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Usage: backstab <victim>

Duration: Instantaneous

Backstab is a way to sneak up on a person and attempt to place your dagger

in his back, at exactly the point where it does most damage. A successful

backstab gives a damage multiplier, depending on level.

The chance of successfully backstabbing a person depends on how well you

have practiced backstab at your guild. You can always backstab sleeping

people. Backstab can only be done wielding a piercing weapon and at the

beginning of a fight.

This is a Tier 1 skill. Those can be learned at the Class Guildmaster

providing, you belong to the specific class. To find these Class Guildmasters,

type HELP GUILDS' LOCATION to find directions on how to get to them.

Other Trainers:

Andrea Orsini - Medieval Dimension - Fenizia

Nicolo Orsini - Medieval Dimension - Fenizia

Dark Elven Assassin - Medieval Dimension - The Odessin Keep

Callidus Assassin - Medieval Dimension - The Ice Castle

See also: ENCIRCLE