How to Contribute Content

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To begin with, thanks for your interest in wanting to add content, a wiki is a community project that takes time.

to start you will need have an an account created and emailed to you, (we have had vandalism in the past that we are trying to avoid).

you can also send an in game mail to Loran with a request and we can set you up.

After logging in and setting up a password you can now edit and create pages, if you take a look at the Wiki Projects page there will be a list of whats currently being worked on and needs expanding on.

we can always use new guides, having pages from the Help Files category pages tagged with their type, so we can sort them easier, like spells, skills, commands and the like,

you can also drop a note on my talk page Loran (talk) and i can give you some pointers or point you in a direction that needs help.