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Clan Wars are not a thing to take lightly, since they affect all members of

the Clan and the lower levels often get hit worst. Below are the rules for

Clan Wars:

  1. Only Clan Leaders can declare a Clan War.
  2. There should be an IC reason for a Clan War. The fact that the Clan Leader
    is bored is NOT a valid IC reason.
  3. A Clan war must be officially declared on the Main Board, and the Leader
    of the challenged Clan must be notified on line or by mudmail. Until the
    War is formally declared there is no Clan War going on, just an ordinary
    PK situation (or harassment, whichever situation applies).
  4. All members are affected by the war, but the PK rules are still valid. If
    you choose to attack a non PK, you will get a KILLER flag. No KILLER flags
    will be removed by imms for the duration of the War.
  5. Once a Clan member is killed in the War, he is considered permanently
    dead and can no longer take part in the fights.
    If the same player is killed repeatedly, this could be regarded as
  6. Records of each kill must be posted at Recall by the victor. The Clan with
    most kills (in proportion to active members) wins the war, obviously.
  7. The Clan War is over when all members of a Clan have been killed - or when
    Peace is declared.