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Current State of Woodworker
« on: March 14, 2015, 07:50:29 am »
The base ingredients of a woodworker are tree logs and twigs. They're shaped using various tools into end products like bows, cabinets, and figurines. Intermediate products meant for woodworkers or other crafts include planks, beams, and the hilt of a sword. The skills of a woodworker resemble the ones of a lumberjack, miller, carpenter, cabinetmaker, and shipbuilder.

Here's an overview of all woodworker skills, people who have the skills, ingredients, tools, commands, products, and who the products are meant for:

Activity     Available to     Ingredients     ToolsCommands     ProductsMeant for
Chopping trees     alltreeaxefelllogwoodworker+all
Burning logswoodworkerlogskilnseveralcharcoalmetalworker
Carve woodwoodworkertwigknifewoodcarvewhistleall
Saw woodwoodworkerlogssawwoodsawbeamwoodworker
Split woodwoodworkerbeamsledgewoodsplitplankwoodworker
Form woodwoodworkerbeamsawwoodformribwoodworker
Join woodwoodworkerrib+beamhammer+nailswoodjoinframewoodworker
Plane woodwoodworkerplankplanewoodplanepanelwoodworker
Cut woodwoodworkerpanel+beamhammer+chisel    woodcutdecorated panel    woodworker
Build shipwoodworkerlotsseveralseveral(fishing) boatall