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In order to mine, you'll need the subskill mining. The mine Foreman in

the mining camp is the person to talk to. He can make a miner out of you.

mine_basics (how to get started as a miner)

mine_commands (explains the commands used for mining)

mine_equipment (about the different mining equipment available)

mine_mods (the different modifications of your mining skill)

mine_damage (how to reduce damage from cave-ins and other accidents)

mine_stealth (how to avoid traps or sneak past aggro mobs)

mine_bonus (how some equipment gives bonuses to find certain rooms)

mine_speed (how equipment can improve your tunneling speed)

mine_tips (some tips about what to look for in the mine)

mine_goals (about the special rewards of mining)

dynamite (another way to make tunnels)