Author Topic: BuildPort Temporarily Down  (Read 4589 times)

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BuildPort Temporarily Down
« on: December 07, 2013, 05:55:47 am »
One of you bastards must have made a script that was infinitely (or near enough) looping with some sort of error (possibly on multiple mobs, or spawning multiple multiple mobs).

The average log file on the server is maybe 2 - 10 kb. Sometimes in the 1000kb.  The buildport's error log file alone was over 600,000kb and that was causing the server to run out of hard drive space so new players couldn't be created, and (far more importantly) I couldn't log in. 

Good job champ, whoever you are.  That said, wtf is this, the 90s. I've got two $10 usb drives on my keychain that are 16 GB each.  Anyway, the port is down until someone with more time can start it up and figure out what exactly caused this. I'm sure it shouldn't be but half a day.

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Re: BuildPort Temporarily Down
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2013, 03:17:22 am »
I actually suspect Toch's zone. There is a script in there, that has been erroring a lot in the buildport.
I think the script has been fixed on the gameport, since I haven't seen the same errors there. It's also time for the zone to be taken out of the Buildport, which is the normal procedure when a zone goes in 6000, so I'll do that now.

Hopefully that will fix things, unless we have another rogue script in 6002, causing errors.
By the way, isn't there a way to track bad scripts by viewing the syslogs?