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  • Players are allowed to kill other players to obtain a {cr<Quest{cyCoin>{c0, but
    only if it is a legal PK. Looting {cr<Quest{cyCoins>{c0 from players who have
    died to mobs is also legal.
  • Players may save the {cr<Quest{cyCoins>{c0 but cannot have more than 20, for you
    will only get prizes at 20 coins.
  • Players cannot pass in the {cr<Quest{cyCoins>{c0 until appointed time.
  • Players cannot put these coins in any containers, scripts prevent it.
    If any found in a house or in a backpack of any sort, beware the
  • These {cr<Quest{cyCoins>{c0 are not for the faint at heart, newbies might want
    to steer clear, for a hunter is collecting them.

{cMThe Coin Hunter{c0

This large beast has one quest, to collect coins. He will track down

and kill anyone with a {cr<Quest{cyCoins{c0 and loot it from his or her corpse.

  • Newbies be warned*. This high level mob can be taken on with a

group or alone to obtain the coins he has, but he will not load with them.

See Also: coinquest

This quest was created by Lonewolf with the help of Mordecai