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This page discusses current, future and purposed projects for the wiki.



  • Revise Landing Page -
WIP Table format with blocks of guide information

Port in-game documentation

  • A large portion has been parsed and imported in via bot to create pages due to the naming convention used in the mud and wiki differing a number of redirects will need to be added, see below.
A large number have been created and can be added as needed
Category landing pages will need to be created - otherwise they will display a red link/broken link. - update adding as subcategory to Help Files
RP, Clans, Races, Skills and Spells pages have been tagged, Subskills - Wip (some info is in the help, or on signs - this may be a bigger project to compile all the info here)
Roland is adding a lot of information to this section, a link can also be found on the left hand menu



Port old website

We should port the old websites info over to the wiki. Change it to the wiki format, and make sure it's up to date.

  • Completed and linked of Navigation menu.