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AWARDPOINTS POINTS Usage: award <amount> <player name>

Roleplayers can collect AwardPoints, with which they can buy different

features of special interest for Roleplayers. The points are awarded for good

roleplay. The ability to use the Award command is limited to Imms, Heroes and

recognised Roleplayers, who earned this right by collecting points themselves.

For each RP session a total of 15 points can be divided among all the

participants, in proportion to their achievement.

Each Awarder gets a total of 15 points per day, which they can use at their

own discretion. Unused points do not accumulate; the total amount is reset at

15 at the beginning of each new day. To avoid abuse and favouritism, the Award

command is logged. You can not award points to yourself or your mort.

The way to get the AwardPoints is to take active part in any RP session

initiated by imms or heroes. You also have the option to log any RP session

you may have been in with other players. Take a screen shot and send the log

in for appraisal, and the points may be awarded in retrospect. There will be a

RP Jury, consisting of 3 established Roleplayers, to judge those logs.

Players can collect awardpoints even if they are not registered as RP. But to

actually USE the points, they need to register first.

For information about the possible RP rewards see roleplayrewards.

To see how many awardpoints you have look type: worth.