Author Topic: To those of you working on old and new zones in the Buildport  (Read 4793 times)

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At present there is an unusually large number of players working on zones in 6002, and some of you are new to 4D, or to building in general.
This is just a reminder that in 4D we have a lot of neat extra stuff in our OLC, that not all Muds can provide, which gives us the opportunity to build unusually challenging zones.

I am going to list a few of them below, might add more later;

- Listen/smell/taste/feel descs for rooms and objcets, that can be used to put Quest hints in
- Night descs, that can be used for mere atmosphere or hints
- Moon Phases and Seasons; Events can be set to occur only during a particular season or moon phase
- Room Sectors that hurt you, unless you use protection (f.i  Sector DESERT, UNDERWATER, SPACE)
- Lately we also added the Room flag IRRADIATION, which has both negative and positive effects
- The mob flag SKINABLE (remember you have to also make a skin object, if an object doesn't already exist for it)
- Various types of portals that give different messages when entering them;
  36) room portal 
  42) climbable   
  50) descendable
  51) bush portal         
  52) water portal
  53) hole portal
- You can also make a portal harder to detect, by using a teleport script instead 
- The DG scripts are extremely versatile, a good scriptor can do almost anything with a trigger 

That's all that comes to mind today.
Feel free to contribute, if you have more neat tips for Builders.   

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Re: To those of you working on old and new zones in the Buildport
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2013, 08:31:51 am »
Different messages given when using portals:

room portal: You enter <object s-desc>.
climbable/descendable (I didn't get any message when using these).
bush portal: You scurry through the branches, the sharp thorns scratching your arms and legs.
water portal: You take a deep breath and dive into the water.
hole portal: You squeeze through the narrow hole, almost getting stuck on the way.

Another portal that wasn't listed:
74) portal hurdle: You jump over <object s-desc>.
- it took me a bit to figure out how to use this portal - obviously the keyword is jump.