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Fearless - The Dimensional Warriors

We are a group of Dimensional Fighters, devoted to honor, discipline and wisdom.

We always aim at the top no matter what is it no matter where is it. If there is

a chance to achieve the goal be sure we will try. And if the faith may choose to

bring defeat upon us, we will not be discouraged because nothing is impossible

for the power of will. We can fall 7 times and we will stand up 8. This is the

way of the Dimensional Warrior.

Honor, because we honor ourselves, our lifestyle and our brothers in cause. We

respect each other and the world where we live, the Four Dimensions.

Discipline, because we seek the perfection in all we do. From the moment we wake

up until the moment we fall down asleep.

Wisdom, because we are knowledge hungry on the continue pursuit to ameliorate

ourselves aiming at an evolutional level that gets close to perfection, almost

touching it.

This is the way of the Dimensional Warrior, are you ready for it?

Requirements to join our faction:

  • Registered PK player
  • Registered RP player
  • Pay 5 Silver tokens
  • Accomplish the entrance proves
  • Fulfill the entrance ceremony