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A Twist in the Road - Part 1
« on: May 28, 2013, 08:36:18 pm »
                                                                                                                     A Twist in the Road   
                                                                                                                        Yvei Rinovdro


 A sword narrowly misses my head as it flies toward me, I barely had time to dodge as I tried to bring my own blade up to deflect the blow but instead jumped back and stumbled. What a mistake to make! I regain my footing and press back into the fray. The Human I was fighting was a high-priority mark for the Sicilians, his name unworthy of mention even in my own journal, but he was not without skill in the fighting arts. I almost feared I was no match for him as I barely deflected his strikes. My blood begins to boil with a bloodlust as I begin focusing my strikes and I began to gain a slight advantage which pushed him back to deflect the returning strikes. Knowing he was losing the advantage, he quickly kicked up dirt into my eyes, blinding me. I quickly back away and try to regain my sight from the dirt- to no avail. Everything is silent for a moment.
Why isn’t he attacking? Where is he?

 I am used to blind fighting, but it has been awhile since I have had to do such. I am skilled in many fighting tactics, I take advantage of the respite and focus my senses, my blood beginning to rush in a form of a battle-rage. My mental acuity soaring, my hearing at its peak, and just in time. I hear something to my left and quickly bring my blade up and barely deflected a blow that would have killed me, and the fight was on again.

Deflecting blow after blow of the Humans strikes became easy, the air whistling around his blade made it even easier to determine the direction it was coming from, which in turn told me where he stood. I was nowhere near finally finishing my task, but I wasn’t about to give up, I was never one to run and fight another day. A portion of my mind kept telling me to say something but in my fighting rage I kept ignoring it. Strike after strike, blow after blow, and neither of us gaining any ground on each other.

 Something in my mind began to shout at me, my rage ebbing to make way for whatever it was. I was losing ground now, his strikes seemed to quicken and I was hard pressed to keep up in my blinded state. I barely block another strike when he kicked my feet out from under me and sent me sprawling to the ground. I bring my sword up to deflect another possible blow, and I was not disappointed.
A final strike took the blade from my hand and sent it flying. Something in my mind continued to scream at me, clearer now then it was before. I was compelled to say something, the words making absolutely no sense but I found myself saying them anyway.

 My hand tingled, a strange energy had quickly built up in the palm of my hand. I had no idea what was happening, I raised my hand, palm out in the general direction the Human, at least, I hope he was there. The pent-up energy released itself, a loud crackling sound filled the room, followed by, and mixed in, with a scream of terror and pain. It all happened in barely a moment, the loss of energy had completely exhausted me. I passed out.

It was hard to say how much time had passed before I finally woke up, dirt still caked my eyes. I removed what I can just enough for me to see where my waterskin was so I could wash my eyes. I could see again, and the destruction that ensued hours before. The corpse was no longer discernible as Human, it was just a husk now, twisted and blackened. I know not what I had done, but it scared me. Only one person I know could possibly shed some light on the situation, I hope. I set the thought aside and went back to the task at hand. I was to bring back a dagger the Human carried with him, one that had a specific insignia on its hilt. It was not a dagger used in fighting I was told, but it served other purposes. I searched the corpse but the dagger was not to be found, it must have dropped somewhere during our fight. I searched the area and found it alongside a wall. Not a very impressive weapon, but I won’t question why the Don wanted it.

 I returned to the Hall a few days later and report to Don Jason. I enter the outer office and see there are a few ahead of me, his assistant looks at me as I enter. A rather attractive female elf I had not seen before in the Hall, but then again it doesn’t surprise me because I spend most of my time training.

She looked at me with a hint of stubborn pride as I look down at her as I approach. There was no fear in her eyes, but…. Something else… disappointment? I could not tell for sure, but I put the thought aside.

“Inform Don Jason that Yvei is here to see him” I told her.

She looked at me intently, and a sneer came across her features. “There are more ahead of you, you will have to wait.” She said sternly.

“I care not, Don Jason expected me to report upon my return, now tell him.”

“I’ll put you on the list.” She said, and pulled out a roster.

Annoyed, I pull out a dagger and slam it blade down onto the paper, pinning it to the table.

“No! Not later. NOW!” I shouted, it had been a frivolous week and was not in the mood for stupidity from others.

The door to Don Jason’s office opened and he stormed out, pissed off.
“What in the nine hells is going on out here!?” He looked at me, his assistant, and the dagger embedded in the desk. “Yvei! What the hell!? That’s ancient Oak wood damnit! Cost me a good fortune to find that!”

“Should have put it in your office then, rather than afford its use elsewhere.” I shot back.

Jason looked at me again then started to laugh. The elf removed the dagger from the desk and threw the paper in the garbage.
“He demanded to see you but I told him he had to wait. But, he wouldn’t listen.” She said.

“Of course he demanded to see me, I told him to see me when he returned!” Still laughing, he bade me entrance to his office. I looked back at the elf again, she sneered and threw my dagger at me. I caught it, blade
first and threw it back, embedding it yet again in the desk where I first slammed it down and grinned. I liked her.

Jason closed the door and walked to his desk and sat down. I took a seat, for once he actually had comfortable chairs in here that didn’t  threaten to kill your backside. I reach into my pack and pull out the dagger I
had obtained and placed it on his desk.

“I assume this is the dagger you were seeking.”I stated. Curiosity compelled me to ask about the dagger, but I held my tongue.

“Yes. Good work, as usual. I have no further jobs for you at this time so feel free to take some time off until I call you.

This was new. Don Jason actually telling me to relax!? Well, can’t complain but it’s not like him, usually he has a job for me right when I get back.

“My apologies for asking, but I am curious. What significance does the dagger hold? It’s no good in battle, why was it such a big deal to retrieve it?

He grinned at me, and held up the dagger.

“Bastard wagered it in a game of dice a few weeks ago and lost but refused to pay up. Says I cheated.”

“Well, you did didn’t you?” I said, grinning.

“Of course I did, but he had no proof so naturally he had to die.” He chortled.

“Of course.” I left it at that and moved the conversation elsewhere.

“So, who is the elf out there?” I asked, curiously.

“Ah, taken a liking to her I see.” He stated, grinning deviously.

“Not exactly, not very many elves have been seen with my own eyes in the Hall before, so I thought I would ask.” I said, knowing that it was only half true.

“Well then, Her name is a secret, for now. Found her on the streets a few years ago, little bitch tried picking my pocket once. Almost exactly as you did those many years ago to Tocharaeh. She at least put up more of a fight so I offered her a place of worth as my assistant here. She’s got some fire in her, very proud and stubborn. Tocharaeh would surely have killed her. I don’t have to tell you that of course” he said, grinning.
And it was true, some 130years ago I came across Tocharaeh and Jason during my sneak-thieving days and near had my arm ripped off for trying to pick Tocharaeh of some gems he had about himself. Didn’t know who he was at the time so can’t really be blamed for my stupidity, only my foolishness.

“You’ve taken a liking to her, true or false?” He asked, still grinning.

“Hard to say, not many have the gall to throw my own dagger at me.” I said.

“You think she could do well with some training?” He asked. Rarely has he ever asked my counsel on such matters.

“You would have to ask her, and what her interests would be if you so deemed her worthy of a membership in your Family. Tocharaeh would be the better to ask in this matter, he is more… suited to answer this question than myself truly.” I stated matter-of-factly.

“Ah, I suppose he is. I will ask him later on when I see him. Meanwhile, go relax. You’ve earned some time off. Take a month if you so like.

“I am honored, Don Jason. I shall. Do you have anything more for me?” I asked.

“Yes, actually, you owe me a new desk.” He said, grinning.

I chuckled and left the office. The elf looked up at me with another sneer on her face as I passed by, glaring at her. I took in what I could see about her and noticed a specific tattoo on the back of her left hand. It seemed…… familiar.

-Yvei Rinovdro
The only Elf to be kidnapped by Time and not ransomed!

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Re: A Twist in the Road - Part 1
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2013, 08:44:08 pm »
2 Days Later

 I was in a bar having a drink at a table furthest from the entrance with my back against the wall and my thoughts deep. A glass of whiskey sitting in front of me that I have been sipping on for near an hour now. The door to the bar opens and without thinking I looked up to see Tocharaeh walk through. There aren’t many alive who doesn’t know about the notorious Dark Elf, mostly because he has killed at least 95% of them. I know well most the bars Tocharaeh goes to, but I had no idea this was one of them so I was surprised to see him. He spots me in the corner and menacingly makes his way over.

I immediately vacate my chair. I would rather have my back against the door then his sword in my gut. He sits down. The barmaid makes a fearful haste to take his order. After quickly writing it down, she practically ran from the table, I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“What are you laughing at?” he demanded of me.

Still chuckling, I said, “I just can’t help it, no matter where you go, there’s always someone running from you.”

An evil smile comes across his face and lets out a slight chuckle of his own. The Barmaid returns with his drink, she reaches to place it on the table, the glass shaking almost violently as she places it in front of Tocharaeh then runs back to the bar. I chuckle again as I grab my own glass and sip at the aged whiskey. Tocharaeh looks at me after setting down his glass.

“the assignment I gave you that tough? Rarely do I see you lost within the confines of your own mind.” he asked, grinning wickedly.

“Hells be damned no, he’s been without life for several days now. I was thinking of other things.” I sip at the whiskey.

“Tell me, I enjoy a good story.” He said
One filled with bloodshed, I’m sure. I thought.

“Truly, it is not really worth mentioning.” I muttered, signaling the bar for a refill of my whiskey. The barmaid looked white as a sheet, as though she were nothing more than the Homonculi Tocharaeh keeps, and walked into the backroom. The bartender simply shook his head, grabbed a bottle and came to refill my glass, apologizing all the while for the behavior of his barmaid and walked away.

“Brave fellow, he didn’t give it a second thought about coming over here” I said before taking a sip of my newly filled glass.

“He’s a good man, as far as Humans go. He still lives, which says a lot.” Tocharaeh chortled

“Now, tell me what filled your head with deep thought.”

I was confused now, rarely has he shown interest of such things. I was wary of telling him what had transpired during my fight with my most recent assignment, of the conversation I had with Jason, and the other Elf.

“I had an interesting….. fight with the mark.” I said.

“ooOOoo, I like it already. Tell me more.” He said, a hint of eagerness in his voice.

“I know what you’re hoping for, but I am sorry to say it was not exactly filled with the bloodshed you so relish, Tocharaeh.” I told him. The eagerness gone and the boredom replaced itself on his dark features.

“Well, damn. You ruined my drink now.” He said, annoyed.

“He was a worthy adversary with the blade and nearly killed me, but something happened… Very difficult to explain because I know not exactly what happened. I was blinded, he took my sword from my hand. I brought my arm up and suddenly I was compelled to say something aloud and was immediately sapped of my remaining energy. I passed out from the exhaustion soon after. When I awoke, there was naught but a husk of what was once the Human I was tasked to kill.” I told him, even more confused than before.

“Compelled? You mean you just thought of saying something and it turned into magic? Strange. …” He mused.

“What does this mean? I am more attuned with the blade then anything, what was this that happened?” I asked.

“Your dormant ability has come to the fore, and in a state of desperation you conjured something, using the last bit of energy you had left, possibly even added a bit of your own life-force to complete it.” He stated.

“Why?” I asked.

“You were living with a Human when you first arrived here weren’t you? Did he not try and teach you the ways of magic?”

“He tried, but to no avail. He was a cleric. I have no affinity for clerical castings.”

“Ahh, now we get to it.” He stated eagerly.

"How do you mean? Speak already!” I demanded

“You have an affinity for magic. It seems to have been lying dormant for quite some time. Interesting.” He mused again.

“You mean to say, that I can learn magic? Mage’s are useless in close-quarter combat!” I stated, more annoyed now then confused.

“Bah! Not exactly how I mean. I know the ancient rites of your People, a very rare few have the ability to command magic in close-quarters. Believe it or not, you have the ability to possibly become a Sword-Mage. That term is used more loosely then it deserves. I prefer the term to be used as it would in its proper form. A swordsman, with magic to command at his fingertips. Very rare, I’m surprised your People haven’t told you stories about them.” He said, taking a sip of his drink.

“My People were secluded, remember. Not to mention I was very young so chances are high I may have been too young to understand.” I took a sip of my drink, and summoned the barmaid again for refills.

The barmaid sees me signaling, but tried to ignore me. I excuse myself and walk to the bar and address her.

“Be not afraid, fear is what gives him purpose. Show no fear and he will ignore you as he would a fly.” I whispered, and dropped a gold coin on the table. The maid looks at me, fear still evident. I nod at her and return to the table. The maid comes over and refills our glasses.

“You simply love spoiling my fun don’t you?” Tocharaeh asked, disappointment evident. “I was enjoying the fun with her”.

“Your ‘fun’ was getting in the way of my whiskey.” I stated, grinning.

“Cheers.” he raised his glass and I mine and tapped them together.

We continued speaking of my newfound affinity for magic. He told me I had to train first visually to ensure it is there and not some sort of fluke from the battlerage I had ensued during the fight. If things go well, I may be able to start training in the magical arts before long. There was a Wizard I would be introduced to that could get me started. I can’t say I’m looking forward to it, rather tired of training already having done so in the Drow Form of the Blade, and the Art of an Assassin. Not to mention how long it took me to master both. Magic training could take longer than the other 2 combined. Damnit.

“I can understand what is going through your mind, not exactly easy to come to terms with the Art as it is-or was…- commonly known as back Home. Blessed by Lolth I was to have it myself.” A hint of gratitude played across his face as he spoke the name of his Goddess.

“I care not what the Spider-bitch gave yo-“ I started to say, but was cut off with a dagger stabbed into my hand, clear down to the hilt and out the underside of the table.

“Careful what you say, boy.” He said in a low, hate filled voice. I nodded an apology and pulled the dagger out. It hurt, but I was careful not to show it. Wiping my own blood off the dagger I handed it back to
Tocharaeh and he replaced it within his cloak.
Dead silence filled our table, the wound had stopped bleeding already, Tocharaeh scanning the bar looking at everyone and everything within sight. After a period of time, I broke the silence.
“Tocharaeh…. Do you miss Home?”

Tocharaeh stopped drinking from his glass and stared at me over it, unmoving. No expression, nothing. He slowly placed the glass on the table and readjusted his position in the chair.

“What brings you to ask such a question?” He asked.

“I have just been thinking about it a lot lately. Long have I been away from home and I have been trying to find a way back again but it seems impossible. I guess it’s a case of homesickness.” I said simply.

“You have been over here for… what 120-130 years now?” He asked.

“Aye, about that.” I replied.

“Well, it doesn’t even compare to how long I’ve been here. I have been looking for a way back to Aber-Toril for a very long time but I haven’t had such luck in finding it. Same as you. Eventually when we least expect it another Time-trap will appear out of nowhere and return us.” He stated.

“But, you didn’t fall victim to a time-trap, you told me you charged in hoping to conquer a new Underdark for the Spider-bit- (cough) Spider-Queen.” A bead of sweat rolled down the side of my head.

Tocharaeh narrowed his eyes at me.

“Well, it’s true, I ended up on the other side of Aber-Toril when the Traps first began showing up. I am much, much older than you realize. Remember that. Anyway, a new land showed, the sky was darker than ever, but I didn’t enjoy it for very long as a Trap came out of nowhere and found myself here.” He said, his fingers twitching over the dagger in his hand. When did he grab it?

“But, I have given up the search for Aber-Toril long ago. I will say this though..”

He grabs his glass and holds it in midair for a moment, a sullen look quickly passes over his features and is gone.

“If ever a way was found, I would return in less than a heartbeat.” He gulps the remaining contents and signals for a refill.
“We are not meant for this world. We are alien to it. But, we have managed to adapt and make a place for ourselves. Lolth-blessed be her name- does not hear me from here. I cannot commune with my Mistress, so far from her home of origin. I doubt you have tried, but even you probably cannot commune with Larethian for the same reason. This is a world where we should not even exist. Tales of our gods and goddesses and their falls and triumphs do not-and should not- exist here. The imbalance of nature will surely tear this world apart. Traps and Dimensional Doors that brought us here shouldn’t even exist and for all I know it could very well be caused by those Harpel morons!”  Tocharaeh ranted.

“Harpel?” I asked, quizzically.

“Ah, damn. I forgot again. Harpels are a very old family of Wizards and Alchemists on Aber-Toril. Always causing some sort of trouble. From newly created spells or potions. A rather crazy lot, very few in the Underdark knew of them unless you have actually travelled the Surface. But, they were before your time I’ll bore you with that story some other time. Suffice it to say, I will assume it was their fault. For all anyone knows, it probably was.” Tocharaeh let out a mild chuckle and drank from his glass.
I sat back in my chair, musing over what I just heard.

“How do you feel about the possibility of returning home, Yvei?” He asked suddenly.

“ I…” I faltered, How do I feel? Long has it been since I was taken, I do miss it and do wish to return home, but how do I feel about it? The true question is, how would my Clan react after learning how I lived my life over the past century, if they still lived, anyway.

“You’re fearful, aren’t you?” He asked.

I nodded slightly.

“Very, truth be told. I have done much evil over the past century, and by our own standards I haven’t even reached adulthood!” I shouted, slamming my fist on the table and knocking over the bottle of whiskey. The bar had gone silent, many of the patrons stopped to stare at our table. I looked around, glaring at them.

“What in the Nine Hells are you staring at!? Mind your own business or I’ll slit your throats one by one, and I won’t make it a pleasant passing!” I shouted at them.

Tocharaeh smiled broadly as some patrons went back to their own tables and many others left the bar in haste.

“Sorry.” I said.

“I’m not, just made my day hearing that from you.” He said, chuckling.

“Anyway. Chances are your own Family would ostracize you for what you have done. But, what they will never understand is that you HAD to do it to SURVIVE. My own family-if ever I had one- would relish in the stories and cheer my name at a feast. If my Mistress could only see me for what I have done in Her name, she would no doubt welcome me with eight open arms, Larethian in your case, being a spineless twit, would understand your hardships and forgive your transgressions. We aren’t so far apart, you and I. To put it simply, we are the opposites of the same coin.”

“If ever you had one? Your married to Sarias!” I said, grinning.

Tocharaeh froze in place, his glass held mid-air. If his skin was of lighter color, one could surely tell he was pale as a ghost.

“I (cough) Hrmm. I mean’t before hand.” He said, clearly an attempt to backpedal.

“Sure you did. So if-“ I started.

“BACK to the topic at hand.” He said, interrupting me, knowing what was coming.

“Stop worrying.  Hindsight will cause you trouble in the future. Yes, your family probably wouldn’t welcome you back if open arms. Big deal. You did what you had to do and shouldn’t regret that you did it because you had to survive. Now, let go of these thoughts.

"Toch, are you feeling ok? Sick? Nauseated? Maybe, even a little feverish?” I asked, hiding the grin that was tugging at my mouth.

“Never felt better since you threatened the entire bar. Why?” He answered, narrowing his eyes.

“Because one could easily be fooled into believing you have a heart!” I fire off, hiding the broad grin behind my whiskey glass.

“And one would be easily fooled in believing you DIDN’T have a Death Wish.” He shot back.

We grinned at each other and tapped our glasses together and gulped the remainder of their contents. As we set our glasses down , refilled them and continued our conversation in a much different direction the door to the bar swung open hard enough to slam into the pillar behind it. The Elf from Jasons office walked in and glanced around. Her gaze fixed on our table and came over and stood in silence. Tocharaeh eyed her from head to toe, and picked up our conversation where it had trailed off.  For twenty minutes we spoke and the Elf just stood there, eyes straight forward and unmoving. I finally held my hand up in a quick gesture to pause Tocharaeh.

“Do you really have to stand like that? Sit down already.” I said, annoyed.

“I came to deliver a message to Don Tocharaeh. Don Jason dispatched me before I was to go home for the evening.” She responded.

Tocharaeh narrowed his eyes and inspected her again, but toe to head this time.

“What’s the urgency?” He asked.

“None. Just asked that I find you before I go home.”  She responded.

“Save your tongue, I have need to return to the Hall for a moment anyway so I will just see him about it. Keep my underling here company until I get back.” Tocharaeh said, getting up after finishing the contents of his glass.

"Tocharaeh, you never mentioned that Wizards name that I should speak with.” I said as he walked from the table.

“No rush, Yvei. Patience is something you’re going to have to learn, so here’s your first lesson.” He said and left the bar.

I muttered a few curses in elvish and turned back to the table. A few loud THUNKs sounded behind me and turned to find three small daggers embedded into the back of my chair, the third having a small note wrapped around it. I opened and began to read:

“What have I told you about turning your back to the door!?

Years of training your lazy elven arse would have been wasted!

THINK! And don’t forget to learn patience while you’re at it.

 -Don                                                                                 “

Growling, I tore up the note and quickly switched seats, because I was almost positive he was still hiding outside the bar waiting to toy with me some more as a cat would a mouse.
The elf still stood by the table, an obvious attempt to not laugh clearly evident.

“For the love of the Elf Gods, sit down!” I grumbled.

She pulled out the chair I had just vacated and sat down. Her eyes, a deep sapphire blue flecked with silver and a forest green seemed fixated on something only she could see. The silence went on for a few more minutes before I finally broke it.

“Do you wish for a drink?” I asked, knowing it was more of a cliché question in most cases.

“Not from this place, I don’t trust that whch was not made by myself.” She responded, still fixated on the table.

I called the barmaid and ordered another bottle of whiskey and whatever the elf wanted. The elf declined anything. The barmaid goes to the bar to retrieve another bottle and returns. I hand her a gold coin and return to attempting to engage this mysterious elf into conversation.

“How did Don Jason come to find you? Not many are taken in by the Dons so quickly, save for few exceptions.” I stated, filling my glass and taking a drink.

She looked up and stared at me for a brief moment then fixed her gaze back onto the table.

“I was attempting to steal from him one night, a few years ago. It was a task set upon me to prove myself.” She said.

She leans to the side of the table to grab a bag I didn’t know was there. She opens it and pulls out a crystal decanter filled with a clear, blue-tinted liquid I don’t recall seeing before.

“The Guild?” I asked.

“Aye.” She said.

“Prove yourself for what?” I was curious now, the Thieves Guild knows of everyone and wouldn’t make a target of just anyone, especially one of the most notorious Clans in Little Italy- Sicilians.

“One of them wasn’t particularly happy about a kick I landed in a certain bodily region as a way of stopping his advances. So, he began to preach to others how I wasn’t worthy of being in the guild and challenged me to prove my skill.” She said, the tone of her voice getting lower, almost to a whisper.

“By which was to avoid execution.” I stated flatly.

She looked up at me.

“Yes, so it would seem. But, rather than hope I would be killed, I was instead taken in by Don Jason for a work that is less… stressful.” She responded, filling the glass she pulled from the bag.

"What is that?” I asked, curious.

“Elverquisst, the only real memory I was able to take of my Homeworld.” She said, refilling her glass.

“Homeworld? What Homeworld?” I asked, an alarm going off in my head for some reason telling me I won’t like the answer.

“Aber-Toril.” She said, staring directly at me.

Aber-Toril!? I was dumbfounded.

“How…. How did you come to be here?” I asked, trepidation conquered my voice, making it almost difficult to ask anything.

“That, Yvei Rinovdro, is something to be told at another time.” She said, taking a drink.

“Another time?” I asked, agitated.

“Yes, another time. Meaning ‘not right now’. Excuse me.” She said. Replacing her decanter and glass back into her bag. She gets up from the table. I move to follow her when yet another dagger embeds itself into the chair above my shoulder, preventing me from getting up. I look towards the doorway to see Tocharaeh waiting by the pillar.

“Get your lazy arse up. We have a job to do!” He called out, drawing a few stares from the patrons.

Sighing with annoyance, I remove the dagger and get up, just in time to see the elf walking towards the doorway. I throw the dagger and with a loud THWUNK it lands in the wooden frame.

“We will continue this conversation!” I called to her.

“Maybe” She replied, grabbing the dagger and yet again throws it at me.

I catch the dagger mid-blade but she was gone before I could throw it back.
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Re: A Twist in the Road - Part 1
« Reply #2 on: May 29, 2013, 05:11:58 am »
Tocharaeh and I had settled on a rooftop so Tocharaeh could explain the task at hand. He was to observe me while I performed the task. The task itself seemed relatively easy, just follow and observe a Human until he reaches a specific destination. Tocharaeh withheld the destination for the moment and would inform me when we were close by.

“Wouldn’t it be easier to tell me the destination?” I asked, somewhat annoyed.

“Now where would the fun in that be? Consider this a test to discern if your training should continue or if it is complete.” He replied.

“Please tell me there isn’t more to this than your letting on.” I said, spotting the target in the street.

“Now where would-“ He started.

“ -The fun in that be.“ I finished for him, “I get it, I get it.”

Tocharaeh chortles as we start following the target from the rooftops of Olde York. He didn’t seem all that impressive, barely topping 5’9, and he sure doesn’t seem like he goes hungry everyday like most of the peasants here. He could even weigh more than Jason, Tocharaeh, and myself combined. And that’s saying a lot!

After 20minutes of following, he stopped outside a map shop. He begins perusing the merchandise and Tocharaeh decided to give me a bit more information on him, still watching.

“There seems to be a new group in town, more of a Mob actually, that is attempting to move in on Sicilian Territory, or a part of it I guess I should say.” He explained.

“Exactly which of our Territory have they targeted? We have quite a bit of it.” I asked, still watching.

“Right here in Olde York. The Map Shop is a front for them.They have just recently been noticed. Their movements however have been taking great steps to shove us aside.” He said.

“So, exactly what are we to do other than follow him?” I asked, The mark continued down the street and we started following again.

“He apparently is one of the big shots, but without any guards one would assume he is a mere underling. We are to follow and find where they have their main base of operations. What we do from there, I leave to you as I’m only observing.” He said.

“Kill them all or just nail him to the building with our calling card and a warning?” I asked.

“It’s up to you this time.” He said before jumping over the alley to the next building over.

Sighing, I move to follow him. Tocharaeh began to run as the target turned a corner down the street. I ran to follow him, jumping from rooftop to rooftop a few feet behind. We caught sight of the target and watch as he entered another store. Through the window we watch him make e a small purchase. Not to mention the “other” purchase that was exchanged when they shook hands. Tocharaeh narrowed his eyes.

We watched as he left and started walking again down out of the Marketplace. After a few twists and turns, we found ourselves in one of the nicer neighborhoods of Olde York. All the rich merchants and whatnot live in this area. After about a block he stops to open a gate to a Mansion that sticks out more than the rest because of its sheer size. After he had entered the mansion, we started to scout the landscape. Very few guards were out in the open, but it never meant that’s all there was to the places security force. After several minutes I finally spotted the well-concealed lookout post in one of the larger trees. Covered in leaves, two crossbowman sat huddled scanning their assigned area, the other large tree that was more towards he back of the place had the same, covering the back. Ten armed guards in the open and four concealed crossbowman in the trees. Fourteen total.

I rub my eyes in annoyance. This is what they call SECURITY!?

I turn to Tocharaeh to say something but forgot what it was as soon as I saw that he was still concentrating on the building and landscape. He narrowed his eyes and pointed to the rooftop. I look and saw nothing, the roof had grey shingle-tiles overlapping each other. I concentrated on them for awhile until I
finally noticed what he was directing my attention to.

An optical illusion!

Six different lookouts were posted on the rooftop of the Mansion; three in front and in back. Blending in with the roof. Circling around the grounds, we
couldn’t tell how many guards were stationed inside each post. Dissecting its dimensions, I figured at least two or three could fit in each post and crouched or sitting until needed and expected them to be armed with long bows or crossbows.

“What do you think?” I asked Tocharaeh, scanning the area for any more possible surprises.

“I’m thinking that it took you long enough to notice.” He replied, also still scanning.

“Not what I meant” I grumbled.

“two, possibly three in each roof post. Combining that with the ones we already found, that’s twenty-six to thirty-two guards. You have that crossbow I gave you?” He asked.

“Yes.” I responded, finishing a final scan of the area and finding no more surprises.

“Good. You call the decisions from here on out. Show your Teacher what you have learned over the last 75years of your semi-miserable life.” He said, pure malice dripping from each word in expectance of the fight that is sure to follow before the night is out.

“We will wait.” I stated.

“What!?” He whispered harshly, so as not to draw attention from the guards.

“We wait until we have learned their patrol patterns before we strike. You taught me, remember?” I said, grinning at the hidden insult before being knocked on the head with the flat of his sword.

“Don’t tell me what I taught you, I KNOW what I taught you!” He whispered harshly again, obviously annoyed.

-Yvei Rinovdro
The only Elf to be kidnapped by Time and not ransomed!

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Re: A Twist in the Road - Part 1
« Reply #3 on: May 29, 2013, 05:15:36 am »
“Fine, then.”

Dusk had started to fall and our natural night-vision given our race has begun to take effect. A few hours had gone by, it was nearing midnight. Tocharaehs favorite time. Several hours have gone by, the hidden crossbowmen have discreetly changed guards at their station in the trees and several of the guards patrolling the ground have also been switched out. Patterns of their patrol have been remembered. It was time to strike.
Years ago, Tocharaeh had taught me the sign-language of Drow for when he and I were working on a specific task together-which was a rare event in itself- but I did not argue.

I signaled to Tocharaeh it was time, and pull the tiny crossbow from my belt and Tocharaeh from his. Coating the bolts with a poison Tocharaeh had concocted that killed in a matter of seconds. I pointed to the two nearest Guards and we took our aim. Two soft clicks went off, and a mere second later two bodies lie on the ground. We reloaded our crossbows and went to grab the bodies and pull them into the bushes. We quickly circle around to the largest tree where the crossbowmen lurked. Tocharaeh pulled out a second crossbow and fired them both, taking out the two crossbowmen. I signaled to him to leave them where they lay. He agreed. He reloads his crossbows, and three guards come around the corner of the building. We took our aim and fired. Another three bodies lie on the ground. The crossbowmen in the second lookout saw this and raised the alarm.
The remaining seven guards patrolling the grounds came rushing over, blades drawn and ready. Tocharaeh draws a few throwing daggers; I drew both my broadswords. A crossbow bolt came flying towards us. I swung my arm out and grabbed it midair as it was passing between Tocharaeh and I. Turning a full 360degrees, I throw it in full force at one of the guards, striking him in the throat. The guard grabs his neck and falls to his knees, gurgling on his own blood. Tocharaeh throws his daggers, adding another 3 bodies to the pile and draws both his swords and we rush in at the remaining guards. Bolts came flying at us as we fought. Tocharaeh does his Dance of Death, parrying the strikes from two guards and delivering some nasty strikes of his own. He was toying with them!

I fought the other guard while deflecting close-ranged bolt shot. The guard rushes in with a thrust, parrying the strike I hear another bolt incoming, aimed directly at my head. I bring my sword up and deflect it, only to see it comically ricochet from my sword into the guards eye socket. He stumbles backwards, clutching his face. I move in and thrust my sword into his heart, stilling it forever. I rushed towards the tree to deal with the shooters.
Tocharaeh circled around his opponents; both limping from a slash to their hamstrings. Muttering in the Drow language, he jumps at one of them and shoves his sword directly into his mouth and down his throat and brings his other sword up to defend from a strike from the other guard.
He grins wickedly, fires dancing in his eyes as he is completely lost on the bloodlust of the fight.
The guard sees what a foolish mistake it was and attempted to back away to put distance between himself and the deranged Dark Elf.
“You’re not going anywhere, my friend. I have better plans for you.” Tocharaeh said in the Drow language. Pure malice dripped from each word as he spoke them.

Tocharaeh recites an incantation, the guard becomes paralyzed; both from fear and the spell that was just cast. Tocharaeh let out a sharp whistle, a dark horse materialized out of nothing. Flames were crackling out of its legs, just above the hooves; a Nightmare.
I climbed down the tree after finishing with the crossbowmen in time to see Tocharaeh load the guard onto the horse and say something in the Drow language that I couldn’t understand. The horse stomps its hoof and rides off, gaining height above the ground as it continued to gallop. Crossbow bolts began to strike into the ground from above as we stood there. We didn’t bother dealing with the roof guards. We broke down the front door and strode in to the main hall.

One would have assumed there was company there to greet us, but that wasn’t so. The inside was quiet. A clock ticked away in the corner but nothing else. I stood there and concentrated my hearing until it was at its peak; nothing out of the ordinary, save for the sliding of wood from above us. A secret passage, maybe?

I opened my eyes to see Tocharaeh had disappeared. I looked around but he was nowhere in sight. I mutter a few curses in elvish and sweep the ground floor for any guards. Nothing. I begin to make my way up the staircase.

Carefully walking up the stairs, I kept a watchful eye towards the top for any possible ambush, but saw there was none, so far anyway. At the top of the stairs was a long hallway, bedroom doors lined each side of it. I quietly walked down and tuned my hearing again and heard nothing, but I knew I wouldn’t. I took another step and heard a soft thud that slightly echoed beneath my. I step back, and look down to see I was standing on an ornamental rug, that looks to have been moved recently given its uneven state. I use the tip of my sword and move the rug aside and find the floor looked like the rest of its surrounding, to the untrained eye of course. Noticing the tiny crevice that formed an appropriate 5x4 lid; either a hidden stair or a simple hide-a-way for emergencies. I dig the tip of my sword into the crevice, while the other was poised to strike; I lift the lif and find a stair leading downwards. I mutter at how ridiculous it was to have a hidden passage in the MIDDLE of the house.

I slowly descend the dark stairway, my night vision fully in effect. The stair led into a stone passage that continued on a ways. I slowly made my way down the passage. After awhile, it didn’t sem to go anywhere until I saw a faint light glowing in the distance. I continued forward and the light seemed to be getting bigger. I rubbed my eyes to make sure I waasn’t seeing anything from the prolonged darkness and looked again. No, the light was getting bigger, and it seemed to flow and dance at the same time. Before I knew what was happening, it rushed at me with great speed and struck my armor dead center. It was a bolt of lightning. The bastards had a Wizard in their employ!

Groaning from the pain, I stand up just in time to see another one rushing towards me. I barely had just enough time to dodge it. I grab the crossbow and load a bolt. In the darkness I had no idea which type of bolt I was loading but I didn’t have time to think about it. I took a shot from the hip and simply heard the wizard laughing at the other end of the passage.
“Is that the best you can do? Come on!” He shouted. I must have loaded a normal bolt.
I dodge another lightning bolt, it crashed in the ground behind me. I grabbed another bolt and reloaded and took another shot. Once again, he laughs at the attempt. Another normal bolt.

“You’re taking the fun out of this; How did you EVER manage the guards outside!?” He cried, still laughing and threw a bolt of fire at me. I dodged it, but just barely. It burned the strap of my armor clean through and singed my shoulder. Movement slightly impeded because of the broken strap. Another firebolt flies toward me and I dodge; it crashes into the wall where I was, lighting up the section of passage. Frustrated, I look down just in time to see the bolt I was after; grabbed it and loaded it, and I waited. The wizard had conjured a mixture of fire and lightning bolts and threw them at me simultaneously. I lay flat on the ground as both bolts fly over my head and crash into either side of the passage. I drew down with the crossbow but little did I know the wizard had sent a third spellbolt at me- this one of pure acid.

The acid struck the area in front of where I was, splashing everywhere. Including the crossbow I held in my fingers; Completely disfiguring it. I throw the crossbow and try to think of how I’m going to get out of this predicament; and where was Tocharaeh!? His help could surely be used right now!

Damn that Drow to the Ninth Hell! I thought

The wizard was cackling now, but at least he had stopped his casting for a moment. I grab my sword, fully intending to throw it as soon as I had a bead on where he was standing. He began to cast again, but nothing came towards me when he stopped. Then, he started casting again. An orange ball of flame started to grow. My eyes widened at the insanity of the wizard. A fireball, cast HERE!? I had little time before it was to late to think of how I would escape this mess. I thought about running, something told me no, and once again I was compelled to say something aloud. This time though; I didn’t ignore it. I began muttering the syllables that danced in my head.

My hand began to tingle again, and the sword I had a grip on began to vibrate. The casting complete, I raised my arm; still gripping the sword and threw it with the full-force of a giants toss. The sword flew straight and true, with the speed of a hawk and plunged deep into the Wizards chest before his casting was complete. He stood in the light of the dying fire before falling onto his back. Dead.

-Yvei Rinovdro
The only Elf to be kidnapped by Time and not ransomed!

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Re: A Twist in the Road - Part 1
« Reply #4 on: May 29, 2013, 05:20:39 am »
I slowly stand up, expecting something else to start happening, but nothing came. I grab my other sword and slowly move down the passage where the dead wizard lay. I stared at his still corpse for a moment before pulling my sword out of his chest and wiped it on his cloak. I take my other sword and cut his head clean from his body and stab it and begin walking. There was a door at the end of the passage. Iron, and obviously barricaded from the other side. I was still infused with the magic from earlier and was extremely pissed so I didn’t have a second thought before I ran up and kick the door clear off its hinges and through the iron bar that locked it. Several people on the other side of the door shouted in surprise. I lifted my sword that had the wizards head stuck to it to show them what they already knew. I kick the head off my sword and a few crossbows were leveled at me. With astonishing speed, I ran forward, the bolts missing me by inches and took down the guards.

There were three males in the room. One of them the mark we were following earlier, and a few females huddles in the corner, sobbing. I lifted both my swords and the men backed into a wall in a row. I stopped, short of a few feet from them and eyed them all carefully. The one on the right looked like the butler of the house; useless to my cause. The other on the far left was our mark to follow, the one in the middle however looked to be in charge.

“Who owns this place?” I asked. Pure anger pouring out through clenched teeth.

The one in the middle gathered what little pride he had and stepped forward, slightly.

“I do, I am-“ he started.

“I CARE NOT!” I shouted at him, he cringed and backed into the wall.

“You’re t-t-t-tressp-p-passing!” He sputtered. A waterfall of sweat fell from his brow.

I grinned. I took a half-step forward and placed each of my sword tips to the throats of the men on either side of him.

“YOU are the ones trespassing!” I said, eyeing everyone in the room before turning back to him.

“Our laws says I should kill you, and I agree.” I muttered in a harsh whisper.

I slowly extended my arms, the tips of my swords began to dig into the skin of the mens throats until they penetrated and started gurgling on their own blood. I stared directly into his eyes as I took the life of his men in the slowest possible way before they dropped to the floor.

“You haven’t deserved to die at MY hands. So, I’ll let you live, but at a price.” I said, grinning wickedly.

He gulped loudly. I quickly step back and slash my sword across his larynx, completely avoiding the artery and his esophagus. He falls to his knees, clutching his torn throat and trying to speak, his voice taken forever.

“Consider this your one and only warning. If wee find you in our territory again, you will die. And trust me, I won’t make it quick. I will make you suffer for days before you had wished I killed you beforehand.” I said.

I turn to leave the room to find Tocharaeh leaning in the doorway, his arms crossed. I move to walk past him and stop.

“Where were you?” I asked.

“I didn’t think I was needed. You seemed to have the situation under control.” He replied.

“You will meet with the Wizard next week. It was not a fluke.” He said, before leading the way back down the passage.
We exit the passage, and then the building. Crossbow bolts began to fly down from above. It would seem they needed help from below to change places from anyone. I was still angry and needed something to vent this rage.

 I was compelled yet again, and glad for it.

I concentrated on the incantation and raised my hand, fingers spread and a bolt of lightning shot out and arcs from one post to the next, taking the lives of each guard in the front. I saw it arc towards the back and assumed it killed the rest.

Tocharaeh had stopped to watch and smiled broadly at the occurrence. Who would have known Tocharaeh knew how to smile?

                                                                                        END OF PART ONE

-Yvei Rinovdro
The only Elf to be kidnapped by Time and not ransomed!