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To play 4Dimensions mud, you must connect the server using your preferred gaming interface.
If you already have a gaming client downloaded, use the following information to connect.
Remember the host name can be the web adddress or the IP. If the domain is not working, try using the direct IP address.

Host Name:
Port: 6000

If you don't already have a client, you can always connect via the webclient or here are some links to popular ones.

  • Webclient - Play Now via your web browser.
  • Mudlet - A free to download client that works on both Mac and Windows. Their forums are often useful if you are stuck on a problem.
When connecting for the first time, additional plugins for 4D will be downloaded - adding features like menu bars and mapping.
  • Mobile
    • Android - BlowTorch for use with phones and tablets.
    • Apple - Store Link - will list mud clients for apple devices (MUDRamer and the TMC Game Client are currently free apps)