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Usage: hold <itemname>

rem <itemname>

All Clans have a clanrecall item, which can only be used by the members. Non

members using it are likely to land in deep trouble, worse depending on how

evil that Clan is. (It could range from being dumped in a very nasty place

with aggro Mobs, to just getting a slap on the fingers, but better not try it.

There should be a warning text on the item, warning non members off).

The Clan Recall item is designed to carry you safely back to the Clan Hall,

but some of them can do a bit more than that, depending on how much the Clan

has paid for improvements. (In 4D you pay with Tokens, not RW money). Usually

the clanrecall works by holding or removing it, but there are exceptions. If

you should lose your clanrecall, you can get a new one from Bart, 2 s of

Recall, by saying a specific phrase that you'll learn from your Clan. (For

Seekers the phrase is: I am new here.)

Many Clans also have a crashproof Clanhouse, for the members to store their

items. Again this is dependant on how rich (= powerful) the Clan is. Since

the capacity and guestlist of a House is restricted, you generally have to be

high rank in the Clan to get actual access to this, but you can usually ask

one of the higher ranks to store a bag for you.