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End of the World
« on: May 28, 2010, 03:55:08 pm »
Beginning of the End (Prologue)

Although the 4 dimensions have been stable for over 600 years, something is not right about the time traps.  Recently they have been moving, coalescing and even disappearing.  The air around the time traps reeks of ozone; people are reporting strange and ominous sounds coming from within.  Others have seen people entering a portal with a known destination and are never seen again.

Space explorers have reported unnatural fluctuations in the time-space fabric, throwing them off course by many light years.

Eminent scientists are researching the time traps, have come up with some unsettling theories.  That the great cataclysm that caused them is reversing and the rifts are falling in on themselves.  They cannot explain why this is happening, or if it is just a temporary reversal, but they are certain that if this process continues, unabated; all life is in grave peril.  The power that would be unleashed would annihilate the dimensions, nothing would survive.  Research is continuing, but the outcome is looking bleak.

In Olde Yorke, dragons have been seen in more numbers than has ever have been in recorded history, all flying in the same direction as if chased by an unseen foe.  What could possibly put fear in to so many dragons’ hearts?
The newspapers in Dodge are full of strange tales, mysterious disappearances, and strange lights appearing in the skies above.  Prospectors tell of gold singing, a strange, haunting, melancholy song.

In Old Carthage more archeologists are missing than the seasonal norm, the authorities are requesting help from time travels to assist in tracking down the cause.  Tides and floods are not predictable anymore, the Egyptians are worried, more and more rituals to Ra are being performed, trying to appease the gods.

Has the war that ended in the year 2079, come back to deliver one final blow?  Was the unnatural power unleashed, too much for the dimensions to contain?

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Re: End of the World
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2010, 07:23:25 am »
Chapter 1 - Preparing for the end

The eminent scientist, hired by the Travel Agency, has been investigating the phenomena since hearing the first reports.  He has published the following statement;

“I believe that the Time-space continuum is on the verge of collapse.  All readings point to a reversal in the continuum, all energy, time, space and matter are being drawn together.  My theory proves that the dimensions are imploding, the four striving to become one. This would put an incredible strain on the fabric of space-time, which I doubt it could withstand. What will happen at the point of implosion, I cannot predict. Will it be total annihilation? Will a new dimension be born? Or is this the cycle of nature, the 4 dimensions in their final throws of rebirth?

After exploring all avenues, I can see no way of preventing the implosion.  The world will end, that I can state with totally certainty.  Though I am a scientist, I will be praying to the gods for a miracle, that somehow we will all survive.”

Once the paper was made public, panic ensued.  No one has the answers, people have no one to turn to.  The gods themselves were saying nothing; perhaps even they feared what was coming.

Cults began to grow, some worshipping the time rifts, others condemning them.  Fighting broke out, civil unrest was high.  People’s faces taught with worry, asking questions that nobody could answer.  Some turned to religion, others crime and drugs, each trying to find their own way to meet the end. Others just disappeared without a trace.

Clans have invested heavily in magical protection for their clan hall, pouring all the accumulated gold from over the last 600 years.  Banks are collapsing as panic withdrawals continue, as the common people try to protect their own property, but all to no avail as the clans have pushed the price too high for anyone to be able to afford the services, even if they could.  The magicians have exhausted their reserves of Mana, and cannot produce any more protection spells.

All around the 4 dimensions, one emotion above all else can be felt;


But there could be hope.

There is a man, who instead of spending his wealth on protecting his own property and possessions, has invested his wealth in to creating a protected area, using his resources to create a bubble in space and time.  This space is not large, it cannot hold more than food, water and the few that will be lucky enough to be inside the bubble when it is sealed. He has now fully prepared the bubble, exhausting himself, magically creating food and water that he knows will not perish.  Hopefully enough for the unknown period of time it will take before it is safe to emerge from this sanctuary, indeed if ever.

Who will this man allow to enter? What fee will he ask those that want to shelter inside the bubble? Who will still have the strength and the means to meet his terms? How many will join him, in this bid for survival? And most of all will this magic bubble truly save those, who are inside?

(Additions from other players will be added from this point on, these will be reviewed by the imms and myself and if edited we will ask for your permission to post the edited version)
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