Zonequests are built in quests created normally for specific areas of 4Dimensions in theme of the location.

Number Quest Location Difficulty
1 Wanted Poster I Old West Easy
2 Wanted Poster II Old West medium
3 Cyrene's lover Prehistoric Medium
4 Robber Baron's prisoners Medieval Easy
5 The Enchanted Frogs Medieval Easy
6 Thetis' lover Prehistoric Medium
7 The Viking Quarrel Medieval Easy
8 The Lady in the Lake Medieval Medium
9 Nimue's quest Medieval Medium
10 The Tower of Rapunzel Medieval Medium
11 The Bereaved Woman Medieval Easy
12 Chief Arapahoola's Snake Elixir Old West Medium
13 The Secret Sword Medieval Medium
14 Llano Estacado Old West Hard
15 Exoliath's armor Inter-Dimensions Very Hard
16 Grishknash' weapons Inter-Dimensions Very Hard
17 Climb The Mountain Medieval Medium
18 The Outlaw's Gun Old West Medium
19 The Riddle Book Medieval Medium
20 The Bull Girl in Crete Prehistoric Easy
21 The Serf Woman's Baby Medieval Easy
22 The French Knight Medieval Easy
23 The Mysteries of Fenizia Medieval Hard
24 The Seven Dwarves Medieval Hard
25 The Three Sisters Future Hard
26 The Mardi Gras Parade Future Hard
27 The Lovers of the Range Old West Medium
28 The Bank Robbers Old West Easy
29 The Odessin Quest Medieval Easy
30 The Scottish Witches Medieval Easy
31 The Animals in Redwall Abbey Medieval Medium
32 The Castle of Riddles Medieval Medium
33 The Lost Cro Magnan Child Prehistoric Easy
34 The Love Potion Prehistoric Medium
35 The Dinosaur skeleton Prehistoric Medium
36 Isis and Osiris Prehistoric Hard
37 The lost Ka Prehistoric Medium
38 The sick baby Prehistoric Easy
39 Professor Botta's Dilemma Prehistoric Medium
40 The Secrets Of The Midlands Medieval Medium - Hard
41 The Temple treasure Prehistoric Medium - Hard
42 The Egyptian Graverobbers Prehistoric Very Hard
43 The Outback Quests Future Easy - Hard
44 Robin Hood Medieval Medium
45 The Leprechaun's Pot Of Gold Medieval easy - Medium
46 The Newbie Zones Central Easy
47 The Great Circus Old West Easy - Medium
48 The Zone flags Inter-Dimensions Easy-Hard
49 The Diplomats on Poon Future Easy - Medium
50 The Alpha Centauri Planets Future Medium-Hard
51 Quixotica Quests Future Medium-Hard
52 The Newbie Arena Central Easy
53 The Mine Inter-Dimensions Medium-Hard
54 The Trades Inter-Dimensions Easy-Medium
55 The Odyssey Quests Prehistoric Medium
56 The Dead Heroes Prehistoric hard
57 The Unhappy Souls Prehistoric Medium
58 The Lovesick Poet Medieval Medium
59 The Trapped Miner Old West medium (but risky)
60 The Legend of the Deamon Old West Medium- Hard
61 The Necromunda Gang Wars Future Medium
62 The Threat Over Hayholt City Medieval Medium-Hard
63 Rescue the Virgin Medieval Medium
64 Protection of the Angels Medieval Medium
65 The Poisoned Unicorn Medieval Medium
66 The Tulipek Treasures Medieval Medium
67 Cosmo Canyon Future Medium-Hard
68 The Golf Course Future Easy
69 The Citadel Of Thandar Medieval Easy
70 The Multi-Dimensional Chain Inter-Dimensions Hard
71 The Olympic Games Prehistoric Medium-Hard
72 The Calydon Boar Hunt Prehistoric Medium
73 The Twelve deeds of Heracles Prehistoric Hard
74 More Greek Adventures Prehistoric Medium-Hard
75 Farming and Lumberjacking in California Old West Easy
76 Digging for Gold in California Old West Medium
77 The Whotvar Quests Future Medium
78 Whotvar II Quests Future Medium
79 Trading in the Greek Islands Prehistoric Easy-Medium
80 Aegean Island Quests Prehistoric Easy-Hard
81 Archaeology Prehistoric Easy-Medium
82 Trading in Egypt, Kush and Punt Prehistoric Easy-Medium
83 The bored statues Prehistoric Easy
84 The Living and the Dead Prehistoric Medium
85 The Nomads of Wawat Prehistoric Easy-Hard
86 Archaeology in Wawat Prehistoric
87 Kerma Politics Prehistoric Unknown
88 The Amun Priest Conspiracy Prehistoric Medium
89 The army needs YOU! Medieval Medium
90 Victorian London Old West Medium
91 The Elven Bards tba tba
92 The Prize Bull Old West Medium
93 Castle Case Medieval Medium
94 Fishermen Stories Medieval Medium
95 The Call Of The Sea Medieval Medium
96 Fenizian Secrets Medieval Hard
97 Golems Galore! Medieval Medium
98 The Quest For The Best Of The Best Future Hard
99 The Curse Of The Gypsy Medieval Medium
100 The Dwarven Treasure Medieval Medium
101 The Cardinal's Sin Medieval Hard
102 The Holy Grail Medieval Hard
103 Rebellian Against Arthur Medieval Medium
104 The Druids And The Moon Medieval Medium
105 Avalon Adventures Medieval Medium
106 The Philandering Knight Medieval Medium
107 The Secrets Of Utopia Future Hard
108 Tourist Tasks In Utopia Future Hard
109 Trading In The Medieval Dimensions Medieval Medium
110 The Fight Against Evil Prehistoric Medium
111 Help The Gellindril Villagers Medieval Medium
112 Killer Klown Quests Prehistoric Medium
113 Save The Dragon Forest Medieval Medium
114 Trading In The Old West Old West Various
115 Quests Out West Old West Easy/Medium
116 More Quests Further West Old West Medium/Hard/Very Hard
117 Chinese Business Old West Hard
118 Ali Baba's Hidden Cave Prehistoric Easy
119 Pix's Puzzle Zone Future Hard
120 The Game Grid Future Hard
121 Arabian Desert Prehistoric Hard
122 Criminal Masterminds Of Victorian England Future Hard
123 Victorian Citizens In Need Future Hard
124 The Royal Forest Medieval Easy

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The marshal of Dodge City will pay 100$ for the delivery of Oliver Wilmore, aka Curly, dead or alive.
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A lady has been murdered, and the marshal of Tombstone will pay 100$ for the delivery of murderer, dead or alive.
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From what is told on the islands of the Greek Archipelago, there is a nymph called Cyrene, who would be happy if someone would help to find her lost lover. People say that she'd pay most generously for the help. And once you have found the Cyclades, you might also want to try some TRADING. There are several shopkeepers and landlords on the islands, who will be interested in doing business with you.
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Rumour has it that the Robber Baron is holding some prisoners for ransom in his dark castle. Since this Robber Baron is the scum of earth, it would be much appreciated if someone would take the trouble of freeing these poor prisoners, and take them back to their loving relatives.
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According to the tales told by the fireside, the two frogs in Sherwood Forest are not really frogs, but an enchanted prince and princess. Some evil witch is supposed to have cast this spell upon them. Hmmmm. So, what do you normally do to break the spell? Easy - you kiss the frog. Yuk! But it might help. And then again it might not. Muhahaha! What would your friends say if they caught you kissing frogs anyhow?
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The Sea Nymph Thetis is looking for her lover, who seems to have vanished completely. From what they say in the Taverns along the Mediterranean coast, she is paying rather handsomely for any conclusive proof of what happened to him.
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They say in the taverns of Green Fen, that Ragnar Lodbrok has put a price on the Head of Red Adder. However, Ragnar is said to be a jerk and a real skinflint, so maybe carrying out this quest isn't quite as rewarding as it should be. There might be better choices...
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There is a lady in a lake somewhere in the Western Realms, who is looking for a lost item. Her reward is rather generous, but it must be said that not all can use it.
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Somewhere in the western Realms is the cave to which Merlin has retired, when he got tired of the World of the Living. If you manage to find that cave and the way into it, which might not be too easy, there is a quest connected to it...
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The Tower of Rapunzel In the high mountains north of Olde Yorke stands a lonely tower. There is a sad story connected to that tower, and a handsome reward to the person who can help the unhappy lady imprisoned in it by an evil mage.
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There are rumours about a poor bereaved woman, named Anita Oleros. She was last seen somewhere east of the Convent of the Little Sisters, crying and lamenting about her murdered husband. Any help would be much appreciated, since her whining is disturbing the wayfarers. This quest is worth a silver token if you complete it.
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Somewhere on the road between Dodge City and Tombstone is a painted wagon. It belongs to Dr. Angus McNeil, who among other things sells a very good healing potion, called Chief Arapahoola's potent SNAKE OIL ELIXIR (which incidentally is about the best healing potion available in all four Dimensions). Unfortunately Dr. McNeil recently has run out of ingredients for this potion, and since he just broke a leg too, he is unable to collect them himself either. The player who brings him all the ingredients for the potion, will not only recieve 10 bottles of it, but a silver token as well. We have to support the free enterprise, and Dr. MacNeil will no doubt be very grateful.
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The Secret Sword, that was hidden in the Convent might be gone by now, but the cache is still there, and still pretty hard to find. So just for this achievement, we're willing to pay you one silver token for the note placed in the cache. Only once per player, mind you. Also a condition is, that you don't reveal the secret to others, once you've found it out. Anybody presenting this note to imm must be prepared to answer two questions.

  1. Where is the secret cache?
  2. What is the secret name of the key to it?

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There are three different quest in the desert Llano Estacado, which will require payment from an imp if you carry them out. Each one is VERY rewarding, since they are all pretty hard to fulfil. The prize will be a surprise. These quests can of course only be carried out once per player (and multis count as the same player). Also we ask those who have solved the quests not to spread the word around. This takes away the fun for other players, and also diminishes your own achievement, wouldn't you say?

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While travelling from one of his private asteroids to another. Lord Exoliath's luxurious star cruiser was accidentally hit by a stray missile from an Imperial starfighter and more or less desintegrated. Exoliath and his crew are by now reduced to molecules of blood, flesh and bone. The spaceship, and parts of their armor, although being broken into small pieces and scattered over a large part of the Galaxy, is still more or less intact. If you could find and reassemble those pieces (five for each set of armor) you'ld get yourself some real good armor. Be careful however, if you assemble the wrong pieces, the armor will still work, but be a lot less effective. It stands to reason that Exoliath's own armor would be a lot better than that of his Captain, let alone ordinary crew members.

This Quest was designed by Inque.
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The somewhat mad scientist Grishknash had just completed his latest invention, the "ultimate" weapon, when a large meteorite struck his laboratory on an isolated asteroid. In the violent decompression that followed, Grishknash and everything else in the laboratory were sucked through the hole in the shell and scattered in small parts all over the Universe. Rumour has it that parts of the three prototype weapons he was working on can be found on several distant planets where gravitation finally made the debris settle after the long journey in space. He who can find and reassemble the pieces (5 for each prototype) would be getting himself a really awesome weapon. It may be worth the effort to search for the right pieces, because only one of the three prototypes possessed full power in all five parts.

This Quest was designed by Inque.
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Once it was a pretty easy task to climb Mount Winter. But not any more. Avalanches, erosion and snowstorms have partly washed away the track that once lead to the top. And the climate seems to have become a lot harsher lately. So, to climb that mountain now, is no task for sissies. And the rewards have consequently improved quite a it. But expect to do some work for them.
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Even in the Old West there are ghosts. Empty saddles in the old Corral... empty boots walking around... Really spooky... One of these ghosts has a grievance - somebody stole his gun, it seems. Maybe that is the reason why this young outlaw cannot rest peacefully in his grave?
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Care for some riddles? The riddle book in the Library of Olde Yorke will provide you with some pastime, and the reward of 3 bronze tokens if you solve all the riddles - but only once in a lifetime, mind you. :-)
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Seven maidens and seven youths from Athens are sent as a tribute to dance before the Cretan bulls and to die there eventually. Still, life goes on almost as usual, and one of the girls has lost her key to the chest with her belongings. She would appreciate your help in retrieving it.
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A young girl in the serf village south of The Tournament Place is very unhappy. Sure, being a serf could make everyone unhappy, but she seems to more miserable than most. Perhaps you could help her?
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The gallant knight Maurice de la Couer cannot seem to concentrate on the Tournament at hand, since a friend of his has wandered off and gone missing. So - can't that friend take care of himself? Well, his problem is that he speaks nothing but French...
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Have you heard of Fenizia? That legendary city, situated south of Green Fen, somewhere on the other side of the Lostlands? There is a mystery in Fenizia that needs solving - in fact there are several...
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Do you love puzzles and quests and challenges? Then Mother Goose is the book to read in the Library! You will find more quests in that book than you ever bargained for - at least one for each one of Snow White's seven dwarves.
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One of the famous natural monuments outside Sydney is three large rocks, called the Three Sisters. They are hidden deep in the forests, so even locating them will be an achievement. But once you do, there is a quest connected to them as well. Just be careful so that you don't get lost in that forest...
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The most spectacular event in Sydney is the Mardi Gras Parade. Only this year the Parade seems to be cancelled. Why? Well there is a reason of course and if you manage to find out, maybe the parade can take place after all, with you in the middle of the action.
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A pretty Swedish waitress in Dodge City has some love problems. She is not the only one in the vicinity. In fact there are some real Romeo and Juliet stories going on in the range, due to interfering parents. Perhaps you could help those young couples a bit?
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There is some trouble in Dry Gulch, that small outback town west of Dodge City. A wanted poster in the Sheriff's office might tell you more, but there might be some trouble closer to home as well, that the good people of that town aren't even aware of yet...
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The parson in Odessin is a forgetful man. If you help him with his lost umbrella, that might send you on a long errand chain. One good turn deserves another, and in the end you will be rewarded for your trouble.
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There are some Witches and Warlocks around. Often the locals hunt them down to burn them at the stake, which is very unfair, because they are in effect doing some good in their own way, with the potions they brew. Since it is risky for them to venture out of their hideouts, they could often use some help in collecting the ingredients.
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The good animals in Redwall Abbey are fighting for their survival after the third Apocalypse. Maybe you can help them out? And maybe one day you might even venture on the Grand Quest - the Quest for Terramort, of which the animals speak with awe and terror...
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Far up in Scotland lies the Castle of Riddles, and the road there is long and full of perils. Only once in your lifetime will you be allowed to go through that castle. But if you manage to solve all the riddles, you will be greatly rewarded for your trouble.
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Life is full of perils during Stone Age. A small child has wandered off from the cave. His mother believes the 'Trolls' took him. Maybe they did? Or maybe he was devoured by a wolf? In any case, the poor, bereaved woman is devastated. Mothers have feelings even in the Stone Age.
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The Egyptian magicians brew some strong potions. There is even said to be a 'Love potion', which will hold any man enthralled if administered regularly. True or false? Well, if you listen to the gossip and ask around a bit, you might find out.
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The archeologists of Old Carthage have succeeded in putting a nearly complete dinosaur skeleton together. They only lack 10 bones, and the triumph will be total. So naturally they are prepared to pay quite handsomely for anyone who could bring them these ten bones...
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The yearly flooding of the Nile is closely connected to the myth about Isis and Osiris. Without the life-giving power of Osiris, the Nile might not rise again, and without the nutritious mud brought by the flooding, next year's crop will be a failure. But Osiris has been killed by his evil brother Seth, and his corpse cannot be found. Unless it is recovered, so that the funeral rites can be administered, famine and disaster might strike the land. His wife Isis is searching for the corpse in vain, the priests are worried and time is running short...
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If an Egyptian is not buried with the proper rites, it is believed that the soul, the Ka, will not be allowed in the Land of Amenti. This is about the worst that could happen to any Egyptian. Imagine a woman, evil and greedy enough to sell her husband's grave for money...
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The worst thing that could happen to a woman is if her baby dies. In the Temple of Abydos a brokenhearted woman has sought the help of the Gods, because it seems that no physician can cure her baby. But maybe there is more to this sad story than meets the eye at first. Maybe the woman herself has wronged a God?
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The very nearsighted archeologist, Professor Botta, has gone missing from the excavation camp of Old Carthage. The general belief is that he stumbled into one of the numerous Timetraps in that camp. All that is left of him is his spectacles, and without them he is as blind as a bat. Most likely he is wandering about in one or other of the Dimensions, without being able to take care of himself. Anybody who succeeds in bringing him back to the camp will receive a nice reward.
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There are several Quests that you can do in this zone. Some of them are big, others small, and the rewards are of course in proportion. They range all the way from helping some of the people in the Mud Village and around the Midlands with minor things to the huge task of Saving the World by retrieving the three boxes of Orden. But perhaps you are going to find that the greater task will be a lot easier to perform, if you have been reasonably helpful to the 'little people' first...
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Even though the temple of Hatshetsup was erected far out in the desert, the robbers still found their way there. The Temple Priests could use some help in retrieving the stolen object. Of course - even FINDING the Temple might be a hard task. But after all - if the robbers could find their way there, so could you.
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Once the Vally of Kings was known as Red Valley and the home of a small Bedouin Tribe, calling themselves 'The Chosen'. When the Pharaohs decided to make this remote valley into their new burial place, the Bedouins were forcibly evicted. Naturally they resented this, and most of them turned into grave robbers, not just for profit, but for revenge as well. Maybe you too will have a go at finding the treasures beyond belief that are said to be hidden in the tombs of the Pharaohs. But you might discover, that even finding the cunningly hidden entrances to the tombs might be quite a task. And once in, the tombs are full of perils, even deathtraps. So seeking the help of the Bedouins might not be a bad idea...
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This large continent is full of Quests. You'll meet aborigine youngsters, village elders, jolly swagmen, Crocodile Dundee and many many more, and quite a few of them might ask for your help. So be polite and attentive, and you might have a lot more fun with the locals. A good way to strike up a conversation in the Outback is usually to say, 'G'day'. The rewards will vary, but most of them are definitely original. Didn't you always want a boomerang? Or a didgeridoo? Well, perhaps not, but that is just because you don't yet know what it is... or does...
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Robin Hood and his merry men carry on their fight against the Sheriff of Nottingham and the evil Prince John. Every now and then a member gets captured, but so far they have been able to get them out of prison again. But what if Maid Marion herself, the sweetheart of Robin Hood would be held hostage by the corrupt 'Law'? You will have to find the keys to the prison cells, and they might be anywhere. Searching in Sherwood forest may be perilous - and watch out for the dragon! But if you succeed, you'll be made an honorary member of the Merry Men.
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The leprechaun is an impish creature, living in Sherwood Forest. They say that he lost his pot of gold and is looking for it eternally. If you are below level 25, you might be allowed to help him find it. And perhaps the old druid in the same forest will give you some tips about where to look. But watch out for the dragon! He doesn't like visitors! The reward will not only be gold, it will give good experience too.
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There are four newbie zones on Adventure Avenue, each with its own quest. You can help find a lost child, save a prisoner, try your hand as a bounty hunter or retrieve a lost item. Which one is which? Well, I won't tell you THAT, but they are all pretty easy, and they each pay a bronze token - but only once.
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Don't you love to go to the circus? And God knows what interesting things you might find, left by other happy visitors. You're gonna need some keys however. Perhaps Johnny the Horse could help you? Or perhaps YOU could help HIM?
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In the centre of each zone there is a zone flag. These flags will be put in as the zones get updated to the new code. As of now 45 of them are in. When all 45 of those are reported, a new batch of 15 flags will be put in. Check the board east of recall for a list of which zones have got the flags. The list will be updated continuously. There is a big reward for the clan reporting the most flags, and individual rewards too, if you collect the flags.
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The main planet in the Alpha Centauri Sector is Poon, which mostly consists of ocean. The natives evolved in the seaweed, and they still make their living in and from the seaweed. But rumour has it that the bottom of the ocean is solid with gold nuggets, not to metion the valuable Angel Stones. Maybe this is the reason why diplomats from many different worlds gather on Poon? Maybe some of them have other and darker motives than diplomacy? There is indeed a very solid threat hanging over Poon - maybe you can help lift it? In any case, Poon is the diplomatic center of the sector and several quests on the other five planets start or end on Poon. There are also several smaller mysteries on Poon itself. A young diplomat named Retief seems to be in possession of a lot of information, and maybe he and his drinking mates at the Diplomat's Rest will share some of it. The trick is of course how to start them talking...
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There are 6 planets in the Alpha Centauri sector. They all have their own natural assets that can be exploited. And each of them resents a major quest, some of them have several smaller ones. Most of them are in any way connected to the central planet, POON. LOVENBROY: Helping with the wine harvest can be very rewarding. Helping one of the grape pickers to find his long lost brother is another Quest.
SLUNCH: Saving the main city from the volcano eruption is the main Quest, getting the locals interested in trading is another. Both hang together...
YALC: The Voom Festival is of course the main feature - but it has its perils... And the notorious Groaci have kidnapped the Ambassador...
YUDORE: Is there intelligent life on the planet? That's the main question. But a more acute problem might be to figure out how to get yourself and poor Mr. Magnan out of the planet, once you've landed there.
ASTEROID 95739-A: Two firms have filed claims to exploit the collapsed crystal on this asteroid. Both might ask you for help. But perhaps you'd prefer to get the valuable crystal all for yourself?
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There are several small quests in Quixotica, mostly for experience. In most Amusement Parks and Zoos there are large signs: 'Don't feed the animals!' But in Quixotica feeding the Mime (or even a hungry lady) might become quite an experience. And talking to the Mynah bird can be such fun! Fancy yourself a fighter? Try your boxing skills, against the Galaxy Champion boxer, Jaal'ker. This is quite profitable, both in money and equipment. Or even test your mind at the gameshow at Studio 9.
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This zone is created mainly to help Newbies level, and get a feeling for the game in the process. Consequently it has several small quests that you can carry out, some for equipment, others for money, experience or even tokens. None of them are very hard, and some of the equipment you win will actually help you gain some knowledge about the nature of our world. There are Quests in all 4 parts of the zone. The best way to find the Quest Mobs is usually to greet them, or just look at them.
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The entire mine is a Quest, and it takes some hard work. You dig your own TUNNELS, you MINE for metal ore, and you can also search for gold nuggets, precious stones and other treasures. If you are lucky you might even mine yourself into the Dwarf Treasury. Or the legendary Mines of Moria - but then again, that might turn up to be your bad luck instead. The more you mine the more your mining skills improve. Some equipment that you come across in the mine will improve your mining abilities too. Only, you may not be able to use some of it, before you reach a certain level of mining skill. What you definitely need is a shovel or a pickaxe, to get yourself started. You can buy them in Mine Shop by the Gold Mine in Old West - or maybe a wandering dwarf might sell them to you. To learn more about mining, type HELP MINING, this will give you an index of the help files for it.
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There are several trades you can try around the Realms, except the obvious ones as a hunter or soldier. You can for instance try your hand as a farmer, a gardener, a fisher, a jockey, a lumberjack, a miner, a rancher, or even a space-pilot. With most of the trades you produce raw material or items that can be traded for tokens or developed further by Craftsmen. The Trader's Office, south of Recall will give you more detailed info about how to pursue a trade.
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The entire zone is a Quest in itself. Since this is the ultimate travelling adventure, you get rewarded even for exploring. But there are several other challenges too, and of course most of them have to do with Odysseus in one way or another. That's all I am going to tell you about it - except that you may have to extend your voyage outside the West Mediterranean Sea. And that the rewards will be well worth the efforts...
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When Achilleus died, the other Greek heroes competed for his armor. Ajax, the strongest of them all, was convinced that he'd win it, but instead it was awarded to the cunning Odysseus, as a reward for coming up with the idea of the Trojan Horse (which eventually finished the war in favour of the Greeks). Ajax was so dismayed, that he threw himself on his sword. And consequently ended up in Tartarus, with other suiciders. And can you believe it? - he is STILL whining about it. Why not put him out of his misery once and for all? And hey - what about Achilleus? He must be in the Realms of Hades too... But the dead are dead, so they cannot communicate with the living... Perhaps. But there is a way to make them gain enough strength to respond, at least for a short while. Odysseus knew what to do. You could try the same method.
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There are several parts of The Realms of Hades and none of them is a very happy place. Naturally the souls tortured in the depth of Tartarus, the Greek equivalent of Hell, would rather be somewhere else. But even most of the souls in the Elysean Field, which is the Greek version of Heaven, seem strangely discontent. Several souls in the Realms of Hades may ask you for help in their misery. Some of them were famous heroes in life, others are just ordinary people, who were given a bad turn in life. Did you know that you aren't even allowed to ENTER the Realms of Hades, unless the correct funeral rites were performed over your body? And once in, you may find it a bit hard to get out again, muhaha...
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A young poet is madly in love with Queen Adia, but she scorns him and he is thrown out of the Ice castle. So he wanders in the icy forest, writing poems to his beloved, then tearing them up in despair. Later he regrets this, but the pieces of paper have been scattered by the wind... Maybe if Queen Adia were to read his poem, her heart of ice would melt?
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The Goldmine is a pretty risky place to visit, mainly because the miners don't really like visitors. But there are other perils, and the greatest of them all is the dreaded cave-in. Only, in their lust for gold, the miners ignore the perils, they even forget to shore the tunnels. So now one of them is trapped behind masses of earth. And his comrades don't even care about it, they are too busy excavating more gold. So this poor man would be doomed to a slow and painful death, if it weren't for his best - and only - friend. And maybe you as well. But beware, or a new cave-in might bury you both... For good this time...
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Somewhere in Llano Estacado is an inscription, which tells the legend of the Deamon from hell. It can be appeased with the right offerings - at least for a while. It might even reward you - in a way. But beware! Gifts from a Deamon usually have their drawbacks...
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The north-western parts of Necromunda have long been the haunt of a couple of youth gangs. This makes these alleys a risky place to enter for anybody, but most of all for the gang members hemselves, who are constantly fighting one another and marking their territory with grafitti. Lately the Goliath gang seems to have got the upper hand for some reason, and a member of the Escher gang might ask you for assistance. Maybe you don't like to help scum like that? Maybe you think they should be left to exterminate themselves? Fine by me, but in case you do decide to take part in the fights after all, you should know that the Goliath Leader has got himself a fancy electronic shield that makes him all but invulnerable, except maybe if you blow up the entire building...
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Since the Good King John died, nothing has been the same in Hayholt City. The true heir, Prince Josua, has mysteriously disappeared, and some say that he killed his own father. Currently the King's brother, Elias, is in power, but the city is not a happy one. Rumours are spreading, people are afraid, and it is whispered in the street that the REAL ruler is Pyrates, the magician, who is said to use deformed humans and political prisoners as slave labour for his workshops in the dungeon. Naturally nobody speaks these things out loudly, who wants to end up in the Dungeon himself? It is said in a prophecy that a Stranger will be the one to save the city, and perhaps you are going to be that person. Or perhaps you'll decide to join the dark forces instead? Two great swords are at stake in this Quest, one for the good, the other for the evil. The choice is yours.
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The Ancient Cult of the Temple Of The Damned is an evil one, which includes the sacrifice of innocent young virgins. Maybe there is still time to save the life of the young maid that they recently captured, and bring her safely back to her father, who lives near Hayholt City.
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Deep within the Enchanted Lands is a secret past of affliction where a new hero is destined to rise. It is said that the lands, forests and valleys are protected by angelic beings with weapons of light. One wishes to help you face your fears and defeat the evil within. Another tells of an escaped foe from the black stone terrain of Mt. Kuromeru, attempting to unleash the hoardes against the world once more. Is it possible to bypass the glowing shield and dark army surrounding the black mountain?
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Somewhere safe in the Enchanted Lands a small unicorn lies ill, poisoned and confused. There are still so many items needed for his remedy - and they are incredibly rare. If you find them all, his caretaker would no doubt give you a token of his esteem.
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The Tulipek people have a long past of heroism in the wars against Mt. Kuromeru. They still keep tokens of their assistance and of friends they lost. One piece very close to the people's hearts has been missing ever since the great war in Arkenlan, it would be a good deed to return it to them.
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There are more things to do in Cosmo Canyon than just fighting in the famous Hologram Arena. Below are a couple of suggestions:
1. The Missing Manager
A lot of folks in Cosmo Canyon seem quite wary about the arrival of two managers from Shinra Inc. How many employees on vacation travel together? And if there are two, why can you only spot one of them? They're not up to something are they?
2. The Miserable Moggles
In Cosmo Canyon, two Moggles of the opposite sex waddle aimlessly about and hardly talk to anyone these days, let alone each other. Maybe an outsider can figure out what's wrong with them.
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The golf course is a great place for people fresh out of the newbie arena. There are many small quests throughout the course. People are always losing things when they go out on the golf course. You could probably make a small fortune in returning lost objects. And who knows what you'll find out there that is just too good to return. After all, possession is 9/10 of the law.
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Things are unquiet in the realm of Thandar. A wild beast is terrorizing the upper mines, a rash of thefts in the Citadel itself has left the citizens unable to perform their daily duties, a recent murder has the guard perplexed and somebody keeps sneaking into the cook's garden and making off with his mushrooms. Oh, and it's also the king's birthday, so if you visit you better bring him something he'll like. (And here is a problem, what gift could possibly please someone who already has everything?)
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Taking you through all dimensions and into the furthest corners of some of the zones, this 20 part chain quest is a true challenge to your knowledge o the lands. The only way to make it through this quest is by being a thorough explorer. Though long, and sometimes very hard, the rewards at the end of this journey makes it all worthwhile.
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Traditionally the Olympic Games are held each four years in a little city near the westcoast of Peloponnesos, and from all over Greece young athletes gather there to compete with one another in fair fight. Only this years there are some problems, and the fights aren' always as fair as could be expected. The Officials are incompetent, the Judges are corrupt, and the crooked Trainer is running out of ingredients for the most popular doping pill. And maybe the fights aren't all that fair after all. All in all this opens some profitable opportunities for the resourceful Traveller...
And you can even bet on the outcome of the games. Who said that doping and bookmaking were modern inventions?
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Each year a great boarhunt is held in Calydon, and adventurers and heroes from all over Greece go there to take part in the risky sport. They compete among each other about who can kill the most boars, and every day a new 'Hunter of the Day' is appointed. This is not only a very prestigious title, it also means a quite substantial reward - at least the first time you win the title.
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Although the great hero Heracles is dead and gone, his two cousins, Iolaos and Eurystes, are still alive. They both live in the city Tiryns, where Eurysthes is king. For those of you that wish to repeat the twelve deeds of Heracles, Eurystes is the person to see. He is a vain and stupid man, so he might just get a kick out of sending a new person out to repeat those dangerous tasks. And as for Iolaos - well, he has his own opinions about Heracles. A warning: Heracles may not have been very bright, but he sure was strong. So this Quest is for high tier players mostly, even though some of the deeds are easier than others. The problem is: YOU do not decide in what order you want to do the deeds - Eurysthes does.
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There are many adventures awaiting the traveller in the ancient Greece, many people that you could help and many Quests to pursue.

  1. The Lapith Queen is troubled over the King's illness and her son's absence. She could do with some help from a Traveller.
  2. The Moonspinners have lost their magic distaff and spinning hook.They lent them out as a good deed, but were repaid ill for good.
  3. The nymph Moria mourns her dead lover, who got bit by a snake. Maybe there is a way to revive him.
  4. A young recruit wants to join the Achaean fleet in Aulis, to go to the Trojan war. But since he's never been out of his home village before, he is a bit lost and needs guidance.
  5. A dangerous bull is loose on the plain of Marathon. It was meant as a gift for the King of Athens, and that's where it should be brought, to be sacrificed at the altar of Athena. Only, not all people have the knowledge and courage to catch a raging bull...

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Out in sunny California, John Sutter has set up a lucrative agricultural and lumbering company, but he can use some help. You see, he's severely shorthanded with all his field hands running off to the hills in search for gold.

  1. South of Sutter's fort, the fields roll, gleaming brightly in the sunshine. They are just waiting for a little TLC to finish the harvest. To reap the rewards, carry your crops to the Fort where several people are more than happy to take them off your hands and reward you... especially if you find a way to help THEM.
  2. If it's lumbering you're after, there are forests to be had up in the mountains north of the fort, and if you make your way to the Coloma mining town, look up James Marshall at the Mill and he'll see your lumber cut for you.

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  1. Up in the hills and on the rivers in California, something near and dear to everyone?s heart has been discovered! GOLD!!! Ask around up there and maybe someone will be more than happy to show you how to go about panning for gold!
  2. Or, if even more entrepreneurial, there?s mining up in Sutter's Mines, but beware... mining has its hazards.
  3. In Sutter's Mines, it's been rumored that a mad inventor is toiling away and he's lost his parts. Find them and return them to him and he will reward you accordingly.
  4. Mining is a hazardous profession, and some are often buried under the rubble. In Sutter's Mines, a father has lost his son to the hazards of mining. He asks that you try to find him and return him to him.

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The Whotvar Quests
The planet Whotvar is part of a newly discovered system in the upper parts of our Galaxy. Although the planet is sparsely populated, the natives certainly could do with some help from resourceful Travellers. - A young native has lost her earring and is too small to go and find it. Helping her just might make her smile. - Ridding Whotvar of its ancient curse, and the demon who spawned it, just might cause an old woman to sweep you off your feet. Be careful, demons are tough.
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A couple of asteroids circle the same sun as Whotvar. They are the centre of some Space-Soap-Opera like plots that will need the help of outsiders to get resolved.

  1. Mrs. Bitters wants to have a hot date with a friendly space captain, but her husband keeps here practically chained to the kitchen. Helping her find some things to wear can be a rewarding experience.
  2. Mr. Bitters is looking for a certain stone that can turn any item into gold. He is offering an item that he stole...err, received for his good works on a far away planet.
  3. Baby Bitters wants to play with her blocks again, but she gave them to a kindly old dwarf *snicker* in exchange for a magical stone. Finding the blocks will lead to getting what the blocks spell.
  4. Mavra Chang is a space captain with the hots for Mrs. Bitters and an urge to punish Mr. Bitters. She has some information that can lead to getting lots of gold. Can anyone help her out?
  5. A girl just wants to dance and who can blame her? But doing it naked can be embarrassing. Anyone that can help her find her clothes will be rewarded by Dr. Bitters.

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Each of the 40 islands in the different archipelagos, and many places on the mainland too, have their own natural assets that can be traded in some other places. There are two main centrepoints for the trading, each with its own large marketplace; the island Carpathos in the South Sporades, and the island Cyprus in the far east part of the Mediterranean Sea. Usually you can get a better price if you find the right buyer somewhere else, however. Just remember that if you give someone and item that they didn't ask for, they will be a lot less willing to pay.

During the antique era trading is mostly done by bartering and based on trust. You GIVE a person something they desire, and in return you RECEIVE something else. This could be a more developed item that you can trade elsewhere. But it can also be the Currency known as Trading Points, which will eventually allow you to buy some cool stuff, once you've collected enough of them.

The prospective Trader would be advised to start on Carpathos, where you can acquire Nautical charts and Trading charts listing Sellers, Buyers and the current prices of some items.
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Apart from the lucrative Trading, there are also some more traditional Quests you could do in the Aegean Islands.

  1. A young man named Spiros, on the island Samos, is grieving his lost bride, Calinia. But maybe she isn't lost forever? According to the talk in the harbour taverns, her ship was taken by Icarian pirates. Asking around a bit might help in finding the lost bride. Just be careful, so you don't get to share her destiny...
  2. On the island Tenedos a guerilla war is raging. A young woman is longing for her fiancee, who has taken to the mountains with the rest the young men. If she could just see him once again, to make sure that he is safe and sound...
  3. On the island Anaphe the settlers are longing for their old homes in Attica and Euboea, and for their families left behind...
  4. There is a mystery on the seemingly uninhabitated island Lebinthos. The seamen talk about an ancient curse of Zeus, and avoid the island as much as possible. But for an adventurous Time Traveller this could be the start of a challenging Quest, in search not only of a lost people, but of a sculptor, who is as famous as he is elusive.

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Northeast of the archaeological camp in Old Carthage lies the secluded and fenced in Carthage Bay. Here the visitors are allowed to try their hand at some archaeology themselves, since the staff is so overworked. Everywhere in and around the shores of the bay, and sometimes spreading into the excavation camp you can find shards, pieces of pottery and even pieces of ancient weapons. Some of them are just stone shards, and some of the pieces can be pretty hard to find. Don't expect them to lie around in the open, if they did someone would have found them already.

You need to find all the parts to an item and then turn those in to one of the archaeologists of Camp Carthage, who will put the pieces together and reward you, provided you have found ALL the pieces. (You'd better make sure that you have, before turning them in, because otherwise those pesky scientists will just keep the pieces and all your hard work will be im vain). If you want some more hints have a look at the backside of the card too.
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The Nile has always been the main Trade route of northeastern Africa, much more important than the caravan trails that traverse the vast Sahara desert. All kinds of goods are shipped along the Nile, downstream in the summertime during the flood season, upstream in wintertime when the prevalent northern winds facilitate sailing against the current.

The trade between the three countries Egypt, Kush and Punt is lively, with Kush in a strategic position between the other two. There are Trading Markets in several places along the course of the river; - Aswan, Elephantine Island, Kerma, Napata, Meroe and Khartoum, which all sell and buy a number of the most common trading articles for TradePoints. But you'll find that the prices vary a bit with the location.

Mostly you'll be paid in TradePoints but in the Land of Punt trading with the natives is traditionally done by bartering, item per item. The determined Trader can make a good living from it.
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The Sun Phenomenon of the Abu Simbel temple is famous. It's not quite clear whether it appears by pure chance, or whether it is a very clever design of the architect of the temple. What happens is that the first rays of the rising sun will illuminate the four statues set at the back wall, almost 50 m inside the mountain.

As the sun moves, the small illuminated area will move too, from statue to statue. Only during a short period of the year, around the vernal and autumnal equinox, this area will be large enough to illuminate all four statues at the same time. But this is not all. When the rays of the sun hits a statue during this period, it will spring to life - that is, a certain amount of life - allowing the statues to talk to one another for a short while. And what would four statues have to talk about? Well, the truth is, statues trapped 50 m inside a rock temple don't get a lot of excitement. So, what they mainly talk about is how bored they are. Perhaps YOU could relieve their boredom a bit?
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Life after Death plays an enormous role in both Egypt and Kush, to the point where each city in Kush has a mirror city for the dead. A large part of Life in those countries is to prepare for Death - your own or that of your beloved ones.

The Kings and Pharaohs build impressive Mastaba tombs and Pyramids, where the walls are decorated with amazing murals, and the chambers are filled with grave-goods - and often also with the sacrificed bodies of their servants, concubines, guards and slaves. The ordinary people have fewer resources, but even for them it is important to be sent off in style, and an entire industry has developed in Kerma focused on grave-goods, mostly ceramics and cloth. To be buried in style in Kerma, the body has to be wrapped in at least 5 pieces of the famous Kermian cloth, and since this is very expensive, families often leave their mummified dead above ground until they can afford a decent burial.

You'll find several Quests connected to the burial rituals of Kush. But beware - the Dead don't always appreciate being disturbed, and although the Bas can be quite talkative, they can also be vindictive. And although you may be lucky enough to find some extremely valuable object among the linen wrappings of a mummy, you might also be slain on the spot for the sacrilege.
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Nomads have a hard life in this arid desert. Their only fortune is their herds, but the herds need to move constantly, to find fresh grazing and water. There are some campsites in oases with wells that provide enough water for both people and animals, but the nomads can never stay very long in either of those, because the herds will soon have devoured every green straw on the ground. So they are always on the move, always living on the marginal. Perhaps you could make their life easier in some little ways? But then again, there are also Egyptians in Wawat, and they tend to regard all Nubians, including the nomads, in the same way; 'The only good Nubian is a dead Nubian'. So maybe you will choose to help the Egyptians instead. It's a free choice, after all.
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You wouldn't believe it at first sight, but this inhospitable desert is filled with buried treasures. The tombs of the nomads, objects dropped by passing caravans, the belongings of travellers that died in the desert, all are soon covered by the drifting sand. But sometimes the ever blowing winds will shift the sand again, and uncover an old skeleton, a decorated tomb, or just an object dropped by mistake - and to modern Time Travellers these objects are archaeological artefacts of great value. There is even a Trader, Kabeebi, who has set up shop in the desert just to trade these artefacts. You need patience and a keen eye to be good at archaeology, but once you get the hang of it, you can scrape a good living from the trade.
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The land of Kush has a strategic location, not only between Egypt and the Land of Punt, but also at the crossing of the two main Trading routes of Africa, the Nile, and the Caravan trail between Carthage and the Red Sea. The Kushites are traders by nature, and make a good profit on both ends of the Egyptian-Puntian trade. But the Kushites are also fighters by nature, and quite often find themselves in more or less open conflict with Egypt. Keeping up the Power Balance, without jeopardising the profitable Trade, is like a tricky game of chess, one that needs foresight, cunning, courage and patience.

You too can be a part of the Top Politics of Kush, if only mainly as a courier, a carrier of dispatches. This may seem just like some sort of glorified 'errand boy', but there is more to being a courier than meets the eye at first. If you fulfill your task faithfully, never straying from the path, you'll build up a trust, and the final reward may exceed your expectations. Delivering a dispatch to the wrong recipient, can be extremely embarrassing and even dangerous, for both the sender and yourself. Remember that the bearer of bad tidings often gets the blame... On the other hand, delivering a dispatch to someone other than the original adressee can also have interesting - even profitable - results sometimes... It is your own choice how to carry out your tasks...

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The Amun Priests wield great power in both Egypt and Kush. Too much, many think. The temples of Amun hold enormous treasures, and the Priests of Amun form a Brotherhood - a web that covers both the lands. Only one Pharaoh ever managed to challenge their power, Akhenaton, who tried to establish monoteism in Egypt, the worship of the God Aton instead of Amun. For a while he was successful, but in the end the Amun Priests prevailed. Akhenaton was murdered, and the weak young successor Tutankhamon reinstalled the worship of Amun.

Since then the Amun Priests have gained even more power, more or less eliminating all the other Gods, reducing them to becoming different aspects of Amun and Mut. And yet the Priests crave even more power. They do not only rule in matters of religion. By pretending to forward messages from the God Amun himself, they can heavily influence the choice of a new Pharaoh or King. And naturally they prefer a ruler that is weak, someone they can manipulate easily. The present King of Kerma is too strong-willed to suit their agenda. So the Priests have concocted a plot, to have him removed from power and replaced with his feeble-minded younger brother. The Traveller can choose to assist either side...
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The kobolds and goblins of NightDragon Realms have been at war for centuries - it's time for this bloody battle to end. Choose a side and join the army - will you work your way up to Dragon for the kobolds or Worgrider for the goblins? Either way, loyalty has its rewards while betrayal will have its punishments.
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Quest 1 Jack The Ripper The good citizens of Victorian London are depending upon Sherlock's legendary sleuthing skills to apprehend the monster known as Jack the Ripper. Unfortunately, Sherlock is having problems and needs help. Visit him to find out what he needs and join the hunt for the Ripper. Be warned, the hunt is long and arduous and not for the faint-hearted.

Quest 2 Mary Shelley is fed up with her husband disappearing off to poke around in old ruined Greek temples. Talk to her and undertake her quest to bring him home.

Quest 3 Bedlam Asylum, the hellhole where the deranged and insane are sent for 'treatment'. Not everyone incarcerated within its walls deserves to be there however. Meet with a mother and help her recover her daughter. She will be indebted to you and a nice reward awaits those who succeed. By the way, guess who also is incarcerated there?

Quest 4 Dr Jekyll is becoming increasingly more worried, his latest batch of potion was too strong and Mr Hyde is taking over control more and more. Unless somebody stops him, Mr Hyde will soon be completely dominant and Dr Jekyll will cease to exist. Help Dr Jekyll find the items he needs for his antidote and banish Mr Hyde for good.

Quest 5 There are also some smaller Quests, to help various citizens in need.

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The great Master Bard, Taliesin, has come to the Metropolis of the Elves, and from near and far the bards gather for the yearly Contest, where he will be the Supreme Judge. There are two main rules for the contest: The poems must be 6 lines long and they have to be in rhymed verse. The prize is very prestigious, and the winning bard gets to perform before the Elven King. Four of the local bards have registered for the contest; Mendel Caladron, Valith Chanderell, Isidia Sungold and Amalith Starglance. Each of them very much wants to win, and they wish almost as much that their main rival will NOT win. So naturally everybody is getting very tense, and in a moment's despair all four of our local bards have torn up their efforts and thrown the pieces away, fearing that they are not talented enough to win. The next moment they regretted it, but by then it was too late - the wind had already blown the pieces away... Each of the bards would pay a lot to have their poem restored, for they can no longer remember what they once wrote, and their inspiration has drained... (But their distress is so great that you must give them the lines in the correct order, or they will not recognise their own poem, and might just throw the scraps away again).
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Old McDonald has a farm, with a load of animals on it. So has farmer Joe. He's also got a wife and two kids. But the thing that he cares for most of all in this world is his prize bull, Old Red. He's so crazy about that old bull that the ring in its nose is made of pure gold. Ain't that ridiculous? Wouldn't that old ring look a lot better on you? Especially if you could find someone who would adapt it to a better size...
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Did you ever want to try your hand as a private detective?
Now, here's your chance.
Lady Anne, the wife of the well known Robber Baron, has lost the key to her jewel case. She's convinced that one of the servants has nicked it, and has turned to the 4D Travel Agency, with the request that they send a detective to her to solve the mystery. Should be a piece of cake for a smart hotshot like you.
All you need to do is talk to Lady Anne, and all the other inhabitants of the castle, and then draw your own conclusions about whodunnit.
It should be pretty obvious in the end, to someone with normal intelligence and an open mind.
And if during your investigations you should happen to come across the key to the Robber Baron's own treasure chest... who would blame you, if you...
Because after all, the Baron is a brute and Lady Anne is a bitch. And I can promise you that you'd really like to get your hands on what's in that chest.
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Almost all fishermen tell those very long and boring stories, usually about the hardships they endured at sea, or the really fantastic fish that they caught - or failed to catch - at one time or another. Naturally the fish gets bigger and the hardships more dramatic for each time they tell their story. The fishermen in Green Fen are no exception to this rule, and by now the people of that village - inhabitants and visitors alike - are getting so tired of their longwinded tales that they have a hard time keeping their audience. But if a listener actually managed to stay awake during the entire story, they might - just MIGHT - get to know something that could lead to... who knows what... An exciting adventure? A hidden treasure? A tale about a lost child that reveals a dark family secret? Or just a very boring story about a very big fish that got lost?
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Did you ever dream of going to sea? Becoming a Pirate, or maybe a Viking? Travels, adventure, rich loot, treasure chests buried on desert shores... Then maybe you should seek out Mate Hook on the Pirate Galley north of Green Fen, and apply as a crew member. Now Mate Hook may treat you as a simple cabin boy - or girl - but there might be others more willing to pay well for some help. For instance the Pirate Captain, missing his pet pirate parrot Polly. Or the Pirate cook, always out of ingredients for his not-so-tasty stews. Or the poor galley slaves, yearning for freedom - or at least a drink. And of course, everyone knows that where there are Pirates or Vikings, there are also buried treasures. All that you need to do is probably to find the four pieces of the treasure map that some pirates divided among themselves in the past... Then again, engaging in some simple trading with the good merchants of Green Fen might be a faster and easier way to make a buck.
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Fenizia is known as the City of the Poison and the Dagger. But there are other sides to that famous city as well. Life goes on, as in any city. People fall in and out of love, sometimes the love is not popular with their relatives. Like Oscar de la Renta, who loves boys... but loves opium even more... Or the lusty Lucretia Fellini, who loves the pieous Mario Donatello. Neither her brother Cesare or Mario's brother Don Giovanni approve of their liason. There is no love lost between the two men otherwise, but in this matter they are totally in agreement. And Lucretia has secrets, which can be used to keep her in line... In fact everyone in Fenizia has secrets. People say that the Orsinis are the only exception to this rule, since they boldly flaunt their occupation as hired assassins. But maybe even the Orsinis have their secrets? And maybe some competition in their chosen trade might be profitable...
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No doubt you have heard of the Golems? Those nifty trainable pets, who will stay loyally with their master in any situation? The pets that you can pick up and carry around? The pets that will gradually grow stronger as they fight with you? The ultimate pets, actually. Sold by Ferdinand Lilliput, the famous Golem maker of Fenizia. Now there is one small problem with them. To perform at their best, they need to be cared for - in particular they need to be treated regularly with Ferdinand's famous Golem Ointment. And lately word has it that Ferdinand has run out of ingredients for this ointment. Being so small, Ferdinant cannot easily travel around the country to collect what he needs. But he'll give a sizeable discount to whoever helps him.
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To join the Roger Young Space Cadets, you need a number of qualifications. This Quest is to determine who is the most worthy to be their next recruit. You need to locate Roger Young and apply to him for a position among his Cadets. He usually can be found in one or the other of ten bars, located on different planets in the Galaxy. (After all, he does get around a lot, and a man needs some relaxation time, doesn't he?) If you have trouble finding him, perhaps talking to one of his Space Cadets might help a bit. When you've found Roger Young, just say: "I want to apply as a space cadet" to him. He will give you a note with the first part of the test. After you finished one assignment, and provided the proof, you will get the next one. (You always need to complete one assignment before Roger Young will hand out a new task). If at any time you lose the current note, you can always get a new one, by asking Roger Young for the latest assignment.
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No Dwarf or Gypsy is welcome in Fenizia, and the reason for that can be found in the Cronicles of Fenizia that are kept in the famous Library of Light. Some say that Fenizia's decline was caused by the curse of the Gypsy. Others discard the thought as superstition. So maybe the curse worked or maybe it didn't. But there is also another side to the story. The gypsy dancer, Esmeralda, who was defiled and dishonoured by the Fenizians, is an old woman now, but still alive. So a woman wronged needs revenge. And sooner or later, she is going to get it. Maybe with your help?
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Centuries ago a group of Fenizian adventurers raided the Dwarven caverns, and got away with a huge treasure. The wealth of Fenizia is mostly founded on that loot. The dwarves of Thandar have neither forgiven nor forgotten. Almost every year bands of dwarves attack the city, hoping to catch the inhabitants off guard. So far their raids haven't been successful. The walls of Fenizia are too strong and too well defended. But the dwarves haven't given up. They are firmly resolved to one day conquer the city and get back what is rightfully theirs. And until that day, there are other means and methods of getting their revenge. Talking to the King of Thandar, might result in a very profitable assignment.
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We are all sinners... But luckily the Church makes it easy for us to be absolved. All you need to do is to confess your sins to a Cardinal, and he will give you absolution, and possibly even sell you a letter of Indulgence. But when the Cardinal of Yorke, the Head of the English Church, has sinned... Who will absolve HIS sins?
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It has been over two years since young Galahad left on his Quest to find the Holy Grail, and hardly a word has been heard of him since. Galahad is deeply loved by everyone who met him, from the King to the humblest peasant. He is considered to be the greatest of all the Knights of the Round Table, even greater than his father Lancelot. By now everyone is extremely worried about his absence. King Arthur is particularly unhappy, since he feels guilty about sending the young knight on the Quest in the first place. He doesn't really care about the Grail any more, he just wants Galahad back. The young knight must have left some sort of trail behind, and the ones most likely to hold some information would be the clerics all over the realms - monks, priests, abbots and cardinals. But the best way to start the search is probably to talk to King Arthur himself, who may be worried enough to confide in a Time Traveller. He might give you some lesser assignment at first; after all trust has to be earned. But as soon as you've proved your value, he might send you in the tracks of Galahad. Be prepared for a long and hard quest...
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Poor King Arthur! Not only is he worried about young Galahad's long absence, he is also struggling to keep things together, after the scandals, first with his illegitimate son Mordred and then with Lancelot and the Queen. But Arthur actually has bigger problems than this. There is a rebellion brewing against him in his own city, Durmandle, started by a bunch of disgruntled merchants. While Arthur still is blissfully unaware of this new threat, everyone else in the city seems to have an opinion both about the many scandals and about the budding rebellion. There is a lot of gossip all over town, which is how the Captain of the King's Guard managed to get wind of the conspiracy. Being one hundred percent loyal to his ruler, and knowing about his many worries, the Captain is equally determined to stamp out this fire, and to keep Arthur unknowing of the planned treason. So the entire affair has to be handled with the utmost delicacy and care. And since the Captain is a bit too well known in the city to go undercover himself, he might assign the task of investigation to a Time Traveller. Maybe it's a bit naive of the Captain to assume that someone fairly unknown to himself could be trusted. But Time Travellers have earned the reputation of being both resourceful and smart. Whether they also deserve a reputation of being trustworthy is perhaps up to you to decide. There is after all two sides to most conflicts. And maybe both sides would be willing to pay well for the assistance.
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Southwest of Durmandle is an ancient cairn, situated on a hill in the rural landscape. The locals tell all sorts of strange stories about this landmark. It's supposed to be a tomb, in some way connected to the ancient Druids. And many of the locals swear that the place is haunted. Strange lights and sounds have been observed around midnight. And they also claim that when the moon is full, the ghost of an old Druid Priest returns to claim a treasure once stolen from the tomb. If you decide to seek out the truth behind the stories, be warned that the Quest will be long and hard. Moon phases play a big role in Druid religion, and since rituals have to be done at the right moonphase, some patience will be required. But if you persevere, you might find the path to the lost and legendary Land of Avalon, which is said to have been hidden by the Fairies long ago. And if you succeed in bringing the lost artefact back to its rightful owner, you'll be richly rewarded. See also Questcard 105, Avalon Adventures.
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The Main Quest in Avalon is of course to find and retrieve the Sacred Sickle of the Druids, (see Questcard 104). In fact just finding the way into Avalon is a Quest in itself. But there are other adventures in Avalon...

1. Gwyn app Not not only lost the love of his life, one of his dogs ran away chasing rabbits. Since Gwyn guards the access to the top of Glastonbury Tor, it would be a good idea to keep on good terms with him.

2. A Pixie stole Amelia Brittle's baby, and put her own child in its place. Can you help Amelia to exchange the changeling back again?

3. The famous Elven bread can only be baked on meal from the Durum wheat, that grows on the plains of Avalon. Last year's harvest was a disaster, so the Baker in Elven metropolis is waiting eagerly for this year's harvest. But the miller of Glastonbury isn't about to give it out for free...

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At the Crystal Castle way up in the northern sky, a young knight has a bit of a problem. He is due at Camelot to face King Arthur for a promotion, but it seems he has lost his vestments during a party that somehow went a bit... wild... Apparently some of the young ladies involved took advantage of his incapacitated condition afterwards, and decided to play a practical joke on him. Now he cannot face the King without his knightly vestments. He has a vague idea about what happened, but it would be embarrassing if he had to face those that took his vestments himself. Embarrassing and perhaps a bit awkward for a man that wishes to become a Knight of the Round Table.
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Is Utopia really the model society that it claims to be? On the surface everything may look fine, but there are hidden problems and a growing discontent among the citizens, even a Resistance movement...

1. THE SECRETS ARCHIVES OF UTOPIA The main Quest is to help the journalist Josh Bannerford unveil the true history of Utopia, by finding the secret files in the City Archive. A good way to start, beside talking to Bannerford, would be to find the Meeting Room of the City Council, and eavesdrop on their sessions. Other good places to gather info might be the Hairsaloon in the Shopping Mall, or the Southsider Pub, where the Resistance members usually meet. It would also be a good idea to make friends with the members of the City Council, who naturally hold a lot of information.

2. THE SOUTHSIDE PROBLEM The City Council wants to renovate the Southside District, the oldest part of the city. The area is rather run down, so they want to level it with the ground, and rebuild it completely. The Southsiders on the other hand like their area exactly as it is. They want to keep the character and just have the old houses carefully restored. They even want the entire area to be declared 'Cultural Heritage', since it was the first place the immigrants settled in when arriving on the planet. Talk to Alicia Lovecraft, the leader of the Resistance, if you want to help them in their struggle.

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As a Tourist in Utopia there are several Quests that you can do to finance your stay:

1. THE CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION In the year to come, the Utopians will celebrate the City's 100th birthday, and the preparations are in full swing. Part of the celebrations is a big exhibition with items from other worlds and time periods. Each of the five Council members has got a list of six items that they need to collect. Naturally they'd appreciate the help of a seasoned Time Traveller like you.

2. THE BIG GAME HUNT Every month a Big Game Hunt is held outside the dome. To partake you need a special invitation, but the prey is said to be challenging and unusual, and there is a nice reward for whoever wins the Hunter of the Month title.

3. THE CENTENNIAL DIAMOND As a part of the centennial Celebration a diamond will be hidden somewhere in Utopia every day. The Citizens and visitors are encouraged to try to find it, and give it to Mz. Amy Vine, who will hand out a reward.

4. SPECIAL PURVEYOR OF SHROOMS Even though there are machines to harvest the pink moss and shrooms that are essential to the economy of Utopia, an enterprising visitor can make a good buck by collecting shrooms and trading them to Mr.Greaves of the UFF, who will also pay a good price for a beetle that eats the shrooms. There might even be other buyers in the city willing to pay a bit more than he does. Also the intelligent harvesting machines tend to pick up other stuff from the ground, and may occasionally drop interesting things when killed. But there are many dangers outside the Dome, so watch out!

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Trading can be done in all Dimensions. (See also Questcard 54, 75, 79 and 82). But it's probably easiest in Medieval, since so many facilities are gathered here. You have the farming fields north of Olde Yorke and the Gardening facilites west of the city. You can lumberjack in the forests, and also collect bird's eggs, which several innkeepers and bakers will pay tradepoints for. Eggs are also needed for Cooking/Catering, and so are fresh fruits from the Orchard south of Olde Yorke and milk products, which can be produced in the Dairy north of the city. Northeast of Olde Yorke you'll find the Crafter's Alley, which holds the facilities for Textileworkers and many other crafts.
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The Counsel of the Beasthall has seen more death than victory over the last weeks, but with a recent discovery of a possible way to bring the to the enemy, now they need the help of a strong cunning hero to lead the way into the depths of horror itself. But to get to the entrance to the stronghold of evil, you need to first gain the trust of the inhabitants of the village Gelindril. More about this in Questcard 111.
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The villagers of Gelindril need the help of a strong and resourceful Time Traveller. By helping these people and earning their trust, you will eventually gain access to the Flying Fortress, where unspeakable evil resides.

1. FIND THE MISSING DAUGHTER The number of missing persons has steadily risen since the coming of the great war. One such person is the daughter of the city's steward, who would grant a great boon to whoever finds and rescues his daughter.

2. HELP THE TRADESMEN The recent and nearly endless war has stretched supplies thin, and the local tradesman of Gelindril are eager to take assistance from whomever they can. Beware, the people have grown to distrust strangers however, since the war has brought many a false "helper". Too often have they found themselves being betrayed by clever spies for the enemy.

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There are several quests, both easy or hard, that can be done in the Fun Fair.

1. Collect coupons and win one of four cool prizes. (Easy)

2. A Daycare Teacher has lost two of the kids in her group. She is naturally very worried, and the kids must be scared stiff. (Easy)

3. The male Marsipulami has run off too. His mate is unhappy, and Agatha, the bearded lady, is missing her pet. (Medium)

4. Even though the Killer Klowns and the Pie Monsters once were best buddies, they had a fallout, and are now mortal enemies. This probably has something to do with both species having as their ultimate goal to rule the Universe. So the High Pie Councellor might ask you to kill the klowns, and the Klown Captain might ask you to kill the Pie Monsters, and you can choose to help either of them. Or maybe both, since people who want to rule the universe are usually best dead. (Easy-Medium)

5. But the main Quest is of course to help the unlucky Fun Fair Owner to get rid of the Killer Klowns once and for all, by blowing up the spaceship that they came in. KABOOM!!! (Hard)

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It was said that the Dragon Queen's son, Angel was to be the savior of the Dragon Forest, but he hasn't been seen since the time of the Dragon Wars which was centuries ago. If only there was a way to get back to that time and save him...
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There are many things that you can earn TradePoints and Tokens from, while travelling in the Old West.

A. Become a RANCHER, in the 4D Ranch south of Dodge City. Raise your own herds of cattle, sheep or horses, and drive them to the Market.

B. Become a TRAPPER; trap, catch and skin fur animals and trade the skins in any of the Trading Posts - or develop them further. The Train Company also pays for dead buffalos - and Indians.

C. Become a PROSPECTOR; pan for gold in the streams and rivers, use a cradle or sluicing box, or pry the ore directly from the bedrock. The Trading Posts may pay a better price than the Dry Gulch Office.

D. Become a LUMBERJACK; There are large forests out west, and some customers pay a better price than the lumbermill near Olde Yorke.

A good way to start your career as a Rancher, Trapper or Prospector would be to visit one of the three Trading Posts along the Westward Ho Trail. Not only can you buy all the tools you need there, you can also trade most of your products to them. Not to mention that they are selling three very useful MANUALS, about how to become a TRAPPER, a GOLDMINER or a RANCHER.
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Apart from the numerous ways of earning Tradepoints and Tokens as a Trapper, Goldminer, Rancher or Lumberjacker, there are also a number of more traditional quests that you could try out, as you travel from Dodge City to Tombstone by foot.

A. BRONGBRAT, the Strong Man at the Circus apparently needs some help.

B. Apply as a RANCHHAND with any of the Bar-X or Circle-Y ranches. Perhaps the FOREMEN will have a task for you. You might even become a bronco buster...

C. Assist some of the LEGEND CITIZENS. It seems that several of them would like to use you as an errand boy - (or girl) - to cover up their own, somewhat shady business. But as long as they pay you well... Who cares?

D. Help the TRAPPER in the forest south of Legend, who has hurt his leg in one of his own traps. Embarrassing, right?

E. There is a serious RAT PROBLEM, both in Dry Gulch and Legend. If you are the lucky owner of a tame ferret, you could make a buck or two, by getting rid of the pests. It's even rumoured that the Chinese pay for dead rats - you probably don't want to know why.

( 115A , 115B, 115E easy, 115C, 115D medium)
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If you tire of earning Tradepoints and Tokens as a Trapper, Rancher, Goldminer or Lumberjacker, you'll find many other quests out there.

A. BUTCH CASSIDY is bored. Sitting out the winter in the Hole in the Wall is extremely... well... boring. Maybe you can assist?

B. Not all travelling west are headed for the California gold fields. Some went out looking for free land to farm. But the life of the SETTLERS is hard and some of them really need help.

C. There are rumours of a STRANGE INDIAN TRIBE threatening war on the Prairie. You may be able to stop an invasion - or start one.

D. AYANA, the daughter of the APACHE Chief fell in love with the wrong boy, a NAVAHO. Both the fathers are vehemently against the match, but young love will usually find a way. Perhaps you can help them?

E. Everyone knows about the controversy between the EARP BROTHERS and the CLANTON GANG. Eventually there will be a shootout at the OK Corral. But until then, both sides might be in the market for a skilled gunman. Talk to Old man Clanton or Marshal Wyatt Earp.

(116 A, 116C, 115E medium, 116B hard, 116D very hard)
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The Chinese navvies were imported from China as cheap labour for the railroad between Dodge and Tombstone. Some of them stayed behind to work in the Legend Mines, and when they later were run out of both the mines and the city, they set up camp south of Legend. Chinese people are not allowed to own land or stake claims, so now they make their living in other ways, mostly by trading - they even deal in drugs. Truth is that they have some rather shady business going on, partly involving the Legend citizens and miners. This usually means a fair chance to make some profit for any enterprising travellers.
But the Chinese have a social life too, and even though the families are spread over half the west, they still manage to keep in contact with each other, using a courier service. And presently there is a wedding planned, between two families in the Legend camp. Rumour has it that they may need some help with the wedding preparations. (hard)
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You have probably heard about Ali Baba and the 40 thieves, and the hidden cave with all the legendary treasures they collected on their raids to the Sultan's palace.
Now is your chance to find out if these legends are true. Of course, you need to get through the desert to find the cave first...
And then figure out how to get into the cave...
But that shouldn't be too hard for a smart guy like you.
This zone is mainly for those who just left the Newbie zones, and are looking for something a bit more challenging, but still not too hard. It was created by one of the Helpers, so it has some easy quests, designed to teach you some of the things that are special for this Mud. Things like listening, smelling, looking behind and under things and so on...
You will find the zone just east of the Gate that leads to the Old Carthage Excavation Camp. Or you can use the shortcut at the west end of Venture Way.

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This zone follows a different concept from 4D zones, and can be considered a Puzzle Zone. Completing the crossword will net a silver token, plus a very special item.

Typing 'map' in the zone shows eight horizontal lines, and they correspond to eight different words. And like traditional crosswords, there are clues in all of these rooms for you to figure out what these words are.

The goal of this zone is:
1) Find out what these clues mean, and deduce the eight words they correspond to.
2) Find a way to input these words, and complete the zone.

To help players with this zone, here are some hints:
1) The Control Room is the key to solving this zone.
2) Each 'line', or group of rooms corresponding to a word follow a certain theme. Finding the theme may make it easier to decipher these clues.

Happy puzzling, and enjoy the zone!

And for those needing an extra hint, look at the back of the corresponding questcard.

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The Game Grid is in a computer world where the MCP rules supreme. Few users dare challenge the MCP, as he mercilessly deletes those who oppose him. The computer programs carry items that help in defeating the MCP, but are afraid to use them. Can you be the first user to beat him, and then escape the Game Grid?

If you've already beaten the MCP, perhaps you might try vying for the top score. The MCP himself might tell you how to do so....

Three hints for the MCP:
1. These items only spawn when the challenge is ongoing, so killing the mobs before the challenge won't give anything.
2. Looking at all items will give a clue on how to use them.
3. If the MCP happens to catch you in the same room, there is only a small chance to escape without using any of these items. Stock them up!

Two hints for the maze:
1. Remember that you have other senses as well!
2. There's more than one way out of the maze.

One overall hint:
1. You have to complete the Quest at least once to unlock certain features, but may have to do it twice to find out how to unlock them.

Note: This zone has a lot of experimental features and some easter eggs, send Pix a note ingame if you think you've found them all. One experimental feature in this zone is a proposed method of how ranged weapons could work. But there are more...

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The Arabian Desert is a harsh and dangerous place, with its inhabitants eking out their living one day at a time. Most of them refuse to talk to strangers, but there might be one or two people who might open up to you.
Someone has a vision from the Gods..but needs help to realize it.
Tales tell of a mysterious forest in the desert - perhaps someone dwelling there might need your assistance?
An ancient prophecy lies buried somewhere in the desert, foretelling the destruction of the earth.
The Questcard doubles as a prototype Quest Journal for the Arabian Desert. To activate this card, HOLD it in your hands, and type questcheck.
If you think you have screwed up some quests in this zone, you can reset the questflags by HOLDing the card and typing questcheck reset.

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1) The Ticking Tower

The criminal mastermind, Professor Moriarty, is running amok in south London, backing all manner of criminal activity. While Sherlock is laid up in his house at 221B Baker Street, he sent Watson to investigate the scene. But now Watson is missing and Chief Inspector Lestrade has no idea where to begin. The clues will take you far and wide, can you save Watson and defeat Moriarty?

2) Blood In The Streets

A foreign Count recently arrived in London and a sudden rash of bloodless corpses has littered the streets. Only Abraham Van Helsing has the experience necessary to end the terror, but the agents of darkness have scattered his weaponry to prevent the final showdown between good and evil.

3) Reanimation

Strange things are happening in Castle Frankenstein, ghastly things involving bloody organs and fresh corpses. A visiting lecturer in the Royal College may have some important insight. While an angry mob attacks the gates, Victor Frankenstein frantically seeks to unlock the secrets of life and death.

4) A Jolly Holiday

Mary Poppins just wants to take the lovely Banks children on a tour of London, maybe even visit her good friend Burt, the famous Chimneysweep. But Mr. Banks is a sourpuss and thinks children should be at study, not at play. Can you help the kids a little, maybe even give them the time of their lives?

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1) A Scientific Breakthrough

Doctor Griffin has finally made a breakthrough in optical science, permanently altering the human body's refractive index. While us Time Travellers have already mastered these skills, he may have something else of great value... if you can find him.

2) The Fate Of An Overseer

The overseer of the London Steamworks ran a fierce workforce, taking no grief and offering no quarter. Did the boilermakers rise up and knock him down?

3) Brother Seeking Father

Father Francis has gone missing and is nowhere to be found. Brother Jonas has hunted high and low, but cannot seem to find him. Is it too late?

4) Great Expectations Thwarted

Edwin Drood, Abel Magwich and Phillip Pirrip are down on their luck and in need of assistance. Can you help them fulfill their great expectations?

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Just northeast of Olde York the Royal Forest awaits young explorers. Whether you uncover the various quests, discover hidden rewards, or collect animal skins for trading, there is much to do for the recent arrivals to 4D.

- A shepherd has lost his flock, can you help him out?
- Pests are running rampant through the Royal Forest, and the warden will pay nicely for your assistance.
- Wolves are a nuisance as well. Their ears fetch a high price.
- One of the game wardens has gone missing, his daughter needs your help to find him.
- Legends tell of a gang of Irish robbers who stashed their treasure in the Royal Forest. Can you locate the map?

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