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Super WIP

What is MUSHclient

MUSHclient is a mud client for windows.

Why MUSHclient?

Has a number of quality of life improvements over telnet and other clients with a customized interface for 4D:

  • Giving you a Minimap of your current location
  • Shows health bars and active affects etc.
  • Chat windows tracking in-game channels like gossip, tells and clan chat (this may be a work in progress)
  • Powerful scripting features


Originally Developed by Kavir and the 4d Admin staff. Customized


The easiest way is to download it from the 4D website, it comes with the GUI plugin and everything you need. You can get that here.

  • Unzip it and then open the MUSHClient.exe file to launch the client.
  • Close the "Quick tip's window"
  • Click on File at the top of the window and then pick "Open World, next pick "4d mortal.MCL" and finally click Open.

(one time settings for loading the plugin - rework as this is a lot of steps to complete.)

  • File, Plugins, click add, locate the Gui_4d.xml file and click open, click close
  • under connections, click disconnect, and the connect, this will relaunch the window with the new interface.

You can also get the latest version of MushClient from the official website here.