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All Clans have different rules, which you can view in the Clan Office south of

Recall or on the Website. Mainly it's a good idea to follow the Clan Rules,

and to show some respect for the Clan Elders and their decisions. Otherwise

you might find yourself kicked out of the Clan sooner than you may like.

Clanhoppers i.e. players who change Clans like other people change shirts,

usually don't get very popular or respected, neither in the old Clan than the

new one. You should have a really valid reason to leave a Clan, such as a

profound disagreement with the Clan policy. Otherwise it's usually a good idea

to show some loyalty to the Clan you have chosen, through thick and through

thin. That is, if you have any desire of ever advancing through the Clanranks.

After all, luck and power change in this world and if you have proven yourself

disloyal to the old Clan, how can the leaders of the new one expect you to

stand by them loyally in times of need either?