Author Topic: How NOT to entice inactive players back to 4D  (Read 6587 times)

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How NOT to entice inactive players back to 4D
« on: January 30, 2015, 08:06:27 am »
Dear 4D Players:

I received an email this morning from 4D, supposedly to get me to play again.

Subject: 4Dimensions misses Kaya but I hate Indians.

First off, there's the obvious problem with sending out an email that says "I hate Indians" in the subject header. No one thought about how "I hate {race}" would play out, evidently, when there are still real people who call themselves Indians.

Secondly, there's the letter itself. I am appalled that people in the 4D community - which I remember being very supportive and welcoming, when I played - would stoop to negging in an attempt to get old players back. It's ridiculous, and completely the opposite of the attitudes people had when I played, which is why I picked 4Dimensions for my gaming fix/time sink in the first place.

Instead of encouraging me to spend some of my very limited free time hanging around 4D, and maybe even unearthing the plans for the area I was building when RL took over and I ran out of time for playing, this email has got me thinking that maybe 4D isn't the place I thought it was, and that staying away is a good thing.

I'm hoping that someone on this forum will prove me wrong.


p.s.: I know this is practically a copy of another email sent in November 2013, and no, it wouldn't have worked any better then, either. I am bringing this up now because 1) the first one went unnoticed because RL and 2) if the denizens of 4D really want to be better than this, I think they deserve a chance to do it. I remember getting the "4D needs you!" emails before that, and wishing I had time to play. I don't wish that today.

- Kaya

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Re: How NOT to entice inactive players back to 4D
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2015, 10:14:57 pm »
In all honesty I thought the email sent out was kinda over the top myself, But I do know the person who sent it meant no disrespect towards anyone specially to disrespect a real race.

It was a script generated message that I think was in the end was suppose to be more of a humours type of subject. I wouldnt take it to heart. As far as the race thing, its a game, and everything in the email was a rp type of message. I think he just wanted something to catch someones attention.

Apologies if you took it offensively.