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Usage: map

In some places of the World there are large Grid Zones that are characterised

by the following features:

  • You can generally walk in any of the 4 main directions in all rooms (and
    sometimes, but not always, up and down too).
  • Since the grids are very large and usually mostly what's known as a
    transport zones, the rooms may often (but not always) look similar.
  • The command MAP, while typed anywhere in a grid will display a 7x7 room map,
    with yourself in the centre. The entrance to the real zones will show up
    as a certain symbol in the map.
  • Depending on the nature of the terrain, your view may be blocked in certain
    directions. (For instance the trees in forests block the view, and so do
    hills and mountains, unless you are on top on them.)
  • Vehicles work in the grids as long as the terrain is right, and you can even
    have spacefights or naval battles, by shooting missiles at other ships.

For now the grids are implemented only in the Future Dimension (Spacegrids,

Planet Poon, Jurassic Ocean,) and large parts of the Prehistoric Dimension

(Aegean sea, Mediterranean Sea and Greek Mainland), but we may expand them

to the other Dimensions later.

The Grid related HELP entries are:

  • Gridsymbols
  • IGTC
  • Missiles
  • Navigate Coordinates
  • Spacegrid
  • Spaceships
  • Wildernessgrid