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Woodworker discussion
« on: March 14, 2015, 07:52:44 am »
Welcome to the woodworker discussion thread where we can discuss what this craft should be like. The current state of woodworker is shown in the Current State thread. At the moment it serves as a starting point, through time it will be edited every time we agree on something until it's finished. Feel free to post anything related to this craft.

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Re: Woodworker discussion
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2015, 08:42:26 am »
Additional info about the woodworker end products - Cabinets, Figurines,  and Ships:

The cabinet would basically be the equivalent of a crashproof locker, and as such mostly useful for players who haven't yet managed to acquire a house of their own. Having a way of protecting your most valuable objects over crashes, Deathtraps and corpse losses, without having to pay the monthly token fee, or dragging them around on your already overloaded char, should be pretty valuable, in particular for newer players.

There could also be an option to rent out your lockers to other players, competing with the current monthly fee set by the Travel Agency.

Figurines could be either wands or staffs, and it could be possible for the buyer to order their own spell (within reasonable limits, and for an extra price)

The ships would use the new, simpler vehicle code, but basically be equal to existing ships, (but probably with a restriction for anyone but the owner and invited guests to use them, making it safer to temporarily leave some objects inside them).
(On a side note, I am surprised that ships are not used more by in particular low level/remort players, since they provide a way to move about and explore in reasonable safety, without being pestered by aggressive sharks).

Another side note, about the rungs. The buyer of these will mainly be Textileworkers, since they are used for rope ladders, and ropemaking is part of the Textile group.

Apart from these opportunities to sell your products to fellow players, we'll also provide an in-game market for the simpler products, where for example woodmillers would buy planks, posts and panels, and farmers would buy fenceposts.