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These are the backgroundstories of the people who applied for a RP-flag over the years in 4D. If you would like the flag yourself, send your backgroundstory for your character to Diandra at After the story is approved, you'll get the RP-flag ingame some time later. Those who find their story missing, but still have a copy of it somewhere themselves, can send it to the same emailadress to get it published.

The stories are grouped alphabetically:



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Acacia is the granddaughter of Queen Akasha and King Enkil, once rulers of the Nile and later on the queen and king of all vampires. She learned of how they became vampires from her mother, Ankhmutes (meaning image of her mother). They had enraged the spirit Amel and as punishment, Queen Akasha was possessed by Amel, transforming her into a creature with a lust for blood. The queen then gave her blood to King Enkel, transforming him as well.

Ankhmutes feared her parents transformation and for their lives as well, so she stole away with her younger brother, Tepemkau (meaning best of souls) with the help of the servant, Khayman (before he became a vampire). Khayman put the children in the hands of a band of gypsies, knowing they would be safe with them. There they stayed safe and hidden from Akasha and Enkil for some years. Ankhmutes feared, yet still loved, her parents, and named her baby girl after her mother.

Many more years went by without incident, and Acacia grew up to be a beautiful and intelligent young woman. She had a striking resemblance to her grandmother but fortunately had none of her prideful and 'bitchy' qualities. She loved to venture out into the unknown by herself especially at night, due to her curiosity and love of adventure. Her mother however, disapproved because of Queen Akasha and her vampire brood; Ankhmutes had learned that her mother had been searching all those years for her and her brother, intent of giving them the 'divine gift'. Acacia went out anyway and did not take her mother's fears seriously.

One night when she was seventeen years old, a vampire saw her and was surprised by her resemblance to his queen. He decided to let her be and secretly followed her back to her home. He then reported to Queen Akasha of what he saw. The next night, as Acacia was coming home she heard screaming and smoke coming from the direction of the camp. The queen and a few others vampires had come to the gypsy camp and were killing everyone. Acacia started towards the camp but saw her uncle Tepemkau running towards her. He grabbed her and pulled her away from the chaos. Acacia struggled and asked him what was happening. He said nothing and kept pulling at her. Then the queen herself came out from the shadows and grabbed Tepemkau and sank her teeth into his neck. Acacia screamed and could only stare as her beloved uncle's life was being taken away. He managed to tell her 'Run...' before he lost consciousness. The queen stared at Acacia, smiled and said 'Yes, run!' and then reached out for her. Acacia screamed and ran blindly into the night. The queen smiled again and cried out after Acacia 'You cannot run from me. I will find you!

Acacia ran without knowing where she was going, what she was going to do. After a while, she stopped, exhausted and hurting all over. She saw a lake and stumbled towards it. Before taking a drink she saw Queen Akasha staring back at her from the water. She gasped and then realized it was only her reflection. With hatred she cried out and clawed at her face. She felt her nails dig into her skin and her warm blood sliding down her cheeks and neck. Then the world suddenly started to spin and she fell forward into the lake. As she fell into darkness an image of her family flashed in her mind, and then nothing. (time-trap into the future: 22nd century)

When Acacia awoke, she found herself in the arms of a strange woman. She looked up and saw another woman with crusted blood where her eyes should be. She trembled in fear but in her mind came the voice of the woman, 'Do not be afraid. I will not harm you. I am Mekare and this one by me is Maharet. We know who you are. I must be quick however for my time is coming to an end. I have waited all these centuries for you. I carry the spirit of Amel. When Akasha, your grandmother, met her end, the spirit of Amel had to pass onto someone else to preserve all the vampires - she was the lifeforce of all vampires for she created them. And so the spirit was passed onto me but I was too weak to keep the spirit and it has drained my strength. The spirit of Amel desired for you to be the new lifeforce for he has sensed the power of your soul.'

Makare stood up, walked towards Maharet. They nodded to each other and with that, Maharet plunged a dagger into Makare. Acacia stared dumbfounded as Maharet carved out Makare's heart and cut her skull to take out the brain. 'Eat' she whispered hoarsely and shoved the still warm heart and brain toward Acacia. She tried to back away from Maharet but found that she couldn't. And to her surprise and horror, she felt her arms reach out and take the organs. She saw Maharet smile and grin. She cried as she ate the organs against her will. As soon as she did this, she felt a powerful force enter her, almost knocking her to the ground. She screamed as she regained her will and rushed towards Maharet. She grabbed the woman and without thinking about it she bit into the neck of Maharet and started to drink her blood. With her last dying gasp, Maharet exclaimed 'Hail, the new Queen of the Damned!

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My name is Acererak. I was born twenty-one years ago into the warrior tribe known only as the Walker of Shadow. My father, Thelos, was truly proud that day but would soon come to realize that his third son was to never be all that was expected. I was born an outcast, having what my people call a sickness of the mind, but my illness was not to manifest itself until my thirteenth year. By this time I had realized that I had not the heart of a warrior, but felt the calling that a few of my race ever answered. I knew I was to be an ESPer. A few months before my thirteenth cycle I met a male known only as the Watcher. He helped me to open my mind to the universe and all it secrets. Then my father discovered me one night on my way to my midnight meeting with the watcher. That's when the beatings began. He would howl with rage as he struck me, telling that I would become a warrior and not disgrace that family honor. Little did he know the damage he was bearing upon me. One night during a particularly harsh beating I felt my mind shift, my hand flew up to meet his when...

...I saved that little twerp from the butt-kicking of his life. Still hasn't thanked me. Ungrateful louse. My name is Lorthos and I am what Acererak calls his 'evil side'. Evil huh? He would be dead if it weren't for me. Whenever he gets himself into a jam I come out to save him...

...and he also got me into serious trouble that night, so much in fact that I was forced to leave my tribe and my home world forever. I have wandered may years searching for a world that I could call home and be safe of the torture and ridicule of this disease one doctor I met in my travels called MPD- multiple personality disorder. Shortly after being diagnosed I was walking a long a lone road when I happened upon a small child lying in a ditch close to death. She had been beaten badly. As I knelt closer to her I felt my mind go the way it did when first I encountered lorthos...

...and as I looked upon that child I felt the I, Jena, was her only hope. Taking out a powerful healing potion Acererak had purchased, I touched the bottle to her lips. As the thick liquid touched her tongue I could see in her eye her health regaining. I stayed with her long enough to make sure she would be able to make it home alright... was shortly after that that I came open what was to be my new and permanent home. This planet of 4 dimensions was perfect for me a land as jumbled as my mind. And it was here that I would come to find my new family. Drifter, the leader of a clan that thrived on chaos, found me in a dark alley, lost in a dark reverie, fighting to keep my sanity as the voices in my head fought for control. It was he who took me in and gave me shelter, realizing that as the chaos of my mind drove me to keep control, so would it also keep me in service of the clan. I am truly thankful for him finding me that day, and I remain hopeful to one day silence the two who battle within me. But until that day I will remain loyal to my clan and leader.

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Aeia Eiae of the Iai'ea

Within the depths of the Iai'ean mountains, a secluded forest valley lies. Protected from those who can not survive the trek across the bitter frost, the people here have no fear of the outside world. Euae the healer, was teaching her son the skills of medicines, using plants, roots, and herbs the forest graciously provided for them. Near the outskirts of the forest, a faint cry could be heard, and out of healers instinct Euae went to investigate the sound she had heard.

As Euae and her son Aeia reached the edge of the forest, a dozen spans from the mountains base the faint cry could be heard again, slightly louder this time. Searching around the large boulders that are at the edge of the mountain, the sound could be heard many more times, but as she and her son got closer, it seemed to jump places. Unsure and weary of the situation, Euae took her sons' hand and began to rush back towards the forest edge. From the shadow she saw from corner of her eye, and a low crackling sound she heard, she instinctively stopped, jerking her sons arm back so hard, she dislocated his shoulder. With a resounding crash, a boulder slammed into the ground with great force, only a few feet away. The dust expelled from the impact of the boulder was thick in the air, making it hard to both see and breathe.

Covering Aeia's face and eyes with a silklike cloth, Euae held him tight in her arms and began to run back towards the forest again. Once out of the dust cloud, and back in the safety of the forests edge, Euae began her healing techniques on Aeia's shoulder, caressing his face every time he whimpered at the movements of his shoulder and arm being put back in place. She then bound his arm to his chest with a sling, and reached into her pouch for a small black root, which she placed in Aeia's mouth. Quickly the drowsiness took over, Aeia still in his mothers arms, fell into a relaxed, comforted sleep.

Dreams, more like nightmares. A vision of a blizzard, bitter cold, darkness surrounding. A familiar voice faintly in his ear. But what is she saying? 'my son ... evil here ... I love ... forever ... give you ... power ... never return...' Darkness again. Falling, the wind in his ears, but no other sound. He tries to make a sound, but nothing.


A flash of white light, quickly jerking upward, I opened my eyes. Out of focus and confused I jumped up quickly, listening and feeling around, using senses that were just as confused. I close my eyes, my head spins, I try to concentrate... Slowly... Breathe... I open my eyes again. It's winter? I have never seen snow in the forest before, it usually can only be seen on the peaks of the mountain. Winter hasn't touched our forest in 14 generations. This forest is different, as my eyes continue to focus, I can see the trees are quite different. A rough substance surrounds them. I can break a piece off... There! Smooth like our trees, what is this stuff? I taste it. Very bitter, I spit it to the ground. What evil has done this?

I went running towards the edge of the forest, but stop abruptly when I get there, where are the mountains? What is that great stone building in front of me? Wait, it's not stone, it's ice! Turning quickly, I began to sprint away from the magnificent castle, not wanting to know what being resides within it. Wandering lost in the Frozen forest, I came upon a path that looked to lead to a way out. After many hours I see a large stone wall in the distance, the path leads directly into the wall, which has a gap for the path. As I pass by a well, I suddenly feel thirsty, stopping for a drink, I look into the water and don't recognise the person looking back. My eyes are the same, emerald green with flecks of light green throughout. My face seems older, much older than I remember being. Thats when it comes to me. What's my name? Searching my memory, my head aches, but I begin to remember. Iai'ean forest... A quick flash of a woman caressing my cheek, but it dissapates as quickly as it had surfaced... I wonder who she is. But that still doesn't answer anything, I know where I'm from, but who am I?

Taking another sip of water, and staring into my own eyes again from its reflection, it just arrives in my head, like someone had whispered it in my ear. Aeia Eiae. You are a son of the Iai'ea.

Satisfied for the moment, I continue to wander towards the wall. As a get to the wall, 2 guards step out from the shadows and snap to attention. One smiles and tells me to 'Have a good day.' That's when I see a sign in the ground. It's in a language I can read, but one word is unkown to me. The sign reads Olde Yorke Wandering into this village, a woman approaches me and requests money, stopping to speak with her, she is amazed to find out I have no idea what money is. She explains the concept of currency to me, though confusing, it seems it is the custom here to make trade for the things you require, in either a currency form, or by agreement of one type of resource for another. I continue on and reach what would look to be the center of this village. A rift in my vision as I'm looking around catches my eye, and I walk towards it. Holding my hand out, I reach to touch the

rift... As I do, everything turns fizzy for a moment, and I'm in a different place. Startled I quickly look around to find no one. 'Calm down' I jump again, looking around everywhere. 'I am invisible, as you need not know my identity. I welcome you to 4 dimensions traveller. I suggest you go north and learn the rules and customs of this place.' I feel a pat on my back, hear a gust of wind and feel alone. Reading the signs and following the arrows, I go north towards a Mud School. So it seems my journey begins here.

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I've never known my birth date, or even my place of birth. I have vague recollections of my life as a child. They place me in a small villa during the 13th century. I spent most of my years in this place called Aragor, with the human Azure's. I was one of three children in the home. It was some time before I realized that I wasn't really their blood. I suppose if I'd ever asked why I looked different, they may have told me.

They treated me as their own, and as naive as I was at the time it didn't seem to matter. I felt security in my new family. The Azure's taught me philosophy, religion, and even self-defense. I grew, respecting this 'God' they'd taught me. Reading any literature, poetry, or even notes that I could get my hands on. So thirsty for knowledge.(a trait I can't seem to outgrow). Ah yes, the children. Philip and Annebelle... Needless to say we were the best of friends until their teens. I suppose all the teasing and ridicule from the locals got to them. Or perhaps their parents obvious favoritism of me. I loved them both the same.

I never knew Master and Mistress Azure's names, as queer as it may sound, I always referred to them as father and mother. I loved my new family with all my heart, and day in and day out I spent an hour in the nearby cathedral praying for their well being. *A single tear falls*

The Azure's were a wealthy and educated family, and as all prominent families, the Azure's had a few enemies...One night while we were asleep, I was awoken by the sound of broken glass. I rushed from my rest to investigate. It was too late... the doors and windows were all barricaded except for the one used to ignite the house. I didn't know what to do. I gathered the family and dropped to my knees. Praying above the loud screams from outside. Over the, 'Half-breed!' 'Freak!' 'Demon Lovers!' 'Burn and rot in hell!' I prayed like I never had before. I even prayed as I heard my love ones cry, and felt the flames licking my skin. I prayed harder and harder. Wishing that 'God' would spare them. I kept praying when the flames took the air from my lungs and left me unconscious. I prayed harder and harder.

I awoke some two days later and found myself at the feet of The Time Guardian. I cried out to him, 'Where are they?!' 'Please tell me they got out!' ....he gave no answers. I lay there at his feet for days, churning with emotions in his silence. A horrid desire of vengeance, hatred of 'God', and the greatest despair fathomable. So here I am, not sure of where I'm going or what I'm searching for. I only know that I will find vengeance, I know no faith, and I hope to find my true heritage during my travels.

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Ahriman was born to a merchant. Not very wealthy but not dirt poor. He was the youngest son of two, so when his brother took over the business, Ahriman was forced to go find something else to do. The merchant, (who died soon after so you don't need to know his name), had a local swordsman teach his sons some basic weapon skills.

So Ahriman decided to see if he could join some mercenaries. While he was wandering down a road, he ran into the Red Hand. They took him in as a camp worker, but not a fighter. While he was there, an elderly soldier taught him some more combat tactics like bashing your opponent and using your feet. During a bloody battle, the enemy broke into camp and Ahriman was forced to defend himself. Many died, but the regiment leaders took notice of Ahriman's skills and hired him back at a soldiers pay. From then on he became a good fighter. While not very strong, he was very fast and accurate, sometimes landing two or so blows before his enemy could react. He picked up that weird accent and some strange terms from his work with the Red Hand.

Alas, there came a day when the regiment was attacking the city of a local independent baron. An evil wizard working for the baron made a horrible poison, blended it in the drinking water and killed most of the soldiers. Many of Ahriman's good friends died. They took Ahriman prisoner and tortured him severely, but he finally managed to escape. While he was running, he snatched a strange looking blue stone from the wizard's room.

The wizard chased and trapped him again. In desperation, Ahriman threw the stone down and was magically transported in time to the shattered realms of 4 Dimensions. Since then he has been hunting down the wizard through time, searching so he could get revenge...

He finally tracked the wizard to a town named 'Olde Yorke'... Knowing that he would be recognized, he disguised himself as a common thief. There he has been waiting. But while being a thief, he has become more evil than he used to be. Backstabbing his friends has corrupted him some. Will he ever become good again? Or will he become as evil as the wizard he hunts?

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The woman looked over her shoulder at the small group of people, smiling and waving to those who boarded the shuttle from her home planet Niveroku to the nearest time trap. The people of her homeland were unique in the way of Nekos. Feline ears and tails on seemingly human bodies. Though they could purr, and had feline-like abilities... always landing on their feet, for one. They are kind hearted folk, so it broke her heart to raise a pale hand and wave to her two little sisters, mother and father. With nothing more than a bag over her shoulder she made off to this strange new way of life... a time traveler.

Yeah, her skills are kind of low, the woman still has one hell of a sense for adventure, so of course this is perfect for her. It would keep her out of trouble, for instance. When she was a kit (Kind of a mix between kitten and kid) she used to wander through the forest, collecting random items, and bringing them to people, to barter for something soft, or shiny. Also she had this weird idea that completely robbing certain places (The ridiculously wealthy folk up the lane for one) was ok, so long she could use the things, or pass them on to someone else.

Memories like this flooded her mind as she took a not so comfortable seat in the rear of that shuttle, and tucked her bag against her flank. Taking one last peek out the small smudgy window at her home world, those bright eyes closed lightly and her head reclined against the seat. What was to come? Would she be successful in her travels? Is it possible that new friends, relationships and trusting bonds can be formed in this 'fourth dimension'? The thought knotted in her stomach so terribly she was going to be sick, but it was too late now... She was on her way.

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Alexandria was a young babe when her parents left her for good. She lived a long life, though still very young. She has been traveling her whole life, ever since walking was able. She seems a quiet girl, and timid at times. Her family, she does not know. She does not wish to see her family, as they had left her. Her life has had many troubles, including the loss of her best friend, a small black kitten, with the name Moonstarr. She wishes to get another black kitten, and have another Moonstarr, though the first will never be replaced. Her life seems long, though it is not. She works hard to fulfill her life, and now she is with child, and soon to be married to Jared, her first and only true love. She is happy now, she has a family, and will be adding on more now.

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Alexis wasn't always as complacent as she is now, nor has she always been a slave. It was just a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. So let me go back to the beginning of Alexis' story.

Alexis was a little bit on the rebellious side, well maybe a little bit is an understatement. She would always pick fights with those that were always way out of her league. Then, for some reason that she doesn't want to disclose, she gave up on picking the fights. Alexis started to learn how to track animals, and finally came to the conclusion that tracking animals was too easy and she wanted something more challenging.

So, one day she was in Aussie and she picked her victim within the throng of the crowd and followed her. She walked as indiscreetly as possible without trying to bring attention to herself and eventually lost her victim when they rounded a corner. Alexis became frustrated, and tried to find the female she had been following.

About five minutes later Alexis felt a hand on her shoulder, and was spun around swiftly which caused her to lose her balance and fall to the ground before her victims feet. As Alexis looked up, she took notice to the female caressing a whip, and she instinctively grasped her weapon in her hand and tried to get up to slice the female's throat.

Fortunately, the female was more agile than her, and whipped Alexis so hard she collapsed to the ground, with her weapon falling just out of reach. Her body ached from the force of the whip and she just lay on the ground in agony at her 'victim's' feet.

The female turned to leave and dropped a tiny gold plated brochure accidentally on the ground, as if she didn't notice. When the female was out of sight, Alexis moved her aching body over closer to the item the female dropped. Alexis opened the brochure and suddenly found herself surrounded by overstuffed satin pillows, but the gold and silver shackles which covered the walls made her a little uneasy.

The female appeared behind her and startled Alexis the second time that day. This time she revealed her name, Isis, and gave Alexis a choice; either she could stay in the pleasure pit and be tortured and rot, or she could become Isis' slave. Alexis didn't like either idea all that well, but all she knew is she didn't want to be tortured again. So Alexis decided to become Isis' slave.

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I was born into a noble family of High Elves. My parents were always aloft and distant towards me. They let me run about and do what I wanted. On my 18th birthday the elders of the community approached my family about a marriage for me to the son of a neighboring noble family. The son of the family hated me as much as I hated him, yet he was willing to go through with the marriage because the elders had told him to. I refused; I would not marry him and indulge the whims of the elders. My parents begged me to reconsider, in an effort to save the family honor, I scoffed at them saying, 'Family honor? What does that mean to me? You never cared about me before why now? Just to save the family honor? I have no care for that, what about what I want and need?” My parents got angry and sent me away. The next day the elders approached me saying that if I didn't marry I would be cast out of the village and all other villages. I was to be shunned by al elven kind. I still refused and was thrown out of the village. All of my thoughts and emotions turned against them towards hate. None of them ever cared what I thought or felt or wanted, ever. So I decided to travel and find the drow. I wanted to join them, for I hated my kind, as did they. I arrived near the hills that I was told was the land of the drow, after about a year of travel. One day while walking nearer to the hills, someone that at first, I couldn't quite see attacked me. I noticed it was a drow, and I said, 'Wait! Don't kill me I've been searching for the drow for about a year now. I want to join them in their mission, the elves have no care for me and I hate them all.”

The drow stopped and looked at me and said, 'Follow me.” I followed him under the hills past many drow and into a room that looked like a temple altar. Then the drow turned to me saying, 'Get on your knees and keep your head bowed if you want to live.” I kneeled down and bowed my head and waited for whatever was to become of me. I waited for what seemed like 10 hours or more. I wasn't even sure anyway because I had lost count after the first hour or so. Suddenly I heard a voice say, 'How dare you, you despicable elf, come into my temple? What brings you here alive, for you are certainly not a sacrifice? Hurry and answer me before I turn you to stone.” 'My lady, I am not exactly sure what to call you; I have come seeking to become a drow. The elven people have kicked me out because I would not do what they wanted me to do. They have no care for me and have exiled me. I have nothing but hatred for those who gave me life, and wish to serve you in your mission to exterminate them. I didn't hear a reply for the longest time. I kept my head down and stayed on my knees. I expected to be turned to stone, then the voice said again to me, 'I have considered your request and have examined you for any hint of lying, and found your story sound. I also see the hatred you hold in your heart for the high elves runs pure,” I hissed at the mention of their name, 'So I have decided to grant your request.” 'My lady,” I said hesitating at being so bold to ask anything of her with her giving me permission to do so. 'yes I see you have something to ask, it had better be reasonable or I will change my mind.” 'My lady, I only ask that you would change me into a drow so I am fully accepted by them, also so I don't cause distress in your kingdom.” 'Ah! Not only are you strong in spirit but in mind also, I will grant your request, stand up Amelia.” I stood up but still kept my head bowed. Suddenly I saw a dark cloud envelop me and enter every part of my body. A wave of fire, or heat, crashed through me. It felt as if my skin was on fire. In a matter of seconds my skin had turned from a talc color to a charcoal color, my hair turned to deep purple, and my eyes to a vivid green. Inside I rejoiced finally I was free from the only thing that still bound me to the high elves. Then the voice said to me 'Welcome my daughter to the land of the Lolthites. Now as joining my kingdom you need the pledge your self to me and my goals. Also I want you to become a priestess in training.” 'My lady, you are the only person I know who has ever cared for me. You listened to me even though you wanted to kill me. So I pledge my life, my skills, and all my power to honor you and accomplish your goals. I will gladly undertake the goal of becoming your priestess.” Then Lolth said, 'I accept your pledge of loyalty,” as she embraced me, 'Now go learn and accomplish my goals.” I bowed and turned walking out of the room with my goals turned towards proving my self to the drow people and becoming a priestess of Lolth, the only person who ever cared for me.

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No one is quite sure how Amidala came to the realms. It didn't matter anyway. She quickly made friends with her personality and fun-loving attitude. Dela and Nicoli adopted her and raised her as their own. She won the heart of one of the strongest players in the realms, Johas. They married and she adopted his son, Pharggo.

Soon, she started feeling like something was missing. Something wasn't quite right with life, so she moved on and travelled on her own for quite some time, searching for something that she couldn't quite put her finger on. After two years, she returned to the realms thinking that she would never figure out, or find, what it was that was missing. Yet, little did she know, that what she was looking for, was waiting for her back in the realms the entire time.

However, things had changed while she was gone. Changed in a big way. Her father was gone. Her mother had moved on as well, however still comes back to visit every so often. Amidala went back to what was once her home, and found it abandoned. Everyone had left. She was on her own.

But she was welcomed back into Dark-Jedi with open arms. They took care of her when she was a child, and they were here to take care of her they always will be. She quickly picked up what was left of her life and moved on. She met a wonderful man named Shade, and they quickly became devoted to one another. So devoted, in fact, that their first child is already on the way.

Although a good part of her life is filled with good and happiness, having been raised on the darkside has had its affects on Amidala. She will stop at nothing to get what she wants...

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Candlelight danced on the wall as an old armour-smith - (a friend of my father's I was later told) - worked on a breastplate over a glowing red anvil. You could hear a baby's cry coming from the next room. In there you could see a baby lying in a cradle. When it turned it was clear that it was an elf, its pointed ears stuck out from under its long blonde hair, and when you looked into its deep forest green eyes you would be brought almost into a trance. On the bed was a sign that said Qurion.


Ok... Let's skip a few years, since no major events happened over the next 5 years … So now, here I am, a five year old child in an old armour-smiths house. My life is great. I have friends, good friends and my best friend is Lirona, a male human. I have a great guardian, Reno, an old grey human armour-smith. He cares for me as if I were his son. And finally, there's my home, a great little room in Reno's house.

But when that night came, that took it all away from me, my life was ruined, or at least I thought as much at the time. That night I was lying in my bed, when suddenly I heard lots of screaming coming from outside. It sounded like hell itself. I decided that if I didn't do anything my life was over, so I jumped out of bed, and pulled on my animal skin clothes. I ran into the main room looking for Reno, but he was gone. He must have gone to help the rest of the town. So I searched the room (he was an armour smith after all, so I thought there would be some kind of weapon or armour that could help me). But there was nothing. No weapons, and all the armour was either to big or to heavy. So I ran out the door in just my night-gown.

It seemed that the screams were caused by a knoll raiding party, attacking the village. I saw Lirona at the door to his house, so I ran to him and told him to follow me, so we could get out alive. We were running to the gate, dodging side to side around the knolls. We were a few metres away from the main gate when suddenly Lirona … Sob, sob… - my best friend hit the dust… I saw a javelin had been thrown into his back. And before I knew it there were like six knolls all around me.

I did all a 5 five-year-old elf kid could do. I screwed into a ball on the ground and sobbed, when all of a sudden a green ray burst from my chest and a spirit appeared. It spoke to my mind, it said ' Amsacaia, you are the hope of the forest, you do not belong here. Go north from the city to the forest of Lerqishon. there you will find your birth parents. You are not meant to die here and now.' Then it disappeared, and all of a sudden I felt hope, my heart burnt with righteous fury. I thought; Lirona, Reno, I will avenge you... And all of a sudden a green blast came out from me, going in all directions. It killed the knolls and I ran and ran north. I wanted to find the forest…

After hours of running I collapsed at the edge of the forest. (I was told that I was out for weeks). I dreamt about the spirit, the death of my friends, and that power I had felt. I dreamt of the knolls. And suddenly I woke in a bed in a wooden room. There was a beautiful Elven maiden next to me and she spoke, 'Hello Qurion, I am your mother. I am sorry that I haven't been there for you in the past. Oh, how I have looked for you after that day, when Arrone, an evil mage - he looked half man, half wolf - (I now know he was a space wolf but, in that land those didn't exist) - he stole you. He spoke about how you were the hope for the good and how you must die. He left the village and left me, your father and, oh yes, your twin sister … If you're here now, someone must have saved you. You will now live hear back home at long last.'

And then I screamed 'Who's the one? I have a sister?” And as I said that a young Elven girl walked in. 'Hello,' she said to me and then she turned and whispered to my mother. I heard what she said though; ”How can he do anything? He is already 5, he has no skills and he's a scrawny little weakling.' Then I shouted, 'I'd like to see what YOU can do then… Ha! Nothing!” All of a sudden a missile of energy appeared and blasted into me. Sure, it hurt, but I didn't move. I had regained my strength. My sister just gasped and said, 'Mummy, maybe he is the one that normally sends daddy flying to the ground? So with a bit of training he might save us all.' 'What do you mean? Everyone keeps calling me 'the one', and saying I have great power, and I can save them all. This spirit even said I was the hope of the forest.' ”Ok, son,' a man walked in; 'You out of anyone who lived or will live has been hand chosen to save the forest and the Realms from the evil tide. In case you haven't noticed, evil has struck the world. You must help us. The forest is the most magical place in the world. I shall tell you what the prophesies has written. An Elven child, born as a twin of the forest of magic, when the world is in need, will save us all. I will train you to use strength and to survive.”

Over the next few years I trained in the class of a ranger. I did so for 12 years. Until the day I was to leave the village. So I donned my armour and wielded my weapons and climbed onto a horse. As I rode out, I heard a horse gallop towards me from behind and a voice cry, 'Qurion, I'm coming with you!” It was my sister. I didn't argue, just went on riding beside her. As we rode on I felt a blast in my head and I fell off my horse. I appeared to be in an endless plain of white, there was nothing there, just me and that green spirit. It said 'Amsacaia, hope of the forest, so you are starting on your quest? Good luck ' I replied, 'Huh, I'm Qurion, not Amsacaia.' It said, 'Ok, you were called Qurion at birth, but you are the chosen, so you should use the name of the prophesy; Amsacaia, hope of the forest.” 'So be it,” I said. ”Ok, now I will tell you what you should do. You must only kill evil and help the good. You also should join a clan called Table Round. You can't join them yet, because they only take the strongest, so you must train in goodness until you are strong enough. When you have done that, I will tell you where to go from there. Good luck!'

I awoke. I had nothing, no weapons no armour and was only in my underclothes. And so was my sister, who was sitting looking at me. She said, ”Qurion.” 'No it's Amsacaia.” 'Ok, you have accepted your fate, but where are we?' As she said that, a great space wolf appeared, riding a giant black dragon. I screamed, 'Look out!' She turned around and said, ”Arghhhhhhhhhh, Amsacaia, look out!” He grabbed her with magic and beat her and did …..errrrr… I couldn't say… I knew I had no power and no items, but I jumped to my feat and dived at him, screaming 'FOOOOORRRRRR THHHHHHHHHHEEEEEE FFFFFOOOOOORRRREEESSSSSSSTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!” He just fired a giant blast at me, sending me crashing to the floor. I looked, and saw my sister casting a spell. It looked as if she was doing a spell to send me to the safest place. But then I fell asleep. I awoke in a place they call Recall, and that's where I am today.

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Born into a wealthy family in the Elven city of Lyrria; my life was pretty much guaranteed to be exciting. Growing up as a boy, I was taught various things such as etiquette, how to address your elders or people of status. I never really understood any of those things and would always skip out on my lessons and find myself wandering the forests in search of anything adventurous. The last time I went out into the forest, I was exploring for a longer time than normally. As the sun set I started to walk back to the city. Arriving about a mile before the city, my nostrils filled with a horrible stench. That of death and decay and of fire... Looking closely up ahead I saw that the entire city walls were engulfed in flames. Seeing this all I could do was run to the city to see what was going on.

Ten steps from the gate, I noticed it was shut and locked? Why would the gates be locked with an inferno blazing inside I wondered? THUMP! I didn't know what hit me or who hit me... I thought I was dead, another helpless victim being carried off to the Otherworld by the Guardian of Life. I don't know how long I was out for but eventually I did open my eyes. And instead of seeing a glorious peaceful city in the heavens, I saw the total opposite. Around me stood 12 demons in robes gazing down at me, piercing my very soul with their eyes. At me feet stood a distinct individual who was taller than the others and I could clearly see his face... red skin, deep red glowing eyes; and horns on his head like that of a picture in one of our books in the City Library, a bull.

I didn't feel fear, I didn't feel my body. All I could do was stare at that man and around me. And then just as I blinked, the 12 robed figures beside me kneeled and all that stood now was the horned figure at me feet.

'Angel Penumbra, I've been searching the whole continent for you, above and below. In the heavens and in the Netherworld. I have finally found you. See, you are a distinct individual my son. Only you of everyone in the World possessed the ability to pass in between the Netherworld and the Heavens, as well as other dimensions that we have never seen before. You see, one of those dimensions is where our supreme father lies and is awaiting to be resurrected.'

Moving to the side of me he grabbed my arm, and now I could feel my arm against his. It felt very warm as if he'd been in the sun all day or even fire. 'My name is Khorne, some might call me the Blood God or rather Khaine Lord of Murder. Before I can accomplish the resurrection, I need you by my side as my General, General of all of Hell's Army. To put it in words you understand; if you do not join me by my side your life will consist of eternal suffering here in the pits of hell. But if you join me, I grant you unimaginable powers and eternal life for as long as you serve me. Will you accept my offer, General... Mortifer? I shall call you Mortifer, Bringer of Death and Destruction. What is your decision Mortifer?'

I had no other choice, and I didn't want to die... or suffer eternal damnation. So I agreed to his proposal with a stern reply, 'Yes, I will serve under you Khorne and I will give you total devotion.' As I looked at him he sneered and grinned.

'I knew you'd agree, so we have a deal then.' He shook my hand and held it still. 'First, before we can resurrect our supreme father you must first seek out my brothers and tell them of my plans so that we may do this with united will and power. They can be within any Dimension; so as you see this may take a very long time. My brothers are Tzeentch, God of Magick and also an excellent Strategist. Nurgle, the God of Pestilence, Decay, and Disease. And last, Slaanesh, the Prince of Chaos and Lord of Pleasure and Pain.'

'When you find all of my brothers, bring them to me so that we can perform that sacred artifice that will bring our father back to this World with powers to pass through dimensions at will and destroy entire Worlds. Do not be afraid to ever call on me if you ever need help. I will be here for you as well as the entire Realm of Hell. You are our only hope, do not fail us. Now go! Seek out my brothers and tell them of my plan!'

Letting go of my hand, the robed figured stood back up and began chanting slowly and then faster as they raised their arms high. A red glow begin to build inside my body as it grew and enveloped me I was now floating up into the room... but it wasn't a room anymore like before, it was inside a stone castle that I've never seen before. Standing up, and looking around, observing a painting nearby... it read 'Lord Mirkheim'.

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Long before time travel was even heard of me and my brethren elves were very well known in our world. Times were good, peace was reigning throughout the land and the only battles and strife taking place were in the lands of the undead to the west. At times parties of orcs would stumble into one of our villages, but besides these rare encounters pacifism occurred. We had made new friends with the dwarves of the mines and our companionship was of great importance to the elders of my race. We taught them in the ways of art and magic, and in return they forged great weapons for us. Yes, all elves lived great lives knowing little of hardship.

Till one sinister day when our dark kin attacked a small party of dwarves. The dwarves in their short tempers put the blame on us, and so The War of Beard began. At this time dwarves were well known for their temper and lack of forgiveness. No matter how hard we tried to restore peace, they kept attacking. But still, we refused to fight those who at one time were our greatest friends. Slowly the dwarves took our land and slaughtered all of elven descent.

Finally the dwarves arrived at one of our main cities. They stormed through our gates and killed our men while they slept. Their leader broke into our palace and found the Phoenix King, ruler of all the elves. They fought for hours, and many times the Phoenix King could have slain the dwarf but refused to kill. The King then laid his sword down, showing he would not fight his friends and wanting to end this unjust war. The dwarven leader, showing that there truly was no hope and that all honor had escaped from the dwarves, then cut down the Phoenix King. He stole his crown and wore it proudly, the dwarves hailed him, as we thought of him as a murderer.

Finally the last of the battles came. The dwarves were at our final front, and we were preparing to evacuate everyone to the island of Ulthuan were no dwarf would go. I had prepared my sword and was sprinting through the forest towards the battle. On my way I slayed many dwarven scouts and warriors. Finally I saw the battle. It seemed all hope for the elves on this land was gone. But still, I ran towards the fight.

I fought on in the battle, and worked my way to the leader of this dwarven war host. Parry after parry we fought on. I finally broke his defenses and the dwarf lay helpless on the ground. But instead of being lowered to dwarven standards and murdering this high leader, I dropped my sword in hope of them seeing that all we wanted was peace. But the dwarves still showed no sign of any of them having a brain to think with. One sneaked behind me, and pierced me in the back.

All went black. Until I found myself at the feet of some being known as the Time Guardian. And thus my life as a Time Traveler began.

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The history of Asher:

The sun beat down mercilessly upon the backs of the workers bent over sheaves of corn that stood like sentinels. Sweat trickled down between Asher's shoulder blades, tracing the paths of the firm muscle of his torso. He glanced up, dark sapphire eyes trained to the blazing orb in the sky that hung mercilessly above him.

There was a dull ache at the base of his spine caused by carrying bundles of corn into the silo where they would be stored for the coming winter. When the day's work was finished his father clasped his shoulder with one callused hand, a silent testament of thanks for another day of labor.

Since his family had moved away from the cities to become citizens of the old west and live 'the good old life' as his father called it when reminiscing, life had been an endless stream of toil. The sun still hot in his back he stumbled out to the barn, finding no respite in the bustling household full of younger siblings.

As he collapsed into the pile of hay that was closest to the back wall of the barn Asher soothed the cow who pawed the dirt floor nervously in her stall. A few bits of yellowed straw had entangled themselves in his dark curls and as he settled down to sleep in the cool dampness of the barn more of the straw prickled against his shoulder blades and back.

Just as he was about to doze off he felt a sudden pain against his side and wincing dug into the hay until his hand made contact with something solid. Slowly he pulled free a wooden box made of a rough dark material. Slowly he slid his hands over the surface and brushed a bit of dust from a rusted nameplate. Asher B. Dorilam was just legible and Asher frowned, this was certainly not his box, but his curiosity was peaked.

Using the tip of his pocketknife he pried the lid off and slid an oilcloth free to look within. Nestled there was a revolver. Asher brushed his lean fingertips across the cold steel of the barrel and smiled. This was the weapon of his grandfather, the man his father would not speak of, and now he knew why. Pacifism clearly did not run in his family as his father had sought to instill in him.

In the morning as the gray fingertips of dawn crept over the horizon Asher stumbled out of the farm house and ran towards the dirt path that lead away from the frontier and into the strangeness of the outer world. Asher would not be like his father, to be rooted in place was not his desire, rather to be free to roam the world and make his own destiny.

That was how his story would begin, with naught but his grandfather's pistol and a backpack with essentials Asher set out to brave the world on his own.

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Well to understand who Asmoday really is please read the followings: Name of the prince of demons: The meaning of the name and the identity of the two forms here given are still in dispute.

In the Book of Tobit.
Asmoday first appears in the Book of Tobit. According to Tobit iii. 8, vi. 14, the evil spirit Asmoday -'king of the demons,' in the Hebrew and Chaldaic versions, is a later addition-fell in love with Sarah, the daughter of Raguel, and for that reason prevented her from having a husband. After killing seven men successively on the nights of their marriage to her, he was rendered harmless when Tobias married her, following the instructions given him by the angel Raphael. Asmoday 'fled into the utmost parts of Egypt and the angel [Raphael] bound him' (ib. iii. 8, vi. 14 et seq. viii. 2-4).

In Testament of Solomon.
Akin to this representation in Tobit is the description of Asmoday in the Testament of Solomon, a pseudepigraphic work, the original portions of which date from the first century. Asmoday answered King Solomon's question concerning his name and functions as follows: Test. of Solomon, transl. in 'Jewish Quarterly Review,' xi. 20. 'I am called Asmoday among mortals, and my business is to plot against the newly wedded, so that they may not know one another. And I sever them utterly by many calamities; and I waste away the beauty of virgins and estrange their hearts. . . . I transport men into fits of madness and desire when they have wives of their own, so that they leave them and go off by night and day to others that belong to other men; with the result that they commit sin and fall into murderous deeds.'

Solomon obtained the further information that it was the archangel Raphael who could render Asmoday innocuous, and that the latter could be put to flight by smoke from a certain fish's gall (compare Tobit viii. 2). The king availed himself of this knowledge, and by means of the smoke from the liver and gall he frustrated the 'unbearable malice' of this demon. Asmoday then was compelled to help in the building of the Temple; and, fettered in chains, he worked clay with his feet, and drew water. Solomon would not give him his liberty 'because that fierce demon Asmoday knew even the future' (ib. p. 21).

Asmoday, Ashmedai, and Æshma.
'Originally a mere epithet of the storm fiend, Æshma was afterward converted into an abstraction, the demon of rage and anger, and became an expression for all wickedness, a mere name of Ahriman ['Introduction to Vendidad,' iv. 22]. This description of Æshma, as he appears in the Zend-Avesta, tallies with the dominant conception in Pahlavi writings. Thus in Dabistan, i., Dink, xxxvii. 164: 'The impetuous assailant, Wrath (Æshm), when he does not succeed in causing strife among the righteous, flings discord and strife amid the wicked; and when he does not succeed as to the strife even of the wicked, he makes the demons and the fiends fight together.

In 'Shayast ha-Shayast' (xviii.) Æshm is described, quite unlike Ahriman, as the 'chief agent of the evil spirit [Ahriman] in his machinations against mankind, rushing into his master's presence in hell to complain of the difficulties he encounters.' A consideration of the linguistic arguments does not support the hypothesis of an identification of Ashmedai with Æshma-dæva, as 'dai' in Ashmedai hardly corresponds with the Persian 'dæva,' in view of the Syriac form 'dawya' (demon) with the consonant 'w'; nor is there any instance of the linking of 'Æshma' and 'dæva' in Persian texts. The Asmoday of the Apocrypha, and Æshma, however, seem to be related. In the Testament of Solomon Asmoday appears as seducing man to unchaste deeds, murder, and enmity, and thus reveals many points in common with Æshma. The 'Bundehish' (xxviii. 15-18) furnishes the most striking resemblance: 'There, wherever Æshm lays a foundation, many creatures perish.'

Well this is his history through time. Now he has joined another time and world... the 4D one... and be sure his legend will continue.

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Asmodeus was the elven son of the devil himself. In fact, the name 'Asmodeus' means devil. He was born with powers beyond all belief. As he was growing up, he thought his life was made. There was one problem though, Asmodeus was missing something. Something inside of him, like a hole in his chest...

As Asmodeus grew older, stronger, and more powerful, the pain inside grew along with him. Eventually, he realised what was happening. He was lonely, hated by everyone but his father. He made a decision which made his life really hard for the rest of his life... he decided that he didn't want to be the devil's son any longer. Asmodeus didn't know how to accomplish this, but he thought long and hard. He came up with the simplest idea for a child's mind...

Asmodeus tried to run away, but, of course, it was no use. The devil found out about Asmodeus and punished him dearly for defying him. He scolded him and took away all of his powers, so he thought, and left him weak and even more alone. He dumped him in the middle of a dark forest, hopefully never to find his way out.

Little did his father know that he could never take away all of his strength or strand him in the middle of a forest, because his mother was watching upon him. His mother, which Asmodeus didn't know, was an archangel, and would always watch over him. One day, still completely dark out in the middle of the forest, a silvery light shown through the trees. Asmodeus followed it, for he was alone and thought nothing worse could happen to him. He reached the end of the forest. He took shelter in an abandoned cave, and lived there for a while.

After all of this had happened, Asmodeus started learning how to be a mage by scrolls he had found in the cave. Asmodeus decided he needed to find some friends because he was miserable. Eventually, while exploring, he found his way into 4-D, and his life was never be the same again.

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On a warm autumn morning, a beautiful daughter was born to an upper-class elven family and was given a name describing her season of birth, Autumn. She was an only child, as well as the only grandchild to both sides of her family. She never wanted for anything, but as fortunate and grateful she was this, it did not fulfil her need for adventure or her constant search for those who are different from herself.

On her 17th birthday, she bundled up her most prized possessions, took one last look around the place that would never fulfil her need for adventure, and left her family, community and the only place she had ever known to, find a place for herself, a place she could make a home for herself.

After many months of searching, and after having lost all that she had brought with her to thieves and other scoundrels along the way, she stumbled into 4 Dimensions. As she took a good look around, she found that it was a place that many different races and classes called home, and lived together, somewhat harmoniously. The scenery was breath-taking, and almost everyone she met was friendly and helpful. There were so many places within these realms to explore, she knew that she had found her place in the world, a place to call home.

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A quixotic story to say the least, a small elven child was born to two time travelers who would spend their days exploring and adventuring across the dimensions, never in any spot for too long. Her parents would have been called at best space drifters, hopping from planet to planet in search of what nobody knows, except perhaps on a pleasure-seeking thrill ride. The young Babbette was dragged along with her parents, never able to call any one place 'home.” And not many people 'friend”… as soon as she met people, her parents were off to another place and time and would drag her with them on their search for another adventure.

Babbette began to grow up, learning to be sarcastic. She would flirt with all, but never allow herself to get close to any one person in fear that one day she would have to leave again with her parents and it would break her heart.

One day, while her parents were planet hopping, they decided to visit the Pleasure Planet Her parents were always up for an adventure that fulfilled their thirst for the extraordinary. While there, they visited Quixotica, a strange place to be sure. On the trip to Quixotica, her parents came across a quirky little crooked house and stopped to look at the exhibits. Babbette, who was with them, yawned with boredom (as most young children often do). She spied a ball on the ground and began kicking it around. Before she knew it, she was out the door of the house and on the Northern Causeway.

She wandered the Causeway for awhile and then came across a vendor selling balloons. She exclaimed over the pretty colors and turned to ask her parents if she could have one, only to find that they weren't there! She began to cry and the balloon vendor asked her what was wrong. She told him she lost her parents in a crazy little house somewhere nearby. To comfort the obviously distraught Babbette, the vendor gave her one of his special balloons and took her by the hand.

They went off in search of her parents, as it wasn't safe to wander the Causeway due to the unsavory types on the rampage these days. The vendor led her back to the crooked little house and they searched it high and low, but her parents weren't anywhere to be found.

Not sure what to do with the young Babbette, as it wasn't safe to keep her with him all day, he took her to the Shangri La Hotel where he knew of another time traveler who might be able to help find her parents.

The time traveler's name was Karth and he promised to try to help find the young Babbette's parents. Thus, they began their search through time and space and eventually came to love each other, though Babbette was at first reluctant to acknowledge her feelings for the reclusive and handsome time traveler, fearing she would one day become just like her parents.

They returned to Quixotica often, hoping against hope to find her parents, but to no avail. Perhaps one day she will finally find them, but in the meantime she is starting a new life of her own.

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Belial, deity of Darkness:

Belial was born in the year of death and sin, now known as the years of the renaissance. He is a mere mortal with altered powers given to him by his father Raistlin Lord of Fire.

Belial, while growing up studied many traits in the arts of combat, such as the massful stealthiness of the Lin'Chea Thief and Ninja guild near the South Banks of Hiram'oshe of the western civilizations. He also studied the skills and combat masteries of the warrior, thus learning to skill of steady swift swings with a sword or perhaps even a piece of bamboo, qualify as a deadly weapon, knowing these skills of fierce combat fighting. In his later years He took up the arts of the Eronatic'sihn monk skills used for rejuvenations of the human body, also known as the way of the Priests and Paladinian warriors.

Being the fact of the matter that Belial grew up with a immortal father and a mortal mother gave him a more odd reaction, allowing him to time travel in his dreams, in another term Shifting Reality, this occurrence allows him to periodically shift reality allowing him to imagine being different places on command and showing up in his Fantasy dreams of reality.

After finally starting to settle down and take advantage of the different life cycles of shifting reality made him stop for a period of time, leaving him in this new bizarre, erotic and yet demanding life style of freedom, which ultimately allows him rejoice in life and live life for what it's worth and not what's expected. About the first month into his new realty of life, he became very good friends with a woman by the name of Juno, a nice- kind hearted friend that has been teaching him many ways of his new life, and outlook upon humanity and many other races together in harmony.

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Before coming to 4D Blade has wandered many realms and has become a hellacious fighter, but a generous being, helping any that he saw needed, and those even that asked. Blade hasn't always been a ranger. Generally he was a fighter or a thief but here he took both skills and molded them into what he is now, one hell of a good ranger.

Working on his own for the time being Blade will occasionally ask for help but will generally work solo. Blade is generally quiet, working the shadows and just walking around doing his own thing. When things get tough Blade will not hesitate to get physical and rumble with the best of them.

Do not mistake Blade's skills based on him being a ranger. He has traveled far and wide, and learned many skills not even thought of in this realm, except by a few who truly know Blade from elsewhere. Blade is a kind guy, but generally avoids relationships and any other things that can end up in disaster and feuds. At first glance Blade looks like your general shmoe, but what he knows and what he can do is not included in his outward appearance.

Talk to him, quiz him, fight him, and find out that this guy has no ordinary limits. His knowledge and potential are only limited to the time he can physically spend loping around and becoming the best on the Realms. You'll slowly see him rise to fame and glory as he has elsewhere. You'll come to know him well and most likely not fear him but you will take him seriously.

His name will not be common but it will be there in the back of everyone's mind. Whispering, haunting, chilling you to the bones. He is Blade, and he has come to 4Dimensions to increase his knowledge and potential!

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Brutusia always lived in the peaceful Elvenland. The Elvenland was one big island surrounded by the Icy ocean. She had a happy childhood. Her father is an expert in taking care of trees, plants and all other living things in the forests. While her mother, next to raising all her children, still managed to find time to do lots of cooking and helping out the other elves in the big Elven forest. Since the first day Brutusia could take a few steps, she tried to help her parents, together with her brothers and sisters, as much as she could, while learning all about cooking and plants and animals. If there was a celebration in one of the other elven houses, Brutusia was always around to help out.

As she got older and after learning everything she could about the nature in the Elvenland, she went to the Elven Elder who taught her the basics of magic and brewing potions. Being an eager and diligent student Brutusia learned fast and in no time she was an expert and began to teach others herself. Unfortunately that wasn't enough for her and she started to get restless. There wasn't a tree, plant, bush, flower, mountain or hole in the Elvenland that Brutusia didn't know. Yet, she put her restlessness aside and was always walking around with a happy feeling as long as she was busy.

Then one day, Brutusia must have been around 16 years old then, a foreign Elf appeared in the Elvenland. He was kind and got easily accepted by all the other Elves. At nights gathered around the warm campfires the stranger told stories about other races and other unknown places outside the Elvenland. None of the Elvenland people had ever been outside Elvenland so they where astonished by all the stories the foreign Elf told them. When Brutusia found out about all those new places outside Elvenland she got more and more curious and started to spend more time with the stranger. After hearing lots of other tales from the foreigner, Brususia's happy smile became sadder. She realized that if she would stay in Elvenland she would become very unhappy, knowing that there were more plants and places to explore outside the Elvenland. So she made the biggest decision in her life and decided to go look for those outworld places the strange Elf was telling about.

Firstly she informed her parents, brothers and sisters, who sadly let her go but all knew that Brutusia would be unhappy if they ordered her to stay. Then she went to the stranger who, in the mean time had settled in Elvenland and asked if there was a way she could go to the places he spoke of. He told Brutusia that there was a way, but that she had to think carefully about it because the worlds out there could be very dangerous at times. Nevertheless Brutusia made up her mind, so the stranger taught Brutusia a new strong spell that would take her to new, unseen lands where she would be able to learn new species, new plants and lots of other things.

Knowing that there could be a chance Brutusia wouldn't see her family again she said farewell to them and her friends and took a last look around her hometown. She then went to say goodbye to the stranger and after a last stroll in the Elvenland she went to her favorite spot: a big waterfall that formed a small lake. She sat down under a big, sturdy oak and closed her eyes. The only thing she could hear was the streaming water of the fall and Brutusia started to chant the spell the stranger told her about out loud.

After some time she noticed that the sound of the waterfall had disappeared. She slowly opened her eyes and found herself at a totally new place. Her everlasting smile showed up on her face again. She stood up looked around, picked up the clothes that were gathered in a box in front of her, put them all in a backpack she found and started to explore the new realms she was at.

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The faint sound of a baby's laughter was heard deep within the forests of Xinanthe. Somewhere deep inside that dreary forest a little child could be heard giggling away with no fear of her own surroundings. Many who considered themselves warriors trembled at the thought of entering such a dominion. Though one hesitated not one second to find and help the baby within.

Big round eyes glimmered as Talburna came into view. Her hazel eyes shined brightly and immediately she burst into a bubble of laughter as Tal's hand slowly descended to stroke the baby's curly hair out of her face. A line of drool continued down her chin and as Talburna went to wipe it away, she caught her finger in her tiny grasp. Squeezing tightly she tugged it closer to her mouth and popped it inside. As her mouth curved into a small smirk, she knew she had found her family, she would not let her go.

Cali knew she was not born in that village near the forest. Though, she still loved her sister dearly, thriving on the lessons she provided on the skills needed of a dwarven warrior as well as the art of seduction. She had learnt a while back that flirting would get her many things in life. At age 16 she wanted a new bow, but the only wood to make it was in the dreaded Xinanthe forest. Gently swaying her hips, her chest pushed out, she walked up to one of the boys in town. Softly she ran her index finger down his chest and whispered to him 'Could you possibly get me that bow, hon? I'll make it up to…' and with a light kiss on the cheek, she had her bow the next day.

As time went by, Cali became more and more restless in the small confines of the village. She wanted to venture out and use the skills she was taught. She wanted to see the world and all the dimensions that existed within it. Thus began Cali's journey.

While on a small path, Cali met another dwarf who went by the name of Garion. He spoke of the many clans in the world and one in particular roused her interest - The Vikings!! Here she could use both her skills as well as gain the strength and power she yearned for.

It was here that she also met her first true love. He was known as Briseis, a sly elf, who could be kind and caring one minute and go on insane killing sprees the next. Perhaps it was his changing moods that attracted her, or maybe it was the fact that he could seduce her better than she. Either way, they became inseperable - you could always tell they were around when loud moans and grunts were heard close by.

One day, while walking away from a kill, a young man passed Cali by clapping his hands in appreciation. He was known as Parker. She had seen him wondering many times before but had never spoken to him. Bursting to tell someone of her victory she started to walk along with him and soon learnt of his newfound clan Chaos. Having her own chaotic lifestyle it was only right that she too join the clan. Thus after a little persuasion (smirk) she got her wish and was soon raised to her high status as the Chaotic Seducer.

All was going well for Cali - she had her man any time she wanted; she even had her clan leader any time she wanted and she was growing stronger with every passing day. Until suddenly, everyone disappeared. Parker left never to return again. Briseis followed soon after and Cali was left alone, single and FREE to be with anyone she wanted. (grin).

So of course she had to explore! There were so many new people she had yet to meet roaming around the world, and more importantly so many she had yet to seduce. On one of her expeditions to the local bar, she noticed a new young man in the far corner. He had a smirk on his face, with his hair slicked back, stirring a drink slowly. He seemed too sure of himself and if Cali had one reason for living it was to teach one and all never to be so smug. She had not seduced anyone for quite a while, and not wanting her skills to diminish she needed to practice them. Pushing her chest up, she slowly got off the stool, and swaying her hips to and fro walked up to the young man. Puckering her lips up, she slowly, purposely bent down and whispered to him 'What's your name sweety?'. With a slight quiver, he replied 'Phar…Pharggo'.

Funny enough, Briseis returned that same night. Thinking she would never see him again, Briseis' rugged appearance shocked Cali completely - she had to welcome him back of course! Oh what's a girl to do!! Busy! Busy! Busy!

After 9 stressful months, Cali gave birth to two gorgeous babies. The baby boy looked a lot like that man in the bar, while the little girl had the exact same eyes as Briseis. Thus, having two kids to feed and take care of, it was time Cali begun to settle down. I wonder if she has though??

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Far above the planet Mars, on the gray moon called Phobos, a small child was born. His parents, exiles of their home planet, were completely forgotten by the people of Mars. No one had seen or heard from them in nearly fifty years. They had hidden themselves away in the mountains of the moon, knowing that they would eventually have a child. They wanted the baby to grow up knowing his parents, but they also wanted him to grow up in the best life possible. They hoped that they would be able to move back to Mars by the time they had him, but this was not the way it would be. The male child was born on Phobos and during a very wonderful time of year.

The boy was born upon a day when both of the moons aligned with the sun. An ancient prophecy spoke of this day creating a child with great powers, beyond that of all of the Martians, that the beams from the sun would be mutated by the chemicals the first moon contained and strike the second moon, giving the one born upon that day extraordinary powers. He would use these powers to take over Mars and rule it forever. Alas, none of the prophecy was true. Only a single half-truth would come to be revealed when their child, Camazot, developed his ESP faster than any other Martian known.

Camazot, named after a god in one of the ancient earthly religions, was a kind and gentle person. He was nothing like the god which he was named after, and had no will to take over anyone or anything as the prophecy had foretold. When he was two years old, his parents found a way that they could move back to Mars. It was a perfect plan; everyone had thought that they had long since died in their exile. They would move in with his aunt, who would act as though Camazot were her own. His aunt had locked herself away in her house when her husband had died. She lived alone, so to get the things she needed she would order them and have them shipped to her storage room, which had a dock door. She never had to leave her house or let anyone in. It would be an easy story to weave.

Camazot's parents would change their names and move into a house that was down the street from his new home. They would find work around the town and eventually 'adopt” him from his aunt. That was the plan, anyway. Two weeks before Camazot's third birthday his parents had gone back to Phobos to collect the rest of the memorabilia that they had left there and never returned. The only thing that was ever seen of them again was the holographic homing device that they had taken with them. What had happened to them was gruesome. The ship had been tampered with and exploded. Everything had been recorded including several minutes after the explosion.

By the age of five, Camazot had surpassed the students in his local school. His aunt was amazed by his talent and decided she would send him to a school for gifted students of all origin. The school was located on the rings of Jupiter, which was rather far away, but he knew he would be able to make the change. He moved to the school within a week after the suggestion and immediately started working diligently.

Camazot was very gifted when it came to schoolwork and very active in many of the clubs and activities. His greatest achievement of all was being the youngest person on the debate team, which he was admitted to at the age of ten. He used this popularity to gain a circle of friends, which he found that he could very easily manipulate. He would attempt to use this gift to advance himself in whatever he pursued. This gift of his would get him to the top of his class, the top of the hierarchy of students, and put the administration right into his pocket.

By the time Camazot would graduate from his school, he would become bored with everyone and everything around him. He wanted something. He began to explore all over the galaxy trying to find some place that wouldn't bore him. Finally he found a place that was so interesting to him that he decided he would never leave it. Its name: 4 Dimensions.

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When you look upon Casy Rheon you see a female with long red braids, short stubby beard and a homely face, a typical dwarf. There is one thing that does stand out, that is the adventuresome glint in her eyes that burns with a flame, so bright you can never imagine it burning out.

Casy's Story:

I come from Dromburrin, a well ordered society, where all the men are looked upon as High Supreme Ruler of all. Females are just jewels to be admired and put upon a pedestal. Therefore, being the second child in a family of four and never having any hope of becoming clan leader, like my father, I was put upon a pedestal that I hated to the very core of my existence. I was not the kind of Lady Dwarf to sit back and be waited upon. I wanted to see the world and live it, not kept behind glass that I could never break free from. It was a chance day that came that I asked father to visit Mithdale a nearby village, it was a surprise to hear him say yes.

That fateful day will always stick in my mind.

Later an old family friend staggered into Mithdale, telling the story how Dromburrin was attacked viciously by a band of Dark Elves seeking a traitor. For the next hour I listened to how my clan was victimized and tortured, then when all was done they torched my village.

A grief that I had never known before gripped me in a too tight vice, for the first time in my life I realized that power was mine - a god almighty need for revenge. I approached Kail, chieftain of Mithdale, seeking help, he allowed me to form a war party. Skills I lacked I sought in other dwarfs, I had the ability to organize, after all my father was a clan chieftain. Revenge was mine but all too soon it soured. I walked through Dromburrin seeing what I didn't wish to believe to be true. Standing at my family's burned out home I realized that I had been granted a wish but at a terrible cost. For the first time in my life I sought a direction that I had only dreamed about, that I was going to take life by the throat and live it for all I was worth.

I returned to Mithdale at a loss of where to begin, suddenly realizing exactly where to begin. I approached Kail to humbly ask for training in survival, only to be told no. I was determined to become an adventurer, therefore with his final answer I asked to be outfitted for a journey. Little did he realize that I was going to seek out anybody or anyplace that would increase my aptitude for survival. On my path I came across a band of adventurers telling me of a wondrous place, where all creatures great and small are welcomed. And this is how I ended up in the World of the 4 Dimensions.

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Nightdragon Mountain and the surrounding area used to be called Glen-Faliene. The village (Faliene) at the center of this area was one of peace. A place where creatures of all sorts could meet, trade and live. The centaurs of the nearby plains and forests had a special connection with the humans that lived in the town and the elves that lived in the forest - both were ancestors, cousins and friends.

Then the NightDragon came.

Dark as night with eyes that glowed as though they were portals to the flames of Hell itself, the dragon leashed his vengence upon the village, fields and trees - anything that could and would burn. The only crime the villagers and those around it had commited was to be alive. Once the area was burning, the NightDragon tore into the highest mountain and made his cave, his nest, his horde.

For the next ten years he terrorized any that dare step into the light of day, and sometimes those that would sneak into the night. The next hundred years, the NightDragon grew erratic in his attacks, allowing bushes to grow and sapligs to root before he destroyed any hope of life again.

Then came the first big slumber.

Life slowly crept back onto the plains as the dragon slept. But the elves who had been so dependant on trees had moved on, or some had even moved underground. The humans, unlike the elves and centarus with their long lives, only knew the terror of the NightDragon so it took them longer to return to the plains from the caves they had taken cover in for generations.

The small band of centaurs that remained took pity on the humans and helped them reclaim the ground for food and water. As the Nightdragon slept, the land thrived.

Then, after a couple of human generations, he awoke again.

Generations of Elves and Centaurs have passed since the dragon first arrived in Glen-Faliene. Living life while the dragon sleeps and living in fear when he wakens. The signs have come that the dragon will awaken again soon.

The only hope lies in the words of an old, mad blind woman who said:

'A Centaur foal
will be born to you
he'll celebrate life
with golden hooves.

Hoves that sparkle
Eyes that shine
showing inside
he's part divine

He'll muster his courage
and take no flack
until his sword's
in the nightdragon's back.

He'll be the hero
for all he sees
the savior of all
in Glen-Faliene'

Cati was born into the small centaur herd - each member of it is somehow related to her - parents, siblings, uncles, aunts - there was none for her heart to love. So it was known that she would venture from her loving home when her time came. And when it did, she left home promising her parents only one thing: She would marry only a centaur. No other race would be good enough for her.

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Cerintha was born in the year 347, and her race when she started out was Centaur while being raised in the lands of the PreHistoric dimension. Whilst her parents took good care of her, they always taught her to never date out of her race, but this didn't do any good. As she had a tough childhood because her parents were mean to her and made her do all of the work, she decided to leave and find herself. This was the only way that she could have her problems taken away, and get away from all of this prejudice which her parents had against all other races.

She moved around visiting all of the dimensions, and meeting new and interesting people. When she was searching through these dimensions there were many people that broke her heart, and made her remember how she was treated at home. This made her realize that anything is better than how her parents treated her while she was at home.

While she was in one of the dimensions she ran into this great guy named Krell, and they started dating. Although she had gotten her heart broken many times Krell gained her trust, and love. This relationship was built very fast, and they decided that they wanted to get married and have a child. After she became pregnant they decided that she would change her race to become a Spacewolf, instead of Centaur.

Later on she found out that he was from Varna, the son of the ruling royal family, Dregg. They are planning out their royal wedding right now, and Krell and Cerintha will be taking over his parents' places in the royal family line. Although she wouldn't be part of the bloodline, she knew that everyone would still love her and be kind to her.

Whenever you see Cerintha she will always give you a hug and be very kind, giving you all of the help that she can give to you.

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Chalista was born into a wealthy family many years ago in another world. Another realm, Dragon Realms. Not to long after she was born, her parents left her and she was forced to live and survive on her own. She found her parents, who still forced her to leave, as did also a man - who broke her heart.

She left that world, leaving everything she had behind... her skills, her equipment, everything, but a poor travellers backpack and a shirt.

She wandered forward until she crossed paths with a kinda, handsome man by the name of Zenathos. Zenathos Orsini. She had known him slightly before in the other realm, and had taken a strong liking to him. He asked her into his world, 4 dimensions, and helped her back on her feet. She also got heaps of help from other citizens and friends.

Now Chalista is with Zenathos and loves him dearly. She continues to train hard when she can, because she wants to be strong. Her dream, her wish, something she's always wanted, is a nice house, a car maybe, a husband and children and to be a high and strong level, maybe even immortal one day... And she strives towards those goals every second of her life.

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Man of knowledge
Wise one
These were some of the names he had been given on his travels, but...
Who was he really?
Where did he come from?
And how did he get here?

Billy, as he was christened, was born in a small village situated in the middle of a place known only as the void, a strange place where the time and space overlapped, a place where nothing is certain, not even the flow of time is smooth there. Small wonder that Billy's birth certificate said he was born on the 20th of June 1897 AD, and that he was christened 3 days later, on August 5th, 3000 BC.

From a very young age Billy realised that if one could harness the time flow and manipulate it, one could gather vast amounts of knowledge very quickly. So as soon as he could read and write Billy started studying and learning everything he could about the time flow in the void, hard work was rewarded by success. After this success and by his 21st birthday Billy had learnt how to manipulate the time flow and had already learnt what would have taken him 50 years to read from textbooks.

Now at the same time the elders of the village were getting worried because Billy had learnt in a few years what had taken them there whole lives to figure out. But they weren't able to do anything about it until he had come of age. So one year after his 21st birthday the elders got together and started talking. This progressed to arguing, which progressed to all out war, and the centre of there anger was poor Billy, who was cheating them of their wisdom. And because they were so jealous of him, the elders renamed him Cheata and banished him for life from the void.

Doomed to wander the realms without means of learning, Cheata slowly, day by day, got madder and madder, his thoughts became more and more chaotic. Until finally he snapped and his thoughts reached perfect Chaos; then his eyes were opened and he saw before him the largest library of knowledge in all the realms. The place that would be his new home, the Chaos Clan Hall.

Now Cheata roams the realms looking for more things to add to the collection in the library of Chaos, settling the odd argument, creating a little chaos of his own, and searching for a way to get back to his home..... The void

The End

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Running Doe is her name, and she is a Cheyenne Indian. She does not know exactly when or where she was born, in fact, neither do her parents; but she was a young woman already when the white men came to America. Most of her immediate family died in the wars with the white men, as many Cheyenne braves did.

For many years she hated the white men, even after she fell into her first time gap. Since then she has spent much time hunting in the woods of pre-whiteman America, and even landing herself back as far as the time of the dinosaurs a few times.

She loves the woods and plains, and hunting the wildlife to stay alive. She also seems to like the medieval times, although she doesn't much care for the expensive dresses and manners of the ladies.

Still, she is kind, and fairly well mannered.

Her early years, of course, were spent with her family roaming about the plains of America. At the time she was born, the Cheyenne depended heavily on buffalo for their survival.

Since she was the eldest daughter of the chief, and he did not have any sons until three years after she was born, he taught her something of hunting... luckily for her, as she found when the white men, and then the time portals, came.

Now, though, since it has been a few years of her time since she left the plains, she has warmed quite a bit to other people, white or not. Her natural beauty lies more within than without, although she is good looking, and she is kind enough that it is hard not to like her.

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A sliver of moon broke through the gray clouds as Christof reached the top of the hill. The night wind cut through his battered armor, chilling his overheated body. His limbs ached as they never had before, and cried out for rest. But he had not prayed all day, and would not let his body collapse until he had done so.

The Crusaders of the Order of the Swordbrethren had been on a forced march since dawn, chasing the faster, lighter-armored barbarians. Sir Cuthbert had reluctantly allowed them to stop only when nightfall made further travel impossible.

After pitching their tents, the Crusaders gratefully collapsed onto their straw mats. But Christof did not. He had a need greater than sleep. Friar Bertrand's energetic orations against the barbarians were stirring, but his perfunctory prayers gave little consolation to the eighteen-year-old Crusader. The Savior had decreed that Christians pray alone, in their private chambers, and Christof diligently followed that stricture every day since childhood. But there were no private chambers in the wastelands of Moravia, so the desolate, windswept hilltop would have to suffice.

Christof paused at the peak of the hill and looked down. From his perch he could see the entire Crusader camp etched in cold moonlight. A dozen watch-fires glowed reassuringly around the perimeter, warding off the terrors of the night. Most of the Crusaders slumbered, bone-weary from the day's forced march. Even some of the watch dozed fitfully at their posts. All was quiet, except for a few unarmored serfs who scurried about the camp, hauling sacks of grain, digging a shallow cesspit, and preparing for the morning meal.

For the first time that day, Christof felt safe. He pulled off his heavy, battered helmet and let it clatter to the ground. The cold night air lashed his long, brown hair, which was matted and dripping wet. He rubbed his eyes with a mailed fist, wiping away rust and sweat mingled with the grit of the road. His armor was battered and in need of repair. The white cloth over his mail hauberk was torn in many places and streaked with dull, brown dried blood. But the crimson cross across the chest was still as bright and proud as the day he first wore it. His limbs ached from weeks of marching. But Christof was not ready to rest.

He drew his broadsword from its scabbard, plunged the tip into the crust of the dry earth, and knelt before it. He pressed his feverish brow into the handle, closed his eyes, and prayed quietly.

'Our Father who art in Heaven…'

But his mind did not stay on the prayer. The tension that had coiled around his warrior's spine slowly melted away. And as the tension ebbed, a flood of memories rose up, unbidden. And unwelcome. *** In his sixteen years, Christof had never struck a blow in anger. In the little French village of St. Claire, he had raced against, wrestled, and mock-dueled every lad and able-bodied man. He won most of his bouts, and always emerged unscathed, as if protected from on high. Until the day a wild boar had thundered across the village Green.

The boar charged the villagers, who scattered before it like geese, jabbering in terror as the boar snorted and slashed. Two watchmen panicked and fled, dropping their hatchets as they ran past slower-moving villagers. Christof easily outran the massive pig, but a scream more piercing than all the others cut through him like a razor. He turned and saw that the boar had trampled a small child, who lay crying on the green. A white-hot fury ignited in Christof's chest. He stopped, and held his ground as the slower villagers ran past him. In a moment, the village green was empty except for the child, the boar, and Christof.

The massive pig wheeled to survey the damage it had done. It snorted with satisfaction, and lowered its yellowed tusks to charge the screaming child again. Then it noticed Christof, now very alone on the green. It charged in Christof's direction, testing the lone, impudent creature who did not fly from his wrath. Christof quickly stepped sideways, toward a hut, narrowly evading the creature. The boar sped past him, and hurtled back around the green. Satisfied that Christof no longer defied him, the boar returned his attention to the squalling child.

Christof grabbed a sharpened tent pole from the hut, and approached the child. The boar snorted with rage, stomped the grass, and charged Christof, determined to punish this act of defiance. Christof crouched low, planted the butt end of the spike in the ground, and braced against it. He faced the beast and lowered the sharpened end toward its onrushing jaws.

The spike snapped like dry kindling as the boar toppled Christof and gored his right shoulder. The beast snarled a blast of hot, foul breath in frustration as it realized that it had charged, openmouthed, right into the tent spike. It stomped its hooves and ripped at Christof's chest, tusks inches from Christof's face. But the spike had torn though the boar's gaping mouth and shattered its neck bone. Its monstrous head glowered with impotent, disbelieving rage as the light slowly faded from its eyes.

The villagers poured into the green, cheering. They hauled the monster off the gasping and bleeding Christof. They village elders held a week-long festival in Christof's honor and for those seven days he was great as King David. 'Christof, God hath given thee a great gift of courage,' the elders said. 'Thou art meant for greater glory than life as a freeman baker or cobbler! Perhaps thou shalt become the youngest village elder.' The vainglory felt sweet, but also embarrassed him. The lasses adored him, and lavished him with honeyed praise. 'Christof, thou art the bravest man in Christendom! Blessed is she thou takes to wife!' The lads also admired him. 'Christof, thou should'st fight for the glory of God! Go thou! Go far from St. Claire! Join the Crusade, and bring fame to our village!' But Christof barely heard any of them. All he could see was the massive, oppressive face of the beast inches from his face. Angry. Hateful. Fire in its dead eyes.


Christof shook his head to dispel the memory, and focused again on his prayer. He was anxious to finish, and eager to sleep. He continued quietly, 'Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us…'


In his seventeen years, Christof had never killed a man. The hot sun beat down on him and a roaring filled his ears, drowning out the angry clash of steel on flesh. Sparks flew before his eyes and his head spun around as the barbarian's axe struck his helmet from the right.

Christof was certain he was dead. He prayed that the Lord would find his soul in the midst of the battlefield wasteland, and blindly gave his sword one final thrust. The pommel rattled painfully in his hand as his blade bit deeply into flesh and struck hard bone. The barbarian collapsed like a straw man at a harvest festival, and lay still.

The ringing in Christof's ears subsided, and his vision slowly cleared. He tugged at his sword, which had pierced the barbarian's heart. But the weapon did not budge. It was caught on the barbarian's rib bone, and would not dislodge. Christof gripped the hilt with both hands and yanked furiously. The barbarian's corpse vaulted upwards, as if rising from the dead. The shattered chest bones groaned like the hinges of hell, and snapped open as the sword burst free. The broken body crashed back to the earth, shuddered, and lay still. But one hand stuck straight up, as though begging Christof for absolution.

Christof stared down into the dead man's hollow eyes. The piercing black pupils stared back with the same accusing, disbelieving look as the boar.Christof looked away, but knew the sight would never leave him all his days.


Again Christof tried to shake off the memory, and focused on his prayer. But he felt ill at ease, and the prayer brought him no comfort. 'Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from-'

His attention drifted from the prayer, but not to another memory. He opened his eyes, and peered down the hill to the troops slumbering below. The camp was quiet, except for a few serfs finishing their chores. Though they carried heavy packs that weighed as much as a Crusader's arms and armor, they were expected to labor while the troops slept. All seemed well.

Christof was closing his eyes again when he realized that a guard outside Sir Cuthbert's tent was swaying drunkenly at his post. Christof opened his eyes, and watched as a small serf in a hood and tunic whispered in the ear of the tall guard. The guard fell backward, nearly toppling into Sir Cuthbert's tent. But the short serf effortlessly pulled the large man away from the tent and quietly lowered his body to the ground. Then the serf darted toward the guard at the opening of Sir Cuthbert's tent.

Christof pulled the sword from the ground as he leapt to his feet. He tried to cry out but no sound emerged from his mouth. He charged down the hill as the small serf gently lowered the second guard to the ground. Weary Crusaders glowered at Christof as he stormed past them. Only when the serf disappeared inside Sir Cuthbert's tent did Christof finally find his voice.

'Alarum! Alarum!' he shouted breathlessly, bursting into the tent. The serf was already crouching over Sir Cuthbert, who lay atop his straw palette, dead to the world. Christof sword flashed in the torchlight and crashed down on the serf's head, where it bit deeply, with a satisfying crunch. The skull caved in, and a chunk of bone and gristle flew across the tent. But the serf did not fall. Instead he turned and glowered at Christof with eyes that were black pools of hate. Christof froze. For a moment all was still in the tent as the serf locked eyes on him. Dead eyes. Full of hate.

Then the serf snarled, and clawed at Christof with long, cracked fingernails encrusted with filth. Christof dimly noticed his sword bouncing silently off the hard earth at his feet, and his right arm suddenly felt cold and faraway. The serf paused to wipe his eyes clean of the blood that flowed freely from the gaping head wound Christof had delivered. He crinkled his ashen face into a wicked leer. His thin dry lips peeled back to reveal long, glistening yellow teeth. The yellowed fangs flashed in the torchlight as he silently lunged toward Christof's unarmored head.

The stillness abruptly shattered with a roar, as shouting men in clanking mail burst into the tent. The serf unlocked his grasp on Christof's arm and pushed him toward the charging Crusaders. Christof stumbled backward, blocking their path. The serf howled a hideous, high-pitched snarl, and turned, shredding the back of the tent with a sweep of his razor-sharp talons. He bounded through the hole and ran, toppling a Crusader who stood in his path.

Christof found he could suddenly move again, and charged after the serf. He ran headlong through the dark, past groggy troops rising from their deep and troubled sleep. An uproar swept through the camp. Finally, Christof slowed. He peered into the darkness, but to no avail. The creature had vanished into the chill of the night.

Fear replaced exhaustion in the hearts of the Swordbrethren and banished all hope of sleep as word of the blood-mad devil raced from man to man. Two of Sir Cuthbert's officers found the shivering Christof and led him back to Sir Cuthbert's tattered tent, which flapped in the night wind despite the efforts of several serfs to mend it. The tent was now ringed with a barrier of Cuthbert's retainers, who muttered angrily to one another, debating the most fitting punishment for the serf- once they caught him. Sir Cuthbert's Steward parted them, and beckoned for Christof to enter. The retainers stepped aside to admit Cuthbert's officers, but they scowled suspiciously at Christof, who appeared undistinguished from any other young, front-line soldier.

Inside the tent, the white-haired company Empiric was examining a pale Sir Cuthbert, who looked weary, but solid as granite. At length, the old man gruffly announced, Tis the will of God that Sir Cuthbert be delivered from the devil's grasp! He is whole.'

The Officers roared with relief, and toasted his health. But an impatient Sir Cuthbert pushed past them and strode out of the tent. Outside, the anxious troops erupted in cheers. With an abrupt wave of his hand, Sir Cuthbert cut them off, and the camp fell silent. Sir Cuthbert surveyed his men for a long moment before speaking.

'Saved,' he hoarsely bellowed, 'by the grace of God!' The troops cheered again, louder.

Christof tried to follow Sir Cuthbert out of the tent, but the Empiric blocked his path. The old man peeled back the blood-soaked mail from Christof's right forearm, and gripped his bicep to stanch the blood flow. He forced Christof to sit on a barrel.

'The demon unleashed a torrent of blood from thy arm,' the old man scolded, pouring wine over the jagged claw marks. 'Thy very life leaks out upon the uncaring soil!' He gently rinsed grit from the wound and wrapped it tightly in fresh linen. 'Disturb not this dressing,' he said sternly. When he finished, he retrieved Christof's broadsword from the ground. The old man scowled as he handed Christof the weapon, saying, 'When next thou are inclined to chase the spawn of hell… pray remember to bring thy sword!' And just for a moment, Christof thought he saw a hint of smile on the sour face of the old man who had witnessed so much suffering and death.

Outside the tent, Friar Bertrand intoned, 'In the name of our Lord and God Jesus Christ, for his glory and for the exaltation of his holy faith. Amen. The barbarian dogs felt the sting of God's wrath in our swords, and they fear us. They flee our wrath like cowards! They cannot win by honest force of arms, so they have sent a devil to our camp to slay your lord and master, Sir Cuthbert. But the Lord was with us this day, and drove the devil from the sight of righteous men!'

The Crusaders cheered again, louder. As Friar Bertrand continued his litany, Sir Cuthbert stepped back into the tent. He approached his Steward and said, 'Give the men an extra tot of brandy tonight, or they will never rest.'

'But is that wise?' the Steward asked. 'We must rise before dawn! If we should delay further, that barbarian hoard shall surely-'

'We've lost those jackals,' Sir Cuthbert snapped. 'We could wander these hills for weeks and not find their trail. The filthy barbarians wear armor of fur so that they may run like deer and hide like mice. But it will protect them no more than it did the beast they skinned!' He pause, and composed himself. 'No. Let the men sleep past sunrise. We've pushed them hard enough for one week.'

'Whither do we go after sunrise?' the Steward asked.

'To the barbarian supply camp here! We shall seek for it here in these Moravian hills. It was doubtless the hoard's destination. And we are close, by God, or their demon master would never have risked entering our camp, even by night!'

'Yes, my lord!' the Steward replied. 'But they will continue to seek thy murder!'

'Aye. My retinue will protect me, if God wills it. Now fetch the men their brandy. Tomorrow we scout these hills. I want the men at full of vigor when we find the barbarian camp.'

'It shall be so,' the Steward nodded, turning to leave.

Sir Cutbert glanced at Christof.

'Who is this boy?' he snapped at the Steward.

'The very one who smote the demon and drove him from this tent!'

Cuthbert studied Christof a moment, and then motioned him to approach. Christof stepped forward, trying to conceal the trembling in his knees. He had never been this close to the great Crusader before. Christof fumbled as he clumsily sheathed his sword, and knelt.

'What is your name, boy?' asked Sir Cuthbert.

'Christof Romuald, of St. Claire.'

'Thou art a brave lad, and true, Christof Romuald of St. Claire. Dost thou love God?'

'Aye, my liege.'

'Seek ye salvation of thy sinner's soul?'

'With all my heart, my liege.'

'Art thou prepared to die for the Kingdom of God?' 'Aye, my liege.'

'No longer shall thou fight upon the line. Thou shalt join my retinue, and smite all who would kill me.'

Christof felt light-headed. Almost giddy. 'I obey, my liege,' he said, breathlessly.

'Thou hast cleft the devil's skull in twain and lived to boast of it.'

Christoff nodded slowly.

'God has smiled upon thee. He spared thee from certain death because He has conceived a higher purpose for thee. Therefore, fear not in battle, but give the devil his due, for thou art blessed!'

'Aye.' Christof replied, though he was far from reassured.

Christof slept that night, dragged under by weariness and wine, he was at long last no longer haunted by the dead eyes of the boar, or the dead eyes of the barbarian. Instead, all he could see were the dead eyes of a man with a cracked skull. Christof slept deeply that night, dragged under by weariness and wine. For the first time, the hateful, hollow eyes of the dead boar and the dead barbarian no longer haunted him. Instead, all he could see were the hateful, living eyes of a dead man, and the eyes of his future.

That was many centuries ago.... no one knows how or why... but Christof lost his way... and his humanity... and has lived many centuries in unlife, as a Kindred. Hiding his true demon self from those not of the underworld, he searches endlessly for an answer to the recapturing of his lost soul... how he fell from the man of God that he once was is a story that shall also be told....

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I am Chuckslam from the country of Danxily, I don't speak great English :-).
When I was born there was a great storm over the city that I was born in, the city of 'Danxily'.
My family had been cursed with a Demonic Child curse, they were cold at heart and ruthless. When my family tried to abandon me in the woods of the vampires I was left to die.
I met an old looking vampire that I thought would kill me for sure. I was only 15, but instead he took me in and trained me to fight like a vampire. One year passes and I go back to my city, still cursed with hate from my birth. I was still hated - and I still hated.
My ruthless heart told me to murder everyone, and I did so.
Finally I came across my parents. They begged for forgiveness but I would not hear it so I ripped their hearts out and ate them.
I ripped everyone in the town apart until I came across a pair of beautiful eyes.
I couldn't bring my self to kill this wonderful creation known as... a woman, I had never seen any other women than my mother.
I was drawn to this wonderful girl, she did not speak for she was in shock of my presence and my actions on these people.
From that day forth I realized what I wanted in life, about nine or ten kids.
I didn't want no wife.
I started with this young girl about the age of me.
I seduced her right there. With all the anger I had going through my head it was hard not to kill her, but I resisted.
I thought; if I can resist killing for this pleasure once I can do it again.
I continued to do this to every fair girl I saw in my life span even the taking ones I had my way with.
Then I came across the realms of 4d and discovered my destiny.
That being to stay and try to seduce every lady I felt I had a chance with, and kill all the guys in my way.
To this day I still do this and have only been rejected 1 time and she knows who she is... :).

Thank you for reading my story and please remember I'm from a foreign country and don't speak good English. ;-).

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I was born to a family of elves, 3641 years ago. My father was the leader of our clan, my family's status in the elf's world was the highest, we had servants in every place in the country. My dad was a very skilled and powerful swordsman, that's the reason for our high status. My mother was also an elf and she was a daughter to a mages family, but she never followed the tradition. When she was only 1001 years old, she ran away from her home and married my father.

About 100 years ago, the rival clan of elves kidnapped my mom. My father was devastated, he recruited an army and went after the kidnappers (i was among his army to gain skill). After a bloody fight near their domain, we got into the domain. My father found the prison and my mom's room. When he entered the room he saw my mom hanging dead from the ceiling. He began crying, and while he was crying a rival survival managed to sneak behind him and stabbed him in the back! When I saw my father falling on the ground, I took put my BlueTongue and cut the killer's ass into small pieces.

Since that day, I swore to regain the family honor and status, that was the day i joined 4 Dimensions. I'm a son of a great warrior and I'll become even Greater!!!

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When looking down on a city from high above, say, from an eagle's point of view, it generally looks like an ant's nest. Thousands of tiny black dots milling around looking like they've got nothing especially important to but are nevertheless trying to do something or another. This city is no different. It is a big city situated on the coast with a large harbour. The people are doing their best to make out that their lives are, in fact, important and the jobs they are doing are helping the city in some way.

Apart from one figure. He (if it is a he) is moving with a definate purpose in a definate direction. For some reason he is keeping as much to the shadows as possible and looks like he is trying to avoid getting close other people.

It is a child in his teens. He is a thief. He has no home so he makes a living on the streets, stealing what he needs. In fact he is a very good thief - the best around even - but he is tired of living like he does. Which is why he is leaving. He doesn't know where he will go exactly, just that he wants to leave the city. He has left the city now and is more at ease. The sun is hot and walking is hard but he doesn't care. Back in the city nothing had been easy. There were always people out to get him and if he wasn't on his toes he wouldn't be leaving now. He'd never actually been caught, people seldom noticed when he took something but even the few that had seen and chased him had never been able to keep up for long, he was always quick enough to escape.

The sun is physically burning now and the child is slowing. He won't stop though, even if it kills him. Life holds no more challenges as it is. It is getting towards evening now but his time is up. The child collapses on the side of the road - he couldn't keep moving if he wanted to. The sun is almost set and the moon is directly overhead. The child's eyes are shutting, the last thing he sees when he looks up through half-shut eyelids is the moon - blue from his point of view. Then he shuts his eye's for the last time...

...then he opens them...

He looks around. Everything looks the same as before, just... distant. Almost as if he were looking at it from far off. The child looks down. He is standing above his own body. He decides he must be dead, but he's not sure what happens now. Nothing seems to be presenting itself to him. So he sits down again.

A moment later he hears a scream and has to scramble out of the way as a strange figure falls through the sky and almost crushes him. It is a man... though not an ordinary one. He is rather short and has uncommonly hairy legs with small hooves where his feet should be. He also has to small horns on the top of his head. A faun. The faun stands up slowly, dusting himself off and grumbling something about finding a better safer form of travel. He glows. Not a normal friendly glow, but a sort of local glow. As if he keeps it all to himself without making anything around him any lighter. 'Cyan?' he says, addressing the child sitting in disbelief, 'That's you, right?'

'I'm not sure.' the child replies, 'I could be I guess. Never really had a name before, everyone just called me Kid.'

'Yeah well, that's what I've been told so that's what your called from now on, take-it or leave-it... only you have to take-it. Now follow me, we havn't got that much time.'

'What? I don't even know who you are! Where am I following you to?'

'Name's Mordecai and it doesn't matter where I'm taking you cause it's gonna be better than hanging around here haunting stuff.' With that the one called Mordecai looks around, shrugs and seems to pick a direction at random, then walks off. The one now called Cyan gets up and follows him quickly.

Everything around him seems to be fading but Cyan keeps following the strange faun ahead of him. Eventually they stop and Mordecai turns around and speaks to Cyan.

'Here we are then.'

'What?' gasps Cyan, 'It's almost pitch black! Where are we?'

'Oh, right. Guess I can tell you that. Ever heard of the 4th Dimension? Because that's where you're going.' Mordecai then gives Cyan a quick pat on the back and walks off.

Cyan looks around him. It's no longer dark and he is standing in front of a huge building. Nothing looks distant anymore, he's made of flesh and blood again.

Cyan grins. I've died and been given another chance in a new world. 'Sweet!'

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After the brutal attack the barren waste that was once a flourishing small keep is left to decay, the only sound is the chirping of the insects and the sobbing of a small child. Alone and without family or help, the small child begins to imitate the only other survivors of the attack in order to survive himself. He studies and learns the ways of the insects surrounding him. The cold efficient survival skills of his insect friends are his guide and he strives to learn their secrets to become and survive as one of the insects.

Later feral, without human contact, he was found and befriended by a noble Samarian named Gryz. Good and kind Gryz taught the young one, and after a time convinced the youth to come with him and become his squire. Some things in the spirit of Dabug refused to change, leading to an interesting relationship with his benefactor. Dabug can appreciate the good and giving nature of Gryz. But Dabug has decided to walk a different path - a darker path.

Taking his name and his survival skills from the creatures he admires, Dabug came to be. He has also come to realize that the monster who destroyed his life is still out there somewhere.

If revenge is a dish best served cold - Dabug is a very cold being.

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Well as you can guess this is the story about Dakota, Although, he really did want to write his own story but to spare those that can't read wolf prints….. I figure I'd try to translate for him. For starters I'm Riley formerly Sengir, now D'Araesth, but back to when I found Dakota he was still but a pup, his mother would bring them to the pond near my house where they would drink. I'd watch the pups play and roll around on the ground all but one, who became to named Dakota. Dakota seemed to be the alpha male in the pups, his brothers and sisters would just let him be, or if there rough housing came near him they'd freeze and turn and run.

I eventually started leaving fresh meat out for them, by this time they were about 2 years old, which even surprised me that Dakota was the first to have his share before the rest of them. One day though the wind changed suddenly, and Dakota was alarmed with the smell of fresh meat coming from another direction. He entered back into the forest away from me but circled around. Barring his teeth and growling at me from about 20 paces away, I turned around slowly. I remember saying over and over I won't hurt you, but he came closer snarling and growling at me. I backed up into a tree, and slid down the tree covering my head with my hands and arms, and sometime in the moment of panic my voice and thoughts became one awaking a hidden ability in me. In my hopelessness and looking like an idiot cowering from an animal, I heard a voice inside my head that of Dakota's, and instead of feeling teeth sinking into my skin I felt him licking my arm. Dakota and I became good friends.

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Damani, Spacewolf, former member of the Whiteclaw Pack.

Damani was born to a poor family in a poor village on the planet Varna. Her father, Kahvi, had wanted a son, but he quickly adjusted to having a daughter instead. As Damani grew, she and her father became inseparable. They hunted together every day and he taught her how to survive in the wild.

Damani's mother fell ill and died shortly after Damani's seventh year. Kahvi grew distant, no longer wanting to participate in any activities with his daughter. Kahvi stopped hunting and supporting what was left of the family. Not only was he in mourning, he was growing old. His time would come soon. Damani made it her job to keep her father alive. Her strongest skills at the time were hunting, fighting and stealing, and she put them to good use. In her twelfth year, she supplied her father with food every day; some of it hunted, some of it stolen. But in Damani's fourteenth year, old age took Kahvi. In a ritual of the Whiteclaw Pack, Damani strung her father's claws on a small chain and hung them around her neck.

Damani kept hunting and sustaining herself while she mourned over the death of her father. One day, she came upon prey that was just a bit too big. A massive bear, larger than any she had seen before, found itself with a spear in its side. It charged the young Spacewolf, injuring her before she finally brought it down. The bear's claws scarred her face and blinded her in her right eye. From then on, she wore an eyepatch to hide the disgustingly mangled eye socket.

It was quite a surprise to Damani when she met a figure who appeared to be one of those elves she had heard so much about. The elf was her to study the wolven creatures of Varna, and she honestly stated that. Damani, feeling sadness every time she walked through her village, begged the elf to take her to Earth. And it was done. Once the elf's expedition was over, both returned to Earth, in the Medieval times.

Damani wanted to escape the memories of her fallen parents, and this seemed to be the best way to go. Only time will tell.

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I was a product of the union of a drow and an elf. Knowing that I had great potential for either good or evil, my parents named me Darklight. Unable to cope with the contrasting demands of their families, my parents separated shortly after my birth. My mother returned with me to her sylvan wood, where I grew up, knowing always that I was different from my cousins, and never totally accepted. At the young age of 16, I returned to my father, unable to cope with the growing conflict within me between good and evil.

Because of my background, I was never quite totally accepted by my father's family, although they approved strongly of my evil deeds. I knew then, that unless I sought another realm and accomplished great evil there, I would never be completely accepted anywhere. I left that night, in search of a realm where I could prove the strength of my evil.

After a long and wearisome search, I was tired, starving, and unable to think clearly. A strange mist was before me. I plodded wearily onward through the mist until I came to a strange clearing. I fell into a deep sleep, and woke into a strange land where someone asked me my name, my race, and my alliances toward the powers of the universe. That Being then permitted me to enter a strange world of 4 Dimensions - and I found that I could travel easily from past to future.

Shortly after my arrival, an evil woman named Dela found me and took me under her wing, permitting me to become a Dark Jedi and to follow the dictates of the Emperor. Here, as a servant of the Emperor, my life has found purpose and meaning. I also learned that the enemies of my Emperor have existed throughout time, so I travel freely back and forth in search of them.

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In the land of Varna, a planet where the intelligent species are wolf/men, a child was born. This particular wolf, named DarkWolf, learned to kill from his father, who, when in the I.W.P. (International Wolf Pack) saved Varna from the invading people of Poon, the planet of water. Poon, who cut off Varna's water supply, wanted them to pay more for their water. Varna in return cut off Poons meat supply that accounted for 40% of food for Poon. All relations between the two planets stopped. War was on the horizon. When peace treaties failed, every planet in the galaxy went tense. Then there was an explosion in the capital, called the Vega explosion, killing 90,000. Every one accused Poon.

War broke out on Poon. The Varnans being a strong, quick, and fierce race easily took over Poon. Many Poonians fled the planet. The king, being the coward he was, fled the planet, leaving his queen, family, and people behind, Poon was forced under Varna's rule.

DarkWolf, now 10 was one of the strongest and fastest wolves ever, decided to follow in his fathers footsteps and join the I.W.P. At age ten his skills were world know. His amazing strength made the people believe he would become king.

But on one gloomy day, the I.W.P.'s radars detected a large object heading to Varna. As DarkWolf was sent to check the object, his eyes were filled with terror as he saw a massive missile heading towards him. As he cut his ship to a sharp turn. The missile plowed into him. Then there was a bright light...DarkWolf at the last minute jumped into his escaped into his escape pod.

But little did DarkWolf know he was heading straight towards a Black Hole. As he fell asleep. His ship was heading into the hole. He was to die in his sleep. Into the hole he went. After three seconds his ship was vaporized.

Back on Varna the I.W.P. sent a search and rescue team to search for DarkWolf. As they reached the site where the missile had hit they only found one large chuck of metal that said 'Poon's defense systems' . They knew the king was after them. Without DarkWolf the people lost hope.

In another part of space DarkWolf having landed on another planet. Having received amnesia after the crash, not knowing his true strength. Lost confused and still a child fought for himself in the wilderness, not being able to remember anything. Taking up animals as friends, weaken from the crash. Not able to use all his strength is on the verge of dyeing fought to remain healthy.

One day Dart was exploring the forest, when he ran into DarkWolf. DarkWolf, scared, young, and sick attacked. The centaur who was much stronger than him in this stage easily over took him. Dart had killed him.

Dart not sure why this young wolf attacked him gathered his corpse and returned to the mystical place called 'recall'. He asked a necromancer to resurrect the young wolf he killed. As a mystical aura surrounded the corpse of the young wolf. He stood up and looked around.

He peered around wondering if what he was seeing was actually true. Elves, Centaurs, Wolfs, Dwarfs, Humans, and evens Poonians, refugees from Poon. There he saw the king of Poon. Not being able to remember him . But the king drew and swung it at him. DarkWolf easily evaded the attack. Then is the blink of an eye, slashed the king and killed him.

Then another Poonian bludgeoned him on the head knocking him unconscious. Waking up a day later. Remembered his home planet. Saw the corpse of the king and looked around him and was in a large mansion. There he saw the same centaur that had killed him. and so started a life-long friendship.

One day while in the forest. He came upon a large castle. Young and curious, he entered, not knowing what would happen. As he entered the door slammed close behind him. As he couldn't flee he decided to move on.

The room he had just entered gave a darkened, creepy feeling that he was being watched. The room was covered in dust, dirt, and even blood. As he looked around he felt a cold chill running down his spin.

Suddenly, as he was moving towards the back wall, a blood seeking vampire jumped from off the ceiling crushing him. As it nearly bite him, Then Dart arrived at the castle gates, heard Darkwolf frantic screams, and teleported inside the castle. As the vampire knocked Darkwolf unconscious, he watched the vampire attack Dart.

As Darkwolf regained consciousness he looked around to see the vampire dead, and Dart also dead with a bite to his neck. Darkwolf hastily took Dart to the same necromancer that, nearly five years ago, nearly five years ago had resurrected him. But the necromancer knew the resurrection was not possible, Dart had became a vampire. Not living or dead. Darkwolf scared, and badly confused, blamed Poon for all his problems and swore revenge.

And this is the story of Darkwolf Kerovac.

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Darvus was a Martian, aged ten, wandering around Earth quietly. It was his first visit, and he was rather bored of the hotel room, so he'd snuck out.

He wandered around for an hour before finding what seemed to be a hole in the air. Touching it, he was sucked through, onto the floor of a small wooden building.

Staring down at him were three men in cloaks, wielding daggers, a pile of gold between them. He stood, backing up as they closed in on him.

Suddenly, the door flew open. A man walked in, also wearing a cloak and holding a large knife. His left eye was a milky color, and he had a tattoo on his face. Looking at them, he raised an eyebrow.

'What's this?' he asked. One of the men replied, 'He came outta nowhere. I think he was trying to steal our gold!' 'Came out of nowhere?' 'Yes sir. What should we do with 'im?' 'Well, if he managed to sneak past me, he deserves training.' 'WHAT?!' 'You heard me. What's your name, boy?' 'Darvus, sir.' 'Well Darvus, how would you like to be a Thief's apprentice?' 'I'd like that, sir.'

For the next six years, Darvus was trained as a thief, learning how to sneak about and use daggers. The day his training finished, they branded him as one of theirs with a tattoo they all wore somewhere on them, a dagger cutting through a cloak.

He spent a while figuring out how to use the time rifts to his advantage, and now travels across time, taking what he wants by any means necessary.

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Death one day was bored with his job. He wondered what it was like to be mortal. And he knew the only way he could find out would be if he asked the gods for help. So he went before the goddess Molly and asked to be mortal for a time. Molly agreed on the condition the Death find a sponsor for the time that he is on earth. 'Easy' Death thought, any one would be willing to it.

Death searched far and wide and finally, when he was about to give up, he came upon a man named Soulstar who was willing to show Death what it is to be mortal. He also taught Death about family and respect. Death wandered for a while on his own, learning things he never thought was possible. Till one day he decided to apply to the Sicilian Organization. It was there that he found the true meaning of power and respect.

Death also was taught about love and understanding, and has been known to help people when they need it, then turn around and kill them. All in True Sicilian spirit. So Death finally found his right place in Life.

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One winter morning, a group of 6 Indian shamans raced to a small tent. They kneeled down before a feather down blanket looking upon a woman giving birth. This Indian woman had a remarkable energy that was deep within her soul to share one day to her unborn child. When this child is to be born the mother will die from the transformation of energies. The shaman's will raise this child until the Gods and Goddess tell her to flee from them. On the Sixth night the wind began a mighty roar and flashes of lightning circled this little Indian tent. The Shaman's raised their hands together producing a beam of energy surrounding this child. They called this child DELA.

Beginning of age 2 Dela learns how to focus her energies to the art of binding the minds and transformation of elements. Esper was an art of the Shamans to teach little Dela. Dela learned quickly and mastered each technique A very happy and energetic child, she found the mastering of Esper knowledge didn't make her feel complete. Age 3, the Shaman Ancestors came to Dela and explain the path she must take. This path partakes in marrying a great man named Nicoli and leading a life of Darkness. Dela was shocked and fled upon the mountaintop to seek the sages of the realms. Dela found these incredible teachers and they swooned over her. The sages told of her destiny that related to the Ancestors version but added that she will time travel. The confusion set in Dela, but she felt comfortable and stayed with the teachers until she was age 5. By this time she was a master of magic and still yearned for other lessons of life. She looked over the mountaintop and pointed to the forests. The sages told her it was time and teleported her to another dimension at the base of the forest side called PRE HISTORIC.

Dela, confused of her ventures but very focused and stable in mind and body, set out into the darkness of the forest walls. A foggy morning fell upon her and in the clearing, she saw a Centaur standing proudly, muscular, and very massive to her eyes. Being headstrong as she is, Dela marched right up toward this mighty Centaur and asked him what he was (She never seen this type of animal before). The Centaur laughed at her with sheer delight and explained that he was Nicoli, the leader of his realms. After explaining this to Dela, he traveled with force back into the deep darkness of the forest.

Dela was stunned that the Centaur was named Nicoli - the name the ancestors and the sages told her about. She looked in the deep forest and calmly walked for her first kill. Flashes of lighting and powerful blasts of wind overwhelmed Dela; she began to raise her hands together to force nature out of her realm to make the kill easier to focus on. All of the sudden, a bolt of lighting crashed from the heavens and impacted Dela. Dela went unconscious for a minute and woke up looking up at a mighty Goddess named Molly. Molly stated to her that there are laws in these realms and they must be accepted. Dela nod her head in agreement. Molly waved her magic at Dela and summoned her to the realm of FUTURE. Dela quickly landed on her feet and searched the realm until she came upon a group of 4 individuals. Dela noticed a very Dark glow about them. Standing before her were 3 men and 1 woman. A massive man came close to Dela and introduced himself as Richard leader of the Dark Jedi's, then pointed to the woman and explained that was his wife named Evilynn. Richard and Evilynn asked Dela to camp with them one night and Dela agreed. That night Richard explained what the Dark Jedi's stood for and what they expect from their people. Dela felt complete and the inner soul awaked and rose to fill her mind. She was amazed of the feeling of completion. Richard and Evilynn agreed to adopted this young Indian girl and teach her the art of combat.

After the years of fighting and gaining knowledge about life Dela seemed ready to start on her voyage of her own quests to solve. Bye age 10 Dela went back into the portal to search out Pre Historic. Moving from island to island, Dela conjured many kills and found many items of value. One afternoon at age of 15 Dela looked over a coastline and saw a massive ship coming toward her. Energized Dela noticed there was a Centaur on this ship. Dela ran towards the ship and waited to see if she was right about this Centaur. Nicoli shuffled to the shore and stood broadly in front of Dela. With a delightful wink toward her, Dela eased up and curtsied at him. 'I remember you as a little Indian girl' Nicoli exclaimed. Nicoli invited Dela to join him over night. That night around the powerful fire Dela told Nicoli about the sages and ancestors and her destiny. Nicoli with a deep powerful breath told Dela about himself and his travels.

The next morning Nicoli asked Dela if she wanted to travel with him on his journeys. Without hesitation, Dela joined him in his battles. Not knowing that Nicoli was very particular of who he let follow him. At the age of 19 Dela accepted the engagement from Nicoli and adopted a child named Amidala. Later on Nicoli and Dela were married. Kalten the Great God, hosted this ceremony and all the people in the dimensions were teleported to watch these two wed. Soon after the ceremony Dela was asked to be a Co-Leader of the Dark-Jediclan. She accepted, after she got Nicoli's blessing to do so. Months passed and the Great Warrior Nicoli decide to join the Dark Side and make them the strongest clan ever. Now this clan stands with strength, wisdom, courage, and loyalty.

On the sixth month of the sixth day, Dela was gifted with a blessing from Nicoli. She became pregnant. Waiting impatiently for the outcome of this pregnancy, who knows how this story will end…

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Even from the day he was born the elder dwarves used to say 'That Deltanix, he's not going to be any ordinary dwarf”.

Even from my child hood memories I can still remember my parents telling the other dwarves how I would look at things with vision in my eyes, it was like I could read the inner meaning of things, not just what was on the surface. Unfortunately that was all good as growing up as a child, but once I got into my elder teenage years things took a turn for the worse.

I fell into an outcast dwarven group that mainly consisted of thugs, thieves and retrabates. I lost all ties with my family at the time, all high school friends. This carried on for many years and I disappeared for approximately ten years. What I did in those years - I will not tell, Where I went - I will not say. But once I finally pulled myself free of it I ventured back to my home land.

I finally made it home, eager to see my parents, but to be only told of how they had passed away. In the middle of the night I packed a few supplies, borrowed a boat and set off to find a new place to settle down and get on with my life, or what was left of it. I didn't make it very far when I was captured by the local authorities patrolling the waters, what they where doing out at that time of the night seemed very strange and me being me had to push the point and it didn't get me very far.

They knocked me unconscious and when I woke to I was trapped inside a crate that had been chained on the outside and they had sent me adrift in the sea. All I had was a bottle of water and some dried up rations in the crate next to me. I managed to last from what I had gathered around ten days when I floated into a nasty storm. I was tossed around every way possible when eventually I hit my head and became unconscious again. The last thing I remember was the crate picking up speed and going around in circles at what seemed to be being sucked into something, like a massive funnel in the ocean.

I awoke on a beach battered and bruised where it took me a few hours to pull myself together and get my bearings as to where I was. Where I was only God could tell me. I used my survival skills to find the basics and brought myself back to good health. Now by good fortune a ship presented itself on the horizon one morning and I built a massive fire on the beach in hope to attract the ship's attention.

Well that fire sure did work and what good luck I had, it happened to be a Viking's ship. They took me aboard, feed me, allowed me to clean myself up etc. It wasn't long before I found myself a Viking also.

The land I had washed ashore on was called 4dimensions.

Over the years I have seen many things on this new found world. Whether it is a part of the world from where I came, I do not know and I am not game enough to ask, in fear of becoming an outcast again. One thing I know is that I have grown to like it here and one day will retire in this land. These days I am an easy going type of person and am able to get along with all . Getting on my bad side though could prove to be a different story but we won't go there. You never know one day We might bump into each other and who knows what adventure we could have together.

Sir Deltanix

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My earliest memories were of my mother trying to install right from wrong in me. Even as a small child I felt my blood boil as she would become frustrated at my actions, we were like oil and water. What my mother didn't realize was that the more she tried to push me into 'being good' and 'behaving myself', the stronger my resolve became to be anything but good.

Growing up in the halls of the Immortals was very hard for me. Although no one was mean to me, they were always letting me know that I really didn't belong there with them. It didn't seem to matter than my mother was a goddess. The fact that my father was a mere mortal meant that I shouldn't be there.

As I grew older, I would sometimes hear the Immortals talking about my father in hushed voices. The words 'evil' and 'bad blood' were used quite often. Hard as I tried to get them to explain those words to me, the Immortals would invariably stop the discussion altogether when they realized I was paying attention.

For quite awhile this went on. Nobody would tell me anything but the vaguest hints about who my father was. I tried asking my mother about him a few times. She'd quietly say how much she'd loved him and try to say nice things about him, but her eyes told a much different story. I could see that she was trying very hard to hide her real feelings for him.

The years went by slowly for me. My mother almost never let me out of her sight for fear I'd get into trouble. Now and then she'd tell me I was just like my father. I assumed that wasn't good, but didn't really care. I just became ever more determined to truly become 'just like my father'. In order to do that, I needed to find someone who could and would tell me more of what he was like.

It took me until I was nearly 15 to find someone who would talk to me for more than a moment at a time. Someone who didn't show an immediate distaste of my being in that hall.

It was more luck than ingenuity that brought my mother's midwife to me. She showed in our home one day wanting to see how my mother and I were doing. When I found out who she was, I put on my best act ever! I was the model teenager and hostess. She came back a number of times after that first visit to see us. I took advantage of every one of those times when my mother was actually gone. After about a year of those visits, I finally found out a lot of what I wanted to know.

The midwife told me that it was my mother who chose the name of Demecha for me since my father was nowhere to be found. After the name had been sealed to me, she had mentioned to my mother that it was a most unusual name and asked where she came up with it. Apparently my mother was a bit surprised at the name she'd chosen. She told the midwife that had been trying to say 'Demon Child' and did not intend it as a name. (The midwife smiled a little bit at me when she told me this part and said how pleased that my mother's premonition was so obviously untrue.)

The midwife also mentioned that my father's name had been Tumwan and was a member of the most evil mortal clan known, the Sicilians. I think that's when I truly realized that I needed to leave the Immortals and seek a new life with the mortals. Although, being a demi-goddess, I will never truly belong anywhere I go. It is for this reason that I will always stand against everything my mother believes in. To be like her or agree with her standards is to say it's okay that she did this to me. Okay that she created a life that's doomed to live in between worlds forever.

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There I was, just sitting at a tavern all by my lonesome. I spun my dagger around, watching to where it would point every time, and continued drinking out of a mug. Much to my surprise, a stranger approached me. A beautiful woman, but she looked like no lady. She had a sword sheathed behind her back, and a mug that dwarfed mine easily. She was one of those... what do they call them? Oh yeah, fauns. Anyway, she looked at me as if I was supposed to know her or something.
'Is this seat taken?'
'Nae m'lady. Take a seat if ye wish.'
I had to admit, for a faun, she was extremely beautiful. I'm partial to dwarves myself, seeing how I am one, but this one's looks could kill a man. She extended her hand, I accepted and kissed it.
'Demitrius Gallant, at your service.'
'Guinovere Tia Rose'
'Tis' a pleasure, Guinovere'
'As it is for me.'
We talked for awhile. She seemed highly interested in my life, so I told her everything. Starting from my birth, my childhood, all the normal things that most people go through, except for the few details here and there.
Then we got to the part everyone likes hearing in full detail. I tried skipping over it mostly, but of course, Guinovere asked detailed questions, wanting to know everything. What I'm speaking of, is my parents' death.
It all started when on a cool spring day. I was fifteen, my birthday had been three weeks ago. The masculine male dwarves were out hunting for our supply of food for the day. My father however, was an old retired warrior, and was asleep inside our small house. My mother had gone off to gossip with some of her friends about the things going on in other village. And then, I heard it.
Rumble... Rumble... Rumble...
At first, I thought the ground was moving. But I'd soon be proved wrong. A huge group of mercenaries, all on horseback, came rushing towards the village, wielding scimitars, axes, broadswords, the largest weapons I had ever seen. Ruthlessly, they rode through the village, slashing at the bodies of my friends, aunts, uncles, the people who I grew up with. I watched the slaughter ensue for a few seconds, then realized I had to hide. Quickly.

I looked around... a house? No, they'd be plundering those... there! Over there, those trees! I dived into some bushes and tried to conceal my self. With every scream, every thump, every victory cry, I cringed. Huddled up against the tree, all I wanted was it for be over. But it wouldn't be for a very long time. The mercenaries decided they should celebrate. I had to stay awake... had to... stay ... awake... they may... be com...
'What should we do with him,' asked the first voice.
'He's young... a bit runty,' grunted the second voice.
'Food,' asked the first voice again, with a sense of longing.
'No... Lady Giovanni will whip him into shape,' bellowed the first voice.
'But he looks tasty... he'd be a goo-' pleaded the first voice.
'Shut up! Toss him in a sack and we'll take him to Lady Giovanni's. We should get a nice hunk of gold for him,' ordered the first voice.
Next thing I knew, I was grabbed by the neck, tossed into a huge woollen sack, and left without food or water. I guessed we were on a horse carriage from all the violent bumps I felt along the way. Finally, after what seemed like years, we stopped. By this time I was curled up into a ball bawling, extremely frightened. But I began to wonder, where was I going to live now? Who was... Lady Giovanni? How would she whip me into shape? But I figured I wouldn't find out until I was thirty two. Because the cart started moving again.

But this time the trip was much shorter, and we had stopped again. I felt someone pick up the bag I was in, and started hauling me to wherever my destination would be. I landed on the ground with a thump, and hear a muffled exchanged of words between a male voice and a female voice. Then some clinking, possibly gold coins. Finally the bag was opened and I heard a squeal of delight.

'Oooh! He's adorable! How old are you son,' the lady asked.
'F-F-F-fift-t-t-t-teen,' wondering if I was going to be tortured to death.
'You look no older then five!' The lady proclaimed.
'All dwarves are a bit runty, y'know,' said the second voice, the same one who said I would be taken to whoever this Lady Giovanni was.

The lady proceeded with an inspection of me, feeling my arms, tapping up my chin, I felt like I was a magic experiment or something. All the while she made these sort of humming grunts, all which sounded of approval. She finally finished and smiled at me.

'You'll make a good slave, lad,' she told me.
'S-S-S-Slave?!' I couldn't believe it... I was to be a slave? I could've practically back flipped if I hadn't been so weak from the lack of food and drink.
'Oh, the poor child didn't know. Yes lad, I am Lady Kitiara Giovanni. You are now my slave. What is your name?' She stared into the glazed look in my eyes.
'Dem... itrius. Demitrius.'
'Ah well, now, Demitrius, as long as you are completely obedient to me, and only me, you shall live a fine life.'
'Y-y-yes ma'am.'
I was scared, and didn't know what to do. I continued on telling her about my early days with Lady Giovanni, the whipping, slave labor, constant forced worship, licking disgusting things off over her boots, being shackled to a wall and all the other things that had happened. I never went in detail, because people never wanted to hear about it, but I did explain to her how fond I've grown of it.
'What? You actually like those... those... ridiculous things?!'
'Nae. Not like. Love. Lady Giovanni treated me better than anyone in my entire life has. I love her more than I love myself and love life, for she is life.'
'Why aren't you with her now?'
And I continued, speaking of how I grew older, stronger, and became Lady Kitiara's pet. I loved the life, worshipping the greatest being I've ever known. And then the saddest day of my life came. I was summoned by my mistress early one morning.
'Yes m'lady, what can I do to serve ye on this morn?'
'Demitrius, doth ye know what day is today?'
'Nae m'lady, please forgive my insolence.'
'Demitrius... to day is your seventeenth birthday.'
'Aye m'lady, another year I am permitted to service your greatness.'
'Nae m'lady?'
'Nae. You have come of age Demitrius. You are free now. Go to wherever you wish, and do whatever you want. Know that you have served me faithfully.'
'No! M'lady, I wish to stay with you! And serve you! That is all I live for!'
I threw myself at her mercy, and kissed her feet a dozen times. She did not even look down upon me.
'Then serve me by leaving, find yourself another master, and make me proud by serving him or her right.'
'L-Lady Giovanni... i-is that your wish?'
'Nae. It is my command.'
'Ay-aye m'lady. A-as you wish.'
And with that I left her mansion sobbing. They provided me with a horse, a large pouch of gold, and a dagger, in case I ran into any trouble. I rode off into the night, bawling my eyes out the entire time. And then I reached this bar.

'So, that's basically what happened. Now I don't know where to go...'
Guinovere smirked.
'Well you see... I may be able to help you with that.'
Guinovere proceeded quietly to tell me about the 4 Dimensions. She informed me that this must be kept secret, and only for certain reasons was she informing myself. This was all very peculiar, but I figured I had to start somewhere if I was to find a new master and make my Lady proud. I thanked Guinovere heartily and out of the bar I went, taking my dagger with me.
'Farewell, Demitrius.'
'Farewell, Guinovere.'
And I was off. To what? I had no idea. But I was off. And it felt great.

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One day from darkness was born a light and that light, it shone down on the world and all was good... from the light came Devram Chaosmind, a gift or perhaps something else... to yet be determined. One day the Gods looked down on Devram and found favor with him. Out of curiosity or perhaps mischief, they elevated him to their ranks. In the midst of great schism and chaos in the lands, Devram rose out of the recent power vacuum and dedicated his life to order and balance. Devram soon went out in search of the banished forces of good in the world and traveled throughout all space and time in search of them. He searched high and low, sometimes a depressing and tiresome process, but he was determined to prevail. Finding a few of them in this realm, he decided to investigate and observe these beings more and was welcomed into their midst in a position of power. Ever of a restless nature, his stops here became more and more frequent, of a longer duration each time, as he became drawn to the people here.

Firmly ensconced in his position in the heavens, one day Devram was summoned quite unceremoniously by a mortal woman, Cali, an Arch Saint. Curious by nature, he descended the heavens to see what the commotion was about. Cali began to interrogate Devram, curious about his presence and whereabouts. Tempted by Cali's curiosity, Devram decided to make himself known and interact with the other mortals in the lands.

Though mainly just in a position of a figurehead and for show, Devram attracted a lot of attention from the mortal ladies of the realm and began to become known for his flirtatiousness. His attention called back to the other lands and times he was subject to visit, he decided to start stepping down from his position of power in the realm. Lonely and drawn to the pleasures of the flesh to be found on the mortal plane, Devram made his final descent from the heavens. Enticed by the lovely ladies of the Saints, promised great pleasure if he became their slave, Devram fell under their spell and submitted.

Thrilled with the constant attention of the Saints at first and tantalized at the thought of so many dominant ladies, even the most excessive debauchery became boring and tiresome after awhile. Stifled with ennui, he soon struck up a friendship with a young elven lady, Ilana, whose goodness and light showed him that there was another path. Ilana took the poor slave Devram under her wing, teaching him the wonders to be had in this world. Casting off the collar of his Mistresses, the Saints, he soon joined the ranks as a squire in the Table Round. Learning to make his way in this new realm as a mortal, Devram accepts new challenges daily that come his way with an anticipation and zest unseen before, surprising many who have long known him.

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The Bloodspire Clan of Varna has a torrid history. It was rife with internal conflict. The role of Headsman(leader) was more of a death sentence than a position of power. They lived apart from the rest of Varnan society, choosing the dense Likra wood. It was here that Dionon Bloodspire was born to the current Leader of the clan Gordrain Bloodspire, and his wife Hora. He was the 3 of a litter of 4, and wasn't expected to be any sort of heir. Because of this he received almost no training unless he did it on his own.

He quickly adopted swordfighting as a forte, and set out to master his chosen art. He left the Likra Forest, and went to Polock, a large city on the edge of the forest. There he met a master swordsman of the Dawnspring clan, Eona. She taught Dionon more than he could have dreamed, and the two made a lasting friendship that lasted through many battles.

Ten years after he left Likra, he received disturbing news. His brothers had been killed, as had his sister. His mother had also been murdered, and as far as the messenger knew his father was still fighting furiously. Packing his things, Dionon started to leave, only to be stopped by Eona. She had her bags in her hands, and told him, rather forcefully that she was coming with him. Leaving immediately, they made their way through the Likra Forest toward Dionon's ancestral home. When they arrived, they found Gordrain's hut in flames, and five burnt corpses. His family was dead, and another sat in the seat.

The two swordfighters stormed the new leader's hut, many hours, and many kills later, they finally broke through the door. To their surprise, it wasn't a Spacewolf on the throne at all. It was some sort of mechinized demon. It came at them with unnatural fury, and decimated them both, leaving them in a black void.

'Get up....' he heard 'You have to get up'

Sitting up, Dionon looked around, but saw no one that he knew. Instead he was on a rather comfortable bed surrounded by feathered humanoids with white glows. 'You're awake!' one of them exclaimed as he sat up. The feathered individual explained that Dionon and Eona had died during the battle. Enraged, Dionon lunged for her throat. Pinning her to the ground with his jaws over her windpipe, he demanded that he be returned to life, to take vengeance. Quickly the avian female explained that their aim was to return him to life because he died an unnatural death. Satisfied, Dionon let her go, and helped her to her feet.

After she stood, she explained that he would be returned to life, but under one condition, He could never return to Varna, at least not until the current leader, Ojik Honara was dead. Fury raised again, but he forced it down. He was coming back to life wasn't he? Grudgingly he agreed, and sat back down.

He felt his hands tingle, and looked to see why. Eyes wide, he saw that he was disappearing little by little. Before he was completely gone, the Avian yelled 'You should know that until Ojik is dead you are virtually immortal. You can still be killed, but you will come back almost as soon as you do.'

With that he was gone, and for the second time was in the void. Moments later he heard voices, and he opens his eyes to a large room with six doors, and a large sign that said 'Recall Point'.......

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A tall elf stands and walks over to the bar, taking a seat beside you, a small smile crosses his face for a moment, but disappears quickly.
'May I take a seat?' He says, in a light voice, he has rather long blond hair and light green eyes.

He takes a seat, despite your lack of a response. He folds his green robe tightly around himself. He looks at you for a moment… and his eyes twinkle softly…

'I am Doroth Grayil, former jester… and I'm here to tell you a little tale…' He smiles and laughs, an almost sing song lilt to his voice.

'I was told to tell you my tale… so now you will hear it… in short and horrible form.' His eyes darken for a moment, as if a shadow had gone over the sun inside of them.

'I was once a jester for a King, he was the king of a small kingdom... by the name of Gnoredor... as my father and grandfather had been before me… we are a family of elves…'

His eyes are glazed over now... as if he is inside his own world...
'Then he discovered what we were... and banished us... I fought them as hard as my body would allow... but it didn't work... I ran through the woods, filled with fear for my life... then I tripped... falling into a large black pit... I landed in a small dump... in the middle of the pre historic era!...'

'I then ran... running directly into a mammoth... then found myself on a normal road... leading to some kind of school... which I went through... then learned where I was...'

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Pre History was Drakon's home. Now the kid doesn't have one. He was a normal, playful young faun, and now you can't catch him when he isn't frowning or shaking. The faun was continuously warned about them, but unfortunately he couldn't listen.

Let's start from the very beginning of the young faun's life. From birth Drakon enjoyed adventure and his curiosity was large. By the age of five he was climbing and exploring all over, and after having a run in with a bear, his parents get a close eye on him. They would let the Drakon play with his friends as long as he didn't go too far.

Now, he wasn't stupid, he just had a large curiosity. As he grew he also gained a common sense and for this reason his parents did not have a problem for awhile. He still would sometimes, now and then, break a rule of his parents like most kids do and wander a little out, wanting to explore. Then, after his tiny expeditions he would always return home safely for his punishment with a facial expressing describing if breaking the rules was worth it that time.

When Drakon wasn't breaking the rules, he was playing with other fauns his age. Oh, was he an athlete; he was the best in his village. Throwing sticks and rockball were just a couple of his specialties. The reasons were that these were team sports, and his old attitude would cheer up everyone on his team. He used to be joyful all the time.

Then, the trap came… It was just a normal day of playing, this time Drakon was about to win it for his team. It the one game of the season that everyone in the tribe would watch, even his parents were there. It was awesome, the feeling that he felt was amazing. He had never felt like it before.

Then… He fell… Drakon saw nothing but darkness… The time trap opened and closed quickly so that to the others he just disappeared… The minutes he stood there felt like years, confused as he was, deep in his mind he knew what had happened and quickly his eyes began to water like never before. He knew he had just lost everything. His family, his friends, his village, he lost it all.

Little did he know that time warp saved his life. Minutes after the hole appeared his old home was destroyed. Was it coincidence? Was it fate? Luck? Karma? Was it maybe even bad luck that while the others lost it all while standing together, he was cursed to do it alone?

Whatever the case was, the fact is that it happened, and now he is away from his family, his friends, his own time. This could quite possibly be the reason that you can stand there and stare at him for days, only to never see him smile or stop shaking. He looks to be afraid of the world, and based on his life events, how could you blame that young faun?

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Many ears ago in another dimension a dwarf named Drifter was born. When he was old enough his parents told him of an unspeakable sin they did to survive many years ago... He was told that he had a sister and she was sold into slavery so they could survive. Cursing his parents he swore to find her and let her know that she wasn't alone.

Drifter journeyed many months and was trapped by an old wizard into a dimensional tear in time and space and found himself in another realm. This world he found himself in had many dangers and outcast that grouped together in 'clans'. One of these 'clans', called Chaos, noticed Drifter and asked him to join them, which he did.

After joining the Clan Chaos he found a female dwarf named Amidala that bore a certain resemblance to his parents, which he later discovered was his sister.

After several years of loyalty to the Clan and proving himself, Drifter was awarded with a leadership position in the Clan that he accepted. With this leadership Drifter continues to maintain a peace between his clan and the others which earned him respect from other outcast and clan members.

Amidala eventually left Chaos and joined a different Clan called Dark-Jedi and married a leader on another clan named the Sicilians. His name is Johas, a very evil man, who nevertheless turned out to be a very good friend and Ally to Drifter.

If you ever have the opportunity to meet Drifter, be assured if you do no harm he will be friendly and aid you in your quest for survival.

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Dulan is a Time Traveller. Albeit, he does prefer the 'medieval' era above all others.

'Tears were impossible, yet tears were his heritage. Pain was beyond him, yet pain was his birthright. Death was denied him; even so, death was his stock in trade. For the Dwayanu, there was no unhappiness; nor was there joy, concern, discomfort, age, time, or feeling...

....and many a false prophet has been seen, over the ages, claiming to be the Dwanayu, or, the Dwayanu. Once a millenia, maybe rarer, may one be seen.' is one of the earliest teachings I can remember. During the Medieval times, or at least that is what they are referred to as in my travels, I was born, and raised.

Few events did truly happen - in fact, one of the rare highlights of my childhood was a peddler's yearly visit, and the surprise over seeing his wares - Ahhh, but I was innocent then. I thought that he must have had all the wealth in the world in his cart. The sight of polished tin pans made to shine, the gentle smell of the leathers and oils he had for sale, and the beautiful colors he had his wagon painted, and the even more wondrous clothes he wore.
His third visit.....I was seventeen then. That was the summer I ran away from my home, and apprenticed myself to a gypsy master and learned of the, the other side to life. However, as time passed, I became impatient to learn what he knew, and not just what he was willing to teach. And, after not even a year of being his apprentice, I struck out upon my own, to seek my own fortune. As I struck out upon my solitary path, I learned, and saw many a new thing, and began to learn the art of fighting.

As time went by, I slowly became a better fighter, and, eventually, even began to pride myself upon my fighting abilities. However, I still sought something to fight for, something to believe in. Over the passing of two years, I became slowly jaded, then just hardened to the world, not caring in much. Over time, I became jaded, hardened to the world, finding each day more tiring then the last, and the world itself a bore. I traveled, fought, bartered, and those several years are all a blur.

What I do remember clearly of that time, however, is meeting up with a man. He was unlike anyone that I had seen, or met in my travels, and called me the 'Dwayanu'. Remembering some of my earliest lessons about the Dwayanu, and Dwanayu, I just laughed at him, calling him insane... However, as I walked off, I felt a strange feeling.....and, I think I fainted. The next time I awoke, I found myself in the realm between realms, the dimension between dimensions - at the end of time itself.

I found myself in where any dimension could be gotten to instantly, just by saying it's name to the Guardian of Time, and found that I could travel within time as a sparrow flies...and discovered many a new thing within the past, and future.

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A fair greetings to you, lady Immortal.

I be the not so humble dwarf, Durgan Aesirbane.

Perhaps I should speak to you of me past so that you might understand me a bit better. Gather to you a chair and have a seat, tis a long story indeed:

Born to Thorin, son of Durgan, son of Mondor, son of Tamar, I was a miner like all those before me. My skills with a pick and shovel were known far and wide, for I always brought home the richest of treasures from our tunnels.

One day, whilst working in a new tunnel so deep below our city that I was the first to go so low, I whacked the floor with me pick and the rock gave way. I fell headlong into the arms of a wandering band of drow, and was taken prisoner and taken to their city, Xak'Vandrili. While working to escape the foul city of the dark elves, I met a noble, if a bit prissy, Avian by the name of Priam. We were able to escape the clutches of the foul fiends eventually and made our way to the surface.

The world we emerged into was none that I knew of and even Priam, a native of the city of Ixchal, was a bit confused. We made our way north along a path from the cave opening and found ourselves in the city of Helio, home of the great red bird, the Phoenix. After many adventures, and trips to countless castles and dungeons, we found our way to Priams home city and there we parted ways. On my way back to Helio, I managed to make a wrong turn and ended up in some strange jungle Temple. As I explored the temple in the attempt to find lots of loot...erm, to find the exit, that is, I stumbled through a glowing doorway and found myself in the town of Yorke. A kindly helper by the name of Kellindil, I believe, showed me around these oh so wonderful worlds and I have since decided to cease my efforts to return to my own world, or even to return to Priams fair land, and will do me best to make these lands me new home.

Ah, but by the look upon thy face, I see that I have bored thee with me strange tales. Perhaps, the Great Goddess would wish a tankard of fine dwarvish ale before She returns to the Heavens? *Smiles at the pretty lady Goddess*

Durgan Aesirbane, dwarf of the realm.

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'Alright, this will be hard... you see, I don't remember much past two years ago...' Eiyu closes her eyes and tries to remember about her earlier life. 'Well I was...born in an Amazon village...and...I don't know it's name anymore... I was a warrior, much like I am now... and.... I think I left when I was....uh fifteen... The only thing I remember clearly was this: I was battling with a gypsy once, and I was winning. She was reasonably strong, but no match for a centaur really, just good for some experience and gold. She didn't show much magical talent at all, so I was safe for the time being.

Or so I thought.... Just as I was about to attack again, this's hard to put in if an invisible hand of a giant, picked me up, pushed me backwards, and slammed me into a tree. This all happened so quickly, and I remember seeing everything around me blur by.

When I woke up, she was gone of course. It was night and it was cold. I looked around like a child seeing the world for the first time... I didn't know where I was, who I was, or why I was there... I found my name was Eiyu Yuushi by some sort of necklace that I was wearing, the mortals call it a dog tag? I really didn't care. It's been two years since the occurrence, and I have lost most of my memory to that gypsy. I am learning to become a warrior all over again...but this time, I'm not fighting any gypsies.' Eiyu laughs lightly.

'During those last two years, I've been learning to live again. Many have taken advantage of me also. So generally I don't trust the human race...but I am learning to...' 'It's rather strange to see the world like I do... it feels if...I was...a child...stuck in another body....'

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Elenar is in search of Utopia.
From his home in the Medieval Dimension, he was suddenly whisked away into a vortex, stripped of identity, and dropped into the end of Time. There he spent many a day pondering his existence, and to what he would return if he even got the chance.

Finally, his mind latched firmly onto something! He knew what he had always been looking for, and for what he must search. He must look for perfection of mind and spirit, for himself and for others. He flips through the dimensions, trying to achieve bodily perfection so that he might spread it to the rest of the universe, looking only for that thing that eludes him: understanding.

Seeking only to find himself, he travels the depths and plunges into the seas of time and space. Will he ever find it? Only time and fate know that answer...

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Glancing into a mirror she saw the reflection of her gown, and Alice, the servant lacing her onyx corset, though as for her there was nothingness. this brought a strange coldness to her delicate features. Once prided for her abnormal beauty now she couldn't even tell herself if her reflection was the same. Were her eyes still that rich cerulean blue that captivated the masses? Was her skin still supple and smooth with nary a flaw? The sun had set about an hour ago, and she was dressing for the ball the local Lord was hosting. Alice finished with that roped ribbon and moved then to help the lithe woman slide on a pair of gilded slippers. Her gown was indeed stunning with a thick velvet material held tight to her bosom, long off the shoulder sleeves and a skirt with many petticoats beneath filling it out in traditional medieval fashion. The corset of the same crimson velvet was embroidered with black roses and butterflies and set with genuine diamonds and rubies that caught the light like fire. This was the inspiration for her sandals, large diamonds at the crown, and rubies forming roses all around. As Alice set Elissa long spirals into a french twist, the Vampress finally spoke. 'They say the children will have all been put to bed Alice. I expect you to collect a couple for the trip, the parents will be drunk of course, though I recommend waiting a while.' Alice trembled slightly, but nodded meekly. She knew her Mistress had quite the appetite for young virginal blood, and regularly drank from children. Though she was kind enough not to turn them into what she is and has been for some time, it still was repulsive to her servant.

The Ball was full of able bodies. Elissa could smell the blood rushing to the beat of the orchestra through the veins. So many prospects! Running a pink tongue over berry stained lips this statuesque creature began to pass by the patrons, on her way to the bar for a goblet of wine. The taste is dreadful but she has to keep up appearances. The story in this town so far has been she is allergic to the sun, and moved here when her husband perished. Ha! A husband? Not likely, she is more a succubus than a quaint house wife anyhow. Oh but that will all change tonight. Alice will have a fair collection of children, and once the adults here were liquored up she could play and no one will notice till the next day! Now, now!- she socialized, complimented women on their gowns, begging them for the secrets to their stunning hair styles and so on, even flirted with a few gentlemen, the ones with the sweetest scent though. All was going well the Lord and Lady thought as their eyes grew heavy from the wine, music and dancing. That was the illusion she sent upon them, perfection nothing to worry about. When someone she was speaking to passed out, well they had too much to drink and even her charms couldn't keep them up. Oh how foolish mortals are! As people began to get intoxicated she led them to a seating area and sat beside them, it wasn't long before she had consumed all but the last drop of their essence, leaving them breathing but too weak to inform others about this! So they- if positioned properly looked passed out. Poor things really, she must have drank from a good fifteen patrons before calling it a night, giving the lord a soft kiss on the cheek and going home before the sun could rise.

While she was gone the servants began to pack her items securely in several carriages, and Alice had four crates, each carrying two children, scared and crying but tastier and easier to transport. So off she went, to a new land, to either finally settle or to ravage the people in her narcissistic mannerism, devouring their essence, their life... and moving on once more. Guess you will have to wait and see.

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Not long ago, as a young Spacewolf pup, I walked around ignorant of the other dimensions. I had eyes only for becoming the leader of my pack. I walked the planet Varna as though all were beneath me. I was truly the god of my little world.
There I was, walking to Freja's homestead, preparing to tell her she was to become mine. And lo, before my eyes, was a forested environment unlike any I had before seen. My world was gone; I had walked into an early "Time Trap". Confused, and lost, I explored. Fought many so-called dinosaurs before I found my way home again. I travelled through time and space, in my search of home, and it changed me.
As I progressed in my knowledge of this fourth dimension of time travel, my attitude was changed greatly. I no longer was the arrogant pup I used to be. I had become a knowledge seeking, humble character of -soon to be- great renown.

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How would I describe myself? I'm basically just an average greedy chicky. I have no qualms about looting corpses, selling anything I possibly can, and taking just about anything not nailed down. My motto is 'Why work for something, when someone else will'? I just have to find a way to get it from them...

The most important thing in my life? My bank account, which could never be large enough.

I come from a large, poor family that never had enough of anything and my hatred of sharing drove me from the home a couple years ago. I've been out aimlessly wandering and treasure hunting. Recently some sucker knocked me up, and man, do I intend to MAKE HIM PAY. Pay me lots of child support that is...hmmm, maybe palimony also....Anyways, I might as well settle nearby , take his money, and see what other loot is available on developing my thieving skills....and Get All that I can Get.

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The Man who became King A thief and a rogue, Eron the Relentless is the ruler of all the land from Koskun Falls to the edge of the Great Wood. Originally a street urchin and petty thief in Aysen, Eron followed a strange path that led him to immortality and eventually to the rough-hewn throne of the Goblin King.

Craving something more exciting than second-story work, Eron visited the Floating Isle, home of the Wizards' School and the Wizard Savant Bernatheen. The Savant promised to cast any spell in his possession on Eron if the thief would venture into Castle Sengir a retrieve a tome of dark spells from Grandmother Sengir's library. Eron agreed. The raid went well. After hours of searching, he discovered the main library and found Grandmother Sengir fast asleep under one of the ink-stained tables. Not knowing a spell book from a recipe book, Eron took a chance and escaped with the journal.

When Eron presented the spell book to Bernatheen, he took another gamble and demanded that the last spell in the tome be used as his reward. After Bernatheen cast the spell, Eron found he was immortal and immune to aging. He also found, however, that although he would regenerate whatever damage was done to him, scars and minor aches would never entirely heal.

Eron's subsequent reign of terror in Aysen is legendary. Armed with only a small knife, he would face whole packs of angry guards. On one occasion, he even cut himself into sections to fit through jailhouse bars. After a few months of fame and fortune, though, Eron grew bored with crime. He traveled the Homelands for a year, looking for adventure, and eventually wandering into Koskun Keep. He forced his way into the palace hall and declared himself King of the Goblins.

Of course, the Goblins killed him and threw him into the corner for the wolves to eat. When Eron got up a few minutes later, the Goblins killed him again, thinking him to be some terrible undead sent by Baron Sengir. When he got up again, Eron proclaimed that it was his destiny to rule over the Goblin families. The Goblins decided to accept him and took the opportunity to rid themselves of the current ruling family.

Although Eron was eventually praised as a hero and worshiped as a demigod by the Goblins, he has been assassinated some twenty-seven times by his loyal subjects. Each time he is murdered, though, he seemed to just become more determined and his ideas about justice seem to degenerate even further. Eron knows that if he does not keep firm control, his subjects may just throw him down a mine shaft and declare war against everyone. While Eron can be a completely maniacal ruler, his primary concern is with the future of all the peoples of the Homelands and his own place of power among them as the Goblin King.

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The settlements on Mars were everything a Martian could hope for. The Martians living there were all methodical, modest, matter-of-fact, and mature, and merely content to live their days out in relative mellowness. Of course, this was helped by many factors, such as acceptable maintenance, abundance of money and muckawup (the daily diet of Martians), and of course, with no loud modern music (they were introduced in Mars from radio waves originating from Earth) played after midnight(following Mars-time) on most days.

Then Erwin emerged.

From the start, the Martians knew he was a misfit. He did not have the mercurial movements of many Martians, although he met (and surpassed) their mandatory mental skills. He was everything they were not. He was erratic in his habits, always exuberant in his daily life, and always euphoric when he did his chores. And he had a small penchant for Elvis, playing his music after midnight on Mars. Erwin went on his usual eccentric ways on Mars, until one day, the Most Marvellous and Mighty Martian was miffed at his enigmatic behaviour, and exiled Erwin from Mars, marooning him somewhere on a miniature meteorite.

Luckily, Erwin's ears were fully developed (after an extent of listening to Elvis), and managed to hear distant radio waves originating from Earth, broadcasting the elections held by Ecuador. Left with a choice of either staying on the meteorite, or escaping into space to find a better place to live in, Erwin decided to follow the radio waves to his egress, and followed it to the 4 Dimensions.

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I came from a powerful pack of space wolves, we were vast with strength and knowledge, and flourished in the mighty mountains that surrounded us. Until the day Khorne came to rule the elves that reside in the flat lands to the south of us. He ruled with an iron fist, we only heard stories of his cruel torture and manipulation on his own people, but still stories were enough to keep us from crossing over into his territory.

As time went on after Khorne took the throne we started to notice our range of the mountains was becoming overrun with mines and pelt hunters. We were not flourishing as we had a long time ago, it became difficult to feed the pack with the mines killing off large areas of our mountains and pelt hunters killing off what was left of our prey, so the pack leader came to a decision, something had to be done. I picked up my daggers and readied for battle, for that was all that would stop this abuse of our lands and our pack in my mind, yet the leader shook his head and said 'We will not go into battle our clan has not needed to fight for quite sometime, so there is no need to start drawing blood, so I shall go and speak with this Khorne in person and come to an agreement of our lands.'

I stood and shouted 'But why? I have heard many stories of this mighty Khorne he deserves to die, and I highly doubt he will speak with you!' The clan leader smiled as he said 'That is why I am the leader of the pack, young space wolf, you cannot always believe the stories you hear amongst the trees of our wilderness.' I smirked and replied 'Fine but I do not expect to see you coming back in one piece.' The leader patted me on the head and responded 'You will see my young one, I shall return in one piece, and we will have our lands back.'

The leader had been gone for 3 days, too long in my eyes, since it was only a one day venture to the flat lands. But finally I spotted a figure walking toward our camp fire, could it be our leader? Everyone stood on the tips of their toes hoping for our leader to return. I smiled and said to myself 'He was right after all, he has returned in one piece.' That's when it hit me, I realized the figure was not that of our leader, and the figure hadn't come alone. Hundreds of elves stormed the mountains that surrounded us.

The figure came to a stop and snickered softly at us. I gripped my daggers tightly ready to see what was about to happen. The figure smirked as he said 'Is this what you call a mighty leader?' He quickly grabbed the bag from his side and threw it toward the fire. Then it dawned on me, and this must be the mighty Khorne! I peered around, but everyone was helpless and confused. So I approached the bag on the ground, as I opened it and peeked inside. The hair on my back rose and I felt a large lump in my throat, the clan leader's head, with eyes wide open, was stuffed in the bag.

With tears in my eyes I shouted 'You ruthless bastard!' Khorne cackled with glee as he responded to my emotions. 'Hahaha, have you not heard the stories about me? What made you think I care about your pack? Did you really believe I would give you back what I have taken?'

I smiled and said 'Then so be it, you have made your decision.' I lunged at him with both daggers out, yet I did not get very close before I was smacked across the head by one of his soulless followers.

I awoke hours later, only to see death and destruction. Our shacks had been burnt to the ground and what's worse, dead bodies were scattered all around. The dirt was stained with blood, our blood. As I stared at the bodies I started to come to and realized I had been tied to a tree, left to die, bleeding from the head and a huge gash in my side. Khorne had left, and my pack was dead, I had no clue how to get myself out of this ordeal, I just waited for my death and prayed for it to be quick. I was hanging there for what felt like days, when with the last bit of energy I noticed a figure coming toward me from the breach in the trees, then I blacked out.

I awoke days later to find myself inside of a tent. I quickly stood up but immediately became very light headed. As I fell backwards toward the bed of straw, I remembered how bad of a condition I was in not too long ago. I shook my head and peered around, my daggers lay in the dirt, I quickly grabbed them. I sat for a minute trying to figure out what was happening. Last thing I remembered was a figure coming toward me, the figure, that thing must have saved me!

I stood again and managed to make it to the entrance of the tent. What!? How could this be? Before me bent down making a fire was a space wolf. Was he from my pack? Had he survived the slaughter? No, he smelled like no one from my pack. I shouted 'Who are you and where am I?' The space wolf stood with a smile and said 'My name is Asher I am a lone space wolf. I found you hanging from a tree. It seems as though you are the only one that survived. I wasn't quite sure if you would. If you don't mind sitting next to the fire and telling me what happened, maybe I can help you out some more.' I nodded and agreed to his request, I figured I could trust him since he was one of my kind.

I told him my name and we sat for hours as I told him the story and about Khorne. Asher stood and said 'I have never heard of this ruler named Khorne but if I come across him I'll make sure to put a dagger in his back for you.' He snickered after he said this. I thanked him for his help and said 'Well you still haven't answered my other question, where are we?' He smiled and said 'Sorry, forgot you had asked that, we are in the heart of Sherwood forest amongst the 4 dimensions.' I raised an eyebrow at his response and asked 'Sherwood forest, 4 dimensions what is that?' Asher quickly responded and said 'I have not quite figured that out. After I found you, I wandered for days with you healing by my side.

As we wandered, I came across a strong glowing light in the mountains. I ventured toward it and saw a rift of some sort. It beckoned me to enter, I couldn't resist, so we entered and here we are. I've only been able to make out Sherwood forest and some of the surrounding areas.' I stood quickly and asked 'Well how do I get back? I must get revenge for my pack! How am I to find Khorne and deal with his slaughter of my pack?' Asher pondered for a minute and said 'I am not quite sure. I have searched for a few days and found no way back, but maybe if you search long and hard you might find what you're looking for.' He smiled with his response.
I nodded and stated 'Well, I will find my way back and this searching will only make me stronger, so that I will be ready for Khorne and when I find him I will slaughter him and his people.' I thanked Asher and said 'Well, I must be on my way, I see a very long journey ahead of me.' Asher snickered and said 'Very long indeed and I hope you get your revenge on Khorne for your pack.' As I started to leave the fire and venture into the darkness of the woods, I quickly turned my head and told Asher 'I vow to never trust another being other than a fellow space wolf and most certainly not an elf, and I suggest you do the same.' Asher nodded and said 'I will heed your advice and watch my back.' I smiled and began my journey into the 4 dimensions.

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Since childbirth Fabian has had no knowledge of his family. He was abandoned as a small wolf, and was rescued by a one 'Lord Sharpclaw'. Self appointed leader of the infamous Elite Wolf Guard, Sharpclaw quickly added Fabian to its ranks. Since Fabian has no known family, he treats Sharpclaw as a father figure, but treats him with utmost respect. Because of recent experiments and tests, Fabian was granted a special ability. This ability is known as Loup Garoux. The ability to shape shift. The reason he was given this was so he could blend in with other beings when sent to other planets to spy. Located within his spine is a fluid which allows the shape shift possible. Not much information is held on this ability, as it has been rendered classified.

Within the EWG Fabian has learnt respect, authority, discipline and has undergone many physical and mental tests. With regards to fleeing, Fabian sees that it is either death to his opponent, or death to himself. He will NOT flee. His training has included martial arts, survival and many other training wings.

Fabian has arrived to 4d, via another 'test' from the EWG. This test has left him trapped within the 4 dimensions... His one goal is to explore all, and to better understand those within the 4 dimensions.

Fabian is Pure evil, when in his normal state... Barely holding himself to not attack all on sight. This is only suppressed by meditation... Fabian has been found to meditate in any secluded area.... And for those who find him, they only say one thing.... One thing he can be found saying. 'No Fear'. The reason for his pure evil state is because of all the hatred and betrayal he has had to undergo within his training. Another reason is because deep inside he feels pure anger towards his family for abandoning him. He will never rest until justice is done.

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Faeryl D'Argith of House Teken'Rae

Who is Faeryl D'Argith? Many that do know of her haven't been seen again to tell their stories. Faeryl is a Drow of one of the lesser houses in their society, and she chooses to be in that standing for her own accord. Sure power is great, but who needs a high standing in a society that would give anything to be in the position for the first house? Always having to watch your back for a lesser house to come to take out your own blood... Faeryl on the other hand would do anything to further the wishes of her mother Lolth, but she does so in her own ways. Perhaps some of those ways are more severe than her race would deem fit. Preferring to be alone and trusting no one has saved her life on more than one occasion. But, alas what is a story without a story...

So here is where the story of Faeryl truly unfolds.....

Almost a century ago trouble befell House Noqurahel, meaning Sacred to the gods, when four smaller houses banded together to eradicate the house from existence. With this blow a lot of houses changed their position in the society, for many drows don't keep there word for long. Many of the members of the four houses lost their lives between each other, that day as well. Alas, the four houses didn't finish their job before turning on each other, and a small child, Faeryl D'Argith, the last of House Noqurahel still lived. She spent many days learning more of the dark arts, and improving herself while staying in the shadows unnoticed. By the time she was in her twenties she forsaked her disgraced house Nogurahel and started a new house Teken'rae, meaning Delvers in Fell Powers.

For the last hundred years nothing has really been heard of Faeryl, only fairly recently a few people have had the luxury of meeting her, but is that really a luxury that you can afford? Hatred, solitude, deceit, revenge, and the dark arts fill her essence.

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My name is Fantus. Here's my story.
Fantus was born on a stormy night when the moon was old. The elder named him Fantus, calling the Wind God to watch over this young elf. Time went by and Fantus slowly grew up. He showed his nice side to his family-group, but inside he harboured a dark secret. He needed to move like the wind, never too stay in one place for long. This need and his enormous loyalty to the family-group made him a excellent scout. But that wasn't enough - even if the family-group moved around Fantus needed too know what was behind the next hill.

One day the need was too much for him. He asked the elder for permission to make a longer journey and try too find a land where their group could build a sparkling city like those out of legend. The elder told him no. He couldn't leave, the group needed him to much. Desperately Fantus prayed to the Wind God begging him for a solution to his dilemma; his loyalty said he should stay, but his inborn need told him he couldn't. The Wind God told Fantus that he was the chosen one, the one to receive the gift of magic, but that a journey must be made to achieve this and that he must betray the group and leave them, because their destiny was not his.

So Fantus left the family-group in a stormy night when the moon was old, just like the wind-god had told him to do. He travelled long and far, never able to relax from his duty, to always travel searching for the source of magic. One night the Wind God spoke to Fantus in a dream and said that he was close, and the next day would be the test of worthiness. Was he worthy to have the power of magic? the next day fantus woked up and knew which direction to travel, it was like the wind-god directed his steps, in the middle of the day he found evidence of a battle with horror in his throat he went on, yup it was liek he had feared it was members of his familygroup here and their, corpses mingled with the corpses of the drow and of driders he finnaly came to the elder who was still alive but on the verge of death, the elder looked up when fantus came close and cofed whising he said your betrayal ment our end, now you must avenge us, i trust you my son, you will get our vengence then the elder drew his last breath and died, their on the spot fantus felt the presence of all the spirits in his family-group by his own soul he swore that he would never rest until this terrible deed was revenged, nor would he even look at a female creature, he would live for the revenge of the spirits his knowledge should be his weapon his loyalty his shield and his wandring-need the fuel to carry out the vengence, the spirits herd him and gathered around him from the big spirit of the elder to the small of his baby-sister they all gavwe him his blessing and he felt filled with the power of magic and so he set out to avenge his family, after many travels he met a person who told him that in a place many days to the west people appeared and disappered suddenly and without trace, the need for knowledge draw him to that place where he meet a man called soulstar.

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Felix: My story you say? You want to hear my story? Have a seat then, and listen well...

I was born third in a litter of seven. As soon as I was old enough I was taken away from my family and given to a wizard to hunt mice in his tower. It was a nice living, all the food I could catch and all the milk I could drink.

Well, one day I was going after this rat and we ran in to my master's lab (He was in town getting supplies) and I knocked down a vial he had on the table. The vial broke and the fluid that was inside it spattered all over me.

The next think I know I was growing and getting smarter.

Afraid for my life I left the tower and wandered the lands till I came upon a portal leading to a place I'd never seen before. Being a cat I had to see where it led. The next thing I know I am standing in front of a shrine to the GODS and a voice speaks out in my head: Do you choose to explore the Realms of the Four Dimensions? Now being a cat, I said yes...

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Fenix was born to a poor family in the fishing village of Quosh. His unknown parents dumped him on the front steps of a fisherman, who was kind enough to take him in. Later, however, Fenix was not content to have this sort of life. He started to roam all over the Realms, where he acquired a reputation of a fierce fighter.

Always looking for his lost parents, Fenix came across a man named Faldo. Faldo led him and showed him the true path, that of the Vikings. Once Fenix became a member of that wonderful group, he began to learn the sad truth. His parents had left him because they could not take care of him and could offer him no good in his life. So, many years after he began his quest for his true parents, Fenix realized that he must lead his own life now. No longer would he live only for his parents, but also to vanquish all evil forces in the world. Considering there are more evil-aligned clans then good, the realms need greatly a hero such as Fenix Orphanboy.

Fenix has earned a reputation of a fierce fighter, not to be reckoned with. However, he also has a strict sense of honor, which of course he got from his best friends, Faldo and Tannim. These two people affected his life in a way they could never imagine. Fenix learned from their noble lives and strives even to this day, to live the way Faldo lives, and the way Tannim did live before he retired from the realms. Of course Fenix and Tannim are still friends, although they do not see each other as often as before. Every now and then Fenix searches for his parents, but most of the time he slays evil dragons and helps the innocent and helpless. Because of this, Fenix is a true knight. If a childless couple is willing, perhaps they could convince Fenix to be adopted, for even though he is a brave knight, he still needs parental guidance sometimes.

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I come from a Large family with 12 siblings I'm a middle son out of 8, the family has been in the cattle and sheep herding business for many generation, not wealth but quite well off from the business. It was our end of year drive of the cattle to the sales yard in Jazarbel. This was my first time in charge, well sort of, as my seconded oldest brother was along to see who I would handle the drive.

We set out on a cool brisk morning, everything was going well, this went on for several days, no real problems. But one day one of the herdsmen thought he saw a band of men lurking in the distant tree line on the ridge. From that point on we posted several more men to guard the herd at night and had scouts out during the day. They attacked us 3 days out of Jazarbel, their plan seemed to be to infiltrate the herd guards and kill them and then the rest of the band was to sweep out of the night and killing us as we slept. It did not happen as several of guards were not taken by surprise and raised the alarm.

I tumbled from my blankets, my heart pounding and cold sweat running down my back, I grabbed my weapons. We were under attack. My brother and I rallied the men in the camp to arms. The marauders were charging towards the camp and somebody threw more wood on the camp fire allowing us to see. Then they were amongst us, slashing, stabbing… My heartbeat rapidly in my chest my mouth was dry. A big marauder with a large scar across his right check took a swipe at me. I deflected the blow with my shield and slid my sword in under his guard and up into his ribs, you should have seen the look of shock on his face. Then everything broke into a kaleidoscope of stabbing, thrusting, parrying and men dying.

We were holding our own until the cattle stampeded through the camp, scattering the marauders and us in every direction. The cattle must have been spooked by the fight-taking place between the heard guards and the rest of the marauders. I was knocked to the ground by one of the cattle, but successful rolled to my feet. I looked frantically around for allies. My heart skipped a bet I was on the wrong side of the stampede. The marauders on this side were quickly overwhelming what herdsmen there were on this side of the stampede. I quickly decided I had to break free. I charged the two in front of me, slamming one with my shield and slashing the other with my sword. I was past them, thank god; I lowered my head and ran towards the trees and towards the ravine in the forest. If I could get across it I was home free.

As I approached the forest line arrows started whizzing by me. I crouched even lower, as I could feel them aiming at me back. I dodged between trees in the forest, hoping to throw off their aim. I could see a slight clearing in the forest and then the ravine. I was going to take a gamble, I know I'm good a jumping, so I was just going to leap across the ravine. A I got there I realized the gap was huge! What am I thinking I can't jump that gap… then again don't jump and die, or jump and might die, let me think about this for a minute mmmmmm. As I hesitated for a moment I was nearly spitted by an arrow. Fuck that, jump you fool! As I leapt I was not quick enough, I was struck in the back with an arrow. I was pushed sideways by the force and fell into the ravine into the river below.

The blow from making contact with the water knocked the wind out of me and I was sucked under the churning water. I was drowning. I tumbled around under water, futilely struggling to make it to the surface. Everything was going dark, no airrrrrrrrrrr.

I don't know for how long my eyes were shut, but I slowly opened them. Was I dead was I in Paradise? I looked around, everything looked beautiful. I tried to stand and a sharp pain erupted in my back, traveled up my spine and exploded in my brain. I fell to the ground again, my cheek pressed to the ground, panting hard. I was not in Paradise. I was in the real world. I saw an arrow on the ground beside me. I reached up my back to where the center of the pain was. There was a bandage there. I reached out for the arrow and bought it to me for a closer look. I could see blood and flesh on it, probable my own blood and flesh. A thought struck me. Who had done this for me? Was I a prisoner? I looked around, nobody was there. It was just an open clearing near the river, with a burnt out fireplace and my equipment in a neat pile to one side. Who had saved me? I waited several days but nobody came, I don't know who my Good Samaritan was. So if I give you a hand I'm just paying back my Good Samaritan, because you never know when you will need one yourself.

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Fizban, like most Silvanesti elves was born in Silvanost, the capital city of his race's country. His parents were pretty normal as far as elves go, err well at least his mother was.

His mother was a beautiful Silvanesti elf by the name of Silvera, his father on the other hand was a great elven wizard who had mastered the arts of the doppelganger to the point that he could shapeshift into a dragon, and often did so to protect Silvanost from threats such as invading orc tribes.

As a child Fizban looked up to his father and tried to emulate his father in every way hoping to have similar success in the arcane arts. Although Fizban was rather quick at picking up magic even at a young age he was disappointed that it didn't just naturally come to him. He was able to master many of aspects of magic at a young age and quickly outpaced his peers and progressed faster than his father was.

Most people would have been happy in his place but he had one hell of an inferiority complex and hated not getting anything easily so he eventually became so obsessed with his want for power that little mattered to him other than becoming more powerful than his father was (not more powerful than his father had been at his age, that much he had already achieved, but was still nowhere near his father's current magical prowess).

He became so obsessed with his hunger for power he forgot the reason why his father had become powerful, to protect the people. On his 17th birthday he was exiled from Silvanost for mis-use of power when he killed a fellow elf who he felt had wronged him. To this day he has yet to reach the height of his father's power, but he is still not one to cross as he cares little for anyone but himself and will kill anyone, he feels steps in the way of his path to ultimate power.

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Years ago, a sentient martian by the name of Flex traveled to the medieval dimension to explore, and learn about ancient human history. He was rebellious and didn't care for his martian lifestyle. After meeting a dragon by the name of Drake, he spent years with him inside his secluded cave. Flex was fascinated by the hundreds of stories of might and mercy. Drake taught Flex how something as slight as a dragon's size and fire breathing feature could bring fear to any mortals heart. How they are hunted down and murdered for the very reason that they are misunderstood.

Drake's wisdom and knowledge of the many known worlds was more than could be learned in a single Martian life cycle. Although very knowledgeable Drake was well beyond his time allowed amongst the dimensions. Before he passed, Flex asked him what will become of Dragon history. Drake responded, 'As a Dragon's physical form passes, he is not truly gone. But if you forget me, I will never return.'

Saddened by the loss of his new friend, Flex explored the many lands of 4-Dimensions for many years to come. He was known by many as a thug for the sadness in his heart fueled his hatred for all. He destroyed villages and murdered families, all for the pleasure of seeing them suffer as he did. He had forgotten everything that he learned. As he reached a city, which by name he doesn't remember, he murdered a city guard for telling him not to cause any trouble in their quiet town. He then lit a torch to destroy the city when it was blown out at every attempt.

Then a figure appeared before him. He readied his weapon to attack but she quickly disarmed him, pinning him to the floor. She spoke with razor sharp fangs that he would never forget, 'You with such power at your grasp, and this is what you choose to do? You will harm this city no more.' As she turned away the room started to spin and Flex woke up hours later in the middle of a forest. While trying to find a way out of the forest, Flex came upon parchment lying on the ground. It read, 'On the orders of King Sirius. I will pay one gold token to anyone who brings me a dragons' heads! They are evil! They must all be destroyed.'

At that moment flashes of the many stories ran through Flex's head like a slide show. Images of dead dragons brought tears to his eyes. They wouldn't stop until he dropped to his knees and screamed. Then as the image of Drake cycled through his mind, so did a message, 'You have forgotten me, and more importantly you have forgotten who you are.'

As Flex screamed into the air, 'I haven't forgotten!', a spirit in the shape of a dragon appeared before him with its paw held out. As Flex reached for the spirit, in a flash of light they bonded. That was the day, Flex founded Dragons.

Warriors of strength and might, who answered to no one. Flex lead this clan for many years to come. When he reached a certain maturity level, Flex was urged by an instinctive calling to return home to Mars to fertilize his seeds. This was the only way for his family to live on. Flex raised his young seedlings to the point of maturity, and even saw his next generation of kin. After he knew that all was well and that he is remembered on Mars, he returned and was embraced by his clan.

Frustrated with the current state of his clan, he left... for sure that he would always be a loner. While exploring unknown parts of the medieval land to him, he was attacked by a dark figured. After a short battle he was disarmed and pinned to the ground. Flashes of a similar moment in his life flashed through his head. Before sinking her teeth into his neck she whispered, 'Alas, you are worthy.'

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In the farthest reaches of the universe, where the storm of creation still moves, I was… born, if you could even call it that. One moment nothing then something…I remember floating in the twisting mists, moving without thought, desire, or purpose. The utter chaos around me sustained me as I grew. My desires were elemental back then and I crushed anything that got in my way with a joy I have not known since. No thought…no purpose…only death and destruction… no thought…no purpose… I became as the gale for which I am named. Fierce, strong, alone, and unyielding. I was not the first to call myself Gale but the last. The first time I was called Gale was by one of the many nameless entities moving across the starry universe. This entity gave me one of the highest honors I will ever receive…Gale, born of the storm of creation. A fitting name to say the least…when I look to the stars, I think of my name-giver and a smile touches my face.

There were many of us back then, new lives that came from the storm, which is… creation. The eldest among us was a woman. She came to me that fateful day when I became an adult. I really never had anything to do with her or anyone else before. When she came to me I was surprised. I moved to leave because I was a loner. I wanted nothing to do with these beings. These beings that could not or maybe would not allow themselves to feel the joy of the chaos around them. She grabbed my arm, looked into my eyes, and said. 'Gale, there is more to your life than this. This killing, this chaos has to end.”

'What do you know witch.” I replied, though I knew she was right.

She looked at me; no she stared at me, looking deep within my soul before she replied. 'I know a great many things, I know that a path has been set down for you. Gale is no match for the Storm. So the Storm you must become.” With those cryptic words she turned and left. I stood there for many hours…no days and heard those words over and over again. 'Gale is no match for the Storm. So the Storm you must become.”
In less than four seconds my life took a turn in a new direction. I wanted to become the Storm. In my mind it all made sense a storm was stronger than a gale so the Storm is better than Gale. >From that moment on I dedicated my life to becoming the Storm. I traveled across the universe and then some, to become the Storm. In my travels I saw many sights, some good, some bad, some just plain sick. Despair racked my soul for I could not find the way to become the Storm. I had tried and failed. Then I came to a crossroads. To the left I could see a portal and to the right the road kept going. I took the left path without a second thought. This portal changed me. It made me choose who I was going to be. I took the form of a centaur for it was the only shape that could contain my wild restless spirit.

This world allowed me to time travel. I was exploring the Medieval dimension, when I happened to meet a strange being. His name was Lonewolf and he was a spacewolf. He showed me around this strange, new world. He was a member of the Dark-Jedi clan. We traveled together and though he was Dark-Jedi, dedicated to the Darkness…he showed me that there was many ways to serve the Darkness. Helping and teaching others was a way to advance the Darkness. The concept was hard for me to understand but it soon started to make sense. The mirrored paths of Dark and Light, many ways to do the Right…when this insight came to me I finally understood. The Right was balance in this universe…Darkness or Light were both just means to an end. It did not matter what path you took, in the end you gained power and with that power helped to keep balance in the universe.

In our travels he took me to meet Dela, the Dark-Jedi clan leader. She gave me a backpack and a sword. I often wonder what happened to that sword…the sword that had served me so well. As I grew accustomed to this new world and body, I found out I was becoming stronger than I was before. Then it happened, I was strong enough to join the Dark-Jedi clan. I chose the Darkness that is chaos over the Light that is order. Still I did not become the Storm.
Warrior, fighting was life…there was not anytime where I was not fighting for the Darkness. I traveled through all the Dimensions using brute force to prevail. I learned how to attack fast and strong…then to hold two weapons at the same time! There was nowhere I could not go. I was power incarnate but something was missing. I reached the highest order and then something inside of me took hold. I changed to something else.

Thief, cunning and crafty…beware combining the skills of the Warrior with backstab, steal and circle…I became more than I thought possible. My time as a Thief was very fun…I remember stealing a whole bunch of gold from a traveling Priest…heh he did not know what hit him. That time came again and something inside of me took hold. I changed.

Priest, what can I say but the thought of adding magical defense to my offence was a stunning complement. I had no fear of running out of potions anymore…healing magic was mine to command. Still this was not enough to become the Storm. I was stronger than I ever thought possible but I was still Gale not the Storm.

Mage, magical power that has no bounds. With each change I seem to complement myself. The magic that is mine to command as a mage, combined with the powers of a priest, let me live the best of all schools of magic. What will I become when the power takes hold again?

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Garion Ironhand

Once upon a time, in the Medieval dimensions a boy was born. His mother named him after the famous hero Garion Ironhand, the overlord of the West. He was living on a farm, just like the real Garion did as a boy. But when he was 3 years old an evil man came in the middle of the night and set the house on fire. Garion was asleep all the time. His father got him out of the house through a small window just in time, but got burned to death himself together with his wife. And the evil man took the child with him, for reasons of his own.

One year later, when young Garion had learnt how to walk, a group of Vikings came to the man's house. They wanted treasures they said and the man refused… so they took young Garion and slew the man and took all his money. They adopted Garion and raised him into a true Viking.

At the age of 7 Garion went for the first time out on a trip with his Viking friends. He learnt the skills of war very fast. And at the age of 8 he killed his first man. An evil Viking named Rolf, a really stupid Viking, but still a powerful man. After that incident he killed many, many men who threatened the Vikings. He was almost becoming a killing machine! But who can blame a kid for such things?

As he grew older Garion started to feel a bit unhappy with all this senseless killing. The Vikings were the only family he knew, and he loved and respected him. But still their way of life did not seem right to him. Surely there must be more to life than fighting, killing and looting innocent people? Garion wasn't very good at the English language, because Vikings in Sweden raised him. But as he started to talk more to the people, he met his English improved a lot. He began to know the people in this new country, and to respect them - even like them. Slowly, tentatively young Garion started to do good in the world, started to help people in need. He went on dangerous expeditions with people, who he would have called his enemies just a few years back. He started to enjoy being with his former enemies in this strange country of Old England.

And one day he heard about King Arthur, the ruler of Camelot, a huge kingdom in the West world. Garion became curious and wanted to see who this king was. He went on an exploration to Camelot, but he couldn't find it… He thought that this would be a real challenge, but gave it up for a while and started to explore other parts of the Realms. He went on trips to far away countries and got many, many friends. Some of them live today, some of them are dead or lost somewhere… At this age he also got an enormous amount of new members to join the Viking Clan. The leader, Faldo, really appreciated this, and gave Garion the position as Co-Leader, so that if Faldo ever went away for a while the Vikings would be in safe hands.

When Garion was 19 years old one of the four elders of the gods, Molly is her name, came to him in one of his dreams. She told him that his destiny was to rule the Table Round and to help the good in the world to gain power and finally crush the evil forces. In this dream the goddess also showed him the way to Camelot. It was a long way to go but he would make it! Chasing trough the deep forests in the west, fighting Werewolves, Trolls and other kind of monsters, he finally found the town Durmandle where he asked his way forward and finally found the gate, the gate to his destiny, the Gate to Camelot! But he wasn't allowed to enter the castle unless he could prove that he was a worthy knight.

A few days later Molly once again came to Garion in a dream and told him what to do. Next day he went out in the woods and slaughtered an evil mage, who had haunted the town for ages. For this deed King Arthur himself dubbed him to knight and made him the Ruler of the Table Round. Still these days he struggles to help the good in the world and fight the evil. Cause good will finally win!

Some years later he took the real Garion's last name. He became Garion Ironhand. And this is where the story of young Garion ends for now. Only time can tell what fate will yet await him…

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The story of Gilgamesh, part divine and part human, the great builder and warrior, who knows all things on land and sea. He was and he is the wildest man on earth. In order to curb his oppressive rule, the god Anu created Enkidu, a wild man who at first lived among animals. They had a fight, and Gilgamesh won, and instead of killing Enkidu, the good and kind Gilgamesh let Enkidu live, and they became friends. The Goddess of Love, Ishtar - (lets call her Snowbird) - asked Gilgamesh to marry her, but he refused, so she cursed Enkidu, and he got ill.

Gilgamesh looked for the immortality in order to cure Enkidu. He went to Noah, or Utnapishtim, he survivor of the big flood (the one from the Bible). Noah was a bitch, and didn't tell him his secret, but Noah's kind wife (that would be...Shorty… *snicker*) helped Gilgamesh and told him everything about the flood and about the secret plant that renews youth. Gilgamesh had a long journey to get that plant. When he did, he decided to be generous, and bring it back to his city to makes all his citizens strong and young, but on his way home, while he was taking a bath, a snake stole it. Gilgamesh, Chaos Neutral alignment, was very angry. In order to make him feel a bit better, the gods showed him the secret of time travelling, but he lost his way home, and the desert of Gilgamesh and Uruk was never found again.

While travelling in the time vortex, his head was hit too many times on the vortex walls, an action that created a maniac jester, who can spell long words like 'inspiration'. He is funny (Not!) He levels fast (Not!), He has many remorts (Not!) He killed boredom by himself (Not!) and he had 3 girlfriends on the mud (All of them were ghosts). He is also the leader of the coolest RP group - the JESTERS, and he writes cool RP stories (or copies them from Britannica, but he does it so well!)

(written by Britannica Encyclopaedia and Gilgamesh Encyclopaedia cop. ltd.)

The story tells that the Bear God of the Chereks made two stars fall to help Riva on his mission to save the world from the mad god Torak. And Riva took the stars and made a hilt of one and a blade of the other. In the hilt the famous Orb of Aldur rests, glowing with a soft blue light. It feels like the Orb is talking to you - how strange. The blade is the blade of a broadsword but longer than all other longswords, it could cleave you in half with one single stroke! Though this sword looks heavy, in the hand of the rightful owner it doesn't weigh more than a feather.

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A deep feeling of fear grew within Nelthowil as she crouched under a fallen log. Her keen elven senses felt the death about her. She shivered as a dwarf in the distance screamed in agony over his fallen comrade. The smell of blood hung in the air and quiet groans and sobbing of dying elves and dwarves would occasionally drift to her hiding place. She clutched her side; her swollen belly was bleeding profusely. Her unborn child within her may not have survived the fight. She began to shake from hatred and shock. Her troop had been casually hunting when a group of dwarves had wondered across their path. Neither group was about to stand aside, and mayhem ensued. After the chaos she was left here, pregnant and wounded. She began to sob. Suddenly before she could even prepare herself, a sharp pain wrenched her to the ground. Her baby was coming, early.

Off in the distance a clan of Dryads heard a cry of pain. The cry was so filled with hatred and agony it was unlike any their carefree ears had heard. Rushing towards it they were struck by the horrendous site of 50 or so elven and dwarven corpses. Following their keen senses they found a hole with a strange smell coming from it. With one magical gesture, as such that all tree dwelling dryads posses, they lifted the log to reveal the body of an elf, holding a newborn baby. One female knelt and said a quick prayer for the mother and lifted the child to her leafy bosom. The baby was a girl, and her eyes sparkled with life and predestined wisdom. The dryad glanced to her other clan mates and said, 'This elven baby shall be called Gilthoniel Elbereth, in honor of the elven goddesses.' They then disappeared in the mists of the forest, vowing to never allow their adopted child to know the pain as such of her kind.

Later in life after growing strong and learning the ways of her world and her quarreling people she wished that she did not belong to such a petty race. War seemed useless and wasteful and she longed for a different life.

Soon after adulthood her world was torn apart buy a strange, undulating rift. Curiosity was always one of Gilthoniel's weaknesses and upon investigation she was pulled violently into the rift and thrown in a futuristic world of robots and machines. Her mind reeled as she felt dizzy. She collapsed and knew no more.

When she awoke she found herself in a strange laboratory and a group of wolf like creatures watching her. Seeing her fear they carefully explained to her how she fell into a rift wich nearly tore her frail elven body apart. In order to save her life, they transferred her mind into a young female space wolf clone.

Terror stricken and confused, it took her many months to get used to her new body and the future world. She realizes space wolfs were much stronger and faster, and the fur helped keep warm in winter. Although she missed her fair hair and ears, at least her senses were more acute.

She eventually learned how to fight very effectively and how to travel safely in the rifts to other new worlds. Gilthoniel became an adept hunter, but couldn't resist the call of her old home in the medieval era. She is often seen in the medieval and future worlds, calling both her home.

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Gladiator Ajtuk

My name is Ajtuk and I am a gladiator. My first fight was almost 10 years ago and none of the other men that fought that day remain. If I were anyone else I would have earned my freedom by now, but they refuse to release me because I once spoke ill of the Emperor. Since then I have fought more often and against stronger opponents than anyone else I know of. They want me to be killed in the arena, but each time I survive I become more popular with the crowd. For this reason, they are loath to give me an impossible fight. For this reason alone, I am still alive today.

My family is of Turkish origin and I was a soldier in the Parthian army. I was part of a group of conscripts that received very little training and were put into battle at short notice. We had no chance against the Romans and many of us gave ourselves up as prisoners. We were sent to Rome as slaves and made to fight as gladiators. I was lucky to survive then and I'm lucky to be alive now. They watch me constantly - I know it. They pay the other men to listen for anything I might say against the Emperor, so I talk to no one. I expect they will resort to poisoning my food sooner or later, so I must be careful. I know that at this stage it would be easier to just die, but I can't. I won't.

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Gladiator Camillia

Camillia has attained an age of approximately 17 years. A much older, much wealthier nobleman had bid for her in marriage, but was politely declined by her parents, for he had a reputation for being needlessly cruel and viscous. While her family remained among the living she was betrothed to the youngest son of a middle-class, but politically upward family; a match eagerly anticipated by the future couple. Upon the announcement of the engagement, members of her middle class family began succumbing to a suspicious wasting disease, eventually dying off, and leaving Camillia as the house's sole survivor. Through the cycle of deaths, feeling the creeping gaze of a humiliated nobleman, noticing every sly smirk, she fled to the family of her betrothed, begging that the marriage proceed as quickly as possible.

Arrangements were made for her to be taken into the house of extended family until a proper wedding could be arranged. During this time, the nobleman put forth a request of the village's ruling governor for Camillia as his bride. The family of her intended groom put forth their argument, pleading for their contract with Camillia's family to be honored. While the governor was deliberating (or pondering the quality of the nobleman's bribes, as it were), the same wasting disease that had wiped out the girl's family began anew within her adopted home. Accusations flew, and even with no hard evidence, suspicious eyes fell upon the nobleman.

Word began to spread; the governor would see the contracted nuptials proceed. Before an official announcement could be made, the young groom-to-be was accosted and murdered, in broad daylight, in the village square. The perpetrator was quickly apprehended…and quite unfortunately dying amid the struggle of his arrest. With no groom left to complete the contracted marriage, the nobleman put forth yet another 'claim” for Camillia; there remained no further obstacles and the request was duly granted by the governor.

A 'bodyguard' was sent to collect the girl from her refuge; the bodyguard catching her as she attempted to flee the village along a back road. The burly bodyguard, assuming she would be an easy capture, carelessly grabbed her arm, dragging her back along the road. From under her robe she drew a dagger, holding it close to her body as she stumbled to the ground. With a curse the bodyguard bent over as if to scoop her up, affording her opportunity the opportunity to attack. She slashed at his throat, and his hands flew to staunch the blood flow. Kicking and flailing, she managed to knock him to the ground as she found her feet and fled. By the time the guard overcame his surprise, slowly realizing that while badly hurt, his life was not truly threatened she had slipped from sight. The search was on, but she went unfound. Many a villager was suspected of aiding her, and although the nobleman's rage was daunting, not a word was heard from her until she showed up in Rome, begging an audience with the Emperor.

Word spread of a great Roman beauty, road-weary and disheveled, seeking asylum. When at last, the Emperor allowed her to plead her case, he ordered her returned to her village and to be given over to the nobleman. She stood defiant before him, demanding fair treatment and declaring a willingness to fight and risk death rather than return. The Emperor snidely, and not at all seriously, suggested that should she be able to survive one year of the gladiator pits that she could earn her freedom and independence, and be allowed to inherit whatever may remain of her family's wealth. Standing tall, with her head held high, she accepted the Emperor's 'offer”. Stunned by her acceptance, he duly appointed her to the women's pit master for instruction and housing.

The year-end of the bargain draws close and she has managed to survive unscathed. She now possesses amazing strength and cunning; battle-hardened, she looks forward to the future when she returns home…suspecting that at such time a certain noble family just might 'waste away” of some unknown disease.

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Gladiator Constantinus

I was a farmer, growing crops of both wheat, and barley to satisfy the emperors' troops unyielding hunger. Long days on the field, with the sun of Amadeus raising sweat upon my brow, were all the work needed to sculpt my tanned body. Soldiers often passed through my land, on their way to battle, or to collect slaves from the distant lands... And sometimes they would stop to take food and drink...

But when they took my fair wife Saturnina and violated her deeply, I heard her screams coming from the house, and ran quickly to her aid. She survived as I made haste in slaughtering as many of those foul beasts as I could. My wife will never again see me, greet me with cool water as I come home after a long days work, nor will I feel her smooth hands upon my face. I was overtaken, and forced into this Gladiator life, thanks to my skills in battle. 'You will make the emperor proud,' one man said before a hood was tugged over my head. Naught could I see, but all I could hear, their joyous laughter at capturing a gladiator such as myself. Oh, how much gold they will collect upon my arrival!

My captors renamed me 'Constantinus' for my steadfast, constant rage in battle... And now I shall entertain until my body withers, or another man slaughters me. This be the fate of a humble farmer, protecting that which he loves…

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Gladiator Demissie

Demissie has served in the Egyptian army for about ten years, rising quickly through the ranks due to his exceptional warrior skills and cunning mind. He is known to be fair and honorable, even when the same cannot be said of his contemporaries. His skill at chariot-mounted archery is an even match to his hand-to-hand combat; he plans and executes cunning attack plans without the slightest hesitation.

However, even the greatest and most powerful of warriors can be outnumbered and overcome. When Pharaoh sends too small a regiment to a distant encampment amid rumors of an uprising, Demissie and his squad are overcome by a large ban of warriors exiled from the Roman army for various infractions. These disgraced warriors manage to survive through robbery and slave trading.

Through sheer numbers and the element of surprise, the Egyptians are overcome and captured. Those that put up the slightest resistance are slaughtered. Keeping his thoughts upon escape and the possibility of returning to his family, Demissie plays down his abilities and wit, compliantly going along with his captors until such a time that it may benefit him to try for an uprising or escape.

Failing to fall for his act, the bandits keep him under close guard, knowing that he shall fetch a wondrous price from a particular gladiator pit master. Demissie goes along with the program, for he is afforded no possibility of escape and does not wish to forfeit his life. Once immersed in the games, he quickly becomes a crowd favorite…for he is stunning to behold in battle. He fights with an eye to earning his freedom, and a hope of returning to his family and evening the score with the bandits (not necessarily in that order).

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Gladiator Ebou

Hello, my name is Ebou and I am a gladiator by choice. I used to live far away - over the sea and south of the great desert - until a neighbouring tribe came and ransacked my village. Most of my family was killed. I was lucky to escape but I was forced to flee. I crossed the desert in search of a new home and came to see the sea for the first time. It was on the edge of this sea that I heard of the wonders of Rome and determined to travel there. A year after fleeing my home I arrived in Rome. I chose to enter the arena as a gladiator almost a month ago as a way of earning my citizenship here. If I can win enough fights they will allow me to go free as an honoured citizen of Rome. Many of the others here believe they are slaves. I do not think so. For me the arena is an opportunity, not an obstacle. I can only hope that my fellow gladiators will soon come to see that there are far worse places to be than here, with food and a bed to sleep on. Also unlike many of the other fighters, I do not fear death. The Gods have seen fit to protect me so far and I see no reason why my fortune should change now. And even if I do fall in the arena, I shall only be rejoining the rest of my family, so I have nothing to be afraid of.

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Gladiator Lucretius Augustus

Lucretius is a five-time decorated war hero. He basked in the glory and adorations of the people. However, when Rome entered a period of peace, talk about his greatness faded. He disliked being just another ordinary citizen. The army was all he had known since the age of seven. He had no employable skills and struggled to provide for his wife, Pisica, and his son, Corpicus.

Lucretius yearned to revive the feeling of grandeur he had once known. He signed up to become a gladiator, gave up life as a free man and entered a life of slavery. Each time he prepares for the arena, he feels alive and almost God-like. His new status has earned him quite a reputation with the ladies, plus a good living for his family. Lucretius hopes to keep re-living his stardom, even if it means his death.

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Gladiator Mad Hamish

Mad Hamish is not as widely known a Barbarian as various others, due to the fact that almost all living creatures - as well as the odd non-living creature - he encounters end up dead (or more dead in the case of the beforehand non-living creatures). The only other Barbarians generally agreed upon as being as dangerous Mad Hamish are Truckle the Uncivil, Boy Willie, Evil Harry Dread and Cohen the Barbarian. The fact that Mad Hamish is the only Barbarian of the previously named currently in the Colosseum does not mean he is any less capable than the others; it's just that wheelchairs hinder your peripheral vision somewhat. And whoever heard of someone sneaking up on an old man asleep in his wheelchair anyway.

The only other tidbit of information worth knowing about Mad Hamish was dictated to us by one of the few survivors of Mad Hamish's adventures. Regarding his large boots:

'So's me feet touch the ground,' Mad Hamish said.
'Don't they … er … touch the ground in ordinary boots?
' 'Nope. Orthopedic problem see. Like … you know how a lot of people've got one leg shorter than the other? Funny thing, with me it's -'

Oh and, his wheelchair has spikes.

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Gladiator Magambo

He was only a baby when found by the wise but old shaman of a tribe in a far away southern land. Hidden behind a bush, under a rocky overhang, protected against the sun, the shaman found him. A bit further away, was the baby's mother. Dead. Bitten by a snake. The shaman thought it had to be a sign that the baby wasn't bitten by the same snake. He picked up the little baby and took it back with him to his people. The following night, the shaman received a prophecy in his dreams. He finally found his worthy successor and from the next day on, the shaman raised the boy himself and taught him everything he knew. Years passed by and the boy turned out to be an eager student. At the age of ten the boy had to undergo the tribe's naming ritual. During that ceremony, alone, in a secluded cave, the boy had to stay there until the spirits came to him and give him his name. Magambo.

The shaman felt his end coming near and speeded up the lessons. Magambo learned how to use his mental powers not only to heal people but also how he could use those same powers into battle. There was one thing though that the shaman couldn't heal himself and that was the restless spirit Magambo had. He often wandered off for days, but when he came back, he always brought back new herbs or animals for the shaman and him to use during their experiments. Thus finding new ways to enhance their mystical powers.

But then came the day that changed Magambo's life forever; during one of his lonely travels roaming his homeland he heard battle cries in the distance and followed the sounds. There he saw some white people attacking a village, while they captured every male and killed all the children and women. Magambo tried to help out the village but all his efforts where in vain and he got captured himself. Together with all the other prisoners Magambo ended up on a boat and got shipped away to an unknown country, with unknown people and strange cultures. From that day on Magambo did what he needed to do to survive. Even if it meant using his mental possibilities to hurt people.

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Gladiator Rufusalius

Rufus was born in Scotland and immigrated to the forested region of Norway when he was twelve. He became a farm hand and earned an honest living farming sheep. His village became increasingly upset with the annual visits from Roman trackers coming for moose for their Colosseum games. The villagers did not believe in killing exotic animals for entertainment. And certainly not the moose, the national animal of Norway.

The village people took up arms against the Roman trackers; however, they proved to be no match. Captured and brought to Rome, Rufus became a prisoner of war. The Romans changed his name to Rufusalius and sentenced him to 3 years in the arena. Rufus seethes with anger at being a slave but uses this hatred for Romans, to fight back for his freedom.

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Gladiator Silvanus Lorgaire

Silvanus moves in with a slicing move to Opendri, who moves out of the way in the nick of time, Silvanus' sword just grazing the skin. 'Yeh think y'all defeat me, eh Silvanus? Gots another thing comin' dontcha! I'm in this to win!' yells out Opendri. Silvanus smirks, a half grin on his face. 'I love it when they think they're confident like this' he thinks to himself. Oprendi comes in running toward Silvanus, axe held high in the air. His torso and lower body has been left free of guard thanks to Oprendi's novice skill in the ability to battle using such a heavy weapon as an axe. Silvanus ducks low to the ground, still standing, wavering left and right, his balance shifting from knee to knee as he waits for Oprendi to advance closer and closer.

  • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing*

'Aaaaaand the winnar of tha fight is, SILVANUS LORGAIRE!'

The crowd in the local tavern filter off, one or two perhaps giving a half-assed round of applause before returning to their cheap beverages. Silvanus steps up to Oprendi's body on the floor, which twitches and flinches in agony. Silvanus nods down at him. 'Don't leave your defenses so widely open'. Oprendi looks up at Silvanus, eyes widened, teary, bloodied. He tries to reach down to his knees to stop the pain, the blood pouring from his shins from where Silvanus had cut through the better half of both Oprendi's legs. Silvanus takes a dirty cloth from his pocket to wipe the blood from his blade, places it into his sheathe, and walks toward the bar for a well deserved beverage.

'Who is he?' a young woman in the shadows asks. 'That's Silvanus, m'lady, a gladiator, a battler, one of the best round these parts'. 'And who would I be seeing about buying the services of this gladiator? Where is his... employer?' The barman smiles.

'Silvanus'. The young female raises her eyebrow questioningly. 'Silvanus, yes, that's who I'm asking about..'. 'No, miss, you misunderstand. Silvanus is the man you want to see in relation to your query'. 'But.. why? How'. A puzzled look crosses over the woman's elegant face. 'He is a rare one, Miss. He's a gladiator because he wants to be, not because he has to be. This fight you just saw was merely a challenge made in a tavern, he is slave to no-one but his lust for blood'.

The young woman utters a low 'hmmm', almost so quiet it's impossible to know if she was letting out a sound, or if it was just the wind blowing through the open windows of the room. The barman turns around, a cleaned metal cup in hand. 'Now then, would you like a drin.... miss? Miss?....'. The woman was gone, the doors of the tavern left swinging open. Some say Silvanus' lust for blood comes from the desire for revenge, though no-one quite knows what his need for revenge would be.

Some say his love for fighting comes from having a broken heart. And some even say he is just a mad man. Whatever the reasons are, his fighting is his life, it is who he is, what he lives and breathes for, what he was born to do. Silvanus may have been a gladiator for himself by his own right back in that Tavern fight, but rumor has it that he found a woman who made him an offer he could not refuse. Some say this woman offered him riches beyond his wildest dreams. Others say that, perhaps, this woman was not as human, or as mortal, as she appeared, and maybe, just maybe, Silvanus was tempted by something that many of us are still not aware of, things that are still out there, beings that haunt us.


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Gladiator Strabo

Strabo is an astrologer and studied under Posidonius on the Greek island of Rhodes. Strabo is also an author, most noted for his book 'The Rising Moon.” His writings quickly gained acceptance and he soon secured a position as personal astrologer to the Emperor of Rome. For many years Strabo lead the good life in the palace.

One evening, looking skyward, he saw the full moon turn from glowing white to blood red. Strabo interpreted this to mean the downfall of Rome. He fretted over telling the Emperor but gossip soon leaked out. Charged with treason, Strabo found himself sentenced to five years in the Colosseum. Before each fight, he is nervous, but draws strength from the hope of becoming a free citizen and continuing his work. His fans call him 'Rabidus Luna'.

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Gladiator Tariq

Tariq the dishonourable. Tariq the thief. This is what he was known as in his homeland, back in the city of Jerusalem. He was born to a family of little means, his father would beg on the city streets for money to feed his family, whilst he himself would scavenge around the markets for dropped and rotten fruit, begging passersby for scraps and alms which rarely came. Born with intelligence and cunning, it did not take him long to realise that it was easier just to take what was wanted, and so began his life of thievery. From stealing figs and peaches from market stalls, he progressed to lightening the pockets of the customers, selling the spoils to the back street traders who did not question the origin of what he brought them.

He lived on nerve, skill and his ability to blend into the crowds. He was not one to be a hero or to push himself forward, but on that fateful day when the Romans passed through the city, he made the mistake of relieving the centurion captain of a gold necklace. His luck abandoned him, he was spotted, hunted down and without a second thought shipped back to Rome to provide fodder for the gladiatorial arena. However, he proved to be unexpectedly resistant, his speed and agility proving time and again more than a match for the heavily muscled and armoured gladiators they pitched him against. With each match he grows more resiliant, more experienced, and is now amongst one of the top ten gladiators, popular with the crowds.

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Gladiator Thendai

A tranquil waterstream gently flows through the green surroundings, making a squabbling sound as the stream passes over some small rocks in the middle of the flow. A light fog dwells just above the surface of the water. Near the grass side, in the shadows of a big tree, a girl is meditating. Her eyes are closed as she concentrates on the sounds coming from the water. Her thoughts are miles away though. Miles away and back in time.

It was a smooth evening, Thendai, still a child, was sitting next to her grandmother, and the only thing she did was listen to the wisdom her grandmother passed on to her. And the basic idea of that wisdom was quite simple: every living being wasn't created by just its parts, like a bush did not only exist out of its branches, leaves, roots and twigs. No, there was more, the whole bush was surrounded by this kind of energy. And every existing living being was formed by this energy. It was everywhere, in the trees, the plants, the rocks, the ground, the air, the water, every animal and every other living thing used and gave the energy to one another. If someone in their village got sick, Thendai's grandmother gave them food filled with the energy so the sick person would get better again. Of course the opposite worked too. And Thendai found that out the hard way. A sick plant was absorbing Thendai's energy, making her feel sick and miserable. Only when her grandmother paid her a visit, and placed the plant elsewhere Thendai got better again.

Not everyone could spot the energy levels, only those paying attention to it would be able to see it. And that is what Thendai learned from her grandmother from that evening on. Eventually Thendai got older and decided to spread the knowledge she knew, around the world. She said goodbye to her family and friends and started hiking to the west, in the big open world out there, looking for people who would be willing to learn what she could teach them. She travelled over mountains, crossed rivers, helped people here and there, even if it meant using her powers to draw energy from other people who tortured innocent animals or even worse.

And now she was meditating at this quiet spot, when suddenly she heard a rustling sound coming from the trees behind her. She quickly got up and turned around, looking face to face to a man, who was hardly wearing any clothes and was covered in blood. She heard more cries getting closer and closer as the man was trying to tell her something. Before she could react, she was surrounded by men dressed in skirts, a light leather harness over their torso, wearing helmets and holding swords and shields. 'Finally, we got him, and we also have his accomplice,' one of them said. Thendai never had the time to react, her hands were being tied behind her back and together with the other man, the soldiers took them to this strange, big, round building. The soldiers lead Thendai and the man down into the interior of the building and both got thrown into a holding cell, the iron gate, being locked before their eyes.

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Gladiator Wolfric

Wolfric was born to the Iceni tribe, a tribe of Celtic origin within the small island of Britain at a time when it was still yoked under Roman rule. The Iceni were led by the tribal Queen Boudicca, the widow of King Prasutagus, heir to the lands which the Roman's eyed with greedy intent.

On Prasutagus' death, the Romans made their move against the Queen in hopes of seizing her kingdom. With Wolfric at her side, she led her armies in a barbaric rampage, razing temples dedicated to the Roman Emperor Claudius. Wave after wave of Roman Legionnaires were sent, but all were defeated. At a loss as to how to deal with such a woman, Claudius sent his military governor, Gaius Seutonius in one last attempt to subdue the Queen.

In the final battle Wolfric rode alongside the warrior queen, amassed behind marched her army, women alongside men, druids to the rear, arms raised, calling upon the Gods to aid them. But that day the Gods favoured the Romans. Wolfric fought on as those around him fell, his body dripping in the blood of his friends and allies. He was one of only a few left standing when the slaughter was over. Gaius Seutonius gave orders for him to be taken alive at whatever cost, and so he was taken in fetters, the blood of slain legionnaires crusting on his skin, to the killing fields of the Colosseum.

Two years were spent slaughtering within the huge amphitheatres, satisfying the crowds' baying thirst for blood. He fought well, undefeated, becoming a crowd favourite, so much so that they would frequently urge the Emperor to free him. That freedom has not been granted yet. For were he to ever be allowed to wander the great City of Rome, the lives of those responsible for the death of his loved ones would be in grave danger.

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Gladiator Yitshak

Almost as long as he can remember Yitshak has been able to delve into other people's minds, sometimes bending them to his own will. As a boy he often used this ability consciously, for instance to wheedle out of a tight spot when caught in some mischief. Or to manipulate the teacher into giving him good grades at school, or charming his way into the good graces of pretty young girls, who normally wouldn't have looked twice at a boy of his age and stature.

But he still cannot fully control his powers, and sometimes they seem to work against his conscious will. Which is how he ended up in the Gladiator Arena.

At the age of 17 he joined a group of other youngsters, rebelling against the Roman occupation of his home country, the Land of Israel. They were very patriotic, idealistic, enthusiastic - and very, very naive. Naturally they were discovered, hunted down, captured and disposed of, swiftly and ruthlessly. Yitshak was the only one left alive of the rebel group, while his comrades were slaughtered like pigs around him.

He didn't consciously use his powers to persuade the Roman soldiers to spare his life. In fact he would have preferred to die with his friends. At least that is what he tells himself every night, as he tosses sleepless on the bed in his cell, and every day as he faces death again in the Arena.

But in that moment of mortal peril, his subconscious took over - the instinct to survive was too strong, and somehow his life was spared. And the instinct is still too strong, so somehow Yitshak manages to win over opponents twice his size, skill and strength.

And until he has learnt to fully control his own power, he will probably keep surviving, even against his own will.

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Gladiator Spartacus

Spartacus has been a rebel almost from birth, often without a cause. For what cause for rebellion could someone have, who was born into a pampered and comfortable life in the Roman society? Perhaps it is the name - although our Spartacus has absolutely no connection with the Spartacus that led the famous slave rebellion in the year 73 BC. Unless of course he is the result of some reincarnation… There is more between heaven and earth…

Born in Tivoli outside Rome, the second son of a wealthy retired General in the Roman army, Spartacus had every opportunity of succeeding in life - at least theoretically. But he was a contrary child, right from the start. Already as a baby he used to chuck the food that he didn't like on the floor, or in the face of his nurse. (His mother naturally was too busy going to orgies and similar pastimes in the Roman society to have much time left for her children). Later, as a toddler he had tantrums, whenever he didn't get his way, throwing himself on the floor, kicking and screaming.

In school he was a total pest, badgering the pedagogue with impertinent questions, playing the clown in the classroom, and on his spare time leading a group of other youngsters on nightly raids in the city. His parents took all this as youthful exuberance, and his mother used to croon over his high spirits even after he burnt down their neighbour's stable. After all, their neighbour was a dreadful upstart, and didn't really belong in these refined surroundings, so who could blame the boy for making a statement? His father even chuckled secretly, while conveying his condolences to the neighbour over the unfortunate accident.

But when the exuberant boy burnt down their own stable a week later, the parents were less understanding. And the final blow came when Spartacus flat out refused to follow the family tradition and join the army. The worst of all was that the brat didn't even choose a decent occupation, he insisted on starting as an apprentice to some shady charlatan, known as 'The Gypsy'. He wasn't even a Roman citizen, he was said to be Egyptian, and everybody knew that Egyptians just couldn't be trusted, they constantly tried to rebel against the Empire. This was the final blow, the father had enough and Spartacus was banned from the family mansion and disinherited.

This didn't bother Spartacus much. He soon picked up the secrets of the trade from the Egyptian, and went into business on his own, concocting and selling various love potions and potency pills, but also some more sinister drugs and poisons. Using his old connections cleverly, he built up a net of customers in the Roman society, and within two years he employed a number of his old cronies from school as distributors and bodyguards, an operation that had much in common with the later Sicilian mafia. Business flourished, and Spartacus would probably have ended up much richer than his estranged family, had he not made one grave mistake. One of his customers paid him to administer some potent poison to a political enemy, normally just a routine job for Spartacus' organisation. However, it turned out that the murdered man had family connections close to the emperor, and before Spartacus even knew what happened, he was dragged to court and sentenced to 5 years in the Gladiator arena.

Naturally he is not going to submit meekly to his fate, and naturally he is planning to lead all the Gladiators in a rebellion, which will overthrow the regular army and eventually make himself the new Emperor. There are just a few details that he has to figure out first. Like getting in contact with his former gang, and having them recruit the basis for his private army, and also getting them some decent weapons and armour. And convincing his fellow Gladiators that the time for rebellion has come and that he is the natural leader. There is of course also the minor problem of staying alive in the Arena, until his master plan can be set in motion. But Spartacus is not overly concerned; in fact he is almost happy, for the first time in his life.

Finally he has a cause for his rebellion.

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My interesting bloodline had brought me to the attention of my colony's ruling Supercomputer. Being an Indian had some definite advantages on my post-natural disaster world. The Supercomputer determined that my lineage made me an ideal candidate for its genetic experimentation. Needless to say, I ran like hell. Also needless to say, I was caught just as quickly.

The cell they placed me in to await my turn had three other occupants, two of which they had already processed. The other sat in a corner, in shock and completely unresponsive to my attempts at communication. My fellow lab rats did not look as though they were going to be of much assistance. Looking around, I considered my situation and tried to figure a way out. I was just about to try the old sick-and-dying routine when one of the men who had already been processed began mumbling. Loudly.

I listened with disinterest; I had more or less lost hope by that time when suddenly he said something that immediately caught my interest. Magic. Magic had been forbidden on my home for decades now since the Supercomputer couldn't seem to get its cybertronic brain around the concept. I went over to the old man and saw why he had been taken. He was an elf.

I listened closely to him and kept hearing something about his feather, his bright red feather. I looked and saw his feather tucked into his cap. Reaching out, I grabbed hold of the feather, intending to give it to him, when I suddenly found myself in a strange room. No longer was I in the Test Subject Waiting Room but in a white marble room with a tacked-on looking pine staircase. The old elf stood there, completely unharmed, with an evil grin on his face and said. 'So, are you interested in knowing what just happened to you?'

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So you wish to know how I came to these realms? A long tale to some, a short to others be my tale, but it tis a tale nonetheless. And this is important, for it is a true tale, for historians of all time to record, so that all may know the truth instead of what the victors say. The earliest point in my life that I can recall starts when I was but six or seven years old. I started as a small errand boy running errands wherever and for whatever they would take me, scraping by and learning myself in all manners of different arts. This continued for many years and I gained much knowledge, which also maid me stronger for knowledge is power, and gave me enough power to allow me change my fate of a boring life when the opportunity was given to me.

When I reached the age of ten I was unknowingly a pawn in one of my customer's schemes. He had 'acquired' something illegal for that time and place, I don't remember what, but that's not important. No, what is important is how I was used, he had me deliver it to a supposed 'friend' of his. This friend happened to be involved in the group that was one member and package short. The day I delivered it was the day fortune smiled on me and gave me a chance to prove myself.

He was paying me a rather large some of money for such a simple job, yet I wasn't suspicious, I was too young to know to be. When I got to his 'friend' and delivered the package I was questioned about my employer, and I answered everything truthfully, which enraged the man for he thought it was a cover story I had been told to sing. He did not understand that people were capable of telling the truth in his occupation. He ordered a rather large brute to kill me for my impudence; the fool didn't realize what knowledge I posed and it could do for one when properly used.

At once the man saw my potential to become a skilled warrior or assassin. He also realized that I was completely ignorant of the supposed 'ways of the world' and set about to train me in them. Thus, realizing that I had not lied had my former employer killed, and paid me double what the man had offered. He was a crook and a member of an organization of such fellows and was training me to be one without me realizing it, all I knew was that I was gaining more knowledge and power and that those were good.

This continued for about seven years as he taught me several things, including time travel and the potential dangers and profits of such operations. He also trained me in the various cultures of the times we visited so that I would be better able to fit in there. He then put me to the test.

He ordered me to kill someone without his assistance. At that point then I realized from all my contacts with all the different times and places I had been to what I was to become if I succeeded. I liked the potential power that game from such deeds, but I was gradually becoming aware of the rules of the people and why they existed. I decided to leave him and the unmoral life behind at that point.

I learned much that first year on my own. I learned that all that comes around goes around, good deeds don't haunt you, it's the bad ones that do. That luck has little to do with anything, it's always fate and your decisions that decide what happens, and the more power and knowledge you have the more options you have when you need to make a decision. But, I had not completed my training and fell into what I now know is called a 'time trap'. I found myself in a large forest, and then under the foot of some large reptile, my life stamped out of me, I awoke in a dark place with nothing I had been carrying before and a large sign floating in the air in front of me that aided in the completion of my training.

This is the tale of how I came to the realms, so that all may now know the truth.

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The young faun Dirend's birth date isn't known… He was born in the forest of the god Pan, under his protection. After reaching the age of 5, Pan started teaching Dirend everything he knew. He taught him about the forest, surviving and talking to other animals. It took Pan 4 years to teach Dirend all those skills.

And then, at the age of 9, after being teached by Pan 4 years, Pan said to him:

'Dirend, I have taught you everything I know…You need now to go to my friend Ares. He will teach you about the skills of war. But before you go, take this.”

Pan showed Dirend a small flute. Then he said: 'This is the Flute of Pan. When you use it, it will summon my powers to your help. Now good luck, young Dirend! May nothing hurt you on your way to Ares.”

So Dirend traveled long to the house of Ares, where he found him training with a Golden spear. Dirend came to him and said: 'Are you Ares?”

Ares said: 'Yes, I am Ares. I believe you are Dirend. Pan has sent you so I could teach you the skills of war. But before we start training, you must rest. It's a long way from the Forest of Pan to my house.”

Dirend rested for 4 days, then started training.

Ares said: 'First, we shall practice with the sword. It's a mighty weapon, that in the hands of a skilled warrior can behead any creature.”

He gave Dirend a small sword and said: 'This is the short sword. There are more types of sword, like the Broadsword and the Long sword. You may also run into a Scimitar, if you travel east.”

And then, they started training. Ares trained Dirend for 9 years. After that time, Ares said to Dirend:

'I have taught you everything I know. You may now travel where you wish, for you have all the skills you need to survive. Good luck young Dirend, May the powers protect you.”

So Dirend started traveling. One day, he reached a small town, named Old Yorke. He rented a room and started sleeping. When he woke up, it was already the next day. He heard some shouting from the center of the town. He got up, dressed and went to see what's going on. He saw a Hanging structure, with a thief standing to be hanged. A man suddenly pushed him, and went to the hooded figure beside the thief.

Since Dirend has a hearing skill sharpened so much, he could hear what the man was whispering to the Hooded figure. 'Hangman, what are you waiting for?! That man is a thief, he should be hanged at once.” The Hangman nodded at the man, and then, with a stroke of his sword, hanged the thief.

Since that day, Dirend decided that his name would be Hangman. He started traveling again. Then he reached a Strange place called 4 Dimensions.

He asked a woman with wings and a halo where he is. That woman said to him 'Hi, I`m Molly. You are at 4 Dimensions. The land where you may travel to 4 Dimensions, Pre Historic, Medieval, Old west and the Future.”

So Hangman decided, 'This is my true home.”

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The day Aldaris was born, the whole world was flooded with rain and chaos, for Aldaris was child of Darkness, and lord of Chaos. It was for only one day, though. Aldaris' powers weren't at full strength right now.

When he was 10 years old, Aldaris' father started to train him in the art of black magic. He trained for months, trained until he was 15 years old. Then, his father told him, 'Go seek the Dark Templar called Tassadar, he shall teach you the true powers of the Dark Templars, which are necessary for your journeys in the world. He lives in the planet of Shakurahs, in the forest of Maleria'. And so, Aldaris went to the planet Shakurahs, and sought after Tassadar, in the forest of Maleria. One day, while traveling in the woods, a very bright, blue light came before his eyes. Then, a hooded figure stepped out of the light. By that very moment, Aldaris knew it was Tassadar standing before him. And then, Tassadar spoke, 'I see you finally found me, Aldaris. I have been looking at you since you came here, at my forest. Well, we might as well begin your training. Follow me'. Tassadar led Aldaris to his home. And so, they began his traning. Tassadar taught Aldaris how to fight, survive, and most of the skills necessary for traveling across the world. At last, when Aldaris was 17 years old, Tassadar told him, 'I have nothing else to teach you, brave Aldaris. From now on, you will be Hangman, child of Darkness and lord of Chaos, for this is your true destiny'.

And so, Hangman began his traveling. One day, he opened a door, and stepped in, but instead of a house, he found himself falling down, in a vortex of lights. Suddenly, he fell into a strange room. He clambered to his feet, and looked around. He saw a man, glowing within a white aura. The man started to talk to him: 'Hello, young man. I believe you lost your way?' Hangman answered him, 'Yes. Could you please tell me where I am?' The man laughed, his voice filling Hangman's soul with peace. But Hangman shook away that feeling, filling his soul with darkness and chaos again. The healer said to him, 'You are at the realms of 4 Dimensions, boy. Scour around, and see if you can unravel the mysteries of each Dimension.'

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He is a Romanian species of vampire, said to be the illegitimate child of parents who also were illegitimate. Soon after his own burial Hase embarks on a long career of destruction. He delights in tormenting and engaging in wild orgies with the living. The male vampires can father children. Hase hates newly and happily married couples, due to his own illegitimacy, and wreaks his revenge on such couples by making the groom impotent and the bride barren.

Now he lives by a new motto: I gouge my mouth into your neck - I'll give you the luxury of the traditional bite anyway, 'cause I'm, such a sweetheart - and your muffled shrieks subside to whimpers . Then there's nothing, except your eyes, like those of a deer in the headlights, looking at me in confused horror, silently screaming, 'Why?'

Why? I don't really know why. Guess it's 'cause assholes make me sick. And misery loves company.

You sob and beat your fists against my breasts. Futile, dear. It's like socking lumps of gristle.

But I don't understand. You look like a vampire, you dress like a vampire, you act like a vampire, you immerse yourself in vampire chic. And now I've introduced you to a vampire - a real, dead vampire. Don't you want to be a vampire - just like me?

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Hawkes was an inquisitive elf, at 10 he listened to the tales of the older, veteran elves of the wars they had been in. He also listened to the elders and storytellers, who told their tales of old. During this time, Hawkes developed his love for two things; Music, and traveling. The first caused much joy to his parents, he played along with the songs of old many times.

He gained fame throughout the elven tribes, and many watched his progress with mixed sentiments. But it was also because of this second love that caused him so much grief. At 14 he got caught in a time trap, and fell to recall. He went through the school there, learning much, then applying to marine school, where he gained a white beret. Two years later, he graduated, but did not join the ranks, he preferred to explore and wander. It was then that he tried to return home, only to be rejected by his old village.

Turning to all the other villages, he looked for a place among his own people. He found none. He then went off in search of a place that he could call home. He found the human city of Olde Yorke. Here the people did not know what he had done, and so Hawkes found a home.

A year on now, Hawkes has made a name for himself, playing his flute in the taverns and inns, but he also helps in farming, helping the community. But lately, Hawkes has been going back to recall, making friends with the travelers there, and listening to the tales told.

Though many Have said that Hawkes is too young to travel, he doesn't listen. Armed with his flute, white beret, laser, and amour, Hawkes starts to wander further than before...

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In The Year 2000, the year of Chaos, Hawk was born. He was a child with superhuman strength. His mother and father would praise the gods for having them blessed with the child. When Hawk was 16 his mother and father died in a blood-shed on Friday the 13th. Hawk was left alone to fend for himself, so he set off to seek his destiny. He traveled to many lands and places. Finally he arrived in a place called Seto.

For loving the art of swordsmanship he was given a chance to learn it. His teachers were the great PharGGo and Johas. As time passes, Hawk mastered the art of swordsmanship. He also joined a clan, which he accepted as his own family. The clan that Hawk joined was The Sicilians. They may also be known as the Mafia, which smuggles drugs, kills people, and maybe robs banks.

Hawk was now happy in his new 'Family'. Johas, Pharggo and other clan members gave Hawk a lot of help when he needed it. He now wanted to help people himself, he was not all that evil, but when people made him mad, he would be in a blood rage. Hawk was born like that, but he didn't know why. All Hawk ever wanted now was adventure and a chance to help people. He traveled far and wide meeting people like Garion and other great people, helping others around the world, and also seeking to make himself more powerful.

The years pass… Hawk continues his endless journey to help people out and also venture further into the Realms of the world.

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Hemlock, born in the southern most atmosphere of Mars, grew up in a society of inclining minds. A place where new technologies and sciences were born regularly, and new ways of surviving were constantly being found. This unique civilization of Mars was established 15 generations before Hemlock's birth and was said to be the 'true founders' of fusion energy. They lived life 75% in utter darkness and 25% bathed in an almost divine light known as 'The Coming'. 'The Coming' has been translated into a sort of second life, or reincarnation of their god, who is corrupted and mostly evil because of the 3 quarters of darkness 1 quarter light. A'Rith, a god known to me, was merciless with a soft side for females and children. Hemlock's village was wiped cleaned of all males over the age of 13 overnight, leaving a gathering of women and children. The small group struggled to hold the village together, women doing the manual labor and children working all day long until either passed out or dead from ailments.

Hemlock, 10 at the time of the cataclysmic change, 3 years into the known hard times, along with persuasive arguments and drunken night discussions, decided to go on a campaign against the most hated object of anger of the southern-most tribes. He tried to rally any available soldier, but no male was over the age of 16 so none was too willing or too able, so Hemlock vowed to go alone with the might of his arcane skills and the wisdom of his people if not one soul would go along with him. Not one did march with Hemlock, and he was never heard of again...said to wander 'aimlessly north' always looking for revenge.

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'I don't know much from my past, but I do know that I'm unnatural. My father told me how I was born, or... created, to be correct. I have a video tape with some of my conception, birth and a little of my early youth recorded.'

The golden maned werewolf lets out a sigh as he reaches into his bag and pulls out a small cassette.

'This is all I have of my life... other than what I remember. As soon as I was able to take care of myself...' The beast looks at you with a slight frown, 'Never mind... the tape has got a lot of technical stuff that I don't understand, but I'm sure it could tell you a little more about myself. My name is Hephasto by the way.'

Casually the creature strides over to a TV with a built in tape player. He inserts the tape and presses the play button on the remote. An image of a large silver werewolf appears on the screen. And he begins to speak. 'Well the camera seems to be working... Hmmm... I'll have to play it back to make sure though.'

He steps away from the camera revealing the contents of the room he is in. It's filled with all sorts of lab equipment, large glass tubes and other unknown instruments for scientific purposes. 'I'm just fooling around with this stuff, I don't know much about all this. I've tried many hybrid and pure-breed creations. They've all failed. Maybe the DNA was too contaminated.'

The werewolf steps out of the view momentarily. 'I'm going to try something new today. I got my hands on the cells of someone really powerful and I'm going to combine them with the cells of myself. I got into a fight with this guy and lost. But I managed to steal some of his DNA when I got some of his blood on my weapon.'

He steps back into the view of the camera holding a vial filled with a swirling gold and silver liquid the emanates a shimmering light. This..!' A devious grin spreads across his wolfish face, '... is the combined liquid ready for the artificial womb. If the guy I took the DNA from knew I had it, he'd probably be very angry with me.'

He begins to laugh diabolically as a small icon of a battery with a slash through it appears at the bottom left of the screen.

'But, for the record, I obtained the DNA from a powerful, magical being. He's very strong. That's why I kept the DNA. It's from the mage known as...'

All of a sudden the screen goes fuzzy. The golden haired werewolf ejects the cassette from the player and places it back into his bag.

'There's more on the tape but it's personal. Maybe if you asked I would tell you more but for now I'll leave it at that.'

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Born as the daughter of Chief Courageous and his wife Many Suns, she learned most indian skills at a very young age from her elder brothers and sisters. Building tepees, preparing meals, making clothes and ornaments, she even went hunting with her brothers. She was only nine when she was following a rabbit in the woods when she heard the screams of battle in a far distance. When she returned to her family tepee hours later, she found out that her whole village was massacred by a cruel, hostile tribe. Every single person was dead.

Luckily with all her knowledge and hunting skills learned from her brothers she survived until almost half a year later she was found by a Dutch couple who took her up in their family. The family Jansen traveled for two years around the world before they settled. Staying with her new family Hesara learned a few other languages. The Jansens even send her to school where she learned reading and writing and lots more.

But at the age of 16 she wanted to find out more about her own race so she took the decision of leaving the Jansen family and try to find out more about the origin of her own tribe. She still keeps in touch with the family who adopted her though.

After returning to her homeland she found a peaceful and friendly tribe, she was allowed to join them and fell in love with a tall, handsome Indian Many Skills. Unfortunately he died during the hunting season while he was trampled down by some bison's while saving a friend. After that she didn't find any reason to stay with the tribe so she left them and started roaming along the Prairie.

One day after following a broad river she found this big lake in a strange mist. Hesara stayed there for a few days and noticed that at night strange silhouettes formed in the fog. At the third day while she was fishing, Hesara thought she saw the face of Many Skills at the bottom of the lake. Without thinking she dived into the strange water.

She was immediately pulled into a strange kind of current and when she woke up at a sandy shore she found herself in a totally new land where she never had been before. Since then she's been wandering in the realms of 4D where she feels like home.

While she would go through a fire for her friends, you'd better be careful if you are part of the tribe who originally killed her family. She remembers all the characteristics of their totem and you never know what she might do to you if she finds out you're part of them. But so far she doubts she'll find any of them in her new environment.

Hesara might seem a bit shy at first with new people but once you get to know her, you'll find a good friend in her. She likes horses and sometimes you might even catch her humming a song. She likes to learn new stuff and she's a quick learner. Her curiosity can put her in dangerous situations but so far she's always managed to get out of them without big harm.

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High in the Beor Feile Mountains, an elven maiden was gliding through an evergreen forest gathering mushrooms, for that was a favorite treat of her family. The sun filtered though the leaves of thousands of trees overhead to cast an almost eerie luminescent greenish glow. She flicked back her hair as she stooped to gather some more of the colorful, flavorful mushrooms and smiled. Content with the quantity, she made her way to her favorite pool and lying flat on her belly, cupped her hand and drank from the stream bubbling over the rocks into the pool. Suddenly, she heard a twig crack and glanced up wide-eyed, surprised to see a strange looking elf standing on the other side of the pool. He was tall, his skin a strange bluish cast and had silver hair and sea green eyes. He smiled at her and gestured in the time honored tradition that he was a friend.

He came to the other side of the pool and introduced himself as Araiceil, which meant valiant or strength in the old language. She smiled and introduced herself as Ennoil, the dear or loved one. He was an ambassador from his people the prince of the sea elves who lived far to the west. He had come to speak with her father, the head of their clan to arrange an alliance against the evil Dragon Lord, Cree-Droch who had begun invading all villages and towns from the highest mountain peak to the lowest basin of the sea. He rode the evil black ridged dragon Hgrasmat, who roared fire and swept the land with terror. Araiceil stayed in Ennoil's village a sennight and by the time he left, he and Ennoil fell in love had handfasted, pledging their troth. Araiceil had to travel to the other villages and towns and then back to his father to spread the word of the resistance against the evil Dragon Lord. He promised to return as soon as he could, but little did he know he left Ennoil with child.

One day, Ennoil traveled to the precipice of Beor Finiche, a volcano in the area famous for its eruptions and glassy volcanic rock. Her family was that of magic users and it was said that if one found a perfect rock of the volcanic stone that was black and clear like glass it had great magical properties. She planned to make a staff for her father of yew that she had sung and top it with one of these rocks for his upcoming centennial celebration. She spied one of the glassy stones and examined it. It was perfect! She slipped the gold coin sized stone into her pocket and smiled happily. The landscape was scarce and devoid of any vegetation or protection. She was standing there looking around, when from the other side of the yawning mouth of the volcano rose a huge black dragon with a mounted figure upon it. Roaring with satisfaction, the dragon and rider swooped upon her and captured her.

Ennoil found herself imprisoned in Cree-Droch's lair for many months until she swelled heavy with child. Cree-Droch tortured her day and night, trying to get her to give her soul and her baby to him. She refused him and resisted all his coercions, not responding to anything he said to her. Her health began to dwindle until she was little more than a transparent wisp of a spirit. Cree-Droch underestimated her though... he had stripped her of any clothing, but let the stone fall to the floor, oblivious to its importance. One day he rode out and relieved, Ennoil leaned against the wall. She concentrated hard and meditated, calling on the strength of the stone to fill her soul. She picked it up in her palms and held it, reciting a spell in the ancient language. A golden glow began to surround her and she was filled with power. Her already semi-transparent figure turned to smoke and she escaped from Cree-Droch's lair. She fled as fast as she could and once she reached the forest, she called upon the unicorns there to aid her in her escape.

She fled as far as she could and remembered that she knew an old wizard who lived in Durmandle who worked for a powerful king. In the Crystal Mountains near the city, her labor pains began before she could even reach the town for assistance. Solitary, with only the unicorns looking on, she birthed a baby girl and the unicorn cut her cord with its horn and healed Ennoil enough to be able to reach the town safely. She sung to the trees and wrapped the child and herself in clothes fashioned of leaves and vines and made it to Durmandle finally. Once she reached the old wizard, she begged him to care for her child as his own and never to let anyone know who she was and where she came from, for she knew that Cree-Droch would seek the child born of two powerful elven houses to bend to his will. She named the baby girl Ilana and there she kissed the brow of her child, stroked her cheek quietly, a tear trickling down her own, and faded into the shadows, gone to find her love and fight against the evil Dragon Lord, knowing she may never see her lovely daughter again, but praying that one day they might be reunited.

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In ancient times, when there were no time holes, nor ways to travel back and forth in time, there lived a boy named Imbeni. He was 16 years old, living on a planet known as 'Earth', in a dimension known as 'Reality'. He was kind, thoughtful, and caring to those around him, for that was how he was raised. In all his endeavors, he tried to be polite and mannerly, maintaining a cheery disposition.

Then it happened. While working at a strange place known as 'Opryland Theme Park', he heard an explosion inside the main gates. Hoping that all was well, but fearing the worst, he went to investigate. To his surprise, no one was hurt, but where the main gate had stood, there now stood a portal, glowing green and shining in the noon-day sun. Over it was written the words, 'Ye who would find true meaning, ENTER!' Always one to find new things, Imbeni decided to walk through the portal, and knew no more.

When he woke up, he found himself in a strange place, filled with light, and the feeling of love and light that surrounded him was overwhelming. Standing up, he heard a voice in his head, saying: 'Greetings, Imbeni of Earth. I am Axfellia, the guardian of the Light of Truth and Knowledge. Are you ready to begin your journey?' 'What journey is that?' Imbeni asked, unknowingly. 'A jouney to the beginning and the end, to everywhere and nowhere,' sad the voice, 'for the path you now trod is that of Knowledge, Wisdom, and Ultimate Power, for the first two are equivalent to the later.' 'Very well then, Axfellia. Let us begin.'

In this way, Imbeni began his journey across the infinite plains, always seeking Knowledge and Wisdom, and serving the Light of Truth and Knowledge, Love and Reason for countless ages and eons, never aging or weakening. Imbeni loved his work, helping those in need of it, bringing hope to those who have none. Indeed, in the countless eons, Imbeni became so powerful a force for good that he became nearly a God himself.

However, not all things in the multiverse are good and right. When it appeared that Imbeni was destined to become a Greater God, the Deities of vileness, evil, and carnage gathered in a secret place, plotting and conspiring. 'We cannot let the one called Imbeni achieve his goal, for he would outshine us all, and hedge us slowly out of the multiverse!' said the Lord of Flies. 'Indeed,' said the Dark One of Egypt, 'For as it stands he challenges the might of RA himself,' 'I have a Plan,' the Norse Mischief maker said.

As Imbeni was walking through a plane named Baator, or the Nine Hells, he came upon a maiden being harried by demons, and rushed to her aid, after fighting off the demons, the maiden rewarded him with a kiss, but it was poisoned. Too late, Imbeni realized the trap, and saw the maiden's true nature. He knew no more.

On awakening, Imbeni found himself in strange surroundings, and he felt very different. He tried using his Plane detecting powers, but they failed him. He cried to Axfellia, but had no answer. He found himself on the realm of '4 Dimensions', stripped of his former glory and power, and trapped in a plane with no known exit. For awhile he was at a loss, wandering aimlessly, trying to re-attain the power he once knew.

'Look at this one,' Dela said to Evilynn, 'The one called Imbeni. He seems to be lost. Should we help him?' 'Only if it serves the greater glory of the Dark Side,' Evilynn responded, 'Let us see what the Emperor requires.'

'Bring him to the Dark Side, for he holds a potential unknown in these Realms,” said the Emperor. ”The Force is Strong with him, and he will join the Darkness of our Jedi, or die.'

Dela and Evilynn befriended the lost Imbeni, helping him in as many ways as they could, slowly and subtly eroding his morals, stripping his light away. Patiently they watched as the evil in Imbeni grew to a burning fire, raging against that which he lost, convinced that the Light had thrust his fate upon him, and not the Evil Ones who conspired against him. His evil grew to a whirlwind, rivaling the former goodness he once possessed, and surpassing it. So bitter was his hatred that he immersed himself in Darkness, becoming as strong and stronger a force for evil as he used to be a force for light.

'I will re-attain my power, and wreak havoc on the planes I once protected, bringing my swift and sure vengeance on the forces of good for their wrong to me, and when I am finished, I shall rule the Multiverse with an Iron Hand.'

All forces of Light, beware! Imbeni the Terrible, Imbeni the Dark Lord, is working against you, and he will not stop till all light is extinguished, all goodness lost, all hope crushed.

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It was year 2945 when I was born into the world. Growing up as usual in a family of 5 with two bratty younger brothers. My father was a great scientist in POWERS corporation. He was a great influence in my life. When I grew older I followed my father's footsteps and became a scientist myself. I started working as an assistant for my father in his experiments and later was given the opportunity to run my own research.

When my father died in a freak accident, I fell into great grief. One day when I was clearing his desk I found a memory crystal containing some information about his work and the man he worked for. Something about the accident and the information in the file prompted me to question his death. Several months later I opt to work for a well known geneticist Fabius Bile. It took me several years for him to trust me with his work, that is when I discovered that he was using genetic manipulation technologies to develop 'soldiers' for the Emperor's Children regiment.

After much digging and snooping around in his lab, I stumbled upon his plan to overthrow the Neo-Government using these genetically altered soldiers and blaming the Emperor's Children regiment. Thus destroying both powers in one blow. However I never did find out how my father died. Late one night I was discovered and confronted. I was overpowered by Fabius Bile's personal guards and was taken to his lab.

As soon as I came too, I found my self in one of Bile's reaction tank. Fortunately for me, one of my personal experiments to bring out dormant psychic abilities and to further enhance them seems to have a counter affect to Bile's mutagents. I gain the attributes of the killer soldiers, heighten agility, intelligence, strength, and also inherited the craving to kill. However, with my enhanced mental ability, I am able to control the tremendous craving to KILL. At least most of the time.

When I was able to control myself long enough, I broke out of the research complex. Before I did, I stole some high tech equipment to assist me. One item I treasure the most is the Time O.R.B., which allows me to jump in and out of different time dimensions to elude my pursuer.

I am sure I will be hunted down, since I destroyed his lab and his life's work has gone up in flames. Recently, I noticed that I have the ability to change my molecular structure into any form with just a mere thought. However, with each time I change my form the craving to kill becomes more intense and uncontrollable. One day, when I am strong enough and have a better understanding and control of these new found abilities, I will 'repay' him personally and find out how my father died. I know for sure that he had some part in my father's death. Until then I'll keep a low profile and learn new skills and spells throughout history.

From now on I'll preserver to acquire lost knowledge from the Pre Historic era, learn to harness the power of magic from the Medieval ages, acquire survival skills from the Old West and lastly attain advance technological equipment from the distant Future. The woman I was before is gone, now I'll be known as INQUE.

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Washed up on a lonely beach was a ragged young centaur, not knowing where he was, who he was or how he got where he was. This young centaur was lucky to be alive, having the worst type of amnesia a being can have.

After two days of lying helpless on the beach he had been attacked by gulls, crabs and even turtles had had a go at him.

Then one day a miracle happened... An old shepherd took him in and raised him for a few years until the young centaur could look after himself... The day he decided to leave on a journey the shepherd died, which meant the centaur could take anything he wanted. After he had packed himself a knapsack he left on a journey, a journey to find out who he was... Only one thing kept him alive, the absolute need to find out who he was.

One day he stumbled across another young centaur like himself, except this young centaur knew three things he didn't know. Who he was, where he was and where he was going. The other centaur told him that he was called Bruce and the two exchanged stories and became great friends until..... they walked straight in to the land of 4 Dimensions, where only the strong could survive. So Bruce left because he didn't have what it takes. The other centaur though found new friends and a name... Io was what he was called.

And still at this day Io is searching and exploring to find out who he is.

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My career was decided from the moment of my birth, but the fates had a different plan. I was born on a small planet known as Rathgor to fairly wealthy parents and was to take over my fathers contracting business. However, shortly after my fourteenth birthday our planet was captured by Imperial forces and I was conscripted. For several years i was forced to train to be an assassin to remove political opposition. I never being one for rules and regulations, deserted on my first assignment, which was to assassinate someone known as Princess Leia. Soon after, I joined Greedo's crew and began working as a bounty hunter, until he had a run in with a man named Solo. The result of that encounter was the death of Greedo and me taking charge of the crew. Greatly disturbed by Greedo's death, I then made it my mission to kill Solo. An excellent opportunity soon arose as the Empire which i had abandoned soon put out a call for all bounty hunters to capture solo. I decided, I could put aside my dislike for their policies and use this chance to take a shot at Solo. Soon, after being called to Vader's flagship, Solo was reported to be in the area and most of the other hunters chased him in haste. I remained behind knowing a man like Solo would have tricks up his sleeve and waited for him to make his move. After a short chase, the fleet and other hunters were in disray and begin to depart. I had noticed Solo had not entered hyperspace and was waiting for the right moment to make my move. As the last ship left, Solo revealed his hiding spot and jumped into hyperspace. I began my pursuit when i was ambushed by Boba Fett, who disabled my engines and left me floating in space. After spending a week drifting aimlessly a cargo freighter rescued me and took me to a near by planet, where i began plotting my revenge on the two men I hated most, Boba Fett and Han Solo.

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They sit around the campfire on cold winter nights telling the story of The One, a mere mortal who incited the Immortals to great wrath, which burned against him and changed him forever. This is the story of the one known as Isis.

Born of the demon named Lust and an Angel named Honour, the very light of the moon permeated her very soul on the night of her birth. The demon father vanished into the abyss, for he had 'got his rocks off' and was searching simply for another wench to satisfy his urges. The Angel mother reared the baby as her own, a child of beauty and delight, intelligent and happy. Only one flaw marred her character: she was a sex freak. None know the true name given her by her mother for she was known to all as Isis. As virile as a lion, Isis would nail anything with a point and a heartbeat, much to her angel mother's shame. One day her mother approached her, sadness in her eyes.

'You may not remain here' she said. 'There is no place for a horny beast as yourself in the realms of good. You must go to where sexual decadence is rampant, masturbation is normal, anal hair grows to amazing lengths and people imitate goats in their sexual advances.'

Isis knew her destination immediately, it could be none other than the Halls of the Saints. Upon her arrival she made known her prowess and was held in high regard by all, even the Immortals. Gradually others grew jealous of her prowess and huge libido, wishing that they too could last all night and well into the next day. But Isis did not care, She kept her 'sword' in her pants and frequently in the pants of willing groupies, stopping only to mix with mortals and Immortals in the thrill of The Quest.

One fateful day she was going hammer and tongs with a favorite of the Immortals. The Immortals, being inherently selfish, did not wish to share and so their anger burned against Isis. They only held their wrath in check because The Great Molly had decreed that none should be slain by Immortal hand upon punishment of mortality. Of this Isis was unaware, that she owed her very existence to greatest of all immortals. Then came the fateful day where, managing to wedge her foot firmly in her mouth, she pissed of the one being keeping her safe. Open season was declared on Isis, the disgruntled and mad Immortals lining up to take turns at kicking the living piss out of the object of their hate. Isis could not run, could not hide, for at every turn the Immortal powers would seek her out and punish her for being more sexually skilful than they.

At long last the wrath of Molly subsided and she realized what she had done: she had let her own feelings come in the way of the truth and justice that she had forged from the death of the Devil. How could she rule in Honor and fairness when the reminder of her weakness walked among men? There was but one solution: total annihilation. Through arcane means the all but dead sex-maniac was bought before her. She ordered that all leave. Extending a trembling hand of power, flashes of light arced from her fingers to the bleeding form on the ground before her. But instead of true death, a metamorphosis began. The wounds healed, the body changed, the mind was wiped clean. Molly knelt and lifted the dazed form from the floor. Looking deep into silver eyes, she uttered one word; 'Isis.'

The eyes blinked and looked at her, not recognizing and not understanding. The being, changed so much from the spawn of good and evil, was new. Unblemished. Normal. The only single vestige left from the previous life was one driving desire: To rule over the lesser.

Knowing nothing of the Gateways leading to the other Dimensions she wanders through the future in search a life lost.


come now, lemme do it, it will one hurt for a bit then you will feel nothing...

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Before WWIII in 2079 and its resulting disruption of the space-time continuum, the small Elven village of Rizaak flourished. The year was 1202, and the village was celebrating the tentative peace it had recently achieved with a nearby clan of Dwarves. Moreover, a child had been born to Rikel Enr'si, the Village Elder, and his wife Sunn. They named the girl Jae, an ancient Elven word loosely translated as 'truth' or 'reality'.

Rikel was a man hungry for wisdom, if not a bit eccentric, and his quest for knowledge had at the time led him to question the power of Elven magic. Elves had historically been frail and physically weak, but skilled in natural magic. Rikel developed a theory that seemed to prove that the physically strong could use that strength to overcome magic. Magic is a mental activity, and if physical strength can be used to stop that activity, the magic is defeated. Around this same time, he developed a philosophy about the weather that predicted terrible storms reigning over the skies from the year 1219 until 1222 and wreaking havoc on all living beings of the Earth. For these reasons, Rikel made the decision to train Jae as a warrior so that she could survive in his predicted world.

From the time she was born until she was nearly seventeen, Jae trained nearly every day in warrior arts. Despite the objections of many of the villagers, including his wife, Rikel spent no time training her in Elven magic. Sunn disapproved of Rikel's over-zealous strength training, and their marriage grew strained. Not teaching Jae the powers of Elven magic, Sunn thought, was alienating her from her history. Also, Sunn did not share Rikel's believe of 'matter over mind,' nor was she completely convinced of his apocalyptic prophesy. Finally, when Jae was fourteen, Sunn left in the middle of the night, without a word to her daughter.

On Jae's seventeenth birthday, her and her father were laying on a hill looking up at the endless black of the universe. The year was 1219, and the two were nervously discussing the probability of Rikel's theories. Suddenly, Rikel bolted to his feet and looked imploringly at his warrior daughter. 'You must learn the powers of your ancients. The mind is MORE than a sum of its parts!' She looked at him, perplexed and slightly afraid, when without warning, the sky appeared to rip in two.

She awoke in a space station. She had no idea what had happened to her father, her friends, her entire village. She had no choice but to begin exploring and using her skills to make a life for herself in the new world that has been created.

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Jainar Baneheart (Wolf)

Jainar Baneheart grew up in a small village, far from all civilization and surrounded by woods. Everything in this village was peaceful, murder and thievery were unknown to his people. On the eve after his sixteenth birthday however, everything changed for him. While out hunting for food for the village he was attacked by wolves. But these wolves seemed different than normal wolves, they appeared larger and to be standing almost upright, but he did not have time to think about such things for he was surely going to die. Just as one of the wolves was about to deal the killing blow a strange light flashed, blinding him.

When his vision returned all the wolves were sitting in a circle, staring up at something that he could not see. As he pulled himself up off the ground, which was a rather painful experience, he saw what the wolves were staring at. Standing in a swirling cloud of bright lights was a beautiful woman. Although her lips did not move, he could hear her words:

'You are the chosen one Jainar, it is you that is destined to lead my people to greatness. Return with them to their home, they will teach you how to survive in the wild. And they will teach you to use your new found powers.'

Before he could ask what she meant by his 'powers' the vision was gone. But he would soon learn that he did not need her to learn what his powers were, for as he was trying to clear his head and understand what just happened, the clouds parted from the full moon. Coarse fur began growing from his body, his fingernails sharpened into fierce looking claws and his teeth grew into large fangs. He was now a werewolf, a beast of legends which was thought to not exist. He had always thought that werewolves were just tales made to scared children away from the woods, but now he realized they were real, just as real as any other race.

As the other wolves began to stir they beckoned for him to follow them, remembering the apparition's words he did so and followed them through places he had never known existed. But none of these sights could match the ancient home of the wolves. A large stream flowed down over the entrance of a large cave, making a very tranquil and peaceful sound that sounded throughout the grove. The trees hanging over the ancient grove glittered with the mist rising from the stream, and even the stone of the cave seemed beautiful being in such a place.

The other wolves entered the cave to rest, tired from their hunting before and Jainar went to rest with them. As he was lying on the cave floor, he thought about what the apparition had told him. She had said he was destined to lead her people to greatness, but how? He had only become a lycanthrope this night, how could he lead these people to greatness when he didn't understand anything? He kept asking himself these questions until he finally drifted into a deep sleep.

He was awakened early the next morning by his brethren, who now appeared fairly human since the full moon was not out. The only thing that marked them, and himself as he soon noticed, as lycanthropes was the thick hair covering them, most of them had short beards and he noticed that he was growing one as well.

The next few days and nights were spent learning how to survive, he learned how to hunt properly and he learned what he could and could not eat. He soon knew everything he needed to know to live with his new brethren. As the weeks and months passed, one thing that the apparition had said to him continued to be in his thoughts constantly, she had said he was destined to lead her people to greatness, and yet, even after a year passed by he could not fully understand it.

But then one night, as he was studying how these people lived, he finally understood what she had meant by this. These people were forced to live in the wild because they were different, it was up to him to find a place where they could be accepted by people. If they were caught by people here they would be slain without a second thought, it was his job to find somewhere where this was not the way. He remembered hearing of the Four Dimensions in his past, a place with different times, and many different societies. Perhaps there was a place where his people could be accepted there. And so, after talking with his brethren, he departed.

After two full years of searching, his search for the Four Dimensions ended, but his new search was about to begin. He may have found the Four Dimensions, but now he had to scour them for a place where him and his people would not be slain. Not long after his arrival, he encountered the Vikings. Their way of life, which consisted mostly of wandering the lands and raiding settlements, would allow him to see this new world, so he joined them.

He now spends his time searching, he is eager to return to his tribe, but he cannot until he has found their place in this new world.

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Born and raised from a poor family of fauns in old Yorke, Jared slowly learned how to cope with the harsh realities of life. That things do not come free, that you have to work, and work hard, and that the little guy almost always gets screwed.

One day while wandering the realms he came upon a bumbling professor, going by the name of Botta. In the middle of a crazy rant the professor mentioned something about time travel, which interested Jared very much, but the professor being a bit... feebleminded, lead to Jared not getting his questions answered any whatsoever.

Somewhere along the line, while exploring far and wide in the ocean north of Green Fen, he ran into a rip in time which sent him to some mysterious, wondrous place, which he knew could not be his own time. He soon wandered this new world aimlessly, until coming upon the island of Andros, where he was greeted by the God of fauns himself, Pan.

At first being a bit hesitant to talk to the God for fear of angering him, he was quickly denied this thought by Pan himself. Soon they started to converse, as well as any God and mortal may converse, and it ended up in Jared gaining great favor from Pan. Not only did he become a loyal worshipper, he became sort of an Avatar to the God, but without the power.

Pan has given Jared the ability to travel between all the realms at will, but with one warning, he must join no other order than the Seekers, or he shall fall from grace.

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Oria was once a thriving city of trade and riches. I should know. I was born there. Like every city, it had it's slums and areas nobody with any sense would go at night, but being the son of a merchant made early life easy (and sadly boring) - I was kept away from that kind of thing. And, like most other relatively sane children, I disliked school - disliked being trapped in the cage-like classrooms all day but managed to excel purely through an amazing talent for learning.

Yes, learning. Those that know me today know that I have kept this talent throughout my life. I can catch onto almost anything in a very short space of time and I seldom make the same mistake twice.

Eventually, to make up for lengthy days at school, I began going for long walks both exploring inside the city and in the hills outside. Often I could walk all the way to the highest point in the hills to look out over the plains to Oria's neighbouring city in an afternoon.

Unfortunately, Oria began to deteriorate as I grew older for reasons mostly unknown anyone. Crimes became more frequent, trading slowed, and urban myths sprouted everywhere. The most widely know myth was of 'Scalps.' He was used to put a face on the most efficient, yet most gruesome of killings. Scalps only ever made one killing cut - one stab in the back or one slit throat, and then he scalped the victim. Only in hindsight was it discovered that they were the first murders in the 'falling of Oria.' Anyway, over time, Oria's slums basically expanded further and further as the city fell. That was also when I started noticing the different people. They were people that seemed to stand out without being visibly different, as if they were on the verge of shining out with a bright light. I very seldom saw them and when I did it was only from a distance. The different people were also very mysterious in that they seemed to appear from nowhere and disappear just as easily and nobody else I knew of had ever seen them. I had tried following them but always ended up being eluded. Well, almost always.

I saw her wandering into a side alley early one morning. She wasn't far from me, in fact it was the closest I'd ever seen someone different, and she seemed relatively normal in appearance other than the obvious. So, I decided to try and catch her up seeing as she was fairly close already. I started to jog, turning quickly down the alley she'd gone into and fully expecting her to be nowhere in sight, but no there she was still wandering casually down the alley and around another bend. I picked up the pace then and ended up almost colliding with her as I rounded the corner.

'Stop!' she said instantly. 'Don't ask. I will explain all you need to know.' She wouldn't have needed to say that, I was too surprised to ask her anything. 'We know you can see us,' she said, 'that much is clear. You need not know what we are exactly. Be content with the fact that we watch over the world and help to keep it in line. I think you know already that your city is dying. It's because of one 'Scalps' as you call him, his kills are part of a spell of sorts that plays with the mind of the city, but we won't go into that now. I am guessing that you wish to leave by now?' I nodded. 'I thought so. Since you can see us, it is likely that you have the ability to leave here on your own. I will let you awaken that ability.'

With that she reached out and with the tip of one finger touched my forehead. A lesser will may have fainted at that. It was like opening a new pair of eyes. I could suddenly see the true world - I could see how weak and fragile everything was. The walls of the houses around me seemed to bend under the weight of the roof on top and windows looked like the liquid they were. I could see how easily it could all tear itself apart. If I concentrated I could almost see time ravaging at the world around it - both man-made and things like the sky, the sun and the ground I stood on. I could see the fabric of reality. I could see the holes in it. When I looked back at her she was unchanged but for the fact that now she did shine with an immense brightness.

'That is how we see the world.' She said smiling before touching my forehead again. My vision returned to normal apart from still seeing the rips in reality. 'Now quit lingering around here and go!' She said pointing to one of the holes. So I stepped through and found myself in a whole new realm.

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Jason, a dwarf who came from an ordinary dwarf family, which consisted of his Father Cresh, his Mother Feona, and his little brother Jiheros. Jason started mining with his father when he was merely an adolescent. In just a short time he acquired more mining skills than his father had achieved in fifty years of the intense labor. Jason was not just a remarkable miner, he also happened to be very devout in his interest of exploring and wandering around mystical jungles and foreign lands. He then decided he would leave home one day and he would dedicate his life to exploring.

He had heard of a magnificent place called 4 Dimensions which was said to contain some sort of time travel magic which can take you to four different realms. It had been a life long dream for him to someday unearth the entrance to this extraordinary place.

Today is the day our friend is leaving home. He bade his mother, father and little brother farewell and started his journey in search of the entrance to 4 dimensions. He continued his search for five years looking in every hole under every stone and asked a bunch of people if they knew anything about this entrance, but with no success.

At dawn on one cold, winter, day he awakened from a dream, which had given him an idea of where to search. His dream was about a rock wall which glimmered in the brightest of light imaginable. Just recently he had passed an enormous rock wall like the one in his dream so he packed his things and swiftly walked in the direction of which he came. He found it again this time shimmering like it was in his dream; he slowly approached the wall. Then suddenly a voice asked, 'Are you here to enter the land of 4 Dimensions?'

'Yes' Jason responded.

And the voice says, 'I see great things in you little dwarf.'

'Okay,' Jason says.

The voice asks, 'If you desire to enter the land of 4 Dimensions you will have to answer one riddle, are you up to this challenge.'

'Yes,' Jason responds.

The voice states, 'I have a face, yet no senses. Time is of the essence, but I don't really care.'

Jason thinks about it for a moment then exclaims, 'A clock!'

The voice says, 'Correct, now you may enter.'

A hole appeared in the vast rock wall and Jason walked into it and found himself in the middle of some forest. He dropped to his knees and kissed the grass.

Ever since then Jason has wandered around 4 dimensions exploring and every now and then stopping at a tavern for some tasty ale.

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I miss my past terribly. I'm not gonna cry about it though. What do you think you're lookin at? Move along folks, nothing to see here. This freak isn't for your amusement.

The last few years, I have been living in the past. And I mean figuratively… living in my own past. I have spent every day and every dollar attempting to return to the world and time I was thrust out of when I wandered into that hidden time portal two years ago. Why should I be forced to start my life all over, due to some freak of nature?

Now I will no longer focus on searching for home. But I will remember who I was. I was a corporate takeover artist, and had achieved the highest pinnacle of wealth. I didn't have to acknowledge the existence of whatever I found boring or uncomfortable. I didn't have to put up with mystic elves weaving poetry about the moon.

Now despite what the media and the public back home says about me, I'm not evil. I am precise. I am about the bottom line. I am the one who chipped off the inefficient, corpulent fat building on the veins of capitalist society. The companies I have taken over are weak. What job losses I have caused by have by now been solved with a more prosperous and efficient economy. I can't be bothered with the 'here” and the 'now”. I'm a big-picture sorta guy. Sometimes people are too weak to recognize progress.

My only peers now are others like me, bound inexplicably to a spot of land called 'Recall” and forever searching different times and portals for… whatever. Generally, I hate my peers. Most of them have such simple goals. They all scurry like rabbits, acquiring items and better health simply for the sake of having them. A new and better suit of armor is a good thing, a prudent thing, but I don't see how a better suit of armor will free anyone from the patchwork, chaotic hell that we are all trapped in. We're all stuck in a cosmic joke, and we're all searching for petty things… except me. What I search for is eternal… I search for power. I search for order. I search for the bottom line.

So now I've accepted that I can't go back to what I once was. I may not respect or like my peers, but I will band with them when it suits my needs. And I will be trustworthy, simply because betraying anyone's trust in such a small community would be political suicide. But everything I do will some way work imposing order on all of this chaos… order which I shall control. After all, I am the only one in these realms who appreciates the bottom line…

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In a small, one room shack found deep in the south part of Italy, Johas was born. Too poor to keep their child, his parents put him in a basket and sent him down a river. The basket floated down the river, past cities, towns and unexplored terrain. It floated down past the Tirreno Sea, and with the help of the Mediterranean Sea it washed ashore unto this world. An unknown traveler picked him up and placed him in this friendly dimension to give him the chance of surviving. Clearly he had a better of chance of surviving on his own in this world, than on an ocean.

The Gods took notice of him and cared for him, and when he was old enough to get along on his own they provided him with the minimal equipment and gave him their blessing. Johas was on his way. On his adventures, Johas met many brave characters and fought bravely to his death MANY times. Until entering a dark, mysterious underground world in which the Sicilians ruled. In a strange way Johas felt that he had finally found his roots. Easily adapting to the lingo and the Family way, he was accepted and respected by the members of the Clan. Seeing something special in him, the Godfather, DarkWolf, quickly began protecting him and taught him everything he knew. Neither Johas, nor anyone else, will ever know the real reason why DarkWolf chose him as his favorite pupil.

Feeling left out after the sudden and mysterious disappearance of DarkWolf, Johas needed to find his real self. He left the Sicilian clan in search of his true meaning. He ended up at another clan, with other people. These people never really knew him and couldn't understand him. Johas had other ideas, ideas of illegal trades and killings. All being typical of Sicilian cultures and customs. His ideas didn't mix well, and so he had a quarrel with Parker, the Chaos leader, and left the Clan. But Johas did not leave the Chaos Clan empty handed, he left it with the knowledge and all the experience he acquired. Also it was in this clan where he met his wife, Amidala.

Once again, Johas was left alone in the world. Travelling and killing alone, in hope that one day, he may be given the chance to re-enter and find his Family. And eventually he found his way back to his true origin. Since he was originally born without a conscious, it was not difficult for him to kill, loot, steal, sell illegal material, and kidnap poor, innocent children from other clans (all for the money). Because of this rare ability, he was welcomed back into Sicilians with open arms. He shared his ideas about organized crime and quickly became the Clan leader and Godfather he is today.

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A smile and a stab in the back, that was all you could expect from Johnny. I was friends with no one and if I was nice to you, it was because you had something that I wanted. I was the type of person to use you for everything and then leave you dry. For me my life truly was; money talks and bullshit walks.

It is funny how life changes. Well that was my life, and still is to a degree, but now I am so much more than I was, yet still so far from what I could be. Why did I change, what actions forced me to take the steps I did? That's not for me to tell you, you have just bought this dossier of my life so you read it and find out.

I grew up a thief in a smallish but busy harbour town, I was a full member of the local thieves' guild and I knew how to ply my trade. Our guild unlike so many others believed in a strict education system, we were all taught to read and write, and failing to grasp the concept of it did not mean you were dumb, you were dead. There was no place for an illiterate thief in our guild as we specialized in the stealing of logs, charts and other written treasures.

I knew that this was not always going to be my home the picking here were to limited and I was destined to greater things. Why should I share my hard earned picking with fat uncaring superiors when they did nothing but sit around and make plans? I did the work, I risked my life, and I got very little to show for it. The time had come for me to leave, there were far larger and grander cities in the world, and I would be a king among them with my skills.

During the predawn I slipped silently into the water and swam effortlessly out to the moored ship, with great skill, cunning and stealth, I made my way past the watch, raided the galley for supplies and liberated a few different changes of clothes and blankets for the sleeping sailors in their barracks. I then found my bolt hole and set up my nest. This was to be the start of my new life, the life where I would call all my own shots and other people would just be toys for my amusement, use and discard. I settled down to sleep with those pleasant thoughts flowing through my head.

By the afternoon of the forth day the sky had become very ominous. The wind had picked up and the sailors scurried around madly trying to pull down as much sail as they could and re-rig the ship for storm conditions. As the day wore on the storm grew in intensity. We were being pounded relentlessly, sleep was impossible with the noise all around. A deafening crack and the piercing sound of terrified screams filled the air. The ship was lifted out of the water and dropped hard, more screams, I had to move, being inside a crippled ship at the height of a monstrous storm was no place to be, I stood and started to make my way to the deck - then all went black.

I awoke. How long I had been out for where I had drifted I did not know but I was lying face down in the sand. The sky was blue the birds were singing and I was breathing, we were off to a good start. First thing look for food and water, my survival was paramount, I would not just give up and die here. As I searched I went over mentally the maps that I had seen and studied, the route that the ship was taking, the length into the journey and the time I figured that I had drifted for. I came up with the fact that I could pretty much only be on the Island Sifnos. But if this was so then, why was this island above the water level? Sifnos was always underwater, the other sailors would not bring their vessels close to the island, and stupid superstition surrounded it. As I made my way to the centre of the island I could see a depression in the ground. My mind swam, could this be why it was avoided? For it was a pirate island, and I had just discovered a buried chest, exposed by the storms previously. Hunger and thirst left my mind, I ran and started digging with my bare hands.

My hands made contact with a hard surface and my heart surged, maybe I would not have to be a thief, I could live off the proceeds of this treasure for the rest of my life? I scoffed, nah I was born to be a thief, as were other people born to be my marks. I would just be a very well established thief from the start. I scrapped away the sand more. This was no chest. It looked to be a set of doors. I opened them, surely the treasure inside would be huge.

Musty, stale air hung around me, as I enter the chamber, it was dark, but my excellent night vision let me navigate the simple complex easily. I entered one huge room that seemed to be lit with an eerie red glow, fungus I told myself, some of them generate their own light to allow them to grow in perpetually dark conditions. Cautiously I walked down the sides of the room, the glow seemed to be emanating from further ahead. As I made my way forward I saw what was causing the light. It was a scroll sitting upon an altar of sorts. So much for treasure beyond my wildest dreams. I reached out and took the parchment, the writing seemed to swirl in my eyes, then I could understand it. I read it softly under my breath.

A storm seemed to suddenly appear outside as I could hear the wind howl and feel the thunder clap shake the build inside. I offered a silent thanks for finding this dry shelter. The room seemed to be warming up, as I looked around a strange haze was developing in the centre of the room. As I watched the haze grew more and more substantial. Soon I was looking at a fully formed demon standing before me. It spoke to me in a language that I understood - 'You have freed me from an eternity of imprisonment, what is it that you truly desire?” without hesitation I answered 'I wish eternal life, where I will no longer be worried about death or dying, where I can be rich beyond my dreams and no body can claim to be my master”. The sound of evil laughter filled my ears as the world once again faded from my eyes.

I awoke the land around me was new, nothing like I had seen before. Where was I? How did I get here? I had been tricked. I asked for eternal life, not a change of scenery. Well at least I was off the island. As I explored more of my new surroundings, I found thriving cities, and people for me to exploit. My life was looking up again. I wandered these realms treating people here like I wanted, they were nothing, and they were for my use. I was realising that this place was a profitable place to be indeed, and dangerous, but it seems I had not be tricked too much, in this place death did not worry me, if I died, I got back up again. I was all but immortal.

Then one day whilst out looking for and causing as much trouble as I could I came upon a strange person. He introduced himself just as Turin, and we talked. He was a thief like me, and I found myself liking his company, he spoke of family and the Family. I was interested, as we talked more I discovered his full name, he was an Orsini, he was a member of the underworld here. I entered an apprenticeship of sorts with him, he would show me how to really use people to my own needs, but he also instilled in me the need for a family, I discovered that I did care for some, and I wanted to have the stability of a like minded family around me. He it seems is on a quest of his own for that family he had, as it seems that they have all but gone and I have joined him in this quest. The more we speak the more he is impressed with me and my actions.

I am shaping up to be a worthy member of the Sicilian Clan, maybe some time even worthy even of the name Orsini.. For now I learn and as I learn I understand my primitive ways. For now when I use you for everything that you are worth, I will not leave you dry, but instead I will leave cold wet and naked, staring in at me as I run your house, dressed in your clothes eating your food. The life of a family man is looking up more and more. I will show all that I have what it takes to be the best in the Family that I am going to find and join.

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I am a lowly dwarf, i grew up in the Mithril halls with my buddies Bruenor and Basgar. I'm not going to bore you with stories of my early years, but my dad was the king of our families and the strongest dwarf I ever knew, I hope some day I will live to fill his prowess. He died when I was 12 and now at 23 I am on a quest to find an herb the village cleric says will heal my dying mother. I have been through many fights on my journey... Would you like to hear them?

I'll tell you about the Barbarian He was a formidable foe. I was crossing the creaky brine when he called me, he said these were his regions and I had to pay to cross. I didn't think so. I told him I pay for no one and kindly asked him to move, but he insisted we fight so I was more than ready. I was sporting a lion-shield that gave me haste, an infinite advantage, and my hammer crafted from the best smithies in the realms was made of white pearl, silver and gold. When it connected, it dealt the blow of a dynamite explosion, instantly combusting anything in its path. And if I said the word return, it would return to my hand.

I heaved my war-hammer but I barely missed his skull. He charged after the miss and I dove low, taking out his knees and jamming my shoulder into his stomach. Then I made my hammer return and swung down, he rolled out just in time and got a small sword from his belt and stabbed my leg. As he hit me I let go of my hammer and it fell to the ground creating a great crater where it landed. I couldn't give up though, so I forced myself up and lunged for him, at the same time as he did, he with a small sword in hand. I quickly turned my body, grabbed his arm and swung it around so that it was behind him. Then I crushed him in a bear hug so he couldn't move. When we fell to the ground I fell on top and I felt a blade go into my stomach about one inch. I got up with an effort and the barbarian looked at me, and with his last breaths he said, 'Ok, you can pass...'

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Jubal is the name. I once was an outlaw in the old west, but that's all changed now.

Before I came to the 4 Dimensions realm, I was a fugitive all around the West. I stole horses and rustled cattle, then I would sell them to the first buyer I found. I was a gambler as well, a card sharp you could say, making my way from town to town cheating people out of their money. Some would call me a murderer as well, cause I would kill anyone that got in my way, whether they were wearing a gun or not. If I were in a card game and got caught cheating, which I did quite often, I would shoot the man that caught me.

The incident that changed my ways happened right before my fall into a portal, which brought me to this Realm. I was in a small town, called Mora, which was in New Mexico. I walked into a saloon and noticed a poker game going on in the back corner of the room. I figured it was a good time to practice my card game. I walked to the bar and ordered a drink, and sat there watching the game as I drank. When I finished my drink I walked to the table and asked, 'do y'all got room for one more'. They looked up and said sure, if your game is fair.

So I sat down. There were three men there beside myself and I learned their names to be Tyrel Sackett, Orrin Sackett, and Cap Rountree. Tyrel sat to my right, Orrin was in front of me, and Cap sat to my left. Tyrel, or Ty as the others called him dealt the cards first, then me, then Cap, then Orrin, and back to Ty. After the deal went around a few times, I was in the hole by 10$, so I decided it was my turn to win.

When the deal came back to me I glanced at the bottom cards and noticed there were two aces on the very bottom. I had been secretly holding one, so I picked that one up when no one was watching, then I dealt out the cards from the top. I got a king, a ten, an eight, a seven, and an ace. I picked up the ace I was holding secretly, then started dealing everyone the cards they asked for. I dealt mine from the bottom so I would have the four aces.

Once all the cards were dealt out, Orrin asked me, 'Could you put them cards back on the bottom where they were, and deal yourself from the top'. I looked at him and said, 'What on earth are you talkin' about buddy'. 'I'm talkin' about that bottom deal'. I just looked at him wondering how the hell he saw what I did. 'You callin' me a cheater', I asked. 'That and a liar if you are denyin' that bottom deal'. So I shot him. That had to be the dumbest thing I ever did and I knew it before I did it, so I got up before anyone said anything and I got out of there as fast as I could.

As soon as I got out of the saloon, I started for my horse. I could hear Tyrel saying, 'He shot your sheriff and my brother, now we are goin' to hang him'. Well, I saddled up and lit a shuck out of there faster than I ever rode before, with them tailing right behind. As I rode away I drew my two pistols, and looked at them. Both were exactly identical, inlaid with gold, and they both had pearl grips. They were the nicest guns I had ever used, and the most accurate. I decided then and there that I would never use them for the wrong reason again. If I got away from there alive, I would be a changed man and I would never cheat anyone again.

When I finally looked up I was starring into a black void and I had no choice but to ride straight into it, and that is exactly what I did.

That's how I came to be in 4 Dimensions.

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In a far away and ancient world, there was an island populated by centaurs. They never had any contact with the outside world, for their land was surrounded at all sides by water. These centaurs lived in harmony with each other for as long as any of them could remember.

It was there a young centaur was raised. He had a great yearning to explore but he also lacked a sense of direction. As a result, in his younger days, he could be found wandering the same forests of his home, taking in the sights as if it was a new adventure everyday. His people said that this was caused by his poor memory, as he constantly forgot things that were told to him, even just mere moments before. It was from this that his name was given to him, Jumjum, meaning 'The Forgetful One'.

His sense of exploration eventually won him over, and he wished to extend his exploring beyond the island. This was never even heard of before and Jumjum was laughed at by his own people for his silly idea. Since he had explored his home island many times over and still wanted more, he didn't back down from his dreams.

One day, a strange thing happened to the people of that island. A strange being, who seemed to float over the waters, simply flew from the horizen and landed on the island of centaurs. The being was strange to all of the centaurs. It stood upright and had only two pairs of appendages. It's clothing was in strange disarray, seeming to originate from many different places at once, and many pieces seemed to have magical properties. Perhaps the strangest thing of all was that this being was perfectly capable to communicate with the centaurs!

It introduced itself as a man who time-travelled, who seeked to explore not just one universe, but all the universes that spanned the entire timeline known to all beings. The centaurs found him strange, and accepted him out of hospitality, and that this man seemed harmless to them. The only centaur who even took interest to this man was Jumjum.

Jumjum immediately found them to have many things in common, in that they both had the same passion to explore unknown places. The man told many stories of his adventures to the young centaur, and they were accepted with growing interest in each passing second.

Finally, one night, the man offered Jumjum to take him away from the island, to make his dream of exploring finally come true. Jumjum accepted the offer without a second thought, without thinking over the consequences carefully. The man took him to a secluded forest where no prying eyes could watch them. There, he presented a magical feather to Jumjum, and began explaining the concepts of time-travel. Jumjum, being too impatient for his own good, took the feather and was whisked away to a far-away place.

When he realized what happened, Jumjum found himself in a strange place, perhaps in a different world, or even a different era. There was nobody who could be seen, none of his own people nor the man that gave him the magic feather. He realized he would never have a chance to see his own people again unless he could find travel back to the same time era. Although a bit disheartened, Jumjum quickly learned to love time-travelling, and made many new friends, usually other time-travellers. The wide realms that were suddenly made available to him, combined with his tendancy to re-explore old regions, makes it very uncertain where his next adventure may take him.

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This is a Quest of Woe and Happiness My tale begins in a far distant place. Shadow Mist! A beautiful kingdom full of pleasant peaceful people, when in the home of a happy faun family, twins where born, this was rare in these parts and this was considered very lucky. One of the twins Juno was happy go lucky and grew into a delightful child. Helen on the other hand was deep in thought and brooding most of the time. As time past the girls grew into lovely buxom creatures. Both fair of face and a pleasure to look at. Juno was learning to explore her world and she learned to fight. The twins always arguing and fighting over silly things.

Then one morning after a particularly bad fight, Juno awoke to her mother sobbing, asking what was all the heartbreak about she was told that her sister had run off in the middle of the night. She said that they had had a fight and Helen would be back, she was just brooding. Juno was the first to go to look for her sister but to no avail, she could not be found and in desperation, Juno made an oath to search the world looking for her sister and bring her home The trek has been long and hard, and with many pitfalls.

Now she has entered this part of the world where all is an adventure, but still she is always looking. Here Juno has made many friends and is content to explore this new place in search for her sister and to expand her knowledge.

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In the year 970 a lone knight was riding on his way back to Camelot from a visit to Nottingham. North of Dun-Shivar he found two elves, a man and a woman. The man was already dead and the woman was bleeding badly.

In her arms the woman had a baby. The knight tried to aid her but she claimed it was already too late and asked him to take care of the child. The knight swore the woman he would protect the baby. After telling the name of the baby to the child the woman died. The name was Kairon Tolar. Kairon was taken to Camelot and there he was risen.

During his stay at Camelot he learned many disciplines including the art of sword fencing, but above all he seemed to have a certain gift for the old arts of which Merlin is the master.

When his education was finished he left Camelot. First he went back to Dun-Shivar following the trail of his family. All he found was a city plagued by monsters. He barely escaped alive. He understood then he'd need to master many skills before going back so he decided to travel the world and learn. It didn't take much until he met the time guardian and found a few time traps. He travelled the 4 dimensions and learned a few of its many mysteries. Knowing now about this secrets and a bit more experienced he decided to go back to Camelot and seek for the knowledge of Merlin again to try to understand the universe better.

He joined the Table Round. Using its house as base he keeps exploring the 4 dimensions and trying to drop some light and gather all information possible about its secrets as well as improving his fighting skills in his many travels for he still has one thing or two to settle with the lords of Dun-Shivar.

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This prophecy, scribbled down on a scrap of paper, was found in the rubble and debris of a ruined house:

The world is in chaos in a post-atomic war.

In a desert like world, inhabited by barbaric punk style people, Ken is the poor and weak people's defender. He is the end of the century messiah who belongs to the martial arts school.

Ken fights initially a personal war against Shin who kidnapped his girlfriend Julia. After defeating Shin, Ken continues his wandering, believing in Julia's death.

During his wandering he will meet new friends and honorable warriors, defeating the evils through wild fights, until he finds his brother Reyko, who did proclaim himself the king of the entire world.

After finding his brother, Ken will begin a fight with him. In the end Ken will defeat his brother, and he will make Reyko kneel before him.

If they ever find her, they will rule the world together. Well, at least what's left of the world...

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I was the byproduct of a war--at least, that's what my parents always told me. Of course, they meant the BIG war and the way life was for shortly after the dimensions were splintered. Still, I always thought they meant the war between them.

The fact is that 'dear, old dad' was a gypsy and mom was an esper, and it wasn't what you'd call a match made in heaven. In fact, it happened when they were hiding out together in a cave. So I guess you could say that it started out in a hole and went down from there if that gives you a clue.

See, what happened was that people like espers and such weren't exactly welcome when they began showing up shortly after the war. It seems that 'normal' humans had pushed themselves so close to extinction that they felt threatened or something by anyone different--especially if that difference included some 'power' or ability they didn't understand or couldn't possess.

On the other hand, the occasional appearance of a real alien (as in extraterrestrial) that happened to wander in from some future zone was always welcomed with open arms. At least, that's the story I got from my parents and others that had to live through all that.

The thing is that that was all a long time ago, and yet my parents always seemed to carry it fresh with them from day to day. Frankly, I never understood why they stayed together all those years. It was always so obvious that they hated each other and wanted to leave. And if you think the fact that I don't look anything like my dad didn't make it worse, then there's no way I could begin to explain it to you.

See, where my dad is short and stocky, I'm tall and thin, and where he has dark hair, dark eyes, and olive skin, I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale, white skin. Even my mom has brown hair, brown eyes, and darker skin than I do. Honestly, one of my fondest wishes has always been that I would find out one day that my mother found me or stole me from someone.

Anyway, life didn't really begin for me till I was 16 years old, because that's when I escaped. Out of all their garbage and bickering and arguing, I did learn a few useful things from them, one of which was that, in that cave where they'd met, there was something my mom called a jump gate and my dad called a vortex, and it could take you places where no one would ever find you again, and that had long been my dream.

So, one night after one of my parents' all-time worst fights, I went into the kitchen and found dad drinking himself into unconsciousness as usual. I sat and egged him on as he listed all of my mom's 'faults' as he saw them, and I managed to get him drinking even more. Then finally I began turning the conversation to where I wanted it.

'Too bad you can't find one of those vortex things to jump through,' I said, leaning against the counter and trying desperately to look and sound as if that had been just a passing thought too ridiculous to even consider. 'Then you could be free.'

'Yeah,' he said slowly, downing the last of his drink and letting the thought sink in. 'Yeah,' he said again under his breath.

So, as I piddled around the kitchen listening to him rage about mom, I kept casually refilling his drink now and then and steering the conversation back to the vortex until finally he stood up, threw his glass against the wall, and said, 'By the strength of Kreskas, this time I will do it.'

Still, I thought I'd blown it and gotten him too drunk when he went through the pantry door instead of out through the kitchen door. But he rummaged around in there for a minute or two and came out carrying an old, soft, leather bag he'd filled with food and stuff. Then, without any goodbyes or other acknowledgement of any kind (not that I expected any), he went out the back door and disappeared into the night almost faster than I could keep up. I followed him out onto the road and for several miles as he walked until suddenly he was thrown over backwards as if something invisible had snapped him back.

'Damn! Damn!' He sat there screaming and cursing in more languages than I had ever heard of. 'You can't hold me forever,' he screamed at the distant mountains. Then he got up and tried to walk forward and it looked like he couldn't.

I watched him for a while, and then finally came out where he could see me. Strangely enough, when I looked at him up close, he looked like he was trying to walk through a solid, brick wall. Every muscle was strained to the limit, veins were popping out everywhere, and he was sweating as if just standing there was the hardest thing in the world. It looked so real that I reached out and felt around with my hand to see if anything was there. It wasn't, but that's when he looked at me and stepped back and relaxed.

'I'm not a fool, boy. I knew what you were doing back there. I just hoped that this time I could make it too. But it's not to be. Devil take that old man.' Suddenly, he tossed me the leather bag and went on. 'Inside that bag you'll find a map to the cave and a dagger. If you ever had the slightest love for me or your mother, you'll kill the old man who lives in there.'

'Kill an old man?' I asked backing away from him.

'Please, for pity's sake. You're the only one that can end this nightmare.' Then my father did something I would never have imagined before that moment. He dropped to his knees and begged me with tears in his eyes. That sight was too much, and I ran away as far and fast as I could go. The next day I began following the map to the cave, and it took me several more days to get there.

Before I went in, I got the dagger and a flashlight from the bag, and I entered feeling like a complete idiot for going hunting for a magic doorway away from my troubles. The weird thing is that I found it. It was against one wall and looked like a swirling pool of liquid light, and that description can really only make sense to someone who's seen it.

'You're late,' a voice said suddenly from behind me startling me so much that I actually threw the bag through the vortex and dropped the flashlight on the ground.

I swung around with the dagger in my hand saying, 'Stay back.' I was appalled to hear my voice squeak and see my hands shaking so much I could barely hold the thing.

'Now what are you going to do with that?' an old man said stepping forward and taking the dagger out of my hand. 'Really, boy, you could hurt yourself with that.' I felt ridiculous, pathetic, and ashamed of myself beyond belief. 'Boo,' said the old man, taunting me and laughing.

'What do you mean, I'm late?' I asked, trying to regain some composure.

'I expected you last year at the latest, boy,' he said, laughing at me again.

'Why?' I asked trying to fight the quaver in my voice. 'I don't even know who you are?'

'No, you wouldn't, but I know who you are--you and your parents.'

'I don't know what you know about my parents, but you don't know anything about me,' I said getting suddenly angry with this old man.

'I know you came here to go through that portal,' the old man said, 'and, really, who could blame you, poor wretched little thing, mistreated all your life.' With that he started laughing at me again, and the flashlight suddenly went out so that the only light was from the vortex. It cast the old man's face in strange shadows that made him look like evil incarnate, and I began backing away as he stepped forward.

'I'll tell you what I told your parents when they were here, boy. Be careful what you wish for, you just may get it.' As he took another step forward I stepped back into the vortex and fell screaming forever before I landed here at 4D.

Well, that was almost a year ago, and I'm not that pathetic, scared little boy anymore. I dropped my real name and chose Kirellion, and I will never use the former again. The only part of that world that interests me now is having a little talk with that old man. I'd like to explain to him why he shouldn't go around scaring young children.

Now, if you've read this far, then you must really want to know something about me, so let me tell you what you really need to know. I'm fun to travel with. I don't mind helping out, sharing the load, or coming to someone's rescue, but, if it comes down to you or me, I'll always pick me. Deal with it. If you steal from me, I'll return the favor eventually. If you attack me, you'll have an enemy--forever. And I do mean forever. None of that's what I'm here for, but I won't ignore it.

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Kita was all set to live a completely banal, normal, run of the mill life as the only daughter of a moderately well-to-do merchant. Unfortunately, one day, when she was a wee lass of 6, her father was pointlessly slain and she, pointlessly kidnapped - both deeds attributed to a mean, evil witch named Caylis.

Caylis then played briefly at being Kita's mother, but eventually tired of it and abandoned Kita to survive on her own. Utilizing what little her step-mother had bothered to teach her about being a gypsy and surviving only upon one's wits, she managed to survive as a palm reader and pickpocket on the mean streets. Unfortunately, on her 16th year of being, she was kidnapped and forced to do hard labor for the vile King Prozac, which included, but was not limited to, inventing the wheel and creating sliced bread, for what seemed like years, but was only one.

Those were hard times. However, some idiot gave her a large heavy blunt object and told her to wash the floors. He was a mixed-up lad. With her blunt object in hand she made her way into the dungeon, where she laughed heartily at the prisoners. After whacking several guards over the head with her heavy and blunt object, she escaped through King Prozac's personal portal.

Unfortunately, the damnable thing dumped her into 4D.

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Kitolani sat mounted on an incredible wild mustang named Tenaya and overlooked the horizon. The sun settled in a sky of blazing red, mixed with the smoke of battle along the California landscape. As it sunk slowly into the gentle embrace of the surrounding mountains, it seemed to mourn the destruction that littered Kitolani's home. Ever since the pioneers had swarmed California looking for gold, there had been nothing but war and pestilence. She closed her eyes and steadied Tenaya. The wind tossed her hair wildly as she willed herself to remember how the land looked before these demons came. Before they destroyed mountains, rivers, forests and lives in pursuit of yellow rock. Kitolani reached down and pulled one out of her pocket, eyeing it scrutinizingly. It looked like a rock to her. It was absolutely worthless on the head of a spear or an arrow, for it's composition was weak. The only thing notable about it was the faint golden hue. Kitolani found the same color flowers growing in the forest, and they smelled much better than this rock in her hand. She grit her teeth angrily and threw the gold into the sunset,beckoning Tenaya to slowly descend the littered slope down to her home amidst the Redwood trees. She rode with one hand Holding Tenaya's mane and the other on the dagger at her thigh. Robbers were trekking through the forests constantly, and if she met one on the trip home, it wouldn't be the first time. There were a couple of occasions where drunks camping in the woods had tried to take advantage of the young Indian girl when she was hunting, but their efforts to attack her ended badly on their end. Anyone daring to prowl within her tribe's woods were dispatched by her blade quickly and without a second thought. Although she was at home protecting the beauty within the sanctuary of the woods, she couldn't help but feel that her true destiny was up there,amidst the stars. Tenaya stopped. They were still about a mile from Kitolani's home. She whinnied and stamped nervously. Somebody was standing on the path up ahead of them. Kitolani dismounted and slinked behind Tenaya, ducking into the foliage along side the trail. She stalked silently up toward the figure and sprung out behind him, dagger drawn to the vein at his throat. The man glanced down toward her and smirked slightly, neither making a move nor a sound. Then, without taking his eyes off of hers, grabbed Kitolani's wrist and put her own blade sharp against her kidney. She was smitten.

This man had an elegant aire, and stood at least a head above her. His nature was adorable. Flawless white hair was braided back away from his face and fell down around his shoulders like a shower of falling stars. She sensed an enormous sense of power and pride from him, but very little danger. She tore her gaze away from his and he let go of her. She took a step back and examined the stranger more thoroughly. No, he definitely was far from human for his ears sloped back into delicate points. He was also armed to the teeth with weapons which Kitolani had never even imagined. Sleek metallic swords strapped to his back and harsh looking guns at his hips. Kitolani had Onyx daggers strapped to her thighs and tucked away in her boots, but she was definitely out armed. The stranger watched her gaze toward the guns at his hips and smiled kindly. He unclasped them from the holsters and let her examine them more closely. This was no revolver. It was as light as a Feather, but as deadly as any plague the settlers had. He took the gun and pulled her close behind him pulling the trigger deftly. It fired almost silently and a shock of blue light streaked into the night sky.

Kitolani stood damn near dumbfounded and knew she did not wan't to make enemies with this alien warior, but rather to exchange hospitality...and hopefully vital information and weapons. He asked for her name and she gave it, expecting his in return. He volunteered his as Fiachra. Taking her hand, he lead her deep into the woods toward an odd glowing mass near an ancient tree. She stopped short when she saw it. It looked like the air had been ripped apart and was bleeding rays of light. Fiachra said that it was a 'time rift', Chief Standing Bear would have a kitten if he knew what she was beholding... This strange phenomenon occurring right in the midst of his tribe's wooded solace! She glared at the rift curiously and peered at Fiachra for some sort of explanation. Seemingly reading her mind, he explained. He was from another place in time where rifts just like this were becoming more and more commonplace as a result of wide-spread nuclear disaster in the future. By entering this rift, one would be whisked away to another place in time.

She nodded silently and listened. She was really only picking up half of what he said. She had no idea what nuclear meant and his accent was like a thousand wind chimes tossed by a tempest. It was beautiful, but incredibly difficult for her to decipher. What she could understand from the rest of what he said was that he had learned how to leap from one time period to the next seamlessly, and that it was actually possible for her to do so as well. He chuckled and noted that if Kitolani thought that the settlers were bad, she would definitely not appreciate some of the scum that were waiting for the right opportunity to exploit the very rift they were looking at to commandeer as much gold as possible from California. He let her know that the bandits of the future were forces to be reckoned with, and that if she was going to have any prayer of protecting her people and her way of life, she was going to have to come with him to learn their ways. Fiachra offered to train her and she agreed, knowing that she could easily step into this portal and train for a thousand years only to step back into it and have it be an hour later the same evening. Anything was possible now. She glanced at Fiachra as he extended his hand. She took it gingerly as he lead her into the rift, the glow encompassing them as Kitolani took her first step toward the future.

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Knecht, a direct descendant of Cain and child of the Watchers, fought long ago against the Sons of Jared in the name of Lucifer. He continues his war against all things holy and true, knowing truth and goodness are nothing more than the arbitrary symbols of man.

Knecht was born before the flood. His father was a son of Seth and his mother a daughter of Cain. The Secrets of Immortality run through the veins of this ancient being, now known as Knecht. Decay. Old age. Accidents.

'Fate'. All products of blindly accepted conditioning. They are the mass-hypnosis of thousands of years, which Knecht has pledged to uphold for eternity.

Knecht holds a high position within the ranks of The Watchers. The Watchers are mechanics of secret power, quenching their lust for blood and evil through wars, genocides and destructions. They have held the puppet strings of all nations and lands for millennia, successfully infiltrating every one of their power structures.

After World War III, in the year of 2079, Knecht found that the Grand Chessboard of Power had changed significantly. He was suddenly dealing with multiple Time-Space dimensions.

Their once simple goal of World Domination has now changed to one of Time-Space Dimensional Domination. In Darkness, Magister Knecht

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Krell the Space-wolf was born in the year 348 to the ruling royal family Dregg on Varna. He became known far and wide as the Wolf Prince, or sometimes he was called the Great Wolf. For, you see, Varna had fallen into disarray, under Krell's father's rule. The citizens didn't attempt to overthrow Maluk, Krell's father, because a legend told that in the darkest of times, a savior would be born, to save all of the wolves from extinction. The citizens believed that Krell was this savior, and they worshiped him as such.

He was tutored in the ways of his race, and the ways of the royal family. However, he didn't really enjoy this that much. He coped with it for as long as he could, until he couldn't take it any more. When he reached the Age of Glory, 16, which is when a Space-wolf may choose to leave home, he decided to, to see the galaxy.

So, he bid farewell to he family, and to the citizens of his realm, then headed out for parts unknown. He hopes to return to his home world someday, after he has seen the galaxy and learned how the rest of the universe lives, not just the royal and upper classes.

The citizens of Varna hold a vigil on the 22nd of each month, the day when Krell left, hoping that he will return on that night. His father, Maluk, has come down with an illness in the past year since Krell has been gone, but Krell is not aware of it since he has not been on Varna. Maybe a message can be sent to him somehow?

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I am a lowly dwarf, i grew up in the Mithril halls with my buddies Bruenor and Basgar. I'm not going to bore you with stories of my early years, but my dad was the king of our families and the strongest dwarf I ever knew, I hope that some day I will live to fill his prowess. He died when I was 12 and now at 23 I am on a quest to find an herb the village cleric says will heal my dying mother. I have been through many fights on my journey... Would you like to hear them?

I'll tell you about the Barbarian. He was a formidable foe. I was crossing the creaky brine when he called me, he said these were his regions and I had to pay to cross. I didn't think so. I told him I pay for no one and kindly asked him to move, but he insisted we fight so I was more than ready. I was sporting a lion-shield that gave me haste, an infinite advantage, and my hammer crafted from the best smithies in the realms was made of white pearl, silver and gold. When it connected, it dealt the blow of a dynamite explosion, instantly combusting anything in its path. And if I said the word return, it would return to my hand.

I heaved my war-hammer but I barely missed his skull. He charged after the miss and I dove low, taking out his knees and jamming my shoulder into his stomach. Then I made my hammer return and swung down, he rolled out just in time and got a small sword from his belt and stabbed my leg. As he hit me I let go of my hammer and it fell to the ground creating a great crater where it landed. I couldn't give up though, so I forced myself up and lunged for him, at the same time as he did, he with a small sword in hand. I quickly turned my body, grabbed his arm and swung it around so that it was behind him. Then I crushed him in a bear hug so he couldn't move. When we fell to the ground I fell on top and I felt a blade go into my stomach about one inch. I got up with an effort and the barbarian looked at me, and with his last breaths he said, 'Ok, you can pass...”

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He was born in the stone age. He was a hunter until a man showed him a vortex, through which he would be able to travel through time. Now he is becoming the consummate hunter, trying to blend the technologies of every age, and hunting the rare and unusual.

Lanri was born to Falweh and Torain of the clan Welai. His birth was auspicious as he came forth immediately after his father killed the battle leader of the clan Alaf, during the full moon raid of clan Alafs holding. His father unwittingly ate the heart and passed the spirit onto his son. Lanri was born with the strength and knowledge of Cordan of clan Alaf and has exhibited many skills as a hunter. When he was sixteen, the healer of clan Welai showed him a magic portal. A portal through which only the chosen may pass through. The healer, Bwan, told Lanri that he was the chosen hunter.

It was his destiny in life to step through the portal and hunt down the evil ones that corrupt the world throughout the time continuum. He hesitated for only a split second, until he felt his destiny push him, through the portal. And so begins his quest, to end the evil influence of those men who know not what they do.

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Little is known of the alternate being known as Legato Bluesummers. His past has been buried at the command of Knives, the twin brother of the infamous outlaw Vash the Stampede. Legatos story extends further than his exploits with Knives and the hunt for The Humanoid Typhoon known as Vash.

His greatest triumph over Vash is convincing him that his worst fear has come true... that Vash is responsible for the death of another living being. Using his mental powers and a little illusionary magic he learned earlier in his life, he played out his dark fantasy.

Vash was convinced that putting a bullet in the brain of Legato would be the only way to stop his control over some helpless villagers that he was using to torture Vashs' friends. From a distance he marvelled at his play, being acted out exactly as he wanted.

But this is his future... his past being buried from documentation and unknown to even himself. It all started out with his arrival at the space station crossroads. A small white ship in the shape of a cube, big enough to house a single person but small enough to fit through a doorway, bumped into the stations outer walls alarming a few people who heard the noise.

Unsure what it was or how to go about getting it into the station before it floated away, they madly dashed towards the shuttle in the launching bay. When the outer airlock was opened there it was, floating ever so slowly into the station to rest in the middle of the floor.

They watched, dumbfounded, as the box unravelled and opened like a present being unwrapped. A strange, blue liquid poured all over the floor spilling out from the small ship. After the box fully opened there was a small baby lying silently on the floor.

After much discussion, the leaders of the station decided that this was no place for an alien baby of unknown origin, and that this encounter was not a coincidence. They would jettison the baby and all that came with it into space.

A simple technician was wrapping the baby in the unfolded ship material that came with him. The ship was as limber as a blanket and seemed no less than that after it unfolded. The technician was hurrying to get everything together for jettison, cleaning up the spilled fluid, gathering the baby, and preparing for launch.

He was uneasy about the baby; never did it cry or scream as babies do. Not once did it move. And it kept its eyes half closed, as if it was in a trance. What little hair that had grown on the baby was blue, dyed by the liquid he was packaged in.

Five uneventful hours went by as he cleaned up the blue liquid. He was just putting away the mop and bucket when it occurred to him that not a single sound came from anywhere. It was as if only the launching bay existed at that moment.

Then, it happened, the baby began laughing. Eerie and low pitched, like it knew how to laugh as a madman. He shrank back in awe. He didn't know what to think.

He thought to call the commander in the over the comm. system, but all that came through was static. This was alarming him more than anything. He ran towards the doors leading to the hallway. Then a premonition came over him. He felt like he needed to take care of the baby...

Suddenly his world came to a halt and he felt the overwhelming urge that the baby needed to be cared for. He walked over to the baby, picked him up and cradled him in his arms as if it was his own. Smiling down at the baby he thought for a moment of the danger that the commander expressed about taking an unknown alien baby into their home... but nothing he could do would stop him from what he felt he was being ordered to do. In his mind an overwhelming horror of being out of control of himself overcame him, there was nothing he could to stop cradling the baby.

He wanted to take the baby to get food and to lay him down to sleep, as any father would do, but he was far from the father of this baby. He walked out of the launching bay and down the hall. The horrors that lay in the hall made his heart stop for what seemed like forever. The bodies of everyone he knew were strewn about the floors, apparently fighting each other to the death. Bloody pieces of one person would be in the possession of another, either in the hands or the mouth as if bitten and torn off.

The technician's mind reeled and spun. He saw such disgusting and vile pictures but none of it was enough to take him away from his task.

From every hall he heard screams of pain and moans of the dying. People were still fighting, '...but why?' he thought to himself. It was as if there was nothing he could not control himself and neither could anyone else. Those who were not fighting were mutilating themselves. Scraping off their skin with their own fingernails and bleeding themselves to death, or something much worse.

Finally passed all the blood and bodies he was in the mess hall. There he saw the leader of the station sitting in the corner sticking forks, knives, and spoons into his own body. He and the commander were like friends. They sat and talked together over a pitcher of beer. Often they visited each other to chat over a cup of coffee even. But to see him here like this and he could do nothing about it made him snap. In his mind he refused to care anymore, and then the numbness came.

For 10 years this went on. The bodies rotted and fell apart; the blood dried and stained the floors. Everyone was killed or killed themselves. Only the technician and the baby, now grown to a young boy, remained. The technician took care of the child. He mindlessly served him, and after these long 10 years the technician began to prepare an escape pod. A slight bit of his own mind remained, he thought if he could only get far enough away from the child he might regain control over himself.

When the pod was ready to go, containing a years ration and various environment clothing, a feeling that he might actually get free of this control that overcame him so many years ago. He almost laughed. But when the time came to board the pod he could not. He merely stood next to it, silently. The child walked over to the pod and sat inside it in his place. It came to him, he never had control of himself, and he was only preparing everything for the child. The escape pod closed and was slowly moving into position for launch; the technician wanted to get away. For if the blast from the propulsion system of the pod didn't fry him to a crisp the vacuum of space would surely kill him. But he could not move. His final thoughts as the pod left the station, '... finally free...'

He was lucky; the fires from the blasters fried clean through his body, disintegrating over half of it.

The pod ripped through space and eventually crash-landed on a foreign planet. He wandered a while seeking to orient himself of this planet to begin life anew and reign terror and pain on any of its inhabitants. He eventually came to a place. The people there called it 'Recall', as it was the centerpoint of the entire place. He thought to start out slowly because the place was filled with people far more powerful than those on the station were. And thus his story begins...

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I was a normal dwarf from birth. Nothing all that special about me. I grew up with my brothers and sisters always being the one to follow never the one to lead. We had a great clan of dwarves. We were faithful to one another. There were great warriors that were spoken of throughout the lands, we were feared among or surrounding cities. Things seemed perfect, great life, plentiful food and no worry of attacks.

That summer things changed. I grew drastically larger than my brothers and sisters and became stronger than them as well. I became restless with the normal days orders of running the family inn and decided to join the ranks. This was virtually unheard of for a female dwarf to join the ranks. They were all men, and they were not happy. Test after test they put me through and each one I accomplished with the greatest of honors. I had made my family proud for what I felt like was the first time in my life.

I didn't feel as though I would ever have to use my sword, nor see my friends or family die in battle. In the fall a new clan came amongst us. They promised peace and didn't seem to be a threat to or people. There was never any thought that morning when I awoke and stepped outside to see a flank of them armed and ready for battle. They were dark elves, but the other elves around were quite accepting of us so I was thrown into shock. I ran to the elders tent and told him of the danger that was standing right out or front door.

He tried to talk to them, tried to reason with them. I can still smell his blood as the leader sliced his head off with one swipe of his sword. The fire in me ragged, a hate like I had never felt ran through my blood. Standing here today I can still hear the last words my mother ever spoke to me, the words that would change my life forever, 'Run Leslila, RUN!!!” I ran for him my sword drawn, my eyes glazing over crimson red. I was knocked back with such a force that I could hardly breath. I laid there and watched as they drug my people off killing them one by one. The screams were nothing like I had ever heard.

As the day drew on the screams seemed to meld together. I still couldn't move, it was as if a huge weight was holding me where I was. Then I heard a scream I knew, my mother. I looked over to see them holding her, and tying her to a stake. The leader came to me with an evil grin. 'You, you who thought yourself so brave shall watch as your mother burns alive. You will never forget this day, this I promise you. I shall spare your life because you shall never be strong enough to fight me, you are nothing more than a child.” I stayed where I was, unable to move as my mother burned. The smell was horrifying.

I awoke the next day to see the slaughter about me. I wandered for days, months, years not knowing what to do with myself, not knowing where I belonged. As I wandered I came across a man, a man of peace, of goodness. He told me of a clan that would suit me well. A clan that stood for good, not evil. A clan that protected the innocent and destroyed those who threatened them. Rynock was the savior from myself. None other would have brought me back from the hate I felt in my heart and my soul. Thus I found 4 Dimensions and Table Round. I found my new home, and life.

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My beginnings are a mystery to all. I was found in the forest of the world that I now call home, I know not whether I was deserted, or if some accident had befallen my parents. All I know is that I was found and cared for by a tribe of lions and taught their ways of hunting and honor. In my youth I thought of myself as a strange looking lion, the lioness that suckled me as a baby taught me my skills in the hunt and the knowledge and secrets of the land and all its bounty.

I played with the other cubs on the plains and in the forests of my near perfect world, until disaster struck. It was in my adolescent years, when I would hunt alone and away from the tribe. I heard the roar of my father and mother, and running to find them found that my father had fallen victim to a hunter of the human kind, and there was no sign of my mother.

So I went in search for her and found myself here at the junction of time and space to find what I have lost.

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As he lay down for the evening, young Lobyro felt an eerie calm in the air that unsettled him. He couldn't help but think that something was wrong as he tried to drift off to sleep. All seemed normal, his mother Shelandra and father Loboron were in the front room of the dwelling, while Lobyro was in his room in the back of the cottage. Lobyro's mind thought of the day's events, the hunt with his best friend, Matyrion. The rabbit that they had hunted down and killed with the crude spear they had made by hand. Then there was the pretty Lyntia that had caught his eye later that day as she was out drawing water from the community well. Had he imagined things or was her gaze directed at him?

Suddenly he heard a loud crashing sound, the front door had been forced open violently and he heard his mother's howl of warning. Instinctively, as he had been taught and practiced numerous times, Lobyro rolled off his cot, flung open the hidden trap door beneath it and scrambled into the hidden chamber, that was barely big enough to hold his young body and quickly replaced the door over himself. Safely hidden he quietly lay, listening to the events that were happening in the front of the house.

Over the angry shouts, he could hear his mother howling in terror. He had never heard such a tone in her voice in all the time he could remember. Then there was his father's deep challenging growl, which Lobyro had only heard him use one time, the time the Mautian family tried to dishonor him by accusing him of betraying the city council by taking funds from the city treasure. It was later discovered that the Mautian's had actually been the ones who were guilty and as was the custom in their village, it meant instant death. Lobyro's mind raced in a thousand directions and his heart raced within his chest.

As quickly as the commotion began, he heard Shelandra scream one last time and Loboron's howl of mourning and all became quiet. He heard a few footsteps and some low whispering voices that he couldn't make out. All he could hear now was the beating of his heart in his chest. How long had he been in here? It seemed to be hours in his own mind. He intently listened for any sounds but heard nothing.

Lobyro silently and cautiously began to open the door above him, now feeling more like a coffin than a hidden chamber of safety. He peeked from under the bed and saw nothing. As he crawled from beneath the bed and peered into the front of the house he was overcome by a horror he had never felt in his young 12 years. Loboron lay sprawled in the middle of the room, bleeding profusely from multiple wounds. His right arm had been torn from his body and lay in one corner. Shelandra's crumpled form lay lifeless in one corner, her lower body exposed and violated. Lobyro fell to his knees weeping, before realizing that the danger could still be present.

As he fled his house, an even bigger horror faced him. The entire village had been decimated. He fled into the forest behind his cottage and raced silently through the dark to the hidden cave that he and Matyrion had found on a hunt one day. As he reached the cave, it seemed cold and foreboding, but he entered and tried to settle for the night anyway. His mind raced but finally fatigue overtook him and he drifted off to sleep.

Lobyro awoke later that afternoon with a start, had it been a horrible nightmare or were the events real? If they were real - what of Matyrion and Lyntia? He quickly arose and worked his way back to the village, his fears confirmed. The events were real, not imagined. Listening intently, he could hear no sounds coming from the village. He ran to Matyrion's house and there he saw the lifeless form of his best friend, which had been decapitated. He then ran onto Lyntia's house, and there too saw her lifeless form, her lower body exposed and violated like his mother's.

Confused and heartbroken, Lobyro ran from the village into the forest, never to return to his village. He quickly ran to the neighboring village but as he approached, guards shouted and he couldn't believe his ears, they were screaming that he was the one responsible for the decimation of his village and began to advance on him, spears in hand. Lobyro retreated back into the forest, which he knew like the back of his hand and ran as fast as he could. He could hear the voices becoming more and more distant as he outraced them.

Finally he could hear no more voices and paused to take a rest. Lobyro realized he was now in unfamiliar territory, broke and alone. He had no idea where he was and the events overwhelmed him when he saw a house looming over the next furrow. He silently crept up on the house and found an empty firewood bin in the back, which he climbed into and dozed off. He must have slept there for hours, for when he awoke it was dark, except for the firelight emanating from within the house. Lobyro peered through the window in the rear of the house and his snout took in the smell of venison roasting over a fire. As he turned his head to the direction the smell was emanating from, he caught the image of a young female and froze where he stood. She was gazing at him and the look on her face was that of concern, not fear. She quietly approached him, with a gentle smile on her face.

'Hello, my name is Zaade,” she said gently.
'Hello, ma'am, I am Lobyro.” was his quiet response.

Lobyro instinctively began to retreat as she approached feeling quite embarrassed for using their bin for a sleeping place and also in fear, not knowing if she could be the one responsible for the massacre of his village. But her smile was so gentle and kind, she could not be the one.

'Please do not be afraid. Are you hungry, thirsty?”

Lobyro hadn't noticed until she mentioned it, but he was extremely famished and parched, having not stopped to nourish himself since supper the night before with his mother and father. The grief, the lack of food, the exhaustion of fleeing all overtook his body and he collapsed, a blackness taking over his mind. When he awoke, he was inside a dwelling in a comfortable bed. Sitting beside the bed was Zaade, tending to him as his mother had during the times when illness had invaded his body. Lobyro sat up with a start, noticing another form in the room, that of a strong and powerful male.

'This is my mate, Pharggo” Zaade said reassuringly, noticing the fear in his eyes.

Pharggo just gazed at him intensely, Lobyro was not sure whether the gaze was that of a friend or foe and glanced about nervously. Zaade took Lobyro's hand with hers and gently stroked it before beckoning to the table where a plate of venison and vegetables sat along with a cask of wine.

'Please, eat and rest my friend,” she beckoned.

Lobyro nervously glanced at Pharggo who then nodded his approval, not saying a word. The three sat down to eat and as they did, Lobyro felt a friendship with the two start to form and he began to tell them the tale of what had happened and how he came to be in their bin. It was then that he was informed he was in a new land, one of adventure known as the 4 Dimensions. A place where time travel and great danger existed.

Pharggo and Zaade took him hunting the next day, getting him some basic equipment and showing him the ways of their land. After the hunt, they also invited him to join their clan of the Sicilians, who could be very brutal, but also demanded loyalty and took care of their own. Alone in the world, Lobyro accepted their offer and began his journey in the realms of 4 Dimensions, seeking, fame, wealth and companionship.

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Born into the cruel, merciless, society of the Drow elves of the Underdark, Loria was trained from a youngling to be heartless, violent, and blood thirsty. Despite her unnatural leaning towards good, she was well-skilled in combat and dark magic, eventually fighting her way to a position of power. The lower priestesses saw her goodness as weakness and hated her for it, envying her role of leadership. They plotted to take her life and usurp her position, but Loria had defeated and killed all challengers in her progress towards power. She was nearly the most powerful priestess in the Queen’s service, now.
She constantly fought an inner battle between her desire to be the strong merciless leader she was bred to be and her repulsion to murder, blood-lust, and violence. Years of fighting against her true nature, and attempting to block out the feelings of weakness, those of regret and guilt, left her hollow. Her high position created enemies out of almost everyone around her. Each hard-won victory made her become a more desirable target for the next power-hungry priestess. She seemed to be fighting only for the chance to keep fighting. She felt empty, lost, and alone.

How long could she keep winning? There had to be something more out there for her. This couldn’t be all there was to life. She had never even left the dark confines of the underground caves. Could there be a life waiting for her on the surface? Hope, a feeling she had never known before, swelled inside her. Thoughts of starting a new life filled her mind, day and night.
Distracted by her daydreams, Loria was nearly killed in an ambush of some of the newly ordained priestesses hoping to prove their loyalty and strength by cutting out Loria’s heart and sacrificing it to Lolth, the Demonweb Goddess. Only her quick instincts saved her. This narrow victory confirmed to her that she no longer desired to live in the cold Underdark. She resolved to make her quiet escape the next night.
The journey to the surface took days. Loria depleted her scant food supply long before reaching the top. By that time, she was weak with hunger and fatigue. Exiting the underground passage, she saw daylight for the first time. The sun’s glare stung her eyes until they watered and her skin felt as though it were on fire. Unaccustomed to the softness of grass, her step was unstable. But what most unsettled her was the vast openness of the sky. It was as if the ground beneath her was falling into an endless pit, and her along with it.
Finding no food and being desperate for survival, she risked going near the unholy civilization of the surface dwellers. She made her way to the center of town where she found Mafalda’s, a slatternly establishment that reeked of filth. Cautiously she entered and found a table in a dark corner of the room. She was served by a female surface dweller, wearing the same kind of strange clothes the slaves did back home. Loria swallowed the food hardly without chewing it. With the pangs of hunger subsided; Loria looked around her and took in her surroundings. She found several males scattered throughout and a few females serving drinks who seemed to be wearing even less clothing than the slaves. In a remote part of the tavern, there was a group of loud males watching Loria, sneering and laughing, making crude gestures. Surface dwellers are such base creatures, she thought to herself.
Glad to be leaving the crowded stench of the tavern, Loria moved through the streets in search of shelter. The sun was setting low in the horizon; the cool of darkness was finally relieving her discomforts. As she turned a corner, she found herself in front of the very same group of low life males that had mocked her before. It was too late to leave unnoticed, but to speak to the contemptible creatures was unthinkable, so she decided the best thing to do would be to continue forward without any acknowledgement of their existence. The males heckled and whistled like a pack of hyenas, as she walked by. One even had the audacity to take hold of her shoulder. He made some inferior offer to her, and when ignored, he grabbed her weak frame and threw her against the side of the building. She summoned as much energy as she could to cast magic against this repulsive barbarian, but her prolonged suffering had weakened her abilities. The hateful beast had physical strength she could not match. He was able to pin her down by the neck with one arm. In his other hand, he held a crude knife that he used to slice through her clothing. Like savages, they laughed and goaded him along as he abused her. She felt her skin exposed and his coarse, calloused hand groping recklessly at her damaged body. She glared at him with malice and spat in his face. As he loosened his grip to wipe the wet out of his eyes, Loria tried to escape. But he slammed her into the ground, looking at her with rage and feral hunger. She knew she could not stop him from whatever barbaric act he had in mind.
At that moment, the man gagged, his eyes bulging as if in pain from some unseen strike. At once, the wind moved and howled, causing paper and trash to blow around the dirty street. The skies darkened as clouds moved in fast. A single thunder-clap sounded from somewhere behind the brute on top of Loria, then rain descended. The man, still unable to breathe, turned red and released his grip. Loria clambered away as quickly as she could, not even taking time to discover the cause of her release. She found an alley out of sight from the main street where she collapsed behind an outbuilding and tried to calm her breathing. Her body ached in several places; her head felt battered where it had hit the ground. The sharp pain in her throat was excruciating. She held her head with one hand and her stomach with the other. She felt liquid soak through her clothing. Blood. The ruffian had gashed her open in his attempt to de-clothe her. She felt weak and damaged. She wanted rest, but she knew she had to get help or she would bleed to death. She staggered to her feet once more, and tried to walk towards the street. Exhaustion overcame her and fell to the ground. Darkness veiled over her mind and her thoughts ceased. She slept.
Her first memory of consciousness was that of a sound. Water being squeezed from a rag. And the feeling of its coldness tracing circles over her stomach. She opened her eyes to see a gentle pair of deep blue eyes looking back at her. They were smiling. How long had it been since she had seen an expression of happiness or kindness? Had she ever seen it?
The stranger called himself Xeriuth. He was an elf, like her, though he had a much lighter complexion. The pounding in Loria’s head came back and she winced in pain. The stranger, this Xeriuth, mixed powder in a cloudy liquid and poured it into a cup for her. Loria took the cup in her hands and eyed it suspiciously. Xeriuth moved to another part of the room, cleaning up the table and putting things away. He talked to her while she got used to her new surroundings. He explained his background and asked questions about hers. Loria remained quiet, opting instead to observe this bizarre elf.
Little did she know that this humble gentle elf that stood before her, smiling, was one of the most powerful, richest creatures in all four dimensions. And when he explained that it had been he who had saved her, she could do nothing but gawk in stunned silence. Fate had brought the two unlikely characters together. Though neither of them knew it at the time, Fate had a lot in store for them both.

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Stepping carefully into the Realms of 4 Dimensions Lynx wanted to explore the almighty world beyond her backdoor. She quickly made a harmless impression on fellow players.

One-person partially saw interest in helping this 'lil' faun enter the real world. Her name being Jee. Jee let 'lil' Lynxie tag along on her journeys through numerous places…including visiting vampires at night….

As she grew stronger and stronger she realised that this place wasn't so bad after all and decided to stay for good. She searched many miles of land and sky to find anything of use or treasure. After a 'lil' while she decided it was time to join a clan and make something even better of herself. One clan that was on the top of her list was the Dark Jedi's. Although this was a big clan it was quite tough to make an impression. Anyways Lynx stayed in the Dark Jedi's until an offer came to her….

One day while walking around in the wilderness a fella called Jainar approached her. Apparently Jainar had been had been watching Lynx and her skills improve and approached her with an offer. The offer was asking Lynx to join a different clan by the name of Chaos. Her helper from the start Jee, was also in this clan. So Lynx thought about it for a few days and decided this was an opportunity she couldn't loose…so she changed clans and all was happy. Sadly after 2months of joining Chaos Jainar and Jee had left the Realms. Before Jainar [CL] left 4d Lynx was asked to take over Chaos and lead them to the future. Lynx accepted and is helping her clan grow into the world of 4 Dimensions.

Then one day she found herself at her local gathering with a (JACKASS) aka Once. Once was urging fellow friends to gamble there money away. Lynx decided to have a gamble and take interest and soon realised someone was taking an interest in her! After a few quiet wines with Once she realised he wasn't that much of a (JACKASS). Lynx waited for Once to make a move…1. Lynx was a shy 'lil' Faun and 2. Wanted to make sure…. After talking lots they decided to date. Everything was finally perfect! Around a 1-week later they were married and settled down into each other's company.

Lynx and Once roam around the realms are still in search of new and interesting treasures…who knows what's around the corner.

To be continued.

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Lystari is an only child. How does the community react to the Lystari? Well, truthfully, she is viewed with suspicion. Lystari has become intrigued by the entire body who wants to capture and torture her before killing her. Luckily, though, Lystari also has a small group, about five people who count her a true friend, and allies who watch over her friends and loved ones for her.
One of the Lystari's parents abandoned her when she was little. Lystari has always felt a great deal of guilt and pain about the whole matter and is now determined to find her true father or mother.
Lystari has a seemingly imaginary enemy. This might be the spirit of a long-dead foe, an extra-planar being or untold evil, or a delusion born of Lystari's disturbed mind. The nature of this enemy should be decided by the her. When the imaginary villain attacks, it will be difficult for the Lystari to convince her companions that she is in real danger.
Before long, they may begin to doubt her sanity or sincerity, as they never find any evidence to support the Lystari's assertions that she has been menaced.
A close friend of hers gave his life to halt some looming evil, saving the lives of countless people. This sacrifice has been an inspiration to Lystari, giving her hope even in the darkest hour. Despite any dark traits that Lystari might have, she gives her all when the stakes are high. She was raised in an environment that taught her that she was the best at a particular challenge or set of challenges. However, once she left that future era, she found out to her dismay that many other people may be better than she.
After being murdered, a close friend of hers returned from the grave as a ghost. He tormented her homeland until Lystari's own hand sent the ghost to oblivion. The trauma of this event has given the her a phobia. She could take this phobia to an extreme, incinerating corpses where she finds them, avoiding graveyards, and so on.
She was exposed to some event so terrible that it threatened to drive her insane. Even though she survived, her mind is not what it once was. Lystari was betrayed by a trusted ally at a critical moment, leaving her with a major wound. Aside from giving her a disfiguring scar or other persistent injury, she now has a deep suspicion of those who have not proven themselves trustworthy. She may be openly suspicious of others, or quiet around them.
She has a period in her life of several months which she simply cannot account for. She has no idea where she was during that time or what she did. Her desire to learn these things is tempered by her fear of what she may discover. So that a backstory is available when needed, she should figure out what happened exploring the eras of 4 dimensions.

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As MaccabiTA and his twin brother OverKamp were born, their parents (Herzikovic and ArsenalFC) sent them to different places, far away from each other. MaccabiTA was sent to the city Blufield in the Middle East and OverKamp was sent to Highbury in the UK. And that is exactly where the story begins:

MaccabiTA was ruler of the Middle East already at the age of 16. Because the way of getting this title is winning the yearly tournament, the ruler is usually exchanged every year by someone else, but not MaccabiTA. He continued defeating all of his enemies over and over again and ruled for 7 years in a row, then took a vacation to explore the world and then came back and became ruler for 6 more years.

Until one day something awful has happened. HapoelTA, MaccabiTA's worst enemy, humiliated him in a battle and banished him out of the Middle East. It was about the same time that he got a very interesting and painful letter too. Till then MaccabiTA and OverKamp, who was ruler of Western Europe for many years, heard a lot about each other (because they were known worldwide) but they didn't know they were twin brothers. That letter was from their parents, and it told about OverKamp's tragic death (by a murderer called ManU).

This letter, with the fact that HapoelTA banished him, made MaccabiTA really mad, and he decided to become a time traveler in order to discover more about his brother and his death and to make the world a better and a happier place to live in.

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Unlike many other characters you will find in 4d, Mafic was born and bred in the dwarfen caves south of the Medieval mountains. Exactly 120 years ago from the time of writing, Mafic was brought into the world in a small but well built gold/copper mine under the dark metamorphic mountain range called the Ergot Geosylcline.

His parents Ichor and Theca (Theca had a longer beard than Ichor) noticed from a young age that despite Mafic's obvious boyish enthusiasm, he was not cut out to be a miner and was often seen wielding his mining pick more in the style of a battle axe and gouging rough holes in the wall nowhere near the ore bodies. His good-natured father Ichor was growing frustrated at the young dwarf's lack of ability to find gold, as well as the expense of breaking a record number of mining picks per day. So he called on a favor from the dwarf gods, blessed him, and sent him out to explore and find his vocation in life. Mafic readily agreed to the adventure and armed only with his boyish enthusiasm went fourth to explore. (Footnote: At this point, rumor has it that the biggest party ever known to the dwarfs was held the night after Mafic's leaving).

What Mafic found was a world strange beyond all belief with large aggressive mobs wielding great weapons from different times and places. Mafic had finally found his place. With no natural skill in combat (alas he is still lacking greatly in that area) he more than made up for his shortcoming with his enthusiasm to kill, plunder and explore. Soon he found an unlikely companion in Cheata, a strange creature from a strange land, yet with a matching sense of humor. Together the explored many realms often laughing at death and achieving impossible feats of stupidity never before seen.

120 years after his birth Mafic is, if possible, ever more boyish than ever. With an undying love for Casy, beer, gold, and fighting (yes in that order) he is possibly one of the happiest dwarfs in the world. He still visits his parents occasionally (much to their dismay) and has gained more experience and power than even his great great grandfather Grug who was said to be half-rock, half-dwarf. When visiting the Realms, be sure to say 'hi' to Mafic, he will not bite and will always amuse.

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Maia Moonshadow

May the spirits bear witness to the iron in my words.

My birth was a crime.

My father was a Comanche raider who rode with Comancheros. My mother was an Austrian immigrant, raped by my father during the attack on her family's wagon train. Her husband was killed during the attack, as well as her father and mother. Only a few retainers and guides remained, and they brought my mother to town.

My mother died of consumption in my fifteenth year, in her fiftieth year. I remained alone at our farm outside of town, trying to survive. In the winter of my fifteenth year, bandits came to my farm and raped me. I would have been killed if not for the old Indian who chased the bandits away, but not before they took the little bit of money I had. My mother's tale of the raid which produced me filled my head as the old Indian looked down upon my violated body, and I shook with fear and dread. His thin, weathered lips parted, an almost toothless grin flashed across his face, and he began to tend to me, healing my wounds and soothing my fears. I cried for a long time in his arms, my head resting on his strong, bony shoulder.

He visited me often after that night, making sure I had food and water, and when I didn't, he would bring me a rabbit, a deer, berries, whatever I needed to keep living. He also taught me. He showed me what plants were safe to eat, which ones were useful as spices or medicines, and which ones could kill. He showed me how to read and listen to nature, the calls of the birds and animals, the secrets hidden in the wind.

But the most important thing he taught me was that love in this world hadn't died with my mother. I first thought that he stayed around me because he wanted the same thing that the bandits wanted from me, but his eyes didn't hold that look that the bandits' eyes held when they had their turns with me. His eyes held what my mother's eyes held when she looked at me -- concern, pride, and love.

In the spring of my sixteenth year, in his seventy-third year, he died. He had prepared me for his death, for he knew that once he was gone, I would feel alone again. He told me that the spirits of those that loved you are always around you, and the spirits of nature that you honor watch over you, and that the dark spirits are ever-vigilant for an opportunity to possess you.

He said that I would wander alone for most of my life, an outcast because of my mixed heritage. I inherited my father's complexion, dark hair, and dark eyes. Those traits would mark me as Indian blood to the Gringos. From my mother, I received my 5'11' height, my full lips, and my heavy bosom, which would mark me as mixed blood to all Indians. For these reasons, I would be forced to wander the world, leading a Gypsy's life. But, he said, there are worlds beyond the one we know, and wandering can lead anywhere.

The last thing he told me before he died was that his rescue of me from the bandits was not a coincidence. He had been watching my farm since my mother and I began living there. He answered the questioning look in my eyes by telling me that he was my grandfather. His son was the Comanche raider who had taken my mother during the attack, and my grandfather felt ashamed of his son, so he took it upon himself to watch over my mother and I. I cried for days after he left, seeing him for the last time walking away from the farm and out into the prairie. When my grieving had run its course, I packed the little I had and left my farm, setting my feet upon a new path.

This is my beginning, from whence I came.

May the spirits bear witness to the iron in my words.

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As an infant I was found and raised by a small nomad tribe. But I was not really found. The tribe deliberately sought me out.

Later I found out that one year before I was even borne, the seer of the tribe had a premonition where and when to find me. She saw that it was the task of the tribe to find me and to prepare me for the future that awaits me. She also saw that I would have the spirit of one of their gods, Malfestus - Lord of Suffering, who is the god of disease and injury but also of healing and compassion. Hence I was named Malfestus.

The task the tribe had was not an easy one because it was foretold that I would bring destruction upon my enemies and peace to my friends and companions. So while teaching me the art of war and destruction I was also taught the meaning of love, compassion and friendship.

As I got older the tribe even began to hire warriors, mages, priest and even gypsies to perfect my skills and increase my knowledge. When I reached adolescence, a geisha was bought to teach me the art of dance, singing, music and sex.

That is why, even at the age of eighteen, I had a very complex personality. I can be a fearsome war-wizard and fighter bringing grief and destruction to my enemies, a friend and companion to my friends and a perfect lover when needed.

Still there where things to learn, things the tribe could not teach me so shortly after my eighteenth birthday I gathered my belongings and left the tribe to roam through the world, always searching for knowledge and friendship.

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The person known as Malifaxis started off in a distant land, where she spent all her youth in attempting to survive. The land was mainly of human populace which, even those few she knew, were unkind to non-humans. Her youth was spent on the streets as nothing more than a thief. What morals and ethics she should have devoloped, were laid aside in her attempts to get food, and anything else needed.

As she got older, she found her way into following a goddess who's main aspect was that of Discord. Through this following, she met many like minded people, those who saw others as prey or to be used to sow further discord in the world. As she worked towards that goal for her goddess, she rose in the ranks to that of the High Priestess of Discord, and founded her own group which she used to subvert all the other groups in that land.

A few years later, she grew bored of dealing with the politics of the religion - let alone how far her group had grown in noteriety and left. She in a spur of the moment decision decided to see what else there was to be seen, yet kept herself to the guidelines of the religion while travelling. Due to how she grew up on the streets, let alone what was needed to survive the founding of a group, she made certain to travel light. As she left the city, she notified the only human she trusted that she was leaving and chances are not returning. As of then she has basically acted the part of a traditional rogue, though letting herself be seen more as nothing more than a wanderer.

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Years ago during the month of shadows, a dark elf named Mardo was born. As a child he realized he was unusual for an elf, his skin was darker, he was taller than other elves, his hair was a completely different blue shade. He also had an odd amount of strength for an elf and his ears weren't pointy. Living where he was harsh, biscuits for almost every meal, work all 16 hour days, get very little pay for everything. Mardo had to run all errands, he had a very sad childhood.

One day when Mardo was 6 his parents died. The only person to take care of him was his older brother, Cosinku. His brother was a very strong, noble warrior. He was in the guard. After his brother turned 17, he mysteriously left. For 10 years Mardo lived on the streets, alone. He made friends that sometimes let him stay over. He worked the same schedule every day. At 14 he was able to join the elven lacrosse team. For those 3 years he gained respect. During a great storm when Mardo was 17, something transported Mardo to a strange room. Looking around he said, 'What is this?' Someone answered, 'You are in the Four Dimensions.' It seemed as if everyone he knew went here when they were 17. No one had ever come back. Mardo soon realized this must the place where his brother went.

He explored everywhere, wondering how to get back home, if his brother was still alive. Soon he realized he couldn't get back, never would he go back home. He had stayed so long looking for a way back, he grew an awesome mullet.

Later he found a plaque reading, 'Mardo this is your brother, Cosinku. I suppose that you will eventually be here so, read this with caution, this world is very dangerous. These are my last words as I die fighting.'

Mardo cried, wondering what killed his brother. He still wonders what killed his brother. Now, being a grown man he has accepted his brother's death. Now he has a new mission, to survive.</p>

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'Tadaima (jap: I'm home).' Mephisto whispered softly as she unlocked the front door of the Takahashi residence, knowing that no one would answer her because her parents were always working. She kicked off her Nike runners and stepped onto the tatami. Holding a bottle of iced cappuccino in her hands, she walked up the grand stairs to her room, lied on her comfy bed and stared at the ceiling while drinking her coffee.

  • Pikachuu~*

She turned around and saw a yellow pikachu flashing on her laptop screen. Ha! An e-mail from Kei. She quickly pulled herself up, put the coffee in front of her, and sat in front of the desk. Reaching for the mouse, she accidentally knocked over the cappuccino. 'I'm such a baga (idiot)!' she mumbled. While cleaning the mess, she opened the e-mail.

  • Chuu~*

Yo cuz, Ur parents will be working late again with my parents. Aniki (Brother) said they're working on some genetic stuff. Pfft. Wanna meet me and aniki at Mount. Akagi at 11? PS. Aniki said u should bring ur laptop too. I forgot why. Jiah-ne(bye)! Takahashi Keisuke

A mischief grin came across Mephisto's face and she quickly glanced at her watch. Almost 10:30. She took a shower and dressed as fast as she could, and stormed out of the front door. She ran to the garage, got into her pink RX-7 Spirit R, and started the engine. 'Ahh, my laptop!' She screamed loudly and ran back to her room to get the laptop. Rushing back to the warmed up car, she smiled when she heard the special sounds that her rotary engine made. Good, the engine sounds fine. She stepped on the accelerator and raced out of the front gate.

It took her 20 minutes to drive to the bottom of Mount. Akagi, having gotten lost on the way(in a city that she's been living for 17 years), remembered that she had forgotten to pay for the GPS fee, and left the map at home. Staring out of her car windows, Mephisto was amazed to see so many spectators standing near the road as she drove by. 'Is there a race going on?' she mumbled. When she got to the top, Keisuke and his aniki Ryosuke were already there; Keisuke with his yellow FD and Ryosuke with his white FC. Ignoring other girls' jealous stares, she walked up to them and whistled appreciatively, 'Wow, nice tires you've got Kei.' 'Hey Ryo, long time no see.' Ryosuke nodded his head as a response and Keisuke said impatiently while glaring coldly back to those girls, 'You're late!' Mephisto was gonna reply 'So?' but swallowed her words back when Ryo nudged her with his elbow and gave her a wink.

Feeling confused, she scanned the area and saw all of the members of Redsuns, Night Kids, Emperors, and Akina Speed Stars. Mmm...what are they doing here? She walked up to the Night Kids' team leader Nakazato Takeshi who was busy chatting with his teammates and asked, 'Oi Takeshi, what brought you here?' 'Oh hey Meph, you don't know?' 'Huh? Am I supposed to know?' 'Hmm...yeah, there are gonna be several races tonight. You're the first one up.' 'Up against who?' Takeshi chuckled politely, 'Against me.' Mephisto's mouth dropped open as she heard it. Up against Takeshi, I'll never win! He's too good! She ran back to Keisuke and poked him in his arm, 'How come you didn't tell me?!' 'Oh, that was the 'I forgot why' part in the e-mail, sorry.' She pinched Keisuke in the waist, ignored his painful screams and went over to talk to Ryosuke. 'Ryo, I got my laptop in my car. What's your plan?' 'I got a new program to improve the balance of the car, the air intake and gas consumption rate. Wanna test it out?' 'Why not? I've got nothing to lose.' cuz I'm gonna lose anyway...she thought.

She ran to her car, got her laptop, and hurried to Ryosuke where he connected both laptops and started transferring the updating files. 'There, all done.' 'Thanks Ryo, you're the best.' 'You're not too far behind, the 3rd best driver of Redsuns.' 'Ryo! You know I didn't mean it that way.' Ryosuke smiled gently and patted Mephisto on the shoulder. 'Gambade (add oil)!' Mephisto replied,'Hai!', with an exaggerated bow. Ryosuke watched her as she ran to her pink car in small steps. 'Good luck, girl.' He whispered.

'Start your engines!' 'Go(5)!' 'Shi(4)!' 'San(3)!' 'Ni(2)!' 'Ichi(1)!' 'Go!' The tires of the black GTR and the pink RX-7 screeched and the two cars were off. The black GTR practically flew and took the lead. 'Darn it!' Mephisto quickly shifted over to 3 and followed the black GTR. At the first curve, the black monster stayed close to the ground while the pink beauty drifted beautifully. 'Nice turn, Takeshi!' Mephisto commented. 'Now I gotta race my best!' Mephisto watched the leading car closely while she passed the 5 hard turns. While Mephisto was catching up to Takeshi on the curves, the semi-straight downhill ahead enabled Takeshi to increase the distance between the two cars. 'Ahh!!!' Mephisto grumbled, 'Watch out Takeshi, I'll beat you!'

The two cars stayed relatively closed to each other on the next 7 easy curves, then they reached the critical part of the whole battle.

Back to the top of the mountains, the members of Redsuns and Night Kids were listening closely to the walkie talkies, 'Check point 10 reporting at the start of the continuous hairpin curves, the two cars are approaching! Nakazato is in the lead, with Takahashi following close behind!' 'Check point 11 reporting at the 3rd curve of the hairpin curves, RX-7's catching up! And is seeking opportunities to pass!' 'Check point 12 at the 4th curve, Takeshi's still in the lead, his tires look a little worn out! RX-7's doing great, the drifts are amazing!' 'Check point 13 at the 5th curve, they're approaching! GTR's still in the lead! Oh wait...OMG, RX-7 passed the GTR from the outside! The cars were extremely close to each other!' 'Check point 14 reporting at the last curve of the hairpin curves. RX-7's breaking away - R32's fallen behind!' continued the commentary on the radio. 'You're kidding!' came a crackled reply from one of the Night Kids spotters at one of the checkpoints. 'Nope.' Keisuke grinned.'Aniki, she made it!' Ryosuke just smiled and walked toward his FC. Started up the engine, and sped down the road. 'Aniki wait! I'm racing next! Don't you wanna watch...ack never mind.' Reassuring his next opponent that he would come back and race - not mentioning any specific time, Keisuke got into his yellow FD3S and drove down the mountain road.

At the foot of the mountain, Mephisto stepped out of the pink Spirit R and wiped her sweat away. Takeshi came up to her and congratulated her, 'Whoa Meph, you improved A LOT from the last time I saw you race. What have you been doing? Practicing everyday?' Mephisto giggled, 'No, I've been busy with my degree but Ryo did some updates for my systems.'

They all turned when they heard the rotary engine sounds approaching. Ryo stepped out of the car, ignoring other girls' 'Oooh's and 'Ahhh's, and walked toward the racers. 'Oi Takahashi, your cousin's pretty good.' Ryosuke simply nodded. 'Well, I gotta go to the top again to watch your bro's race starting, Jiah!' Takeshi got into his GTR and drove toward the top. He flashed his headlights at Keisuke who passed him on the opposite direction. Keisuke flashed back and stopped his car. He hopped down from his yellow FD and gave Mephisto a big hug and a kiss. 'That was amazing!' 'Thanks. *smiles* Can I get another kiss? Kei?' '*blushes* Hell, no! Aniki! We should go celebrate!' 'Huh?' 'Let's go to that pub we saw on the way here!' 'Now?' Ryosuke raises his left eyebrow, 'You're racing next and Kenta's racing after you, don't you want to stay and watch him?' 'Darn, almost forgot. Sorry Mephie, maybe another time.' 'Hey, no worries.' Mephisto got in her RX-7 and honked at the Takahashi brothers, 'Sayonara!' and sped into the darkness.

Next morning...

'Aniki!' screamed Keisuke who was watching the news (cuz pokemon's coming up next @@). Ryosuke hurried from his room, 'What's wrong Keisuke?' 'Look!'

'...reporting live. A pink RX-7 was discovered this morning at 7:31 by a local near Mount. Akagi. The car was severely crashed and the police are still investigating the cause of this incident. So far, the car's speed at that time may be a huge factor. The driver, Takahashi Mephisto, was no where to be found. However, a note with '#232 taken to recall' scribbled on it was found on the seat. The police suspect that Takahashi Mephisto may be kidnapped after the incident...'

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From deep within the Netherworld of shadow walkers comes yet another exhibit of the Dark Carnival. He is the master of the art of using magic without magic...

He is a Necromaster... the craft of using magic through the dead. Dead meaning both physically and mentally. This spectacle shall be witnessed only by those who are meant to see it. Look deep inside of your soul and ask yourself... Do you hold a ticket to witness the show? The answer lies within yourself.

He is the fourth to rise. He feeds upon one's own greed. He is powered by one's own jealousy, lust, and temptation. To envision yourself with something that rightfully does not belong to you... that is the illusion cast by him. To act upon this vision and seek it out at the expense of another... that is the magic cast by him.

Continuous dreamers of profit at the cost of another are pledged and haunted by his wizardry. Others are content and satisfied with what they can achieve by themselves and have not the urge to tamper with another's will being for quick gain. They see him only as a hoax and see no illusions or magic by he.

It is simple... He is you. His illusions are your evil thoughts. Your evil acts are his magic - yesterday, now, and forever. You are he and the fourth to rise... You and he are the master of necromancy... You are the dead and he is the magic. Together, you and he are The Great Milenko.

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I am Mithrandir. I was born 22 years ago on the Nite of the Land. This is a special day for a Ranger or Druid, and this is how I saw my true potential as a Ranger. I was born into a clan called Distant Deaths and I have quickly moved up in the ranks. Now I am rank 5 out of 9, my elders are very far in front and I shall not catch them for a long time. The clan has a mix of different classes people. The leader is a very great Mage.

I have made many friends in this realm named Silvermere. I have been training with some of the greatest in the realm, also the GREATEST in the realm. A dreaded foe and a very valuable friend. Twisted, the Mystic, the greatest in the realm, the highest in any rank, any clan. He is in Distant Deaths too, but unfortunately can not take over as clan leader. I am known to spend time in a group in different zones, but then also to spend many hours alone, pondering matters that have always puzzled me. I have grown over the many years into a strong Ranger, completed many quests, defeating many evil and good monsters. Alas, i am an evil Ranger, and this realm is not so good for evil people. I have heard tales of a great man holding much knowledge. This is the man I seek.....

...I have found this man I seek, Zoi, the greatest Mage that ever walked these realms, he has told me a great tale of a time travel machine. Nobody has yet entered it and I wish to be the first, it could be a great peril, as nobody knows where it leads, but this realm is starting to bore me, I have conquered nearly every good that has stood in my way. Tomorrow I will be on my journey to this time travel machine, there I shall choose my destiny....

...My destiny is chosen, I spent many hours alone thinking and I have decided to enter the time travel machine. As I stood inside I heard a voice, it said 'You are the first brave adventurer to enter this machine, you shall be the only one from your realm to be taken the Dimensions, good luck worthy adventurer.' When the voice was finished I found myself in an entirely new world, apparently called 4 Dimensions, at first I was but a weak warrior, now I have grown stronger and am still growing. I hope to grow to one of the strongest in these realms as I did in Silvermere.

4 Dimensions will now be, my true home.


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Mott was born in another world. All she could remember about her hometown is that it was near the ocean that she recalls was very pretty and calm. She can still remember the salty scent from the ocean where she used to be. On the world she was born in, everyone was fighting all the time and having wars to invade others, which seemed the total opposite of the ocean she remembers. Her parents were killed in one of these wars when she was 7. She doesn't know exactly what happened that day, but all she could remember is that some people told her that her parents had been killed. Her neighbors kindly looked after her as much as they could. Mott was very sad and missed her parents badly, but she tried to act as mature as she could because she didn't want to make her neighbors worry since the they already had their own families to worry about. Mott helped to rebuild the town as much as she could; otherwise, she would have gone crazy missing her parents.

One day, a kind, old couple was exploring the world. The couple was passing by the town Mott was in. They saw little Mott working hard, and they started asking the neighbors what happened in the town and why little Mott was working so much. After they heard the story, they adopted Mott and raised her as their own child. Since the couple was traveling all around the world, Mott saw many different places, which interested her young mind. The couple and Mott realized that many people in their world were fighting just like Mott's hometown was invaded, and they decided to move to another world. When Mott was 17, the couple moved to this world to avoid the wars and live peacefully. When they moved here, Mott told her adopted parents 'I should go out there and explore around and learn how this world is, and hopefully I can find a place where we can get a house and live in peace.'

Her adopted parents agreed and encouraged her to gain knowledge of the new world, including the language and custom.

So, Mott started walking on her own in the new world... She didn't know what kind of people she would meet, what kind of troubles she would face... Mott will find out what this new world holds for her as her journey goes on...

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Before my existence on the Realms, I belonged to a great and powerful alliance. One might call it the Dark Side. I come from a long line of warriors. All have come and gone, and now I am the only one left. I am an evil and sinister creature with the will to destroy all those who stand in the way of what I want.

My life is filled with death and destruction. I lost my mother when I was just a boy of 10 years of age. I then was raised by a mean and militant father who trained me in the ways of war and the Dark Side. I don't take any crap from anyone or anything. My motto is: 'The only option in life is to win, to not win is to die, and it is better to die than to lose and live.'

I have fought in many glorious battles in my lifetime of 38 years. None have I lost. I was the most decorated officer in my legion and the Emperor's most prized warrior. About two years ago, my alliance started to become soft and weak, and then I knew it was time to leave, that is why I have come here, to the Realms of 4 Dimensions! ===== The one and only 'Mr. T'

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Muse was born into royalty but was never able to sit on the throne because of his older brother. He was appointed as the Court Musician and Librarian to the Great Tower and has held those positions for 3 years. Muse grew bitter in his position and sought out power. To Muse, the only thing he considered power was knowledge. He later discovered legends about a library holding ancient knowledge of power and ancient rituals to summon long forgotten powers. Without hesitation he left a letter explaining his resignation. He left later that night.

During his travels he had to overcome many hardships and trails. Upon arrival at the library he soon discovered that all his efforts were in vain. The library was in ruins and had appeared to be like this for centuries. Muse became hysterical and convinced himself there was still something left. Desperately, he scavenged through the ruins, only finding one sealed tome. A black, leather-bound book with a strange lock on it.

With all his knowledge he could not determine the nature of the book and began reading it. It explained many rituals of sacrifice and demon resurrection. Each page had been written as if the book was speaking and each ritual as if it was being accomplished... as it was. Unknowingly Muse had released a demon, which bound his soul into the book and forced him to search the world collecting knowledge. Muse was transformed into a being that fed on the knowledge that the world contained. At first he traveled the world in search of knowledge to free his soul. Now he searches for retribution. One that may never come.

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Through dense swirls of dense mist and fog ran a young faun. She fled swiftly through the forest, looking over her shoulder, trying to escape some unseen force behind her. Strange sounds filled the forest of her youth, echoing all around her in the dense air. Her hoof slipped on a tree root while looking over her shoulder and unable to prevent her fall, she crashed to the forest floor. Tall, lithe forms, dark of face surrounded her, voices taunting and jeering at the poor, frightened girl. From between the forms stepped another, soothing her in an odd language, one she had never heard before. Realizing that the girl could not understand what she was saying, the voice changed to the common tongue, 'Why are you running my child? What has frightened you so?”

The young faun gasped with fright, whimpering and cowering before the twisted and dark face above her, whispering, 'Elven invaders... they have killed my family!”

'Ah,” whispered the strange voice, 'Fear not young one. You are no longer alone. You shall have a new family. What is your name?”

She whimpered softly and whispered, 'Myrika, my lord.”

'No more cowering for you anymore dear one, stand and be proud, strong and tall. We welcome you, Sister Myrika. I am your Lord and Brother now, Tocharaeh. You shall learn much from me and serve our mother Lolth, who has protected you in her bosom this night.”

The fearsome lord hissed an order to his followers who disappeared like smoke in the dense fog. The lord grabbed her elbow and assisted her to rise, gliding swiftly through the forest until he came to a twisted tree. He pressed a hidden knot in the tree and took her down into a dark lair, cavern-like in the dark, glowing a strange green and purple color. He beckoned one of the dark ladies in the lair forward who stripped the frightened girl and cleaned her wounds. They then lay her on the altar and the lord and his followers began chanting odd words. One of his followers came rushing into the lair and knelt before his lord, rasping,

'My lord... the still beating heart of one of the elves. They are slaughtered in the name of our sister.”

The Lord Tocharaeh stood over the body of the cowering girl lying on the altar, whispering comforting words to her before he began to intone an incantation. Candles were placed around her, her pale flesh bared to all and gleaming in the candlelight. Strange runes were traced upon her body with the blood from the beating heart. The Lord then raised the heart of the elf high in the air and gave out a harsh cry, then brought the heart to her lips and urged her to take a bite. He hissed, 'Partake of thine enemy's flesh, let it beat strong and heat your blood with the thirst for revenge upon all their kind. From this day forth you shall be family with the dark elves, enemy to the pale skinned elves who have murdered your first family this night. You shall serve at the hand of Mother Lolth and be her handmaiden.”

From the ceiling above began to descend hundreds of spiders on lines of glistening filament to dangle, observing the ritual. The chanting in the lair began to increase in tone and resonance as the followers began to sway back and forth. From deep in the lair a strange scuttling sound came closer and closer to the altar.

The dark lord stepped aside and a massive spider came forth and stood before the frightened girl, whose mouth fell open in shock and fear. One of the long, fuzzy legs of the massive spider touched her face and odd sibilant sounds issued from its maw. The poor girl stared into the eyes of the massive spider, strangely understanding its words even though she was still somewhat paralyzed with fear. Suddenly she was flipped upon her stomach and one of the legs came down and pierced the flesh at the base of her spine, a strange tingling beginning to spread throughout her body. The spider had marked her as her own, a tattoo of sorts appearing on her spine where she had been pierced. The spider looked at the lord, who raised his hands for the attention of all, who fell suddenly silent.

'It is done!” He cried to the crowd. 'Welcome our sister Myrika!” A jubilant cry from the crowd filled the dark chamber, bouncing off the walls. Dark hands slid her off the altar and dressed her in purest white, her skin already darkening, radiating out from the mark placed on her spine. 'Kneel before Mother Lolth, sister,” hissed the Lord. The frightened faun fell to her knees and knelt before the massive spider in homage, thankful that she had been saved. Now she had a new purpose in life and the support of a family behind her to seek revenge on those who had caused her family's murder.

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I was born on the 21st day of the month of the Frost Giant in 2783. It was a hard year, or so I hear. That same year, a blizzard hit New Yorke that has not been matched since. During that blizzard my father, who was getting firewood to keep me and my mother warm, was killed by a fallen tree, I figure the tree must have been heavy with snow, and happened to snap when my father walked under it.

My mother and I lived on our farm until I was 9 1/2, when we were kicked out by King Cardalin IV. We did not have enough to pay taxes, hell - we barely had enough to feed ourselves, with my father gone. We went to the city soon after that. There is no way to keep yourself alive in a forest with little or no shelter.

In desperation for money, so that we could be warm and sleep in a dry bed, my mother decided to become a whore. Soon after that decision, she was killed by an especially violent patron. And as is custom for orphans, I was given to The Church to be raised and taught. I was an especially pious student, who quickly came to the Priesthood. In fact, I was chosen to become part of an elite task force, who will go among the common people, in a completely Neutral function, and report back to the heads of The Church.

In preparation for my assignment I have been trained in many arts of the priesthood that have been banned for many centuries, in both defensive, and offensive aspects of my art have I been trained, from ancient texts, and by ancient teachers who have been preserved for such a task.

A major part of my skills is the ability to converse with the Time Guardian. And as I have been deemed worthy by this being, I am granted the ability to move between time and space, to see what no others have yet to see, and change what few can remember.

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Nakita was born in a land of green fields and lush forests and mountains so tall that you could see the snow in them most of the year round. The world seems to be going along fine with the little elven community of Greenthorn. In the realm far from this, not far from the village of Greenthorn there was a tall mountain with a castle on it. The castle glistened in the sun and surrounding the mountain was the vast forest. One day quite a few years ago, when Nakita was very young, her father went out to hunt. Now that wasn't strange but he went to the vast forest below the castle and during that hunt her father chanced upon a sleeping dragon and quite by accident woke it up… and I am afraid he is no more.

Now with this tragedy Nakita's mother could not cope with it, and kept her children indoors as much as she could, hence they were not wise in the way of the world and were not permitted to play with other children. Nakita had a thirst for knowledge and had an innocence about her. One day when she crept out of the house to look about she came across a centaur, his name was Noccy.

Noccy, a proud centaur, was sophisticated and knowing about the world. Nakita was astounded to find others in the world apart from elves and curious, started talking to Noccy and they struck up a friendship. It was a little time later that Noccy persuaded Nakita's mother to let her adopt and educate Nakita, and protect her away from the forest that took her father. So Noccy brought Nakita to this realm to be educated and to be a lady. Now Nakita looks on Noccy as her father as he did adopt her and he loves her dearly. And even though she is very curious about the world, she loves her father dearly and would do anything he wished.

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Natalya Bathory follows the footsteps of legendary Elizabeth Bathory, and works under the teachings of Paganistic and Egyptian religions and belief systems. She is cynical, she is cold and she is dark. She does not appreciate being messed with, and will not handle any such treatment, nor will she allow poor treatment to be bestowed on friends, family members or clan members - if there are such people who are lucky enough to be granted those titles.

So. How did Natalya become a Vampire? Why did she return back to 4Dimensions?

Natalya, way back when, was a Co-Clan Leader of the clan called Saints. However, times change, and so do people. When Natalya returned to Saints, she found the clan much different to her and her personality. She wandered, lonely and unfulfilled, around the dimensions, mindlessly hunting and exploring, appreciating the silence that is her own company, yet on the search for more.

Before long, she realised her place was not with the young, playful women and men, but elsewhere. Given that Natalya was already Vampire, it would make logical sense to join the Vampire Clan.

Why did she return to 4 Dimensions? That is not entirely clear as yet. But there is one main reason:

Natalya's parents were burnt in a fire in a distant land, by the name of Shard, far outside the realms of the 4 Dimensions. Her mother was a wiccan Vampire. Her father was a mere, mortal, human. Why the two were a pair, no one knows, but it worked. Natalya took strongly to her mother's side, obviously - as she is a Vampire, but still has some human emotion and feeling within her, although it is of a minute amount.

Natalya was brought up in a wealthy, stable environment. She attended only the best and most prestigious schools her parents could afford. She only ever wore the best clothing, and ate the best food. However, hard as it may seem to believe, she was not spoilt. She was never blessed with a birthday gift, or Christmas, or any other 'special occasion'. Mostly? Her parents didn't believe in any of it.

At the age of 16, as referenced earlier, both her parents were killed in an apparent 'accidental' house fire. Natalya, daily, can still hear the screams and cries of her parents as the flames seared away at their flesh. Natalya was not involved in the fire (although meant to have been), as clearly she was out of the house, the Manor in fact, gazing at the moon and stars. She had heard someone run past her, and caught a brief shadow of movement before the house fire began.

About half way through the terrible ordeal, as Natalya stood there, plainly, watching, listening, she saw the shadow again, except this time: with more detail. It was man, about 6'3 tall. He had long black hair, glistening silver eyes, and was dressed all in black. He was running rapidly away from her parent's Manor. It was obvious; this was the man responsible for her parents' death. However, she could not chase him. She could only stand there, watching, listening...

Years later now, Natalya doesn't just stand and watch... listen. She is on the hunt. She caught word that this man may possibly be in 4 Dimensions, and she will not stop until she gets her revenge. Do not get in her way, she will not have the patience for it.

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Born in a small village somewhere in the mystical mountains of Thessaly, accessable only by centaurs, Nicoli was given life. The only family he had was his mother and two uncles - for his father died before he was born. Though he never knew his father, there where many heroic legends about him and his conquests. Legend after legend spoke of the one named, Great One. The last of which told of his death at the end of the Great Troll War.

As is customary in a centaur community, all the older males were in charge of teaching the young ones about the tactics of combat and survival - for to live as a centaur meant constant battle. Nicoli learned quickly from the elders of the village and at a very young age matched the skills and abilities of many of the older centaurs. By the night fires, many often spoke of the unmistakable resemblance of the Great One in Nicoli's methods of combat and appearance - almost as if the gods had brought the Great One's spirit to life and placed it in the body of his son. As well as developing in stature at an incredible pace, Nicoli also began to develop and hone his skills to perfection - often discovering new moves and ways of combat never before seen by any of the elders of the Wise Council.

After passing the rites of maturity at an extremely early age, Nicoli packed his few meager possessions and ventured out of the mountains to began his long, arduous journey of all the realms...

At this point, the history of Nicoli is somewhat unclear and uncertain - only the gods know exactly the chronology of the events in the life of Nicoli. What IS certain is that somewhere along the way he befriended someone who kept a written history of Nicoli's exploits. Though the scribe is never named, every account of Nicoli's adventures that have been discovered is written in the same style, language, and detail. And, no, not even Nicoli would know everything he has explored or everyone he has defeated in combat. The reason for this, is because the scribe always makes it a point to include the fact that Nicoli is either: drinking mead, ale, or some local drink; in a drunken stupor; or quaffing flycap potions as if, '...his inner body survived on nothing else.' The following are just a few of the more important accounts of Nicoli's journeys. ***

'I sat there, knee deep in the snow, hiding behind a tree, freezing my arse, whilst he stood there fighting a near-invisible beast. He had offered me ale, saying that it would warm the body, but as always I turned it down. Surely, he must have consumed several drinks whilst I was not looking, because he battled hand to hand with this beast wearing nothing but soft leather shoes and meager leather trousers. The beast was a strain to make out in the blizzard. Its dull-grey-white fur blended well in the heavy snow upon the peak of this giant of a mountain... The shriek from the beast pierced my soul, frightening me so that I became faint. Whence upon I came to, he stood above me cackling with glee. I saw a bloody corpse to his side and wondered which of the two had more blood upon them - man or beast.'

'I awoke this morning to the ranting and raving of my companion. He was wild-eyed and tense of muscle - speaking of, nay, arguing with his own self, but the topic of his own self-debate was a puzzle to me. From what I could make from his rambling was that he was looking for something. He quickly became more delirious, screaming 'The dream said it was here! SHE said it was here! I must have it! It is mine!!! It is mine!!!' I began to fear that his screams would frighten the most gracious inhabitants of these buildings - for the people of the faith had been very hospitable to give us this food and shelter. But he would not cease. For days this continued. He no longer slept or ate, but relentlessly searched all around the complex like a mad man. I saw little of him during those few days and saw even less of our hosts; they feared for their lives, and rightfully so. It seems that several of them had been found slain - their bodies cut to bloody pieces. I hoped and prayed that it was not he that was doing this foul deed, but some other beast that he may be hunting - yet I later learned that my hopes were for naught. Then, late one night, I heard a howl that chilled my soul to the very bone. The door to my room was blown from its hinges and shattered to pieces as he burst into the room. I barely recognized this man turned beast. He was covered in mud, blood, and what I prayed was not something else's flesh. Laughing a maniacal laugh, he strode in, muscles sweating and tense from days without a chance to relax. He strode in, pulled a most incredible and ancient sword from a decrepit scabbard, lifted it above his head and bellowed, 'IT IS MINE!!!

'After wandering with this ragtag group of warriors (Norsemen, or men from the North, whom we were told were more commonly known as Vikings) for some time now, he began to foresee a great potential for power and glory. With his strength and unmistakable leadership abilities, they soon named him their leader. He helped to turn them into cunning, lethal, and meticulously effective instruments of killing, or what he preferred to call 'mercenaries.' Quickly, they grew in strength and numbers and became a massive force that most armies couldn't even overcome. One of his earlier companions that helped dub him leader was a Dwarf named Garion - whom he trusted with his life and would do anything for Garion if asked. They grew in friendship and trust - even more so than those of the same blood and family. But even this friendship and powerful army couldn't protect him from something that was tearing at his soul. I often inquired as to what the matter was, but he would quickly change the topic. Then one day he simply disappeared. No one saw or heard him leave; he just wasn't here anymore. I knew he had left because of this 'thing' that was ripping his very soul in two, but knew not why or where he went. During my daily prayer, I prayed for his safety - for both his mind and body.'

'Then came the day that I met this female that he so often spoke of. She was a most attractive Indian woman, named Dela, whom he met upon another one of his excursion that I dared not to attend. She was a very jovial and lively woman, and very strong and well-taught in the arts of battle. If not for the fact that he was a centaur and she was an Indian, I would swear that they were related because they were both so very incredible killers with much of the same tactics and abilities in combat.'

'I was most remarkably overjoyed at learning about his asking Dela's hand in marriage. It was as if the gods had made them for each other and for none other. I could see feelings in his eyes that I had never seen before. I knew that he felt deeply for Dela and would carry the world on his shoulders if she were to simply blink. The wedding was short, but wonderful. I cannot now write about it for my heart is full of such great happiness for him that I know not what to say. I do know that he is happy and that he dreads every living moment that he must suffer without her.'

'It had been some time since I last saw Nicoli, as I had not wanted to *** soon after their marriage. However, it had been many months since that beautiful day and the Gods were favoring yet another beautiful - the day Dela gave birth to their beautiful child, Jasmine. Jasmine was beautiful baby - more so than most offspring happen - with her mother's looks, but her father's eyes. Knowing some of the background of her parents, I knew that this child would be a powerful ally and a dangerous foe - yet surrounded by love.'

'For many years, I had not seen Nicoli or Dela, but kept coming across rumors and gossip regarding him. Some said he had betrayed all that was good and just and instead became an evil Lord causing pain and suffering on his enemies - and even some friends. Other rumors told of Nicoli's waning sanity and occasional odd behavior. A little of both of these might be true, as I found out when I came across his path by accident one day:

He was in the back of a local tavern - seems some things never change - and he was staring deeply into his ale, just barely aware of anything outside of his mind. He was mumbling incoherently and I only caught a few words: 'betrayed', 'pointless', 'too much'. Well, I tried to address him, but whatever had happened and whatever he was contemplating was too much to be distracted by me. I thought I would wait it out, so I took a seat across the room and patiently waited for him to break out of his reverie. I know not when it was that I fell asleep, but when I awoke, Nicoli was nowhere to be found. I inquired of the barmaid and she remembered the man. She said she had been watching him in hopes to approach him, but he suddenly stood up from his table with a very sad and 'far off' look. She described it in a similar way as when someone has decided to 'give up'. She also said that the thing about the man that stood out the most, was that, as he was walking out the door, he had a single tear falling down his cheek.'

'What a day! There I was buying some meat in the market of this battered town I was passing through, and I looked up to see this giant frame of a creature right behind me. Frightened to near death, I stood and trembled. It then pulled back its hood with a horrifically recognizable grin. That grin that I had seen time after time. The grin of mischievousness, of happiness, of joy, of friendship. There is only one that could wear that grin so well. It was Nicoli! He was alive and shaking with delight. He dragged me to the nearest bar and spent the rest of the day and night telling me of where he'd been. He spoke mostly of times spent reflecting and in sadness and a nearness of 'just ending'. But something had changed in him. Here he was with his old grin on his face - vibrant and alive as ever. He would not speak of what changed, but just said 'Things have changed and I am alive again.' He turned and yelled over his shoulder, 'Maid! Three mo' rounds of ale for meh and bring m'friend 'ere some o' that cheap arse wine!' Turning back to me, he said, 'Wait 'till ya hear what I've got planned for us now!' and then he grinned.'

These were just a few articles from the numerous papers discovered that are written about the adventures of Nicoli. Nothing more is known yet about the travels of Nicoli, nor of what happened with his wife, Dela, or their daughter, Jasmine. But new discoveries of written accounts seem to appear from time to time. Each new account describes an episode of incredible danger, combat, and overwhelming odds to which Nicoli has overcome. Who knows what the next story has to offer?

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Right from his early childhood Nilk knew he possessed powers; things mysteriously disappeared if they got up his nose, though he did not know how he did this. In his early teens his parents were killed by an evil dragon and he vowed to avenge them. He set off into the world in search of training…..

His first port of call was the magnificent town of Yorke, where he was taken in by the Guild of Mages. There he learnt how to control his powers and use them against his adversaries.

With his new abilities he went in search of the dragon; however he soon realised that magic was not enough to survive in the dangerous lands in which he found himself. He decided to delay his quest and return to Yorke. On his journey back he met a fellow traveller, who at the campfire one night told him that he also was an orphan and he had met up with a Clan called the Vikings. They had given him a few tests and trials to carry out, which once he had completed, accepted him into the Clan, whom he now regards as his family.

Once back in Yorke, Nilk sought out the leaders of the clan and approached them to ask for a chance to join. Through the various tests and trials Nilk discovered whole new worlds in different times and races he had never heard of before. He soon discovered from these strange people new skills and spells.

So we come to the present day, where Nilk travels the many worlds and eras, always searching for new items and looking for new skills to enable him to one day avenge his parents' deaths.

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Greetings So ye wish to hear my story do ye? Fetch me an ale then and ye shall get ye story. *The stranger returns and hands Noccy his ale *

By asking me of mine own background I can see that ye are a seeker of knowledge, no matter where it comes from. His is good but beware ye search is a dangerous and lonely one, one that will cause ye to sacrifice much, break the hearts of those that ye love, and then spending ye nights looking for a semblance of the love that ye through away. I know this for that is the essence of mine life.

I was born in the grassy tablelands of a realm that escapes mine memory many years ago. My people were a peaceful race strange by all accounts from what I have seen in my times of wandering but that was how they were, and they did not accept or want change. My parents had raised me as best that they could, love was given to me in abundance, morals, ideals and my people's beliefs were instilled in me. Anybody else would have been happy and grateful for such a thing.

Not I. I wanted to learn more, I wanted to learn how to fight, I wanted to drink and I wanted to wench. I wanted everything that was the opposite of what my people and parents stood for. More and more I fought with those that would care for me, their sympathy and trying to understand me angered me, and in a fit of rage I took off from the tribe swearing that my way of thinking was best, that I knew more at this stage in my development as a young centaur than they could ever hope to know. I do remember the tears flowing freely from my mother's eyes as I said this, and I think I even saw my father cry, but then they were all weak, or so I thought.

As time passed I honed my skills killing things, and came to be regarded as a warrior in my own rights. A few years after running from my tribe I came to realize that being peaceful takes a lot more than killing all the time. Killing is easy, aye tis a lot more fun than standing back or walking away, but it is the easy way out.

When I thought of this I began to wonder exactly what else I was wrong about, but then my stubbornness and pride took over and I assured myself that I was not wrong I was just looking at it from the wrong angle. I came to see then that if I travelled the world with a purpose other than killing, but with a real purpose, like seeking knowledge I could one day try and find my place of birth, my homelands, and my parents. I would be able to return to them again and show them that I was right all along, that my ways were better and that I knew more, I would show them….. I would.

Of late I have stumble upon a strange land, many strange creatures and animals reside there. Many great warriors, priests and mages live in this place. It was a humbling experience for me to walk into it, I have travelled much and see many things but for all my experiences they are as a grain of sand on a beach. Few I have talked to, preferring as I do to stay to myself, impose on nobody, and prove that I am right - to myself at least.

Let me warn ye of this though, if ye go searching for this place, A beautiful, caring and totally wicked lass did take me aside and help me in my search for knowledge, in a short time much was explained, much was shown, and much was gained. I learnt through her how to look back at my past and speak of it to others.

A concept that was totally alien to me, I learnt how to travel time and space. Knowledge is now at my fingertips, yet for this I am to be at hers. A slave that is what she called it, this could be interesting, with my stubbornness and her beauty only time will tell who will end up master of who.

And that my friends is the end of my ale and thus the end of my story for the moment, but as they say where the ale flows so do the stories. So if ye wish to hear another recital of mine life, seek me out in another quiet tavern and buy me that ale to start the story rolling.

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Noinar was a normal dwarf for quite some time. He spent his days mining. He spent his nights eating, quaffing, and carousing.

One day, however, things changed.

Noinar was struck by a strange thought, shortly after being struck (in the head) by a five-pound gold nugget. Looking at the offending object, listening to the cheers and congratulations of his friends at his recent abuse, Noinar had a distinctly un-dwarfish thought: 'When you get right down to it,' he thought,'what can you really DO with gold?'

This led to a torrent of similar blasphemy, such as, 'Why do we live in caves?' and, 'aren't elves interesting folk?'

These questions so annoyed and disturbed his family and friends that he was eventually thrown out of the burrow - head first.

Noinar began to wander the mountainside. He was so intent on the questions spinning in his head that he didn't notice the strange, twisting portal in his path. The vertigo of travelling thousands of years did manage to make it onto his list of ponderances, right after, 'Why do hunters call prey 'quarry'? It's not like you'll find any veins in them.' (He was quite wrong about this of course, but he wouldn't get to biology for decades.)

His attention was finally caught by the two dozen Nordic men waving weapons at him. Noinar looked around, then smiled sheepishly as he returned the roasting pig he had absent-mindedly grabbed back to its place on the crude wooden table.

Among the many things he would learn in his travels, Noinar would always consider this to be most important: Always watch where you are going.

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When Nyake was born it was instantly obvious that she was not like the other elves in her clan and in fact she was feared by them. The head priestess of her village claimed that Nyake and others like her are the result of an imbalance of light and dark forces and are evil, soulless creatures that should be exterminated with out prejudice. Nyake's mother, although very 'blessed with faith,” could not bare the thought of her only child being killed and could not bring herself to believe the sermons of her religion claiming her newborn to be pure evil. One night, under the cover of a moonless, cloudy sky, she fled into the wilderness with Nyake in order to save her child's life. Her village instantly labeled her as a heretic and proceeded to hunt her down. Lucky for Nyake, her mother was very resourceful and planned for this. All was fine and the wandering family of two made it through the years by learning to live off the land and at times, Nyake would stay hidden back at camp while her mother would venture into towns and take odd jobs to earn them a little cash.

As the years progressed Nyake aged, and by her 10th birthday she started to change. She became increasingly disobedient of her mother and overly aggressive. She also became slightly stronger than her fair skinned cousins and thus developed a since of superiority of herself. As time progressed she became darker and darker and causing her mother worry that maybe the priestess was right, maybe these dark-skinned ones are born of evil and not the light like the rest of her race.

Then one day, a traveling mage of her old village came across Nyake's camp while the two were asleep and immediately recognized Nyake's mother. He whisked him self back to his village to spread the news that the heretic was alive and her child has also survived. The next day as the two awakened they were ambushed by a small angry mob of their former villagers. The mob was able to capture Nyake's mother, but when attempting to subdue Nyake they were exposed to the true evil that lies deep with in Nyake. One of the villagers had attempted to take the young elf's life via decapitation, but barely missed, running the tip of his blade along her cheek and across her left eye, as a result Nyake ruthlessly started to tear into the intruders as a wild animal would do and did so with a large, evil grin of pleasure and large amount of glee and laughter in her voice. Terrified by this sight, Nyake's mother ran in fear of her daughter's rampage crying monster. As she ran she was met by another set of her former villagers coming to aid the first mob and after hearing the cries for help by their allies they took revenge on Nyake by killing her mother on sight. After ending Nyake's mother's life, the 2nd mob fled the scene, in fear of the 'drow monster.”

After finishing her rampage of death and destruction on the first horde of villagers, Nyake paused as she came to her senses and realized what had happened. Although it may have felt good and natural she knew that she must learn to control her self and even became slightly scared of her what she really was. She looked about the camp calling for her mother's name and after venturing out of the camp in hopes of finding where her mother had fled she came across her lifeless body in the middle of the road.

Devastated, the young Elf vowed to take revenge on those that killed her and as a result became even more distant with the rest of the world. At this time she lost what little reaming trust she had in others and says the rest of the world as full of 'ignorant fools,” and saw all those around her as lower forms of life. Her feelings would only be reinforced as she was forced to now face the world alone in fear of persecution and was looked at and treated as if she was a leaper. Seven years latter and she still wanders the world in search of any other drows that may have survived in order to rid the earth of those who dare look at her as inferior and reject her from their society. Due to her 'condition,” Nyake makes a living for herself via thievery. She has a bottomless pit of a stomach and is a bit of a megalomaniac. She has an unhealthy taste for ale, and tends to choose to do what is wrong instead of right. She is mischievous and will only help others when she sees it to be beneficial to her self. She hates being called a Drow or monster and tends to let those who do know so by removing them from the mortal realm by the end of her blade.

Since she is always moving and overly full of her self and almost never listens to the advice of others she is not the sharpest knife in the cutlery set, and this can get her into trouble. She is very smart, just not educated. Since she is a bit full of her self, flattery will get you everywhere, thus it can sometimes be easy to trick her into a false sense of security.

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Born unto a wealthy family in southern Chicago, Omega always felt different from his family, and it was as if a part of him didn't belong. So at the young age of 17 he shunned his family and left home. Having no direction or ambition, the streets quickly took their toll on the still young and innocent Omega.

One day, a man seeing Omega lying almost dead in a gutter quickly rushed to help him. This man was Johas, the Sicilian GodFather, and he took Omega under his wing and trained him in the ways of the 'Family' and introduced him to his new life of organised crime.

After a lot of small time drug dealing and gun-running, Omega found himself helping other lost souls and runaways, that were looking for a home or a family they could call their own. Omega soon found his new clan waging war on another clan, known as the Vikings. It seems the Vikings had stolen some very important brief cases from the Sicilian HQ. Omega, feeling great loyalty for his new clan, did everything in his power to help in the war effort, and in the end the Sicilians arose victorious!

Who knows what adventures Omega will get into next? But one thing is for sure; he now is part of a real Family and will love and protect them 'til his dying breath….

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Once is the sole surviving son of Jason and Medea. In the time period after Jason had cheated on Medea, Once had fled to the kingdom of King Creon, where he then met up with his father, during the purging of Medea's children. Jason, still having the Golden Fleece within his possession, promised hand it over to Once, in exchange for Once doing a quest of his own for him. Once was to retrieve the very mantle that was used to kill Heracles, poisoned with the blood of another Centaur.

When Once proved successful in retrieving the mantle, and in surviving the process, he was given the Golden Fleece. Once wandered around the world, seeking new challenges, and to meet new faces. Though quick to the fight, he was extremely charismatic. He could charm the dresses off of a bevy of girls in just a few minutes, or persuade a King to give him the royal treasure in exchange for a souvenir from one of his battles. Once's major and some say only down fall, was his ego. His pride though, is in himself, and in his father, though pride lies in his blood, for after all he is a Centaur, the son of Jason.

Finally Once arrived in a strange realm, which had a very strange feature indeed, it had a place where he could travel through time. Once was amazed by this, and decided to call the place his new home, as he met up with various different people. Possessing the charisma that he did, Once was able to quickly join a large group, which was good at the same things that he was good at - cheating, lying, stealing, and killing, bluntly said. Through there he rose to respect in two weeks time, and was proud for himself, and for the sake of his race. Over time he has had quite a few quarrels with some of his fellow Sicilians, but in the end, he's become a very influential member in their society.

At this current time Once believes it is his quest to discover the sword 'Excalibur' and the 'Secret Sword', and knowing Once, he probably will. Who can say for now...........

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The Orsini Family

We were brought up together; there was not quite a year difference in our ages. I need not say that we were strangers to any species of disunion or dispute. Harmony was the soul of our companionship, and the diversity and contrast that subsisted in our characters drew us together. Tamica was of calmer and more concentrated disposition; but with all my ardour, I was capable of a more intense application, and was more deeply smitten with the thirst for knowledge. She busied herself with following the arial creations of the poets; and the wondrous scenes which surrounded our childhood home-the sublime shapes of the mountains; the changes of seasons; tempest and calm; the silence of winter; and the life and turbulence of our alpine summers,- she found ample scope for admiration and delight. While my sister contemplated with serious and satisfied spirit the magnificent appearances of things, I delighted in investigating their causes. The world was to me a secret, which I desired to divine. Curiosity, earnest research to learn the hidden laws of nature, gladness akin to rapture, as they were unfolded to me, are among the earliest sensations I can remember.

My temper was sometimes violent, and my passions vehement; but by some law in my nature they were turned, not towards childish pursuits, but to an eager desire to learn, and not to learn all things indiscriminately. I confess that neither the structure of languages, nor the code of governments, nor the politics of various states, possessed attractions to me. It was the secrets of heaven and earth that I desired to learn; and whether it was the outward substance of things, or the inner spirit of nature and mysterious soul of man that occupied me, still my inquires were directed to the metaphysical, or, in the highest sense, the physical secrets of the world.

Meanwhile Turin occupied himself, so to speak, with the moral relations of things. The busy stage of life, the virtues of heroes, and the actions of men, were his theme; and his hope and his dream were to become one among those whose names are recorded in story, as the gallant and adventurous benefactors of our species.

The Saintly soul of Tamica shone like a shrine-dedicated lamp in our peaceful home. Her sympathy was ours; her smile, her soft voice, the sweet glance of her celestial eyes, were ever there to bless and animate us. She was the living spirit of love to soften and attract: I might have become sullen in my study, rough through the ardour of my nature, but that she was there to subdue me to a semblance of her own gentleness. And Turin- could aught ill entrench the noble spirit of Turin? - Yet he might not have been so perfect in his generosity- so full of kind tenderness amidst his passion for adventurous exploit, had she not unfolded to him the real loveliness of beneficence, and made the doing good the end and aim of his soaring ambition.

I feel exquisite pleasure dwelling on the recollections of my childhood. As we three were inseparable, the force of our combined nature being irrepressible. Separate we are just as tame and unguided in our pursuits as any intelligent being, yet together only the gods could attempt to stop us. When together the uncommon loyalty that binds us is obvious by those near.

My younger brother Turin and I, in our younger days, would for fun and an intellectual challenge, become charlatans of trade,-Veritable con-artists- one day dealing in poisons, the next selling antidotes to the humble consumer of our last enterprise. Or weapons, fanciful and rare, we invented to sell to the denizens we bedazzled with the virtues of courage, strength of will, and wisdom these finely crafted masterpieces imbued. The patrons leaving thinking the price paid well under what they thought of the worth of the item. Myself and Turin leaving with pouches full of heavy gold. The better deal of course taken by the briar rabbits we were. His beautiful vocabulary leaves most people speechless, their ears left wanting for more of the sweet nectar-like words he speaks. Eloquent and well mannered in every social situation. Of the family he is the diplomat. My partner in crime, my best friend, and my brother. To this day we cajole, caper for, and manipulate our audience.

Tamica and I, our actions are a lot more subtle. When around her my overpowering nature is subdued, her continuous flowing words of encouragement and affirmation have been a large part of my fulfilling success in life. Her mind is amazing is all aspects, sweet and yet devious. Her cunning veiled in an outward composure of innocence unrivalled by any other. To many she is the angel of seduction. But like a coin she has two sides, and I know that she is also a little devil of mischief. And within the family she gained the nickname Minaccia, meaning 'menace' in out mother tongue. So many times over she has earned this title, but the name is spoken with the greatest affection.

Of myself, I am in constant amazement of my own achievements, and I share with those around me what I have done. The incredulous looks upon their faces reflect my feelings also. Most my accomplishments are gained with as much surprise from myself as those that witness them. But I won't stop, my curiosity of the world is larger than my will to resist it. And so I run on, my thirst unquenched. - Soulstar

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Osyio... That means hello in my tribe... My name used to be Ayawisgi Wahya - Wolf Warrior - until I was banished from my tribe .What I did was so horrible that it is hardly to be described... I was once a great Warrior, the best in my village... Until I had sex with the Chief's daughter Uwodu Hutsilvha - Beautiful Flower ... The Chief was ENRAGED! He immediately outcast me and gave me the name Outlaw...For this is what I was and if anybody asked for my Indian name, I was to tell them that I had none… I was never allowed to approach my village or any other Cherokee village again... But then White Man came in and pushed my people out of their land! Even though my people once cast me out, I will avenge them. I will find and bring my people back to their homeland! Maybe then I will be allowed back into my tribe.... Maybe then I will see my beloved Uwodu Hutsilvha once more…

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In the year 1980 a Russian scientist claimed to been able to fit mechanical parts on the human body, but it was ignored because nobody believed him. In the year 2020 it was discovered that it was actually a thing that could be done and millions of people that had lost their limbs got mechanical ones fitted. Later, in the year of 2050 they started supplying the army with them making them almost invincible and numerous wars were fought on instant because of their straight and fast movements. In the year of 2100 robotic limbs was the everyday thing, everyone had them but there was a price for it: wars broke out between the most powerful states and countries and millions were slaughtered. That was when the Russian government decided to take action and ten super-cyborgs where built. Those super-cyborgs were called the 'Jack project'. Peace was restored and the world lived in prosperity for many hundred years. But then in 2350 the war broke out again and the 'Jack' cyborgs were needed once more, sadly, the old ones were gone long ago. The government tried to find replacements but only found one. His name was Packbell and he was the head commander of the Russian space fleet, his straight and vitality was widely known and he had built a great reputation by winning countless battles for his home country. The government asked him to be the new super-cyborg, and he refused! The government was terrified that he refused, but there was nothing they could do, the law prevented them and a few years passed, then it happened. Packbell had been severely wounded in a battle and the government asked him again, they had checked everyone in the world and they had found he was the best of them all. He accepted and the last he could remember was that they all smiling at him, and then he knew no more. When he woke up, in standing position he wondered what happened and why he was so high up and when he looked down he almost swallowed his tongue. He was now 200 cm long and well-built like someone that had been training for years, on his feet were black army boots and everything except his head and arms were covered with a black suit. His arms were those of a cyborg but not as anyone he had seen before, they were thick and the fingers were like if they were steel skeleton ones. Eventually he was taken into work and he massacred whole army's single-handed! He was a hero throughout the world and the year was now 2467 and peace was once again on the earth. But the government wanted more, they wanted him to back in time and stop previous wars. He agreed since everyone he knew and held close was long since dead. He stepped into the ChronoShift device and was never heard of again. But later it was known that the machine had malfunctioned, putting him in the Medieval era, instead of the year 2015 as hoped. There he had got some clothes from a dead traveller and so managed to join the Knights of the Round Table. What the future holds for him nobody knows.

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'And there, as I looked, was another horse, sickly pale; and its rider's name was Death, and Hell came close behind. To him was given power over a quarter of the earth, with the right to kill by sword and by famine, by pestilence and wild beasts'

The skies were lit up with hellfire and brimstone rained down from the heavens as the gods released the Palerider unto the world. A creation of pure evil to serve only the purpose of bringing death to the Realms, and every action he makes is a calculated step to make this task easier. Like a plague he set forth killing, and infecting the hearts of even the bravest warriors with fear by the mere mention of his presence.

Such a being, with a heart as hard as gold, could only show alliance to a group whose members are truly evil as well. With a mind always filled with thoughts of rage and hatred the path of the Darkside seemed the only suitable path for this creature. Now, with the training of the Dark-Jedis and the skills obtained through years of murderous deeds, he continues to stalk through the lands, and time itself, looking for further sacrifices to the dark gods witch created him. And it has been said that those who see his onyx eyes cannot escape his clutches.

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Palleas' past is a twisted and complicated one. Many know of it, but he himself has been shielded from it. Long before he was born, PharGGo Gallante had his first romantic rendezvous with Cali the Tramp. It lasted a mere night, but it was a night that would spawn a lifetime of questions.

Shortly after their encounter, they both went their separate ways, PharGGo tried to forget Cali and erase that smudge from his life, and Cali did the same. 9 months later, Cali was blessed with twins. One resembled the appearance of her current lover, and yet the other… with its space wolf nose, bushy tail, and hair neatly slicked back, resembled PharGGo. Once PharGGo had learnt of his newfound child, he ordered some goons to reclaim his son, so that he could be brought up in a Sicilian background. Little babies look alike, with little hair, big eyes, and wrinkly noses, so it was no surprise that the goons accidentally kidnapped the wrong baby!

The mistake had been costly, Cali was now very wary of her remaining child, and the Sicilians were stuck with a baby girl! A threat was made to Cali, that if the twins were not traded, her baby would be killed. Reluctantly, Cali had no choice but to succumb. With one last attempt, she tried to save both her children by swapping with a fake baby, but with no success. Palleas was brought into and brought up with the Sicilian family.

As Palleas grew up, stories of his mother were told to hide the truth. He believed that his mother had died shortly after giving birth, and that the Sicilian Family, was the only family he needed. He was taught to despise Cali and to stay away from her at all costs. Every time he was at risk of finding his true past, a Mafia car was not far behind to take him away to the 'safety' of the Sicilian walls.

But, secrets cannot be buried beneath floorboards forever. As Palleas became very close to the members of the Sicilian Family, guilt overcame their orders from PharGGo and Palleas discovered that his entire life had been a lie!

From that time on, Palleas began to loathe his father for lying to him. He had always wanted a mother, and his father had denied him that! Palleas made a sharp turn in his life, and thus he began his journey in search for a real 'family'.

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Perrin 'Goldeneyes' Aybara

The Lands of Lord Perrin: The Village of Emond's Field, which lies on the site originally called Aemon's Field, where King Aemon made his last hopeless stand against the Shadow, two thousand years ago. The site of the great capital city - Manetheren - itself can be found in a valley on the eastern edge of the Mountains of Mist, though nothing remains of it's ancient Glory. Only broken glassy shards of melted rock and a few struggling plants stand on the place of where the Red Eagle Banner flew and the city burned.

There are rumours, however, that the Red Eagle banner flies again in the Two Rivers, in the hands of Lord Perrin 'Goldeneyes' Aybara. It has been said that he has defended the land where the Queen could not, and the Whitecloaks would not. Those who have seen him claim that he has come to return the ancient Glory of King Aemon.

Lord Perrin 'Goldeneyes' Aybara: Perrin was a young child when his parents were slaughtered in the Aiel war, trying to defend the city of Andor and their Queen against attacks by the savages of the Aiel Waste, a large and barren desert far to the east.

After hearing of Perrin's misfortune, Haral Luhhan, the Village blacksmith took him in as a son and an apprentice, training him in the art of a smith, and caring for him as his own. As Alsbet Luhhan was barren, he was considered a gift by both the blacksmith and his wife, and treated as such.

Perrin, although thought to be a bit slow, likes to think things through fully before making any decisions or committing himself to anything. And as such many know and are close to him as a careful thinker, but a soft man at heart.

When Perrin's coming of age was upon him, the village of Emond's Field, his Home, was attacked by Shadow-spawn. It was discovered, after the battle was over, that these creatures were after three young men, all born within weeks of each other, as only three farms were attacked.

When it became clear that these three were the target to the Village Counsel, they had to leave the village for the safety of the populace. Thus began Perrin's long journey, and the start of his adventures.

Upon hearing of Perrin's predicament, Master Luhhan, although heart-broken, wished Perrin luck with a Gift. Knowing of the dangers ahead, He forged a mighty Half-Moon Axe. The Wicked Half-Moon Axe was hefty even for Perrin to wield, whose arms were as thick as most men's legs, and roped with heavy muscle. The Axe, heavy as it was, was equipped with a large steel spike to balance the Half-Moon Blade, making it more the weapon of choice for Perrin.

After Forging, Luhhan had the Axe taken to an Enchantress, who impregnated it with her virtuous magic. Later in Life, Perrin who never let the Axe from his sight, noticed a whispering in the back of his mind, that of a snarl of an animal.

With this accompanied heightened senses, more akin to those of a predatory animal then of a human. While exploring these untrained senses one evening, Perrin noticed a lone wolf approaching, although alarmed at first sight, Perrin felt on overall calm from the sight of the Wolf.

It was then that he noticed a kinship to his brethren, the Wolves.

The name given to him by the wolves is 'Wolfbrother', that by Human's is 'Goldeneyes' from his eyes, those of a wolf.

Little more is known of Perrin 'Goldeneyes' Aybara than that of his physical features. A shaggy mane of curly black hair, a deep black coat of horse-hair, stunning to behold in sunlight, and a long jet black tail. His human features are of a deep tan, thick rope like muscles lay across his whole torso and arms, and with his high cheekbones it is difficult to mistake him for another.

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PharGGo 'MixMasta Pasta' Gallante

It was the year of the Bleeding Rain on the distant planet of Layeta, civil war had broke out across the land. The Great War had shattered the life of all the inhabitants of the planet. Disease and suffering spread throughout the land. The gods were furious that the Layetans would destroy the very soil that they had worked so hard to create. In a rage, a violent volcano was unleashed upon Layeta consuming everything in its path. After 24 days and nights, all was quiet. Where the volcano had first erupted grew a single tree. And in the highest limbs of that tree, there rested a baby wrapped in a blood red blanket. PharGGo had been born…

The barren planet was no place for a new-born infant. A divine god, Molly, showed compassion to the small child. She took him in her arms, travelled the galaxies and descended upon Earth leaving PharGGo at the doorstep of Johas and Amidala, where she knew he would be well cared for. PharGGo glowed with a soft radiance from Molly's touch. Johas and Amidala adopted PharGGo and raised him as their own. At a young age, he often ventured out by himself, looking to refine his fighting skills taught by Johas. Many marvelled in awe at his speed and fierceness in battle, incomparable to any ever seen. His first experience with women was at the age of fifteen, when he was seduced by a rather experienced woman, named Cali. Although PharGGo at first was a bit too speedy at this new art, he was also a quick learner and soon caught on. However - this short liaison was to bear fruit nine months later, and much would follow from the birth of that baby…

Once he reached the age of 18, Johas took him to a tall, dark building, where everyone wore expensive suits and a sneer on their face, the Sicilian Headquarters. PharGGo was brought before a man who seemed above the rest, whether it was the way he stood or the way everyone looked up to him he couldn't tell. The man was DarkWolf, godfather of a huge organised crime family. Though at the time, Johas had just entered into the Family himself, word had spread of his highly endowed half-son, and soon PharGGo was carrying a cigar in his mouth. Perhaps PharGGo would never have been corrupted into a life of the shadows; smuggling drugs and killing others in order to survive. But with the strong influences of Johas and DarkWolf at his back, it was inevitable.

Since the Sicilians dominated the underground drug and arms markets, they had many enemies. One day, DarkWolf suddenly disappeared. Many speculated he had been kidnapped and murdered by a rival crime organisation, no one knew for sure. However, without DarkWolf's leadership, the prosperous Sicilians crumbled.

Johas and PharGGo along with the few other loyal Sicilians started a small crime ring. But realising their true nature, the two decided to go back to their true Family, raising the Sicilians to be greater and more powerful than ever before! One day, Johas and PharGGo knocked on the door of a small, cramped apartment to collect a due 'payment'. A frail, old man opened the door, and when he confessed to not having the money to pay off his debt, Johas immediately put a gun to the man's head. Just then, PharGGo suddenly steadied Johas' hand, for he had seen the most beautiful pair of crystal green eyes peer from around the corner of the room, he fell in love with those eyes instantly. Tears flowed down the girl's cheeks as she revealed herself as the man's daughter and begged them to spare her father's life. PharGGo decided to have mercy on the old man, but in exchange, he would take the girl, and so it happened, for the old man had no choice. This girl … was Zaade.

Naturally, Zaade was reluctant to even talk to PharGGo, but due to his persistence and good looks (hehe), she eventually came to love him just as much. The two became inseparable lovers, and they were to be soon married. Everything seemed perfect. However, PharGGo came home one day to see a pool of crimson flowing from beneath the door. He went inside to discover the slashed and bloody body of his fiancé lying on the ground. A 'rat' had infiltrated into the heart of the Sicilian Family with the motive of killing PharGGo. But realising that it was a nearly impossible feat to murder him, he decided to take away what PharGGo loved most…his Zaade.

PharGGo went into a killing fury, determined to avenge the death of his fiancé. Blood was shed wherever he went, killing everything in his path, blinded by his rage. His hands covered with the blood of too many innocent people, PharGGo returned to Zaade's body. He held her in his arms, and with one last kiss, he slit his own wrists and succumbed to the darkness around him. He awoke to a blinding light, Molly slowly emerged from the light and touched Zaade's eyes….and as Molly removed her hand, Zaade's eyes opened! Without warning, Molly disappeared just as quickly as she appeared.

Now, PharGGo and Zaade live happily together. Perhaps you have seen them, two shadows walking off into the sunset hand in hand, or if you're lucky, you might even come across them in your travels. But, be sure that where you find one, you will always find the other…

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Raei Siinavth, (which is the closest possible phonetic from Raei's native Martian language,) led a completely normal Martian life. She was born into an upper-middle class Martian family. Her parents, Seenah and Bllod Siinavth, were tenth-generation qlaich farmers. (Glaich, the main export of their home sector of Xonnix, was a strange, gelatinous substance that, when ingested, had the effect similar to that of having one's subconscious self soaked in vodka and wrung out with a garlic mincer. This feeling was accompanied by a most wonderful state of euphoria. Quite obviously, it sold tremendously throughout the galaxy, and had afforded the Siinavth's a comfortable, but not overly luxurious, lifestyle. Unfortunately, glaich seems to have gone extinct since the Earthen Third World War in 2009, for reasons yet to be understood by farmers and Martian botanists alike.)

Raei was a shy child, but she excelled in school. After graduating from Duoschool at fifteen, Raei's parents encouraged her to continue learning. Although everybody that anybody could remember in the Siinavth family had been a farmer, it was hard, tedious work. Raei's older brother Rnolg was being conditioned to take over the farm, and he and his wife were expecting a child already. The farm would be left to him and his family. Although Raei had spent her childhood years working on the farm, her parents wanted better for her. This had become quite apparent to Raei when she was a child as her parents had briefly argued about whether to continue to allow her to work on the farm after an accident involving a swirling blade-like mixing device called a Snarsher and Raei's left hand. "She's too curious!" her mother insisted. "She's going to kill herself before she even understands that she is special." Raei never understood what her mother meant by that. "The work of the farm is what she needs the most," her father stated with an air of wisdom. Raei never understood what her father meant either.

Her father came home one night in the summer of 2009 and told his family of the World War which had erupted on Earth. Raei had never seen her parents so full of worry. They had taught Raei to be mindful of the important things in life, to lend a hand when needed, to not sweat the small stuff. To see them so fretful and seemingly secretive was concerning. Neither of her parents would explain their palpable anxiety to Raei. Abruptly, after exchanging a weird, meaningful glance with Seenah, Bllod stood up, grasped Raei's right shoulder and looked down. He then drew her into a great hug, and whispered, "Be wary, but kind." He looked up at Raei, sighed, and walked out into their acreage. Raei, befuddled and slightly afraid, looked towards her mother. Seenah took a shuddering, deep breath and gazed at her daughter. "You will go to Earth, my child. You will go many places, many times. Things will be... very different for you now. You will have to break laws that exist in our society today in order to sustain yourself." Seenah lowered her head and appeared to attempt to stare directly into Raei's soul. "You must do every- thing you must do in order to survive in the world that will be. Do not be bound by our norms and mores that exist now. Now is of no matter anymore, my child. Know that." She dug her fingers into Raei's hand to emphasize her final two words. And then she blinked, bowed her head, and followed her husband.

Raei, completely befuddled, thought that this was her parents odd way of preparing her for Trischool, the Martian version of college. She opened the door to follow her parents through the rows of glaich, and walked into a strange place called Recall Point. She had no idea what had happened, where she was, how she got here, and if she would ever see her family again. So she took her parents' last bits of advice and relearned how to live in the world as it exists today. But she will never stop searching the world for her family, so at the very least, they can explain to her just what in the hell they were talking about, and how they knew something weird was going on.

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Raksada was born on the interstellar ship Volki Mara to two shiphands. They were low in rank, her father being a cook and her mother being a maintenance worker. She had big dreams, though; she wanted to be a pilot. She studied engineering and space flight ever since she was a young child. Her father told her to give up, but her mother aided her in her quest to become a space captain. The original pilot of the Volki Mara, a veteran named Orsini, was ruthless and hot-headed and Raksada despised him. At age 19, Raksada attempted to overthrow Orsini with other low-ranking allies she had made, but was thrown in the ship’s prison for her crime.
However, she had made enough of an imprint on the crew that a small group of rogue guards helped her and her makeshift army escape from the cages almost immediately after her imprisonment. They armed themselves and fought their way toward the cockpit, killing many crew members who stood in their way, from young conscripts to hardened veterans. Several of her own fighters were killed too.
Upon reaching the cockpit, Orsini was waiting for Raksada and her army. A battle raged until Orsini was forced to surrender. He begged for mercy, but Raksada, angered at the pilot for sending her to prison, dragged him and his remaining guards to the bay and throwing them into the vacuum of space.
Raksada got her wish. She was a captain. But at what cost? She had become just like the beast she hated. She piloted the Volki Mara for 12 years until she herself was overthrown in the same way as Orsini. She managed to escape on a small patrol ship, though, and fled from the Volki Mara. She had gotten used to the killing far too quickly. She was burdened with regret from which she would never recover. She remembered the screams and pleas for mercy, and the blood was on her hands.
She tried to escape her past by travelling through time, attempting to justify her actions. But nothing made it alright. In the world of sinners and saints, she was among the worst.
A rebel with a grudge, a monster with devious intent. A cold-blooded killer.

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Born to a loving family Ralnick grew up in a small Elven village and learned hunting from his father. As a young boy his father would make him go out into the forest and practice his skills on the forest rabbits and mice. Some of the older boys of the Village would laugh and poke fun at him when they saw him thanking the forest for the gifts that it gave to him. As he grew, his father noticed that he had the ability to befriend animals to a small extent, so when he was old enough he was sent to school to become a Ranger. Over the next few years, Ralnick learned how to track and to forage for food while out in the deep forests of his home land.

One day, while on a trip home to see his family, he noticed strange markings on the trail leading to his home. As he studied the markings, he realized that they were that of a large group of orcs and they were heading for his home. Like a jack rabbit he ran to his family farm to find it burned to the ground, his mother and father were beaten and killed and placed on stakes like some kind of sick gag by the orcs. After cutting them down and giving them the proper Elven burial, he tracked the orcs and killed them one by one. After killing them all he gathered the heads of the Orcs and traveled back to the orcs' camp. That night he placed all the heads of the orcs he killed on stakes in the middle of the camp. Fearing that the orcs would follow him, he left his homeland and traveled east to the Town of Yorke, where he now lives today.

Upon nearing the Town of Yorke, he met an old man living in a small hovel near a stream. The old man took him in and allowed Ralnick to stay with him, never asking why an Elf would be traveling alone in the lands of humans until one day when the old man never came back to the hovel. Ralnick went searching for him, but only found the clothing and a broken fishing pole near the stream. He also noticed that the stream was the home of a very large alligator. Ralnick could only guess that the alligator surprised the old man and dragged him down into the water where the man died.

So now, on his own again, he continues to learn new skills and grow in knowledge so when he does return to his homeland he can wipe out the orcs that are slowly taking over his lands.

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On the night I was born my village was attacked buy the evil empire of Nza'shvrepinlar. Not many survived most of the great hunters were killed including the leader, my father. My mother was forced to flee with me in her arms just hours after my birth.

With only me and three others, (Kreaburn- the village elder, Ranectiver- my mother's father, and Shoakar- the Weaponmaster of Nza'shvrepinlar), she lived in secluded peace. Fearing an attack they thought it right to teach me the art of fighting so that I might one day serve to fight for our new family.

At the age three I was taught to handle weapons, basic parry manoeuvres, were drilled in secession over and over. I was taught the side parry, the overhead back-jump parry, and the cross-down parry. I was very quick to learn to dual wield. I chose a blood stained dagger for quick manoeuvring, but limited supplies kept me to that. I travelled into the forbidden temple and underneath, where the vampire lords are, I found a set of giant blood vampire teeth.

When I returned home I found a gruesome welcome. The empire had came and slaughtered all I knew, and now I vowed to slay them, my soul rests upon it, I continue my journey as the Ravasher.....

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Born during the fifth year of a twenty year voyage her parents, Mialee and Wexor, were taking through the galaxy, Rayne began life on the go, and hasn't stopped since.

For her tenth birthday Rayne got to choose where her day would be spent. The only limits being that sector of the galaxy. She chose Rigelious Prime because she loves the purple oceans with their intelligent and friendly Dimadons. (somewhat like the dolphins found on earth) Unfortunately for the family the planetary council for Rigelious Prime had decided to keep the fact that it was in the middle of a war with space pirates from Barisia, who were trying to steal all of the Dimadons for experiments, a secret from outsiders so that the tourists would keep coming.

The family, which also consisted of four cousins, two uncles, three aunts and one very hyper dog, took a shuttle down to what appeared to be an abandoned section of ocean with a beautiful island. The day passed in what Rayne thought was unfair quickness. As the family sat around a blazing fire eating, drinking, and talking, a blazing light shone down on the camp and laser fire erupted as Barisians rushed from the tree line behind the family. Rayne stood staring with horror at her family being slain around her, unable to move even though a Barisian was bearing down on her. Suddenly the Barisian's head was no longer there, though its body continued to move towards, its long claws ready to rake her even though it was dead. Her father appeared in front of her and Rayne saw her father die in her place as the razor sharp claws sliced from his neck to his belly. Strong arms were suddenly around her waist and she was thrown into the shuttle. Quickly her only relative left, Uncle Gregor, took off from the planet and got their spaceship out of there. Inconsolable over the loss of her family, and furious over the fact that her uncle would not end the trip till the twenty years were over, Rayne turned angry and began to associate with what many would call the wrong type of people.

During her fifteenth year the trip finally ended. Her uncle moved to Little Italy, now unwilling to travel any longer. Rayne seized the chance to run away as soon as she could. After a year of hard times and hard lessons she returned to her uncle to gather the pieces of her life back together. He took her back on the condition that she go to school for one year. She agreed and it changed her life.

Over a year later her attitude is much more positive (though still volatile at times), and now with a passion for questing that her instructor awoke in her, she heads out to continue her journey.

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Rbond began his childhood in United States (year is not known but around the late 1900's. In the later years, Rbond decided to become an international detective and spy. He had some similar moves to the present day James Bond. But the technology was even greater. Some of the stuff look liked it came from 2500. He worked for the person called R (name is unknown). Rbond has faced many high skilled adventures, involving saving his country and the world. Rbond not only had good skills as an international spy, but he also had excellent computer skills.

In the year 2000, Rbond went to work and reported to R's office. As he went there he saw there was a lot of chaos as he went to his office. He went into R's office and saw a videocam between R and President Clinton. And quickly they were done speaking.

R told Rbond 'R007, (that is what he called him) I just heard from the president that there is a hostage in Japan and Japan decided to keep the Hostage. And if that isn't enough, Japan built a bomb that is as large as Japan.' He showed him on the projection screen a computer simulation of what it looked like. Rbond realized that none had recognized it before, because it was built underground since 1990. He instantly knew that this meant a lot more trouble than a conventional nuclear bomb.

R said 'Not only will Japan's nearest surroundings be affected by this bomb, look at this computer simulation.' As Rbond looked, he saw that the bomb had detonated, and a huge Tidal wave drowned China, western USA, and the islands. R then said, 'As you may have seen, this situation is serious. I am not going to give you a license to Kill, because this could cost many lives. No one knows about this except the president, all the agents in the staff, you, and I. Go to your office and get the folder on your desk to get the full briefing. Then go down to Mr.I (name again unknown) and he will provide you with some awesome gadgets. You're dismissed'

Rbond went down to his office, sat down at his desk and opened the folder. Inside it he found tickets to Hawaii and a set of keys. Rbond read and found that he had to leave for Hawaii, and there would find a set of programming instructions to the bomb. Since Rbond was good with computers, he was ordered to hack into the bomb database of Japan. After that he would attempt to rescue the hostage through a secret underwater vehicle, that would take him underneath Japan. He would land at a certain spot where other agents found a hole to sneak up directly to the country's bunker at which the hostage was held. Rbond found a map of the bunker and saw that it was two years old compared to the more modern stuff. From there it was left to Rbond's own judgement. Rbond closed the folder, put the laptop and folder in the briefcase and set out to see Mr. I.

Rbond met Mr I who said, 'When you arrive at Hawaii and use the computer there, you will upload the detonating program to Japan based on your judgement. But you must not deactivate it until the hostage is clear. So I will give you a wireless pager to the computer you used. Once the hostage is with you and 3 miles from Japan, push the button and the bomb will not destruct, instead it will destroy without causing harm to the country”. Rbond had to use the computer in Hawaii because they had cut communications to the continental US. Mr I then said, 'You will use a regular plane to avoid suspicion. Do not take anything to Japan except the wireless pager. And make sure that it is in the case, to make sure it does not activate. Good luck, Rbond. And try to leave the car at the airport in one piece”. Mr I opened the door and let Rbond drove away.

When Rbond arrived in Hawaii, he opened the specialized computer, and used the coding he'd received, with a little bit of it revised. Then he made sure not to activate it, and he set the pager to the computer. An agent in Hawaii escorted Rbond to the secret underwater vehicle. Rbond used to vehicle's computer to navigate to the passage to the bunker. After landing there he saw that the bunker has changed a little according to the map. But he could still find his way through there. After going through the vents under cover, he landed in the locked room with the hostage.

As he went to recover the hostage, a huge white blur occurred, and Rbond suddenly found himself in a unique Dimension. He did not know what happened, and he looked at a sign, which said, if he wanted to go to a mud school, go north. And if he wanted to play, go south. Rbond had no clue what was going on, but he decided to go north.

And this is how he arrived at the shattered World of 4 Dimensions…

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Thrashing and wailing, clawing for the very air I sought. That was my entrance into this world. A fight for survival, before even the knowledge, skills, or gift to do so was imparted. I have no idea who gave birth to me, and I do not care any longer. In my youth, I sought such thing, fought for such things. Family. They are burden, a test of your willpower and nothing more. Once they stand upon annihilation, nothing so trivial matters. I remember it well, the day I came to this land, lush as it is. It marked two full cycles since I had learned that the man and wife whom I had lived with since I first had memories, were not of my blood. That what ran through me was precipitated from somewhere else, far off by their words. Anyone could tell. I never had a look upon my visage that matched theirs, a mannerism that reflected them. It was as if I stood apart, while I stood amongst. I learned much from them, hunting, cooking, trapping, shelter, and I learned to fight. First with my fists, then with a sword. It has become my symbol, my crest.
I was told that I was born amidst some battle, from a place I can hardly pronounce. The way it is spoken, I scarcely believe my benefactors could either. They probably made it up. Yet another reason they deserve my scorn. As I grew, it became apparent: where they were weak of body, mind, and spirit, my strength grew. Where they were short, I lengthened. I was meant for more. Upon that second summer from whence I was awakened, I unleashed my rage upon them. Built upon the deception of my birthright, the torture subjected from imbibed substances, it was a reckoning that was long coming. I only remember parts of it; some times, I gain glimpses of more. I started with my benefactors, then their neighbors. None of them stood before me. I fell men whom trained me, whom I had admired in my youth, their blood wet my blade, bathed it as it bathed me. It was the first time I felt a power greater than I had ever. Madness was what was shouted, but I think its something more. Something greater, far greater. I left that place, ablaze with my vengeance, my travels took upon me a quest. A search for this new strength, for that greatness.
I don’t remember it exactly, there was a churning of the world around me. Milk made butter, ore made steel. The steppes upon which I had been born again gave way to an lush land of rolling hills and valleys. I was disorientated for days -- still now I believe myself to be so -- but I eventually found the smoke rising from their little village. These…tents, or Teepees as they call them, they are not much, but sufficient for their need. They, who took me in, sheep nursing their Wolfish invader. I looked like them, some what. Different, but close enough. Enough that this White Man cannot know the difference. In time, I cut my hair as they do, I listened; I learned, I grew again. From here, I set out. What connects these things, these places, these times, I do not know, but I will. It has awakened within me, and I shall find the answer. I shall find my greatness, and I shall have my revenge. I shall steal back what I was destined, and claim what I shall be.

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One day, in the year 1269, Rebekah was born from a dwarven family. At the age of two, she played with sticks, and whacked them around, like her father would with a sword. Her father was a fierce warrior, who fought in many wars. Her mother usually just kept their house clean, and managed cleaning her husband's swords.

Rebekah lived a normal life, until she grew to the age of 10. Since she was an only child, she was brought up like a boy and started training as a warrior. When she grew to the age 17, her parents were killed by an evil sorcerer, who attacked her home. Next, she joined the Chaos Clan, wishing to find her parent's killer. Thiis was when she also found out about Dimensional Traveling. A year later, she left Chaos and joined the great Table Round, charming men left and right along her path. She slowly realised that life has its possibilities of fun too, not just fighting, and she decided to stop hunting for the evil sorcerer.

Dwarves have a very long life span, and Rebekah wants to live her 1000 years having fun, traveling the Dimensions with whichever lover she chooses.

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Riley Sengir

The town of Ghenna isn't your ordinary town where you would let your kids go out into the streets to play. There were drug dealers and prostitutes on every corner and every type of debris imaginable on the street. The stench was as appealing as the sight. In the evenings you heard on the radio about 4 am robberies with people getting a bullet through their head. The people that lived here learned to survive by any means necessary.

It was in this town that a baby girl, Riley Sengir, was born unto a couple that lived in poverty. Unfortunately, while Riley's mother was giving birth to Riley, there were some complications that ended up taking her life. After the death of her mother, her father took her home, and raised her.

Year after year trying to raise a child on his own, her father ended up turning to liquor. It seemed to settle his mind at first, until he would start drinking almost every day. In the end he turned into a drunk with about 20 dollars to his name.

Than one night when Riley was about 8 years old, she was getting ready to go to bed. Her father watched her get undressed, and he craved her luscious body, watching her long blonde hair fall over her slender shoulders. He stayed up that night thinking about his finances, he couldn't stop thinking about how much money he could make if he forced her into prostitution.

The next night he told her that they were going out for ice cream, but instead they waited at a street corner about 5 blocks down from their house. They just stood on the corner about 8 minutes, and a guy walked up to her father. Her father and this older gentleman made a deal, money was transferred, and the older gentleman took Riley home. When morning came the older gentleman brought Riley back to the same street corner, and her father took her home.

This went on for quite some time every night they would go to the street corner and than the next morning Riley would come home. Until one morning when Riley was 14, she found her dad lying dead in the kitchen with a broken liquor bottle in his hand that spilled out over the floor mixed in with his blood. She just looked at him in horror the rest of the day.

After she got over the fact that her father was dead, she saw that there was glass lying on the inside of the back door, with the window knocked out. She searched the house for the money that he was getting from all the nights that she had been prostituting. Searching the house for 4 hours, she only managed to scrounge up $537.62. She just wanted to scream. Her father left her with nothing, so she turned back to the streets of her own will. She didn't know how to make a living doing anything else.

When she was 16, she got involved with a scientist. He never could keep any secrets from her, because she always found ways to make him talk about anything he didn't want to talk about. She found out about a time travel device he had just tested and completed. Riley got him to show it to her the next day.

During the night she left his bed, took all her money and his, and went down to where the time travel device was stored. She got into the time travel device and went back into time, back into the medieval time period. When she landed in the medieval time period she found herself in a forest, so she quickly tried to hide the time machine in case anyone would happen to pass by and see it. After that it was only a matter of time until she met other time travelers like her self who showed her the wonders of 4D.

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Born to the Elven kingdom of Qualinesti, he was the son Palanthas, the Speaker of the Sun and the Laurana, Speaker of the Stars, the rulers of Silvanesti. He grew up slowly a sheltered life and a very opened minded. But very slowly this deteriorated and he grew to dislike all other races, especially half breeds. On his 80 birthday (20 in human years) he set out on his Life quest. The one that would determine his growth into adult hood. He was to go to Southern Ergoth and deliver to the Centaurs a Peace treaty.

Upon his arrival on the continent, he quickly approached the leader of the Centaur group. They disputed for a long time over the boundaries of the land. Finally when the leader did not get what he wanted, he turned to Rion and said ... '30 minutes to leave camp. Then die!' Rion thought it was in jest, he let out an approving smile, but as a Centaur knight drew his blade and pointed it towards Rion, he gulped and all blood disappeared from his face. The knight said 'Strip.' Rion was only allowed to keep a dagger and a tunic and then set off.

He ran quickly and escaped almost unharmed except for an unsightly wound that had the shape of a 'J' to it. He made it to his boat and set sail. He landed in The Crossing. He met many humans there, none of whom chose to help him, so he helped himself, barely bandaging his leg and setting sail again.

His hate for non-elves or their sympathisers had grown immensely. During his second sailing there was a storm. It almost capsized his small boat many times and finally the storm prevailed in knocking him unconscious as he hit his head against the boat. He woke on Bosun Blackjack's ship. Which he managed to escape and fled into the woods.

He was a royal elf and he would be accepted. Little did he know he would soon meet a dark elf , who would taint him. After becoming friends with her, he was exiled and lost his royal status, now he's part of the Sicilians. Slowly and surely his prejudice is leaving and his love for that elf growing. Would he tell her that? Who knows? He's starting to enjoy this dark life, most of his uptight life fading away like the burnt ashes of a smocked blunt.

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Ellen Ripley was in born on October 8th, 1949 in New York - now known as the Lost City. Her parents raised her well, and she lived quite happily in New York for many years, until she was about 30 years old. The technology had changed much then, space flight was achievable and now the only way to go, as the Human race slowly destroyed the Earth with pollution and such. She was expecting to embark on a long journey to another planet where colonization would approach again. Just another planet for human's to destroy… She was very unaware though, of the experiments being done on the same craft with Aliens. They Government had planned to breed and control an Alien race as the perfect Army for war. But they didn't realize this couldn't be done, as the Aliens broke free and took over the ship. Nearly ever passenger was killed except for Ripley and maybe 5 or 6 others. Guns went off, flame and water, and Ripley was the main warrior of their salvation. In the end, to save the others, she killed the last remaining alien, the Queen. But along with killing the queen, she killed herself in the process.

2000 years later, Ripley is brought back to life. Cloned. Clone number 8. She is kept in a contained area, the mess of the ship. A new ship. All she does all day is play basketball and wait for her release - if that ever happens. She remembers her death, but she continues to wonder how she got back here. Until the news breaks lose, and Ripley finally finds out that they cloned her only because she held another alien inside her…she was the mother of another Alien. The Government has sparked up again. The alien DNA was taken from inside her and grew into fully grown Aliens, then kept in captivity. They soon kill each other, and because their blood is acid, burns through the cage, and the aliens are set loose. The rest of the crew and people on the craft either escape or are killed. And Ripley finally breaks free. The ship is headed back for Earth, and with 3 hours until arrival, The remaining men and women, along with Ripley, must either blow up the ship or kill every Alien on board.. Including her baby somewhere on the ship.

With about half an hour until arrival of Earth, They make it to a small escape ship, enter and take off. But before they take off, the door isn't closed properly, and one of the other passenger's goes to close it. They take off, with an Alien on board. Ripley's baby. It stroke's the girls face slowly, seemingly amazed by how a human looks. The alien itself is disgusting, a mixture between Alien and Human stature. Ripley walks out and sees her child. But she knows it can't be brought back to earth. She walks over, hugs it, and slices a small window, letting the space air suck through. The Alien is pulled back against the window, and Ripley grabs onto a near-by object. She watches as her child is ripped apart. The skin slides and rips off completely, its insides twist and tear; all the while it's alive and screaming. Everything of the Alien is ripped through the glass, and finally, its skull cracks, and the Alien is in bits and pieces, floating in space.

They reached Earth, where she starts her life again. She's Quiet, fast and New.

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It all started in one late summer day, when a boy was born in an ancient village, an old village full of diseases and death. Because a powerful dragon had cursed the village all of its inhabitants were old and weak and could not kill the dragon. A side effect of the curse was that the only children born were girls. The only exception was Robert, who started to grow larger and stronger every day that passed.

At the age of 18 his father who was sick and half dead told him. 'You are our only hope to remove the curse and make our people live in peace and in harmony, but you must slay the dragon who cursed us all”. Robert answered 'I will, father, I promise I will slay the dragon and bring you his head'. Said the young boy; then he left to search out this beast.

After days of travelling he found a cave with lots of shattered and half chewed bones around it... he had found the mighty green dragon. He took a quick deep breath as he entered the lair. The dragon awoke and roared 'Who is disturbing my sleep'. The young warrior looked at the green dragon. 'It is I, Robert, I have come to defeat you and save the world from your malefic curse'. 'Muhahhahaah you can't defeat me, you mortal'.

After a long hard fight the green beast lay on the ground dead, and the sun rose for the first time in 50 years. Flowers, birds, all kinds of animals started to live again and peace and harmony was restored to the lands once more. Robert left to meet his people. But he had not searched the cave all that good, in the far corner of the cave a big egg was hatching, and from it another beast was born, a small beast but still a beast.

He came back to his village and the people were happy, children were playing in the sun, music came from many directions. But what they didn't know was, that in the dark cave of the green beast evil was not totally defeated. The baby dragon will grow strong and he will revenge his Mother or Father. Robert left the village to quest the world for its riches and treasures. What his future holds nobody knows, but rest assured that whenever a challenge appears he's there to fight the evil, because he is a pure good force to be reckoned with.

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Robin is a young, but ageing, Gringo who was born near the Svalich woods. He thinks of himself as a rogue since he's a cunning crook and can steal the eyebrows off of any creature without it knowing.

One day, he was caught and taken prisoner by Lord Mirheim's guards for stealing food. He was thrown into the same cell as a Centaur named Martin the Warrior, where they became quick friends. When Robin's tribe freed him, they also freed Martin. Martin became Robin's sidekick as they went exploring in different dimensions in search of adventure.

He loves to sing songs (with his flute and clear? voice) about their adventures and about his sweetheart, Cleopatra. After the Great War, he and Cleopatra became engaged and Cleopatra is currently pregnant with their child. When Martin learned that his father may be alive, Robin and Martin were forced to say goodbye, as Robin could not accompany him on his journey to the Northlands.

After some time alone, on a mission, the lack of food and water, and the extreme loneliness got to him. Many believe he went completely insane, and when his enemies looked into his bright, blue eyes, they shook with fear. He killed many of his own comrades in sheer rage of battle.

Many seasons later, he traveled north to the mountains where Martin had supposedly gone. While he was searching through an abandoned cave he saw a lump in the sand. Believing it was some sort of treasure he bent over to pick it up and his bright blue eyes turned to that of fear. He pulled out the head of his once great comrade, Martin the Warrior.

He believed this awful crime to be done by the dreaded Sicilian Mafia, and so joined their enemy clan, the Vikings. After a long and pointless war he discovered that it wasn't the Sicilians who actually killed his comrade and so will never be certain who exactly it was. Where Martin is, no one can be sure. Maybe he went to the dark forest, or maybe he became immortal. As for Robin, he went back to Cleopatra and lives a peaceful life (except for the dozens of creatures he kills everyday out of pure bloodlust).

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'So you want know about me?” 'No, they don't, you're really boring.” 'Shove it demon.” 'No need to get all rude on me :-p” 'Anyway, I suppose if you want to know about me it would be best to start from the beginning. My name is Rodi and I was a gatherer of the occult. As they my father always said said, 'Son, dream big and reach for the stars, move forward and always toward your dream!” and dream big I did. It started out easily enough, run into an old cave, whack a few inhabitants over the head, snatch an old artifact and run like hell from the guardian. It was a pretty good living for the first few months, but then I made the mistake of actually reading one of my finds. Talked about how to bind a demon to oneself and all the positive effects like immunity to normal human disease, moving faster than normal, superhuman strength, stopping the ageing processes, some really nice stuff, ya know?” 'It IS nice silly, hehe!”
'Well, one thing lead to another and I figured out how to do the deed. The next issue was to figure out who. Now, I'll be the first to admit, I'm not good at magic…
” 'Seconded!” '…why you... OH! As I saying, I'm not good at magic and usually best my opponents relying on my speed unarmed and with weapons, so I had to find a demon that wouldn't be so good in melee combat. Well, let's just say I hit the local library of a far away city for this one. As I said before, I'm not good with magic, and not overly familiar with things that use magic. So when I hit the entry for succubus I thought I had a chance, and went for it. After a few 'good old fashion' jobs a couple purchased round of drinks, I had a good wizard friend in the city and he helped me find what I was looking for. I understand now why he was laughing when he sent me off at the gates on my hunt for the finer things of life.” 'Yeah, I was kinda thrilled when that old wizard started his spells to try and find the closest demons matching your standards, I mean you weren't what I was hoping for as far as a ride on the mortal plan goes, but beggars can't be choosers, and sides, I think it worked out QUITE well ^_^” '…quite well indeed….Anyway, I think you're starting to catch on as to how the next series of events is about to unfold, but I shall continue. I set off on my hunt, ending in an abandon temple, the inhabitants were what you would expect from a standard evil cult, couple skeletons, couple ghouls, nothing over the top and that I couldn't handle. A little nastier in the lower levels with a few hellhounds, but I'd seen this all before, but it was obvious the further I got that this temple was definitely used for summoning, which was a plus as it would supposedly make the binding ritual that much easier. So when I hit the bottom level I found little miss perfect here sitting there in a holding circle. Seemed like half my job was done. 'Was kinda awkward really, see normally how this is suppose to work is that I'm more on the verge of entering this world, they come in and summon me, I seduce them and steal their soul, we all leave happy. Well.umm…how to say this?...” 'You flunked out of the academy and got excited when my buddy found your location and used that spell to pull yourself to our world, rather than wait for my spell to try and ambush me.” 'That's not what I was going to say, brat. Rodi's just wasn't….my type. So anyway, there I am left to try and seduce someone, when it just wasn't…gonna happen.” 'Dyke.” 'Could say the same for you now” '…” 'I thought so hehe!” 'AHEM. So anyway with the demon not fighting back and already bound I began the ritual to bind her to me. So, as mentioned I'm not good with magic, turns out one of the runes on the holding circle…well made it not so much a holding circle. 'And you say I flunked out!” 'So, as the spell was completed a bright light suddenly filled the room, when it was simply suppose to go dark, which was my first clue the spell misfired. The second clue was when I woke up like I am now” 'Was kinda funny watching you feel yourself up from inside your mind” 'AHEM…so anyway at first I guessed that was a side effect, not one I was happy with, but for all the things promised in the book I thought it was worth it. Turns out it's not really a promise of what you get, but more of an additive effect with the binding. I won't say I got shorted but…” 'Psh, complain complain complain. You don't get sick, you don't age and you're now ten times cuter than before. What more could you want?” 'To be superhuMAN?” 'How about…no. So anyway, I highjacked the circle for a little control over the spell, not much, but enough that I wasn't silenced…and found my host a little more suitable. How we ended up here in the four dimensions? Well that's his fault entirely.” 'Yeah, definitely my bad. Honestly though, facing an elder dragon or jumping off the cliff? I had heard a few liked toying with their food before making the kill and didn't want stick around to find out if there was truth to that. So anyway, I guess you could say that that's OUR story.”

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I was born of parents of minor nobility, and as was the custom it was agreed to send me into the king's service as a knight of the Realm. So at the age of six seasons I travelled to the capital where I was enrolled as a squire. Unfortunately as I grew older I was increasingly disheartened not only with my fellow squires but also with the Knights themselves. It became obvious, as my training and knowledge increased, that the order I had always believed to uphold the highest ideals of Honour, Loyalty, Bravery and Chivalry was falling into decay. My father's beloved order was no longer what it used to be. Even if I was coming to the belief that it was just such an order that would be needed in the coming days.

Then one day into the city was brought a severely wounded man bearing the trappings of a knight. It was given to me to help nurse him back to health. It took many weeks before he regained consciousness and two seasons before he could travel. In this time he told me much about who he was and about the world outside my realm. During his convalescence he told me that he was a Paladin a follower of the God Paladine, and had been blessed with special abilities; he used to help all things good and to slay evil wherever it might be found.

After a long time and many arguments I convinced him to take me as his squire so that I might follow the same course he did, and when he was well enough we left together. After many years and with my training complete I went out into the world following blessings and guidance given me by Paladine. With some friends I had many adventures and fought many battles against evil, some of which made us legendary in the areas of the world I travelled in. Then came my great shame and fall. I lost my faith and all that I believed in, and that is how I came to be here. Trying to restore my faith and my name in this new realm.

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I was born into what I thought to be a normal family. My family lived in the Old West and father was a wild cowboy. I however did not know different so thought this kind of life was normal. My father loved to go to the bar and drink with his buddies then they would go out, take their horses and fight wild game.
This exciting life became a part of me and I wanted to learn to hunt too. My father began teaching me at a very young age, about 10 or so. I was given a gun from my father and began hunting small game like rabbits, squirrels, etc.
This also created in me a love for adventure and I would sometimes go out on my own for long walks to explore and see what I could find. My parents did not mind as they trusted me not to get lost, having been used to this kind of life. Sometimes on these trips I would find new game to shoot.
Once I came upon a wild dog who started growling at me. I had grown quite at my shooting skill so shot him down without much trouble. With my father being the way he was, we were still a close knit family. Once my father got caught and arrested for a bank robbery and got sent to prison.
I soon became lonely for him and started going out in the evenings for long walks. On one such time, I came to a crossroad with a sign I had not noticed before. It read that this was the place to go from to get to a land of 4 dimensions where one could explore so much. I noticed a rift and being bored and wanting a change I took the chance and entered the rift.
As luck would have it I soon found myself in a room that had a sign that said the room was recall point. I began school to learn about this world and soon became very successful in my new life.

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Roslyn had a well off childhood, her father served on the Elven Council, and her mother died when she was young. Her father always took her to the council meetings, and when she got old enough he allowed her to deliver correspondence between the Elven Citadels.

It was early in Roslyn's child hood that the physician's knew about her condition. She was a frail child, and would never be really strong without the help of magic. She spent her time reading books, and just growing in knowledge. She read through about one third of the books contained in the library in her seventeen years. She also read through a book only kept in the Council Chamber, the book held the names of everyone that broke any crimes, the crime committed, their sentence, and photo. One of the listings in the book was the following.


Contains Riley's photo when she was younger.

Name: Riley Sengir Crime: Treason Sentence: Exiled, never to return, under penalty of death


Roslyn enjoyed working for her father, and the rest of the council as a messenger. She got to meet a lot of new people, and got to see the world. However, things would never be the same again. This would be the last time she would see her father. She was sent out with a message to a Elven city nine days out. She rode out of the city on a prancing white stallion, waving to her father, and disappeared into the forest.

Roslyn rode out the nine days and delivered her message to the Elven Council of the city, as was welcomed. She had a hot meal and graciously thanked them for their hospitality. They offered her a bed to sleep in for the night. But since it was mid afternoon she declined, and started back to her home.

As Roslyn came within a mile of her home, she saw an Elven scout lying on the forest floor. She dismounted, and went over to the scout, and checked for a pulse, she felt nothing, she turned him over and vomited at the sight. His chest was slit open, and his insides spilled out, she was too grossed out to notice his heart was missing. She covered his body with leaves, and walked the rest of the way to the city with her horse.

She walked slowly, and came into view of the city itself, the whole place was covered in bodies; she fell to her knees crying out why? How could this happen. She felt a warm hand on her shoulder, she slowly looked up and saw the spirit of her father and mother standing there smiling, and comforting her. She got up still in tears, and made her way to the Elven Council Chamber.

Carefully climbing over bodies, she made it to the council chamber, her father was slumped over the table, she sat on the floor and pulled his lifeless body into her lap. She cried and her tears streamed down her face and dropped onto her fathers face, washing away the blood. She cried into the wee morning hours.

Roslyn knew that she just couldn't leave, but she didn't have too much of an option, there was just too many dead. She walked down into the midst of the sea of bodies, and her melodious voiced carried over the land, as she sang a song for all the dead.

She looked over all the bodies taking a moment for silence, wishing that she could have done something; she vowed that day that she would try to avenge her home. She mounted her horse, and rode off to the nearest group of Elves that she knew of, known as the Qualinesti.

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At birth, the dwarven elder's knew that this child was going to be great in power and spirit fore his birth his father Rynold was a great warrior and was with many merit's. With these accomplishments he was soon known as the greatest dwarven warrior in the last seven centuries.

He taught his son academically as well as training in the way of the blade warriors, unbeknownst to his father, Nock the young dwarf was training himself independently in the arcane art's and the crafts and practices of the gypsy order.

As Nock got older he excelled in the ways of the blade and his secret arcane training and became a well known name in the dwarven community. With his blade training behind him Nock decided he wanted to learn more about the arcane art's so he snuck away from the safety of his dwarven brethren and went went deep into the black forest to expand his training.

One night in the light of the red moon Nock ran into another being unknown to him because of his seclusion. Through time and patience the being took Nock under his protection, for he knew of the dwarven people and knew that Nock couldn't be more than a century old. For this being who was soon to become his teacher in the arcane art's was a Valiant elf by the name of Fiachra, he saw great potential in the young dwarf before him and as such took him in as his apprentice.

As the decades pass the elf teaches the dwarf the way of the forest and the power within. After two decades of training Nock decided to go back to his dwarven village and see what has become of his family and friends.

Going through the Tunnel to the hidden grotto of his birth, Nock feels a great sense of foreboding with the training he has recieved from his teacher, Nock cast a vanishing spell on himself and entered his old community, to his despair his community was wiped out, in utter melancholy the dwarf got rage inside of him and he was inconsolable for a time, for a decade he searched for any survivors of his old community, with no luck he searched for his trainer with his arcane energy locating him he set out for his location.

Upon reaching his old trainer, Nock in all his abilities did all he could to pent up the feelings of sadness and not break down in front of his master, to no avail the dwarf cried for two month's straight. The elf knowing the way's of the dwarven people sent Nock out on a quest of manhood.

The elf in his knowledge and the confidence in his pupil sent Nock out to go rid the forest of an evil being that has haunted the area for sometime. In his quest for manhood, Nock found the being of unspeakable horror's.

In the fight that ensued Nock received the scar that is upon his face today, and afterwards Nock still doesn't know what happened to the being, did it die? Did it flee? Nock does not know, so he set out on the journey back to his adopted elven father and upon his return Nock told the elf of the deed done. After his return Fiachra deemed him Rynock the Man.

After a couple weeks rest, Fiachra decided that he would bring Rynock to his realm in search of any of his Family. Upon arrival Rynock noticed all the beings of different shapes and forms and felt the arcane pressure in the air and noticed dominating pressence's of both good and evil. He was soon to learn later the name of this place is known as 4 Dimensions and only the truest of arcane and fighting blood are priviledged to it's existence.

Through even more training Rynock was soon accepted as a familiar face by most of the creatures that roam the dimensions. One being a centaur named Virisin put him through tough times. But through patience and understanding Fiachra introduced Rynock to his fellow clan mates whom they called themselve's the Dark-Jedi. Some in the clan may have been skeptical at first but seeing and understanding his situation through only Fiachra himself was Rynock put through the test's and training to become a Dark-Jedi.

Finally being granted entrance to the clan. After entrance Rynock Sharpened his teeth and became a puppet of the Darkside.

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Where Sakkuth came from and how he ended up near to death in an isolated, misbegotten tunnel in the Underhive, nobody knows, least of all Sakkuth himself. If he had not been found by the members of a Spyrer team, he would certainly have died from the horrendous head injuries he had suffered. The Spyrers took the injured boy in and nursed him slowly back to health.

Sakkuth made a full physical recovery, but it was as if all the memories of his previous life had been wiped clean. He could speak, and he could wield the weapons that had been found at his side with a deadly, practised ease, but he could not remember where he came from or who he was.

The Spyrers that had taken Sakkuth in were attacked by a well-armed Van Saar gang soon after he had recovered. Sakkuth was away when the Van Saar attacked, and he returned to find them picking over the dead bodies of the Spyrers. Sakkuth drove the Van Saar off single-handed, killing over half their number with short jabs from his trusted sword. After he had driven them off he picked the bodies of his fallen comrades off the floor, and carried them all back to The Wall.

Upon seeing Sakkuth, the guard immediatly alerted the Noble House leaders. They all came rushing, armed and ready to attack, but when Sakkuth looked up they all stopped. All the men could see the fear in Sakkuth's eyes, and, realising what he had done, slowly put their weapons away. Sylvanus D'onne, patriach of the Noble House Ulanti, took Sakkuth into his care, and raised him as his own child.

When Sakkuth became a man at the age of 18, Sylvanus revealed something spectacular. This thing was a portal of special powers. It allowed Sakkuth, along with many others to roam the four Dimensions. Although he prefers to stay in the Underhive, his home land, Sakkuth does venture out using the portal. He stalks the wilderness like a ghost, helping other Spyre Hunters that need his assistance, and bringing retribution to any that attack a Spyrer without a good cause. Sylvanus named him Sakkuth, after his god of war and revenge, because of his extraordinary skill in combat, and because of the uncanny way he appears in times of need.

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In a dark alley many years ago an old man found an abandoned baby, who was lying on the ground. He took care of the little boy and gave him the name Samiq. When Samiq was 10 years old he saw the man that he thought was his dad do some strange things, like one time when they were about to have dinner, the man just said some words and a turkey suddenly was on the dinner table.

'How did you do that?' asked Samiq . 'It's time for me to tell the whole story from the beginning: First; I'm not your dad, I found you in a dark alley many years ago and I took care of you. Second; I'm a magician and I'm gonna teach you everything I know.'

And so they started to practice. Samiq was a bit confused at the beginning, so he learned slow at first, but after some years practising he started to be pretty quick with his spells. One day the man said: 'My days are counted. I'm gonna die soon, I will send you to my brother, to teach you the Art of War.' With these words the man died. Samiq buried him in the ground and cried many weeks over his master's death. And after that he begun to walk to a city called Ischaka where the man's brother Jorg lived. When he came to Ischaka he started to ask the people he met, if they knew someone called Jorg. When he asked a young girl if she knew who Jorg was she said.

'He lives in the big house near the forest.' Then she pointed at the forest nearby. 'Ok, Thanks', said Samiq. Then he walked to a big house near the forest, and when he came to the door he knocked on it three times. After a while a very big man opened the door and asked 'Who are you? What do you want?' 'Your brother sent me here before he died and he said that you should teach me the Art of War'. 'Is Jeiko dead?' cried the big man. 'He died a month ago', said Samiq.

Samiq got a bed to sleep in and food every day, and so did he live about 2 weeks. One day when they were about to eat breakfast Jorg said: 'It's time for us to start practice, after the dinner today we are going to start with the swords'. Samiq thought a lot about how it should be in his first lesson. After dinner Jorg and Samiq walked into the forest. Jorg had brought 2 swords with him. He gave one to Samiq and said: 'Here is a sword, now attack me!' Samiq made a weak and slow attack. 'Come on attack the hardest you can. I'm good with swords, you won't hurt me', said Jorg. 'Ok', said Samiq and tried a hard attack, but Jorg jumped out of his way and struck Samiq's sword out of his hands.

And so they kept at it for months, every day after dinner then practised. After 9 years Jorg said: 'Now I've taught you everything I know. You can do whatever you want now…' 'Ok, then I will travel around the land and seek knowledge and more practice', said Samiq.

Samiq said goodbye and thanks to Jorg, and then he packed his bag with food and water for a month. Then he walked away. And this is how he eventually arrived in the Realms of the 4 Dimensions, where he finally found his Destiny.

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The following is a story about an unfortunate Dwarven boy who was abandoned when he was very young, he was left in the realms known as 4 Dimensions. He lived alone and explored much of the four dimensions, and was what is known as an outlaw. He drifted along on roads, robbing travelers and other types of people, and had some good friends. Although they weren't all outlaws like him and most belonged to different clans. For example, Gartax belonged to Saints, and Tony belonged to the Dragons, while he himself belonged to an evil clan known as the Dark-Jedi. He is currently very happy with the Dark-Jedi. He met some very hard and dangerous creatures on his journeys such as Minotaurus, whom he defeated and the Green Dragon, who he some day hopes to defeat when he is stronger.

It all started when he was about twenty years old. He was out walking on the lonesome roads that run through most parts of the four dimensions when he met an old man who approached him and said, 'I know where your mother and father are.. They are somewhere in the realms of four dimensions, deep, deep into complete darkness.. You must search for them'. Saru was very excited about this news, so excited that he immediately promised himself that he would not rest until his parents were found. He thanked the old man and bade him farewell before setting off setting off on the road again.

It has now been four years since he met the old man and he has searched much of the four dimensions. One night, while sitting in a tavern drinking some ale, Saru saw a strange man come in and leave almost as fast as he had arrived. Out of curiosity (ok, maybe it was the ale), he decided to follow this man. He followed him silently, out of sight for several miles when the man suddenly stopped and climbed up a large tree and went into a small door. Saru cautiously followed him into the tree and when he arrived he saw an old man and old woman. He thought to himself, 'Could these be my parents?'

He then realized they weren't the only beings in that tree.. At that moment he saw the two biggest creatures he had ever seen, they were obviously guarding the elderly couple. Saru quickly ducked back out the door and decided he would come back some other time more properly prepared (and perhaps less drunk).

Saru is still looking for people who would wish to become part of his group of Outlaws, though joining might not be as easy as some would believe. Who knows... Someday Saru might go back to that tree and rescue what he hopes are his parents.

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My life was happy as far as I did know. The world outside of my safe little house was as far removed from me as I felt it ever could be. The troubles that plagued my home country at the time of my birth and growth did not even enter my mind. My parents ensured that even as the very earth our house was built upon crumbled I was protected. They were good to me, almost too kind. When our planet was finally about to splutter out of existence, they used all their worldly power to save me. Save me… interesting, thinking back upon it now, to think what they saved me from.

The darkness that fell over my life for the next 10 years was unbearable, thrown from one place to another never truly finding a home. Every time I began to settle in one place memories would be stirred up, painful memories of happier times. The only way I could find to quell these pains was to constantly move around, never living in one area for more than a few days, never having anywhere I could call my own, never ever having anyone I could call my own.

The constant travelling did bring with it certain benefits, but also many grave costs. The ability to move on as I wished meant I could see parts of the world that others had only dreamed about. In one year I could see the springtime in a lively forest, the summer fall upon a tropical paradise, the autumn colours that cascade over a mountain village, and then the winter. During the cold winters during which I longed to be home, I would sit and reflect. It was not unknown for me to spend an entire winter taking shelter in a small cave, only ever emerging to find the essential food to keep me alive. The constant movement meant keeping hold of any goods was nearly impossible, every item I had with me was essential. If it were not, it would be left or given away to someone who could use it. This means those items that remain with me have meaning and are mine!

With never stopping there are never any people who can care for me, every person I meet I talk to, I try to enlighten, and then I depart. Since I left home I have never held a friend for more than three days. Every time I began to get close I began to feel pain, and moved on again. What I wouldn't give for the attention of a friend, the affection of a companion, the love of a woman.

My travels gave me wisdom. I have thought of the wonders of the world a million times over. I have seen its beauty, but in return the world has taken from me. Now I am wise, but I am also heavy with burden. I know more than a man should know, but yet have a thousand more questions than a man has time to answer. My body has been trained by the experts of the world, but yet is weary from never being able to stop. Perhaps if I am lucky, this new land I have found may finally be called my home, the new land of 4D.

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All was quiet in the Midlands. No owl hunted, no wolf stalked. Nothing lived for a mile around. Almost nothing. In the trampled, blood-matted grasses, the last elf from Midland lay dying, faintly illuminated by the half moon that hung in the sky. I wept to myself... it was all I had the strength for. Tears no longer came when I wept, my body just kind of shuddered. I had lost feeling in my legs several hours ago, and now my arms were stiffening. Every breath I took burnt my lungs as if I were breathing the very fires of hell. Everyone was dead. I had nothing to live for. I had seen the creatures that move in the night, and I knew the world would soon be eternal darkness. My head was full of images of black skinned creatures, rats that walked, flashing steel, lightning, fire and blood... there was so much blood. Death would be a relief. Escape from the nightmare life had become. But why would my body not give up! I had been lying in the grass, on the verge of death for nearly two days, and still my heart beat. But it was weakening. I knew that my final hour was at hand. I did not want to die at night though. I had seen too much death in the night. If I could have one dying wish, it would be for the sun to be the last thing I see before I die. I closed my eyes. I could feel the darkness of sleep... or was it death... creeping up on my tired body.

Why had they not listened to me! I had warned them all... 'the army of the damned was coming'. But it was only a joke... I admitted it myself. It was too hard to comprehend. How could these creatures of evil exist? They had torn my stomach open, and left me to die a slow death. Why will my body not die!! As I was overcome by shuddering weeps once more, the chill wind brought an eerie creaking sound to my pointed ears. A wagon? Could it be my prayers had been answered! Hoof beats... I could definitely feel hoof beats in the ground. The monsters had no horses! I was saved!!

A chariot of white bone moved through the grasses. It stopped perhaps twenty paces from me and its lone rider dismounted.

'Help me... please.” I croaked. I coughed violently, and flecks of blood stained the corners of my mouth.

'Shhhh. You are not going to die.” The figure said in a sweet voice.

A sigh of relief passed through me. The face that looked down at me, was that of a handsome man. Although his golden hair covered his ears, I was certain my savior was an faun. Perhaps I was closer to death than I thought, my savior appeared almost radiant. Radiant... except for his eyes. His eyes were dark. Not shadowed... just black, as though my very eyeballs were made of night. I was lost for words. My lips mouthed the words to 'Help me', but no sound escaped. 'Everything will be fine. I promise.” My savior smiled. So saying, the man reached forward a thin pale hand, and placed it on my forehead.

Instantly pain surged through me, and a horrified scream left my mouth. My formally lifeless limbs began writhing, and my body was overcome by spasms. The grey cloaked man just watched and whispered soft comforts as I spasmed. The man in grey left his hand on my forehead. Skin shriveled and began to peel away from my body, revealing flesh, which began to sizzle and melt away. My eyes stared in utter terror at him. Moving his hand down, he closed my eyes, and took his hand away. The grey cloaked figure stood and watched as the last of my flesh fell away, leaving only a pile of grey ash as a reminder of its existence. The final act in the macabre ritual began, and the skeleton began to crystallize, turning a shiny black, until finally my bones had become entirely obsidian. It was completed.

'Come, we must go. We will talk on the way to your destiny.” So saying, Robert helped me to stand.

'There will be some getting used to your new body Sebastian. But in time, I am sure you will discover your many talents.”

We moved slowly through the grass, Robert helping me to walk. Finally we reached the Chariot, and mounted. That was the first day of my life so Robert and I became brothers for life. The Chariot moved through the blood stained grasses towards the west, leaving behind the quiet Midlands, where no owl hunted, no wolf stalked, and nothing lived for a mile around. Nothing at all, only the revenge that covered my soul.

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Sephiroth is a burly and strong spacewolf. He was the leader of a band of space pirates, the Radical Dreamers, who went through space , plundering ships, planets, and space colonies, until his ship, and his entire band were blown up in a deadly moment of space combat. Ever since then, he has been flying solo, attempting to regain his fortune lost from his ship.

He thought about leading a clean life, once, and after he finished his part in freeing Prince Krell, he went of to a distant corner of space for a short time of meditation, while he made the decision. It seems he did not choose to go straight, as the next time he was seen he was plundering planets in the sector Alpha Centauri. Even though he helped the prince escape, a large bounty is open to anyone who can bring him in alive.

Recently, be found that joining the realms of 4 Dimensions could present an advantage trying to recruit new members for the shattered army, the Radical Dreamers.

In his time, Sephiroth, the ruthless bandit, has done many great things. Terrible, but great, nonetheless. He has seen great battle, and enjoys it as much as the next fighter, and almost as much as plundering a great warship.

The size of such warships could never compare to the size of his personal pride and ego. He lives under the philosophy, that a decent thief can steal anything, but only the greatest of them can steal themselves from prison. He believes that he is one of these great thieves, and nothing could thrill him as much as plundering royalty. He would like nothing more than a chance to steal the royal seal right off Krell's finger, and the his kingdoms treasury right from under his nose.

'There is honor among all thieves, but nothing of honor could be said of a murderer.' - Sephiroth, Leader of the Radical Dreamers.

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For hers were the eyes
of the angels..
And speaketh no more,
Were the words. For the in casting of the fire-light,
Beneath an amber sky..
Wings doth stretch beyond thine heart..
For thou soul doth fly.

Oh sorry! No, I'm just singing. Well my mother used to sing that to me. A lullaby, you think? Yeah.. well see I don't quite remember, even though I remember the words so well. I know, hehe, I know this sounds funny but I was dropped on my head. NO there's no brain damage.. oh ha ha funny. Slight amnesia I guess you could say. I'm not sure exactly what happened. Mm hmm just some memories, my name, like. Well..

My past is no shadow. Perhaps a void, but one with light. Unclear to the steps I have taken, I still continue onward, or else the quest will end. I was the child lost on a small boat, in the middle of the sea, in an escape. Throwing a sword into the waters, and clinging on to what little I had. I was my father's eyes as to safety I was brought. And I, carrying almost nothing, at last was washed up on a safe shore. That is the vagueness of my clearest memory of what is past 3 years ago. Leaving a strange place to what could be an even stranger one, nothing but my wits, my love, my hope and faith. Perhaps what I left behind that I longed for, would find it's way home.

Still, I don't need to know the answers to it all. Some things are unnecessary, when you feel you have all you need. In days to come I would find a place, though the past was not a shelter. A place to call home, after a wandering spirit's quest, and yet in rest it wanders. A man of gentle heart who in time has taken hold over mine, our future, the children in our eyes. The friendships, more valuable than riches or power. Pure and simple hope.. which I find comes no place but within.

Thanks for listening - you know, sometimes you just go to remind yourself. Keep what's important close to your heart. Take care of yourself, and others, because you never know when they may take care of you. Share what you have learned, and what you have loved! *Hugs*, and I hope to see you soon! :)

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I have been asked by the archivist to write down my history and how I came to this place. Although why there would be any interest in my history I don't know.

I was born in a medium sized town on the plains of Zackura; my father was a merchant and caravan master of average success. My mother was in charge of raising my siblings and me until our father decided we were old enough to be of some use in the business.

I started work in the caravan doing the usual types of menial labour that there always seems so much of, while during the rare respites I had he tried to teach me what he believed a good caravan master needed to know. Although I was quick to learn reading and writing I could never do these things very quickly and as for the other duties of the leader of a caravan I was hopelessly inept. My father soon gave up on my instruction in favour of my older brother. It was a very dismal period of my life and I'm sure my father was planning on dumping me as useless and take on one of my younger siblings. It turned out that I did have a talent as such and what gave me a little amount of worth in his eyes was the fact that I seemed to have an unnatural knack of being in the right place at the right time and also of finding unusual curiosities that would turn out to have value to someone and turn a profit for us. I think this was because I am very curious and am always poking my nose into things. (This would eventually turn out to be my downfall or at least so I thought.)

It was during the second year of a drought in my fifth year with the caravan and profits were down so my father decided to take a long and dangerous journey to the seacoast in the hope of finding good trade. While I was out exploring the sea town one early evening I stumbled upon some people plotting a murder and they captured me. Instead of killing me they sold me into slavery aboard one of the boats in the harbour.

The ship I was enslaved upon during its voyage ran aground on a reef and started to sink. Chained as I was below decks I had no hope of survival and my last memories were of the ocean and a sadness that for me there would no new sights.

When I awoke I thought I was dead, for I lay in a hall with shining doors and saw a beautiful angel with a voice like music and she said to me, 'Welcome to the Realm of Four Dimensions where there is always something new to discover. I am Shartrance an Immortal of this Realm.'

So if you happen to see me racing around the realm and you wish to say hello, do so for I am a retiring and shy person, or if you need help and I can offer assistance just call and I will do what I can.

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Excerpt from 'Memoirs of a Priest, Silvan's story'

I suppose I never realized how good those years were, before I became semi-independant at the tender age of five. Then again, perhaps that wasn't such a tender age with parents such as mine, a great wizard for a father and a goddess for a mother. I don't remember much from those times, being as young as I was, though I do remember always feeling fiercely loyal to my loving parents. I can only surmise that that loyalty shaped my future, my choice to become a priest and walk in my mother's footsteps, wielding the same kind of power as my father.

I thought about it for a couple months before I moved out of their home, though I often stayed there afterwards. I thought carefully, how was I going to get food, money, water? Those were the thoughts in my childish little head. In retrospect, I should have waited at least a couple more years, but I had the advantage of being the child of an immortal being, so not many of the adventurers were particularly willing to hurt me or let me get hurt. I gathered what I needed from my parents, some food, a map, and a backpack, and set off to that place outside of time, the central location from which my temporal and dimensional travels would be launched. I remember a school-like institution that sent me through time to learn what I needed to survive. After that, I quickly grew in power and faith, though it cost me. It was at this point that I met my to-be wife, though neither of us knew what would be at the time...

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One fine summer day my brother, younger by two years, and I were out walking the Coastfollow Road. Talking gaily amongst ourselves about all the good times we have experienced over the many years. We talked about how in the past we were so much alike, and we had so much in common on what we liked. As we were nearing the halfway mark of our little expedition we saw thick black smoke rising in the distance. We knew what made that kind of smoke. It could be no other than a village burning. Since we are both members of the Order of the White Kiljare, we ran as fast as our faun bodies would take us until we got to the center of the thick black smoke. We decided to help the citizens of the village to the best of our abilities. We couldn't make out who exactly was raiding the village since the smoke inundated it. We saw that we were going to need backup because we couldn't hold them off alone. So before we went down to help we signaled the rest of our clan members but no one came we thought for ourselves there must be something wrong?

We fought these strange creatures, me and my brother, but they were too many. And while I was struggling on the ground with three creatures my brother got eight arrows in his back and fell on the dirty ground taking deep breaths, I killed the three creatures and ran as fast as I could to my brother to check how his condition was. He was nearly dead. Just a few minutes away from passing on to the other side. I tried keeping him awake as long as I could but suddenly he passed away in my arms. My little brother dead because of these ignorant shitheads. I sat up and ran into battle. Then I, with some help from some of the still living villagers, killed the last creatures. As I wiped the last drop of sweat of my dirty brow I saw that all the villagers had been killed except three that still lived, though heavily wounded. I helped them to one of there houses that was still standing and left them there.

As I walked away from the fighting grounds I wondered to myself why my clan hadn't respond to our signal; they either had also been killed or they had abandoned me and my now dead brother to die here. As I came back to where my clan had set up camp, I noticed that they, and all their belongings, were all gone. As if they had vanished into thin air. I was now furious about what my so-called family had done to me that I swore revenge on both the creatures I had fought, and all that belonged to my ex clan. And to all those who would join my ex clan. I now started to track down my clan that had abandoned me and my brother, causing his death. Then I planned to go after the creatures. I went searching for some sign of where my clan had gone, but with no success.

Time passed and I found myself at the edge of some strange, dark woods. I tiredly sat down on a wood stock and rested for a few minutes when all of a sudden I heard a noise coming closer and closer. It was horse clamping for sure. I jumped behind the big wood stock, which I had been sitting on, peeking carefully to see who was coming this way. I suddenly realized that it was Wrenium, a member of the white Kiljare. My face turned red in furious anger. I launched myself into the air and threw myself against him. I pulled out my sword, and while I was in the air I cut his throat. His head fell heavily onto the ground. I picked it up and spit at the face. Then I hung the head on a stick I had pressed down into the ground. After that I walked away. I had now picked up a trail to where my clan had gone. They had gone into the mystery woods of Algrabeth. I doubtfully started walking deeper and deeper into the woods.

And suddenly I found the clan's hiding place. I prepared myself for some serious slaughter time. I pulled my swords and attacked. I made a mistake. I made a terrible mistake. I killed 12 innocent kids that weren't supposed to be there. But I didn't care for the time being. I slaughtered everything that moved. With blood and guts flying in the air, I felt good. Which I hadn't done in quite some time. After I had killed every living thing. I sat down to wipe the blood off my face when a bright light came towards me. Suddenly it felt like somebody was choking me.

I fell down to the ground watching this light carefully when suddenly a huge man stepped out from the light. Looking very angry he said to me 'You have done some serious sins in your lifetime That is why I have to banish you from ever telling your true name to anyone. You will go by the name of Sinner and I will transfer you to the realms of 4 Dimensions were you shall pay up to your sins. I know you are a great warrior and a wise man, but you cannot make what you have done undone. So listen carefully, I am going to have to make you forget your true name. The name you shall carry is Sinner. For all eternity until the sun dies. The reason I send you to 4 Dimensions is that there you can grow even stronger than you are right now, and grow in wisdom, and you might even become nice and kind.' The huge man laughed to himself then continued, 'When you wake up you will be in 4 Dimensions, and when your time there is done you might even want to stay there. I shall go now. Think about what you've done, Sinner.'

When Sinner woke up he was at the boarder to 4D. He stood up and entered the 4 Dimensions and from what I've heard he is still there. Paying for his sins. But Sinner will never be nice or kind. He is a monster, some say. But if you feel like finding out what terrible sins he has committed, you can ask him - if you have the balls.

Sinner is not kind, he is a furious, angry killing machine!

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In a different world from here, it is called Thalos. That is where Solara grew up into a healthy young elf; she was the only child of a wealthy elf family. Her father had been a brave warrior and was a hero in the city where she grew up. He had a lot of respect by the folk and he taught his daughter how to fight and survive if she needed to. Then a time came when citizens were going missing and no trace of them was to be found, it was a mystery. Solara's father tried to find out what was happening to people and one dark night there came bloodcurdling screams that woke Solara. She was scared and hid. When the noise subsided, thirteen year old Solara emerged out of her hiding spot to see what was wrong.

When she looked around she saw her mother and father lying on the floor, pale and no life in their open eyes. Solara knew she was on her own with no one to protect her. She decided to pack what she could and leave. Then she heard the voices and she remained quiet and sneaked to find out they came from. A horde of vampires were looking around and they were taking away the bodies. Solara realized that was what had been happening and they had also killed her parents Now she had even more reason to leave, she knew it was useless to try to get the bodies of her parents back.

And so with a numbness in her heart she left the only home she knew. Solara wandered around from realm to realm, looking and searching for something she could not define. In her wanderings she became an adept at the art of war and defense. She never let anyone get close to her and above all never let any man touch her. One day she wandered into a realm full of people of all races. Later on, while she was hunting one day came across a handsome young space wolf named Thomas and a friendship was made.

Who knows where it will lead but he is the first male she has ever let close to her....

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When I was a young boy, maybe 8 or 9, my father was called to arms in order to fight the hippies, a malevolent army of do-gooders . It was while he was away and I was charged with tending to the goats and cows that a hooded figure appeared from within The Blackshade Wood and spat a fine mist into my face, which caused me to fall into a deep slumber. When I awoke I found myself bound and gagged in a small cell reeking of stale urine and vomit. A wall spattered with what appeared to be blood was the only thing I could see. My head was bound, along with the rest of my body to some kind of rack consisting of 2 planks about 6 inches wide and 4 inches thick spanning the entire length of the room, one behind my head, one behind my ankles.

I heard the familiar *click* of a key in an iron lock behind me but could discern nothing of what was going on. A deep husky voice said from behind me 'You have been chosen.' This was the day my life changed.

For the next 8 years I was trained, nay, brainwashed by Sindarin, a master assassin who used brainwashed servants to do his dirty work, being much to old to do it himself, and much to greedy to simply retire.

Nearing the end of my 8th year I was traveling to Ovola, the capital city of the Dwarves, supposedly with a diplomatic letter, actually to assassinate Duke Blarg, one of Sindarin many mortal enemies. The trip to Ovola takes about 2 moons by horse, which was exactly how I was to travel. About 6 days into my journey I came upon the fairest of all maidens lost in the Woods. I approached her, mounted upon my steed, and said 'Excuse me, ma-am,' she turned and as soon as her eyes met mine she gasped in apparent horror. With a wave of her hand I was again bound, this time with my mount, by some magical rope. This is when she told me that I had been brainwashed and was partially under the control of a powerful spellsword and master assassin. Using her own powerful magic she was able to bread Sindarin hold over me, but not without alerting him, and it was only a few moments until he arrived.

A great battle erupted between Sindarin and the maiden. After only a short time it was obvious Sindarin was going to win this fight, so with her last breath the maiden whispered to me 'You must find your way back. You must stop it.' With these words she breathed a fine gold dust into my face and once again I fell into a deep slumber.

Upon awaking I found myself in a strange land, near some kinda school where they taught me how to survive and function in this new world, apparently in some completely different realm than my home.

Now I must travel this strange place until I find my way back home, which I will do, someday.

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Sorcha was born in a far away city, known as Shard. Her parents, Niali Dalriard and Llian Dalriard were of the royal family, and Sorcha was to be Queen of Shard when she turned 16. But a change of fate occurred, and this wasn't to be so. Sorcha knows nothing of her heritage, only I know her story. My name is Zest Gough, an old chronicler from the city of Shard. I was one of the few to survive the terrible torchings along with Sorcha. Her parents however, didn't survive the burnings of the city, and Sorcha was taken out of the city with the barbarians who made Shard crumble. The old prophecies had it that Sorcha was capable of many things, many things more than a single human man is capable of. Her parents were witches. Mages. Worshippers of the Moon, the Earth, the Magic. But because of her parents' death, Sorcha has never known this.

Sorcha was moved to a new City of Theraborough, where she was kept in a small room the size of a large cupboard. She was fed food and water through a slot on the bottom of the door, and lived there, quietly for many years. No one knows why they didn't kill her, rumor has it that one woman with a heart stood up for Sorcha, and because of that one woman's love Sorcha was saved. Finally, when Sorcha was about 17, that woman warrior killed the guard who held the key, and unlocked Sorcha's door, setting her free. She ran so fast out of Theraborough that no one knew she was gone until the guards discovered the open door. That woman was killed immediately, hung by a rope in the city hall, then thrown to the rats for food.

The search for Sorcha had begun, but to no success. Sorcha had run into a dry and lonely desert land, and on purpose, because she knew it was the land that not even the toughest of warriors enter as they dry up to death. Even so she could hear the pounding sounds of mens footsteps on her trail, and she kept running, continuously looking back. Then, there was silence, they had stopped. But she kept going, and because she wasn't looking ahead, she fell down a gaping whole in the earth, or so I've heard.

Sorcha was never seen again, until now, in another world. A world which incorporates four Dimensions of time. She starts over, a new life. And I have never seen the child's face again. She has no set personality, no set gold, no exceeding talents to show. Just Sorcha, only Sorcha.

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I am Soular, son of Chochocan, the Kelewanese God of Peace. Due to my immortal heritage, I was here before the beginning of time, and I will be here long after the end. How did I get to the 4 Realms, you ask? Well, that's another story... But I'm willing to tell it.

'Awaken, my son,' my father called to me. I opened my eyes, and saw him looking at me - soft blue eyes seen through a mask, drenched with peaceful colors. Then I looked around. Nothing. We were floating in a black space, a void. I asked him, 'Father, how is it that nothing is around us?' And he answered me, 'Time has not begun yet, son. Nothing is in existence yet, except the gods and you.' Then, minutes after my father spoke, it came. Like a blast, all space, reality and time came into existence. The years afterward passed unnoticeably - plants were created, creatures and humanity evolved.

Until one day. My father said to me, 'My son, a great event has came to pass. Creatures of supernatural strength have challenged us. I must go an assist my brothers in the battle. You, my son, must descend to the land of Kelewan as a mortal, and develop your abilities in Magic. Go to the Assembly of Magicians, and enter their ranks. Become a Great One. And then... Then, you decide your fate.'

The Chaos Wars begun. I had successfully entered the ranks of the Assembly, becoming a Great One. I was one of the better skilled magicians - a few could match my powers. Years passed, the Chaos Wars ended. And I stayed at the assembly, developing my abilities.

Then, one night, as I finished my research of Rifts, my friend, Ergoran, came to me. 'Soular,' he said, bowing to me. 'Ergoran. Come in, my friend.' He sat down. Then he spoke, 'My friend, a grave danger has come upon us. The Enemy, has traveled to our star. He seeks to destroy this planet, consuming it to enhance his own powers. The Assembly must stop him. It has fallen upon you, and me, to lead the creation of the spell.'

'But what is this thing, the Enemy? What creature is he?'. Ergoran answered me, 'He is a being, of unknown powers, which seeks to enhance his own powers. We know no more of him.' Then I agreed. I asked him to leave me, so I could prepare myself.

After a day, called upon the Assembly. I stood in the middle of the Great Hall, all of the Magicians sitting around me on benches. I raised my hand for silence. 'Fellow Magicians, I have been informed that it has fallen upon us, Ergoran and myself, to lead the creation of the spell. We must begin it as soon as possible, for the longer we wait, the stronger the Enemy will be.'

And so it begun. We dedicated 3 years to the creation of the spell, perfecting it to the last bit. And then it was ready. We gathered beneath the open sky, looking upwards where the Enemy floated in space. And then we unleashed the spell. They say the gods themselves have never seen such pure force. But it wasn't enough.

And then, He appeared. 'I came to help.' That was the only thing he said. And then he joined his force to ours. He was unbelievably strong. Then, the blast came. A scream of utter terror erupted from above, and we saw a large mass diving to the ground, smoke rising from it. And it crashed near us. Two thirds of the Assembly died at the crash. I was knocked out - blown to wherever it was.

I woke up at a strange hall, filled with glowing specters of soft light. One of them came to me. When I looked closer, it seemed like a human being, although transparent. And then I noticed, it was a Goddess! What a wonder. She said, 'I see you have woken up. Good. It is time to prepare you.' I suddenly realized that I have lost my memory. I didn't remember who I was or how did I get to the hall. The Goddess continued, 'My name is Molly. Your memory will be returned to you, don't worry.' She reached, and touched my forehead. I felt my head throb, immense pains flowing to my head. It abruptly stopped. And my memory was back. She said, 'You are now fully prepared to travel.' She raised her hands and a beam of light flowed from them, protruding my body. Suddenly, I was at another place, filled with men and women. What that place was, though, is another story.

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On a day of a death blizzard, in a stormy winder night, cold enough to give any bare skin raw and frost-bitten. Young Shreever pulled off his clothes in a steady determination, and walked out into the blizzard alone and naked.

His first step into the wind almost knocking him from his feet by the force of it. Already loosing feeling in both hands and feet, numbed instantly by the life sucking wind.

Shreever pushed forward none the less his mind strong with determination. He staggered forward at any cost to himself, he could no longer feel the jagged rocks slicing into the soles of his feet or his knees when he fell, as often he did.

Still the knowing in his mind keeping him going, fuelling his pace. At all of the age of eight, he had a stronger sharper mind than anyone 4 times his age, he was more aware of what went on in life than most would ever know at the end of a long one.

He was inquisitive and curious, causing him to take everything he could get his hands on apart to see what made it work. Even the priceless water-clock of his aunt succumbed to his little fingers, he thirsted for knowledge. Yet he put it back together and no longer did it run too fast, it never lost a second again. He just needed to know, and more than that, he needed to understand. He sought to find the mystery behind it all, nothing went un-noticed by young Shreever. He continued to plod through the thick and heavy snow with his slowly bleeding feet. The sharp sleet no longer stinging his numb face.

At the age of eight he knew about too many things, he wouldn't stop at clocks and machines. But he had grown to know people, he could sit quietly for hours and just listen to their conversations, their arguments, and their passions. He discovered a lot about human nature, finding a lot of it with little integrity. People believed what they chose to believe, whether it was correct or not. He would question everything, sometimes just to hear different people's explanations to something he already knew.

But the person he would question the most , interrogate to all hours, probe, and search to understand was himself. Until today, he had found who he was, and what he was. He had found himself. He stood now in the centre of his own roaring fire and did not shrink back from it. He was overjoyed and whole and complete with himself.

Today he would die, to leave his ties and confinement behind, and move on without body. He knew how. His mind was slowing down now, his movements becoming heavy and jerky, his heart slowed, his frozen foot slipped on the ragged edge of a sharp rock slicing it open causing him to fall to his face in the high snow. He could feel himself letting go and just before he realised it, he was gone.

Bodiless for an instant a pure soul, feeling nothing. Then without warning he was suddenly slammed into and seared inside and out by something that almost but wasn't complete and utter pain, but it didn't hurt it just felt. The feeling was so intense that it filled everything he knew. So intense that it overwhelmed him for what seemed like forever. Drowning in himself, loosing himself in himself. The feeling never stopped and never would, but slowly and gradually he became use to it, accepted it and knew that the feeling was him.

He shone with brilliance, in his own pseudo-light became aware of his surroundings, and in that awareness he knew where he was and yet was somewhere unfamiliar. There were many unknown people here, and in his new form he drank in everything he saw and felt. He delved into every inquisition he could. Curious as ever in this new world, he went where he willed soaking it all up.

Till one day he came across a realm he had not found before unknown to him. This realm was filled with Huge glowing souls like his own, but far greater, and more powerful. He was frightened and yet curious at the same time and went closer to the huge beings, that were alike and yet so unlike to himself. One turned, and looked at down him. She had a shimmering translucent red halo of hair framing her face.

He cowered in fear, she was the first to be able to see him in this world, and just as he could see her soul she could see his. Hers huge and filling the room along with the others, each with a different aura, one had enormous soft powdery white wings folded gracefully against her back, each of her feathers sharply contrasted with and edge of a rainbow pearling each line.

Another was short and squat and reasonable nondescript, but the feel of power from him was stronger than any other in the room, radiating intensity and sagacity. There was one other in the room, but different.

Not glowing white like the others, but glowing black. And at closer inspection a nametag was visible, a 'Hi My Name Is:' printed in red across the top and a white rectangle below in which the barely recognisable word 'Kalten' was scrawled, beside the words 'I'm busy, go ask Molly.'

Shivering within himself he ventured closer to the red headed one. She looked at him with her intense eyes that seemed to see all he thought and all he wanted and needed.

'A new soul has ventured to our abode' she smiled warmly at him. 'You have found us, well done. But you cannot join us yet' she said in a kind and firm voice. 'You are but a distant star in a room of suns, but do not fear little Soulstar. I will give you what you truly want' she kissed his forehead and in that moment he once again had flesh.

'I give you another chance to grow, and every chance you need to learn what you need to, You will no longer die without forgiveness and rebirth, forever you may quest for knowledge and understanding of all things. Feed your curiosity' and with her brief smile that warmed him inside, he found himself standing on a long road. Adventure ahead of him, and curiosity of the new filling his mind.

'All men have the power to be gods, but few men have the patience to be men' -Soulstar

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Source was born into a modern age Indian tribe, who were sited in the south of Canada. The Indian tribe were not like the tribes you read of in books, they were a modern tribe who lived in small single floor housing in a remote area near a forest. His family was small, as was the tribe, only four members to his family, his mother, father and older brother.

Years passed, and at the age of 18 Source was introduced into the business world by his good friend Marcus. Source was Marcus' apprentice and they went on business trips everywhere together.

A few days before Source turned 19, Marcus sadly passed away, this almost drew source to killing himself, but he remained strong and pulled through. And that is when Source went it alone, starting his own small business. Source soon raised enough money to travel around the world, expanding his business to new heights. The money then began to fall into his pockets by the bucket full, he had landed himself big time.

Source continued to work and travel, finding he had no time to visit his family or tribe. When he turned 20 he did not celebrate, the sad memories of Marcus' death still lingering over him.

Several weeks after his birthday, Source stumbled across the Chaos clan. He learned to love this clan and decided to apply, and surely enough he was accepted. And but only a week after joining he became the Co clan leader. Source continues to expand his business as well as working hard for the clan he loves, a new tribe you might say.

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Stile grew up an orphan with no family. At the young age of 15 he escaped from the orphanage and was living on his own. He had to lie, cheat, steal, beg, and eventually kill to survive. Stile was finally caught stealing by a group of cityguards who quickly captured him. Stile then escaped arrest and fled down a dark alley. The cityguards who were chasing him stopped at the entrance to the alley and exchanged worried glances. Muttering curses, they returned to their post at the city gates. Stile had unknowingly stumbled upon the den of the Thieves Guild. It was there that he would find a new home.
Stile joined the Thieves Guild and was rapidly making a name for himself. He learned everything about stealth, lockpicking, pickpocketing, and extortion from the Thieves Guild Master. After several heists and burglaries with the Guild, the Guild Master saw something special in Stile that must not be wasted stealing fat merchants' coinpurses. At the age of 16, Stile began his training to become an assassin.
His talent was unparalleled and he quickly became infamous for his deeds. Relentlessly training with poisons, daggers, and stealth, he was hailed as having the natural talent of an Orsini. Young Stile was soon proficient in stalking his target, hatching plans, watching patiently for his opportunity, and then executing his plan flawlessly. Stile was becoming reckless, short tempered, and deadly; The most dangerous combination. After a dispute with the Guild Master that came to blows, Stile killed his master and was exiled from the Guild.
Returning to the wandering days of his youth, Stile continued to explore the Medieval realm. It was there that he stumbled upon his first Time Trap. He curiously entered the portal and emerged in a strange forest inhabited by alien-like reptiles. Stile scanned around and saw two armed reptiles guarding what seemed to be a large tree blocking a path between two mountains. As the guards noticed him and sounded an alarm, Stile drew his weapons and cautiously backed away. His foot became snared by a root and he fell backwards through the Time Trap.
He suddenly found himself back in the realm he once thought was the only one that existed. Stile would soon discover many of these Time Traps. He became known around his home realm for disappearing for long periods of time, presumably living in exile or utilizing his trade. He would come to understand time travel and meet other time travelers along his journey.

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I was a child, aspiring to be a warrior. I was the son of lesser nobility, until our dukedom was overrun by a great evil army, massed to destroy all good and peaceful people. The castle defended very well, and although we were outnumbered, we still killed thousands. Yet, we were defeated.

Before my family died, they sent me out in a small caravan with some of the warriors to defend me. I was raised in a small village some 100 miles away from the castle. From the news we received from dukedoms, kingdoms, and local gossip, we heard that the evil army had been defeated, and scattered throughout the area. We still dared not to return to the ruined castle. Instead, I was trained among the warriors, and proved to be quite a powerful one.

When I could beat even the greatest warriors in the group, I decided to go out on a quest of vengeance, to defeat the remains of the evil army that had stolen my life, my family, and my dukedom. I eventually defeated them all, but still vowed to fight to defend all good, and defeat all evil.

I returned victorious, to find that the small town I had been raised in had grown to a large city, and was heavily defended. That, to me, was my kingdom, my utopia, my home.

Until I was out hunting for several days, and when I returned, it was all in ruins. Not a person had survived. I then was in too much of a murderous rage, I went out into the forest, and never went back there. It was then, that I stumbled onto a time portal, which led me to the land of 4 Dimensions.

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To describe myself is difficult to say the least. Going through one ordeal after another has taught me not to dwell on the past. Keep focused, eyes forward, and nothing can stand in your way. So in light of this, I choose not to talk about my past. My goal in 4 Dimensions is to help in any way possible. That's why I joined the Table Round. I hope oftentimes to brighten some ones day, even in the slightest. One day I'll be strong enough to help as much as I want, but I'm working, and slowly getting there.

Often I will avoid being overly serious, laughter, in my books, is good for the soul. I hope to never be too caught up in the trials of life to laugh and enjoy life to the fullest. Anyone who knows me will say that I'm always available to hug, although occasionally unsolicited. I'm happy when the people around me are happy...and also the other way around. Before I came here I was a miserable person. I've now met wonderful people, and have started to build friendships. I'm thankful that I've had this chance to not only gain valuable knowledge and skills, but also to have fun and live life again.

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Once upon a time there was a happy elven girl growing up in times of joy and happiness. She had a great life living in a peaceful village with relatives and friends all around. Never a day went wasted from sunrise to sunset. Every minute of the day was spent in luxury and leisure. Everything was great until one day when a horde of vampires in the grip of bloodlust fever walked into there village. The vampires slaughtered the townsfolk and left nothing but ruin, decay and death.

After running and hiding under a small tree, Synestra, a small elven child lay crying, having watched her parents death and the painful oblivion of everyone and everything she held dear. She swore a quest to attain revenge upon this clan of vampires that struck down her life so many years ago.

Training endlessly day and night she finally became a warrior worthy of her life's quest. She located the mansion of the vampires after a long and tiresome battle to awaken a horrible secret, trying to sneak around in the shadows and gaze upon her soon to be prey. Silently from behind her a vampiric creature hovered down shrouded in the darkness. Her neck was raped of blood and plagued with the curse of the vampires and her purpose now was diminished. She now roams time and space seeking the unworthy and the punishment they deserve and that she so desires.

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The sound of tapping keys filled the sterile room. The scientist’s tentacles rapidly struck the keyboard as he updated the laboratory logs.
The next generation was well on its way, soon produced to refresh the population. The birthing process was nearly perfect. In the past 6 generation he grew, the scientist had experienced only one incident. A stillbirth. Quite disappointing, but occasionally expected. All told, the process was uninteresting. All hatchlings were electronically monitored, their hormone doses delivered on schedule by machine, each hatchling receiving exactly the same cocktail at the same time. In their case, the scientist was only there as a monitor. It was statistical improbability for a glitch to occur, but his presence ensured a statistical impossibility of any flaws in the new generation. Boring, predictable, monotonous. That was Groups A, B,& C. Group D, however, was a delicate matter.
The scientist rose and slithered across the room to a heavy door. He raised one of his eyes to the sensor. The optical scan flashed and symbols appeared a moment later on the small screen below the sensor.
The door slid open with a slight hiss. As the scientist entered, dim lighting turned on and the computer system activated. The ten hatchlings, bobbing silently in their fluid filled capsules, were unlike the scientist and his population. Each one was different, but each was equally strange and fascinating. The scientist went from capsule to capsule, quietly studying each fetus, observing the physical changes since yesterday. Group D was nearing maturity, the government was pressing a much more aggressive timetable with these hatchlings. Their hormone doses were higher and administered with much greater frequency than the other three groups. The hormone formulas, which were quite peculiar in their chemical makeup, were delivered daily, from some other government lab. No one scientist was entrusted with all the knowledge that went into the creation of Group D. Group D was the “diplomatic“ unit. Each hatchling represented a native of the dominant species on a planet of interest to the government. Once hatched, they would be deployed to infiltrate, report ethnographic findings, and attempt to subtly undermine the social fabric of the target. These hatchlings were the beginning of a new governmental campaign: colonization.
Allowing an eye to rest on each of the hatchlings, the scientist focused in on Subject D9. D9 was truly an enigma. Why the government wanted to create such a useless creature was beyond him. According to the internal scans, D9 was incredibly fragile. Its skin was soft and its essential organs unprotected within. Its chemical makeup suggested that it could only survive under very specific, mild environmental circumstances. It had only two eyes, two ambulatory limbs, and two upper limbs. Its senses were weak and it possessed no extra sensory perception. Its one redeeming feature was its brain, but all the hatchlings had a government-designed brain, essentially a genetically engineered, fully programmable, organic supercomputer. Upon hatch, social functioning and target acquisition programs would be uploaded into D9, as well as the other members of Group D.
The scientist continued to eye D9’s capsule as he prepared the next round of custom hormone treatments for these hatchlings that were so alien to him.
In another government facility, an analyst reviewed the Group D case files. Everything was progressing nicely; everyone had managed their part of the project well. There had been no major hang-ups in either research or development. Now it was the analyst’s turn to assess each unit and predict its efficacy. Done with unit D8, he opened the file on unit D9. D9 was modeled after the reigning species on a planet known to its inhabitants as Earth. The culture was highly patriarchal and the foolish creatures were constantly waging wars amongst themselves, butchering their own kind, making themselves distrusting of one another. This, in turn, made them weak. D9’s mission was the same as that of the other Group D members. They were to travel through time, sparking conflict throughout the ages, slowly unpicking the fabric of the host society. The primitive inhabitants would soon turn on each other, warring with one another until they pushed themselves to the brink of extinction. The relatively few survivors would be easily obliterated and the planet’s rich ecosystem would then be ripe for exploitation or inhabitation.
Reading through the pages of D9’s file, the analyst chuckled to himself. For a world governed by men, they were sending a woman. His efficacy prediction? High.

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A long time ago, under the mountains, in the caves where the dwarves live, a kid was borne, they named her Taiba. When little Taiba was three years old her father said to her mother. 'We have to train her, I don't want to but I have to. And he did.

When she turned 15 she was a killing machine, nobody in the whole mountain could stand up to her in combat, and one day her mother came to her room and said, 'Do you know what you have to do?” Taiba said, 'No what?” Her mother said, 'You shall lead are people in to war against the wicked humans, who have control over almost the whole world.

Obidiently Taiba said 'Yes, mom, I will,” and here mother gave her her blessing and sent Taiba out into the world to gather an army powerful enough to kill all the humans.

When she left she took her best friend Wiggo with her and they wandered over the whole wide world and they gathered a enormous army of people who were sick of the way things were.

Their army consisted of elves, dwarves, centaurs, and even some humans! And one day, when Taiba went to rescue hundreds of slaves from the wicked humans, a man dressed in black with a black coat and white beard came to her.

He was one of the slaves and he said, 'You will never get an army big enough here, you will have to travel to 4 Dimensions and join the Sicilians and get their help.

After that Taiba wasn't herself any more, and after a few weeks she started to look for the man again, and she found him on his deathbed but he said, 'I can still send you there”. Taiba said, 'So do it!” and he uttered the words 'Quassa mina oli-kani morassa”…

And suddenly she was in a place she had never seen before, but she had her equipment with her, she had her sword and her clothing but not on her. She realized she was nude so she quickly put the clothes on and looked around and as she did Alabastor gossiped, 'Are you new here Taiba?” And she answered, 'Yes I am, where are you?” He said Recall Point” and Taiba didn't understand at all, but of a sudden she was in Recall Point.

He said he had summoned her and they started to talk and Taiba learned the history of 4 Dimensions.

After some time she became friends with some Sicilians and joined their clan, and she is training to become an Orsini. And if she becomes one she will ask them for help with her little problem and take them with her to kill the evil humans in her land.

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Tallia grew up in a small town, her family poor and struggling for food and water. Yet Tallia was well educated in the ways of the world. She is street smart, having a sound knowledge in defense and offense and also sound knowledge in general schooling. Her family cared for her, yes, but never accepted her. She was an outcast. As a young child always getting into fights, and when she wasn't attempting to punch or bite other children, she was in her room, playing with those foolish voodoo doll kits and jugs of water.... Don't know why she played with jugs of water, but never mind.

When she was old enough, her parents asked her leave the house, and preferably the town. She was becoming more and more of an outcast, and learning the ways of a mage and keeping to herself, barely talking to anyone. So she left, and wandered the lands. Exploring new places, with no real goal at the end to follow. A few months later she came across a rather beautiful, yet odd woman, by the name of Molly. She followed her around, never letting her see her, and watched this woman carefully. She owned a broomstick - obvious indication of a witch, and spoke like a boss, in charge of everything and in charge of her life. Envious and curious, she kept following this woman, until she entered new lands, where Tallia had never been before. Curiously she looked around... lots of people, lots of new faces.

The amount of people worried her, and so she turned to leave. But a girl stopped her, by the name of Tears, handed her some small things to get started and helped her a little bit at a time. This kind of gift and acceptance was new to Tallia... and so she stayed. She tries to keep to herself, shy and polite, quick and sneaky. Her appearance puts some off, deathly pale skin, strange milky white eyes and jet black hair, braided neatly back, and her odd manner also, so Tallia normally tries to stay away from crowds. She has no real friends, mainly acquaintances. She attempts to work her magical skills more, and become stronger. Though a slow road to travel, she should reach the end some day.

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Talus is the only son of Scree, a dwarf with a modest but successful gold mine hidden away in the southern mountains of what is known as Medieval. Talus grew up learning the tools of the trade from his father simply put… bashing the heck out of rocks in order to make money. It soon became apparent to Scree that his son while enthusiastic for the task of bashing his way through new tunnels, lacked the focus to actually lead the tunnels to any gold ore bodies. Scree was at a loss with what to do with his only son.

The answer came late one afternoon after the days work was finished in the unexpected form of a griffin attack. Scree and Talus where sitting outside shaft 2 smoking toubac when two adult griffins swooped out from the sun aiming to attack the dwarfs and steal the days plunder. Now usually a dwarf under such circumstances, knowing his chances against these huge winged creatures would dive down the mine, surrender the days plunder and put it down to bad luck. Imagine Scree's dismay when his young son threw a sledge hammer at the first creature knocking it senseless then proceeded to attack the second griffin. Scree, naturally a peace loving dwarf watched in horror as Talus whooping with a (almost embarrassing) war cry set upon the surprised griffin with a shovel in one hand, a mining pick in the other and yes when the shovel failed.... his teeth. Well to listen to his relatives retelling the story the poor griffin didn't stand a chance. If the poor creature died from shock or from wounds sustained in the actual attack will never be known. The second Griffin upon waking and seeing the over enthusiastic dwarf merrily hammering its mate, abandoned its companion and lurched off to find a nice dark hole away from all dwarfs. The dead griffin was soon filleted and hacked into griffin steaks (while Talus was still jumping up and down on its head a good hour after he finally killed it).

Talus had found his calling in life, the simplicity, timing, strength, speed, and accuracy learnt in the dwarven mines had shaped Talus into efficient fighter (albeit a slightly unorthodox style). Hacking up baddies, or when baddies where in a shortage, hacking whatever was closest seemed a fulfilling career choice for the young dwarf and so his path was set.

So it happened that on Talus' 78th birthday (still a teenager in dwarf years) he left the safety and routine of the mine and with Scree's relief set off to explore the realms. He soon found himself in a strange world of many varied creatures and terrain. Most things he was told was myth (like Space Wolfs) as a child he found to be true, and most things told as legend he found to be common occurrences. Luckily for Talus, despite his lack of experience outside the mine he was naturally accepting of other travelers that where not dwarven. Not necessarily because he was kind, more due to having the imagination to realize there could or should be a difference in custom.

After gaining some fighting knowledge and talking to the other explorers he decided that to fully reach his potential, and thus have the best chance of ridding the southern mountains of griffins all together, he should seek the council of a master. He focused his fighting style to suit his natural skills and thus became more attune to the bush, his surroundings, learnt to heal his wounds using basic magic and most importantly mastered his weapon training. He became a Hunter. From time to time he dabbles in the other arts mostly to keep his eye in but he always steers back to the hunter class of fighting as it feels most natural.

Many an experienced adventurer have looked on Talus and dismissed him as a happy friendly dwarf who doesn't take life to seriously. He would be the first to agree with you. But what he doesn't have in skill, accuracy or pretty armour, he makes up in courage and the uncrushable spirit that only dwarfs seem to be able to maintain. In a group he will always jump into the fight first gladly taking the hits and only leave when all the fun is over (unless someone offers him some beer halfway though of course). occasionally he returns to his homeland to visit, say hi and put in a new tunnel leading no-where useful, then spend a couple of weeks hunting griffins. So if you see Talus in your travels say hi, swap stories with him and find the time to sing a few songs with him (cotton wool is highly recommended) or shout him a drink (or ten) and he may even tell you where to find some gold in dem dere mountains.

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Prince Joulin was known for his iron handed (and sometimes slightly shady) business dealings. It was said throughout the land that to go against the prince was certain death. Some even said that his wife only agreed to marry him to protect the rest of her family from him. In truth, this was not all that far from the mark. Shelaria originally married the prince to keep him from taking revenge on her brother for being unable to repay a loan made to him.

Shelaria began her marriage to the prince very cold and keeping only the appearance of being happily married. The prince, however, was very much in love with her. He lavished her with attention and every luxury money could buy. Shelaria eventually found herself falling in love with her husband in spite of herself. The day Prince Joulin asked her to have his child, the last of Shelaria's wall crumbled. She had been dreaming of the day when she would have a child of her own to care for but had become convinced that the Prince had no desire for children and so had given up on her dream. From that moment on, Shelaria's love for her husband grew as did the Prince's for her.

When Shelaria gave birth to their one and only child, a daughter, the Prince declared a week long provincial holiday and held a joyous festival. They named their daughter Tamica and proudly showed her off to all who attended the festival. Even as an infant, it was clear that this child had inherited her looks from her father. As the years moved on, that resemblance only grew stronger. Her thick, curly blonde hair and green eyes were characteristic of her father's ancestry.

The first 3 years of Tamica's life were filled with love and laughter. She was the joy of her parents' life. Her laughter could be heard throughout the Prince's estate.

With fatherhood, came a change in the way Prince Joulin saw everything, including his business dealings. Wrongs against him that used to bring extreme punishment or death were now being written off and forgotten. This was wonderful in the eyes of those who received his pardon and gained the Prince much loyalty among them. However, it turned out to be the Prince's undoing. His enemies saw all this change as a weakness for them to exploit and they were determined to do so.

As Tamica's second year of life came to a close, her parents were making plans for their traditional birthday festival for their daughter. The festival was to begin 2 days before little Tamica's birthday and end on the night of her birthday with a fabulous fireworks display. The word went out all across the province and the shops prepared to close for the 3 day festival.

Tamica's third birthday festival was glorious! Even the weather was perfect. Wonderful sunshining days and gorgeous starry nights. Everything went perfectly according the painstaking plans made by Joulin and Shelaria.

On the final night of the festival, just before the closing fireworks, Tamica's governess was taking the child for one last stroll around the festival grounds. As they neared one of the contest tents, the governess heard a strange, yet familiar voice discussing plans to kill the Prince and his bride and hold little Tamica for ransom. The governess grabbed Tamica into her arms and ran back to tell Joulin and Shelaria what she'd heard. According to the voice, this would happen as soon as the fireworks began.

The governess insisted that they all leave immediately, but the Prince knew that would create too much suspicion and he had to give his wife and daughter a chance to escape. So a plan was created where the Prince would take his traditional place and start the fireworks while his wife and daughter quietly slipped out of the festival grounds.

Knowing that time was short, Shelaria kissed her beloved husband goodbye for the last time, bundled up her young daughter, and quickly made her escape. There was no time even to pick up extra clothes, food, or money. Shelaria simply walked carrying her daughter in her arms until she could go no further.

They survived for those first few days on whatever Shelaria could find to eat in the nearby woods. Tamica would ask now and then when she'd be able to see her daddy, but Shelaria would just tell her she didn't know and begin playing with the child to take her mind from thoughts of her father.

It seemed the gods were looking out for young Tamica though. Just as the fourth day of running was nearing its close, a troop of Gypsies happened to make their camp near where Tamica and her mother were. A young Gypsy woman recognized their need and took them to see the leader of the troop. Shelaria told him of their sad tale and was invited to stay with the troop. She was told of the Gypsy ways and asked if she was willing to live by them for her time there. Shelaria gratefully agreed knowing it meant safety and a home for her daughter.

As it turned out, being so young when all this happened was a blessing to young Tamica. Shelaria took great pains to keep the past in the past and refused to discuss with her daughter how or why they came to be with the Gypsies. Tamica knew she was not blood related to this new family of hers but nobody seemed to care about that. Her laughter brought just as much joy to the her Gypsy family as it did to her parents. Her fair features made her stand out in the troop. When she danced, it seemed that all eyes were on her. Her graceful movements were carefully honed by the Gypsy troop's dance instructress who saw a great potential for the young girl.

And so, life went on for Tamica and her mother. The Gypsies did not believe in locking their children into a building in order to teach them for a few hours each day. Instead they were taught by all in the troop and learning was almost constant. If Tamica misspoke in any way, she was always gently reminded of proper speech. Above all, Tamica was taught to respect her family and listen to her elders at all times.

Tamica was thrilled with her life. She loved her family and the fact that they never stayed in one place for very long.

Unfortunately, the same could not be said for Shelaria. Although she was truly grateful for the home and help she had with the Gypsies, she longed for what she thought of as a Real Home. She wanted to be able to stay in one place for longer than a week. She worried that her daughter was not getting a proper education. So, when Tamica was 14, Shelaria decided it was time to return to their original home.

Tamica was devastated! She could not remember anything but the Gypsy life she'd led. No matter how much her mother assured her that she would be just as loved by her blood relations, Tamica did not want to leave.

The leader of the Gypsies heard of Tamica's grief at having to leave the only family she'd ever really known and requested that Shelaria and Tamica be brought before him.

The leader listened carefully to Shelaria as she explained her need to return to her home. Then he listened to just as carefully as Tamica spoke of her reasons for wishing to stay. When he was finished, he told Shelaria that he wished to speak with Tamica privately and Shelaria was escorted from his room.

Once Shelaria was out of the room, the leader turned to Tamica and asked her one simple question.

'Tamica, what is the most important thing you have learned in your time with us?'

Tamica, knowing exactly where this conversation was heading reluctantly replied, 'Respect for my family.'

'And who is your family?' He asked Tamica.

'Everyone here in this camp is.'

'Do you believe that will change if you return with your mother to her place of birth?'

Tamica had to think carefully about this last question. In truth that very idea had crossed her mind, but now, looking into the eyes of the man she had grown to respect more than any other in the troop, she saw how wrong that was.

Tamica sighed, 'No, you will always be my family. But I still do not want to leave here.'

The leader smiled at Tamica and told her that although she would have to leave with her mother, she would always be more than welcome to return to them when she reached adulthood. But for now, she must respect her mother's decision.

The next month was spent preparing to leave the people Tamica had come to think of as her family and saying her tearful goodbyes.

The Gypsies said farewell to them in their own way. The troop had travelled back to where they had originally found the young woman stranded with a baby in her arms and made camp in the exact spot where they had 12 years before.

A feast was prepared and ceremony was held where Tamica had the honor of being the lead dancer. When the meal had been eaten and all other ceremonies had been held, the leader stood up and announced that this was the final night for Shelaria and Tamica to be with them.

He spoke of the troops love for them and of the love Shelaria and Tamica had for the troop. He then told the family that no matter where the two went, they were still family and would always be welcomed back should they choose to return.

With that, he called Shelaria and Tamica to him and asked that they sit before him. Two young women approached them with an assortment of items including dyes of all colors. The leader simply nodded to them and sat back down as the women went to work.

Some time later, the women picked up their supplies and returned to the crowd to sit down. The leader smiled approvingly at the two seated before him. Then he stood once again and began to speak.

'These two were brought to us by the gods. We have loved them as our own and that love goes with them wherever they go.'

'In keeping with the traditions of our family, you have each received the Mark of the Dove. This will allow us to recognize you as one of us no matter how time changes you.'

'The Dove has been our symbol for generations. It represents our love for peace and the freedom of our life. Wear it proudly and remember your family whenever you see it.'

With that, he placed a gentle kiss on each of their foreheads, gestured that they should return to be with the rest of the troop and sat down.

The next morning, Shelaria and Tamica returned to Shelaria's father's home to hear that her father had died several years before and that her brother was now patriarch of the family. All of Shelaria's family were overjoyed to see her and Tamica were alive and well. They all commented on what a fine young woman Tamica was becoming.

For two years, Tamica and her mother lived in her uncle's home. They were treated very well and although Tamica felt loved and loved her new family back, she was never truly happy living there. Always she was dreaming of the roads she used to travel and wishing she still traveled them.

Then, on the day Tamica turned 16, she was informed that her uncle had chosen a husband for her and that she was to be wed in two year's time. This saddened Tamica deeply.

She knew that to be married meant she would be forced to stay in this village forever with no hope of ever leaving again. She also knew that she could never be happy living like that. She longed for travel and adventure again.

She spoke with her mother and uncle about her dreams and asked their advice. Her uncle could not understand how she could think of not marrying the man he'd found for her. He was from a good, established family and would care for her well.

Shelaria, however, understood perfectly and did her best to explain it to her brother. When all the discussion was finished, it was decided that if, on her 17th birthday, Tamica still did not wish to marry this man, she would be free to leave the village and travel as she wished. The stipulation was only that she would have to meet the man, get to know him and base her decision on what she truly felt was best for her. Tamica excitedly agreed.

Tamica spent that year becoming very close to the man her uncle wished for her to marry, but never felt more than a friendship for him. The night before her 17th birthday, Tamica again sat down with her mother and uncle and told them of her decision to leave and travel the world. The two were saddened, but accepted the young woman's decision.

Tamica set out once again on her 17th birthday seeking the adventure she so longed for. This time she was alone for the first time in her life. She began to feel the vastness of the world as she never had before. It was scary and exciting to her at the same time and she felt alive as she never had before. Tamica knew she had made the right decision.

After traveling for several days, Tamica came to a city full of strange faces and wonderous sites. Tamica was even more excited! She walked through all the shops, ate in a restaurant for the first time in her life and even met some people who decided to help her find her way around the area.

After a few days of walking around with Tamica and talking with her, her new friends decided it was time for her to meet their clan leader, Johas. Most of what Tamica was told about the clan and their dealings meant nothing to her. She had never heard of many of the things Johas spoke of. Tamica was about to gracefully say her goodbyes and leave when Johas said something that she understood... had even heard before in a way. He told her that to be a Sicilian was to be part of a Family and that Family means everything. When she heard those words, Tamica knew she had finally found her place in the world again.

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As is required of me I must write my story. This, dear reader, will be as short as possible, for I like to remain mysterious, and the webs I have woven may break if too much is said of me. I was born in the outlands more than 50 years ago, an only child. I was not with my parents for long, as they felt the realms were too dangerous to raise me upon (animal attacks were a daily event).

When I was in my sixth month I was sent to some Dwarven friends of my parents, who lived on an island far away from the Four Dimensions. I lived with this foster family for about seventeen years. Seventeen years of the same, dull day to day activities. I grew tired of living such a mundane life. There were far greater things that I could be doing, and I couldn't keep living such a peaceful life. I saw exactly how my life would become, and I wanted no part of it. When I told this to my foster family, they told me of my birthplace and my real parents. Irritated that I had never seen my real family, I left the island to return to my place of birth.

I returned to the western, sun-baked prairies after weeks of travelling, to find what had become of my parents. My mother had been slain many years ago and since that time, my father had barely shown his face. Though this news was surprising to me, I did not mourn for her. After all, it was she who left me in ignorance of her own existence. I found that the way of life here was not for me. The culture of the Indians was far too primitive, and I felt a lot like an outsider, though I was indeed one of theirs. So I moved on.

Since then I have travelled with gypsies, learning the way of the world. I have slain many creatures who sought to destroy me, and been slain many times. I have mastered the ways of sorcery. And in the rest of my time here, I aim to accomplish so much more.

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In the year 228 A.C. (After Cataclysm), an elf was born...If you can call him an elf...or a human... this half-elfven baby had a elven mother, who was raped by a human rouge. His name is Tanthalas Half-Elven. He was adopted by the Ruler of Qualianti, his uncle, The Speaker of the Sun, as his ward and lived with his family. His uncle treated him as one of the family. But his cousins treated him as an outcast...

He met a blacksmith dwarf named Flint Fireforge one day in the Speaker's chamber on a summons to be the Speaker's personal blacksmith, due to his profound ability with metal. They slowly became closer and closer - till they became almost like brothers. From then on out his life has changed... They owe their lives to each other countless times.

He left Qualianti in the summer of 322 with Flint Fireforge to take on a life of adventure. But alas - Tanis travels the world and Flint remains at his forge. Flint is not at all fond of adventure, so every now and then Tanis visits Flint Fireforge at his forge in Solace.

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I left my home planet when I was 12, after the third major attack by the Sectarian League. I hopped a freighter to Tellus V, where I worked odd-jobs, until I found a position on the janitorial staff at Orbital Defense Station 6. There, I met several fighter jocks in the lounge. I decided that, if I were to become a fighter pilot, I could return home, and help defend my people from the Sectarians.

It took me a year to save up the money to enroll in the Academy. Once there, I proved my dedication time and time again. I graduated at the top of my class, with honors. I was assigned to Flight Group Alpha 5, piloting an M-11 Nighthawk Interceptor. I was decorated for valor three times in my first year, and promoted to Flight Group Commander at 15, the youngest ever. At 16, I was offered my own elite flight group; the RAWK Squad.

Six months later, an attack on Sectus IV was planned. RAWK Squad was flying K-14 Heavy Assault Bombers. The Sectarians were ready for us, though. We fought valiantly, but in the end, we were outmanned and outgunned. Out backup was cut off by an assault squadron, and we were alone. Of sixteen pilots, I was the only one to come out alive, and only because of a freak coincidence. As the Sectarian fired at me, a wormhole opened up on my starboard side. I rolled my bomber into the wormhole, and came out on the other end. My ship was damaged, and I was out of communications range. I had no choice but to put her down.

This is how I ended up in the shattered realms of the 4 Dimensions. Now I must find a way back to Tellus V and report the wormhole. However, after losing my entire squad the way I did, I'm not sure I'm not better off with the High Command thinking I'm dead...

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A beautiful young centaur has an affair, and is rewarded with a child. After breaking ties with her boyfriend for the father of her child, she is introduced to a world of Darkness. When the new romance fails, she vows to raise the child alone, but remains loyal to her Clan. With the help of friends, she raises her daughter to a young age and, at the same time, falls in love again. She settles into her life, happy with her small family, unknowing that the future holds a dark secret. While exploring one day, both mother and daughter stumble into a Time Trap, and find themselves in their past. While exploring their new world, they fall victim to a band of thieves, who kidnap the child and leave the mother for dead in the forest.

After being sold by the thieves, Taya begins her life as a servant in a drab castle. As she ages, her childlike innocence dissolves, and Taya develops a quick temper. She is punished harshly for her frequent outbursts. Each night, she cries herself to sleep and dreams of the forgotten mother that haunts her memories.

Taya continues to mature, and develops into an attractive young centaur. Still subject to beatings for her stubbornness, she develops a strong distrust of all races, and decides to learn to defend herself. She watches the knights in the village sparring, and begins training herself in secret. She vows to kill anyone who crosses her, or die trying.

The opportunity never comes, as one day, she meets an older centaur who appears startled by her appearance, then claims to have known her mother. Tempted by stories about the lost parent, Taya lets down her guard and talks to the stranger, who introduces himself as 'Alabastor,' a loyal follower of her mother's Clan. After spending several hours with him, Taya realizes that she's begun to trust the stranger. When he suggests she leave with him, she quickly agrees, clinging to the promise of a better life.

And so begins Taya's new life in 4 Dimensions. With Alabastor as her guardian, friend and mentor, she tries to settle in and become comfortable with her new home, while dealing with old and new memories of her past and her mother's. What lies ahead of her cannot be foretold, and only she can know what path she will choose...

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Telanas Rublakov

I was born to Pavel and Irena Rublakov in 14TH century Russia in the small town of Gzehl. My father Pavel was an accomplished ceramicist who created exquisite porcelain dolls. My mother Irena died giving birth to me, a darkness I have carried with me always. My father described her as a rare but delicate beauty and I've been told I posses her love for nature and much of her wanderlust.

My father never remarried and raised me, his only child in a loving home filled with much freedom and great joys despite out tragic loss. Father worked most of his days creating his ceramic dolls, and I being the ever-curious child took these opportunities to venture far into the deep forest and remote glades near our home. On one such morning soon after my seventeenth birthday I followed the amber shafts of sun through the lush forest until my legs began to ache, following it deeper still until the forest broke in half split by a deep ravine. Having found this delight of nature I began to descend the rocky slopes that pulled ever southward into the earth. This joy of earth falling into earth would be the final moments of my life as I fell as sharply as the ravine, my body breaking against rock.

For many days my body lay shattered in the rocky tomb but my spirit was ever vigilant. Upon the fifth day my dear father found me and brought my tortured body back to our home. Through the darkest hours of the night he wept, but through his grief he also collected certain mementos, my golden tresses, and several vials of my blood and with these living tokens he created his greatest masterpiece. A porcelain doll of unfounded beauty to which he gave these living tokens new life, my life. Weaving my golden hair into the porcelain scalp and containing my precious blood within the chamber of the dolls body, my spirit at last had a new vessel.

Father lived the remainder of his shadowed days in deepest mourning, abandoning all things he cared for save the memory of mother and I and the porcelain doll, my spirit existing quietly behind the emerald green glass-eyes. Upon my fathers death I was sold to pay off debts, as were all his belongings. Passing through many hands through many generations I made my way down from Russia into the northern areas of Poland where I was traded to a Roma (gypsy) woman named Akana for certain...sensual pleasures.

The lonely woman talked often to me, as if sensing my presence and one day asked what my greatest desire was. Unable to utter a word but feeling it with my entire soul my wish came true, the powerful mystic brought my life back through the form of the porcelain doll. I stayed for several years with the gypsy and learned much of the Roma ways and mystical practices but I am quite the novice compared to her great abilities. After several years and a heavy heart I decided to part with Akana and the northern lands. And with the desire to live more fully than I had ever, I struck out to explore ever further into the great unknown.

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'Ay, so you would like to know of my past, would you?

Well, I'm sure your misused human brain will not understand the life I have led, but I will do my best to translate my knowledge into a language that you can understand. I come from a time long before the ones of which your time portals touch. And from a land that now lies beneath millions of gallons of water, no matter which time period you travel to.

Of course, it was not always that way, or else I would have gills. I grew up in a technologically normal Elven city for any of the Elven cities of that time. And while most of the other Elves in their tweens, youthful twenties, studied the teachings of the Magi and Rangers, I studied with my grandfather the commonly unused knowledges of the maths and sciences. And with those knowledges I began studying the properties of the intellectual creatures' minds.

By the time I learned all that I could, I was still in my late tweens. And as you would guess, a child of that age will use such powerful intelligence unwisely. I played tricks on the other Elven youths and even a few of the adults. They hated the way I never used magic, just the Esperical skills I had developed which were untraceable by their magic. And when they could, they banished me from their town, fearing I would turn against them with the unique abilities I had developed, because at the time they had no magical precautions against such attacks.

I traveled very far very fast, and eventually came upon a group of Neanderthal nomads. Longingly wanting to once again become part of some kind of civilization, I used my skills to make myself look like one of them in their eyes. I became a respected member of their society by way of teaching them new hunting strategies and a way of making weapons similar to the ones the Elves used when they were an infant race. Reacting to my presence somehow, we eventually migrated back to the location where my birth city ONCE was.

All that remained was one giant, smoldering crater that was slowly filling with water. Sensing many energies of confusion and panic about the area from the obvious civil war that had been raging here, I finally uncovered a low-lying frequency of pure magic. I stayed with the tribe of ancient humans until I felt they were wise enough to settle, and I taught them to farm. I had been three-hundred years coming, so I decided to get it over with teach them the last I could before I revealed to them whom I really was. Living with me for so long they easily understood.

And so I left them, and roamed the world once again, alone but not lonely. For a few hundred years I wandered, honing my skills on native animals, plants, and tribes of the area I was. And one day I felt a sudden pull from all sides, and I found myself standing before a large man. Except this man looked more refined and formal. And most noticeably of all, he wore armor. Armor! Imagine that! A man in that time that could make armor.

Naturally I immediately vanished before him, as Elves are trained to do, and as I scurried away, I noticed I was no longer in what is China today, I was in medieval England.

And with all of my studies of the math and sciences I quickly formulated and understood what must have happened, and so I entered the chaotic realm that man had turned this planet into.'

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The Sunsed Kid

The Sunset Kid. An incredible gunslinger with an outrageous price on his head. Many people have heard of him, but few know his story.

The Sunset Kid was once a lawful man whose legend as a great gunslinger had spread far and wide. Someone was always out to challenge him. But fame has its price. Eventually, his home village was taken over by outlaws. Horrified beyond words by what he had caused, he discarded his name, put a price upon his own head, and wandered the desert, searching for a place to die. However, he still had enough pride that he could not bring himself to be killed by simply anyone. So whenever he was attacked by a bounty hunter, he would fight them in earnest... except that he would never kill them. This caused many people to wonder.

However, one day, he was finally given a reason to live again. He stumbled across a small town known as Succez (From the word success, obviously) It was a town that had accumulated considerable wealth during the Gold Rush. Because of this, it had been taken over by an outlaw gang known as the Crazy Bunch.

When he was accosted by a bounty hunter by the name of Maddog in the town, their duel was broken off as they both noticed Crazy Bunch flunkies hiding in the trees and shot them. The villagers, seeing what amazing gunslingers they both were, asked for their help to stop the Crazy Bunch. The next day saw the Crazy Bunch riding through town and triggering a number of traps that the villagers had set at the Kid's directions.

Finally, only their leader, O. Dio remained. After defeating him, the Kid was about to leave when the villagers confessed they had no money left to pay him with. The Kid waved this off, saying 'It's alright. I was taught... once again... how to defend people!' And so he rode off in search of more people to defend.

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Once upon a time a guy named John Lambton lived near Biddick. He fished in the River Wear on Sundays. Once he caught a tiny worm and he threw it into a well near his ancestral home. When John became older he went to the Holy Land to fight in Crusades.

The Worm grew until it became a terrible monster with a large mouth, in a shape of a Dragon. It could wrap itself three times round the Worm Hill. It ate cows, pigs, sheep, and people. Many Knights tried to kill the Worm but the Worm killed the Knights instead with its power.

When John Lambton returned from the Crusades, a wise old woman told him how to kill the Worm, so that the spell of The Worm would disappear. He covered his armour with razor blades, and stood on a rock in the river. There was a terrible fight. Finally the Worm was killed by the brave John Lambton, but the curse of the Worm was still on the Lambtons, because of the ghost of the Worm prevailed.

A new brave Knight, known as TheLamb, came to fight the ghost of the terrible Worm, trying to find the purity. Since he was a little boy, TheLamb was attracted to Dragons, and when he heard to story of John Lambton, he decided to follow his thoughts about killing the ghost of the Worm, because his heart was taken by its ghost in a dream he had about fighting the Worm.

Will he fail? Will he break the spell of TheLambtonWorm by killing its ghost? Who knows?

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The Blade begins to get very hot, It is now time for the blacksmith to forge his weapon. Just as he is about to hammer down the piece of ore, the door swings open and in rush two half-orcish warriors. The blacksmith's father grabs his heavy axe and rushes towards the intruders. He swings the massive axe with awe-inspiring speed and quickness.

The young smith stands watching, as the larger orc and his father exchange blows, one by one, neither one gaining any stronghold against the other, one swings resulting in a dodge or a parry. The larger orc appears to get very angry and his eyes burn a fiery crimson, the other orc, much smaller, has no intent of getting involved in the fighting. The smaller one appears to have the same distinguishing features as the larger one.

While the fight rages on, the orc is getting angrier with his failure to eliminate the smaller dwarf. So he produces a powder-like substance and throws it in the face of the dwarf, leaving him blinded. The smaller dwarf rushes to the aid of his father, but finds a well placed boot right in his face, and is sent back reeling. The orc raises his sword in the air, and drives in down into the chest of the dwarf with so much intensity that the sound of bones breaking internally can be heard.

The orcs howl in victory and leave. But the smaller dwarf will not forget this day. He has been changed forever. The blood that streams down from his nose after the orc kicked him is no factor, for the dwarf pays it no heed. For there is a much larger problem now. He quickly rushes to the side of his father, who, with his final words looks at him and says 'Thok, my only son, you must avenge my death. You must go to my chambers, under my bed there is a trap door, open it and equip yourself, take whatever you want. You must rise up Thok, to the position of greatness that is expected for this family, I know that you will not disappoint me.'

A small tear runs down from Thok's eye. He looks down at his father's lifeless body and notices a shining diamond studded bracelet and a very large pouch, he grabs both. Then he lifts up his father's corpse and returns home. When he gets home, he goes to his father's chambers as he was told to, he slides the bed aside and reveals a massive trap door. He then goes down the flight of stairs leading to whatever armor and weapons his father had been speaking of.

He is astonished at what he finds, there are weapons and armor everywhere, the finest armor he has ever seen. Plate mail, shining rings, bracelets and cloaks. But one catches his eye, it is a cloak that is a deep crimson, and when he comes near, it shines brightly. He grabs this cloak, placing it over his head. He notices that it makes him invisible. He also grabs some full body plate and equipment for every body part that he can wear. He then goes to ascend the stairs and leave, but his mother stops him, with tears in her eyes, for she has found out what has happened.

She looks him in the eye and says, 'Thok, has your father told you of the weapons? Because if he has not, I will. His mother vanishes, but returns holding a plain broadsword and a plain dagger. He thinks that he could get better weapons than this, but when he comes near them they change. The Broadsword becomes smoldered in flames, and the dagger shines brightly. He is amazed.

'Thok', his mother says, 'the bracelet on your wrist makes these weapons magical, if you do not have the bracelet, they are useless. So keep the bracelet on for your own sake. The dagger is imbued in poison and is indestructible. When it tastes flesh it leaves wounds festering in poison that can never be treated. These weapons were crafted the day you were born. So now you must go and avenge your father! Make those vile orcs pay! '

He then sets out to find the orcs who killed his father. He travels for what seems like months, getting stronger with each passing day, and the fury that is within him is merely growing. Until one day, he comes across the path of the orcs, who killed his father! He pulls the cloak over his head to become invisible, and kicks the large orc directly in the face (Oh how sweet that feels!) The orc jumps up, puzzled as to who had the audacity to kick him in the face. Thok slides on his fathers bracelet, unsheathing his weapons, which feel great in his hands. Then he removes the cloak and lets out a fierce Battle Cry! He rears in and swings his broadsword with tremendous speed and places all his fury in his weapons! He comes in once more, but this time he connects, with his poisoned dagger. right in the neck of the half-orc. The poison sets in. The orc stands gasping for air as the hole now in his neck turns a sickly greenish color.

As the orc struggles, Thok removes his visor to let him see who killed him. He looks the orc directly in the eye. A maniacal smile stretches across Thoks Face. He raises his Sword High in the Air and drives it home. The sword is scorching the face of the orc as Thok drives it through with all the fury and power he possesses. The blood that runs down the length of sword boils. Thok has fulfilled his destiny - slayed the large orc. But the smaller orc still remains. Thoks looks down at the corpse of the orc, and slices the head off as a mere trophy. He then returns home.

Much has changed since he left. He is met by his Mother, who says, 'Son, you have proven yourself, and the chieftain now wishes to speak with you.' And with that a large, cloaked figure approaches him and says, 'Son, you have deemed yourself quite the Warrior that your father was. My days on this earth are growing shorter, and I wish for someone lively and young to take my place. Rise up Thok, assume the position that is rightfully yours, do you accept?'

Thok looks him in the face and says, 'For the honor of my family, I hunted down the orc that killed my father, and for the honor of my village I accept.' The former chieftain stands and yells, 'ALL Hail Thok, Leader of Khalil and Warlord of the Burning Blade Clan!' Yells echo through the village and the celebration lasts into the night. Thok is escorted into his new Throne room, and places the blood orc head on top of his throne. Will the day come when more orcs wish to raid his village? He will be ready for them.

But one thing is for certain, Thok killed the father of the small orc. Will he now be forced to suffer the same fate as the large orc?? Only time will tell...

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I was born in a cave. I can't remember exactly where. I can not remember my mother. My father says a big cat killed her just after I was born. My first memory is of my father sitting at the front of the cave holding my mother and crying his eyes out. That was the first and only time I've ever seen my father cry. As soon as I could walk I was out of the cave with my father hunting food for dinner. Every now and then we would go out and play around. I remember one time when we chased down a triceratops and my father would put me on its back and we would ride it. Those where happy days.

One day when I was older I went out hunting alone and I felt the earth tremble and turned around to find the volcano which our cave is in exploding and lava pouring out of it. I ran as fast as I could back, but when I got there my father and the cave were buried in lava. I cried for a least half a day solid. After that I went and started looking for a new cave to live in.

After a couple of days I found one. It was close my old one so I would not have to scout new territory. One day I was hunting and I came upon a big cat. By this time I had got better at hunting and was managing to take on everything that I came across, so I decided to try my luck at this cat. I pounced on it and swiftly cut one of it legs. But before I could finish it the cat ran away. I was chasing it when I noticed I was travelling in new territory. I thought I had better turn back when I tripped and before I knew what was happening I was falling. Just as suddenly as it had started it stopped and I was lying on a flat surface. I was looking around when I heard a voice.

'And who would you be?'

I turned around to find who was speaking to me but couldn't find anyone.

'My name is Thomas, who are you and where am I?' I replied without showing a trace of the fear I felt.

'You will find out my name in time, where are you from?' she said.

'I do not know'

'So we have a new traveller among us, do we?' she said.

As she said this the room turned a gray shade and 4 gates appeared around me.

'Go trough any of these gates to get to a place to explore' she said.

So I ventured from that place and started exploring and to this day everything I see is still surprising me.

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The first thing I can remember is a loud bang. Everything went black and I closed my eyes in fear. When I opened them again, I was lying in a forest. I later realised that it was a timetrap.

My name is Thotter. That is the name my new parents gave me. We lived in a forest in Holland. My new parents treated me like I was there own child, which was strange, because I am an elf, and they where human. The reason for this is that my new father was old, and didn't have a son. My father was a hunter. As long as he gave our lord a part of the game he caught, he was allowed to hunt. But my father would soon be too old to do his work. He needed someone to take care of him and his wife when he wouldn't be able to hunt anymore. So he taught me all he knew.

When I was 16 our lord died. He didn't have a son, so his uncle became our lord. This new lord thought that his nephew was poisoned, and he suspected my dad. We were no longer allowed to hunt in the forest, so we decided to leave. But the night before we would leave some men burned our house down. I could escape because I was only half asleep, but my parents where not so lucky. They both died a horrible death. I was angry, very angry. I knew that our lord was responsible for this, so I tried to kill him. I shot an arrow to him when he was taking a walk. Unfortunately the arrow missed, but the lord saw me running away, and I knew I wasn't safe anymore. I fled to England by boat. Unfortunately the boat capsized before the coast. Everyone died, except me. I was lucky again. I managed to swim to the coast. My new life was started.

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His life from the start has been filled with loss and heartbreak. Aloof he has become over the years, and never able to lead a happy life of wedlock. His clan under the control of a power hungry Sage forced the clan D'Araesth to sacrifice all of their sons upon the third week of their sons life. His mother an ancient enchantress formed a plan to create for her clan a spark of hope to be released from bondage so she concocted a special potion which she in turn soaked the sacrificial dagger in for the last month of her pregnancy and the first week of Tocharaehs' life.

Come the third week with her spells prepared hoping for a blessing from their Gods placed Tocharaeh on the alter in the glen. The clan present surrounded by the Sages men, and the Sage himself sitting atop his regal chair with pleasure of the sacrifice in his eyes. Tocharaehs' mother said her prayers, and in that swift motion cast her spell and plunged the dagger deep into her sons heart. The clan had been slaughtered moments later when the Sage saw the betrayel. They did not die in vain. Tocharaeh's rune covered body are the scars of that fateful day. His clan was avenged, but not without price. Tocharaeh paid dearly with the loss of his first wife. Over the many centeries of his long life, he gradually became twisted with rage, and revenge. Finding his temper quick and unmerciful, a trail of blood followed him wherever he went. It is said that he cheated the fates themselves before casting his soul into his mortal prison by casting a great light before them as they flipped the coin of Fate in the air. Whether the legend is true or not is uncertain, for even the God of Lies holds claims to a much similar account. Be it true or not, it is clear that the fates have no hold of him.

As time passed, and his evil heart darkening, he found himself someone who through Her, he could further his dreams of punishing all humans who had condemed him to death.

Her name was Lolth, Mother of the Dark elves, and the Queen of Spiders and Chaos. Upon reaching the unearthly age of 900, rare for most dark elves, he had begun upon an experiment in search of a way to prolong his life without aging, and without cursing himself to the unlife of Lichdom. When his mixers combined, a grea explosion rocked his underdark home. When he woke, he found himself somewhere alien. After regaining his senses and composure, he had discovered himself in a strange realm known as Recall, and there he met a man by the name of Odinkirk. Odinkirk later introduced him to the leader of his faction by the name of Dela, and their top assassins Alabaster, Ender, and Omega. Tocharaeh found himself distraught when he discovered that there was no way for him to return to his beloved Aber-Toril, and his terasured Underdark.

As the years passed, he became accustomed to the change in life, and quickly flew up the ranks of the greatly feared Dark Jedi who like him and his beloved Goddess, sought to further darkness and chaos. To control all that they could see, and destroy all who stood in their way. Eventually, as the Empire grew, and Leader and Leader passed, he found him- self at the seat of the legondary Death Star. After a great war known as the Crystallin, he passed the seat to a one Goober, and went in search of a way to return home, but to no avail. He later returned to the realm of Recall, only to discover that the Dark Jedi had fallen, and found himself with another rutheless group of assassins and drug runners known as the Sicilians, who were a strange lot. Later he came to lead that very clan until his retirement.

And, so now he wanders the very corners of Time itself, again searching, for his beloved Faerun. Where he may truly feel his Goddess' touch once more.

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Tor is not sure what transpired to bring him to this strange and wonderful land. A young and inexperienced fighter, he had been a member of a raiding party that was grossly out numbered. Fearing death, his comrades fled, retreating to their ship.

Tor had joined the party for adventure, wealth and fame. He would not have his name disgraced and risk an eternity in Niflheim for cowardice, oath breaking, nor thievery. Besides a battle can have only one of two outcomes, you fall or you come out alive, and the Norns decided the time of your demise at your birth. So he stayed and fought, after all, dying in flight is the worst of all deaths.

As he parried one sword thrust and side-stepped the slash from another, Tor lost his footing and fell into a hole. Every thing went black and he felt woozy. He wondered if he had died, but slowly things came back into focus. He was in the beak of what appeared to be a Griffin, naked, bleeding badly and sorely bruised! A beautiful, naked, female being, Kvetch the slayer, killed the monster and peered at him.

Tor stood and looked about, keeping one eye on Kvetch, searching for his sword and shield, but saw nothing he could use. Kvetch removed a pair of strange metal talons from the slayed beast and gave them to him. He studied them but was not able to use them in anyway. Kvetch shook her head and muttered something about how much trouble mortals are. She then gave him a magic feather that she said would take him to a place of safety and succor when held and vanished.

Naked and unarmed, Tor decided to use the feather and see what happened. After all, he was seeking fame and adventure, the fates had brought him to this land, perhaps this is where they were to be found. He has always expected some share of troubles and will make the best of them he can. He will try to not complain and worry about the hardships he encounters. He will try to achieve fame and fortune through bravery, loyalty and generosity.

Remembering the behavior of his past comrades, Tor considers it a lesson well learned. He will choose his alliances with more care in the future.

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Before my existence on the Realms, I belonged to a great and powerful alliance. One might call it the Dark Side. I come from a long line of warriors. All have come and gone, and now I am the only one left. I am an evil and sinister creature with the will to destroy all those who stand in the way of what I want.

My life is filled with death and destruction. I lost my mother when I was just a boy of 10 years of age. I then was raised by a mean and militant father, who trained me in the ways of war and the Dark Side. I don't take any crap from anyone or anything. My motto is: 'The only option in life is to win, to not win is to die, and it is better to die than to lose and live.' I have fought in many glorious battles in my lifetime of 38 years. None have I lost. I was the most decorated officer in my legion and the Emperor's most prized warrior. About two years ago, my alliance started to become soft and weak, and then I knew it was time to leave, that is why I have come here, to the Realms of 4 Dimensions!

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Left on the doorstep of the convent outside of Yorke, Treana was raised by the nuns who lived there. She spent much of her childhood in penance (the only retaliation the nuns knew) for she was a strange child who eventually turned into a surly youth who was always wandering off alone into the woods and getting into things she should not have. She found the life of the nuns stifling and could not wait to break free of them. The opportunity came one day when a wandering salesman visited the nunnery with his covered wagon full of trinkets and all-sorts. She hid in the back of it and was long gone from the nunnery before they even noticed.

She left him when they neared a town that seemed to call to her to stay. The place was called Dun-Shivaar.

A place that seemed as strange as she herself. She found a park where she could hide in to sleep at night. But the nights there were filled with many strange goings on and she found herself unable to sit idle. Nearby was a school that she would break into at night and sleep in one of the rooms there. One night some students came in to practice some dark magics that could not be done while under the watchful eyes of their professors. She heard them and followed behind, unknown to them.

They drew a pentagram on the floor and arranged candles and bowls on the points. One sat off to the side chanting all the while. Another followed behind and filled the bowls with different dark fluids. As the chanting continued the other members of the group took places at various points. The bowls started smoking, and Treana noticed there was a sound growing in her ears. An aching keen that was almost inaudible. Then the pains started growing in her chest and head and her breathing became shallow. All of these things increased as the voice of the chanter grew louder. She dropped out of her hiding spot when the pain became unbearable, a scream leaving her lips. None of the students looked surprised. They just kept chanting. One walked over to her and brushed the hair from her neck as she lay there in pain. His sharp teeth sank quick, but not painlessly into her neck and drained much of her blood. He then dropped her back to the floor, barely alive. He reached to his side and took out a slim golden knife, which he drew across his wrist. The blood making a trail across her as he brings it to her lips, she drinks greedily till he pushes her away. They leave her writhing in pain and disappear into the night. She dies that evening and is reborn as something else. A vampire. She is not angry or confused at why this has happened. She embraces it as if she has been waiting her entire life for it.

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Hello my name is Zorn and this is the story of how i came to become a Saint and a slave to Triset.

I lived on a small planet with a few people, at last count there where 3 million spacewolves on this planet. I was the runt of the litter, which meant that I didn't really get much food from my parents and at an early age I learned to forage for myself.

I lived like this for about 15-16 years and then when out foraging on day I had this overwhelming urge to go to a forbidden zone. My people had found several of theses traps and made the area around them forbidden. They said anyone who went into them never returned. Well I was going into it and then when I was almost there I was suddenly somewhere else.

I looked around having no idea where I was and the overwhelming urge pushed me west. I came into a room and standing there was a woman dressed all in armor and looking very beautiful. She had a long thin graceful figure and pointy ears. I asked her 'Where am I'

Her reply was 'you are at recall' To which I said 'where is recall ?' She said 'recall is everywhere and yet nowhere' I had noticed at this time that the urge to move had stopped and when I looked around only this woman stands here so I decided to find out why she called me and in a soft voice I asked

'Why did you call me ?'

She said 'What do you mean?

I replied 'I was living on my planet with my people when I had a overwhelming desire to follow something, and when I did, I found you so why did you call me and who are you ?'

'I am called Triset and the reason you came is because you're destined to become my slave and to live by me for eternity'

I pondered this for a very long time and then said 'So be it, if this is what I have to do this is what I will do'

Since then I followed my path and have never looked back.

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A Shadowed Past, a Dark Present, and a Cloudy Future...

Who truly knows how the elves came to be? Some say they were born up out of the mists as this world was formed, others are not so sure. I present to you in this land of multiple times, a possible answer. Many Thousands of years from this time... As I write, it is the year 2000, and this will be the point to which I return and calculate different important dates.

The Birth of the Elves

From the dawn of time, humans have always had a violent and territorial streak in them. Modern day man has somehow managed to divert such things into other foci... But there are occasions when this seed does explode. Wars break out, domestic violence, theft and murder. But always there were people who would accept things as they were, in a peaceful manner, trying to understand the way things were, and to accept them, not mold them into a way they wished. They would not yet be called Elves, they had not yet attained the distinctive look of them, the timelessness, or the unity with Nature that they now have, or they once had. In this day, the elves are not to be seen. Do they hide? do they exist, did they exist, will they ever? Perhaps one is writing this? I pose this to you now, they do exist, they did exist, and they will soon come to be. Now...we embark on the solitary life of one elf... Tumwan

The Birth of a Visionary

Born in the far past, tens of thousands of years ago, when the Elves were the guardians of this lush and verdant earth, the race of man was still dwelling in caves, and spread out in small, hunter-gatherer societies, this young elf had little worries. He grew up, learning of many things, he could sit for hours upon end, listening to the sounds of the ancient forests, or the animals. Until one day...he was sitting near a small village, and I use the term loosely, of ancient man. He was always fascinated by them, how they put so much into such a short life, so he spent weeks, even months following one tribe after another, watching them, and learning many things. But one day, as he sat, in near rapture from the joy of them, he felt something he had never felt before, coming from the village, a cold and oppressive feeling, a wrongness. Never having experienced such a thing before, at first he was enthralled by it, and then repulsed as the wrongness in it grew. Hearing a scream he snapped his head around to the direction of the sound to see a young woman set upon by three young men. The woman was terrified, running for her life. The men caught her, and threw her to the ground, raping her, and then finally killing her. Never before had he witnessed such savagery and he moved into action without thinking. He ran to the men, attacking them with a ferocity that had never been displayed by an elf before, rending the men to pieces with his hands and teeth. Then he moved slowly to the woman, and lifted her up, carried her back to the huts, and placed her in the center before slipping into the tall grasses, heading back to his home.

The Consequences

Upon returning to his village, something was different... there were somehow fewer elves than he had remembered. Fearing the worst he found a heavy branch, and wielded it like a club, running through the village, calling all the men to arms. They answered, but were confused, for in their eyes, everything was as it should be. He called out for his Uncle, but no answer - in fact, no one seemed to recognize the name at all. Thinking him delirious the other warriors brought him before the Tribe's Shaman, for her to assist in healing him. But he was in perfect health; it was his view of things that had altered. The Village elders called him before them and asked for a full account of what had occurred, and were appalled by what had happened, and with much chastisement, finally sat him down and explained to him how the elves had come to be.

The Dawn of the Elves

After the many wars of humanity, each one drawing the human race closer and closer to extinction, a group of pacifists, who thought that man should live as one with nature split off from the humans, drifting into the last vestiges of wilderness still left upon the earth, and disappeared for many hundreds of years. One of them finally emerged a wizened old man, thinking that merely 60 years had passed, many had died of old age, but some still lived on, and he came to see a world that had changed radically through the years. It was the first realization of the gifts that the Mother Earth had bestowed upon her *Children*.

The old man slipped back into the wilderness, saddened by what he saw, but also amazed that he had lived so long, and it seemed that with each generation, the aging process would slow. But as a result, there were fewer and fewer children, nothing noticeable yet, for what is one less birth, when there are hundreds a years? Through each generation, the *gifts* became more and more evident as well. A heightened sense of sight, smell and hearing, the ability to blend in with the surroundings, and also to be able to commune with Nature itself. They lived this way for many aeons, until a war of such magnitude broke out upon earth, that even their small paradise was not left untouched. Earth, now almost totally uninhabitable, had one small token of hope, Rifts through time. Calling a council, the *Children* decided to step through a rift, letting the Mother decide for them their fate, and they arrived in a time, long before Man even had progressed above the other primates, and they lived in peace for tens of thousands of years.....not killing anything, living off of the plants of the Mother, and living within her bosom in the trees.....that is until now....

The Punishment

Tumwan held his head in shame, knowing what he had done now... seeing he had become like his precious pets, those humans, and he hated them for it. He was banished from his home, and was placed in a rift, cursed to spend the rest of his days, wandering through time, to finally come back home. But, there is time enough for such journeys when he is old, for now, his mind is set upon punishment, and Vengeance. To those humans that had cost him his home, and his life, because they could not live in harmony. Through the 19 years he has traveled through the rifts, has studied the lineage of the elves, narrowing them all down to a family in the middle ages, and several other families in the old west, and also in the future. Using some of the magic still left to him, he has placed a small mark upon each of them, passed down through their blood to their decedents, so he can tell who to spare... and who shall meet their fate. He is now the self appointed judge, jury and executioner of the human race, and presently has seen to several thousand... Trials. Those with the mark, he lavishes attention upon, to those without, he is cold and merciless.

The Means

After several years of wandering, he was approached by a member of a moderate sized family: The Sicilians. Seeing an opportunity to nudge them here and there in a way to forward his plans, he agreed to join them, and furthered his... cause... As his life is unfinished, so to is this story, but the list continues, and the names are added as his final goal becomes closer with each death, and each day: The extermination of the human race, which cause the rifts in time, sending his people to the past, and placing him in the situation where he did kill a blood ancestor, therefore dwindling the size of his tribe.

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My name is Urd. I came from the future. I am a Second-Class, Limited Goddess. I live a pretty quiet life with my sisters. The only problem with that is I like action and adventure.

I also live with my sister's boyfriend, Keiichi. My two sisters are Belldandy and Skuld. Belldandy and me get along fine but Skuld is a different story. Her and me get in fights half the time. She usually storms up into her room (or throws a chair at me). Belldandy's present husband, Keiichi, is a major motorcycle addict. Him and Belldandy always race his bike (he races, she works on the bike). On Belldandy's wedding day I 'accidentally' switched the songs during the party.

Well one day I was just passing along the main area of town and I happened to overhear a really excited guy talking. He was saying something about a time guardian and warp rifts. I was interested so I asked him what he was talking about. Then he told me about the 4 Dimensions and Recall. Of course, just like me, I decided to go. Belldandy and Skuld wanted to come too. They asked me, so how could I say no? Belldandy wanted to protect me (I am a year older) and Skuld wants to prove that she isn't scared (and to annoy me). So we set off. About halfway to recall (we lived out in the middle of nowhere) we met this girl Melissa. She seemed like a happy do-good girl. I haven't seen her not smiling once. So we decided to let her come along with us. So we ended up at recall. And that was the end of my first life.

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On another planet, in another galaxy, maybe even another realm, lies the starsystem Veridium. That star system consists of three planets, one populated, the other two barely known to exist yet. The populated planet is called Eridi, it is a small world, yet full of perils and unique items.

Eridi has always existed with one ruler, the King. The King being of Ridium blood, only the royal family has this blood flowing through their veins. The King is to have only one son, to keep the family name, and to rule the world in turn. Although law states, that if the King fails to have a son, or the Prince by ways of natural causes dies, that a competition be held to find the new ruler, Ridium blood has shown this law futile, as it has never been done.

The King, being the man that he was, seemed to be having trouble getting the queen pregnant. Looking into the matter, the King sought out mages of every species he could, to find the answer to his problem. Only one mage seemed to have an answer, and sold it to the King for a heavily steep price, and a warning. Once the mage had brewed his potion, he had told the King, 'The first time is the only time needed for conception, but once finished, you will never rule again'. And disappeared into thin air. True to his word, the Queen did conceive that night, and truth be known, the King died of a heart attack the very same night. The Queen being pregnant with the baby, held rulership to Eridi, in hold for her unborn child. Until he could rule on his own.

Unknown that the blood of Eridi hand been tainted by the mage with his potion, the Queen also became extremely ill after birth, and died as well. With a baby as the ruler, the high council had to make a decision, the vote called for competition of the strongest and fittest to take forth.

This is how I was told the story. I as it turns out, am the Dark Prince of Eridi, I know myself as General Vae Ridium. This story I saw in a dream, I don't remember my child hood, my past is almost blank, I remember I once lead a great army, I had two children, a beautiful wife... After some research the story turned out to be true; the knight who won the competition it seems was the mage who killed my father in my making. The high council all died of a mysterious illness, on the same night. Coincidental? I think not.

I, was indeed furious, and went for my vengeance. As I lunged for the mage, he whispered some words I can hardly pronounce, and I stepped through a flash of light. I remember hitting my head, then blacking out. When I awoke, I was amongst a herd of centaurs, I too it seemed had been transformed into a centaur. I found myself amongst a new world, unable to find my own again. I began to reside here, I have visited perils I never thought to exist, from knowing faintly about dinosaurs in my age, to seeing them, to being able to see whole new worlds, technically an unwritten future. And hopefully one day I will have my vengeance, and find the trap that brought me here.

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Vallyn's life in her old land is quite probably the reason for the attitude she now has. The land she grew up in was literally feudal in its designs, and controlled by a Duke. The Duchy was that of a group known as Tirome, and all who lived within the keep were human. As they controlled the lands, and how things were done, they also felt the right to make sure that non-humans were treated as nothing more than prospective army members, or just fodder for wars.

She mainly kept to the forests within the lands. Knowing she needed a way to earn her keep should she join the ranks of the army, set out to find the academy of magi within the main region. Once she found her way to it, she took to studying for the sake of both her defense, and if needed the destruction of those who offended her. As she grew in power and knowledge, she found her mood darkening towards those in control of the lands of her home.

After years of studying and trying to focus on goals she had set, she returned to the lands held by the family Tirome to gain vengeance. Her mood had shifted fully to that which would be seen as a dark elf, and she let those in power learn of her dislike for the ways that they treated either those of her people, or any others - even the few that had joined their army. As she attacked a few of the members of the Duchy, she focused on her intent and learned first hand that she could likewise use mental attacks.

Once she had done what she felt they had earned, she left her home lands. Covering herself in a dark robe she travelled by night, not letting any know of her passing or even appearance. By physical looks, she would seem to be perhaps in her mid-twenties, yet due to blood her true age would be closer to the one hundred fifties. Her time, both in studying and vengeance took her close to fifty years to finish, let alone walk away from.

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I was born to a herd in the deepest forests of the south, as the last of eight children. I was everybody's baby. I was always the one who was looked after and protected, made to feel I couldn't survive on my own. Everyone saw me as the weakest child. As I grew older I started to feel trapped in this environment, I was still the baby no matter how old I grew. As the youngest child in the herd I soon began to feel isolated as the bigger stronger kids all went off without me, leaving me alone. Every time, alone...

It was this that first drew me away from the herd. I would never have been allowed out on my own, and therefore I was forced to sneak out in the darkness, under the cover of night to go adventuring. At first I felt guilty, but then I met others like myself, others that understood me. They were so much more... exciting than anything I had known before. They took me to new places; they introduced me to new people and showed me new things. Yes, their clothes were a bit ragged, and maybe they didn't seem to have a home. The people from the herd avoided them and called them 'ruffians', but they treated me as an equal, they were my friends. They didn't tell me what to do, or tell me it was wrong. How was I supposed to know that some of the things we were doing would end up with me pregnant?

When the herd found out I discovered just how strict they could be. I was thrown out of the herd, with no food, no money and no belongings. To make things worse I discovered that my family was right about my so-called friends. On finding out I was pregnant they would have nothing to do with me, they just laughed and told me to get lost, that they wanted nothing more to do with me. I was totally on my own. I hated my life; I hated the baby I carried, and most of all I hated myself. It was I decided my only way out was to take my life. I ran and ran to the darkest park of the forest, away from any memories, away from any pain, and there threw myself from a precipice.

I did not expect to awaken, and when I did, I did not expect to see what I did. I found myself in a strange room, with beanbags all around in strange astrological patterns, and then I heard a voice saying, 'Welcome to 4D Vicks. We hope you enjoy your time here...

I had found a new life, I had found my freedom, and maybe, just maybe this time I would find some friends.

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Washed up on a lonely beach was a ragged young faun, not knowing where he was, who he was or how he got where he was. This young faun was lucky to be alive, having the worst type of amnesia a being can have.

After two days of lying helpless on the beach he had been attacked by gulls, crabs and even turtles had had a go at him.

Then one day a miracle happened... An old shepherd took him in and raised him for a few years until the young faun could look after himself... The day he decided to leave on a journey the shepherd died, which meant the faun could take anything he wanted. After he had packed himself a knapsack he left on a journey, a journey to find out who he was...

Only one thing kept him alive, the absolute need to find out who he was. One day he stumbled across another young faun like himself, except this young faun knew three things he didn't know. Who he was, where he was and where he was going. The other faun told him that he was called Bruce and the two exchanged stories and became great friends until..... they walked straight in to the land of 4 Dimensions, where only the strong could survive. So Bruce left because he didn't have what it takes. The other faun though found new friends and a name... Virisin was what he was called.

And still at this day Virisin is searching and exploring to find out who he is.

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Deep within the earth, between the fiery pits of Hell, and the chilling waters of the deep blue ocean, resides a man, or maybe a God, or even worse, possibly a Greater Daemon. Stories are told of this wanderer, of killing ancient dragons of old, of traveling to future worlds and far off planets. He has been seen commanding oceans to swallow islands, demanding volcanoes erupt to produce new islands. The earth opens up and devours cities at his mere whisper.

It is even said that the comets and meteors bow to his will, having gained power over them during his adventures in the core of the sun.

Nobody knows the goals of this man, his actions are often cloaked in mystery. He speaks often, but rarely of himself. Only saying, 'I am that damn good.' or 'Damn, I look good.' Obviously sure of himself, and definitely cocky, he is a man of greatness. It is whispered, in the back of taverns, when few are listening, that he holds power over time itself, traversing the past to change the future. His actions are not seen by many, and understood by even less, but none doubt the power of this man.

The few times somebody has built up the courage to ask questions about himself, his usual response has been, ' I am merely out to help myself.' He does not seem to have any family, or loved ones. However, many a women do brag of the occasional roll in the hay with this mysterious adventurer.

Nobody knows where he came from or who he might be, only that he is known as Vortex.

What came first? The chicken or the egg? Vortex or the earth?

We may never know the answer to either of these questions.

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Warren's personality used to be easy described as being pure unconditional evil and hatred. Although he once was though to be at peace when he first took over his father's kingdom. It was one of the seven kingdoms in the counsel. He later decide to separate from the counsel and expand his power into the uncharted territories off the eastern cost of his kingdom and the counsel let him in order to aviod a war. After a while his kingdom became to overpopulated and the wizards of his court moved everyone under his leadership through a portal in to an alternate dimension which he named 'Hell'. He spent his time continuing to train and became very powerful and also raised an army of massive force. As most evil leaders do he decided to take over the rest of the dimension of his origins so he and his army returned to the counsel and asked for an unconditional surrender or war, and thus an era known as the Dark Wars began.

Millions of innocent civilians and whole populations of races were wiped out.

After a long war the counsel decided to ask for the help of the five most powerful wizards which they had. The wizards casted a spell which wiped out over half of Warren's army and then casted a spell to banish him from their dimension. He found himself stuck in the Void, a gateway between all existing dimensions, so he continued to train in the complete darkness and changing gravity as he plotted his revenge. But due to the randomized gravity his body was streetched and compressed, causing his body to stretch and increased his strength with huge muscles.

By the time he found a way to escape the Void and re-entered Hell 700 years after, he had grown to nearly 10 feet and rediculously sized muscles. In addition he master all forms of fighting, the use of all forms of magic. His return was unexpencted and dethrowned his only son. Still angered by his exile he iniciated a huge plan of attack to defeat the wizards and the counsel which vbanished him so long ago.

To make a long story short, he ran in to some trouble and after his strongest warriors and wizards were defeated he faced an elite group of fighters which included the stongest of the wizards he faced originally.

He was defeated by the final blow of an extraordinary elf. The wizard then cast a few spells to make Warren's strength and knowledge of magic dessappear so he would be of no threat, turned him into one of the race which he hated most (an elf), and then banished him to another dimension and sealed their dimension from the viod permanently. He somehow regained a little of his knowledge and and power and landed into the 4 Dimensions where he struggles to regain his power so he can on day return an have his revenge.

In case i need to specify if i want to be a citizen or time traveler, i choose a time traveler.

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WiCkEdAngel was born in the bustling city of Kugnae to a talented sword maker and his wife. His father was a harsh businessman, and made many enemies in his life. His mother was a beautiful poet, who spent the days entertaining her children with her enthralling tales of dragons and legendary stories. WiCkEdAngel was the youngest of four and, his 3 older siblings all being apprentice warriors, was expected to follow in their footsteps and become a warrior. Everyone knew he didn't have the build of a warrior, he was tall and thin, and preferred spending his days 'borrowing' things from people, instead of wrestling with his siblings, or practicing swordsmanship. WiCkEdAngel had to rely on his speed and wits to avoid daily thrashings from his older brothers, because he was always following them around, and watching their every moves from trees and behind fences.

At the age of 15 WiCkEdAngel received his first sword from his father, and was told to go to the warriors guild and pledge himself to the guildmaster. WiCkEdAngel dreaded the idea of becoming a warrior. He detested the heavy armor they wore, and their large swords that they hefted about. On his way to the warriors guild he saw a slender man clad in black, with a katana at his side. WiCkEdAngel was captivated by how he walked stealthily and not making a sound. Everyone parted as the man walked by. WiCkEdAngel asked a man sitting outside a shop who the stranger was. The man told him that he was a spy from Buya. It was at that moment that WiCkEdAngel decided he wanted to become a spy. He knew he could, and didn't care what anybody else said, he needed to become one. After the spy had entered a large building on the city WiCkEdAngel left the area to wander the mysterious lands that await him.

For months WiCkEdAngel has been wandering the lands. From one realm to another he passed. After a long time of wandering and learning he understood the only true power is the knowledge we hold. WiCkEdAngel reached to the northern lands, where he found Faldo, the Vikings' chief. He studied their ways, their actions and after a short while he became one of them.

When WiCkEdAngel became 18 he met the mighty goddess, Molly, who introduced him to others just like him, she taught him the secrets of passing through dimensions, gaining power and getting what his soul wishes for. After a short while WiCkEdAngel had started his own spy guild, which today is a strong group with a lot of power. But only a few can know its true strength.

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Phyzzywe, The Dark Ranger's blade whistled by my ear. This ranger was as skilled as I have ever seen. His moves were as agile as a cat and his strength seemed to be my equal, which is strange since never have I seen an elf as strong or hardy as a dwarf. I knew that I let hit connect with even one of those deft slashes in the right spot i would be gone. He lunges forward and with 3 flicks of his wrist he carved a small 'Z' in my shield. The very shield that was given to me by the Dwarven King, that infuriated me.

I dove forward and lowered my head goring him with my one-horned helmet. then I took Bleeder, my trusty axe and bored down so hard that the right edge dug into the ground, and I needed a good foot plant to get it out, I had unfortunately missed my target, who had already got up and readied for my next attack, I jumped and heaved down with all my force onto the dark ranger, he put both of his swords up in an attempt to parry but the sheer force of my blow made his knees buckle and he fell crashing to the ground with my axe not too far behind. In one cleave his head was hewn off and rolled across the now blood stained sand. As I began to walk away I noticed a pin on the dark ranger's cloak. At first I grabbed it because it was made of fine mithril, then I noticed it bore the logo of a bastardsword set ablaze, and knew instantly it was of the burning blade. Knowing the prowess of this group I wondered if they would accept me as an equal for killing one of them, or hunt me down. All I know is I'm ready for either...

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It's not cause I wouldn't... It's not cause I shouldn't... And YOU know it's not cause I - mmmm - couldn't... It's simply because I'm the LAZIEST girl in town...

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Xeriuth the centaur's childhood remains a mystery to all, and to himself. He desires to come to know who his parents were, and why they left him float down the brook in a basket, deep into a forest. As this young Centaur, floated down the stream, some local natives picked him up out of the basket and examined him thoroughly.

They brought him to Chief Bighorn, so they could gain ownership of this feeble child. The Chief granted them permission, and trained Xeriuth in the arts of war, and in time the thought of his birth parents diminished. He became skilled with the sword and during this time he heard many stories of a far off land with gruesome dragons, chivalrous knights, and enormous castles. He became eager to discover this land.

He then said his farewells and packed a knapsack and galloped out of the forest and into a huge world, to seek out these wonders. Soon enough with the talent he gained from the natives, he found a socalled castle. As he approached the castle, the drawbridge lowered. He advanced onto the bridge and suddenly he heard a sound, CRACK! The bridge collapsed from underneath him, and everything went black.

He woke up to find himself in a new world, seemingly in a different time and was about to prepare himself for a Great Journey.

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Born in the Kingdom of Cvar, Xeronia was the only child of the King Xantos and the Queen Zairis rulers of Cvar. Xeronia was very different looking from her mother, father, and the rest of the elves in the kingdom. She was born with green eyes, silver hair and a blue diamond in the middle of her forehead, very odd in the Kingdom of Cvar. It was rumored that Xeronia was the reincarnated version of the demonic woman Ithania, who ruled the Kingdom of Cvar for many, many years until she was killed by Zairis' great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother, Hantania the Priestess. But then again, those are rumors… By the age of seven Xeronia started to have unusual magical powers. She could turn invisible at will and curse things like food and other miscellaneous items. At the age of 16 her powers grew more dominant. She could kill several enemies with the flick of her wrist. With that great power many of the other elves grew frightened and thought she would turn against them and history would repeat itself. They wanted her dead…

One day while Xeronia was on an outing with her mother and father the elves decided to kill Xeronia along with her family to destroy her. They left to go to the mountains where an old witch lived. She was banned from Cvar because she tried to take over the land for her own evil deeds. The elves thought that this was the best choice to get rid of Xeronia. But the old witch couldn't be trusted, she didn't want to destroy Xeronia, she wanted to harness her power and awaken the demon, Ithania.

When Xeronia and her parents returned to the kingdom Xeronia was captured and her parents were killed right in front of her face. That triggered her inner power. It was what the witch had wanted, but the problem was she couldn't control it for herself. Xeronia's power grew out of hand and destroyed everyone in Cvar, including herself, but before that she made a spell so that she could be born again to retry to harness her inner power and not let it control her again…

Being born again, Xeronia has no recollection of what happened. She wanders the land without knowing who she is or what she can do. She keeps having a feeling that she has done something, but the problem is that she really feels like she doesn't want to remember. She is very nice to whomever she meets. Most of the times she is quiet and doesn't speak much. When fighting, however she shows no catastrophic powers, just clumsiness. Even with the clumsiness, Xeronia is very daring and picks a fight with anyone without even a second thought. Sadly enough though she gets killed a lot for those actions, nonetheless she keeps on going and never gives up. Xeronia does her best to try and not remember her past because she feels that its best to always go forward and never look back.

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I was born deep within the trees of the Elven Forest in the year 553. My People kept themselves secluded for the past 200years. When I was 5years old when I was told the tale of unnatural phenomena that began occurring on our world of Aber-Toril. The tale of Black holes and Time-rifts that appeared at random and Creatures of unknown origin filtered through from time to time, some with intent of conquering the unknown. Elves from the 4 corners of Toril had created parties that would brace the unknown and step into these Rifts, only never to be heard from again. Even the exiled Dark Elves, with their lust of death and destruction braved the Rifts recklessly. As the story was told, I could only sit and wonder what kind of life they lived behind the Rifts, if they lived at all.
I was 7years old when I finally decided to sneak away from the Village, walking to the outskirts of the forest we lived within. I was surprised how open the air was outside of the Forest, the fresh breeze, and open sky, I saw nothing terrifying at first, and everywhere I looked seemed to be perfectly normal. But, I would soon regret believing that thought. The air before me started rip and tear, sizzling like a lightning bolt. I didn't run. I just stood there, watching as the phenomenon before me continued. I was awestruck, the Story I was told was becoming a reality. Curiosity overwhelmed me and I walked toward the Rift. Before I realized what a foolish idea it was, I was already being taken somewhere else.
I found myself in a completely new time and place. There were no other Elves, just Humans, and…. other Races I had never before seen or heard of. I had no idea as to where I was. All I could do was wander. People seemed to take my being an Elf in their stride, almost as if they see one every other day, yet I rarely saw any of my own People over the course of time that I was there. A group of Humans, covered from head to toe in dirt and grime, cornered me in an alley and attacked, I held my own but naturally I was overwhelmed and beaten, my arm dislocated in the process. I had nothing of value so they simply left me there.
I managed to put it back into place, but still couldn’t use my arm very well, after a few days of wandering the City, I was sitting outside the alleyway I first came to, barely able to keep myself conscious, the pain in my arm was excruciating, and it had been days since I had eaten. A human had stopped in front of me, he spoke a language I did not understand but I could understand his intention. He shook me awake but even so I drifted in and out of consciousness, He started to cast a spell, from the warmth I felt in my body I could tell he was healing me. The pain in my arm started to fade but I was still very tired from hunger, and I finally slipped into what would feel like a permanent Reverie.
What may have been days later, I woke to find the Human, sound asleep in a chair next to the bed I was lying in. He made an attempt to use a spell of communication so that we may speak and introduce himself. His name was Kabal, a cleric of sorts. He taught me to speak in the Common tongue to better communicate. Several months went by; I was able to speak fluently in the Common tongue. I had told him my name, and where I had come from. I had told him what happened and he informed me the Rift I entered was known as a Time-trap, many people have fallen victim to such, whereas others have learned to use them to their gain. He taught me about the Time-traps, how they randomize from time to time, some may take you to the future, or some may take you to the past. I learned of a stable Time Rift that would be able to take me back in time, possibly to my own time where I truly belonged. Kabal had told me one was located not far from where we lived. We went to the Rift and he traveled with me to make sure I was safely home. For 2 years, we wandered through the Time Rift, ending up in many different places; none were anywhere close to my home, or my own time. Kabal ended up dying in the Pre-Historic Era of a deadly disease during our 3rd year of time-travel.
I was 10yrs old when Kabal died, and I ended back up where I first started: Alone. I found the Time Rift, upon entering it I found myself in the same city I first ended up in. Taking up residence in Kabal’s home, I lived there for 2more years. I had no choice but to keep myself fed, so during the day I worked odd jobs on the Docks a few hours, whereas at Night I was a busy sneaking into homes, stealing whatever I could to survive from. When I was 13, I saw another Elf, but to my horror, mostly from the stories I’ve heard, it was a Drow. To my knowledge, Drow lived deep in the caverns of the Underdark because they couldn’t stand the sunlight. But this Drow was walking around in plain daylight! I tried to follow him but he suddenly disappeared, only to appear right behind me. I could only stand there, horrified as he just stared at me; I thought my life would end right then and there. He didn’t kill me; he simply walked away that day. But over the past few months he would stop by the Docks and just stand there watching.
The next evening I had finished preparing for that nights activity. My thoughts drifted back to the Drow that continued to spy on me. Who was he and what did he want? These questions perplexed me because the Drow hated the People with a passion and would kill any on sight, which confused me even more that I’m still alive after that fateful meeting. Pushing the questions from my mind, I continued on through my usual routine when I saw a figure walking out of an alleyway, numerous gems sparkled when a light struck them before being covered by the cloak he was wearing, his face cowled so it could not be seen. I followed him, hoping to score a few gems that would keep me well fed for many months. He sat down in a chair outside a bar, opposite a Human. They spoke in harsh undertones that seemed like an argument, but their conversation did not interest me. I closed in on the cowled figure and snaked my arm carefully through his cloak and grasped a gem, a split second later, I was slammed onto the table, my arm wrenched around my back and a dagger at my throat. I was surprised to find the figure was none other then the Drow that has been keeping an eye on me these past several months, defiance took over and I struggled against his grasp. But, the dagger was dug a little deeper into my neck and I ceased. The Drow asked me my name, knowing it would probably be the last words I spoke, I told him with as much pride as I could muster in that moment,” My name is Yvei Rinovdro. Speak your name so I may know my Executioner”.
In a dark voice, filled with malice and obvious hate, He spoke,” My name is Tocharaeh D’Araesth, Don of the Sicilians”. Then he removed the dagger, and threw me back to the street. I moved to get up but he was standing in front of me. In his malevolent voice, he said “There are better ways to make a living without resorting to the trickery of a common street rat. There may be a use for you within the Sicilians, you will not be a Member, nor be eligible for such invitation for some years yet, but at least you could live a normal life. Well… maybe not completely normal”. I stood up and stared, but he turned and beckoned to the Human he was with, and started to walk away. Without another moments thought, I followed.
5years have gone by quickly. Don D’Araesth, or Tocharaeh as he continuously told me to call him, took me under his wing, taught me the way of fighting with a sword in the Drow Form. At 18 I was made a full Member of Sicilians. For years after that, I continued to train and continued to peddle all sorts of products for the Sicilians. 19years flew by in a flash. I’m 37 now; I’ve been at Don Tocharaeh’s side for 25years now. Although Tocharaeh is most likely hundreds of years older then me, I know little about him and his dark ways, but from the moment I was taken into the Sicilians for a chance at a new life; I’ve never felt happier to have a family again.

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Born high up in the snow covered mountains in a small log cabin and raised by his dwarven parents, Zakorath left a calm and peaceful life. He started at a young age working with his father in the mines that were going through the mountains. Often travelers passed by their home to seek warmth and cover from the fierce weather that could occour in these parts of the world. As time passed Zakorath got to hear many fabulous tales about worlds which existed throughout the universe. As long as Zakorath could remember, these stories had always excited him and he dreamt about a life as a adventurer, exploring worlds and fighting dreadful monsters and other vile creatures which roamed the lands, both in the past and the future. At the age of 10, Zakorath asked his father if he could have a forged sword, and at first his mother disagreed but he begged and whined about it all days long and finally - just to get rid of that whining - his mother approved it and the following day his father gave him a blunt sword so he would not hurt himself. Zakorath started fighting trees and also made himself a little practice dummy which he placed behind the house. He could stand, beating that dummy for hours until his arms ached from swinging the sword, luckily the heavy weight wasn't an issue since he had been mining for many years and built up his muscles far more than any regular kid at his age.

By the age of 15, Zakorath was starting to grow restless, mining all day long in the dark tunnels that lept through the mountains and the practice dummy had started to get boring since it never offered any resistance. So Zakorath finally decided to talk to his parents about what he really wanted to do: To become a adventurer and explore world still unknown by many. To his disappointment - but not to his surprise - they both disagreed with him and told him that he was still too young to be left out on his own.

Time passed by slowly and Zakorath was getting close to his 17th birthday. A week before his birthday, another group of travelers passed by his home late one evening when they just had dinner. They asked if they could by any chance to stay over the night since they didn't want to walk during the night and also feared a blizzard would soon arrive. As many other times, neither Zakorath's father or mother turned away worn travelers seeking shelter in their home. Later during the night hours when all had gone to bed, Zakorath woke up to a pained groan and shortly after a terrified scream which ceased as quick as it started. Zakorath was in shock and couldn't move a limb, he wanted to run but couldn't. Zakorath sat in his bed for what felt like hours, without anyone coming through his bedroom door. The sun started to raise and he finally managed to grab his sword and carefully and extremly scared, opened his bedroom door and walked outside. He fell backwards from what he saw through the half opened door to his mother's and father's bedroom.

A week passed and Zakorath had burried his dead parents and saw no traces of their murderers, but he was sure who it was... He closed the front door to his house behind him, a sword hanging down his right hip, a worn grey, hooded cape about his body and a backpack with food for a few days. On his 17th birthday, he set out to revenge his parents and one day he managed to silently backstab the murderers during the night. Once done, he set out on a lifelong journey to vanquish what is evil so that good may flourish.

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This tale begins in the dark underground city of Mythanor. Zeb was the youngest of 3 brothers in a large dwarven family. It was a typical dwarven household. The usual fights, rock eating competitions, and all the expected things a dwarven kid does. When Zeb was 12 years old, a raiding party of humans, wearing armor portraying some god they worshipped came and slaughtered the town.... After the evil humans left his town a wreck, the few survivors came out to help the near dead. Zeb was trapped in the remnants of the house he was raised in.... no one could hear his cries... no one could hear his screams...

Zeb was trapped in the room he grew up in for over 2 years, living off of the vermin, and drinking whatever water dripped down... A small band of humans were excavation the site looking for artifacts and possibly some tomes from the dwarven city laid to waste. The humans that opened the room screamed and ran at first sight of him. Confused, angry, bitter, unarmed, and alone, he ran as far as he could. Just ran, to get away from that place, and the humans... ran until he literally passed out from exhaustion.

When he awoke, he was in a soft comfortable bed. A human has taken care of him and nourished him back to health. At first, he didn't know what to think of this human who saved him, or of humans at all. He lived with the human in a house of silence. For years, Zeb spent his time walking through the countryside alone, being at peace and thinking about everything that has happened.... who knows what else he might have been thinking...

After some time, the man who cared for him grew old and got sick. Zeb cared for the man, as the man had cared for him when he was young. He cared for the man until his last day upon this earth. The two never did speak to each other, but there was a bond there that neither understood, although both knew it was there.

Zeb buried the man who had cared for him, without ever knowing his name. Then he packed his few things, and started walking again. This time, the place he came to was a wondrous land of 4 Times. This is where the real adventure begins for Zeb.

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Zem is a little elf, she looks to be no more than a child. She has a round face, a little round nose, wide eyes, pointed ears and lavender skin. She's almost always cheerful and friendly. She acts very much like a kid too, which you'll see for yourself if you spend time around her.

Wherever she goes, little pompons spring up from nearby grass, trees and bushes. They come in different colors, usually purple and blue. There are always one or two bouncing around her feet, or chirping shyly at you from a perch on her shoulder. Left to her own devices, Zem will spend hours talking to or playing with the little things.

As long as she could remember, Zem had lived on the island Milos, in a fuzzy little cottage by the sea. She didn't remember having any elven parents, but then again she didn't think about it much. Perhaps she doesn't know what parents are. After all, the only people she knew of were the occasional Greek sailor who stopped on the island, or once in a great while, an oddly dressed person who would wander through. At such times Zem would hide in a tree and watch her interesting visitors from afar, speculating to her pompon friends about what they might be like, but she rarely left her hideout to talk to the visitors. The closest thing to a mother she had was the goddess Aphrodite, who lives on the island. The goddess had a friendly, at times motherly, demeanor towards Zem, and took an interest in providing for her. It was her influence that kept the little cottage for the most part undisturbed by the outside world. And as for siblings and friends, Zem had her pompons.

Zem does wonder sometimes if the pompons built her house, as they and it seem to be made of the same soft, fuzzy substance. The truth is that Zem has a subconscious gift for summoning magic. She conjured her cottage for herself, just as she creates her little pompon friends.

A few years ago, Zem found a little boat washed up on the shore of Milos, and decided to go exploring on the nearby islands. She and a few pompons hopped onto the boat and set sail, and after an hour or two of paddling about managed to get caught in a time trap. She wandered through the dimensions trying to find her way back to her island, but instead found herself at the gates of King Arthur's castle. The knights who lived there saw that she was goodhearted and lost, and offered to take her in, and teach her what they knew. Though she never seemed to age, in time she was allowed to become a knight, and learned to walk the dimensions. Eventually she found her way back to her island.

Now she still spends some time in her little home on Milos, but she loves to go exploring the dimensions, and questing with the other knights. It's all a grand game to her, an exciting journey that started when she pushed off from home on a little boat into the sea.

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Born to a poor family, Zenathos has learned the hard way to survive. From the day of his birth his parents have known he was 'different'. Born with deep, thoughtful black eyes, coal black hair and abnormal fangs. At the age of 10 his parents decided they couldn't handle raising an outcast so they shunned him and sent him to live with his aunt Tamica. Tamica took him in and taught him the ways of battle and living off the land. He grew to look at his aunt as more of a mother and admired her for her great mental and physical strength.

On his 18th birthday his aunt introduced him to a new land, the land of 4 Dimensions. He was then forced to learn on his own. He strove to survive, clawing to find his place. As he became stronger a stranger noticed his heart, that stranger was a high-ranking member of the Sicilians, Soulstar. Soulstar befriended him and took him into the Family and under his wing. As the years went by Zenathos studied under Soulstar and trained harder than he ever had in his life.

Today Zenathos is working his way up the ranks of the Sicilians. He has been nick named 'Tocco Di Morte” or 'The Touch of Death” and tries hard to live up to the name. He has the job of Clan Liquidator reserved. Despite a few hard times he has kept a stiff upper lip. Now the name of Zenathos is being known and has risen from the depths of poverty to the heights of wealth.

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Zeus - The Ancestor God he was supposed to be but Mortal he is.

The story of how he was born, deceased and reborn is a long one. No one wants and no one needs to hear it.

Just one thing he must reveal.

In a rainy day a lighting bolt violently strikes him down. He doesn't die but becomes deaf and mute :::

One good thing; he doesn't lose his guts from the tremendous shock - just everything else.

Wandering trough the world he stops his traveling in a place called Four Dimensions, where he gets food and accommodation from some fighters for like three days, until his forces return. After that he keeps on wandering all around the Four Dimensions. Some time later, when he ventures very far exploring... he finds himself in a totally different part of the world. The idea to start wandering again in the almost infinite world is exciting at first, but he senses so much bravery in the Four Dimensions Realms, he sees so many great fighters, so many nice persons, so many good feelings, so many interesting things.....

He stops a wile looking at the horizon, shakes his head, then turns and starts running like a fool, with a serene smile on his face, back to the 4D gates.

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Hello my name is Zorn and this is the story of how i came to become a Saint and a slave to Triset.

I lived on a small planet with a few people, at last count there where 3 million spacewolves on this planet. I was the runt of the litter which meant that I didn't really get much food from my parents and at an early I learned to forage for myself.

I lived like this for about 15-16 years and then when out foraging on day I had this overwhelming urge to go to a forbidden zone. My people had found several of theses traps and made the area around them forbidden. They said anyone who went into them never returned. Well I was going into it and then when I was almost there I was suddenly somewhere else. I looked around having no idea where I was and the overwhelming urge pushed me west. I came into a room and standing there was a woman dressed all in armor and looking very beautiful. she had a long thin graceful figure and pointy ears.

I asked her, 'Where am I'

Her reply was 'you are at recall'

To which I said 'where is recall ?'

She said 'recall is everywhere and yet nowhere'

I had noticed at this time that the urge to move had stopped and when I looked around only this woman stands here so I decided to find out why she called me, and in a soft voice I asked, 'Why did you call me

?' She said 'What do you mean?

I replied 'I was living on my planet with my people when I had a overwhelming desire to follow something, and when I did, I found you, so why did you call me and who are you ?'

'I am called Triset and the reason you came is because you're destined to become my slave and to live by me for eternity'

I pondered this for a very long time and then said 'So be it, if this is what I have to do, this is what I will do'

Since then I followed my path and have never looked back.

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I was born into this world with a special gift, the ability to harness the powers of the moon's energy, thus making me able to cast devastating spells. At age 15 I became known across the land as the Moon Mage. People feared my powers since I thirsted for more and more power. This alarmed the Wisdoms of the town, these ladies relied on what they believed was the one true source of power, Saidar.

One day in my travels I was confronted by a large group of these women from all ver the lands. I had no quarrel with these women and attempted to go about my business, unfortunately they had something else in mind. At this point I had become a fairly powerful Moon Mage but it was daytime and I could not draw as much power from the moon.

In my weakened state I was easily defeated and taken to the head of the White Tower. Eladia Sedai ordered me to be stilled and the Aes Sedai pooled their power and stripped me of mine. They then released me back into the world. Disgraced I left my hometown to search the world in an attempt to regain my power, using my experiences in the world to pose as a member of many different guild to hide my true identity. I soon hope to find the key to unlocking my hidden talent so once again my true identity will be revealed ....

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Zuul had just finished his undergraduate studies at the Galacticia - that's how institutions of higher learning are called in Mars, as they provide knowledge centered on this Galaxy, not the whole Universe, as a University would imply. It was time for him to perform civil service for the planet. His mission was simple: travel to Earth and take some notes on the current inhabitants, specifically life that stands at the "top of the food chain", an expression his professors taught him is used to describe inter-species relations in that planet.
His several peripecies when first trying to get that job done are the subject of another story (see,1007.msg6884.html#msg6884 and possibly some sequel later on)
Suffice it to say that on Earth, it was difficult at first to make any sense of his alien surroundings, despite his initial training in ESP and a primer on Earth ecosystems. Eventually he grew to gain some basic understanding about Earthlings, even so far as starting to grasp that they are not a single uniform species, but come in several variants (Indians, Gringos, Fauns,...) and possess individual qualities - although their behaviour remains universally alien, seemingly always controlled mostly by biochemical processes, rather than a detached mind. Of course, his initial peripecies were also complicated by the now ubiquitious Time Traps - not that thinking in a 4-dimensional way would pose any particular difficulty, but the randomness of the traps can be somewhat disturbing when performing field work.
His research notebook always in close reach, Zuul continues to explore the Dimensions, gaining experience, knowledge and various skills - while still failing to grasp some aspects of Earthling behaviour that the local inhabitants themselves might actually find very basic.

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