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Re: SUBskill System
« Reply #30 on: November 18, 2009, 04:18:22 pm »

Done. The following commands have been disabled for mortals:
prof or professions
subs or subskills

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Re: SUBskill System
« Reply #31 on: November 19, 2009, 10:36:51 pm »
* Copied over from the PWIPE thread, since that thread kinda went offtrack..

Going on from what Viri said re classes..

Id like some more magey type classes, instead of just offensive and defensive.

Like, a straight deadset mage, Lunar Mage or something, strong attack spells, weaker on defenses han melee classes.

Some kind of 'warrior mage', a mixture of attack spells and melee abilities.

You could also choose which type of mage path you take. Arcane, Ethereal, etc. The elements.. fire, air, water, earth.

PVP system would involve: parry, dodge, and then a range of actual abilities. Spell casting (In theory you should prepare a spell (say, takes 3 seconds) then target your target, even have the ability to target a specific body type, and cast it.

This would mean subskills would need to be trained up. Target ability for one as an example.

Also other subskills for non-specific classes..

IE: Hiding, sneaking, perception, stealing.

One could train up their hiding/sneaking/stealing. All classes would be able to do these things, however not as well as a thief/assassin class. However all can train up their perception, and if Player X's perception is higher than Player Z's hiding/sneaking/stealing, then they would be caught out in their attempts to do those things. The larger the gap between skills, the higher success. IE: If someone's hiding is rank 10, and if theyre trying to hide in the same room as someone who has a perception level of 80, that person is guaranteed to spot the person hiding. Other players in the room that have a lower perception, say 10, 15, 20, would not see that player hide at all.

Same applies for attempts of sneaking and stealing.

Furthermore, training. I'd love to see trainers removed, and replaced by physical aspects of training subskills. IE: Perception could be trained a number of ways, not only through use (IE catching someone hiding/sneaking/stealing), but also through things like Juggling. You could start off training juggling two balls. As your perception rank increases, you can move onto three balls, four balls, five balls. Etc etc. Also invent other/higher ways of ranking up your perception.

Hiding could be trained by hiding in a room full of people, hiding infront of mobs, etc. Same as sneaking.

Spells could not only be trained through use, but also through study, like spell books.

To actually level up, I also propose the idea of having a subskill rank requirement to level up. Example: To get to level 3, and you are say.. an assassin. Your requirement is to have at least rank 5 of hiding, rank 7 of sneaking, rank 3 of stealing, rank 4 of Backstab. (Whatever, just an example).

As for base stats, strength, wisdom, etc, these could be trained at trainers, or given a more "Realistic" feel. IE: Every time to you level up, you get say.. I dont know.. 5 points to improve skills of your choice, and you decide where you spend them. So, say you level up. Your current stats are:

Strength: 3
Wisdom: 2
intelligence: 5
Dexterity: 3
Agility: 4
Charisma: 2

You now have 5 points to spend this level to upgrade your stats.

So, to go TRAIN your strength, you would go somewhere like a weight training room. To improve your Wisdom, you could go to some kind of university or college and train it there. To improve your Agility, you could train youself in some kind of Mud pit or something that's difficult to move in to push yourself there. Etc etc...

I have always been a fan of never limiting myself to one class. IE, just because I'm a mage doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to pick locks or hide or sneak or steal. It just means I'll have to work a lot harder and train a lot longer than a thief-type class. As an example, say there's a locked door. A thief with level 10 lockpicking might be able to easily pick it. But a mage or warrior class will have a lot more trouble and may expect to get their rank to level 20 or 30 before they can do it with a tad more ease.

Same goes for other subskills, stealing success rate, hiding success rate, etc. The only thing that should be limited per class is things like spells. "Warrior mages" should get limited spells (and again, I suggest a particular path, arcane etc etc). Lunar Mages Would get the whole spell set and that would be their entire path.

I also propose that you can only learn certain skills at certain levels, or even certain stat requirements. IE: To be able to learn the Hiding skill, you need to be level 10 and have stats of: Dexterity: 12, Agility: 15. And you could even add subskills into that. Like to learn Stealing, you would need hiding rank 20, perception rank 14, level requirement: 15.

There definitely does need to be a mixed warrior/magey type though. Else Ill cry. I can't stand being pigeon holed into one exact class where I'm only able to do a certain set of skills.

Also, instead of Merchant, I propose a Ranger type class, that can also make armors through tanning and skinning hides (tanning and skinning would be subskills, that would effect the quality of the hide produced from those skills, and therefor, the quality of the armor). The better the hide, the better the armor. BUT, then this goes to challenge the equipment basics out there... soooo... I don't know how thatd work. But ranger could also do the tinkering and whatnot I believe.

Okay. Thats enough for now. Just got sparked up by conversations in the MUD. You get the idea...

PS: Wisdom should be magic accuracy and magic registance. IE, the higher your wisdom is, the higher chance you have of targeting a person with your spell successfully, or targeting a body part. If their wisdom is far higher than yours, they have a higher chance of resisting your spells, targeted or not.

Intelligence is magic damage and increased Mana. That's self explanatory.

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Re: SUBskill System
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Going to unsticky this thread as well since it hasn't been posted to in a long time.