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Questjournal with cards 1-22
« on: January 07, 2017, 05:38:50 am »
Hi all,

Molly says if we get 50% of questcards done, we can post this on Mudconnect as this is something unique. Currently, Questcards 1-22 are done. So, instead of sitting at Recall, you can go 2 s to Bart, and say 'journal', or 'javert and chauvelin' to get a quest journal.

You can then (for the first 1-22 quests), check the following, and post here if there's any problems, etc.

1. Do all commands with questcard work?
   - questcheck card<num>
   - questcheck card<num> status
   - questcheck card<num> reset
   - questcheck card<num> {things particular to this card?}

2. Does the Quest Tree work?
   - can you complete the quest? (major)
   - does quest journal update correctly? - check this for every step you take.
   - are flags transferred over from previous quest (some old quests could be repeated multiple times for same reward, so there was never a flag)
   - does doing "wrong" things screw up the quest (this is probably more for builder of original quest rather than questjournal - we have reset. but good to debug)

3. Formatting (low priority)
   - Is the formatting okay? Typos?

4. Debug mode / Documentation (imm only)
   - Is it clear?
   - Is it easy to fix errors?