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Choose class:

During character creation, you had to choose one of our three main classes:

Caster (Cst) - Fighter (Ftr) - Rogue (Rge)

With choose class you can now specify which class you want to be:

Casters are: Esper, Priest, Mage

Fighters are: Hunter, Warrior

Rogues are: Gypsy, Ranger, Thief

At this point you can choose from one of the eight classes. Just type CHOOSE CLASS and then follow the instructions you'll see on the screen.
For more information concerning the specific classes type: HELP CLASSES.

Choose Stats:

Now that you've gotten yourself a bit more familiar with the game, you can distribute 10 stat points to raise the stats you want.
The stats that you can alter are: str, con, cha, dex, int, and wis.

  • You can only use these options once: so make sure you distribute ALL the 10 stat points, because you won't be able to choose them again afterwards.

Just type choose stats and then follow the instructions on the screen. For more info on the stats itself type, HELP STATS.

Afterwards you'll be able to maximize your stats further with the equipment you'll find during your travels.

As long as you haven't choosen your stats or class yet, you won't be able to level any further than level 20.

As for class however that can be changed once you've reached enough experience so you can remort into a different class.