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Cooking and Catering offers a new and improved option to develop and trade the

products from the Farm Fields and Garden Plots north and west of Olde Yorke. It

involves a bit of legwork, since you have to grow some of the ingredients,

develop some of them yourself, and collect others all over the Realms. But it is

also rewarding, since the customers pay a good price in Tokens.

To get started as a cook, you need to seek out Ma Brown, who lives in a small

cottage on North Trade Road, between Olde Yorke and Osten Ard. She'll take you

on as an apprentice when asked, and will also give you many useful tips, each

time you ask for a lesson.

Once you've graduated as a cook, and get Ma Brown's Recipe Book, you need to

find a kitchen. You'll probably find the actual cooking pretty easy, since

you'll get help with it, but an advice is to collect all the ingredients,

before you start cooking.

Then you can trade the finished dish to one of the 12 Taverns, that are part of

Ma Brown's Catering Network, for a good price. You'll find a list of these

Taverns and their preferences in Ma Brown's Recipe Book, which also contains

8 recipes and some valuable tips about where to look for the ingredients.

There is more detailed info on our Forum in the CRAFTING/SOFT Skills board under,33.0.html.