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To become a Registered Roleplayer in 4D and get access to the RP flag, you

need to write a background story about your character. It should deal with

your life up till the day you first entered the 4 Dimensions, which all

players do at the age of 17.

To be accepted, a background story must be minimum 20 lines length, and

written in correct English, i.e. no grammar errors or spelling mistakes.

Stories that don't fulfil these requirements will just be returned to sender

for improvement. More info on where to send the backgroundstory can be found

at the Roleplayers' Office two east from recall.

Please avoid making your background be that of some kind of God or Superhero,

with unlimited wisdom or unnatural strength, fighting skills, magic powers

etc. That gets rather old, and properties like this are also very unlikely to

have been developed in a 17 year old. A story like this could also easily

make you the subject of ridicule among other players. Remember that you will

be comparatively week when you enter the game. It is a much better strategy to

make your background story fairly modest and realistic, and then let your

progress in the game speak for itself.

You should also be prepared to stick to the characteristics you lined up in

your background story when you roleplay in the game, so avoid making it too