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irradiation radiation

A room that is affected by irradiation, will cause radiation sickness.

This will decrease constitution, moves, and stamina periodically and also

accumulate, the longer you stay in an affected room. After a while you will

mutate, meaning that you begin to have a larger constitution, moves and

stamina loss, and now also mana decreasing.

On the other hand you get a .25 multibonus to fire spells, as long as you

are affected.

The effects of irradiation will slowly decrease, once you leave the affected


But there are also instant cures for both radiation sickness and mutating,

which can be bought and sold for Tradepoints in Utopia.

There is also a protection suit available, that will prevent accumulating

of radiation, but as long as you are wearing it, you won't get the positive

effects on the spells.