly choked on a gasp when his voice reached her ears. She removed her face from his direction and stared nervously down at the vase. She couldn’t just be telling him that she was down here stealing stuff; she didn’t know if that was accepted by most people. Fidgeting with the vase in her arms, she only turned a bit to give the wolf a side glance before replying in a rather off guard voice, “I’m.. I’m praying and grieving. What are you doing here?”

Tynian raised an eyebrow, "Grieving..? The vase.. a sign of respect I take it?" he still did not manage to not sound surprised at discovering her here, in 'his' sanctuary. She seems nervous, he thought; maybe it'll be an advantage. Tynian closed his eyes for a moment, 'Of course it is an advantage!' the voice in his head almost shouted at him. He looked up worriedly as if someone would even hear this darker part of him, urging him on. Tynian takes another few steps closer, out of the moonlight and once again becomes only a dark silhouette. "You're alone.. then..?" he asks quietly.

Sarias froze in her place and pressed the vase even tightly against her. He had seen it?! Shoot. She knew she should have hidden it before someone had seen her. Not wanting to lose her composure too badly, her green eyes flickered with a suspicious look; she didn’t like his questions one bit. Sarias straightened her back and replied haughtily, “One brings flowers to those they are grieving over.. and yes I am alone except for some wandering bugs that are trying to nip at my flowers.”

Tynian smiled softly, before taking a few steps closer to the elven woman. "I am sorry for your loss.." he whispers as he closes in on her further. "If you had told me you were coming here.. I would not have disturbed.." he smiled inwardly at the confirmation that she was indeed alone, he felt like he was on the hunt and happened upon a surprised doe. Yet he knew that within this seemingly fragile woman there was a strong will.

Sarias had to push away thoughts in her mind that he was going to steal her vase, and instead threw him a grin that brightened her whole complexion. “You’re not disturbing, sir. I was just going to return home before you happened upon me.” The woman did not turn her body toward him yet, but she could feel his presence coming closer. It was alarming dark, his presence, but she kept up a smile to perhaps sway him from her nervousness. “You still haven’t answered my previous question. Why are you here?”

Tynian was slightly surprised at the tone of the woman’s voice and the sudden grin. Fighting down the urge to pounce he slowed his steps. Tynian stopped just a few strides away from Sarias, "It is a place to Pray.." He goes silent for a moment and motions for an open slot among the old vases near where the woman was standing. "That looks like a beautiful spot for your vase.." Tynian's yellow eyes wandered up and down the woman's figure, gleaming slightly as they catch the moonlight. "I come here to pray sometimes." Tynian smiles slightly. It seems his prayers might just have been answered.

Sarias eyed him with an observant stare, but then nodded her head in agreement. Her arms were growing numb from her deep hug with the ancient vase, so she set the object down with grace and tossed her glance to the wolf that was emitting a rather daunting aura. Her signature grin struck against her mouth, showing off a set of pearly teeth that matched her glistening eyes. She wasn’t sure if she liked the man’s devouring stares, but there was nothing she couldn’t handle at this point. “Ah? Have you lost a loved one too, or do you pray just for sport?”

Tynian chuckles softly, "You could call it meditation.." he now looks straight into her beautiful eyes. She truly is remarkably beautiful, pity she's bonded to my blood brother. 'Who cares?!' the voice kept urging him on, to pounce, to act swiftly before the advantage was lost entirely. Tynian closes the distance to Sarias slowly but with confidence, reaching out to touch her shoulder, "You have my condolences." He pauses before continuing, "What are your plans for tonight, after this prayer session..?"

Sarias caught her breath behind her teeth when the wolf touched her shoulder. God, this creature could make her shiver. She couldn’t imagine what would happen if she allowed him to touch her even further in this setting, it would be electrifying. “I plan to, how do you say it,” Her body swiftly turned towards him and she reached up to stroke his cheek. “Correspond with certain individuals. Most of them are quite uninteresting, if I may confess.” She craned her neck in a quizzical manner and smirked. “What did you have planned, besides eating me?”

Tynian nodded slowly before whispering, "That sounds most.. boring.. If you don't mind me saying." He gently pushed his cheek against her hand almost involuntarily, for a moment closing his eyes as he enjoys the touch. Tynian smiled and once again opened his eyes; before he knew it he had reached out and was running a claw like nail down Sarias neck from below the earlobe towards her shoulder. Moments later he removes his hand from her. What’s happening, why can’t I control myself, I nearly grabbed her neck. Is she really that irresistible?

Sarias clicks her tongue against her teeth disapprovingly. Was he going to get touchy with her in the middle of a graveyard? All disapproval aside, she had to stop herself from having a heart attack by him scratching his nail against her. He could cut her at any moment with one swipe of his claw, and the thought of that was quite tantalizing. Her green eyes darkened as a sudden lust began to overpower them, she could feel her body moving closer to him as her stare deepened. “Oh? What would be more exciting than a correspondence? Or are you jealous that it’s not you?”

Tynian was struggling to keep his calm and to control himself, "I.." he bit his tongue and made a face before admitting it, "Yes." his answer was short and quiet. There was something about this woman that made him desire her on several levels, to possess her, the irony.. a mistress in the claws of her pet.

Sarias raised her eyebrows in humor at the wolf’s answer; she loved the emotions that were displaying across his features. He was certainly an interesting pet. The side of her mouth formed into a slight smile as her finger threaded themselves through the scruff of his neck. She playfully, but also forcefully, tugged on his fur and pulled the anxious wolf into a small peck on the lips. The elven woman pulled away from his presence and scooped up the vase from behind her before passing by him. Sarias gave him a mischievous wink as she clutched the vase against her chest. “Next time don’t be shy, darling. I won’t bite.” She threw back her head in a melodious giggle and spun around to run off with her prize.

Tynian was standing quietly somewhat surprised at the sudden peck as she started making her way, his ears turned her direction as she spoke. She won't bite, but maybe I will.. He straightened up and turned to look in the direction of the sound of her steps, trying to get a last look at her. 'She's gone now and you did NOTHING while she was here!' the voice in his head yelled. It would be a tiresome evening of listening to that annoying yet persuading voice. Why was his darker instincts even given a voice.. Tynian cont'd.   "Must've been the accident.."
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