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Usage: remort <class>

Your character can have up to 4 different classes. When you start the game you

start with a single class, and once you have reached level 50 in that class,

you are given the option to REMORT into a new class or the same class.

You will transform into that class as a level 1, keeping most of the skills

from your previous class as well as your maxmana and maxmove.

The benefits of remorting include increased movement and mana points, and

larger array of skills.

This special feature of 4D allows you the choice of either spreading

your skills out over several classes or specializing in one class to reach

perfection in it. This means that your character will grow in strength and

power each time you remort.

Specializing means going through all the tiers in the same class, up to tier

4, level 50. Once you remort out of this, you have MASTERED the class. Each

class mastery gets a different special bonus.

If you then remort into a new class, you'll obtain the spells/skills from your

previous tiered class, at the right level, up till tier 2, plus the new

skills/spells tier 1 from your new chosen class. Once you've become tier 3 in

your new class however you'll only have skills/spells from tier 1 from your

original class. Once you've become tier 4 you'll only have the skills/spells

from your current class, while those of your first class will be 'forgotten'.

Once you have mastered all 8 classes, you will become a GRANDMASTER.

Grandmasters are stronger than regular classes, because they receive a

combination of most skills in the game, up to a certain level.