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Usage: look board

read <number>

write <subject>

remove <number>

Bulletin boards are the forums of inter-player communication on the MUD.

There are different bulletin boards for different purposes. For example:

a standard mortal board, a board for immortals, a board for Clan messages,

etc. Naturally, not all players may be allowed to read or write on all types

of boards. The main Bulletin board for all players is at Recall. Another

Board, reserved for information from the staff is 1 east of Recall. All

players can read this, but not write on it.

To start a new message on the board type WRITE <subject>. Next you'll be in

the editor where you can write your message. At a new line (after entering)

type /s as the first character of the new line, to save your message. Look

at the board to find the result.

Some other options in the editorwindow are:

/c clears the message, so you can start over

/l shows the entire message without saving it

/s saves the message on the board

/r 'first string' 'second string' replace one string with another.

/h shows you some more help/options

Each of these options has to be typed as first character on a new line.